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    1. Dream - The Retreat Throwback & Messy Matters

      by , 06-08-2017 at 11:32 AM
      Date of Dream: THU 8 JUN - 2017

      Dream No. 128 - Separated Sections

      Dream 128 A - The Retreat Throwback
      In this dream, I actually had a full licence and was driving my own car. I was on my way to Cranbourne to go and visit WB but as I had just gotten out of Dandenong, I subconsciously realised that she was not home. So, when I was on the freeway, I went past the Cranbourne exit and proceeded for Daylesford.

      When I got to Daylesford, I went to the dormitory and saw the class of 2017 girls in their cabins. I entered a few cabins and had short conversations with some of the girls. I then eventually found WB's cabin and spoke to her. I don't remember what we specifially said but I do remember her pleasantly smiling at some points. The conversation was interrupted by Ms L who was roaming the corridors, telling everyone to pack up quickly as they were leaving.

      So without much notice to WB, I headed outside and waited for the girls there. Soon, the girls poured out of the dormitory and towards the buses. As the girls headed towards the buses, I asked some of them if they wanted me to take their luggage back in my “compactor” (car boot). Three girls took the offer and so I asked them where they lived but then I decided I was just take all the luggage back to the school as I couldn't remember all their addresses.

      I was waiting for WB and she was one of the last girls to exit the dormitory. I asked her if she wanted me to take back her luggage but she politely declined. I don't remember anything else that happened in this dream.

      Dream 128 B - Messy Matters
      I was in the toilet of the old house and it was all dark in there. I was going to attempt to turn the light on but first I wanted Dreamy WB to be present. So I whipped my phone out and accessed the camera to get to her. She was there but her appearance was slightly distorted which at first freaked me out but I got used to it soon after. I then flicked the switch but nothing happened. Then after that, I found out that the toilet was at a weird angle and Dreamy WB's energy was diminishing, she was disappearing. Then when I was fully alone, I started to urinate but it wasn't going into the toilet, rather, it was spraying everywhere. I then woke up after that event.

      Special Note: All throughout the dreams I had, every single dream, it would always skip to a scene in my dining room sometimes, where I would be writing down the events in the dream I just had! EG. The Daylesford dream: After I left the dormitory, it went to the dining room scene and I wrote that I spoke to the girls. And then the dream would shift back to Daylesford and keep playing. Amazing!!

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    2. Yes give me more...more...more RECALL

      by , 11-11-2015 at 07:23 PM
      D1 - I am looking at a stretch of road that has the wall of a building running along it. Single storey, dark brown flat roof, bumpy.
      There is a pavement running along, it then goes off to the left.
      I am being persuaded to demolish the building as this is a good time, as the owner is away. I know it is wrong to do.
      but I agree anyway.
      The part of the building is demolished and I have a new property built on the land. The owner is unsurprisingly unhappy on his return.

      Tryed to DEILD but just ReEnter Dream

      D2 - In the same street a bit further down the road, there is a modern apartment block. The windows are double glazed, with dark brown frames.
      I am asked to go park the car, on returning from holiday. I go to park it on a parking spot owned by the apartment block.
      I am asked to move it. So I try the next spot.
      I am asked to move it. So I try the next spot.
      each time the spot I am offered is smaller.
      Eventually I am given a spot only big enough for a small piece of luggage to sit on.
      I put the luggage down under a seated bar area and it is immediately covered over with food for a party.
      So I remove it.

      Tryed to DEILD but just ReEnter Dream

      D3 - Back into the same street, it is a Saturday. We are tired from returning from holiday but my partner does not want to go to bed :/
      We are traipsing around the streets. We do some shopping then arrive at a Pub. Inside is pretty empty as it is early morning, there are strange posters on the wall of some creature, plant like. The owner won't give us a refund for tickets to the band that was on last night.
    3. Competition night 14, Fri 5th Feb - On the train

      by , 02-09-2015 at 10:50 PM
      I'm on a train platform in drizzle, burdened with large bags and a pushchair or pram, waiting for somebody getting off to get on with it so I can get on. He dithers and then gallantly offers to let me on first, which is less helpful than just getting out of my way, but I can't really refuse the gesture.

      I clamber aboard awkwardly and squeeze through the doors and vestibule into the carriage. There aren't many spare seats but I find one that's blocked by a collapsible pushchair that hasn't been collapsed. I cram my bags into a luggage rack and collapse the offending furniture to get it out of the way. I half collapse my own pushchair before remembering that I need it for the baby.

      I start settling down as the train starts moving. Once I get over the faff of getting onto the train I attend to the baby. The baby is a blond boy who looks a bit old to be in a pushchair, perhaps 2 1/2, though somewhat smaller and slightly built than Harriet. I get the impression that he's called Arthur or something similar, though he looks a little reminiscent of a friend's nipper called Jonno.

      I realise that the drizzle on the platform has left his flannelette clothes a bit wet and he's been patiently and quietly sitting and not complaining. I apologise and bustle around grabbing a towl and drying his hair and hands and ask him if he would rather I took his top off to dry him or leave it on, he says he wants me to leave the top on with language skills that again seem a bit advanced for a kid in a pushchair, perhaps 4.
      I make a game of drying him by making silly noises and tickling and such to cheer him up after being soggy and chilly.

      Behind the pushchair I spot CM looking frustratedly around and muttering under his breath that it's going to take him over an hour to get to work, he grumps through the door to the next carriage and out of sight and I return to Arthur, deciding that his clothese are now dry enough that I don't need to change him into fresh ones.
    4. For yesterday and today

      by , 02-03-2015 at 01:15 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      *I had no time to post DJ entry yesterday. I've posted them today*


      I was in the toilet. When I did my job and left the bathroom I've found myself in the government building. With another guy we were wanted. I tried to escape throug the window. It was cold morning. Sun gave slight blur over the rooftop. I couldn't see the road due to the fog. It was too high, so we both surrenderred to SWAT officers. They told us, that their job was to guard us, as mafia wants us dead. We were moving ambushed by snipers and other squads of enforcers.

      A village

      I saw a village and its commoners. It was in 8-bit game style.

      Todays dream fragment

      I was waiting for my luggage to take it out of the bus.
    5. All Friends at a Play

      by , 11-12-2013 at 02:21 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      I was in a long line that stretched from my house to (you guessed it) a warped version of my school. This is another thing I should keep an eye out for in my dreams..
      I was waiting in the line with my girlfriend. Apparently there was a play going on at the school. When we got close to it, my girlfriend mysteriously disappeared and I was left wondering where I should be going. I entered the building and discovered my girlfriend's mom, who got angry at me and told me to put my two packs of luggage (which I was magically now holding) under the stage. I tried to do so, but she shouted.
      "You need help with those!"
      "But..not real-"
      "Go get help."
      I walked towards the stairs and found a manager there who told me to go put the two packs under the stage. I got annoyed, telling them that that's what I was trying to do in the first place.
      I put my luggage under the stage, and headed back to the stairs, this time going down them. As I did, a large group of people headed up. They were who I assumed to be the actors for the play. I saw multiple people I knew, and a lot of them gave me dirty looks, even though some of them are friends in real life. I got to the last step and entered a large, warehouse looking place. The line was stretching all around the edges of the walls here, from left to right, filled with people. I tried to figure out where my girlfriend or my friends were, and found one of my friends who told me how stupid this was.
    6. A Random Adventure of Cats, Students, and Candy

      by , 10-25-2013 at 03:41 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      After a 10 day dry spell, I suddenly remembered lots from my dreams last night, which has made me more hopeful for future endeavors. Good amounts of detail remembered from these two dreams.
      The first thing I can recall doing in this dream is attending a class at school. It looked similar to my science class from middle school. I met a girl there who I quickly became friends with, though I can't remember anything she said. She had long brown hair and was, unlike a lot of the girls around her, wearing no makeup.
      The girl and I walked down the school hallway, which also looked like my middle school. We heard a stern voice and looked over to see my high school Japanese teacher yelling at some students for not following the rules and listening to him. The girl and I then attended a version of my middle school English class, except that it was much bigger and more surreal-looking. They were handing out applications for college that let you skip a year and then take a two year course.
      Naturally, I went to go grab a paper, but when I got up there all the papers were buried underneath heavy books and I couldn't get them off. As I was struggling, a kid I know told me to sit down because I was taking too long.

      This next dream was a continuation of the previous dream, I think. If it was a different dream, it didn't feel like it.
      I was outside now, this time at a warped version of my old day care. There were multiple cats walking around, mewing and staring at me. I saw my luggage opened up and arranged neatly on a nearby brick wall (I'm on vacation in real life right now). I explored a little and discovered a small tube with the top part of it cut off. Somehow I determined that I had to fill the tube with water to raise a nearby chain and cut the chain to get a prize. Sadly, I don't recall what the prize was. I also noticed a white cat with orange and black spots hanging out near this area, and I tried to pet it, but it ran off.
      I then noticed a small toy on the ground. Picking it up, it turned out to be a Boo from Mario, except it was Blue in color. I opened it up and discovered small boo candies inside of it.
      this reminded me of a toy I have in real life that looks like a Mario mushroom and has mushroom candies in it. I sat down and looked at the candies, but then noticed four hunters with long beards, laughing and walking by. They glanced over at me.
      "Hello!" one said, raising his gun.
      "Sup," I said simply. They laughed and started walking away. "Have fun!!" I yelled. They laughed at that too and kept walking. They gave me a creeped out feeling.
      I woke up and was going to stay up, but fell asleep for a few minutes and had a little dream that I remembered upon waking.
      I walked downstairs in the rental house we're staying at right now, and the guy who owned it and his kids were talking with my grandpa and laughing. I walked out to the porch, where my mom and dad were swinging. "He seems nice," mom said.
      "What're we all doing right now?" I asked.
      "Hanging out with you all!" dad exclaimed.
      And then I awoke. Not terribly interesting, but it's something!
      Thankfully, this dry spell broke~
    7. Oceans and Arguments

      by , 04-12-2012 at 07:13 PM (Night Time Musings of Shadowclaw)
      Dream # 1:

      I was in my house, walking down the hall. My mother was talking on the phone loudly. She was arguing with someone. I walked into the kitchen, and she had some papers in front of her on the counter. She was talking about a warranty. I figured that it must be the warranty for our driveway. She angrily hung up the phone, and I asked her if they were going to honor the warranty. Then I woke up.

      Dream # 2:

      I was at the ocean, and it was night time. The moon was full and provided plenty of light for me. I walked along the coast line, and the waves rolled in and out. There was a tall cliff face to my left, several hundred feet away from the water line. There were also buildings along the shore, mostly houses. One building in particular was a small guesthouse.

      I walked into the guesthouse, and I saw a mirror in the hallway. I noticed that I was wearing my bathing suit. For some reason, I turned on the light. I could see someone stirring in bed in the next room, so I quickly turned the light off. I walked into the room, and I saw two queen-sized beds pushed up next to each other, probably to save space, because it was a small room.

      There was one person in each bed. I could see that Curly from the Three Stooges was in the left bed, and an unknown person was in the right bed. So I climbed into the right bed and snuggled up close to the person in it. I fell asleep.

      Next thing I remember, it is morning, and Curly is gone. One of my biology professors was walking around the room. He was the one in the bed with me during the night. When he noticed I was awake, he told me, "Good Morning." His hair was a mess and he was in his pajamas. He left the room and was gone for maybe five minutes. When he returned, he was dressed for the day and his hair was neatly combed. He also brought breakfast with him. We talked for a little while, but I don't remember what we talked about. At this point I woke up.

      Dream # 3:

      I returned to the previous dream at the ocean. I was still with my biology professor, but we were leaving a mall. He had a bag full of purchases, but I don't know what they were. Outside, we met one of my chemistry professors. He told us that he was excited about going to Belize.

      The three of us walked back to the guesthouse, and we all had suitcases waiting for us. They were black, and the kind with wheels. We took our suitcases and walked outside. There was a sidewalk now, and we walked along it with our suitcases trailing behind us. We eventually came to a large van, and several students were loading their luggage into the back. I recognized a few of them that had gone to Belize with me (IRL), but there were several I had never seen before. I counted the students and realized that there wasn't room for me, and that I must not have signed up for the trip.

      I asked my professor if the roster was full. He said, "Yes, but even if it wasn't, how would come up with the money in so short a time?" I stood to the side and watched everyone get into the van. Another student I had traveled with was standing with me. I guess he didn't remember to sign up, either. I was angry that I didn't get to go, and I wondered how I missed signing up. Then I woke up.
    8. Airports, Sadie's ghost and travelling with Kali

      by , 04-01-2012 at 03:10 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am heading towards an airport with the sister and brother-in-law for a good friend of mine, as well as my at Kali in a small animal carrier. We are on a small charter plane and it is full of people but everyone besides one man and us is elderly. Someone says something about not telling customs where we are going and to say that we are travelling with the elderly people as relatives. For some reason we fear being turned bak if the security and customs people at the airport learn why we are really travelling (which was a really mundane reason in the dream but I forget the reason now.)

      We get to the air port and my friend's sister and husband and I are seperated and I panick because I do not know what time to catch the next fight or where, because they have the ticket. I eventually figure out that I have to go to a nearby town, callled Pickwick in the dream, to catch the connecting flight, but in the partking lot of the airport I am currently in, my cat deficates all over her carrier and I have no where to clean it and I cannot catch a cab because of it.

      I eventually ditch the carrier itself, clean off my cat and place her in my carry-on bag (in which she sleeps peacefully) and I run into the man who I met on the charter plane who was not elderly, just as security comes to check our ID and bags. Not having my bording pass (it is with the people I got seperated from) the man I don't know takes me in his arms and tells me to say that I am his fiancee. He tells me his name is Anthony. Some how this is enough to convince the security guards and they let us through the gates and out of the airport, where Anthony and I catch a bus to Pickwick, where our next plane await. I meet up withmy friend's sister and brother-in-law when we get to that town's airport, though Anthony disappears and I do not see him join us on our connecting flight, which makes me sad.

      We far in the south in our destination (Florida?) walking through a forest of some kind. I want to say it was a bamboo forest, but I am not sure. Most of the trees were tall and narrow anyway and the shrubs were short and thin branched and few had any leaves. There wer many tourists on the path of varying age and we all walking in one direction on the winding path. The path passed a large circular pond that was dried up and in a bush near the edge of the pond I saw a dog laying on it's back.

      When I got closer I saw that it was my dog Sadie who died years ago. I looked at her chest and saw her breathing, but I knew in the dream that she was dead, especially since branches of the bush she was laying on protrouded from various parts of her body, including her mouth, as if her body had been laying there for a long time and the bush just grow through it. She was not in pain or distress and I could sense she had appeared to me for a reason but I could not figure out why, though I did take this chance to say goodbye to her properly, since I did not get to do so in waking life when she passed away.

      The tour group is moving on a head of me and I do not want to be left behind so I run to catch up but I stop and glance one more time at Sadie when I am at the other side of the pond. Her body has turned to a wooden log and her limbs and tails knarled branches, and I feel a sense of relief, like I know she has finally moved on and her body had returned to the earth.

      I catch up to the tour group and they are staring at a large pit filled with alligators. I panick because I realize at this point that me cat Kali had been following me like a dog and I haven't seen her for a while. Now that I know there are alligators in the forest I am afraid for her safety. I search everywhere, even go back to Sadie's pond, but I cannot find Kali anywhere. Later I find her near the rental car that the people I am travelling with have.

      On our flight back to Pickwick, I see Anthony on our plane but he does not talk or even look at me, like we never met before and he does not recognize me. Back at Pickwick we find out our luggage has gone to the airport we first landed at near the start of the dream. While there I try to retrieve my cat's original carrier, but not only has it not been cleaned yet but someone has broken it down into little peices. While the large commerical jet that took us to Florida had no problem with my cat Kali travelling in my carry-on bag, the small charter plane that is supposed to take us home will not let me board until my cat is in a proper carrier. They do agree to wait for me however and the rest of the passengers get grumpy and upset with me because they have to wait while I find a new carrier for Kali.

      I cannot remember any more of this dream.
    9. Assassin Holiday

      by , 10-07-2011 at 05:29 PM (The first foothold of Arch.)
      Quite a odd, and cool dream towards the end.

      Vividness: 7
      Recall: 6
      Overall: 7

      Non-Lucid Lucid Comment

      On holiday with the family, we are getting ready to put our luggage into the hotel, there is a large slide in front of us with a conveyor belt at the bottom which you throw your luggage into.
      Putting luggage in goes in family size order, so the largest family puts their luggage in first. Before anyone has started I jump into the slide, slipping down.
      My dad yells at me telling me it's not our turn, I climb up and go to find the person with the largest family to apologise to.
      I find him, a man in his 50's who looks distraught with annoyance at the fact I went first, is surrounded by 20 odd babies. I don't know what to think, so I quickly move on.
      At the park, I see some box like vehicles come round the corner, it's the old man's babies, clearly he's a rich guy if he can afford these cool toys.
      The toys begin to move together and combine (babies still within) and merge together to form a large metal plate, with three hinges, it begins to move in an odd fashion.
      My brother explains to me how it is a powerful military weapon but it has run out of charge, so we lay it down and begin to play badminton on top of it.
      I'm outside a building, there is an open window in front of me, I rustle the hedge in front and hear the guard become aware that something outside, I duck behind the hedge and hear the guard peer over. He does not see. Assassins creed 2 HUD comes up and I select the musket bracelet, take aim and shoot the man, instant kill.
      Jumping over, one guard sees me and raises his bow, but I'm too fast and drive my blade into his neck.
      Passing upstairs I see another guard, I find it difficult to remain concentrated on him, my view fades to the corner of the room where I pick him up and make him fire his bow rapidly.
      A teacher comes in the room and discusses engineering to me.
      Dream End.

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    10. The Luggage Furnace 8-23-2011

      by , 08-26-2011 at 09:04 PM
      Sean and I were all packed for something and were travelling somewhere (probably a mixture of me helping Sean pack for college, and packing myself for Japan in RL). We each had two large suitcases (which I really do have for Japan...) and we were heading into this really rickety old train station/tunnel. The train was already waiting for us, and it turned out to be only a little rollercoaster-like car on an open track. The seats of each sections were wide enough to fit about three people, so Sean and I squeezed in the middle and put one suitcase each next to us, and one suitcase each under the seat in front of us. A girl with long blonde hair in a ponytail sat there. She greeted us, but I don't think she said much else. Somehow we found out (maybe the girl told us) that this train was headed for a furnace at the end of the line. People supposedly put their luggage and garbage on this train, some to be incinerated and some to be magically transported to wherever it needed to go. However, Sean and I didn't know how the magical process worked and we didn't want our stuff incinerated...The train began to move slowly, and I could see that it looped back and into a furnace not too far away... One seat moved into the incinerator at a time, and the train stopped each time. However, Sean and I couldn't get off the train yet, even though it would have been very easy to hop off at any moment as it was moving slow enough and there wasn't anything but dirt below; but we were waiting for something...
      Finally, the ride we were apparently waiting for showed up, in the form of the mother of one of Sean's wrestling buddies. We saw her drive her blueish SUV up right outside the tunnel and park, waiting for us. The blonde girl had disappeared by now as we sprang into action. Sean had to hop off and run outside to make sure it was okay with this lady that we put all of our stuff in her car, but by the time he got back there was a small baby-gate blocking the entrance to the train tunnel. He could have jumped over it easily, but it would have severely slowed our progress. Instead, I agreed to grab our luggage and toss it to him over the gate, where he would put it in the SUV. Our car was already nearing the furnace and I started to panic. I quickly grabbed a suitcase, ran over to the gate, and tossed it to Sean, but when I returned to our car the luggage had multiplied. I didn't take time to question it, I just knew I had to save it, so I grabbed as many random things from our car as I could and brought it to Sean. I kept going back and forth, and each time I returned there was more and more stuff on the seats, now mostly toys and junk from when i was a kid... it seemed to be taking forever for me to grab this all by myself, and I was becoming frustrated. Finally, as the furnace was getting very close and I could feel the heat now, i was nearing the end of our stash. The seat two ahead of us jerked into the furnace as I scrambled to grab the last large suitcase we had. I ran it to Sean, feeling relieved that I had gotten everything, but as I glanced back I noticed still one last suitcase, still under the seat in front of ours. I raced to grab it - it was heavy and nearly to big to fit under there - but I yanked it out just before that seat moved into the furnace... I dragged this last suitcase over to the gate, my arm hairs singed; On the other side of the gate Sean was in much less of a rush than I had been, so there were still suitcases piled on the ground on his side. I hopped over the gate and proceeded to help him pick it up. This is where Mom woke me up.