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    1. Take Me Somewhere Interesting

      by , 11-02-2016 at 03:04 PM (My Dream World)
      I was in some kind of bookstore and was looking at some manga. The manga I was looking at was kinda... erotic, for some reason, but I was really enjoying it. I put it next to some other manga and begin browsing and looking at different stuff when I realise I can't find the other one anymore and was desperate because I really wanted that one. I asked some guys next to me for help until I eventually became lucid. What did I do then, you ask? Well... I kept looking for the darn thing. I tried using voice commands (something like "The book I want is gonna float towards me" stuff like that) but nothing worked. I asked the guys what their favorite ones were, in hopes I find something better than the other one. They started talking about manga they liked and gave them to me, but they weren't what I was looking for at all.

      Eventually I realized I was wasting time and decided to focus. I realize I was in some kind of shopping mall. For some reason, I couldn't fly. I remembered reading something about stabilizing and how it makes dream control better, so I stabilized the dream by doing RCs and told myself I was sleeping and creating this dream and could do anything. It didn't do much, as I couldn't fire laserbeams from my fingertips (which was something I wanted to do... I guess) nor could I fly for some reason. I decided that didn't matter as I didn't need to fly for my goal, which was finding a mirror, asking my dream to take me somewhere interesting and enter it. Whenever I want to enter a mirror, there is always one nearby. I looked around and there was a huge one in a nearby section of the mall that looked like a shoe store.

      I got close to the mirror, rubbed my hands, and was already phasing my hands through it when I remembered I had to say the command.

      "Dream, take me somewhere interesting, please."

      With that, I fully entered the mirror and found myself in some kind of rooftop in a urban area. To my left there was a huge window to big, empty factory/storage of some kind. Looking around, I could see the rooftops of different houses and I think some buildings in the distance. I couldn't see the streets from where I was. This place wasn't what I was expecting at all, so I turned around and asked my dream, again, to take me somewhere interesting, but I specified that I didn't want just some generic city area. I floated up to a window with a dark tint (apparently, that's where I came from) and noticed I could kinda see through it. In this area there was also some kind of loud, constant noise in the background, like a really loud air conditioner. I phased through the window and ended up in a similar area. It was like I was in a room of an destroyed, abandoned or unfinished building. No roof or walls, save for the one the window was in. I didn't really look around the area since I was kinda annoyed and wanted to try entering a mirror one more time. However, the dream started fading and I was trying to think how I could bring it back. I think I tried to stabilize somehow
      but woke up and tried to stay still for DEILD, but I was sleeping for so long already (almost 10 hours) that I was too awake and didn't feel like staying there trying to deild, so I jut got up.
    2. #175 - Classical music / Rigid cooking / Escape / Epic

      by , 12-08-2015 at 12:09 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Sleep cycle 1 - Classical music (02:02)
      -A classical music performance, I haven't heard one for years (supposedly) and now in this large hall I could. The song part of the dream I don't recall as it was 'fastforwarded' through by the dream. I'm in the corridor afterwards talking with some people about it, did I play? I feel like I had some involvement somehow. Then I think I remember leaving in a car (as a passenger) on the motorway. I was still thinking heavily about the music event though.

      Dream experience: 2 (quite early in the night)
      Dream awareness: 0

      This dream probably occurred after I started watching a new anime about classical music >_<

      Sleep cycle 2 - Rigid cooking (04:38)
      This dream was influenced by the classical anime and a romcom anime I had been watching.

      -I had taught a couple girls how to cook and they had a very free-style attitude to cooking. My own style was rigid, by-the-book (or recipe) and I struggled to make a dish that was truly my own inspiration (not true IRL I think). We're in an after school cooking club and the teacher has told us to cook something, but I have to cook it for the 2 girls. I'm supposed to be really good at cooking but I have a weird mix of emotions, like I'm actually bad at it?.. The room is lit by the dying light of the setting sun, geeze someone turn the light on :/. As I'm cooking the teacher says there isn't the usual 'flare' in cooking that she sees when watching the 2 girls cook.. 'tsk' I know, I'm going by-the-book. I give the food a taste, why isn't the ginger flavour strong enough? The girls make it better, I know they would just add more ginger but my rigid style compels me not to. In the end I think I manage to break the barrier and go more free-style, adding flavours as I see them necessary.

      Dream experience: 3 (meh, it wasn't that good or vivid)
      Dream awareness: 0 (I wasn't particularly aware in any sense)

      Dream fragment - there's a coast with the ocean, something about a house?

      -I'm by a fence on the grass, there's a couple people on the other side who I'm talking to. In front of me is also a cute old cat, it looks so gentle. We get interrupted by an evil person who is standing like 20-30m away on a nearby road. I can't remember too clearly why we knew he was evil. He ended up sending his ginger cat to attack our cat, I intervene though and end up killing the ginger cat. I think I also accidentally hurt our cat... I look at that cute old cat and it's quite vivid. He's a fluffy tabby cat with a funny looking face. He's slumped down with his head bend back slightly too far.. Poor thing, I think I may have uppercut him or something. He looks at me with kind eyes and a nice smile, seeming to forgive me and thank me for trying to protect him. I feel guilty about killing the other cat though, I need to get rid of the body anyways... I run up the road in search for a bin to dispose of it into. O_O.

      Dream experience: 4 (emotional about cats apparently)
      Dream awareness: 1 (rising awareness from the cat I hurt)

      Sleep cycle 3 - Escape (06:00)
      -Earlier in this story it seems like I was trying to help someone escape and had made several preparations to help. I made a potion with the help of a witch, which would turn the consumer into a bat so they could fly away. The place we're at is like a TV set for producing a show, and I think one of the directors plays a prank on someone. The prank is that he shoots a spear at someone which impales them, I'm not sure how it was meant to be funny because the person died via being impaled by that spear -_-. They director starts acting to reduce the impact this has on everyone, I follow in spectator mode as he walks down a hallway and into a room and tells the ?? family that they should delete their contract with the show to protect their reputation.
      Now I'm in a breakfast dining hall, there's a bunch of food on plates and some people milling around. They're hungry and have just woken up and the room is only getting more and more crowded. I can see the person I'm trying to free, I think it's a girl (or a guy with long hair). I think I might be Linley Baruch (the main character from the book I'm reading) and I can hear people whispering about the person I'm trying to free. Apparently it's her fault.. We have to escape now or the police will take her away before we get the chance to escape, so we have to improvise. I give the potion to him (she is now a he for some reason) and he starts to ascend, floating into the air. There's mist around him and he begins to fade while emitting a beautiful kind of glow. Everyone looks up and sees him floating, and they think he has been chosen by god or some bs, which helps as an excuse to cover our escape. I am spectating now, I see Linley (who I was) crouch down out of sight into a meditative position in order to chant the words to a flying spell (he seems to be level 7 or 8 as a magus about now). The camera is panning upwards following the ascent of the glowing guy who is fading more and more. I kind of feel like I'm watching anime. Linley finishes his spell and shoots up, flying back into the LOS and floating next to the glowing guy who slowly finishes his transformation by turning into a small bat which is almost invisible because he's nearly completely see-through. I know that the audience won't be able to see him but I can. I'm closer now, maybe I'm Linley again? We start our escape, there's 2 routes we can take, one which is a long route through the tunnels (to the left) but we go to the right which leads straight to the exit. Wow, that was easy. If we had taken the left route it would have taken us 5 minutes to reach the same exit, that would have been dumb. We fly outside and shoot off to the North and I see Linley and the bat disappear into the distance. Another group of about 4 follows after, flying in the same direction. It was their friends, one of them I remember was a badass looking cat warrior dude. A second group flies out a moment later with several in the party (also friends apparently). 3 of them look kind of cartoonish like something from a manga, 1 is a cat, another is a smaller cat, and 1 is a ghost. They all fly off into the same direction as Linley.

      Dream experience: 4 (pretty cool)
      Dream awareness: 1 (changing perspectives was a pain and didn't help awareness)

      Sleep cycle 4 - Epic (07:46)
      -I remember now that earlier I was a wanted man, and that me and some friends had washed up on foreign shores on a sunny day. There was more to this dream but I can only remember from a certain point. Me and some friends (I don't recognize them) had just ran out of the bushes into a township (modern but somehow quite old looking) and we were talking. Previously we had been keeping it down in front of a house because we thought there was a saint level beast under it (saint is a high level of power in the book I'm reading). Luckily it was only a bear that jumped out so I'm a little relieved, I think it chased us a little but the commotion caused too much noise and an actual saint level beast popped up from the bushes of a nearby house. "Oh shit!" was everyone's reaction, even the bear. The bear was the first to die since it was a loudest, having its head decapitated immediately. Me and my friends were sprinting away, I jump into a side room area which is pretty small and me and a woman tuck away in the corner. She comes onto me a bit "uhh no thanks" (she's old and pretty overweight..) and I tell her that now is really not the time. We peek out the window and see everyone running around. I think the woman I was with is now a massive muscly dude and I see the bear sprinting towards us. It must have seen the big guy and wants to fight him first. The saint creature (it kind of looks like a bear with a more horrific, rounder furry head without bear ears) jumps into the room and dives over the muscly guy which really confuses me. Why not kill him? Oh... He's after ME. I dive out of the room and into the street, this isn't good. The saint beast (once an animal reaches saint level they can talk) says to me that I have the white dragon blood in me and is trying to kill me to learn about it. Argh god damn it.. we jump around and everything is in slowmo, he hasn't killed me yet though? Is he not saint level? I wonder about this, it can talk but it doesn't have the power of someone who should be saint level it seems. I somehow get the attention of my friends (about 3 of them) and one of them is Matt. I remember earlier we had gone into one of his minecraft tunnels to escape, and we see the entrance not far away. The problem is that we've already used it and can't use it again. We run there anyway, Matt has a secret surprise it seems. The saint level beast isn't even in sight, how the hell did we lose it? It should be close though. Matt pulls a lever, the ground drops beneath us suddenly. Whoa. Good ol' Matt, this is awesome. we plummet down to the depth onto separate rail paths. I can't properly describe what happened next, but it was genius. I was shooting forward so fast on this rail line, then I shot up on a jump and leapt onto a dingy boat that was propelled across the ground. There were draugr around (from Skyrim) but the boat shot past, "HAH!" they can't get me, it's so exciting. There's all these crazy innovative tricks that Matt has put into the track, the last carriage transition is when my boat stops at the edge and I had to jump off a cliff. At the bottom was another dingy boat in some water but it was quite small and there were lots of draugr in the water. I jump off and when I land on the small dingy it propels forward, it's not big enough and my feet are hanging over the edge. The draugr all start charging at me and I try kicking in the water to speed my self up. Hands start wrapping around my legs, they've reached me and are pulling at me.. I kick a couple of them off and use my hands to pull the last few off of me. I jump on to a wooden beam that stands out of the water, maybe this is what I'm supposed to do? Like an obstacle course, I jumped from one wooden beam to the next avoiding all the zombies. Ahead of me were people, this was the entrance into a movie? I leap onto the edge that a few people are gathered on. My friend Lajja sees me but she's soaking wet, I don't ask why because I feel like it has something to do with the draugr water behind me. She leads me out and down a hallway, she has incredibly short shorts on for some reason, I purposely pretend not to notice as I know I'm in another predicament (I get the feeling that I may be discovered by the lawful pursuers). "You have no idea what kind of crazy adventure I've just had!" I say excitedly, I'm still mindblown by that ride. Down this hallway is a huge line of people but the hall it self is quite narrow (only space for two people side by side). We walk down the hall for a bit but something catches my eye on the bookshelf which is also apparently in the hallway. It's like it's now also a library, so many books! I see 2 specific books which detail an adventure about a group that wash up on a foreign shore.. Is that, me? I get the feeling the book details my adventure, but it only just happened? I think that it's a magic book. Lajja sees I'm not following her and comes back to get me before we continue on.

      Dream experience: 10 (I can't imagine any other dream that I've had which is better than this one, maybe some on par so it's 10/10)
      Dream awareness: 2 (not quite lucid but glad I'm it wasn't)

      Everything I dreamt about literally combined so much from my day yesterday, it's pretty awesome.
    3. #116 - dream fragments

      by , 09-21-2015 at 04:15 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: non-dream
      Blue: non-lucid
      Red: lucid

      I've been reading a lot of manga, I've never ready any before so I ended up spending something like 20 hours during the weekend just reading. Completely sucked me in >_<
      My dreams last night were kind of a reflection of this, the events in the book were happening in front of me, I don't think I was really in the story, probably just reading it O_O.

      Edit: found that I wrote down some notes on my dream last night and I just found them. I was being driven by my friend near my old intermediate school, I had an exam that started in 4 minutes and there were lots of police cars on the road.

      My recall has been abominable lately, completely lost my ability to recall any dreams. I wake up and try to cement the dream to memory before going back to sleep. The next time I wake up I have no memory of the dream :/ don't know why it's changed suddenly.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. The Singing Robot

      by , 07-21-2014 at 03:59 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #221: The Singing Robot

      I’m taking an unusually long time to fall asleep after WBTB and I sense a shift which makes me wonder whether the dream has begun. I will myself to roll out of bed and I find myself floating in the air about 3 feet above and to the left of where I normally sleep.

      The sun shouldn’t be up yet but a trickle of daylight’s coming in through the shutters. I roll a couple of times, a little out of control. When I try to fly I wind up just heading straight downward, soon faceplanting in the floor. The scene goes dark and I hold on for DEILD. After a while I give up,I incorrectly thinking I’ve failed and have a
      false awakening, feeling disappointed that the dream was “so short”.

      I log onto DV and see that Dreamer has left a series of comments on one of my DJ entries. Rather than text, these comments are a series of giant images that are larger than my screen, so I have to scroll around to see the entire picture. The first is one of Dreamer standing with one foot on a balcony railing, looking back at the “camera” and grinning. She’s holding her other foot over her head almost straight up in the air like some kind of crazy ballet move.

      The next few pictures show different angles of a similar scene from a Japanese manga and I see that she’s just creating some favorite piece of a manga she likes. I think that this looks dangerous but I chuckle at her cleverness.

      the dream ends and I hold on for DEILD. I feel another shift and I once again roll out of bed into the air. This time I’m able to fly again but my dream body feels slight and insubstantial. It’s daytime, just as before, and I phase out through the shutters. The dream’s feeling really thin, and I try to rub my hands together but I can’t even manage that simple act. The dream soon falls into the void.

      “I’m having a lucid dream,” I say, but my voice comes out very gargled and robotic. I don’t want to lose the dream, so I try singing. It works, but every word comes out in this strange, metallic robot voice:

      This is a dreeeeeeam,
      This is a dreeeeeeeeeeeam…
      <pause> Dream dream dreeeeeeam…

      The audio holds together for longer than I expect, but eventually I lose even this and
      wake up.
    5. Book fire

      by , 07-08-2014 at 02:38 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      I was looking through one of the manga from the yaoi bookbox I’m doing for BookCrossing.com IWL, flipping through a few pages when suddenly my fingers caught on fire. I dropped the book and found some cloth, patting my hand down with it. The tip of my index finger got it the worst.

      When I woke up, I actually had to check my finger to make sure it was okay.

      Inspirations: The only thing I can think for the fire part is that on July 4th we burnt marshmallows at a stove outdoors and it was scaring me the way the wind would make the flames lick at my hand.
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    6. Dream About Buying Manga

      by , 01-13-2014 at 08:24 PM
      In my dream, I stumbled upon a Manga (Japanese comic) store. It gave off a cool feeling, it looked kind of gray with a hint of blue, and had J-pop playing int he background. I saw the clerk staring at me, and he had with an expression like "What are you doing here American?" I didn't pay it much mind and approached him. I told him that I've been reading Manga online and I really wanted to get a collection going. So he goes to the wall and picks a box of a Manga series. It had Anima/Animus character archetypes and I wasn't quite into it and told that I would like something else. Then my dad appeared asking what I was doing and I explained. I then told the clerk that I would like something that is Action/Adventure I talked to my dad some more (I forgot the specifics of our conversation.) And I was presented with a bundle of Manga to start my collection. They were all boxed in/ stacked on each, and wrapped in clear plastic. I saw some Manga I didn't recognize, and saw some I didn't. I thought this was a good way to start me of and payed for it. I was a little shocked because the whole thing cost my $35 and I expected them to be more.
    7. The Sand Tunnels

      by , 10-29-2013 at 04:48 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Didn't manage to remember the previous two days' dreams, but this one I was able to recall by laying in bed for a moment and thinking. It almost slipped by my memory!
      I was in an underground passageway, with lots of sand and rock around me. The lighting was dim; some lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Apparently I was tasked with completing a computer project by finding a sound-bit for the Windows start up noise and downloading it.
      Instead, I put that project off and decided to read manga. Eventually, I got bored of that and headed around the nearby corner to find a long, sandy hallway/tunnel. I saw some people walking down it. I made my way forward but was suddenly blinded by a bright blue light. I heard a static-like noise, and then saw a flash as a blue-purple colored laser fired from the end of the tunnel where the light was coming from. The laser killed many of the people in the tunnel, much to my horror. I ducked in a side area as the laser fired, and overheard a man nearby shouting "I can't believe they have diamonds!"
      I turned and saw some strange humanoid looking creatures who were holding spears and coming closer to me. They wore brown cloaks, and their faces were shrouded, the only thing possible to see was their orange eyes. They looked like Jawas from Star Wars. I fought them, and as the battle commenced I heard distinct arabian-ish music playing as a backdrop for the fight, almost as if I was in a video game. Once they were defeated, I collected the nearby loot on the ground: some skittles and a bottle cap.
      This is actually my dream referencing my real life hobby of collecting bottle caps.
      I walked back out into the hallway where the death laser was previously, and saw my family walking towards me. They told me we were going on vacation. And funnily enough, we just recently got back from vacation.
      That's all I could remember.
    8. Mad at Pillywiggin

      by , 09-25-2013 at 10:44 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      1. Somewhere with a bunch of books, I start stealing some. I get a bit mad at the person with me (Pillywiggin?) because she keeps asking about and taking books that aren’t important. I say something to that effect. ‘Only the really important ones’.

      Either they knew someone was stealing or this was standard, but you had to go through a line and ID yourself. I had a few different things and wasn’t sure which to use. A wallet, some kinda electronic device…

      I had a Yugioh manga left in my bag, apparently it needed to be transferred to where the rest where, but I didn’t have time.

      When it was my turn, I fumble for a bit until someone behind me hands me a small transparent trip of plastic. I give it to the scanner guy in front of me and pass.

      I’m in the bathroom and am a guy, apparently it’s my disguise. A girl (Gou from Free!?) follows me in and apparently wants to flirt with me. I say I have to use the bathroom, and she leaves for me to do so.

      Except I also remember the scanner dude revealing that he saw the plastic exchange?? And maybe the girl was supposed to be the one to have handed me the plastic?

      2. At home with me, mom, dad and Pillywiggin. We’re mad at her for something she did. Dad asks me what a fanmix is. Apparently Pillywiggin had made him one. I explain it’s a mix put together by fans of a series about characters/the series etc.
    9. Tri fragmentoj

      by , 09-21-2013 at 04:15 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      1. I was in a part of a neighborhood of where I used to live about ten years ago IWL, I’d only been there once or twice. I’m walking away from a house, and suddenly slow down to take in things around me. Things come more into focus. I look down beside the sidewalk and see some yellow(?) and purple tulips growing.

      2. About a strange family. In one room, two people are having sex. The one on top kisses the other, who freezes. The one on top thinks it’s because they don’t like it, but it’s actually because they were surprised by it, because the top one apparently had a hangup about kissing? Something about shark teeth??

      Someone is outside the door spying through some opening on the door.

      Something about a little boy.

      3. I find some manga on the bottom of one of mom’s bookshelves and wonder what they’re doing there, since she doesn’t read them. Except that they’re longer, wider and thinner than manga. At least one of them was Sailor Moon, and there were four I think. I take them out and away, after scooping a few other bits up into my arms to leave. There was a yellow card and a white paper?

      Notes: Soo I wonder if my practicing awareness is why I slowed down in #1 and focused? :O The shark teeth in #2 could come from Rin in Free!.
    10. Lots of fragments

      by , 08-30-2013 at 02:50 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)

      -I zoom into a scene and see a flying character, and am able to make out that she’s carrying another female character. Apparently it’s a scene in ‘the new episode’. After watching it, I feel like I had already seen it before.

      -Someone asking me if I’ve ‘seen the new episode (yet)’
      - Someone calling the flying girls ‘old people’
      -Think I remember seeing Greek columns in the scenery.

      Possible inspiration: Me telling Pillywiggin that I need to watch the new episode of Free!.


      -A community living off limited resources

      -Image in my head of three Inazuma Eleven characters standing next to each other, maybe performing a hissatsu technique together.
      - The phrase ‘Running away from the ball’.


      1) Like three people transform into one thing into another and back? ‘I’ was talking on the phone to a man, but when I went to see him in person, it was a small black woman, and I called her out on it.

      2) Me, Rane and her ex chilling in a bed, it was kind of awkward.

      3) Looking at books in a library with a boy, there are some manga as well. I casually steal one so he can’t see, because I know he won’t like me doing it. In another section, I notice that someone didn’t sort a few manga right, one of them is a Bleach volume.


      I had four dreams yesterday but they were mostly fragments/confusing.

      Immorality is definitely going back on my list as a dream sign. n_n

      I think deja vu is making a comeback in my dreams again as well.

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    11. Stealing an Instance

      by , 08-26-2013 at 10:31 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      5:55 A.M.

      Cheating in World of Warcraft by jumping in someone’s server.

      At first it was a fanart site, but I forgot what kind.

      Then it was a manga site. A girl said something about manga for people who had read APH (Axis Powers Hetalia).

      Then it was an Instance that turned out to have orc enemies and I had to run when I saw that they were Elite. For some reason instead of just logging off (maybe I was too panicked or it wouldn’t let me), I Ieft the Instance and the owner was waiting outside and caught me. She added me to her friendslist as I warped out of the game (so that she wouldn’t lose track of me).

      …But it took me to town instead, and I’m in a Acolyte outfit in Ragnarok Online, female with the white hairstyle in twin ponytails over the shoulders and clasps at the ends. As I viewed my character omnisciently from a point a few feet away, I wondered if she/I was cute enough to get the server owner to forgive her/me.

      Bam, the server owner is right next to me, she found me! I quickly type in “Sorry =/” and exit the game. (I never felt like she was going to hurt me, more like she just wanted to talk with me about it.)

      Inspiration: Probably due to my increase in gaming lately, playing Dragon Nest and Inazuma Eleven. I played WoW and RO for a long time some years ago. The Acolyte actually looked like mine before she became a Priest! Oh hey, one of my old dream signs, immorality…

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    12. Hogwarts and Alien Haze

      by , 07-27-2013 at 11:42 PM (Life's Dream Accounts)
      I remember the dream seemed to start out where I was at a school library that looked like the inside of a Barnes and Noble book store. I could smell printing in the books, and then It was like I was reading a manga book but then it was happening right in front of me somehow but two dimensionally. The manga book really didn't seem to have a premise because when I was reading it I saw the print of a school girl aiming a gun or beam gun up in the air randomly. She had short dark hair pulled back into a pony tail and looked like a manga character. Then, she pulled the trigger. This was like looking at a flip book except it seemed to happen on one page. After she pulled the trigger it hit a pillar which then collapsed and fell on top of another school girl who kind of looked like Konata from lucky star but then an older version of her or a similar looking girl then came around the corner. The younger Konata was passed out from being hit and the older girl that resembled the younger shorter one came in and swiped the girl up then ran off to get some help or something. I then flashed back into the bookstore. It was almost like I was witnessing another dimension act itself out. I thought that what I had just read was boring and seemed to lag on about random stuff so I looked through the other manga books. I said no to all of them while saying things like "another book about school girls, no. A book about friendship and hardship, no." I listed all the genres off by my own liking and insisted that it was just the same crap over and over again.

      The next dream I was onboard an Alien ship, I had awoken into this dream remembering seeing a fading light and being lifted up. I saw these tall green aliens looking at my feet and poking them, I then realized my feet were green. The aliens then started saying things like "where, were you?" "we were looking for you" and they kept asking those questions until I said something like "I don't know." and then felt distanced from the aliens as I zoned out into a haze for awhile and then woke up

      The next dream was Harry Potter related. I remember that chronologically something had happened to where howarts history was repeating itself and time in this matter really didn't exist. I was walking around Hogwarts talking to Ron who was telling me how easy it was to get lost as a first year and told me to try not to get into trouble. I then was on a different floor, Hermione, who was standing looking on ward looked disappointed about something. I couldn't tell until the scenario of where I was became more clear to me. I was in a class, I don't remember which one, but something had gone terribly wrong and Hermione was struck by this. I was a little disoriented within the dream so I don't remember completely what had happened in the classroom like room in hogwarts, it was as though I was trying to remember bits of the movie and the book together to create a dream, but it was all a haze.
    13. SP Dream

      by , 10-12-2012 at 01:49 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I had a dream this morning that I was looking at sheet music. I turned the page, and the next page was what it should have been. I went back to the first page of the music, and it had turned into the page of a manga. "I must be dreaming," I said as I was suddenly snapped back to my bed. Unfortunately, I could feel my dream eyes closing, which meant I was waking up. I opened my eyes and realized I had woken up in sleep paralysis. I could move my fingers a little bit, but even that was really difficult. I knew it was important to stay calm, so I focused on keeping my breathing steady to keep myself calm. I figured I'd "wake up" from SP if I just stayed calm and kept my eyes open.

      Then, I got the idea to use this as an opportunity for DEILD. I closed my eyes, hoping to transition back into a dream. Before long, my ears started ringing, which I'd heard was common during SP. It'd stop whenever I opened my eyes, though.

      Eventually, I just woke up - for real - instead. I was pretty sure the SP had just been a dream because it had had that "hazy" feel to it, and I was also fairly certain I hadn't been holding my Link plushie, which I would've been holding if I was awake (though I can't say for certain that I wasn't, since I didn't look down at my hand and could barely move).

      I soon fell asleep and had another dream. In this dream, an old lady who looked to be about 90 or 100 walked into a doctor's office, sat down on the chair, and said, "Goodbye, humans. I'm the president's own woman."
    14. The Dragon Friend and the Desert

      by , 04-11-2012 at 05:09 AM (The Realm of the Child)
      Dream Type: Non-Lucid, Memorable.
      Dream Mood: Excited, Fun, Exhausting.
      Dream Setting: Nature, A Warehouse, Some Desert.
      Dream Characters: A Dragon-Person, Comic-book Characters.

      I have not quite been able to remember the beginning of the most recent dreams I have been having, and despite the fact that this was a nap, it was much the same.

      I don't remember how the dream began, though it had to do with me being in some mountainous area that had a few tribal tents of some sort, though each one had a different more or less psychedelic pattern. For some reason, I took interest into a more natural looking patterned tent. It contained a dragon girl inside of it, like, a girl who had the shape of a human (save for the feet, they were like hind-legs) though had scales and a muzzle of sort. It perplexed me for some reason or another, and so I tried to visit her every now and then, though she was seldom there. The times I did meet her though, we seemed to get together quite nicely.

      Next, I was actually sleeping in my dream when I was sleeping (sleepception?)! I was in a warehouse, and there were others there, but I didn't seem to recognize who they were, and so I went to sleep. It seemed black for the most part, though I'd wake up and seemed to think I was going to some convention of some sort that morning, and I was not wearing anything but my boxer briefs, until I got up and everyone started laughing. I was suddenly in a pink tightsuit and so I pulled down the pants part of it to reveal that my inner-thighs were covered in water and shaving cream. I freaked out and wiped all of the cream off and put on some jeans and a black t-shirt, and we set off. I was with a few other people, though they were all characters from comics or manga books. One of them that I remember the most was Monkey D. Loofy from the manga One Piece. We walked outside, and it was suddenly really hot with a decent breeze as well. It was a desert, and so we began walking, in the distance was a sort of town. About half way through, we stopped and we were asked if we wanted a sort of popsickle or something. We all babbled on about who had the money for it, though soon enough, the dream ended.
    15. I Just Read In This Dream...Seriously.

      by , 04-09-2012 at 05:22 PM
      This dream is probably the result of me training myself to read in dreams. Believe me, it is more difficult to me than it seems.

      First, I was reading some book where Christians did a bunch of experiments--including one involving some sort of Pagan(?) ritual and scientifically testing the density of...rocks. I should probably refrain from saying why I should have known it was a dream, or else I'll sound like a major jerk.

      Then, for some unexplainable reason, I read an Ed, Edd n Eddy fanfic... WHY is beyond me. However, I do remember parts of it:
      She was so beautiful it was almost non-canon.

      I probably shouldn't read the rest...because it totally had nothing to do with that kiddy show. It was more about a pretty girl's strained relationship with her father.

      Lastly, and I can understand why I would have this part of the dream, I read a bonus manga of Vampire Knight. They all--as in Yuuki, Zero, Kaien, Toga, Senri, and Rima--went to the movies. Hilariously enough, Senri was wearing a baseball cap with teddy bear ears. I guessed in the dream it was because he was so good looking. XD
      I was a little disappointed that Kaname wasn't with them. But, man, that was a good bonus manga! I especially liked the part when Senri and Rima just left in the middle of the movie. But, in the beginning, there were three panels, showcasing members of the group over the years. It said above the panels,"Most of these guys really aren't the types you'd see at the theaters."
      Then, it pointed to Zero and said,"Especially this one!"

      Although, when I said I wanted to read Vampire Knight, this wasn't really what I meant.
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