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    1. 31 Dec: Encounters, seducing Axman and fashion show

      by , 12-31-2018 at 04:22 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Taking care of a palazzo in some italian town. I have to close the windows at night. Quite a few of them. But I won't sleep there this night, only next one. On leaving I meet Riverstone and as we walk I see a white dog looking sad. He has collar and other accessories but maybe he is lost. I want to feed him something, but I only have fruit and he doesn't want. Then I find a chewing bone in my bag and he goes away all happy with it.

      At some shopping mall, food section, I meet the girlfriend of my ex-boss and an ex-coworker. They pretend not seeing me, but I say hi and they walk to me, although thy and the boss's ex says she is still upset with me. I say I already apologized to her boyfriend. She asks if I come over often. Fridays we could meet. They are on the line to eat at some fast-food shack and I leave them. I prefer to go eat at some other place. I go to the end of their line, bump twice with a tiny lady and she is upset. I say sorry, because I was careless.

      Visiting Axman. He is really, really busy with his businesses, so we hardly talk, he just instructs me to follow him as he talks on the phone. I find out he hired some professional match makings services for busy professionals. He is pissed of because he was matched with a cleaning lady. He didn't even met her, but he says unless she is a secret genius, no way he would ever like her. I think about his idiosyncrasies and how much I detest his superiority attitudes, but despite that I can feel that I am a bit upset that he looking for another woman to love. I don't want to lose my status. I think about how selfish I am being, but still I do something stupid. I think that a sure way for him to never love another is that I kiss him. So when he finally puts down the phone I grab him with my two hands and kiss him. It's a compassionate kiss, because I know how badly he wants it, but it's also for me, cause my ego wants to imprison him forever. And he surely is hungry for me, he accepts the kiss and grabs me and takes me to a nearby couch where we fall over and we make out. I have mixed feelings. First I like, then it starts feeling weird, I feel like I am kissing an octopus with bad breath. He realizes I am not enjoying and lets go of me. Didn't go so well... He goes check his breath.

      Meanwhile I encounter Clara who takes me for a walk outside, where there is a tunnel through some rock and a beautiful forested hill on the other side. She talks about some earthquake that displaced rocks and killed people. Then I recognize this is the place I saw on the news and tell her we should go, this isn't safe. Then notice some fallen rocks and others that could fall at any moment.
      I go inside a building nearby where some VIP event is taking place. A fashion show is happening and I watch it from a balcony on the first floor. Elaine from Seinfeld and a couple other chic ladies are sitting on a couch talking about vanities. I sit with them just to see if they accept me and if I am able to join the conversation. But it is just so empty. Then Licas comes and brings one piece of clothing, a tunic or poncho made of transparent fabric with embroideries and I say she looks like me in my "curtain phase" when I wore curtain like clothes only. We laugh.
    2. Hot guys fighting

      by , 01-15-2014 at 04:01 PM
      I remember being somewhere outdoors and there being an evil hot guy and a hot good guy. The good guy was my boyfriend and i remember i kept kissing him. You k now when someone is about to say something but you shut them up with a kiss? Well something like that. I remember i was doing that because he kept telling me i couldn't crown me and him as the queen and king of whatever party we were at so i kissed him to shut him up and then asked him " Were you saying something?". Then he shut up. Then i was taking a walk and the hot evil guy picked me up bridal style and was carrying me away. Then he challenged my boyfriend to a sword fight like in the old days and who ever wins gets me. Then i don't remember what happened

      But also i remember having a dream later that night about me being in a hotel and i was resurrecting a doll into a real girl. Then after that i remember eating and there was a huge open bouffett and there was a lot of amazing food. I remember i was really creeped out. It had an over all creepy vibe to it. Also i remember there was a lot of pollution they were throwing in the water so i went up to the thing collecting pollution and i made sure it didn't go in the water. Then i don't really remember much.
    3. 15 Nov: Suicidal cousin, bear, friend in the bardo

      by , 11-15-2012 at 12:01 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakenin

      I am all dolled up to sing and dance at the Oscars. But when I am dancing, I behave like a troll. My dance partners are so upset with me and during a break ask me why am I doing it. And I say it's hard to explain, but it's just stronger than me. They think I'm having a stroke or something, but the truth is I'm having a blast, just having fun.

      I get a phone call and I understand someone died. I'm worried sick to know who died, but then I'm told it s a distant cousin called Tomé. He was found dead and all pointed out to suicide. I can't remember his face, but he was best friend with my dad who seems insulted by the fact I can't remember him, so he insults me back, with some remarks about my limited intelligence. That's when I remember which cousin is. I only met him once or twice but he was somethin. I say to my father that Tomé was the only intelligent person on this family and I loved him very dearly. All of a sudden memories start to flow and I cry compulsively.
      I go outside and I am possibly in Germany. There are lushy green hills and a castle that looks like Nuremberg castle.
      The colours and details are amazing, but I'm consumed by the sadness of my cousin's death.
      Then there's a bear on the lose and it is angry killing people.The bear enters the houses and follows people to the attics and basements. So we have to keep running cause no door seems to stop it. Then I meet some guy along the way and we end up together in a dead end at some terrace. While we're there we get to know better and we feel a strong attraction to each out, so we make out very passionately, despite the danger lurking.
      Then we see the bear on the street again, it finds it's cub and seems to calm down. They return to the mountains.
      I get lucid and remember my cousin again. I think there might still be a chance to stop his suicide, maybe it didn't yet happen in real life, so I send a telepathic message out there to him, asking not to do it, saying how much we love him. Then from the horizon, giant clouds of black spectres rise up, gather in the millions and start coming in my direction. They look like Dementors, they want to stop what I'm doing. And I conjure a kind of light shield (like a Patronum spell) to stop them. They are too strong, I feel the shield weakening, but then I trust absolutely in the power of love and they start fading away, I start to fade away, then I wake up.

      I am dreaming some kind of movie about a girl (I'm her) and a widowed guy (who looks like Tom Hanks) in a small town. Some public event is going on and we hide in some storage house away from the crowd, where we get naked to make love. But then some kids go inside looking for something and expose us publicly. I'm embarrassed, mainly for being caught naked, but the guy is embarrassed because of what people might think for him being a widow, so he says to people that he regrets all of this, that he shouldn't have done it, that he insulted his wife's memory. But then once they're gone, he wants to make out again. I feel mad with his attitude, so I tell him to fuck off.

      Then I get lucid and I decide this time I'll do something important. I've been wishing to meet my friend Isabel in the bardo. She died about 6 weeks ago. I try jumping through a portal twice but I'm kinda rusty so it fails twice. At the third time I end up in some kind of palace or opera house with a beautiful stairway. I call for her, don't see her anywhere, but I see some famous singer she likes, so I think maybe I am really at her personal "dream space" in the bardo, so I stick around, focused on meeting her.
      I am attracted to a rose marble statue on the top floor and I have a strange sensual-mystical feeling about her, as if she is the core of this place. Although marble, she is also fleshy-organic. I direct my thoughts to this statue, my message to my friend and then the statue directs my eyes through a window and I see my friend on the street below. I run to meet her and she is strolling with some friend at some street market, buying vegetables. I say "hi" and then go straight to the point. "Isabel, I am here to tell you that we're in the bardo. You have to acknowledge that." She looks at me with a serious face and decides to ignore me. She continues passing by the fruit stands and I keep telling her "You died, Isabel! This isn't real! I'm here to help you recognize this!". She pushes me away, upset and I grab her hand and insist. Then she tells me "Okay, so if this is the bardo and you're awake, show me: transform this water fountain into something else." I look at the water fountain and have no idea what to do with it, but I concentrate in making it change into something. The eye of Sauron appears at its very centre under the water, and I don't know if that's me or something to scare me. In the mental fight to tranform the fountain, I make it melt and all the water flows overboard. The street becomes quickly inundated, the stands are dragged by the water torrent, as well as people and then I wake up.

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    4. 20 Apr: Make-out with James McAvoy

      by , 04-21-2012 at 10:12 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) I entered some café or restaurant and was looking around for a table. I saw a group of 4 or 5 people at a table to my left and one of them was James McAvoy. Well, I have a huge crush on him, so without wasting one minute of the dream, I just walked in his direction and almost knocked him down his chair when I grabbed him by the collar to kiss him. He apparently liked it because he got up and we started making out right there. I couldn't care less about the other DCs. We were already half naked on the floor, when I woke up. Sadly... lol
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