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    1. 19 Mar: Reality show, whistleblowing, beating the crap of a racist homophobe

      by , 03-19-2019 at 04:46 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Watching a reality show to find the best tenant for houses. The best judge is an arab guy, super honest and the only non-racist. He expels an Irish girl that others think is the best option, just because of her ethnicity. But she makes the landlord go crazy, feels entitled to everything, thinks she is an artist although been struggling for years to finish one work with dolls made of corn cobs, accuses fellow competitor of not being an artist, although he clearly is better artist than she is.

      Working at a lab that is taken over by bad guys who hide some nasty truth about some product. I sneak in at night to try to prove it. Almost get caught because the big bad boss is visiting. I have to go deeper into lab rooms and end up finding what I want, a room with corpses and samples harvested proving serious damage. I try to examine them, but the visitors are coming and I have to keep moving. They detect someone has been there, I rush to a back exit. There is a guard and a dog, but I have been making friends with the dog who dislikes its owner. So I escape easily and I go to van with my friends waiting for me. The dog actually follows us and wants to come, so we say "jump in" and he does. Then the guard realizes and comes to attack us, mostly wants the dog back.

      Back to my dojo for training and it doesn't go so well, I am out of shape, but doing my best. Then at the end there is some kind of funds collection for something, everybody donates some coins. And then some weirdos are coming for a lecture. They say it's time that we get political and I think that's going to end up bad, because some of us are left wing, others right wing and bringing politics into the dojo will divide us. But their agenda is to brainwash people to be homophobic and racist and so they show some slides and pretend they are backed by science, talking complete nonsense about supposed physical differences that make some ethnicities weaker than others and insulting gays with horrible prejudices. I get really angry, I get up and tell them that's a load of crap and I ain't staying another second listening to it and if this sanctioned by sensei he just lost a student. And then the majority of my colleagues also get up and leave. Only a few stay. Then their leader comes after me, angry that I disturbed their little campaign and he keeps popping up on the corridors that I go through. I try to go around him and ignore him, but he wants to hurt me, so I decide to face him and I kick him in the face. One more kick and he is on the ground. Then I beat him until he is literally squashed and unrecognizable as a human being.

      Outside there is a large running table and I spot some of my cousins and other family members gathered there. My two uncles look angry and unpleasant as usual, but everybody else seems to be having fun. Then they complain nobody takes their orders but all the pretty girls and younger kids and nice people are constantly making requests that are attended. I think that's karma, because they are so nasty and I don't feel sorry for them.
    2. Dealing with naughty dreamlets

      by , 11-04-2015 at 06:30 PM
      Dl1 - In a changing room with benches all around the outside. D is needing help getting change. I kindly help him put his socks on. I then feel the urge to hug him despite him being a little .... I hug him and feel a relief wash over me. Maybe he is not so bad after all
      He offers me some of his food,a carrot. I sit down and take out my lunch it is a giant Baclava (greek cake with honey). On top there is strawberries and cream. I take a bit then offer him a strawberry. He opens wide and takes a bite like pittbull dog. His jaws are locked over the cake and my face, aaaaaaa!! (Hmm seems familiar), why do people keep biting me).

      Dl2 - On holiday, in a shalley type room with double doors opening onto a veranda. Below is a short drop down. There are cupboards below , I investigate and find they are full of food in jars. I sit on the grass in the sun and sample the food stuffs.

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    3. Haunted School, Circus

      by , 06-11-2015 at 02:50 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream - nightmare

      I was in school. I was in the classroom, sitting in front of the teacher - a bald man with mustache. There were other students in the classroom. I asked if I can go to the toilet, he agreed so I went out of the classroom. I was alone at the corridor, heading towards the toilet.

      When I opened the door, I saw that the lights were on, but as I made one step they turned off. I closed the door and opened them again, and the situation was the same. Then I think "Is this school haunted?" Suddenly a DC janitor appears. A brunette woman in janitor suit, with glasses. She tells "This school is haunted." and goes away. She said it, like it was obvious to everyone.

      I thought "Even if there's hell inside, I'll do this!" I entered the dark toilet. As I started to pee, suddenly red light started to flicker, walls and floor tiles started to crack. School trembled and the walls bleed. I finished my thing and went back to the classroom. I looked at the clock and saw that it was late evening, but then I looked at the clock again, and saw that I should go to take a bus back home.

      I went to the cloakroom. There were some girls taking their stuff and going out. I came closer to my locker. It had padlock made of rolled paper. I opened it, and saw that I have loads of old, useless junk in my locker. I couldn't find my shoes. I took all the stuff and went out to a car. I looked at the driver. He was wearing gray hoodie, and he wasn't looking at the road. However, he was a great drver.

      Second dream

      I was on a backstage of a circus. Someone was talking about the place. He started from talking about clowns working there - batman, a clown with black, fake mustache in bat suit; crabman, a clown with blonde mustache in crab suit; and spiderman, a clown with brown mustache in spider suit. They were running around like crazy. There were huge crowds cheering from the tribunes.

      Then he told about a murder bug "Whomever may touch it, may he rest in peace.". A sad and frightening melody played in the background as he said about the bug. Then a dude looking like Eric from "Sweet 70's" TV show appeared, and show control switches of the circus.

      He pointed at one and said "This is a lunch button. We choose one person from the crowd, and give it a free lunch. This week we have a special offer. If you have three nipples, you can come over to us. There's a free lunch waiting for you!"
    4. Marriage, and Back In Uniform

      by , 12-22-2014 at 09:18 PM (One Up Seeker)
      I was in some kind of small room, and it was set up like a wedding was about to be held. I'm standing in a corner of this room. As I look around I notice that the walls of this room are black and so is the floor, it looks quite odd. I look to my sides and my dad is standing on my right side adjusting the outfit that I am wearing. My mom is standing to the left of me doing the exact same thing. I look down at what I am wearing and I see that I am wearing an all black suit with a glittery green rose in the left pocket of my jacket. There are rose pedals inside of this green rose, so basically it looks like a normal rose but all green.
      After my parents finish fixing my outfit they tell me I'm all ready to go. I look ahead of me and there is an aisle with a girl in a dress standing a little bit to the left of it. Right before I start walking forward my dad whispers in my ear, "Don't marry this girl if you really don't love her." Now I walk down the aisle and walk right up to the girl that is in the dress. She looks me in the eyes. I think to myself, "I'm not going to marry someone if I know that I don't truly love them". I look at her and its as if she already knows my decision. I grab all of the pedals inside of my green rose and pull them out and drop them to the floor(in the dream this meant that I was declining our marriage and that I wasn't going to marry her).
      She bursts out into tears, and starts crying really loudly. With this I walk out of the all black room. As I'm doing so I notice that somehow I have a hoodie on the back of my suit. I throw the hoodie over my head and continue walking out. For some reason this makes me feel very powerful and in control of everything. As I exit the all black room and walk out the door, it opens to the inside of a school. I "recognize" it as my school and walk down the hallway in front of me. Right now I see that I am on the second floor of this school, so I make my way towards the stairs to get to the first floor.
      I look down at my clothing and now I am suddenly wearing my Air Force uniform from ROTC when I used to be in it. I don't like wearing the uniform, so I start running to get downstairs and change out of it immediately( lol wow ). A teacher from downstairs sees me running and says, "Young man running up there, please stop running and walk." I think to myself, "Really? Are you kidding me? This isn't elementary school lady." I slow down to a walk, but now its a fast walk and I make my way downstairs. Once I get downstairs I go to the nearest restroom, walk inside, and go into a stall. In the restroom I go into, the stalls are all blue and the floor is white. I pick one of the stalls and go inside and close the door behind me.
      Right as I get inside I see that there is piss on the toilet seat so I get some toilet paper and wipe it off just so my uniform doesn't touch it. While I hate wearing the uniform, I wasn't going to disrespect it. After I wipe the seat off I start unbuttoning my shirt. Immediately I realize that I'm about to strip down and yet I have no clothes to change in to. I get out of the stall with my shirt still unbuttoned(which is out of regulation) and I quickly make my way back upstairs to get some clothes. On my way out I see a fellow cadet, Cadet 2nd lieutenant Luqueno, head of the Charlie Flight(AKA my flight). He doesn't notice my unbuttoned shirt even though we make eye contact so I get lucky.
      As I get out of the restroom I notice some of my friends sitting down in the cafeteria eating lunch. I go over to where they are sitting and sit down and talk to them.
    5. Do We LOOK Like Middle Schoolers?!

      by , 08-13-2014 at 06:42 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      August 12, 2014

      I slept too deeply after the train ride to remember any dreams I had, but last night I had this one:

      I was walking up to my old elementary school with Zukin: We were going to break in. Well, I guess I should say, it looked like my second elementary school, but the inside was a mixture of it and my middle school, and the cafeteria was something new.

      Anyways. We were going to infiltrate the middle/elementary school. Once we got in (it was actually quite easy; we just had to open the doors and walk through), we found that it was lunch time. So we headed to the cafeteria. It was in the same spot as the cafeteria in my elementary school, but it looked more like my middle school's cafeteria. I was walking through the large room (it was wide open, with large spaces between the tables... Now that I think about it, it reminds me a little bit of my first elementary school's cafeteria, because I was so small and it looked like there was a huge space between the tables... hmm.) and heading to the table that had all the plates. Someone yelled for me to get a "cotton" plate, which apparently meant paper plates, because that's what I grabbed. I walked out a door and around a corner to the start of the line. I got up to the lady who would put things on my plate, and found that it was someone who'd been there when I was in school there. She recognized me, and at first I thought it would be bad and I would have to run, but she was all friendly and chatty.

      She put food on my plate in a really weird way; she put some veggies on, and then a few noodles, then more veggies, and then a piece of some sort of meet, then more noodles, and then more meet, and one more single veggie. She was about to put the desert on my plate, but she said, "Close your eyes, it's a surprise!" And so I closed them. When she said it was okay to look, I looked down at my plate and saw a cookie.

      I paid the cashier with my debit card, and then went out to find a place to sit; I chose to site at a table with two kids at it. I asked a boy if I could borrow his napkin, and he handed me one of them. I used it to wipe off the condensation on my drink. I crumpled the napkin up and set it on the table, and said thanks.

      After I'd finished eating, I found Zukin again. We had gone separate ways once we got inside, but now we were meeting up to infiltrate the school-wide event for the last half of classes. It was a party of sorts, and we decided we had to be together for this one. We were just about to turn the corner into the hallway that leads to the gym when a guard stops us and asks us where our parental permission slips were. We didn't have any, so we turned away and tried to exit the building at the door right in front of us, but the guard then asked if our parents were here to pick us up, because or else they couldn't let us go.

      We scoffed, flashed our driver's licenses, and said, "Do we LOOK like middle-schoolers?!" And then ran past the guard laughing. We crossed the street and started running down it, toward my house. But I don't like running, and asked Zukin to slow down, but she kept running but in a teasing way; she would slow down until I cought up and then, thinking I was ready to keep running, would go on. I told her to stop again, and we stopped about halfway down the second street on the way to my house. "Christ girl, slow down when I say so. You know I can't run worth crap." I said, and we stood there giggling about infiltrating the school.
    6. Blonde Prince Photography Mission, Throwing Cotton at Lunchtime, Skeleton Chainsaw Wielding Entity

      by , 01-24-2014 at 11:54 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Blonde Prince Photography Mission (DILD)


      Iím assigned to take a photograph of a blonde prince, and his composition in general looked like he was derived from the Hunter x Hunter anime art style. Iím not at my objective as yet, and I have to proceed down a spiraling dark chamber.

      Thereís all sorts of random entities I end up having to shoot, and the area is too dark for me to really expound more into detail. Another major aspect is that Chief Daisuke from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex appears with a gun.



      Eventually, I reach my destination and try to take a picture of the blonde prince, but it seems Chief is assigned to take care of that and shoot him if I took too long with my objective. I honestly didnít know what to do other than one task, so I just let him do his thing, and thatís pretty much it.


      Throwing Cotton At Lunch (DILD)


      Iím sitting in a cafeteria with random dream characters, and Iím throwing a few cotton balls at paper trays. I see a few familiar faces like Lyanne, and sheís giggling at what Iím doing I guess.

      Skeleton Chainsaw Wielding Entity (DILD)


      Iím inside an area that looks similar to Resident Evil 4ís castle region where you had to protect Ashley while she turns levers, and monks are coming after her.



      Thereís a swarm of Las Plagas enemies to the point where things get a bit overwhelming to handle them all. I only have a few flash grenades on me, at least thatís what I conceptually presumed I had without trying to do some mental scanning of other weapons.

      I figured that if I were to use one of the flash grenades, it would at least kill off those with the parasites that are literally growing out of their heads. So I take the initiative, but it doesnít seem to really kill them off. It only blinds them and has them delaying their movements for a few seconds while covering their eyes.

      I threw another flash grenade to augment my chances of escape by avoiding the enemy. However, an entity thatís made up of a cartoon skeleton figure comes in wielding a chainsaw. Heís wearing a deep V-neck black dress shirt that has dark gray vertical stripes along with a brown belt and gray buckle, and also basic black pants to cover up his skinny and bony legs.

      His chainsaw is probably about half his height, and heís not hesitant to flail it around like a madman, and comes at me with full force. I have to back up quickly, and looked back occasionally to make sure I wouldnít trip on something. After a while, things got hectic for me, and I decided to just mentally conjure up an inventory screen and switch to a Chicago Typewriter.



      The moment I wielded it, I pressed the trigger, and whatever happened, happened.
    7. Lawm Mowing During a Wedding, Sitting on a Chair & In Space, Fake Lunch Pin, Wizzrobes Are After Me

      by , 12-28-2013 at 06:36 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Lawn mowing during a Wedding (DILD)


      • Lawn mowing with huge lawn mower

      • saw a chubby female wearing violet dress down to her upper thighs

      • small orange blobs relative wants me to go over and mow

      • area is around huge green valleys


      Sitting on a Chair & In Space (DILD)


      • sitting on a chair

      • tennis members (adam, john kuzko (black haired one))

      • Shifting to space and moving gray rings

      There wasn't anything exciting here.

      Lunch & Fake Lunch Pin (DILD)


      Too lazy to recall this:

      • Cafeteria
      • Juan
      • Fake lunch pin
      • Asian female mad at me for fake lunch pin
      • Forgetting lunch pin
      • Waiting in line


      Wizzrobes Are After Me (DILD)


      It seems I'm in an environment that relates to being at a beach with large and rocky cliffs here and there. I feel like this is another dream where I'm trying to run away from something or someone.

      And who I was running away from was a small group of Wizzrobes from The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker.

      All that mattered was for me to run away before they even made any motions with their wands.
    8. Lunch Time

      by , 10-12-2013 at 11:29 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I'm walking to school, but I'm not walking the way I usually would walk, if I was to go to school. I'm heading in the direction as if I was walking to the basketball stadium in my home town.
      I see Matt H in the distance. I think about talking to him about an AFL (Australian Football League) team he barracks for, which I thought was Hawks, but in reality, he followers Demons. I decide not to talk to Matt and continue to jog passed him. I see Devon L in the distance, and I have a chat to him.

      I'm in a backyard shed which looks like (Sarah H)'s house, with a handful of people. We are throwing a tennis ball to one another, until a male starts throwing them at full power at me. I figure I should do the exact same thing, and throw them as hard as I can.

      I'm sitting outside at a table for lunch. I look around and see that there's a lot of people sitting around doing the same thing. I must be at school, but it's not school, it's Sarah's backyard. A guy comes up to me and mentions a few things to us upon leaving. He finishes off by saying that I'm a real good person, very nice. The guy dresses and looks like he would definitely listen to heavy metal music.

      The table I'm sitting at, is full of females, apart from a guy that's next to me. I look in front of me and see a mystery box from KFC or Red Rooster. Inside is two chicken burgers with mayo and lettuce, and some chips. I figured that the mystery box was something you buy but not know exactly what burger you will receive. I hear two girls near me, talking about someone in the distance. Someone interrupts what they're saying, it's the person that they were talking about, but they were not here, it was just their voice that finished off their sentence. They said you're fat. The girls are in shock, and are wondering how they could have been overheard. I said someone may have been wearing a wire, that were sitting around this table. The two girls are now suspicious of an insider.
      I begin to eat some of the burger and think of something funny to say. I say out loud, ''I'll tell you what.. this tastes like shit''. I'm not a fussy person, so I generally liked what I tasted. A moment of shock become upon me, I just realized I was eating something with gluten (I'm gluten free). I begin to pick the batter off the chicken, and leave the chips alone. It doesn't click for me, that the bread bun would contain gluten.

      I'm walking to class through the IGA shopping center car park. I'm curious to where my friend Daryl is, as he's in my class. I look at a map on my ipod touch, of where he could be, with no luck. I see a car which has Daryl's family in it, so I walk over to greet them. Jane (his mother) was talking to him on the phone and knew I wanted to find him, so she passed the phone to me. I asked where he was, and he told me he was locked up in some kind of prison, due to him mentioning a few issues to someone. I don't think he was in trouble though.
    9. A Puppy and Kenneth Wynecott

      by , 11-28-2012 at 04:37 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      8:19 am

      I woke up with the name "Kenneth Wynecott," and an image of a cute puppy

      9:23 am

      I am in a mall's food court with RR and HQ. I was worried that I missed work. We were talking about how some people don't go out of the area during their one-hour lunch break because going out is too far. They explained how it's not, but that's if you have a car.
      Tags: car, food, lunch, puppy, work
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. [School-lunch Trip to Bashas']

      by , 11-19-2012 at 07:30 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Monday, November 19th, 2012]
      (Plenty of dreams, but I don't remember most of them. I finally decided to jump up and record the last one for once.)

      The last thing I remember- I'm in Bashas with a bunch of other kids from school. I decide to go steal something while no one is looking since I'm hungry. I go to the Pharmacy section but notice kids surrounding the area. I instead turn around and head for the deli section. People are here too. I hear someone ask, "Do you prefer raw raspberries or blueberries? ... Raspberries." And then Cassidy Solpher asks, "Does anyone want to try some of my home cooked meal? It's fully cooked but I can't eat any yet." I then started eating a warm pasta off a shelf, there was beef, alfredo sauce, big long noodles, and mushrooms.

      <I woke up.>
    11. Lunch With Mom (Oct 15Ė Oct 16, 2012)

      by , 10-16-2012 at 10:43 PM (Realm of Insanity)
      I am in a lunch room and my mom is in the seat to my right. We are around a circle table with my other friends. My frien Cheyenne comes over and puts a seat in the middle I ask what she's doing ans she says that she's eating with us and the people at the table behind us.
    12. August 4, 2012

      by , 08-24-2012 at 02:38 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      A school of sorts. We went to eat lunch. A lot of people. Beatrice, Emerald, A, M and some others. Not enough seats, so they had to find other areas. M was with another girl. I was eating in the same table with A. She looked like she did before they started dating. She asked me where the others are. There were only a few people now. She went ahead. Someone called me "down" to the CR after I finished my meal. It was JJ. He has no clothes.
    13. Programming ponies

      by , 02-27-2012 at 08:59 PM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      I was in the lunchroom with my friend, when I realized that it wasn't time for lunch. Missed the oportunity to become lucid, instead rushed to my third period class, programming. The room was different from the usual setup, this time it was narrow and rectangular, with all of the computers in the center in one long row. I sat down in my seat. My teacher told us that today were going to make "pinkie pie pony programs."
    14. Classroom and Concept Map, Science Classroom & Lunch, Jessie From Team Rocket in Pokemon

      by , 02-05-2012 at 05:38 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      I woke up pretty late (~9:40 AM), so I'm really holding on to the images in my head of the dreams I had late last night (I slept around 12AM-1AM).

      I set an alarm to wake me up at 3:45 AM, and I did the same for the online one. It woke up probably to turn it of, but I was most likely too tired to get up to try a WBTB. And the external alarm clock, I don't know, it still has the preset time for 3:45AM, and the dot to show that the alarm is set should've been gone by now.

      Did a reality check, but nope, guess something is wrong with me.

      These dreams most likely didn't start in chronological order either. My recall from them is shit because I slept too long.

      Dream 1: Classroom and Concept Map Assignment

      I'm in a classroom, and I see a DC that looks exactly like the AP Psychology teacher I had in High School as a Senior. The class was over, and everyone was handing in their sheets of paper.

      I get up to go towards the teacher, Mr. White (IRL last name), but then I stop and turn back because something in my mind told me that I had to turn something else in to the shelf at the back of the room. I turn in a worksheet that felt like it was two pages, and then I realize my name wasn't on it, so I go back to the desk and quickly wrote my name (but I couldn't see clearly if I did).

      After I put that worksheet with the stack that other people were putting it on, I turn back to turn in the other paper in my hand, which seemed to be a concept map. I had some random things written down, and I'm waiting in a short line to turn in the paper. Before it was my turn, I decided to write down a concept that said, "Objective?" and I drew a link and wrote an answer of "Yes."

      The time has come...-cluster.gif

      I turn in the paper to the teacher, he looks at it for a while, and I was worried because I was writing something a few seconds before the DC in front of me turned their assignment in, but he puts mine along with the other stacks and I leave to go somewhere.

      Dream 2: Science classroom & Lunch

      This dream, I'm not too sure if it was chained with the first one, but I felt like I was going back and forth somewhere...I know I had to do some weird things like making sure that I met the conditions to enter a room....but again, my recall is crap because I let myself doze off too quickly after waking up to the alarm.

      I'm inside of a room, and I'm not even sure if this was the room I started out in the dream, I most likely was in a room that kept shutting on and off every few minutes I think and then came to this room, but I see a few DCs inside of this class that looks like a Laboratory class since there were large black top tables with the brown cabinets holding them in place. And students were just chilling there, probably waiting for the instructor to come in.

      The time has come...-dvw4121k_1_1.jpg

      I think I see a girl who is a little chunky, and she's wearing a dark blue shirt and jeans as well. She has brown/black hair, and she's looking at me, but I couldn't remember what I did next or how I responded to her.

      Okay, I don't remember anything else from that dream, so I'll just type a dream fragment I just remembered after this.

      I was at lunch somewhere waiting in line, I can't remember what types of food I was getting, but I do know that it was condensed down to a small bowl that looked like a rice bowl or soup bowl or something like that.

      The time has come...-100579.jpg

      This fragment is kind of similar to the dream I have a few entries back when DCs tried to cheer me up when I was pissed a Cash Register broke my debit card in half with her index finger and thumb.

      Dream 3: Team Rocket Jessie from Pokemon

      This dream was different from the rest, so I'll just separate it here.

      I'm looking at some poster in my hand, I think it's a drawing, and everything is colored. Then after a while of whatever I was doing in the dream, a picture of Jessie, part of Team Rocket from Pokemon, was included in the picture on the left side.

      The time has come...-1675-235854728.jpg

      She had her arms out and turned her body to the side next to whatever person was inside of the picture.

      Not too sure on what I did next.

    15. Walking to Apt, In Class & Leaving, Seeing Uncle & Cousins, Starbucks look-a-like, Going to lunch...

      by , 01-31-2012 at 02:54 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      I took an afternoon nap, I wanted to just sleep for an hour starting at around 1:40-2 PM, woke up to the alarm that I set for 3 PM I believe, but then I slept again and woke up at around 5PM.

      Spoiler for Insight on what I did before sleeping...:

      KAOMEA, thanks for suggesting that I do focus on other dream senses (even though I knew about it for a while now, you just convinced me to go back to it again ).

      Dream 1: Walking up to Random Apartment

      This is probably just a dream fragment but, I remember walking upstairs somewhere to go to a room. I remember a bowl of crackers with peanut butter in them stacked around some area of this apartment.

      I can't remember much for that one.

      Dream 2: Leaving Class

      The dream starts out from me being in class, and the teacher was giving instructions on how to play this game. Apparently it was suppose to be a simulation on surviving some kind of attack, and we were all given individual statistics on a card lined up with a specific trait (like how much you were likely to survive something or doing something).

      It was basically like a role playing game where you could upgrade, but in real life. He was explaining the different parts, and I saw that a number that I remembered the most was "16". The person to the right of me had the number "25."

      I was a little concerned because I found that other people had values higher than mine, but I didn't say anything but worry a little bit.

      Then the teacher was done explaining and saying that he'll see us all tomorrow. But overall, the day felt like a Friday, so I wanted to tell him that, but I kept quiet.

      The whole class was quiet too, and then the teacher caught himself and apologized and then said that he'll see us on Monday. Then as I head out, I see a DC that looks exactly like my Uncle.

      He was wearing a striped dress shirt with short sleeves that was blue overall with different shades of blue. It seemed he had his hair trimmed a little bit.

      I look at him and he looks at me, and he's smiling at me. I go up to him to shake hands with him and he's like "Hey, man!" with a positive tone. After we talked for a few more seconds, he had to go to the bathroom. He didn't tell me, but he had to leave and I turned back to see where he was going.

      I keep going, and the place I'm in has brown brick walls to it, and brown tiled floors too. There was a few bright yellow-ish lighting in the area.

      I go further and further from the initial point in the dream and find that my cousins came out of one of those small areas you see in Supermarkets that would have a Starbucks, McDonalds, etc.

      I go up to them, and they recognized me. There are 3 of them. I shook hands with two of the guys, and hugged the female. I don't remember what I asked them, but I hanged around with them a little bit before leaving them as well.

      Dream 3: Starbucks look-a-like Store

      Now I'm outside, and I go to this area that seems to be selling deserts and other sugary things. It seemed to be like a Starbucks-look-a-like, but from what I remember, the place had small shades of red to it.

      It was like being in a Circus almost, with the striped and slanted coverings in case it rained. There were several sections of this large place outside. It had sections for deserts and other things.

      There were places to sit as well. There were stools with tables, or just tables with chairs to them. I believe the chairs, stools, and tables had different shades of red to them, and even some pink to them as well.

      controling Ki in dreams-600-02935769w.jpg

      I see a Black female DC who was pretty young, she looked a lot like the girl from "Everybody Hates Chris." For some odd reason, I assumed that she was a relative of mine.

      controling Ki in dreams-imani_hakim_everybody_hates_chris.jpg

      I greeted her I think and she does the same, and I asked her what I wanted from the Menu that I could barely read. I also asked if I could have a Vanilla Milkshake, and she said "Of course! Of course we have that!" with a happy tone.

      Then I see a used Vanilla Milkshake on another table, and I see the Starbucks logo on it, and the small details of it like the small linings on the back for the employees to write down what the order was.

      It was quarter-filled with Vanilla Milkshake (or Vanilla Bean Frappuccino for you addicts).

      Then the same girl gives me a phone that seems to be some new slim version of a Blackberry. It was really slim and thin. It had a rotating scroll that was flat (like a small disk placed on top of the phone that you could move around with your thumb in a circular motion).

      controling Ki in dreams-medium_eng_art02.jpg

      At first I thought this was a toy, but apparently the place gives free phones. So I'm playing around with this phone a little, looking at the small features it presented (it was a new phone that was in a small plastic package).

      Then the girl was sitting down with me for a little while before going up to tell the others what my order was. She was telling me that I could give her something better. She said she was selling an XBOX for $99.

      I took some time to bask in that price, and then to make sure, I asked her "For an XBOX 360?" She says yes, and then I started to think about it.

      Then to the right of me, I swore I sensed another DC at another table was trying to listen at our conversation, but I didn't want to look back, I just had the DC with my peripheral vision while talking to the girl.

      Then I believe I wanted order more stuff from the Menu, and I said that it won't be a problem since I could afford it. I was looking at my wallet, and it resembled the one I have in waking life. There was some money in it, but I didn't pull it out completely to to see if I had a certain amount of dollars.

      Then I told her that for the XBOX 360 price, I said I'll think about it I believe, and she leaves to probably go finalize the order for whatever I ordered.

      Then when she's gone, for some odd reason, I'm pissed that she's telling me that she's selling an XBOX 360, I was complaining how that's the price range everyone gives (even though I haven't seen an XBOX 360 that would be in good condition for that much however).

      I can't remember anything else from that dream. I probably was just waiting at the table for my food order to come in.

      Dream 4: In Class or Seminar and Going To Lunch

      Before I start talking about what I experienced in this dream, I just want to mention that I had the opportunity to get lucid because I was walking to lunch long enough to where I'm wondering where I am to do an RC. But this was another vivid dream that I took for reality.

      I'm sitting in class, the seats we were sitting in were just fold-able seats without mini desk to rest your hands on. All of the chairs were white, and I was sitting at the front row at the top right corner. The carpet was dark blue with small bits of other colors that didn't dominate the overall color though.

      There where white boards on walls almost on every side. (The boards that you can use markers on and wipe with an eraser, and they had the small extension on the bottom to put the markers or erasers on for later use).

      A lecturer, who I believe was female was talking about something I didn't remember too much on. She was fairly dark-skinned, but I didn't pay too much to her facial features, I was just listening to her.

      After she was done talking, she asked a question on who wants to get an extra +16 points if they wore some pink coat or shirt if they were in Nursing or something
      (If you remember from the second dream above this one, I had the number "16" on a card, but now a DC is saying the word sixteen this time).

      Then I realized I raised my hand for the wrong reasons, I'm not pursuing Nursing nor am I interested in it. But I didn't freaking care, I just raise it until she picks me. The classroom of DCs started to go "Awwwwwwwwwww" in a sad tone.

      I then realized that the classroom mostly consisted of females. If I had paid attention to the females around me instead of using peripheral vision, some would've been familiar DCs of people I knew and saw in High School.

      Then I wore the Pink Jacket and everyone left class (there wasn't a bell ringing, so I assumed this was College, but it had mixes of High School elements to it).

      Everything now is in Third-Person Perspective. I'm seeing the back of myself walking with my upper body slightly slanted, as if I was walking like a caveman for a while, but I think I straightened myself up quickly.

      I'm on the top floor of the building that I'm in. I guess my intention was to go to lunch now. So I keep moving forward to get to the double doors (the ones you push the small and horizontal bar to open the door).

      Then I go down the stairs a little bit, and I stopped a little bit to look around the place. I hold on to the railing of the stairs, and I look down to see that the stairs were structured like they were going to rotate until you reached the bottom floor.

      controling Ki in dreams-7295579_a392eddc3b_m.jpg
      This meant that there was a gap in between when you started turning (you know how you can see the other set of stairs by glancing from above? It was like that).

      (It's hard to see in that picture, but you can see there's a big gap between the swirling stairs where you can look down at the bottom floor)

      The gap was big enough for me to jump down to save more time instead of walking all the way down these sets of stairs
      (but in reality, you wouldn't want to jump that far down because of obvious reasons). I reached the bottom floor in a few seconds, and then I hear two DCs talking to each other as they're going down the stairs.

      They were in the Corp Cadet attire that people wore at my University (only if you were in the Corp). One was a black DC who was in my Biochemistry Introductory course my first semester in college.

      He was with his friend who had Corp attire as well, I just assume it was his friend, I didn't pay attention because I was busy jumping through the the gap to get to the bottom floor. The guy was trying to sing a song along with his friend, but it felt like they couldn't get the lyrics right.

      So they ended up laughing and stopped singing the song. I'm at the bottom floor, and the flooring was white with very tiny spots of black to it. It resembled the area at Mayde Creek High School that was near the cafeteria.

      Then I realize I'm wearing a Yellow Jacket now instead of the Pink one that was given to me for free, and I was also wearing a dark Violet shirt. I thought to myself that I was wearing complimentary colors for like a split second and just kept walking.

      I go to the Cafeteria of this random environment mixing in several elements of High School and other places. I picked the shortest line. The place was structured to where there were holders attached where you could slide your trays and wait for the Cafeteria people give you what you wanted.

      I peeked over at the selections they had, and looked at other lines that were waiting for other food. I saw more appealing food on the other side, but the line was too long for me, so I bared with what was given to me at the line.

      As I'm busy sliding my tray, I see green Onions that weren't chopped completely, in fact, it looked as if they just came out of the plastic package and was lined up. By the time I get there, there was like 1-3 sticks of Green Onions.

      The food that was served to me, I only remembered it looking like potato and other types of meat, but as I went further in the tray line, the food and place started to get smaller and smaller to where I was just holding a really small and thin bowl of what looked like soup instead of Provisions and other types of food.

      As I'm trying to balance this small bowl in my hand, I had to grab several white napkins along the way to the cash register so I wouldn't lose too much of my food. I kept doing this for a while until I finally found a line to place my food on to slide while I wait for my turn to pay.

      Then realized that I had to give a school lunch pin
      (In the schools that I was in, you had a Student ID that would also give you a lunch pin # if you signed up for something that would give you cheaper lunch prices, and you would get the same thing everyone else had to pay a higher price for).

      I'm now speculating on what the hell my School lunch pin would be. Then it's my turn to pay, and I get my wallet out instead of entering a pin. The debit card (at least I thought it was a debit card) was Maroon, like the main color of Texas A&M University at College Station.

      The cash register accepts it and she starts calling some number, probably to verify something. Then she started to take too long waiting for the call, I got impatient and told her that I can just pay her with cash instead.

      I get my wallet out again to get some cash, I believe I was going to give her $10 so that she can give me some change back.

      Then as I turn my head back to her to give her the money, she turns around and starts trying to break the debit card into pieces!

      I'm telling her to don't do that, and I wave my hands around a bit panicking and telling her to stop. The freaking woman tears it in half.

      Then I realize I'm sitting down at some random lunch seat with some random people.

      Imagine you're pissed off at the same lady breaking the credit card with just her index finger and thumb, and you're pissed, but you suddenly find yourself transitioned in a section of the cafeteria while still carrying on the emotions of rage. It was like that.

      I started screaming and cursing at the woman. I told her that I was almost going to pay her her money for some meal that was shit anyway. The meal was gone, so I was even more pissed off.

      I think everyone in the Cafeteria was looking at me because I was so pissed. Then things turned random. It was like everyone was trying to cheer me up.

      I see an older female DC that looked like the AP English teacher I had in waking life before being switched to the other AP English teacher
      (there was an overload of students in her class, so I was just one of the students switched to the other one that had blonde hair).

      Anyway, she comes up to me. She's the type of teacher to just look at you as if she has something mean to say to you. I'm afraid to mention her name, but let's just call her Runyon. Runyon gets closer to me and then she starts asking what's wrong.

      Then the whole setting feels like I'm in Willy Wonka's positive energy in a Cafeteria. I was still pissed off at the the lady tearing up my debit card. I was sitting next to a girl to the left of me that was another person I knew in waking life.

      Let's call her Stephanie
      (she has a fairly curvy structure and is pretty tall in waking life, but in a good way. She has her body in the places that would make any guy gaze at her....and her lips are big and juicy too...sorry just adding that so I know which Stephanie was with me in the dream since there was another Stephanie in my older DJ that was much skinner with big lips too; both are Hispanic).

      Anyway, Runyon tries to cheer me up, and everyone is trying to sing a song that will make me laugh, but I still keep a stoic face trying not to laugh. There were moments where I was almost going to smile, but I suppressed the urge.

      Then as I pay attention to the DCs around me at the lunch tables, I see a Blonde that was standing up who wore a fancy black corporate dress (even though DCs were blocking her lower features, I just had a hunch she was wearing a short dress).

      She smiles at me, I look at her for a little while, I see that she's wearing lip gloss that just makes her lips really shiny. People started to think I was smiling, but I still had a stoic facade and they were like "awwww" in a sad tone.

      Then the whole Cafeteria started to sing another song. Apparently it was "Peddy Punnit" or something like that, not to sure.

      I don't remember the lyrics of this random song but the beat went like:
      (The "BLAH"s are just replacing the actual words that I can't remember).


      Eventually I started to give in and smiled and was laughing again. However, I fell down under the table before anyone caught me smiling.

      I can't remember anything else, even though that was probably the longest recall I had for a dream for a while now...

      I wake up and started to take in a really deep breath and quickly looked over to the right of my alarm clock.
      Spoiler for More Insight on what I did when I woke up....:


      Especially when you focus on Dream Character's expressions, you can analyze the overall atmosphere of the environments, and extend on the experiences.

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