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    1. Intricate Models

      by , 11-10-2015 at 08:56 PM
      Dl1 - In a room there is a vast and incredibly detailed model of a ? hard to say it is so vast and i'm so small or close up...The room is really dark and the model is grey. There seems to be a single source of illumination in the room coming from the side. I look down and there is yet another vast model below it is some kind of start wars space station.

      Dl2 - There is a mage who is fixing stuff. |When he waves his wand pink sparkly bits like magic dust float around in the air. He keeps doing it, can't remember what he was fixing.
      Tags: dark, light, mage, magic, model
    2. 2nd Nov 2013 Random fragments and another MiniLD

      by , 11-02-2013 at 02:29 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's WBTB/naps.

      Dream 1(fragment):

      Some kind of discussion in chat.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I am at home and i am watching some video from the couch. It is about some kind of danmakufu montage with player dodging some ridiculous patterns, for music it used some russian song. As i look away for a second, table with a monitor teleports closer, i do again and it does teleports again, so i am dreaming for sure, i get up and bed changes position as well then dream suddenly fades.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      There was some mage that could control people's memories, he meets a giant and they talk, then mage focuses his power and smacks giant on the head with his staff, making him remember something.
    3. Skyrim references with dream control: Road trip to colorado then saving my kingdom

      by , 02-18-2012 at 04:50 AM (High Quality Head Movies)
      I had originally attempted a MILD that night but instead I got a DILD. Lucid part is the bottom half.

      Hot-Rodding on a kid's bike.

      Starts with me dad Jake and uncle Anthony and his three sons, my cousins. We were on a road trip to Colorado, but the car was too full so one of us had to ride a Big wheel kids bike like this one:

      I rode the big wheel kids bike, they drove.

      They said to meet at steak and shake and I had no clue how to get there... I drove on the road at about tire level but that thing was as fast as any car I passed! I felt this mad rush and was swerving in and out of the traffic for a bit and then I made it to steak and shake. When I got there, I saw them at the bar counter with shakes and empty food dishes. I ordered some food and a shake. Then everyone got up and said we had to go now or we will be late! So I got on my stupid kid's toy and took off. I took off and tried to figure out where I was going until the roads started getting stranger and stranger like going around and through buildings and ending unexpectedly until I was dodging people on sidewalks and jumping over stairs.
      I crashed.
      I looked up from my crash and my bike was destroyed due to its entire lack of durability being all plastic... I saw a tourist bike stand and I ran over to it as quick as I could to the asian behind the counter and said I NEED A BIKE HOW MUCH? He said, um thatabe about three hundred dollah. I said okay and handed it over. I grabbed a purple mountain bike and got to riding. It wasn't as fast as the big wheel lol
      I then saw my group pull into a meeting hall and I parked my bike next to them. I walked inside and there was lots of people but I didn't know anyone there. After that something odd happened and then I got a video call from an unknown source.
      The kingdom who claimed me as their king

      I got a video call on my phone from a kingdom saying I was their ruler and they needed my help.

      I rode the bike there and when I got off it looked like Endor in Starwars but with halo reach forge stuff in it. Everyone was referring to me as king and all said that some monsters would be attacking us someday and we would be defenseless! I promised to find a way to protect them. While I was there I looked around for something to help but got nothing and I made some new friends with different interests. One wanted to be a mage, one a warrior, and one was kinda shy and wouldn't talk that much. Before I left they gave me a black crown to wear and wear it I did!

      Our kingdoms was defenseless and needed weapons. I was now on a quest to get the weapons. I went to this huge dome-like building that appeared to be a barracks of some sort and the front entrance looked like a hotel lobby. I went around some hallways and into the dome and there was some people training to fight, some practicing magic, and some floating in the middle of the stadium, talking to each other.

      The site of this giant room was amazing and at that point of astonishment, I realized it was a dream.

      I looked at the floating guys who looked like teachers to the people in the dome. They wore robes with symbols on them. I flew up to them and said I need weapons for my kingdom what can you give me? One of them said I was not worthy of anything here because I was weak. I said well then watch this I threw a fireball at a target on the floor below me. They laughed and said, there is nothing I can do that they don't already know from a spell book they have read before. They all raised their hands and had fire on them and then they lowered them and ignored me. I said well then what book taught you this? I raised my hands and lightning shot out around my hands and I made the sparks increase bigger and bigger until I waved them away and they were all amazed saying things like, "it cannot be" and "that's impossible" and "how can someone not trained in the arts know so much?" I then said, okay. Where are your spell books and weapons? He said I can't have them but I said you don't want to test me. He said nothing so I started launching fireballs everywhere and then all the people training started running around and fled while the teachers in the center of the dome said STOP THAT'S ENOUGH!!! Fine take them they're down their and here is our best spell book.

      I flew down saw the books and some glowing weapons (must've had enchantments lol Skyrim).
      After I put everything in a bottomless bag, a teacher walked up to me and said you wont destroy us will you? I actually wasn't thinking about that but then said well, this is a dream so, you don't exist. It would make no difference if I destroyed this place or not. He seemed puzzled and told his other professors what I said. I then looked back and held up my hand and it started glowing aqua colored and a ball of lightning energy constructed in my hand brightly. I threw it into the center of the arena and jumped out of the dome action movie style as it exploded and I could see people running outside.

      I went back to my kingdom and encountered monsters underwater and some other monsters but I hardly remember that part it was so wierd and hard to explain. Crablike monsters, underwater ruins, and some other stuff but it was quick and not really fully memorable. I remember flying back to the kingdom afterwards.

      When I got back to the kingdom, I announced I had our solution.

      I left the pile of weapons and books with the people, and I gave the best weapon to my warrior friend, I gave another weapon to the other friend, and I took the best spell book to my friend that wanted to be a Mage. She freaked out and she opened it and we looked at some spells trying them out before I woke up shortly after.
    4. 19 Dec: Saving the world with a mage

      by , 12-22-2010 at 07:10 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      00:30 GMT

      Escaping attacker
      I’m locked in a room. Some guy comes in and tries to have forced sex with me. I knock him down, by hitting him on the head with something. I run out and escape by jumping/flying through the middle of the building’s staircase.

      I’m with my granddad. My boyfriend tells me he went for a walk with him, but he didn’t enjoy it., because my BF demanded that they hold hands. I think that’s embarrassing and I totally understand my granddad. He is not that mentally incapacitated and to prove it he asks me out of the blue how to print a scan of a receipt on its original size because the printer keeps printing it A4 size. I promise to teach him.

      3:00 GMT

      Ambiguous new age healer
      My mom accompanies me to some new age therapy appointment. I am not interested at all, but the lady doctor has some very interesting crystal Buddha heads for sale. I go there a second time to check for prices and she nails me down to a second appointment. I find out this doctor has a darker side. First time she was all light and colourful, the second time she was dressed in dark and received some hard-core friends in her office. She interrupted the consultation to arrange some later rendez-vous with them. I use the break to call my mom and arrange a night-out at the movies with her. I guess she said no, because I end up going out to a restaurant with this doctor and her lady friends. She kinda mocks me for being vegetarian and asks me if at least I’ll have some eggs. I don’t like her attitude. Her friends ask if they later can go to her house – where apparently they’ve never been. Then we’re joined by my BF who brings along some Spanish friends. We share my food because supposedly there's no more food for them to eat.

      5:30 GMT

      Room sharing
      My dad is sleeping in a bedroom in what seems my mom's home and me and my BF have to go to sleep on the same room, on a mattress on the floor. We try not to wake him up. He hears some noise and he wakes up slightly and glances quickly to check out what it is, but we hide not to wake him up even more. Then when he closes his eyes again, we lay down to sleep.

      Drugs and lesbians
      Over a long table on open air. A very cheerful group. I join them and fill up my plate with rice and sweet corn. Then some agents appear and want to arrest us all on the accusation we all have been smoking drugs. I ask which drug exactly and they say “mushrooms with mint”. Oh, that must be nice! I did see one guy smoking a pipe, but that was all. I leave the table for some reason and when I come back they are talking about me. Apparently my alibi is that I wasn’t around when the actual drug smoking took place, because I was having sex with a girl on some room inside the house. I’m shocked! I was indeed with that girl, but we had merely been studying. I then recalled that we had previously met on the hallway two other beautiful girls who were assuming their relationship for the first time and I had given them my blessing. Apparently that was enough to classify me as a lesbian to. But hey, as long as it kept me out of prison...

      Talent competition
      Later, we’re gathered in a kind of gym, where some competition is going on. We’re not participating, but watching from a higher platform with no rails to lean against. I feel vertigo and I lay down on the floor so not to fall as I watch it. Contestants are showing their varied talents, from acrobatics, to hoola hoops to dancing. From the first round of contestants, the winner is my friend Evangelion on hoola hoops. That’s funny, because he is so tall and slim, he looks simply hilarious doing it. Then I realise this is stupid, my fear of heights. After all I can fly! Why would I feel vertigo? I start getting lucid although a bit flickering sometimes.
      I decide to fly down there and show my ability and maybe win something. I fly several times around the salon at high-speed. Everybody seems very impressed. I hear some comments that such and such guy can also fly, but not as good as me, he more like swims through the air. Yeah, I know, many people do. I win this competition round but I refuse to keep the award to myself. There’s a little dog on a tiny wheelchair, which is sick from AIDS (silly...) and I dedicate my award to him.

      Then a sort of mage appears and since I’m so good at putting a show, he defies me to come along with him to help him out with saving the world. I follow him and outside the world seems to have gone nuts. Tornadoes everywhere sucking houses into the sky, water torrents flooding streets and dragging rocks the size of a car, a really dark sky, but the next second all goes back to normal. I don’t know what’s going on, but I fly bullet like after this guy, wherever he is taking me. I then stop when I see the most strange thing: Frozen and hovering on air are two pigeons: one in upper position and the other upside down, both with their wings open as if they were flying when they got frozen, but grabbing each other by their claws. The mage and some other younger guy who appears at that moment, tell me to forget what I saw and not mention it to anybody. And I “ask what exactly shouldn’t I mention to people? “. He replies “That the laws of physics no longer apply.” And I ask if the fact we are flying around in the open didn’t show that obvious fact already.

      City strolling
      Still lucid but with a gap in dream recall, I then find myself strolling in a city like Paris, with my BF and my mom. I literally hop around, feeling very happy. I guess I helped save the world somehow and all is glowing in a golden light. It’s all so colourful and cozy. All the people look like friendly characters with round faces. The colours and shapes of buildings and banners announcing fresh bread and antiques are just lovely. My mom and BF call me, because I’m staying behind. I am trying to recall how I got there, but before I do, I wake up.

      7:30 GMT