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    1. Morphing Beggars Attack River

      by , 09-22-2016 at 05:29 PM
      Morphing Store: Me and some friends find an abandoned plaza with a broken window. W climb in and investigate. It looks like a party place, junkfood wrappers, liquor bottles, clothes, blankets, graffiti. This saddens me. I climb out and mean to board up the window but when I look back inside the place has morphed into a clean, freshly abandoned shop. We try to leave but a pack of angry dogs won't let us. I talk to the dogs to keep their attention while the others try sneak off.

      Beggars: I am starving and filthy. I try sneak into a hotel to scrub up in the bathroom. I am caught and tossed. The guy who tossed me comes back and gives me a half pack of hotdogs. How nice. I hate hotdogs. I accept them. Beggars can't be choosers, right? Friends suddenly appear. We split the hotdogs between us. As eat the last one I look into the pack and see various sizes of maggots squirming around. I want to puke but I don't. I hold the food down by telling myself "at least the maggots weren't crawling through shit and trash". Horrible how a seemingly kind deed can turn out so hateful.

      Air Attack: I lounge in the sun and three drones fly over. I give them the finger. Shortly after fighter planes, bombers, helicopters, and tanks roll in. I run. People follow. We hide behind a stump, as if that will conceal us from wildly attacking forces. I can't stand the sound of the bombs. I cover my ears and am filled with hatred but can do nothing. A soldier finds us, lays by the stump and tells us he will let the others escape as long as one of us surrenders. Of course I'm the one who surrenders. The others dash into the forest without so much as a thank you. Oh well. Moments later planes fly over and incinerate the woods. I am dragged along into the heart of the battle.

      River Hill: A hillside river appears in many of my dreams. I never remember much about these dreams. Last night: I forge a new path to the river which lay frozen over in the middle of summer. I think I had to save what little water was left before it froze over completely. Others were involved. I remember horses. Nothing more.
    2. Maggots; Demon House

      by , 09-14-2012 at 02:37 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      I think I was in my Dad's old house. It had been neglected. IWL I feel this has something to do with my father having passed. That's not based on dream interpretation formula, but my general sense and emotion.

      There were some kind of worms and or maggots on a wet floor. I didn't want to think about cleaning it up, but this was disgusting, so I resigned myself to clean the mess, but at that point the dream ended.

      Demon House

      I might call this the Haunted house, the house I dreamed of has become a recurring house in my "nightmares." The scariest dream was the first time I dreamed it. There is a big house and inside it's trashed. It makes leaving hard when it comes time to escape the demon. The house is also huge, so you have a long way to go when it's time to run away.

      This night I approached a different door, but I knew it went to this demon house. I was trying to explain to a DC that this house really WAS haunted, stressing there was a demon in the house.

      I don't mind this kind of nightmare now, but this house is peculiarly scary. As with my childhood monster, the demon never shows himself. He is simply waking up very slowly--but once he sees you, you are (would be) screwed.

      Link to other dreams with this house:

      Haunted House

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    3. Tribes: Ascend & The Devil

      by , 04-25-2012 at 01:44 PM
      I have become extremely addicted to the shooter Tribes Ascend which is a free online FPS with RPG elements like XP and leveling. I was dreaming about being in the game... I had a feeling I would because you can virtually fly in it, which sometimes inspires dream flight for me.

      The initial details are all but lost. I remember having a high-tech weapon and my GF was with me.

      In the middle of a futuristic outdoor daylight dream, we were suddenly transported (or entered a door) to a dreadfully unwholesome looking mansion with long corridors filled with maggots. This part I recall in fragments, but what I do recall is extremely vivid. At one point we had to crawl through these mini-halls and our hands were constantly crushing maggots into disgusting goop. My GF and I came clear of one, and came to a room with a set of gothic looking shelves stacking out of a heavily engraved desk-like piece of furniture.

      On the top shelf was something like a metallic engraved pot. Suddenly, a glowing tan colored image began to project out of it. The image was very poor at first, and then a solid dark gray leathery head appeared and announced:

      "I am the devil."

      The face was inhuman. Something like a classic gargoyle but the eyes were large and out of proportion. My GF and I looked at each other curiously. It went on to say something very similar to this effect:

      "I am the devil. There are a few matters to discuss. First, I will compliment the mathematical formula you have devised to divide any surface into equal triangles. You are commended, duly commence to share-ing-ly express this knowledge abroad." (He was speaking to my GF who is a math wiz in real life.)

      I turned to my GF and said: "Weird that the devil would use the word shareingly." (I am not 100% certain this is the exact word used in the dream, it was something very similar to "shareingly.")

      He continued "You both must be hungry. But as you can see, there is nothing to fill your stomachs in my domain...
      (I remember thinking, we could starve in this place.) Therefore, I will produce food to sustain you..."

      A beige cloud formed around the desk, then quickly dissolved. Two delicious plates of food were left placed. (See: Stealing Mexican Food.) We both dove in without thinking twice. I noticed that there was something pulsing at the bottom of my plate. Thinking back, it seemed the only thing to make food from was... maggots. With a sinking feeling, I looked at my GF's plate. She only had a few crumbs left.
      --Then I woke up.

      This is my 2nd dream featuring the devil in the past year. I don't recall any other occasions. The first was lucid, and isn't posted to Dream Views. This is the third Trickster dream posted to dream views.

      Updated 05-03-2012 at 10:41 PM by 32174 (Additional details recalled and links to food motif dreams added.)

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    4. THEY EAT WoRMS.

      by , 06-14-2011 at 03:33 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was in my bedroom, there were worms everywhere. Maggots, earthworms, larvae. They were infesting my bedroom. There were worms hanging from strings like spiders, worms in the bedsheets, worms in the clothes. I couldn't take it anymore! I ran out of my bedroom and out of the house, and "woke up".

      I was a tribal child and our group was getting together to share our dreams from last night. People went around in a circle and the elders predicted what they thought the dreams meant. When I shared mine, the elders possessed little concern, and told me that I had some conflicts which I had to resolve.

      I went to sleep the next night, and had a horrible, much worse dream. I dreamed that there were people who would abduct individuals in the night, take them to their "farm", crucify or hang them, and then wait for the bodies to rot. The people would then eat the worms and maggots from the bodies.

      When I told the tribal elders of this dream, they expressed much more concern. They had several tribal members patrol the area at night to guard the camp. All the while, I was obsessed with spelling out 'THEY EAT WORMS' out of magazine letters.

      I did this over and over again, trying to find the perfect letters for each, trying to put my message in the perfect spot, and spending hours on this task. I became a monster myself, obsessively making that sentence over and over again.

      And, my dream had been correct. During the night, a man on patrol had been abducted and taken away. The tribal people didn't want to say what had happened to the man, but we all already knew.

      The next night everyone was on patrol. The goal was to catch the killer. I was armed with a rifle and stationed near the beginning of the tribal perimeters.

      The killer returned, this time with a strategy that fooled all of us. He snatched up a young little boy and I, and took us away. He took us over a bridge, so far away that by the time we got there it was daytime again. He took us into a trailer, and told us that he was going to show us his farm.

      He opened the backdoor of his trailer, and right outside the door were bodies of people. Each body had its own post that it was tied to. The bodies were bloody, and many of their intestines had been removed, strewn across the yard. They were bleeding from the eyes, if they were fortunate to still have eyes. The worst part, was that some of these dead corpses still had fragments of life in them. They were just barely hanging on as worms and maggots ate their insides.

      He told us that at first it was nauseating to see, but after working here for sometime it became a 'healing process' to him.

      I think I've had this dream before, because even though I woke up, I knew that the chain of events would lead to us being his next victims.
    5. Lucid Dream 219: The Bears' BBQ

      by , 04-27-2011 at 12:15 PM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      April 17, 2011
      Lucid Dream 219: The Bears' BBQ
      Series: Land of Dreams, Episode 11
      around 9:00am

      I am sitting in the living room and my dad is there with me. The power flickers on and off several times. It is night time and a thunderstorm is raging outside. I kept getting weird feelings like something was watching us. I walked into the kitchen to get a drink of water and I looked out into the nearby hallway. It was pretty dark and I couldn't notice anything at first. I suudenly saw the outline of what looked like a small person. I felt the fear jolt into my chest and I just reacted. I took off running after it. The silhouette of the munchkin took off running away from me and entered my room. I went in after it and saw it trying to hide behind several things in my room. I managed to grasp the munchkin, but I heard an evil laugh and it turn to smoke in my hand.

      I was officially freaked out, so I returned to the living room. My cat walked in the room and under my feet. An identical cat walked in right after her. I thought, "I know I don't have two cats...what is going on here?" I looked and noticed the imposter cat right away. Here eyes were the same color unlike my actual cat. I heard a slam behind me and a dog had slammed into the sliding glass door. I walked up to the glass and the dogs head penetrated right through the glass like a ghost and was snapping at me and the cat. I was getting freaked out because I knew this was some sort of hardcore haunting. I thought, "Man this can't be real." I mindlessly raised my hand up and performed a nose pinch RC. I was, in fact, dreaming.

      I thought, "Oh thank goodness!" I felt some massive relief and looked at my dad and said, "Don't worry, its just a dream." I ignored the random ghosts that had popped into the room and dove through the sliding glass door. I took flight. I flew over several mountains and was just looking for anything interesting. I flew over a small village and noticed that there was a trap door right in the middle of town. I landed to investigate.

      The trap door was made into the earth right in the middle of town. I opened it up and there was another door. It slid open to reveal yet another door. After sliding open about 7 or 8 doors, a DC looked at me and said, "Pull it out of the ground this." I pulled up on the handle and a "flip-book" of doors came up out of the ground. I would have been opening doors forever if I wouldn't have pulled up. Underneath the book of doors, there was a dead body. I tried to move the body out of the way, but the hand of the body grabbed my wrist in dramatic fashion. I had actually thought that this would happen, so it didn't frighten me in the slightest. I pulled away from the body and the hand ripped clean off of its arm. I noticed there were maggots all around where the hand had ripped off. I shook off the hand and left the not so dead body alone.

      My friend Cliff was now with me. i walked around a nearby wooden shed and saw a huge pull. I nodded toward Cliff and we both took off running. Cliff shouted, "Cow tipping!" as we ran toward the great beast. We slammed into the bull and plowed it. It fell over hard and skid several yards while letting out a surprised, "Moooooo." As the bull scrambled to its feet I jumped up and landed on top of the barn. I noticed a stream about 40 yards in front of us. On the other side of the stream I could see a lion walking around. I jumped down off the barn and looked back over toward the lion. I now noticed that about 30 grizzly bears had surrounded it. They were all standing up on two legs and were doing a weird dance in unison. They began to close in on the lion while performing a well choreographed dance. The lion let out a final roar when the bears all dove into a pile on the lion.

      Dust soon covered up this oddity. I just watched as the dust cleared. The grizzly bears were all spread out wide and there was one in the center. The grizzly picked up the lion which was now tied up. It then slammed the lion down on a huge outdoor grill. The grizzly backed away. One of the other grizzlies tossed a small, round, ball to the grizzly in the center. This grizzly began dribbling the ball real fast and the ball suddenly burst into flames. The grizzly then shot a fade away and the fire ball fly high into the air. It landed on the grill and the lion caught fire. The grizzly slammed the grill shut and I could feel the dream fading. I decided to just go ahead and DEILD....

      Series Details
      In the dream series, "The Land of Dreams," I explore the depths of my subconscious. With no real goals in mind, I explore the creative lands and characters that come before me. Who will I meet? Where will I go? What will I do? These are the dreams that fit into no particular category. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!
    6. WTF (Short but very disturbing) Warning"GROSS"

      by , 10-09-2010 at 06:56 PM
      Starts out there was a man standing there and someone pulled on his arm and it ripped of. I could see hundreds of maggots inside his arm and his open shoulder. After a minute he got up off the ground and ran towards a DC who was wielding a fishing rod. The DC swung the rod at the attackers head and the hook from the rod stuck in his head. His entire face and scalp got ripped off leaving his maggoty brains open. The rod for some reason was able to suck the brains and maggots through the rod and right into the DC's mouth. His head started to expand as it filled up with a vomitish looking soquid until finally his entire head exploded all over the place.The end.wtf

      (i had a feeling of puking while in the dream to give you an idea of how "f"ed this dream was)