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    1. 3 Aug: Confronting some mafia guys, people from the past, yelling at former boss

      by , 08-03-2019 at 09:58 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      With a group of friends heading to the door of some mafia dude to ask something. We get there and he is throwing a family party for his daughter who is having a birthday or going to marry. Hard to say. They have a skating ring in the house, invite us to skate and I feel like it, but the others point out that we are there for serious business. I thought they were Russian or Armenian, but then they all start dancing merengue and salsa and I think again that they must be South American. We leave empty handed.

      I am walking with a group of people. Feels like the kids from my extra curricular activities when I was also a kid, but I am an adult. Then I leave them and go alone across VFX. Come across a guy who recognizes me. His face isn't strange to me either, I think he went to primary school with me. I ask hiss name and it is something like Leonildo.

      A company of stone pavement is going bankrupt. I have worked there and go there just to get something back. Cross path with the manager saying it is our fault? I make a scandal and question him "Us, who? I think you mean the admins in suit who run this shit, not the workers!" He admits it. He leaves frustrated.
    2. 7 Dec: Italian mafia movie, tourism and a rich friend's mansion

      by , 12-07-2018 at 11:25 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I dream I am watching and at the same time living in the flesh an Italian movie about a guy who adopts two orphan boys about 2 years old. It is lovely and adorable, until a mobster wants to settle an issue with him and kidnaps the boys to raise them as his own. He tries to make them copies of himself, so they are dressed like little gangsters and he takes them to see all about his business, including whacking other people. The kids are becoming traumatized and insensitive.
      One day their father comes to rescue them with a bunch of men and shoots the gangsters when they were about to climb some staircase to enter a building. One of the kids is so traumatized that he runs away from is daddy, crying, but some of the rescuers go after him. The other kid stands still without a reaction, but when his dad comes to him he bursts into tears and says "papi" (although that's spanish). I also cuddle the poor kid.

      Doing tourism with my mom in Italy. Drivers are just insane, speeding on tight alleys, almost hitting us. We hear a crash. I fly over the houses to get a view. It's a truck with vegetables who went over the pier and landed on a boat. The driver can't believe it. Meanwhile my mom arrives and wants to help him by buying him vegetables, but I don't think it's the best time to do it.
      We go to the historical city center, crazy ladies put pots with plants outside their doors, basically filling the narrow alleys with obstacles on which we trip for a couple of times. We enter a very cute restaurant which is also a b&b and I recognize it from having stayed here before. My mom confirms she recognizes it from pictures. I go talk to the owner and they say I left a big bottle of hemp oil when I last checked out from here. I had been worried the customs would not have allowed it, but this time I will try to take it back with me.

      I am staying at some rich friend's mansion. She is an Asian video artist. She shows me a video clio she did for an H&M campaign, very conceptual with people swimming in the sea and a centaur swimming with them, that becomes a horse on land. She says it wasn't picked up by the brand, because they didn't get the meaning, which was none. I said I liked it, even without any meaning, it was trippy and inspiring.
      She puts down the usb pen with some of her work and we check for some paintings I left in her house last time. I promise to take them with me this time. They are hideous and amateur, but she encourages me to continue doing it. Then she notices the pen is gone and freaks out. I say the only person I saw coming in was a certain guy, part of her team and she goes look for him in the studio. She is furious because she knows he wants to steal her ideas and undermine her work. She yells at him and they begin a nasty discussion,
      I decide to go check the rest of the house. Her amazing kitchen is on a hanging deck over a cliff, with glass walls with view to the town underneath. There's a large spiral stair to a garden below. From the garden, there is a large entrance to a lounge area where I encounter some of her friends chillin'. One of them says he found a recording of me singing a Grease medley and he wants to play it for everybody to listen. I say no, no, I am embarrassed, but he assures it is really good and they should hear. They are VIPs and might help me launch a career, but I run away to hide under a staircase. Another lady, also Asian, comes to sit by my side with lots of bags, says she is leaving for her flight, but feeling very tired and asks to rest her head on my lap for a while. Then some guy looking for me asks me to join back the group, he insists they really liked my recording. Along the way he sings bits of the song, trying to trick me into singing, but there are people all the way on the hallways and I just can't sing in front of people. He understands. Says we will just be watching another friend athlete on tv and not bother me with the singing.
      We watch her on some competition. She is also Asian, very pretty and with some very original outfit and hairdo, unlike anything I have ever seen in sports. At first I thought she was doing pole vault, but then realize it is some kind of new modality, in which athletes gotta climb a kind of metallic ladder reaching the highest possible step, with a minimum jumping movement, like cats do. I think she breaks a record and everyone is celebrating.
    3. Manchurian President

      by , 11-17-2016 at 08:01 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I was playing through text options as if I was on Fallen London. One card said something along the line of "Trials of _____ House", which I selected.

      I am in first person again, and I was in a modern club, with a stereotypical rich godfather and all that good stuffs. Me and someone else were infiltrating the place to find blackmail material regarding the godfather, in case he was a pedophile or something like that.

      We got into a room next to the godfather under the guise of needing their... services. We beat up the workers, knocked them out, and tied them as I tried to spy on the godfather. He had a harem of girls serving him. We stole a few jewelries from the room and then amdemto get away since we couldn't find anything to black ail him with, but somehow they caught us and the godfather walked out to meet us.

      Somehow everything worked out. The mafia collapsed. They were linked to the government. The perspective moved to a misty morning in a military airport, with the president of United States (he was blonde, but he didn't look like Trump) using his VP (who looked like Hillary Clinton, but whom I am pretty sure wasn't) as a scapegoat. He walked away from her and the guards, popped champagne and lifted the foaming bottle up as mist enveloped him. The credits roll.

      I had a false awakening (I don't know why I don't do reality checks in these when I have always did reality checks after waking up) where I was sleeping beside my father. I may have gotten up a bit and used my laptop to searhc up naughty stuffs while he was sleeping.

      My dream returned to the president again, back where we left off. The VP was crying and protesting her arrest as the supposed mastermind behind the Mafia, while on the other side of the mist the president talked to some shadowy figures.

      My dream transitioned to me playing 3D Metroid (I have never played Metroid) where the environment are in HD 3D but the enemies are pixelated. I fought my way up what looked like a warehouse, got up an elevator, and came to a plaza surrounding a courtyard. I discovered that I have unlimited jetpack and I flew up to the top level, and tried to fly to an enemy and cut it in half with a sword. I missed and flew out of the map, which was a building floating in the sky surrounded by the vast emptiness of the skybox. I curved around and flew back inside the level for another try, but I missed again, then I woke up. I would also note that the flight felt different from the other times I flew in my dream. It felt like actual flying, unlike the levitation I always did not counting the one time I had angel wings.
    4. [29-07-2016]

      by , 07-29-2016 at 09:26 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in Hogwarts castle, something went wrong and Snape called everyone to descend down a spiral staircase to his dormitory. Whole castle gathered there, everyone looked in awe at golden objects and coins lying spread all around the floor and shelves. Like mad they charged at shelves and ground to take as much as they can. I calmly took coins enough to fill my two pockets, and then Snape appeared. First he started with taking all his gold back from people. He noticed that I had something in my pocket, I dropped a few coins on the ground and Snape went away. I still had rest of his gold in my pockets. He started arguing with Potter, I wasn't really listening to their argue and just wanted to go and mind my own business. Something flied past the window, when everyone tried to spot it looking through window, I did something and Snape just disappeared, thrown away by powerful winds.

      Second dream - DILD

      I was in my school, in the sports hall. I was watching a volleyball match, my friend was playing in it. He looked different, he was much taller and slimmer. I knew that there was some charm or curse placed upon their team, but they were still holding on strong. After the match I left sports hall and went with my class to some lesson in upstairs classroom. After it was finished I got a feeling that I have to do something quickly. I told that I have to do something urgently to two girls and ran through the school like mad, to the exit. I heard them saying that they too have something important to do but don't run like me. It was a grim, rainy day. I looked at the parking to find my car. I realised that it's a dream and kept repeating those words for a short while. I tried the nose plug RC, but it have failed. My right nostril was clogged, I knew that it was the thing in waking body and I couldn't do anything about that. I found my car and entered it, then drove out, phasing through another car that was parked there. I was driving on the road, with complete disregard for law and rules. My perspective was changing from first to third at times. I drove around, but each turn at the road led me to completely different and wrong street. I tried to phase my hand through window, but I couldn't for some reason. Then I crashed with two cars, and completely phased through third. The dream wasn't too stable and with low lucidity, it ended quickly.

      Third dream

      I was playing a strange computer game. It was some kind of simulation game, I had to choose how high loan a man was taking with some mafia and how many drugs he's buying. Then I had to set up a business for him and pay the loan before mafia would kill him. I set up a strip club and it slowly started, but suddenly it all changed to hospital. It was out of the game, the man, his family and strippers working in club were waiting for doctor. It was probably after they couldn't pay the mafia. Strippers were arguing with club owner. Suddenly a strange, enormously long snake appeared under the table. It had funny ears on it's head and looked kinda cute with them. It made a hiss combined with rattle at the strippers, then hidden.
    5. #12:

      by , 10-16-2015 at 08:58 AM

      I'm writing this post a bit late after waking up, so the details of my dreams are already quite vague

      Dream 1: Mafia
      I'm a member of the mafia. I don't feel like I'm a really high ranking member, just an ordinary guy. I'm loyal to my Don. I'm inside a building that belongs to us, so it's just us mafioso in there. It's the size of a public building, so pretty big. There's a high ranking guy coming to visit us. Perhaps a Don from another group. Me and another guy from our side have to come up with a plan for a specific purpose and present it to the high ranking guy. We have to make sure to impress him. There are glass doors which lead to a balcony, which somehow feels like it's still inside. Though I never looked down it also feels like it's pretty high up. The Don and the important guy are sitting on the balcony. Me and the other guy enter the balcony and walk to the right, where they are sitting. As we walk it dawns upon me that our plan severely lacks detail and that we'll have to wing it. I start thinking about proper etiquette. I wanted to just shake the important guy's hand, but in my mind's eye I see a dude kissing the hand while on one knee. Do I really have to do that?

      In the same building, on the same floor maybe (it's a pretty generic setting; walls with a very light colour and a light greenish hue, no furniture). In the middle of the enormous room there's a big opening. This is the same on all floors, so you can look down all the way until the ground floor. This way I can tell that we're quite a few floors up, though I don't know the exact floor level. A guy gets thrown down all the way. I'm not sure, but I think I fall down with him. There's a pool on the ground floor, exactly where the openings are. Please hit the pool. Please hit the pool! Nope. On the ground next to it.

      Still in the same building. A shoot out is taking place. I have an assault rifle, or a similarly big gun. At first I take cover underneath a desk in a cubicle while around me at least 2 people are shooting; 1 from my left, 1 from my right. I say people but they are not. I'm not sure what I should call them. Cartoonish entities. Eventually I myself am in the middle of it. I point my gun at 'someone' and can see through my scope that my aim is good. I'm shooting without using my scope though. A bit later or earlier I'm shooting at someone without using a scope, maybe because my gun doesn't have one. I have a long barrel though and it seems to be bend slightly cause all my shots deviate.

      I read an article yesterday evening about Syrian refugees and the influence of the Turkish mafia.

      Dream 2: FA?
      I woke up around maybe 2 in the morning for no apparent reason. After that I could hear noise coming from my housemate's room, which annoyed me as I tried to get back to sleep. I'm not even sure if that last part was a dream or not. I think not. Next thing I know I'm at Albert Heijn, a Dutch chain of supermarkets. I wake up (again?), thinking how silly it is that I was so annoyed by my housemate and not being able to fall asleep, while I was having a FA.

      Dream 3: Golf
      It's as if I'm looking at a commercial. One of my former highschool classmates is standing inside a clothing(?) store with a dark wooden floor. The kind that might still give you a splinter if you ran your fingers over it. He's starring in a commercial and they're shooting it right now. No surprise, he's a good looking guy. He gets asked to shoot a golfball at the mirror. I wonder if the owner of the shop is ok with this.

      Fragment: Isa
      I dreamt about a friend of mine, Isa. I'm not so sure what happened anymore. She has some stuff which may or may not be hers. At one point she makes haste to get away on her bicycle.
      Tags: golf, gun, mafia
      false awakening
    6. Angry crowd, FA, Holidays, Siege

      by , 08-23-2015 at 09:36 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      It was cold, dark evening. I was wearing a gray suit and holding a black briefcase in my left hand. I had also a Ruger pistol. There were two other people with me - both wearing black suits, armed to teeth with weaponry. We were walking straight the road, surrounded by nothing but fields.

      After a while we saw a house in the horizon - it was our destination. We entered the house after a good whie. There were two couches and a table in the middle of the room. There were members of local mafia, waiting for us. I left the briefcase on the table, and they told me that the money is already on my bank account.

      Suddenly we heard screams of mad people. The mafia escaped using backdoor, and closed it. I quickly changed my clothes, and jumped out of window, leaving my companions there. I went back the road, and then I met an angry crowd with pitchforks and torches. They asked "Friend or enemy?" I said "Friend." and they believed me, so I could go on.

      False awakening

      I woke up in my house, went out of bed and entered the kitchen. There was my mother, cooking something. I told her about my previous dream.

      Second dream

      I was in my house. It was some kind of holiday, and all my family gathered in home. I took my laptop, and then with siblings we found ourselves in a different world. The whole nature in the place we fond ourselves was dead and the soil was barren. We had rifles with us, and we went somewhere.

      Third dream

      Warm afternoon. I was walking down the hills, looking at the beaty of nature surrounding me. Finally I reached my destination - a harbor city on a tropical sea. When I entered docks it was evening already, so I stopped in a tavern of some kind. Next day I went sightseeing. The city was old, built with light brown stone bricks and exotic wood.

      The streets were full of cars and people. I looked for some interesting places, but it was too slow on foot, so I took a motorcycle. I drove for a while in the city centre, around tall buildings. Suddenly, we heard alarms, and the city was under terrorist siege.

      There were archers on a rooftops, shooting down everyone who they can see. I was driving slowly, watching as crowds of people die. When they started to shoot at me, I started to drive quicker, so they used firearms to take me down.

      They shot a tire in my motorcycle, so I had to run away from them. I found a gun on the ground, so I took it and tried to shoot terrorists, but I missed all the time. I escaped from them to a back yard of train station. There was a truck placed on a ramp. I wanted to enter it, but I saw that doors were blocked by a grate.

      I looked around, and saw another ramp. There was a balloon on the ramp, so I took it and started to fly. I was high above the city, when I used all of the fuel, so I had to land. I landed somewhat close to the city centre, and went to the streets.

      Terrorists stopped attacking people, so it was all quiet there.... too quiet. Suddenly the sun disappeared, and everything went black. After a while it was back, but something changed. All the dead people started to stand up from the ground, and shamble in random directions. Some of them were slow, but most of them were quickly running zombies.

      I ran away from the swarmed streets, to the tavern in docks. There was a group of survivors, waiting for someone. I told them what's going on in the streets, and they told me that they need to reach top of a skyscraper to escape, and needed a distraction for zombies.

      I agreed, and ran for the streets. Followed by swarm, I climbed up roofs and escaped from them, while group of survivors entered skyscraper, reached the roof and taken a helicopter. They have flewn back for me, and we escaped.
    7. [DILD] Stealing from Mafia

      by , 06-24-2015 at 09:52 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was sneaking inside a huge manor that was mafia's possession. The frontyard was highly secured, but I found a way through the fence, and moved closer to the front door. I entered the manor - the place was built with marble and ornamented with other expensive stones, crystals and other valuables.

      My mission wasn't to steal valuables, but to get something that is stored in the highest floor. Entrance hall opened to stairways to the right and left, but there were security guards there. I entered one of the offices, but one of the guards probably saw me, and alerted the others.

      I looked for a way out, and found a window. I smashed it, and looking up saw that I can climb to another window. I smashed the second window, but before climbing I had to remove parts of glass that could harm me. I went out of office to see if the alert is off, but coming back I saw that a guard DC appeared there.

      I jumped past him, and he disappeared. I moved something on the table, and a secret room opened. It looked like mafia had their private dungeon. Instead of exploring it, I jumped from the window and ran into boss' toilet. There was comfortable and expensive bathtub. Suddenly I took a toothbrush out of my pocket, took the toothpaste from boss' shelf and brushed my teeth.

      As I was about to go, another DC guard ran into the room and saw me. He made an alert while I ran for the street. Something was not right, people behaved weird. Every person on the street had some weapons. There was a granny with a Glock gun. They were swarming around me, trying to kill me.

      Suddenly I found myself on my frontyard. I thought "This must be a dream!" and everything became much more detailed and vivid. My senses have become stronger. I jumped over my fence, and ran to the mafia house. Instead of entering it, I tried to climb up the roof and enter it from the chimney, but there was a strange force field blocking my way to the roof.

      I jumped down, and entered the boss' toilet. A guard DC ran inside again. I made a gun gesture with my left hand, and when he entered, shot him in the leg. He have fallen on the floor, I shot him in artery and he bled to death quickly.

      But the way was not clear yet. Boss with his bodyguard entered the toilet. I shot down the bodyguard, but the Boss was resistant to my shots. I took body of the bodyguard on my back and feigned that I was him. It was heavy and really slowed me down.

      The Boss couldn't tell a difference. We moved out of the toilet and he told me "Look at that clock." He pointed at Big Ben clock tower in the distance. Somehow, I couldn't read the hour. He told "What's going to happen soon?" I changed my voice so it was similar to city guards from Thief: The dark project and said "Ummmm... MY BIRTHDAY!!!" I jumped like a happy little child. The boss facepalmed and gave me irritated look. Then he said "No, you moron! It's half past six!"

      Suddenly I have awakened, just a moment before my father appeared to wake me up.
    8. For yesterday and today

      by , 02-03-2015 at 01:15 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      *I had no time to post DJ entry yesterday. I've posted them today*


      I was in the toilet. When I did my job and left the bathroom I've found myself in the government building. With another guy we were wanted. I tried to escape throug the window. It was cold morning. Sun gave slight blur over the rooftop. I couldn't see the road due to the fog. It was too high, so we both surrenderred to SWAT officers. They told us, that their job was to guard us, as mafia wants us dead. We were moving ambushed by snipers and other squads of enforcers.

      A village

      I saw a village and its commoners. It was in 8-bit game style.

      Todays dream fragment

      I was waiting for my luggage to take it out of the bus.
    9. Racing with a Blue Ferrari

      by , 09-03-2014 at 11:33 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Racing with a Blue Ferrari (Non-lucid)


      I joined a group that was some sort of mafia or at least, something pretty illegal was going on, as we were hiding or something. Actually, I did not belong to said mafia, but I was there visiting for a reason.

      We were hiding in some underground abandoned factories and the place was huge, as well as pretty much empty.

      I was making some deals with then, but apparently, it was all about cash transactions and despite the situation, said transactions were legally done.

      I was given a blue Ferreri and I was going to drive it to test it out, but when I was about to drive, I noticed that it was manual instead of automatic. Since I knew I am in Europe now and I have to learn to drive manual, I felt it would be a great opportunity, even though a Ferrari did not seem the best car to learn with, as I wanted to take good care of it.

      I pretty was able to drive it, not very fast as I was not used to manual transmission, but I was still able to drive it. Someone decided to challenge me to a race, and I had no other option than to accept, even though I was worried for the car, I figured that I would reset the dream to an early stage of it if I crashed
      (note, I was NOT lucid, but this is a common occurance in my dreams, as I am always sem-lucid on my"non-lucid" dreams.)

      My wife encouraged to race and she told me I would learn vey fast that way and know how to use manual transmission in no time. So I drove downhill in a not very busy street. It was at night and there were a lot of people aorund. I parket my Ferrari and went to meet with some friends to tell them about the race, but when I wanted to get ready, I could not find my Ferrari. Apparently, it was stolen but my wife had an APP on her phone to be able to find it.

      The APP said that a 15 years old boy stole my car and that so far, he had no tickets but he was playing a Frank Sinatra song
      (what the??? Talk about random. I do not listen to his songs. I would not even recognize him if I saw him on the street, I just knowthe name.)

      I figure it would be a pain to recover it, so I just would reset the dream, but when I was about to, I had a False Awakening at my parent's place and my mom woke me up. She was tucking me in bed and saying for me to be focused if my dad was right or not, as he was sick and he was not going to go to work.

      I had another False Awakening at the clock said it was 10:45 AM... I was surprised I slept so much, since I always wake up much earlier. As I was going to write down the dream, I woke up for real.

    10. Lucid milestones and Fishing

      by , 01-02-2014 at 08:19 PM

      I was homeless, begging for money to buy a happy meal from McDonalds. I followed some people inside the McDonalds hoping that they would buy me something to eat but they just gave me about 97 cents worth of coins. Not enough to buy anything, so I reached to steal from this donating coins to charity thing and decided to leave all my money in there instead. But the lady at the counter accused me of stealing anyways and called the police. I got angry and smashed her cash register to nothing like The Hulk! Rawrrr. I went outside and there were a couple of mall cops with taser guns pointed at me. I became spontaneously lucid and made the guns fly out of their hands towards me. I shot them both with the guns and then shocked them a little bit to teach them a lesson about threatening to tase me. Then I flew away to this enormous building, it was really more like a super mansion. I wanted to try using telekinesis on it the way that fogelbise told me. So I went to the top of the building, then went deep into the earth beneath the building for some reason. Dream became blurry and I tried to stabilize, it wasn't working and I realized that I still wasn't making the stabilization the reality of my dream, I was only going through the motions. So The dream started to fade and I used sheer will to bring it back. I tried making a bunch of blobs of water fly through the air, had a ton of them. After awhile they were moving so fast that they all blended together to one big thing of water that I shot at a wall. The wall exploded and I walked outside onto a nice lawn. I imagined that the building and the ground that carried it were the same as a pencil and I made them float in the sky. Then I made it fly around while I was on it, it was now my flying castle. I looked around me and there was a clear, night sky with a full moon illuminating the town below. The town had Italian villas everywhere but they were tapered down a mountainside, and the location was tropical like in the Caribbean. I flew the flying castle over to the green-blue ocean waters and jumped in, it was warm. I swam to the shore and thought about going into the town to hang out with people for awhile but I had another split second though of maybe I'll wake up and I did.


      I was part of the Italian mafia and I had a wife and kid. We were having a secret meeting at a hotel and the Feds were onto us, they were going to bust into the room that the hotel manager marked as our room. I waited for him to mark our room and then switched it to the room next to us then went inside. We heard the feds bust into the other room after awhile and I chuckled to myself a little bit. A lot missing here in my memory. Next part I remember I was hanging out with my wife and we were about to go on a vacation to Germany. My wife was gorgeous, but a total soulless bitch. She didn't care for me and our marriage was a sham, tied together only because we were both Catholics and it would be wrong to have a kid out of wedlock. Weird dream, I am not married, I don't have children, and I'm definitely not a Catholic. While we were at the airport, getting ready to leave I woke up.


      In the mountains this time. I took a small boat made of cloth and went cruising around looking for a place to catch some fish with my super over-sized fishing pole that had two panther martin lures on it. I looked in the water and i saw Enormous creatures down there and got excited. There was a killer whale, a great white shark, dolphins, and a grey whale that someone had just recently caught. My line got tangled up though because the pole was way too big for though and I couldn't untangle it to start fishing for them, so I just cruised around instead while trying to untangle it. I went under bridges and over waterfalls, was great. I eventually came to a reservoir that was mostly dried up and only had little baby fish in it but I saw my old best friend from childhood hanging out there, getting ready to fish with a couple of people. I went over there to hang out with them but my line was still tangled and I spent the rest of my dream trying to find a way to untangle it. I mostly had it untangled and ready to go when I woke up.
    11. Mafia at the mall.

      by , 10-15-2013 at 04:25 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Mafia at the mall. (Non-lucid)


      I was in some sort of mall that had a convention center. The walls were pale yellow and the mall did not appear to be in a very good shape. It seems there was some sort of mafia thing going on, something related with very powerful sport cars.

      They had a private room where they had some cars displayed and I started to pick in opening the door from one of the edges. I wondered if I was getting so involved that the security guys would go after me.

      Suddenly, the cops arrived and the door opened abruptly. I thought if I just stayed at the door the would say nothing to me, but it was not the case, they were walking at me. One guy, heavy and strong build with a gray jacket, black tie, hat and sunglasses was approaching at me. I started to walk away like if nothing happened, but he chased after me until I woke up.
      Tags: cars, mafia, mall
    12. Death Note icons

      by , 01-27-2013 at 06:01 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Dream 1 (9 A.M.): Something about...a mafia-type family and a woman holding a baby? @[email protected] I think she was wearing some fancy dress.

      Dream 2 (10 A.M.): I was uploading a Death Note icon to Photobucket in a Icons > Death Note album. I saw some old icons I had made with fanart and considered whether or not to delete them because I had changed how I felt about reposting fanart, but decided not to because I had posted the icons elsewhere and it would break the links.

      The icons seemed to be fancier than ones I'd have been able to make in the past, and seemed to be face shots of Light and L.

      Notes: I haven't been in the Death Note fandom in a long time. I don't think I have DN icons in my Photobucket account? Especially not fanart icons. Also, I remembered more of the first dream when I woke up but I was once again too tired to write more down.

      Updated 08-23-2013 at 10:22 PM by 20026

      non-lucid , dream fragment , side notes
    13. Because I'm Batman. 8-5-2012

      by , 09-22-2012 at 07:20 AM (High Quality Head Movies)
      *I haven't been typing my dreams online lately but I have written them down. So I am about to go on a typing spree to catch up on posting them.*

      It started with me in a theater and a new batman movie was coming out. We got the tickets and went into the theater and after the movie started I don't remember what happened but it transitioned to me in the bat-cave as batman.

      I rush to a scene and scale a huge skyscraper, and there were cops at the top. Cat women I noticed, was also climbing the building and when I got to the top I fought some bad guys and then the cops started coming for me. They pointed their guns at me and I jumped behind an air-conditioning unit and searched around the roof for an exit. I jumped off the ac unit, ran toward cover, and jumped off the roof.

      I don't quite remember the transition to the bat cave, but when I got there, I undressed from the Bat-suit and I was in my underwear! I thought I would have some pants on under this suit. As I walked toward my room to get some clothes, I heard cat woman walk into the cave. I hurried back to get dressed and then walked back out in a suit, looking like Bruce Wayne. The next thing we did, was go invade the villains base. We had to invade a base in an extremely tall tree with a dome-like building near the top of it. We fought some bad guys, saved the world, and then said some corny one-liners before the scene changed to me in the theater watching the ending credits!

      Another scene of my head movie that night involved me fighting some 7' tall mafia dude for sport. I won and he complimented me over my skill and strength.

      Pretty fun dream.
    14. Mafia Rings - Heaven vs Hell (10/5/12)

      by , 05-29-2012 at 06:35 PM (♫ ♪ Dreamville ♪ ♫)

      Me and some mafia people that are well dressed with ties and tuxedos are currently at our mafia HQ,our hideout, its located at a high place where no man can easily reach,the only way to get there is to climb up lots of stairs and its also the only way out (the stairs are made of blue glass that goes around in circles:
      My mafia boss is a strong one, he is famous, he owns a few rings, each ring posses a special power when activated (like in hitman reborn, just without the boxes):
      I'm also the right hand man of our mafia boss
      Suddenly some guy called Reborn teleports into our hideout, hes short, looks like a baby:
      He says "I'm gong to visit heaven to make a deal"
      When he comes back from heaven he tells me and my mafioso friends "I got you guys some rings", he hands over some new rings to our boss.
      Reborn returns to heaven to make another deal,meanwhile our boss is standing outside the door that looks down at the stairs, I went to check on him and he froze, not ice, it was like something attacked him,a spell perhaps?
      My instincts told me to take his rings ( I knew our boss's rings were strong ),I took them and placed them at my right hand fingers.
      After that moment I was teleported to heaven's training field, there's alot of people fighting over there.

      I thought to myself "Hmmm,lets check what these rings do!" I wanted to check the ring that is called Black Feather I just saw another man use it, he shouted "Black Featherrr!!!" and the ring with a black feather on his hand turned into an axe.
      I quickly rushed to one of the enemies as I shouted "Black Feather!" and the ring with the black feather on it turned into a huge mace, the mace wasn't heavy,and it turned into a ring again, then into a mace again, flashed like that and after a few times it turned into a mace and stayed as a mace (all this time I was running to the opponent) as I raised the mace and hit the place the enemy stood, he dodged but it left a huge hole in the ground. I was amazed by its power.
      I teleported back into our mafia HQ and I thought to myself "Hmmm,that ring wasn't so bad after all, lets check the other ring that's called PunkBuster".
      I shouted "PunkBuster!" and the ring was glowing, and suddenly a punk with black clothing , black hair (Mohawk hairstyle) came out of the ring:

      Only it was a boy, no boobs
      That gothic punk was a warrior that used Muay Thai as his fighting style.
      I knew he was meant to help me in a fight.

      I can't remember this part well but I was hiding behind a large rock, I was teleported to heaven.
      A huge spiderman attacked heaven and his minions we're killing people, I felt hopeless as I saw my comrade from my mafia, one of my men dies (I saw a huge monster kills him, I saw it through a crack between two large rocks
      The rock looked like this:
      I felt like it already happend before in the past, I slowly walked a little left and ignored my man being killed, the blood, I felt so weak
      After I walked a little left I saw a zombie eating a little girl in a less than 2 meter from me
      (It didn't frighten me at the moment).
      Suddenly I traveled back in time:
      The first time I traveled back in time : I wait till the zombie finish eating + killing the little girl and I move on to break into the enemy base, but there's heat detectors and camers so I travel once again in time.
      Second time I traveld back:
      I join in to protect the little girl, the zombie eats me and I turn into a zombie , I knew the effect of being a zombie is temporary so I didn't mind, I controlled my body and I went into their defenses because the heat sensors didn't feel me since I was dead, I was a zombie, the cameras didn't mind because I was like one of their own. (When I was a zombie I saw myself from 3rd person).
      But when I was at the middle of breaking in the enemy HQ I turned into a human again and the sensors detected me.
      The third time it happend was exactly like the second time.

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    15. Colorful mood, small fry, moment of clarity

      by , 05-18-2012 at 02:37 AM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Now enjoy reading my dreams.

      Dream #1 Colorful Mood.

      Me and Mila Kunis are outside, its night time and we are on a grassy field. We are looking at the stars and talking about astrology and signs. She mentions that she is a Leo sign, and i tell her im a Cancer sign. She says something like..

      "You know im a fire sign right?"

      "Yea i know. But my water can calm the wildest forest fires baby."

      (She blushes)

      We start kissing and she asks me if i had any pills. I reach in my pocket and pull out a vibrant pink pill for her, and i took a gold pill.

      She is now glowing a vibrant pink colour, and i am glowing my a bright shimmering Gold colour. We start making out on the grassy field and i wake up.

      Dream #2 Small Fry.

      Im in a huge room talking with a bunch of mafioso guys about loyalty and respect. Im also mentioning that family must always stick together...no matter what. One guy gets up and starts clapping and tells me i should be a political speaker or something like that. I tell him that i only speak the facts, not fiction. They explain that its a little fella, who needs to be taught a lesson. I them let me take care of it for them.

      Im now walking down a avenue, its evening time and there is this one little teenage kid who looks Italian. He asks me if i can handle something for him, and i tell him i don't have time right now. He explains to me that there is a man coming here in his neighborhood threating to kill his family unless he pays him or something like that. He tells me who his uncle is, and i remember that i work with him.

      I tell him that i'll take care of that little problem for him. Im now in a apartment building in a room with classical music playing in the background. Loading up my guns and getting dressed up, i hear a knock on the door.

      The guy waiting outside the door had a very calm attitude. But you can tell he also had a very in sane nature about him. He reminded me of the guy in the picture Ryuji Yamazaki from the King Of Fighters Video games. He asks me in a very calm tone...

      "So...you ready to take this small fry out?"

      "Oh im all for it."

      We head out the door and now arrive at some warehouse where there are a bunch of men loading up a bunch of stuff in a box. Me and the Ryuji Yamazaki looking cat, started shooting at all the men. I noticed that one of the men was at the top of the stairs watching all of this. I went after him and started yelling at him telling him..

      "You are only making it worst by running you know that right?"

      My partner is downstairs laughing like a maniac killing off all of the guys down there. I finally find the man hiding in one of his rooms. He pulls out a gun a shoots at me but he misses. I start reaching in my pocket looking for something, and the guy comes out of nowhere and shoots me then i wake up. (Must've been searching for my totem probably lol)

      6:24 - 6:40 am. Did plenty of reality checks with my totem. And went back to sleep.

      Final dream: A moment of clarity.

      Im in a supermarket and start telling myself..

      "I am the dream navigator, i navigate thru peoples dreams. I always remember my dreams."

      (Yet i did not become lucid)

      Lol, anyway. Im walking thru the supermarket and i see a young lady who looks familiar? We talk for a bit, and i start mentioning to her about dreams. We talked for a good while, and she told me to email her later. Im now at home emailing her about dreams, yet i still did not become lucid!

      Im now sitting down in my living room sipping my tea rubbing my hawk coin totem and reading the newspaper. I notice in one of the articles in big bold letters that said...


      My eyes light up, and i start laughing and read another section that says something about the urban legend Candyman may just be real. In it, it was talking about people who claimed to have seen him slaughter and wipe out the entire circus or something like that. I laugh as im reading this and start feeling like i may had something to do with this???

      The dream fades, and i wake up.

      Damn...i clearly could have became lucid in the 1st dream. (somewhat) The second dream i almost became lucid if it was'nt for that damn...


      Lmao! But its all good. The last dream, i defintely should've hit full lucidity at that supermarket. DAMN! Lol, and while i was reading that newspaper, that defintely should've triggered some lucidity there for me! Ahhh, well can't get em all. Lol but i noticed my subconscious has a funny way of throwing certain things in my face when im not aware of it at times. Hmm..i don't mind what i got, besides..lucid dreams are just full control right? Being somewhat in control is not so bad depending on the theme that is. But overall im happy with my recall, and my results.
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