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    1. Friday, 12th of the 6th, 2020 - Big one

      by , 06-12-2020 at 06:15 PM
      Dream 1:
      Involved me and my family moving into a new house, in a very fancy neighborhood. My room had an incredible view of the sea, and at night the full moon reflected off the water and through the windows, bathing my room in blue, teal, purple, and pink light that danced on the waves.

      Dream 2:
      Okay, this oneís going to be quite long so buckle up. The perspective of this one is also confusing- I was watching a tv show, but it was in the first-person perspective and I was the main character.

      Iím a rifleman with incredible aim, due to my ability to perceive things that happen quickly as happening more slowly. Kind of like slowing down time, but only inside my own head.

      Iím hunting somewhere in South Africa, when Iím suddenly surrounded by tribal men, and Iím held hostage by them and taken to their camp. One of the other guys there had been cannibalized by the tribe, but managed to survive by putting himself into a ďstasisĒ for over 200 years. He awoke when I got there, and had a tourniquet around his upper left thigh, so the leg could be removed more easily and he could grow it back. That wasnít the first time heíd had his leg cut off. He told me I could wait out my escape, and he would show me how to put myself into the stasis. Or, I could join the brutal fighting ring set up for the tribeís entertainment, and fight my way to the top.
      Fast forward and Iím holding his limp body in a shallow pool of water, surrounded by fire. I join the fighting ring in his honor, and in an attempt to secure my own freedom. I have to do what it takes, no matter the cost. End of episode one, credits roll.

      Episode 2-
      Iím transported to the fighting ring. Itís sort of like prison, only mad-max style; All the guys there have a communal food area, and outdoor time, but the majority of the time is spent training to kill each other. The buildings are all made with scrap metal patchwork, rusty and brown.

      I arrive at night, and Iím dropped right inside of the doorway, which is blocked off by fences and chains outside. A giant flood light turns on and Iím briefly blinded, then a chain whips around my back and pulls me inside. I fall on my face and hear everyone laughing at me.

      Fast forward and I have a few Ďfriends.í Thereís a woman there, whoís one of the fighting coaches, whoís also my love interest. She has mechanical augmented arms. I have nightmares about showing up in the ring, and sheís my opponent. Iím training hard and sheís watching me closely. Iím the only one whoís ever dodged knives thrown at me.

      Next episode-
      Itís time for my first fight, after a week of training I must kill this man who has throwing knives for his signature weapon. (Everyone there has a unique weapon; I hadnít decided on mine yet. Itís an aspect of the ring where ďthe weapon chooses the warrior.Ē)
      All I have is a pocket knife, against this guy who out-ranges me completely. This wasnít his first time in the ring, either. He had won a few fights before fighting me.

      Anyways, itís time to fight to the death. He begins by throwing his knives, and I begin by dodging all of them. I see them slowing down in front of me, and they become blurry and warped by my vision. I still manage to dodge them and even deflect a few. His last two fly straight at my eyes, and I catch them both. Heís coming at me with his fists now, enraged by my successful dodges. I easily side-step his blows an give him one good slash across the throat. He stops and holds his neck, coughing and sputtering blood onto the sand. Iím now behind him, so I kick the back of his legs and bring him to his knees before stabbing him in the side of the neck, finishing him off. The crowd watching is roaring at my victory. Iím lifted up by my friends, and we celebrate.

      I know it is only the first step towards my freedom.
      Credits roll.
    2. 4 Dec: Dystopian future, zombies and a middle-eastern market

      by , 12-04-2018 at 11:42 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Something with Zilla. I am preparing toasts in a kitchen and I put lots of margarine on it. Can't remember details, but she and a friend are in the next room making arrangements for something and I can see and hear through the walls and I am feeling excited with this ability. There is a guy too and at some point they all take a bus and I know from my super-power that the the guy is carrying a good amount of money with him and they advised him to be discreet.

      Me and mom drive into a very degraded neighborhood, looking for the house of a lady to pick her up for something. Some houses are falling apart, people here are really poor. On arrival to the address, my mom crosses path with her older brother who doesn't get along with her and vice-versa, but he tries to get a ride from us. She pretty much ignores him and goes to sit on some low wall that surrounds he area. He then goes away with someone else. Then a third person says that maybe we should have been more sympathetic, that the man is down because one of his grandfathers died. But this grandfather isn't grandfather of my mom. He was a well known gypsy with a reputation. My mom doesn't feel any obligation of anything and anyway we also had family members dying and he never showed up.
      We pick up the person we came for, she lives with kids in the basement of one of these houses.
      We go to the city center, go through some place like a street market, looks like a dystopian future, but everyone dresses like the 80s, including us. There is a celebration of an election going on, but it looks chaotic and dangerous like in a Mad Max movie. And we are worried about two street kittens that mom used to feed in this area and were forced to move on to another area and now we can't find them.

      Visiting my university and particularly the student's association. All is so different, dark, degraded, once again Mad Max like. Instead of political work the kids are having hardcore parties and the association looks like a really shabby non-recommendable club.

      I go outside and walk the streets and I spot a little squirrel looking for food. I have some cat food with me and I slowly approach and try to feed him. When he finally caves in and comes eating on my hand, I sit on the floor against a wall. Then some guys come warn me that I am sitting against the Israel's embassy and that I'd better move on or they'll find suspicious and shoot me. I get up and as I walk towards their entrance, I am dragged by a crowd who is also in celebration mode and apparently welcoming someone important. I don't want to have anything to do with that, so I cross the road only to see myself in the path of a car with black windows, escorted by bikes and lots of security. Once again I really don't want to be in the middle of all this.

      At home, I check my non-lethal traps for rats. All empty. And then I hear noises in the walls and realize they are infested with rats nests. I open a few holes and there they are, some very large rats. And they look at me with their really cute eyes like challenging me, knowing that I don't want to kill them. But I think I need more traps and maybe will even try to catch them by hand, as they are so many.

      A post apocalyptic scene with zombies. I am watching from a distance a man on top of a car in the middle of water. He thinks he is safe there, but the water is knee deep and 3 zombies head towards him. Luckily we're dealing with slow zombies. So I have time to go there and try to help. As I fight through the zombies, a military jeep comes by with half a dozen soldiers, men and women, and they take care of it. They take the man who is injured and say are they can't take me as the jeep is full. But 3 ladies in the back seat squeeze themselves and still find a little space for me. On the way they are arguing with one of them who shoots black zombies more than whites and he does so also to those zombies who are not an immediate threath. Since there is an official program to find a cure, the protocol states they only kill the ones they really have to, but they noticed this guy is trigger happy regarding black zombies. He denies but everybody can see he is a racist and is using the opportunity to shoot some black people in the hopes that when the cure is achieved, the world will have less of them. We are shocked.

      Somewhere in a middle eastern town. In some compound with my dogs in a garage. My dog Lady finds a way to break the gate and they all run outside and disappear in the labyrinth of a street market. I freak out at the idea they get lost and don't come back, so I follow them and shout their names, so they don't lose me as a reference. I spot Maya and Soraia and lure them to me. Since they are the smaller ones, I grab them and then go look for the others. It is easier to get the other to follow if I carry these two. But on the way back, Maya and Tara become human girls and they want to buy scarfs from a salesman. I say no, Tara insists. She gets a blue scarf and somehow she has the money to pay, but she doesn't leave a tip. The couple of owners and their family start saying profanities and insulting the girls, but they speak in portuguese and I realize they are actually a portuguese family. I go to them and very politely I say that I understood all they said. They feel awkward. I explain she doesn't know about tips and the local customs, even I didn't know, but that they are the best people and don't deserve to be insulted that way. I leave a tip them and then we go away.
    3. Incredibly Strange DC's - Mad Max Stuff?

      by , 09-26-2018 at 06:13 PM (Dimension X)
      I was in some house with a bunch of DC's I've never seen before. A few of them looked like old friends from school, but I was unfamiliar with most of them. A different one was asking us random questions, and we were supposed to put our hands up to answer, like in school. The entire place was decorated in a hardwood style. It had a very homely vibe. It took place in a weird, circular kitchen. It's like there was a big pillar in the middle that had all the things a kitchen should have. Counter tops, a stove, and a refrigerator. We were all sitting around it.

      I was in front of the fridge, and there were a few people off to my left. The fridge door was open though, and for some reason, it was GIANT. It stretched all the way over to me, and it kept swaying back and forth. We couldn't close it for some reason. I pushed it away, and it swayed a bit too far to the right, hit someone, and they shoved it back, yelling at someone next to me, because they couldn't see it was me that pushed it.

      I circled around the pillar eventually, saw a few people and went outside. It looked like my old elementary school's yard. A ton of DC's were here. The one that was inside asking all the questions was out here now, sitting in a big chair.

      Next, I was put aside, and started basically watching some kind of mad max style movie. It was almost a desert. A man was having a hard time climbing up a rubble filled highway hill. There was a husk of a car nearby, with a stash of something valuable. He climbed onto it and took a box of something. Eventually the person who owned the car's stash came by, and was about to get angry, but then the man offered to buy the valuables for 49 currency. I don't remember what he said they were, but they certainly weren't dollars.

      Yet another apocalyptic style dream... I've been having a lot of these lately.

      First the dream about the airships lighting the sky on fire, New York becoming a charred, jagged ocean of black rock, then the dream about the meteor strike... And those are just the big ones.

      Not gonna be surprised if something cataclysmic happens in real life soon.

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