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    1. lxxiv.

      by , 02-01-2020 at 01:13 PM
      Small parts of several dreams from today.

      Dream Fragment:

      My friend L tried to contact me. Somehow we were communicating by typing on our computers on notepad, on a shared .txt file, which we would save in turns to effectively "send" messages. Despite being a plain text file, I remember L used emojis, something she'd probably find pretty silly for the specific situation.

      I have forgotten most of this dream's content but I remember L had an overall feeling of concern, and equally I realised I felt somewhat neglectful.

      Dream Fragment:

      I was outside, in a mix of my old home area and of some other place more like where I live now. It was daytime, there were bits of settled snow here and there and the pavement looked completely dull to me at the time. There was a row of terraced houses on one side, with an inordinate amount of front yard space. The pavement was unusually wide too.

      I was out here with someone, either my aunt or my mother, or some kind of blend. There was this tiny ancient and ruined chapel and we were sort of investigating it for whatever reason and there was supposed to be a secret passage that we had to activate from the outside. We walked around it several times and eventually I pointed at this crude square shape covered by dirt and grass on the floor, which I'd noticed several times when going around the chapel's exterior, finally insisting that maybe it was what we wanted to check, as at this point I felt that any observations I made were being dismissed entirely.

      There is some sort of dream transition and there's a different feel to things, and I find myself sort of manipulating wall segments as if it were a strategy game; the placement ghost for wall sections changed dynamically based on whether I was placing it close to existing walls or apart from any walls.

      Dream Fragment:

      Something about a blonde or fake-blonde woman, lying in bed. She was reading a book about things she'd done right? Or about things she had to pay for. This was in some sort of birthday party setting. It felt cheesy and crowded, inside a bedroom that somehow reminded me of a hospital room.

      Dream Fragment:

      I was in bed with H, who was reading something on the phone. It was around morning time by the looks of it and I was lying in bed in a funny way, because I was also reading a magazine of sorts. But the magazine was about as thick as my thumb is wide. It had all sorts of articles, about everything and anything, though I've forgotten most of it now, I remember the last one I was reading before closing it and looking at the cover. That article was about how an older Spain had convinced everyone during the exploration of the Americas to "drink this swill" that we call cocoa and how it's rival neighbouring country of Portugal had done little during that time to stop it too. It was like a sponsored article about an anti-cocoa cult of sorts and I found it to be pretty ridiculous even in the dream. It mentioned they already had hundreds of followers and hoped to expand them greatly in the coming times.

      After I shut the book/magazine, I gave H a cuddle and that's the last thing I remember. Somehow I didn't realise the irony of the very dream-like situation at all.

      Some notes:

      • The text in the fourth fragment was very consistent. I remember reading and going back to re-read something I'd already read to make sure I was getting it right. In that dream I should have realised that no magazine would ever be so thick.
      • The magazine cover was a cream or khaki colour, with a picture of a large manor or something on a sunny day in the front, with some smaller squares of other scenic views.
      • I remember seeing bits and pieces of the book in the third dream by myself. It didn't make any sense, it was like a children's book but with tasks and questions. The pictures were all sort of life-like, but drawn.
      • The very first dream fragment was one of several that I could still vaguely recall from the early morning before I fell asleep again, the other three fragments being ones from after falling asleep again.
    2. Trading Card Discovery

      by , 01-20-2019 at 05:30 PM
      Morning of January 20, 2019. Sunday.

      Dream #: 19,025-02. Reading time (optimized): 1 min.

      I find myself with a magazine. I am looking at a two-page spread that features Marvel trading cards in what may be a 5 x 5 layout on each page. (The size orientation varies. At one point, the imagery seems miniature.)

      Zsuzsanna is with me. The location is unfamiliar but implied to be our present home.

      After looking at the pages, I briefly watch a scene from a movie on television. Tigra appears. There is a distortion, and now there is a female character who seems to be implied to be in a costume with snow leopard attributes.

      While again looking at the pages, I feel their surface, suspecting that a real card may be over the image of one and “hidden,” blending in with the layout. I discover that there is a card taped over an image. (They do not match.) It is in the middle of the top row on the left-hand page. It is taped only at the top, facing down.

      I carefully peel the top of the trading card from the adhesive tape. I do not want to tear the surface.

      Before I see its number, Zsuzsanna informs me that card number 17 is the only one we are missing. The new card turns out to be number 17.

      My dream self (in subliminal space, in so-called non-lucid mode) exhibits control by creating something “real” out of an image based on expectation. That happens often. People who promote that lucidity is a requirement for dream control have no credibility.

    3. Pet Brontosaurus and Fake Mad Magazine?

      by , 05-17-2018 at 07:26 AM
      Morning of May 17, 2018. Thursday.

      My non-lucid dream self becomes aware of being in a new variation of the southwest bedroom of the Cubitis house (where I have not been since 1978) rather than our own present bedroom. As is most often the case, it is perceived as part of our present home. I am aware of being married and having a family as in real life (even though my family has never been to America). They mostly appear as they do now in reality. My youngest son is the one I am most aware of in this case.

      Near the center of the room is a living brontosaurus. It is small; only about three feet long. Our kitten from real life is near it. I eventually notice that the brontosaurus has short fur (which I vividly feel as I pet it), which puzzles me somewhat. I start to consider that it may grow too big to keep as a pet and I wonder what will happen to it or what we will do. This also puzzles me but I think about how it may be genetically engineered and so may not get as big as it would otherwise. I pet it for several minutes as it lies on its left side on the floor.

      Something scares it, possibly the kitten, and it gets up and runs to the north side of the room. It hides under a bookshelf (one of the tall cheap plastic ones that have a space underneath, though in reality, there would not be enough space for a small animal). I reach for it but cannot quite get to it at first. I do eventually, and pull it out to calm it.

      Later, I notice it is bigger, about the size of a young person. It looks very different and is walking around on its back legs and is wearing clothes. There are a few unknown people in the room, mostly around twelve years old. The brontosaurus looks just like a person at times. I consider how he is able to pull his head down so that his neck is no longer than that of a normal person. He talks at times. A girl calls him a “funny looking person” and the brontosaurus says, “I’m not a person”.

      My youngest son has about five Mad Magazines, which I had not seen before. They may be recent issues. “Are these from the library?” I ask. Apparently, they are ours. I sit on the middle of the couch on the south side of the room. My son is to my right. My memory of our brontosaurus pet and its transformation is no longer present. I look at the cover of one issue and it is a painting of Alfred E. Newman’s head. Looking more closely, I see that the painted image has a very strange texture, like woven wicker. The paper itself seems to also hold this pattern. I decide that this means it may be counterfeit. “This looks like it might be a fake,” I say.

      I look through the issue and see that from about halfway through the pages, the texture of the page seems normal. I notice a four-panel black-and-white Don Martin gag, featuring a man and woman walking around in a city, though I do not read it. I look at several other pages without really attempting to read anything. I decide that the unusual nature of the cover and first pages may mean that it was only a misprint.

      This dreaming and waking process is more specific to the last dream of a sleep cycle and it even begins in a thread that already establishes the subliminal awareness of being asleep (bedroom setting). The final scene renders very common autosymbolism that establishes an association with thinking skills correlation, a required precursor for actual reading. This is because the subconscious self cannot perform viably due to its dynamic nature and illusory nature of the dream state. (Writing or print in non-lucid dreams often changes when reading it again and it is often random gibberish. Temporality and discernment cannot be sustained in an illusory state of unconsciousness). This is used in the waking process quite often, several times a week for over fifty years in my case, though it is not as common as autosymbolism for vestibular system correlation.

      Note how the brontosaurus, as an animal and illusory pet, hid under the bookshelf, which contained books. After this scene, coming out from under the bookshelf, it became more like a “person”, as human consciousness is required to read with viable discernment in waking life. This is the autosymbolic nature of the waking process that correlates to the last part of my dream, that is, being less of an illusion by way of initiating waking consciousness for reading and thinking skills, which the subconscious (analogous to a “primitive brontosaurus”) does not have. The analogy is duplicated by first perceiving the magazine as “fake”, which it is, as it exists only in the dream. Thus, it cannot be fully read and discerned (and it is even a composite of sorts, as it has the texture of our wicker bookshelf from real life), though from here, thinking skills correlation kicks in and I slowly wake. My son is on my right, the usual waking autosymbolism orientation, as I sleep on my left side (and left-side orientation would naturally imply the return to deeper sleep).

    4. Ferris Wheel Robot Car Cruncher

      by , 11-17-2015 at 05:17 PM
      Morning of November 17, 2015. Tuesday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and our children and I appear to be living back on Barolin Street but it has more of a rural feel. At one point, I go outside and it seems to be early evening, during sunset. Some sort of unexpected large movement takes place to my right (though in the distance) and there is mild anticipation over something unusual about to be seen. Something soon comes into view from between a couple houses on our side of the street. It looks like a detached Ferris wheel rolling slowly across the street and away from our neighborhood. I can make out its silhouette against the dark blue sky as it rolls towards the horizon.

      Later, my wife and children are outside. Curiously, there is a couch on the front lawn facing the street but at an angle towards where the rolling Ferris wheel was last seen. Zsuzsanna and our two youngest sons seem curious about what I saw and are seated there in expectation. Perhaps it will happen again.

      Meanwhile, I am looking through a magazine which has various articles about guitar music and rock musicians as well as at least one article about fishing (kind of a strange mix). We will be eating fish (either lutefisk or sushi, neither of which I have ever eaten in real life), which is in a cheap plastic salad container of the overpriced kind sold in grocery stores. However, I have an additional set of at least three smaller plastic salad containers, also containing some type of fish salad, that somehow came out of the magazine. I am not sure if they are fresh, as the magazine’s date is unknown, and I remain uncertain about eating anything.

      There are a few photographs related to fishing. One photograph shows a man fishing from a small boat. Somehow, the fishing line from the photograph is eventually hanging out of the magazine and gets caught up in features of other photographs and even the guitar strings in a photograph of a male rock musician performing (playing electric guitar) on stage. I pull on it a bit and try to work out what other pages or photographs it is connected to. It is in somewhat of a tangle across a few pages.

      Eventually, the Ferris wheel (or a different one, as it comes from the same area and I do not recall the original event showing it rolling back to where it was), comes out in the same way as before. This time though, it stops and leans in our direction - though it is about a block away and not really threatening should it fall. It somehow transforms into a giant robot and picks up a white truck, crushing it and dropping it to the ground. I am worried about flying debris (even though it is not that close to us), so I get my family to go inside the house. Otherwise, the giant robot does not leave that area. It appears to simply be junkyard activity at this point, though the walking anthropomorphic car compactor is a rather fancy feature.

      There is another dream event, somewhat distorted and viewed from space, where an asteroid comes down into the ocean, causing a huge tidal wave that goes around the planet and covers most of the land on every continent. There is seemingly at least one “reset” where I “make sure” it goes all the way around to cover the United States evenly (though I am aware I had been living in Australia, which is the first to be covered). There is no fear or even much concern, just an odd emotion I cannot quite describe, with a slight giddiness, though not unpleasant. This is probably some sort of waking metaphor event; for example, destroying or “covering up” the dream state.

    5. Magazine Mechanism?

      by , 06-21-2015 at 09:05 PM
      Morning of June 21, 2015. Sunday.

      This dream was fairly abstract and no main events occur. It involved some sort of longer computer-like machine (looking more like an electronics deck of some sort from the 1960s) that displays various images, which seem to be random parts of various magazines and comic books for no particular reason other than perhaps as a so-called screensaver or perhaps even related to advertising (the books apparently being scanned somehow in their entirety on the right of the monitor).

      The main focus seems to be on a fictional comic book about an elf superhero called Aye, vaguely similar to Elf Quest (which I have not really read much of) in some ways but more like Thor in terms of theme and art. The name of the comic book also seems to be “Aye” (possibly just an in-dream play on “eye” or “I”). The images on the small screen (in comparison to the machine itself) show fairly quickly (and also include random images from old issues of Life Magazine, Look Magazine, and Superman comics), almost like riffling a deck of playing cards. It is a typical “just looking at something” dream with no dominant emotion and there does not seem to be any plot or theme, just the idea of the mechanism and the imagery.
    6. competition #15 night #5

      by , 10-23-2013 at 02:17 PM
      00:00 Tues 2013-10-22
      ~ 01:30 (?) bedtime
      1) Getting out of bed turning on the air conditioning. The A/C is a big grand piano with multiple covers not a single cover. I have to open one of the multiple flaps to get the A/C working. Wife can’t get cool she’s not comfortable. I feel the coolness of the A/C air and say “see, it’s cold, the A/C is working.” I or she says “it must be a cultural thing.”

      F1) Standing outside in a large area, a truck is approaching along a long road. Truck arrives and zips around in a wide open area, I try to catch it.

      F2) Receiving a medal.

      2) Staying in a cheap motel. Motel is typical rectangular upside-down-U-shaped structure built around a central parking lot on some street in some city, along a busy street full of strip-malls. I’m staying on the first floor in a room at the upper right “corner” of the upside-down U, right next to the manager’s office. There is a gate between the area outside my door and the parking lot. My room is shallow but extremely wide, easily 3-4 typical motel rooms wide. The room is full of my things, stacked all over the place, it’s like I’ve moved my entire home into this room. There’s a big bed. I’m running the A/C really high. The room is cold in the morning. I have a Playboy magazine on the table, I turn it facedown. I come outside and two guys come out of the manager’s office and approach me. Sort of Hispanic looking. We go into my room. They say “your A/C is on high it’s unbalancing the whole system, you can’t do that.” The owner of the motel is there, too. I’m shocked/outraged. I say “I’ve never in my entire life had anyone in a hotel tell me that I’m using too much A/C!” I then ask, “OK, then just what is the maximum allowed setting I’m allowed to use?” They don’t answer. We leave the room, go outside. I and one of the guys, a technician, head back into the room. He’s walking in front of me. We start jumping along the tops of progressively higher series of cement domes (mushroom shaped). We’re jumping on them like a side-scrolling video game. I’m making a sound effect of “hwip Hwip HWIP!” and “blblblblblbl-BEEP-BOOP!”, “huah Huah HUAH!” the guy copies me making these sounds, too. We reenter my room. The guy start digging through my magazines, turning them over face up and looking at the covers. I say “If you keep doing that you’re going to find an ‘interesting modern magazine.’”

      F3) with high school friends.

      06:19 17C in room, feels pretty cold. WILD attempt, alarm goes off in 1.5 hours from now.
      07:28 took a long time to relax my mind for sleep while anticipating the WILD. Eventually did and started seeing dreamlets. Wife was snoring. Time to get up now, make breakfast for family, WBTB.
      ~ 09:00 BTB. On the couch. Another WILD attempt.
      Dreamlets: people walking down a hill, a woman’s face, cars on a road. Felt close to making it in but didn’t. WILD attempt on back, ND came on left side. Eventually feel asleep into ND:

      3) Lying on some grass (parents’ house backyard? DS) with older son (as a 9-year-old boy) next to a big air mattress with a towel on top of it. Someone has stuck a twig through the towel into the air mattress (to keep the towel in place?). As soon as I approach I see the twig. I knew what the result would be. I pulled out the twig and all the air came out of the mattress. (WL, last night, the plug popped out of my air mattress while I was lying on it positioning for BTB). Next to son are two little girls on my right. On my left are an unknown older woman and man (couple). I ask son, “did you do it?” He said “no.” I turned to girls, asked “did you do it?” They didn’t answer they just looked at me with big eyes. The woman on my left commented how I was improperly interrogating the kids, called me something like “nazi.” I turn to talk to the woman, I say “I have every right to learn who ruined this very expensive air mattress!”. Her husband next to her stands up in a confrontational manner. I also stand up and step up to him, I’m not going to let him intimidate me. I step back a bit deciding a fight is not worth it, and I repeat, “I have every right to know, it is very reasonable.” The man and woman walk away. .

      4) How the story was written. A famous author is sitting triumphantly in a rocking chair on the top of a hill shouting out to the people below , “For the very first time in literature, the villain has made his appearance!” He is throwing rocks down the hill. I’m DO standing down the hill a little looking up at him. There is an emotional and triumphant finale presentation where the original actresses who acted a long time ago in the story appeared and was introduced. Each one had a special name. The first one was “Kea 2 Sea” and was wearing like a lunchbox-sized-and-shaped medallion on a chain around her neck, her name was inscribed on the front of the lunchbox inside a big heart. They all approached me to be recognized, I held up my foot straight out and they touched their lunchbox amulets to the bottom of my foot, and then they bowed to me. I was incredibly touched by this special moment. There were 4 or 5 of the actresses. There was an extra actor who was also there didn’t have a special name. He was there in case they needed another actor.

      F4) passing something through a small window to people in a room.
    7. Lucid Dream #21-I finnaly completed one of my goals.

      by , 10-30-2012 at 11:20 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I know this is poorly worded. There was a lot to type in. The only interesting thing about the dream is the Portal-door-style traveling.

      I was watching the Foreword unto dawn series of videos that's been coming out on youtube. (A series of videos pretending to the storyline of Halo 4, that will be coming out very soon)
      I was excited that the last episode had finally come out, but when I got about two minutes into watching it, A game showed up. It was a really cheap, bad looking game. It involved building a tower taller and taller. It said that I had to play it and get above a certain score to see the rest of the video.

      I played the game for like two minutes and then closed it out. I really wanted to see the rest of the video. I had only unlocked about two more minutes of the video.

      I was dreaming of these three villain men. They were all really strong looking, wearing black jackets and standing in the middle of the plaza of this city.
      Then this thing, It looked like sort of Iron Man armor transformed onto them. But the armor was old and rusty. Each of them turned into animals, that some would consider evil. One became a crow, another that was a wolf. I can't remember what the third man's mech animal was. But at this point that they started destroying the city.
      Then, one of the men stood forward, and the chest of his mech suit opened. The outer metal shell split into "ribs". Inside of it was this big pulsing orange energy orb. I can remember vividly how it crackled and steamed.
      The dream changed, and I was in my own body, with K. We were at the top of a skyscraper. She wanted to get down, and for some reason, we were in a huge hurry.
      She ran into a stairwell. The stairwell was next to a window, so on one side, there was a glass wall giving a view of the city. There was also an elevator door on each floor. The stairs were at a very shallow angle.
      K was really booking it down the stairs. I was running after her, skipping every other step. After I had chased her down the stairs for awhile. She got into an elevator.
      "Why didn't we do this ten floors ago?"
      The elevator started moving down, but stopped on a lower floor. When the door opened, the elevator was really far from the building. Between them was just a huge black void. And the people on the building side couldn't get to the elevator.
      The elevator closed and headed down again. When we got off, we got off onto a moving train.
      Then I met with this boy. He had long blonde hair, combed up really neat. He was bleeding from a would below his eye. He had drops of blood on his hand as well. Then he started complaining to me that he didn't like that he was bleeding.
      He wrapped himself in a blanked and went to sit with a woman that I think was his mother.

      Then I just got lucid out of nowhere. I saw my supposed guide sitting in one of the seats. I walked over and sat down next to her. She was reading a fashion magazine.
      "I have some very important questions for you"
      I pounded my fist into my palm.
      "Are you my dream guide?"
      "What is your name?"
      "I have many names..."
      She began running though a long list of names, both boy names and girl names.
      "Ok, but I need a name that I can use for my dream journal."
      "You may choose one. But remember these things: Do not eat a rusty hinge, and beauty and the beast is very long."

      Then the dream destabilized, and I lost lucidity. Someone asked me if I was interested in marriage in the royal court. Then I woke up.

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    8. It's about time...

      by , 09-19-2012 at 03:15 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I finally had another lucid dream! In the dream, I was reading a magazine. The magazine had pictures of miniature light-up TARDISes that people (somehow) used to get to sleep. I wanted one.

      I got the idea to do a spontaneous RC. I looked at my hand and counted six fingers. Fully certain I was awake, I counted again, figuring I had just counted wrong. Still six. I counted a third time just to make sure, and I still had six fingers.

      With no choice but to accept the fact that I was dreaming, I began pacing back and forth across my room (something I sometimes do IWL for no particular reason), talking to myself in a whisper as I tried to recall something that would give it away. The pictures in the magazine had been animated! It had to be a dream!

      I did the first thing that came to mind, which happened to be another teleportation attempt. This time, I decided to use a portal. I traced an oval in the air with my finger. A portal (which looked like one from the game Portal) appeared, but the image was very faint, and the portal didn't work.

      I resumed pacing/talking (as I've learned that doing or thinking nothing can cause a dream to collapse). I attempted to remember the TOTM, recalled something about a dream journal, then remembered that had been last month's task. Unable to remember the current task (and not wanting to waste the whole dream trying to remember), I returned to what I had previously been doing.

      This time, I tried using a door, which I also made by tracing it with my finger. The result was the same as last time, except with a door.

      I woke up soon after that.
      lucid , memorable
    9. Mens Retreat, Sexual Activity, Magazine Interpretation

      by , 05-31-2012 at 08:14 PM
      Okay, so this is my first journal entry here on the DV website. I've been awake for 8 1/2 hours (1:30 now, woke up at 5am) so I don't know how my recall will be affected, although I feel as though the memory is pretty strong after all this time. Mainly because I've already written out this post once, but due to my clumsy-assed sausage fingers, lost the post completely.

      So the dream is that I'm a sort of men's retreat. No women in sight, and a kind of friendly, fraternal vibe in the air. The first thing I remember of the "scene" is myself sitting on a bed in a kind of bunkhouse. It's a large,rustic, open building, much like what you'd find at a summer camp, with beds lined down both walls, like a barraks. I'm sitting on one of the beds talking to another, fairly handome guy. Like myself, he's not overly handsome, but neither is he ugly. We're having a friendly conversation, the specifics of which I do not remember, and after a minute or two of this, I notice that I'm aroused and begin imgagining being on the receiving end of some nice, slow fellatio. Moments after this thought, the guy across from me seems to get the same vibe, and it begins to happen. (It should be noted here, that I am a heterosexual, and happily so. And although I'm "freaking out" over this scene, I am curious about what it means, as I know that scenes in dream are rarely supposed to be taken at face value and are symbolic

      Scene shifts to myself and four or five other guys seated around a large, rectangular "dinner"table, in the same kind of building as before. And again, there's a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, and we're just having a normal conversation about your typical mundane topics. Again I don't recall specifics of this conversation, but I strongly remember the gist of it.

      As we talk, I look down at the table and see a magazine there. It's a kind of men's fitness/style type magazine like GQ or something like that, and I notice that it's open to an article about food. Again, I don't recall the details of the article, but I do remember there being a picture of food. Specifically peach slices on a plate with mint leaves for garnish.

      After looking at the article, I look back up and while looking at the leader of our little conversation group, who is an employee there or guidance counselor, if you will, I put the first two fingers of my left hand on the page of the ,magazine, open to the article I'd read and begin moving the magazine back and forth on the table, sliding along, trying to subtly get the attention of the "counselor", and I succeed. He looks down and picks up the magazine and after a brief read, he says

      "So it says here that John Melancamp can bench press 135 pounds for seven reps." I think it was seven, anyway. At which point I say "Well, that's not too bad considering he's in his sixties, or something.."

      That's it. All I remember.

      Feel free to interpret and or discuss.

      More to come.

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    10. joyce carol oates in italy

      by , 06-22-2011 at 11:48 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was looking through some kind of magazine like the New Yorker, although a lot of the formatting for the magazine seemed like it was for a popular men's magazine like Maxim.

      There were three articles by Joyce Carol Oates in this magazine. I wanted to write Oates a letter to tell her how much I'd appreciated her articles. But I realized that I hadn't actually read the articles, and that I'd look like just some kind of "autograph hunter" if I wrote the letter, expecting a response, without having read the articles.

      So I flipped through the magazine to find the articles. I found one of the articles, which seemed like a two-pager, on the front and back side of one sheet of paper. The article was all in some kind of grey text box. I figured this article would be the easiest to read, since it was so short. But even it seemed too long.

      I got a little confused as to whether the article was one pages or two pages. I then came to the conclusion that the article was written on both sides of the page, but that the second page was partly taken up by an advertisement. So the whole article was less than two pages long.

      The article, I could probably tell, was about Oates and her "new husband" taking their honeymoon in Italy. But the place they'd rented for their honeymoon seemed to me more like a place they'd just bought or rented for the long term.

      The first paragraph mentioned something about how the apartment was just perfect "for allowing us to tatertater (an expression which means very much the same thing for us adults as it did when we were children)."

      I couldn't figure out what tatertater meant. I just figured it had something to do with making tater tots "out of the can" (?).

      So Oates was apparently pleased at first glance with the place. But she said that there ended up being a lot of faults. Mostly the place hadn't been very well cleaned after the previous occupants left. There were plenty of signs of their still having lived here.

      One was that, "For close-drivers, a guard rail had been put right up against the edge." I couldn't quite figure out what close drivers would be doing in a house, or what kind of edge Oates was talking about.

      But there was a picture, a kind of half-impressionist oil or pastel painting of the place. I looked at it and saw that there was some kind of babmboo fencing, still green, fastened all around the breakfast bar.

      I realized that the "close-drivers" were people who pushed their babies in strollers everywhere and had the habit of bashing into everything with the strollers. The bamboo fencing was put up to protect the wood of the breakfast bar. The apartment seemed to be a living room with the kitchen inside of it. The breakfast bar and the kitchen counter seemed to be the biggest parts of this room of the apartment.

      I was kind of worried. I didn't think I'd be able to get through this article. There was so much new language in it, so much current speech that I couldn't follow. I also felt bad because Oates, a few decades my senior, knew all this current vernacular, while I had no idea what it meant.

      I continued reading the article and looking at the painting. Oates complaints were then that there were empty food cans strewn all over the place, as well as newspapers. I looked at the drawing again. There were newspapers and cans strewn on both the kitchen counters and the floor.

      I thought, Did the landlords here bother to clean this place up at all when the last people left?
    11. 26 Nov: Buddha is a teenager in blue jeans

      by , 11-26-2010 at 10:07 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      01:00 GMT

      Wrathful deities
      A chase, confrontation with some wrathful deities. I escape some place through a narrow window and deliver something to someone.

      05:35 GMT
      Cookies and kids
      One of my last days on some very nice sunny city. It’s already end of the day and when passing a street I find this amazing bakery selling traditional pastry from this country/city. There is a lady baking the cookies on some open kitchen and selling them directly to the passer-by. Because these cookies are so famous, you have to get a numbered ticket and wait ages for your turn. I see my number and the amount of people waiting and I decide it’s not worth it, but then the baker tells all the other people to wait because she will take my order first. Really? Why? The other customers are not happy about it... It’s really hard to choose the best cakes and cookies so I ask for two of each, hoping they will still be ok in a few days when I get back home. Some cookies are still being baked and I have to wait a bit. Meanwhile I am allowed to enter the kitchen and I start talking to some ladies working there and I help them with some tiding up of the place. They have some old food in the fridge and I throw it away. Then they kick me out, because apparently they have to bake a huge load of cookies for a kid’s excursion next day.
      On the next day me and my BF join this excursion and help take care of the kids. We go in groups in vans and we stop at a parking lot in front of the ocean. The kids are being taken to the beach. For a brief moment I wonder how we got into this? I don’t feel like taking care of dozens of kids all day. I then have this underlying feeling that I’m not obliged to actually do it
      I’m half aware this is a dream - so I turn around to see what else is there to do. I see a green hill with a zig zag earthen path going up, flanked by Buddha’s statues of different sizes. I tell my BF “Let’s go there:”, but he won’t turn his back on the kids, because he doesn’t have this intuition it’s a dream. Divided between two dreams, I wake up.

      08:00 GMT

      Buddha is a teenager in blue jeans
      At some bookshop I see a magazine, like Times, with a cover story on Tibetan Buddhism and it has pages and pages with amazing photos of teachers and famous practitioners and incredible Himalayan landscapes. I so want to buy it. On the cover it says £2, but I ask the cashier how much it costs in EUR. She tells me it’s 8000 something EUR and I LMAO. I ask “Are you nuts? It’s like 2.5 EUR.” And she replies that it’s not a simple conversion of prices, there are taxes and whatever. I still say “Are you aware of how much is 8000 EUR? Even if you’d say 8 EUR, it would be too expensive! Can you please just pass the mag under your bar code scanner to check the price?” But she says no and that she will call a colleague to ask. I’m about to give up. She comes back and tells me “If you come after 20h, when we’re closing, we can make a 50% discount on the mag, it would only cost 4000 EUR”. I say nevermind and start realizing this must be a dream.
      Then the store becomes a bus and I think “Hum, why don’t I just materialize a lot of cash to pay for the stupid mag, just for fun?”, so I visualize I put my hand in my pocket and come out with 10000 EUR in cash. There’s someone by my side, not sure if still the same lady, surprised that I can do that and I say “Oh yeah, it’s just dream money. How much do you want? Just say it and I’ll make it appear.” But then my pockets are also filled with crumbles from cookies and lots of dirt. I empty them to find out what more is there, but then realize I’m wasting my precious lucid time. As I walk to the front of the bus I throw everything on the floor – money, magazine, bag, even a coat and I feel so light. The bus driver doesn’t know what I want to do, I smile and I cross the windshield – he and other passengers freak out. I lift of and fly high to see where I am. I see a road ahead of me, flanked by houses, up above a beautiful blue sky, down below a sea or a lake to my left and green hills to my right. I see a gate for what seems to be an amazing property with a park and decide it’s a good place to sit and meditate. But when I arrive there I see families with noisy kids all around. Oh well, I’ll have to endure. I look for a green spot to sit, but then all of the ground is muddy and uninviting. I recall my need not to drift or feel discouraged. I focus on the Buddha. I don’t visualize the Buddha image, but I sense Buddha’s presence and hold on to it. Then I find a covered passageway between two houses and in the middle of it there’s an amazing tower-like covered veranda with a central low pedestal with a base to sit on which is perfect. I sit there and it has a view over the whole park and the sea in the distance. The sun is setting and beautiful golden shades reflect on the water. But I realise all this is also distraction and as I am getting lost on it, I feel myself waking up. I hold on to the dream and I slide back in. I try to visualize the Buddha, but it’s not working. I feel myself waking up again, but I still hold on and slide back in. This time in front of me is my black kitten hugging another yellow kitten and I find it extremely sweet, but remember I must stay focused. Not trying to visualize the Buddha anymore, I instead try to just feel the Buddha’s presence more strongly. I do and then imagine that this presence becomes a ball of light that enters my body through my crown chakra. I feel a very powerful effect, like a force field around my head. I start to hover, feeling this amazing radiant light coming out of my chest, but then I see again all these people on the park, playing ball and whatever and this slight distraction was enough to call it off. I start to wake up again but slide back in one last time. Now I try again to really see the Buddha, so I summon the Buddha and wish that he is there on my back when I turn around. I turn around and there’s this round faced oriental looking teenager, who looks just like a Buddha, but he is wearing jeans and a checkered shirt. He looks just like he is just another kid in the park, but very lonely. He looks bored and just sits on a tree log watching the others playing. I’m like “WTF? Not what I had in mind.” The sun is setting and people are then leaving the park. Some lady comes with a couple of other teenagers and tells them to keep the Buddha-boy company. They look extremely bored by that, they don’t feel like baby-sitting. But then the Buddha-boy tells them not to worry, because he won’t be any burden to them. He’ll either stay quiet if they want or just be as interesting as they want. The other kids feel bad for their first reaction, ‘cause they feel he is actually not that lame and they tell him they are actually not that cool to hang around either. Then the Buddha-boy says “Then I’m sure we’ll get along, ‘cause I am myself a dick.” And they all laugh. I watch them leaving and I wake up.

      9:15 GMT
    12. Skating and magazine with family

      by , 08-08-2010 at 11:37 AM

      In car, driving with mom. I think we're going to a skating rink.

      Later, my little brother, B, looks through a magazine in which every page is an advertisement for other magazines. He gets upset because he wants a fitness magazine. I say in a casual way that it's on the way because I've ordered it myself, he calms down. I think he also says something to the effect of finding the women in the ad attractive.

      Something about "taking over," a business...


      No metaphorical meanings for skating jump out at me. Perhaps it's simply a generic symbol for leisure activity, a message to spend more time doing things with my mother.

      The subject of B and fitness in general may have been triggered by an event that occurred several days earlier: B went for a run, said it felt great, and was in the middle of preparing some green beans to eat... when mom calls and asks if B wants anything from McDonald's. He gets his usual, counteracting all the good he did. I was upset with mom for this at the time.

      B has been making some effort to eat healthier and exercise now and then, would explain his desire for the fitness magazine.

      I'm more fit than I've been in years, could explain that I've "already ordered it," my fitness goals are on the way for me.

      The attractive women comment seems literal, B often tends to make such remarks.

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    13. Cybercafe and the Jedbangers (like two months ago)

      by , 08-02-2010 at 12:13 AM (quorthonafull's tornado of dreams)

      I went to D-Mission (the cybercafe I used to go years ago), with Javier (my brother) and Gonzalo (a friend). We played Counter-Strike a while, and I've seen some magazines. I asked the employee about the price of Jedbangers magazine, She said me It costs $5. We went out. I count my cash: I had five pesos and some coins for the bus. I say to my brother "wait me a minute", and I go to buy the Jedbangers.

      "One Jedbangers, please". She gave me the bill, but It says $11! . Now, she says that I have to pay that $11 before leaving the place. I say "You said me $5, so I'll pay You $5", and she spits a bunch of bullshit trying to force me to pay that $11". So, I had no choice but go with her boss to tell him the problem.

      Right after that, I'm walking in the street with the the boss. I tell him the problem, and He says "do You have the bill?". Suddenly, we are alone in the cybercafe, looking for the bill. He says "hey, I found it". Surprisingly, now the bill says $5!.

      We are back in the street again, and He says "The ticket says $5, so go back to the cybercafe and tell her I say You're only going to pay $5".

      Now, I'm walking back to the cybercafe, when all becomes strange. "Wait a minute, I've seen this before, It's the sunlight entering through thw window... I'm am dreaming! I realized I missed a lot of dream signs (those in red). Damn sunlight, It will keep bothering me, so let's finish this quickly". I decide to enjoy that too much as I can, and what could be more enjoyable than shouting and spitting right to the face of that annoying girl?

      I go right to her. She looks terrified, like knowing what to expect. I start hitting the desk with my fists, then I shouted and spitted right to her face, reproaching that "I was right, I was right, I WAS RIGHT!" . I paid the $5 and grabbed the magazine. That was amazing!

      Then, I could wake up knowing that I've reached my goal.

      BONUS: Then, I bought a Jedbangers IRL. I paid $12.

      PS: that guy in the picture is an argentinian actor, Alfredo Castellani, and "the boss" looked like him.

      Spoiler for spanish version, with more details (quote from my Facebook page):

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    14. Odd “half-cocked” precognitive dream (giant anteater)

      by , 11-06-1972 at 05:06 PM
      Morning of November 6, 1972. Monday.

      This 1970s event was hilarious on one level in my opinion. It is one of those dreams where, although it is obviously precognitive (or remote-viewed) it also provides a clever lesson in how the various “filters” in remote viewing and precognition work.

      The nuances, as usual, are far too close in detail to have any potential for coincidence. What is intriguing though, is that the usual precise nature of remote viewing or precognition was altered seemingly “on purpose” by the Source. In my dream, humanity is saved from the alien insect invasion by the giant anteater whereas in the real Warren story, they kill it before knowing what it is.

      The dream itself came a short time before the validation (as is often the case), but as I said, it was not quite correct. The giant anteater in my dream coming up from the ocean is a distortion caused by the association with the “ocean” of the unconscious mind (otherwise the plot is mostly the same).

      In my dream, I am reading a black-and-white comic magazine of the type that Warren publishes (such as Eerie, Creepy, Vampirella, etc). I did not read this issue at the time (and had not gotten the previous issue) in real life and I could not have known about it.

      I seem to be hovering over the comic magazine story at various distances and over different pages rather than turning the pages. (My bed is in the southwest corner, aligned to the west wall.) It has a very similar mood and awareness as to remote viewing dreams (as with the “more dishes less dishes” Nancy comic strip event). The story features a spacecraft with talking alien ants that invade Earth. They kidnap various people and they speak in an unusual “electronic” voice (possibly implying that they are either robotic or using some sort of electronic translator).

      In my dream, a giant anteater emerges from the ocean. I see it eating all the human-sized alien ants and this is the last panel in the story. There is a smaller inset with text implying irony and repeating the words the “conqueror ants” had said midway through the story about how they would take over the planet and not be stopped. This is how my dream ends - with reading phrases the ants had spoken and which are now only invalid concepts in the wake of their destruction (in being eaten by the giant “aquatic” anteater, which had come from a large meteorite of many years back).

      After my dream, I was given a black-and-white comic magazine in reality (without having known I would be getting it), which had the same basic idea, and this was “Eerie” issue number 45 - the relevant story being called “The Mound”. However, the alien insects were not fully humanoid and the top panel on the last page is actually that of a dead anteater that was killed by the humans due to them thinking that the meteorite contained an enemy or an additional problem as the creatures they were already dealing with. Thus my dream echoed help from a “bigger power”, hope, and salvation, while the reality expressed the nature of human ignorance, suspicion, and acting without thinking about the consequences.

      I still have very fond feelings about this experience, which also teaches me that people who are “psychic” for profit are not being realistic, because what they are seeing may have a completely different outcome in reality.

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