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    1. Redefining Dream Control as Unrelated to Lucidity 01

      by , 05-04-2018 at 05:43 PM
      Afternoon of May 4, 2018. Friday.

      Writing an entry such as this is very challenging in a world where almost everything believed and propagated about dreams by the public is fallacious (in respect to my own personal experience since earliest memory). This is mainly due to liminal space blindness, which is the inability of someone to understand the meaning of his or her own dream even in what would otherwise be the hypnopompic disclosure stage, especially when threads of the subliminal conscious self are responsible for much of a non-lucid dream’s content (though this excludes prescience and transpersonal mediation). In this entry, I will attempt to address the widespread misinformation about lucid dreaming at a simple enough level for the average person to grasp. Ultimately, I can only write about what I know to be true and of which I have directly experienced continuously for over fifty years. It is not, and never shall be, a target of debate by the unknowing.

      An unfortunate term I coined years ago has apparently confused a number of people even though I often describe it as clearly as I can each time. “Subliminal lucidity” is an ambiguous term, problematic for most people (especially those who have not had the experience), and needs rewording as “liminal dream control”. This will be a more consistent and technically correct term within the totality of my lifelong work. Realistically however, it is infeasible to describe the dynamics of a condition that people cannot even perceive foundationally, but it does provide a more logical term for the condition. “Subliminal lucidity” is a misnomer, as it was meant to mean control of the dream state in non-lucidity, where the dream self identity has non-lucid ties to the conscious self identify. Of course, dream control itself is not evidence of viable lucidity either, which requires extant current conscious self identity, not just vividness. Some people confuse “vivid” with “lucid”. “Vivid” means the dream seems very realistic, while in contrast, “lucid” means being concurrently aware that it is a dream.

      Ultimately, “subliminal” should not even be used as a descriptive factor of the dream self’s mode, as the subconscious self is already a subliminal persona. A perceived need to use the word to relate the dream self to the dream in contrast to the conscious self identity is probably also a factor of ambiguity that the average person would likely not grasp, as most people seem to misperceive the “I am“ of the dream self as being analogous to the conscious self’s “I am”. I have tried to come up with a better term, but all are taken, for example, supraliminal, as even though it can be used to contrast the conscious self in respect to the dream self, it is only valid while within the dream state, as it otherwise is a reference to being above the threshold of waking life conscious awareness. So far, there does not seem to be a feasible word to describe the synaptic gating of liminal dream control, by which the dream self is non-lucid but the conscious will (not conscious in-dream awareness) is extant.

      I will explain here why this change is forthcoming (with all references to “subliminal lucidity” to be removed and tagged with different keywords depending on the dream). Lucid dreaming does not inherently correlate with controlling a dream. Controlling a dream does not inherently correlate with being lucid. Therefore, the term “subliminal lucidity” is of no use to those who do not have a basic grasp of the difference between being lucid and being in control of the dream state. I have had as many dreams of which I have modulated by way of subliminal threads of my conscious self’s will (not necessarily current, for example in fully controlling a dream without even having any viable memory of the last twenty years of my life), by way of my subconscious self, as I have in various states of lucidity. Here I must still clarify the obvious according to current consensus.

      Being lucid, in consensus terminology, means that the subconscious self is aware that it is in the dream state to where many more viable threads of the current conscious self’s identity, desire, and will are extant than in non-lucidity, but in stark contrast, controlling a dream means influencing features and content, including by the summoning factor (both subliminally and non-subliminally). One does not depend on the other. I emphasize this because many people propagate the mistaken belief that dream control only occurs with being lucid. In fact, a person’s dream self can be lucid without having any control of the dream state at all (for example, lucid nightmares). A person’s dream self can modulate the dream features and content over that of the preconscious factor or RAS precursors without having any awareness of being in the dream state, and typically for me, without even having any memory of what a dream is. A full understanding of this is required for coherent thinking about dreams in general.

      The falsehood of lucidity equating control must be dissolved for one to develop a full understanding of the dream state. Dream control in non-lucidity has been continuous for me since early childhood and over time, has developed by way of the virtuous circle effect. Additionally, the conscious self identity’s expectation is a major part of a dream’s autosymbolism, of which I have understood the meanings of for over fifty years. This is important because there are a number of people, including a number of religious zealots, who believe that a dream can never be controlled or influenced at all even in lucidity. What they express provides proof that they have zero understanding of either lucidity, dream control, or even hold a basic understanding of dreams. Neither the truth nor even a thread of truth is even visible to them. All they could do is deny what they could not even comprehend (liminal space blindness).

      In part two, I will try to simplify the information in this entry with a more concise approach of certain concepts and a list of possible dream self modes, of which are otherwise inherently transient through the different stages of sleeping and dreaming.

    2. Lucidity and The Nightmare escape button.

      by , 07-25-2017 at 05:16 PM
      A lot of what I see people complaining about on this forum is the fact that their lucid dreams don't last longer than 6-8 seconds, or that they find that they instantly wake up after becoming lucid. This is the brain's natural reaction to the dreamer waking up- as lucid dreaming is the product of your conscious mind is waking up.

      As a child, I had no idea what lucid dreaming was, but I found that in moments of extreme discomfort or panic within a dream- such as when I was having a nightmare or such- I was able to wake myself up by turning to face the monster and shouting "I don't want to have this dream anymore!" This was the "Nightmare escape button, if you will.

      The act of realising that you are within a dream is often what causes you to wake up- as the main function of a dream is to keep the brain and body in a hibernated state so that it can heal itself etc. In other words, The sole purpose of a dream is to keep the dreamer from waking up.

      Even when, within the dream, I make some idle comment such as "I'm dreaming, aren't I?" or "Is this a dream?", I will often shake it off. Another time, I realised that

      As an adult, I find that my nightmares rarely revolve around anything as obvious as monsters- so it is, in general, much harder to work out that I am dreaming. However, things that have been known to trigger this realisation are:

      - The inability to read. While I have succeeded in reading towards the beginning and end of dreams- i.e., when I was about to wake up, or I was only just falling asleep- the rest of the time, the part of the brain that processes writing is fast asleep. In many cases, the inability to read has been what caused me to realise that I was dreaming.

      - Strange clock faces Once in a dream, I looked at my clock and was shocked to realise that it was all blurry. i couldn't tell the time at all. This was what lead me to realise I was dreaming.

      - The ability to fly This is a tricky one. While there are plenty of times in which I have happily accepted my new superpower as fact within the dream, there have been a few times in which I looked down at my crossed legs and realised it was an "unnatural" flying position, or looked down at my bent and misshapen legs and realised that I was dreaming. Other times, I have experienced the whooping sensation of falling in the pit of my stomach- a sensation I thoroughly hate- and have found that I ended up closing my eyes and willing myself to slow the fall. It is there, suspended in midair, that I realise I am dreaming. Then, suddenly, lucid dreaming allows me to fly as fast as I like, but without any of the unpleasant side effects that come from speeding.
    3. [04-09-2016]

      by , 09-04-2016 at 10:48 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First fragment

      I was in church, attending to a mass.

      Second fragment

      I was driving a silver coloured car towards a farm where my brother was working. It was a really sunny and warm day. The road was placed in between two huge fields with forests in the distance. When driving I saw a bus stop in the middle of a field, someone was waiting there, a man that looked like me. I immediately thought about lucid dreaming and vividness of the dream highly increased.
    4. Simple Continuity..!

      by , 08-05-2016 at 01:46 AM (Ramblings of a mad man...!)
      Real Life
      Side Notes
      Dream Fragments

      The past two nights I have slept right through, which is really unusual for me..! Normally I wake up numerous times before sleeping proper, sometimes as many as 8 to 10 times a night, it sounds a lot 'cos it is..!
      So anyway, when I wake, I usually use it as an opportunity to WBTB, but sleeping through robbed me of this option..! I'm not too upset, it was nice to sleep for once (twice) and I did still dream..! The mistake I made though was not recording my dream when I woke up..! I still have vague feelings, but no solid imagery..!

      I remember there was some flying involved, I'm not surprised I remember that, I always seem to recall flying dreams, my mother was there and so was Joy..! I recall a drug theme, trying to get some, but unable to, which is usually the case..!

      So, this entry is just to keep my motivation up (simple continuity), I would normally forget, as I did and then just give up..! I'm determined not to do that this time, we'll see..!

      Cheers, Nicho..!
    5. The Phase and my new goal..!

      by , 08-02-2016 at 11:35 PM (Ramblings of a mad man...!)
      Real Life
      Side Notes
      Dream Fragments

      I know this isn't a dream, but I just wanted to make an entry so I know where I am, chronologically, plus it's good info' for anyone interested..!

      About a year ago, I'm just guessing though, I heard about an e-book called ' The Phase' by Michael Raduga..! So I found and downloaded it, since then I've read it from cover to cover numerous times..!
      Now I've tried a couple of his techniques half heartedly, but I've noticed recently that I've been having some minor success..! This book is a wealth of information that would benefit amateurs and pros' alike..!
      Now my major problem with lucid dreaming is continuity and motivation, I have the need for instant gratification, so when I try at something and fail, I usually give up..! However, saying that, I'm now going to put my utmost effort into getting results from these methods..! The author claims that if followed to the letter, results can be gained from 3 to 5 days, I'm not expecting that, but I'm going to see what I can do..! I truly believe it can be done, despite never having done it, I have however experienced some of the phenomenon associated with getting there, I know I've seen through my closed eyes, I've experienced hyper relaxation, SP and other things and I have no fear of letting go..! It's been suggested recently that I may be afraid of letting go, I actually long for it, maybe that's my problem..!
      So, I'll keep you all informed within these pages and if you're reading this and you haven't read 'The Phase' yet, it's now available as a free app's for most devices..!

      Cheers, Nicho..!
    6. Sleep Paralysis and Beyond..!

      by , 08-01-2016 at 07:29 PM (Ramblings of a mad man...!)
      Real Life
      Side Notes
      Dream Fragments


      So last night I woke up straight into SP, however, and I think it's because it was just some kind of progress as opposed to my usual failings, I handled it really well..! I didn't panic, in fact there was a distinct lack of foreboding (at first), so there I lay, gathering my composure until I felt ready to move on..! My first attempt at separation was trying to 'roll out', it didn't work..! I tried again, a couple of times to no avail, I did though I think feel some slight vibration in my right arm, I was laying on my left side..! So then I tried to 'will' myself out and this didn't work either..! It was at this point I started to feel fear creeping up on me, I stuck it out for as long as I could and then moved my arm to pull the covers over me..! Not wanting to waste an opportunity, as I fell back to sleep, I gently tapped my fingers as in performing a FILD..!

      My question is simple, knowing what I have told you, do any of you have any observations, tips or advice..? Did I do something wrong or do I just keep trying..? Should I try the rope technique..? I've just recalled, I did try to levitate and I think I may have had minimal success, but I'm telling you this as it comes to me as I write..!

      Thanks for any advice or input I receive in advance..!

      Cheers, Nicho..!
    7. Best Lucid Dream in a while! :)

      , 07-10-2016 at 08:26 PM
      I have not Lucid Dreamt or been able to dream control in a while not because I couldn't but because I have not put in the effort or time. So last night I finally did, its funny because for me the more tired I am or the later I got to bed the better chance I have of experiencing this or the better quality it is and the lengthier as well. So I remember first watching a tour of an old victorian mansion a gentlemen was giving the tour to Ciel and Sebastian from Black Butler and the home was amazing. A lot of wood no windows just open walls and the outdoors were green pastures and a cool breeze was around. The fabric and linens of the furniture were white and everything felt warm and cheerier the glow of the sun was subtle but inviting and made everything feel a bit like we were in heaven. The home was vastly large and felt like it had been transformed into a hotel, because I remember seeing people in the background going up the stairs and going outside. Now outside it was even more beautiful but on this large expanse of land there was only the mansion and across, walking distance was another hotel the Hyatt Regency actually. People were walking back and forth and I could hear the gentlemen talking details, now I was not present at first and I remember the moment I 'materialized' I could hear my heels clicking and all the attention turned to me. Its as though they are felt my presence and arrival. The gentlemen turned to me and Ciel disappeared I was now the master. I kept glancing at Sebastian but I did not really look at him until now, I turned to him and really gave him all my attention...

      ***Now keep in mind I have not watched BB in a really long time and its not something I think about often, nor is it even my favorite anime I don't even secretly fantasize about him but for some reason he is always in my Lucid Dreams, for years now I can never understand why...

      I looked at him and pushed him into a chair, because I am short I could not reach his face. I grabbed his face and took in every detail, fascinated that I my mind was able to create such perfection. He sat in silence while I towered over him and analyzed every detail and I said "I've missed you...where have you been all this time?" Not sure why but it seems that my dream self felt this terrible feeling of sadness and longing. I felt like I missed him for years and that now that he returned I was finally happy. This is the moment when I realized I was dreaming it all clicked and everything became crystal clear and more real than life. I looked down at myself and saw white heels and a white cocktail dress. Feeling 'his' presence at my side we then continued the tour walking all through the mansion.

      More happened after this but I can not remember however I know I felt like the time I spent dreaming and with him was months. Until I remember walking in a store I had forgot that it was only a dream and that it would soon end. I decided I wanted to know so I grabbed his face again and kissed him gently on each cheek I asked ''Why are you only here? Why do you not exist in my world the human world? Why are you only in my dream?" I thought he would never answer most DC don't...but he turned slow and looked at me for what felt like a long time then he responded "I can..." He pointed out the window of the store to a small run down house. I knew who was there a witch someone with dark powers able to easily release him from my dream. However tempted I turned to him and he disappeared from my arms and turned into an angel of death. Hovering over me with black eyes and black wings. It did not scare me I told him sadly, "You know I can not do that the consequences of this would be far worse than the rewards". Sebastian said "Whether you do this or not there will always be consequences".

      **Feeling sadness in a dream is so very real, it hits you hard and in this particular one I felt it even more

      I decided I was not going to waste this precious time with sadness but I was going to relish every moment and do anything. We ended in in the middle of a courtyard of some super crappy rundown apartments made of concrete. There were about 25 floors and people were standing around in each floor looking down in anticipation. As my eyes travelled downward I saw what they were all looking at.... even more people at the bottom. It was getting dark and faster and I realized that Sebastian and I were sitting in front of it all in our own concrete ''thrones''. I did not realize what was going on until I saw 3 young boys kneeling down with their hands tied behind their backs, at first I panicked thinking they were in trouble but they were laughing and egging everyone else on. I then saw from about the 5th floor people drop an iron and it hit him in the head. For sure I thought he was dead, no he got up and laughed and so did everyone else looking at Sebastian he was still, I felt uneasy but I could not move. The second heavy object was dropped and it hit the second boy this time he did not get up, I knew he was dead, people panicked and ran screaming. I started to feel sick, weak and unable to move or talk. I wanted to leave and have Sebastian take me away but he could not hear me I knew I was then losing control of the dream slowly I was awakening and I tried soon hard to gain it back but I could not. Some other gentlemen came and got me carrying me out of my chair. At this point I had no strength, but the last this I felt was the eyes of Sebastian on my back...

      ****Something I would like to know is does anyone else feel sick when coming out of a LD? The longer and stronger a dream is the more drained I feel coming out of it?

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    8. I need answers!

      by , 05-22-2016 at 09:16 PM
      Ever since I was a kid I had lucid dreams. Although I was having them I didn't know what they were. I have been to many places where I feel as if I know where I am although when I wake up I had never seen the places in real life although in the dreams I knew exactly where to go at all times. My question is how did I start lucid dreaming?
    9. [11-05-2016]

      by , 05-11-2016 at 03:09 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      I recall several nightmare fragments. I was sneaking around abandoned and haunted buildings, dark corridoors infested with undead. I was defenseless, trying to stealthily follow a wraith in blood-red cloak.


      It was in some kind of a ruined fortress filled with undead monstrosities. With group of other people I tried to battle my way through trenches and reach a lair of a hag. Skeletons were shooting with their bows from afar, trying to kill us. Avoiding their arrows, I've run up the trenches and up a hill to fortress' entrance. I tried to destroy a force field surrounding a hag sleeping in her bed, but I couldn't break through.

      Suddenly I found myself in a dark room with few dudes from my class. They were grinning strangely. I had a weird thought that it's a lucid dream, what's more - a multiple one.

      Then I was back at the fortress, fighting my way to a hut of a sage where I found a rod that shot with blue, spiral beam. I used it to destroy the force field and kill the hag.
    10. [30-03-2016]

      by , 03-30-2016 at 07:01 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in a huge library, there were many people sitting near tables and reading. Someone came closer and gave me an "Underground admittance". I took an elevator and quickly arrived in a dark cavern room built over with wood. Some parts of it were lit. As soon as I left the elevator, everybody rushed inside it to get to the surface. Only I and manager of this level stayed. He was a black man, wearing a green uniform. When he saw me, he said "Welcome to the underground level! We are surrounded by endless darkness, and as you can see, only this wooden construction protects us from perilous danger!"

      I wandered around the cavern, wondering what's going on. In one place I looked in between wood beams, staring at the strange blackness. I moved somewhere else, and between the beams I saw a beautiful tropical beach at sunset. Another look - and another beach. There were dangerously looking storm clouds gathering upon it. I called the manager and asked "Are our brains generating these beautiful landscapes as a way to deal with this unusual darkness?" He looked a bit surprised and said "I'm not certainly sure, but it is possible."

      A sudden earthquake occured, lights in previously lit area turned off. Manager shouted in panic when he realized that we were stranded down there. I tried to open an evacuation shaft, but a chandelier almost fallen on my head. I tried again and opened it, only to discover that no human is able to climb up through it. He said with hope "They are preparing to save us... they really are!" I said "You know what? They really do, because I expect it, and in lucid dreams, expectations and belief are the most important factors!" I didn't even noticed that I'm back in my house and that the man turned into one of my classmates.

      We talked for a while in my kitchen. We both wanted to go to toilet, instead of it we both peed there. Suddenly he turned and shouted "Oh shit! Grandma!". We ran to another room, I held the door so nobody could enter. It was my parents' bedroom, but only mother was sleeping. Suddenly I heard a shout "Hey! What are you doing!?" - it was my father going back from toilet. I tried to explain "I thought it was grandma!" to which he replied "How could she get here?"

      I left him and went to toilet, thinking if this is a crazy dream that could become lucid, but I woke up soon.
    11. [29-03-2016]

      by , 03-29-2016 at 08:06 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was late afternoon. I was in a huge mansion, sneaking around the rooms. I held a pistol in my hands, it was silenced. I tried to sneak past cloaked figures and take something out of the mansion. I moved really carefully as I felt immense danger. I moved between rooms and floors, finally I found some book and jumped to the streets through a window. Suddenly all the robed people, police and soldiers appeared and started shooting at me. Someone called me from the other side of street. It was a black man, he said "Run bro! I'll keep them away!" and took a pistol, then ran to shoot at them. I ran away to a square, it was getting late. I saw two girls from my class park a small car. I stolen it to escape. I barely fit inside, I was driving in a small alley. A thought about lucid dreaming went through my mind. I looked closely at beams of light falling on the cobble road, then everything went black and I woke up.
    12. 19/3/2016

      by , 03-19-2016 at 10:28 AM
      1) On a motorbike, I think I wanted a car so was a bit disappointed, then realised how good it was, fitted a GPS to the handlebar and drove relly fast and it was great.

      2) I was performing biliary surgery (not something I do in real life) a nurse was suctionning out loads of fluids and I joked with her about how much there was.

      3) I was on call in a hospital and was called out to a patient. Can't remember much about treating the patient. I was walking along a path talking to a nurse and saying it was actually quiet today and we always get called that time of day. Then I was in a canteen sitting at a table. I decided to try to WILD so closed my eyes but it was too noisy I decided it wasn't going to work. I looked at the wall and realised it was a poster about lucid dreaming. The character on the psoter was moving like a film of a lucid dream and I thought 'No! That's not how you lucid dream, he's got it all wrong'. I didn't question whether I was dreaming .
    13. building dream worlds

      by , 09-27-2015 at 02:56 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      so i was like okay today after WBTB i will try to astral project (obe)
      i sleept/ hit the sleep paralysis and somehow i i was suprised and woke up, then again 2-3 times it happened the same, i remember
      i also had falsea awakenings, that i got out of my room and went to the kitchen and i saw things missing, so i decided to jump from the window and it was like the appartment i lived on was above the sky Lol i flied so high for few secs, and i woke up, decided to re-try.

      This time i was trying to SP and get out of my body more aware, so i had many FA, and i remember that i tried to fly from my bed and i did, but when i tried to switch back to my self so i an see is this me or what, i woke up, but directly went to another SP and a dream, where i met someone on Steam (a friend) and i told him dude i gotta get through this SP thing, he told me put some rap music on headphones and go for it, and also send me some links in youtube to watch, (didnt understood what he send me anyways some weird video) so i woke up after a bit i thought ok last time, i hit SP couldnt notice i was dreaming, was FAand i felt like someone sit on my Foot, so i was like damn thats real or what? when i tried to move abit i woke up..

      then ok i decided to listen to this whole album:
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8Rvnn89-08 and sleep.

      i did, after 2-3 songs of it i appear somewhere... that was really wow lol, too bad i didnt realize i was dreaming there, i was i na park? sitting on some place behind a building, drinking and listening to music lol, so there was (15 meters) away from me a woman, she looked asian and she was staring me like every 2-3 secs she had to look at me, and i was like the heck she wants and why she sitting there too...
      anyway after that i started doing some crazy stuff, i went somewhere probably underground or something, and i wanted to build an alternative exit of my building?, so somehow i was doing that... u know was like carving but everything was done lol, and at one moment i remember i was outside in a public park and there was many ppl waiting some big monsters or big machines to take action and i took pics with my iphone and i dont know what that was exactly, so i moved back on that building trynna make it done, dream scene changed again, i was at some park near another building, and on 4th floor or 5th, there was some girls doing gymnastics lol, i was staring and it was fun, i got seduced in few words, and there was 2 sisters seeing me sitting down there, they say hey to me and move hands with a greeting, then i see them disssapear, after 1 min i see them coming down to the park with their father and one brother, they tell me so my daughters said u were taking PICS, i loled and i said huh? okay lets check... i checked all pics lol i've seen the pics of that big monster/robot things that i did earlier and his dad and son didnt believe me so they wanted to watch on my other ''Folders'' while there are no other folders in iphone for pics Lol, but somehow i found other stuff, and that was about that building was doing trying to make another exit or another entrance, so somehow i went back to that building and i did the exit Lol, i did a big hole with big fences and like stairway and i was like wow look at dat i did it...

      anyway thats it for now

    14. Dream about (Almost) Shared Dreaming....and Other Dreams

      by , 08-24-2015 at 05:11 PM
      I did have some interesting dreams last night--which I will record in an attempt to make up for dropping the ball while traveling. In one dream I was talking to someone about lucid dreaming. In a way those are frustrating to wake up from, because there I was discussing lucidity....and never becoming lucid.

      In the dream I was at some sort of "natural living" convention. I was in a discussion group that started out talking about eating a healthy raw vegan diet. A husband and wife lead the discussion. Then it went on to how we should change our ideas of what a bedroom looks like. Instead of sleeping on a flat mattress we needed to create these burrows to sleep in. That idea fascinated me, and I asked a few questions about how to make that happen.

      Then the discussion turned to dreaming. Lucid Dreaming. The lady started sharing a lucid dream she had recently had. She talked about how she first went through a wall, and then she made a certain object come to life. And then she said something else she did (which I no longer remember). As I listened to her dream I realized that I had had a lucid dream where I went though the same actions--in the same order. I was amazed. I raised my hand and asked her, "Did you do this next...and this next?" And she was surprised and said, "Yes."

      I said, "Wow, we're having the same dreams. It's almost like a shared dreaming experience, but without both of us being there in the dream."

      We talked about it some more and decided to do some experiments to see if we could continue this and take it to the next level.

      I also had a dream about meeting up with an old high school friend Mark and going on this long backpacking trip. The dream took place the night before we left. We were still getting everything ready and hoping we could get some sleep before the big day. It seems like my mom was there part of the time.

      Then (and I don't know if this is connected to the previous dream), I was in the mountains. I had a small private helicopter and was flying from peak to peak and exploring (the obviously lazy way).

      In another dream I was with my friend (who in real life just had a baby on Saturday), and I think I was helping with the baby. I don't remember a lot from this dream.
    15. Please read?! Your thoughts?!?

      , 08-09-2015 at 02:54 AM
      Last night was the first time I have Lucid dreamed in a VERY long time. With work, school and life I haven't had the luxury to sleep in and that is the only way I can LD...

      It started out with random dreams and slowly evolved into a solid dream. I am standing in a clearing, beautiful green grass with hills in the distance and surrounded by what looked like a moat. The moat had fog above it and it was cold. In the middle of the clearing was a large house that looked more like a cottage. There was a dad, mom,older brother and younger sister I somehow knew they were not my family but they thought I was a part of theirs so I went along with it. During my time with them it felt like I had spent an eternity with them we played outside enjoyed some evenings in the warmth of the inside of the cottage and by the end I really believed that is where I belonged until....

      All of a sudden I knew I just knew that this was a dream and just like every other LD I get that excited feeling in the pit of my stomach. I realized if this is a dream I can do ANYTHING and I looked out the window. I figured I want to fly above the moat and beyond, so as I am standing before my family I say "I am going to go fly above the water". They all looked at me really weird, I figured what would they care this isn't real, if anything these people have no real personality its just me speaking for them.

      The dad just laughed and turns to me saying "That is silly, you can not fly are you sure you are okay". I explained that yes it was because this was just a dream none if it was real. STILL these people did not believe me they looked at me like if I were crazy. Frustrated I grabbed the brother by the shoulders and looked into his eyes I said "Right now I am sleeping in my bed at home this is NOT real you people are not real none if it is! In this place I can do anything how come you don't believe me!". The mom responds with "What if you are not the real one? How do you really know that we are not real?". Than it hit me "Like an alternate dimension?" They all nodded...I asked them how that were possible I mean I knew it was real but never did I think it were possible in my own home by being asleep. The father says "It is very much possible when you are asleep your consciousnesses is free therefore if you are capable you can travel to alternate dimensions and parallel universes it is what space and time is made of. The dream world is not random or non-existent it is very much real and yes anything is possible all of this is real. So in this world you are not real we are"

      Afterward I remember feeling overwhelmed and running outside where he moat was I was able to fly over it but this entire conversation kept haunting me. Like I said I have not LD in a while but this was very different this time the people had personalities they spoke about things that I was not even thinking of it felt different more concrete...who really knows all I know is I can not stop thinking about it.
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