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    1. Dreams are real... kinda ...sometimes ... I think

      by , 01-19-2020 at 02:40 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I dreamt that I moved into this big mansion , multi leveled house, with questionable (satanist) exterior design...
      And I shared this house with another family too, they were kind and friendly, but I had my own part of the house they had theirs and we shared a living room I think?
      Since I felt like I should have some intimate spaces only I can access, I opened these little rifts into empty space on top of this big house, there was no roof, I just reached into empty space and made a room or two
      later in one of my rooms I found some old drawings from around 2015 when I found out about this anime\manga I used to watch
      and I remembered them ,and I found it cringy that I did draw these fanfic things in the dreams I had around that time , and the nostalgia was so real ,and so vivid
      apparently I used to draw a lot in dreams since I was a natural in dreams
      and these stuff remained, even the memory of it, I can only access them when I dream
      Like old items, but they only exist in a dream
      but somehow they remained...
      in my head

      It was kinda baffling to encounter something I did years ago in a dream....and remember it ...in a dream...
    2. 2 Jul: Assassin at pool, Björk show at a resort and grandpa is a slave owner in Brazil

      by , 07-02-2019 at 12:55 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I witness an assassination at a public swimming pool. Assassin and victim are fully dressed but deep down under water. I get out and get to a friend and we both try to disappear without being noticed, but the killer sees me. The world is at a turmoil. Endless lines and traffic jams with restless people trying to get access to basic goods. We are lucky to be able to go over all of them. Once we get home I ask my friend that we barricade the door and as soon as we start closing it, a bunch of people appears asking for help, creating a lot of tension. We finish barricading but there is some other door in the back, and I am not sure nobody got in.

      Near Á-dos-Loucos at some clinic. I look through the window and I see smoke in the bushes behind. Go check. A couple car accidents started a fire. The drivers are running away, they say it is to call firefighters, but they don't come back and firefighters neither. The locals start gathering and fix it by themselves.

      At some type of vacation resort. Stephen Colbert is there. I walk down to the beach following him and some other dude. They have some beef and are trying to settle it by fighting. Colbert loses one finger in his hand. But he keeps on joking about it, doesn't seem so worried or in pain.

      Then back on my bedroom at this resort, fighting with my balcony doors. The balcony has no railings and I have to dangle dangerously to reach the doors to close them. At dome distance I see a stage where it seems are speakers giving seminars. But then I start hearing Björk singing. I see her coming on the stage and I go there to see the show. But she is on playback and I feel disappointed. She doesn't seem happy with it either and she is signalling the organizers that they shut down the playback and let her sing. They just bring another mic but the playback keeps on going and she stops pretending, exposing it.

      Brazil in colonial times. My grandpa owns a gigantic mansion in the outskirts of the jungle. I am friends with simpler people, maybe his slaves. A lady who cares for me offers me a lively wind chime made from a special kind of straw. I hang it on a tree and swear I will take it home later.
      A bad man appears from behind the trees, wants to hit me or abuse me. Things gets blurry, I guess he hit me. But I still pick a rock to bash his head. I feel horrified with the idea of taking a life so I try not to. Despite that, the man falls dead and I run away to the river to cool down. The river has a sudden flash flood and changes course, hitting my grandpa's mansion and dragging it along. It is a 4 story high building with 3 towers but remained intact. Only now it is dangerously located on top of a waterfall and has two streams of water running between the towers. The local population gathers to see if they can do a rescue mission to the people inside. After some struggle we manage to enter by one side of the house. We encounter the residents, my grandpa, guests and helpers, going about their business as usual. They are at the salon about to eat lunch and they offer us food. We argue it is dangerous and we must take them out but my grandpa responds angrily that all is ok and nobody will do such thing.
    3. Sunday, January 13

      by , 02-02-2019 at 11:47 PM
      I am in some building. This building may be more of a house, though it is vast and labyrinthine. I think an Asian woman is showing me around or I keep running into her. At one point, she is introducing me to ‘the author’. He is a fairly unassuming man with brown hair and a full but medium length beard. He is in formal dress, along with the few other men with him. They appear to be golfing at an indoor course (or simulation?) in this room that was right around a corner. I’m under the impression that this ‘author’ has made enough to afford this house. He gives me a curtly respectful nod, and I move along. There are a myriad of rooms and furnishings, blending into the whole layout, often lacking clear demarcations between rooms. There is a large, plush bed in a corner. In it, under the comforter, lies a man and two or more women. I think that’s a high ratio, then I see another man’s head in the small sea of bedding and pillows. I may be in search of a bathroom, or I may just be passing a few. The second one I pass seems narrow and branching off in two directions. I think one side has sinks and the other has toilets or urinals. Either way, it is far too large than is necessary for a house.

      I am going into a Sam’s Club with Melissa. We are not members, so I think we’ve snuck in somehow. We gather a few shopping bags worth of goods and proceed to the check out. Instead of paying there, you’re supposed to give your phone number. We give a fake number. We’re given a receipt which is checked by a man on the way out. We give this (Hispanic?) man a different receipt - from a different, real transaction or something. This receipt is from a different location, though, and we had folded it to obscure that, but he ends up seeing it. We’re not sure what to do, but we end up sneaking away when he becomes distracted by something. We stay close to the line of parked cars. I start to run, but Melissa tells me not to, as it’ll be more noticeable. Later, we are somewhere and I am thinking that we’re probably going to get caught. I think we’ve done this before too. I feel remorse and don’t want the repercussions of being caught.
    4. 9 Dec; Spiders coming out of me, robbery and a new food

      by , 12-09-2018 at 12:22 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      On my teenage bedroom, going to sleep late, keeping a light on.

      With some friends at a party hosted by Björk.
      I hurt a finger and burst a blood vessel internally, so I cut open a little bit of the flesh to squeeze some blood out, but instead come out little orange spiders.
      I empty my entire finger until it becomes transparent and naturally it refills with fluids and muscle. It starts working wonderfully and I realize I need do do the same procedure with all my fingers which are painful and stiff, but I can't find the courage to see more spiders coming out of me, I am freaking out at the thought.
      Then thorny vines start bursting out through my skin and I also try to remove them one by one and it is painful.
      Meanwhile I am feeling a bit hallucinated with all that is happening to me and I decided that maybe that was it: I was indeed hallucinating! and I enter a strange mental crazy state, dancing like mad and Björk asks me if I'm alright. My friend Nuno says I need to continue extracting the spiders to heal and I say "What, so it was real? You did see it?" And they confirm with a nod.

      Friend's mansion, looking for one of the many toilets, end up in the laundry room, which is bigger than my living room and dinning room together and has a fireplace.

      My own house is attached to a pharmacy which is all made of glass walls. One night I hear noise at the pharmacy door and I go take a look. There is a gang of guys planning to rob it. They see me peaking though a door, because there is an all night light on illuminating the whole place. I hear them commenting that I'll be the final prize. I get scared, because I know they can get inside the pharmacy easily by breaking the glass. So I go back to the house, lock the door behind me and go check all other doors in my house. Then freak out that they are all unlocked and I can't find the key.

      There is a festival promoting a new food, made from some sea creature or algae, that people never ate before. It is processed into some green waffle toasts and also a spread. I try the spread, tastes weird like raw pureed seaweed. They are asking name suggestions for the products. There are some names on the table already and I see one that looks like Okeje.
    5. 7 Dec: Italian mafia movie, tourism and a rich friend's mansion

      by , 12-07-2018 at 11:25 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I dream I am watching and at the same time living in the flesh an Italian movie about a guy who adopts two orphan boys about 2 years old. It is lovely and adorable, until a mobster wants to settle an issue with him and kidnaps the boys to raise them as his own. He tries to make them copies of himself, so they are dressed like little gangsters and he takes them to see all about his business, including whacking other people. The kids are becoming traumatized and insensitive.
      One day their father comes to rescue them with a bunch of men and shoots the gangsters when they were about to climb some staircase to enter a building. One of the kids is so traumatized that he runs away from is daddy, crying, but some of the rescuers go after him. The other kid stands still without a reaction, but when his dad comes to him he bursts into tears and says "papi" (although that's spanish). I also cuddle the poor kid.

      Doing tourism with my mom in Italy. Drivers are just insane, speeding on tight alleys, almost hitting us. We hear a crash. I fly over the houses to get a view. It's a truck with vegetables who went over the pier and landed on a boat. The driver can't believe it. Meanwhile my mom arrives and wants to help him by buying him vegetables, but I don't think it's the best time to do it.
      We go to the historical city center, crazy ladies put pots with plants outside their doors, basically filling the narrow alleys with obstacles on which we trip for a couple of times. We enter a very cute restaurant which is also a b&b and I recognize it from having stayed here before. My mom confirms she recognizes it from pictures. I go talk to the owner and they say I left a big bottle of hemp oil when I last checked out from here. I had been worried the customs would not have allowed it, but this time I will try to take it back with me.

      I am staying at some rich friend's mansion. She is an Asian video artist. She shows me a video clio she did for an H&M campaign, very conceptual with people swimming in the sea and a centaur swimming with them, that becomes a horse on land. She says it wasn't picked up by the brand, because they didn't get the meaning, which was none. I said I liked it, even without any meaning, it was trippy and inspiring.
      She puts down the usb pen with some of her work and we check for some paintings I left in her house last time. I promise to take them with me this time. They are hideous and amateur, but she encourages me to continue doing it. Then she notices the pen is gone and freaks out. I say the only person I saw coming in was a certain guy, part of her team and she goes look for him in the studio. She is furious because she knows he wants to steal her ideas and undermine her work. She yells at him and they begin a nasty discussion,
      I decide to go check the rest of the house. Her amazing kitchen is on a hanging deck over a cliff, with glass walls with view to the town underneath. There's a large spiral stair to a garden below. From the garden, there is a large entrance to a lounge area where I encounter some of her friends chillin'. One of them says he found a recording of me singing a Grease medley and he wants to play it for everybody to listen. I say no, no, I am embarrassed, but he assures it is really good and they should hear. They are VIPs and might help me launch a career, but I run away to hide under a staircase. Another lady, also Asian, comes to sit by my side with lots of bags, says she is leaving for her flight, but feeling very tired and asks to rest her head on my lap for a while. Then some guy looking for me asks me to join back the group, he insists they really liked my recording. Along the way he sings bits of the song, trying to trick me into singing, but there are people all the way on the hallways and I just can't sing in front of people. He understands. Says we will just be watching another friend athlete on tv and not bother me with the singing.
      We watch her on some competition. She is also Asian, very pretty and with some very original outfit and hairdo, unlike anything I have ever seen in sports. At first I thought she was doing pole vault, but then realize it is some kind of new modality, in which athletes gotta climb a kind of metallic ladder reaching the highest possible step, with a minimum jumping movement, like cats do. I think she breaks a record and everyone is celebrating.
    6. lx. lxi.

      by , 10-31-2018 at 01:12 PM
      lx. 28th or 29th of October

      Dream fragment:
      Something about some "stragglers"? I remember a location, from a bird's eye point of view, it was rural, there was a big mansion/manor in the middle. Remember going there and being told to try the stragglers. Remember another dream location supposedly nearby. Looked a bit like a dump inside, it was like a giant metal container, not unlike a shipping container but bigger.

      Some sort of dwarf-like people, these stragglers. I was here to mine some titanium ore or something, and they hadn't been able to find any but I did.

      lxi. today, 31st of October

      Dream fragment:
      Something about my partner wanting pizza.

      Dream fragment:
      A dream that was half-real half-game? Everything was fine but then there was some sort of war? Remember building blocky planes or vehicles and wondering if I couldn't just stay behind to do important logistics instead of flying off.

      At some point in this dream I remember a living room of some sort and some pizza, a tv and a sofa...

      Some notes about the dreaming:
      • The first dream fragment feels related to the story I started writing a couple of weeks ago as a dreaming script. I have been thinking about that story but not writing a lot on it because of my tiredness.
      • The war dream and building a plane probably comes from recently trying out the game "Besiege".

      Some general waking-life notes:

      • I've been a bit too tired recently and just can't get up or wake up at the time I want to, and it has happened I've gone to bed later than I wanted to as well.
      • Lately I've been thinking about why certain elements never come up in dreams; such as reflective surfaces and some of things I do in waking life (such as painting and drawing).
      • There have been mornings where I did initially recall a small dream fragment lately, but several times I had to get up and get on with something else and I'd forget the fragments or not have focused enough on them initially to be able to make a mental or written note.
      • I have been practicing reality checks quite often and especially trying to make note of when things could potentially be dream elements. But the intention or the check muscle memory doesn't seem to be carrying over at all into dreams at the moment. Maybe I need to read more again, that seems to stimulate something different.

      + Previous score: 60.5

      + This DJ entry score (breakdown below): 1.5
      ++ Recall a non-lucid fragment * 3: 1.5

      = Total score thus far: 62.0

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      non-lucid , dream fragment , side notes
    7. xlix.

      by , 10-11-2018 at 10:52 AM
      Non-dream stuff - Woke up at 6:30 with the first dream, then at unknown time had the second dream (fragment) and then woke at 9:20 with third dream. Made note of all on phone initially.

      Dream 1:
      Mixed location of my home town with where I live now. Recycling was being collected and it was morning. I remember coming to pick up our bags back but they were only "half-empty", as were everyone else's. Other people were there, also disgruntled for that same reason. I found some vintage gear in the midst of this, but for some reason I felt like it was stuff of ours to begin with, so I wasn't sure how they'd got there. It was morning and cloudy.

      Some sort of transition, then in the car with my partner driving away from town; I said I didn't like the route we were taking, as it was transitioning from town to massive red canyon-type cliffs and we were going at super high speed on a ring of red rock suspended in the air (like something you'd see in 90s sci-fi racing games). It was a clear and bright day at this point.

      After the canyon, we were arriving at a megapolis and the sun was setting. We parked up on a hill away from it all and started walking down to a large concrete pillar. It had what looked like cash machines embedded into it, but they weren't cash machines; they were some sort of tourist information points, and the machine would teach us some local lingo. I spent some time on it reading the words and trying to pronounce them correctly. It reminded me of Pidgin and Jamaican. When I was at the machine, I made particular note that the person on the other machine looked like one of my aunts (G) but thought no further about it and assumed it a coincidence.

      Then there's an implied transition that we went up somehow. We were now in the lobby of a grand place; it was a casino, carpeted, wood paneling, etc. Before I got to the reception I remember this black girl; somehow she looked like a younger and female version of Morpheus from the Matrix, and also without sunglasses. Her mouth was distinctly like his, she could have been his daughter. I don't remember what we talked about, but at one point I started to feel like she was pestering me/following me and I and my partner (H) just moved on to the reception desk. H was talking to the receptionist and there was an implied topic of H's mom having recently passed away. I questioned this a little bit but some sort of dream memory made me assume it was true.

      Whether it was a memory of the dream or a real memory, I was certain I'd been at this casino before. We were being given far more points than last time, and I could see there was a wooden framed number counter with 6 digits behind the reception desk, on the wall. It was the money I had available? 22000 it said; so I went down to 20000, and got in exchange some 50000 points or something, including to spend on some sort of "casino skills" like it was a game.

      Then all of a sudden we were teleported into another part of the casino. I could see myself in third person and I was some character wearing a light blue outfit. H wasn't with me anymore, I was confused and the dream ended; I woke up just as confused, sweating profusely, feeling like H was missing, when H was actually just next to me in bed.

      Dream Fragment 2:
      I was in some sort of large mansion or house. I don't remember much about it apart from zombie-like people, except they weren't rotten/rotting. They were alive and well, apart from being mostly mindless. I had some sort of special powers that I could use with my hands. I vaguely remember a selection interface.

      I tried the powers on the zombies, and they would mostly have the effect of making them behave differently or responding to commands from me and the like. The last ones I tried were on a woman, none of the powers worked on her. She had a white cardigan top and had short brunette hair and brown eyes. She became aggressive when the powers didn't work and started trying to gouge my eyes out with her thumbs; my eyes were closed and I could feel the pressure but I grabbed her arms with my hands but somehow she gained an extra arm; at this point I started to question what was happening, but the dream ended soon after.

      I don't recall when in the night this dream occurred.

      Dream 3:
      Me and H were in our kitchen. It was night but instead of the kitchen having a rolling blind at the window, it had 2 curtains. Couldn't see very well outside at first. I was naked and started to become concerned about people looking in and seeing me naked, as the kitchen light was on.

      When I looked outside again, the outside looked bigger and smaller in some aspects vs waking life. It was bright now too, I could see lots of traffic on the climb behind our house, which was odd for this time of night. But there was a full moon with a violet glow; the glow reflected on clouds too and it was quite beautiful and interesting.

      I could see the top of a street lamp post and I looked away at something and back at it and it started to fall, albeit slowly. H became very concerned it would hit the work shed, but I could see clearly that it wouldn't and would land on an upper tier instead. The traffic was still heavy and I found it odd that nobody had stopped, even lorries just going through the road. Did they phase through or just smash the pole into bits? There was no noise of vehicles hitting it. It felt like a "physics bug".

      The dream ended soon after.

      Will edit in some notes later. Feeling a bit too tired.

      Scoring thus far:
      + Previous score: 12.5

      + This DJ entry score (breakdown below): 19.5
      ++ Recall a non-lucid fragment: 0.5
      ++ Recall a non-lucid dream *2: 2.0
      ++ Buy/Purchase something: 1.0 (at the casino, buying points)
      Control another object or DC: 1.0 (in the dream fragment, controlling the "zombies")
      ++ How fast can you drive a car: 10.0 (in the first dream, when we went over the canyon, my partner's car simply shouldn't be able to go that fast and the suspended bit was curved, so if we weren't going that fast we would have fallen/steered off)
      ++ Recall any non-lucid dream over 5 consecutive nights: 5.0

      = Total score thus far: 32
    8. [07-08.08.2017]

      by , 08-08-2017 at 08:50 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Sabbath, paperwork, level and boar shovel

      It was a dark afternoon and the evening was close. I escaped from my house, a big, victorian mansion in suburbs of some big city and took a bus to it's centre, thinking about why I escaped from there. I realised that I did it because my sisters literally were witches about to have a sabbath. I had enough of their magic for some reason. Taking a walk around dark streets, I entered some shop and searched for stuff that I could defend myself with. More people entered the shop, they were my friends and tried to help me to stop witches from destroying our house or doing something even more horrible. We convinced checkout assistant to fortify the shop and set up a safe spot there, but I knew that I'll have to go back house sooner or later.

      Suddenly I found myself in some office. I had to fill in some forms taken from lobby downstairs and follow a spiral staircase upwards. I had to dodge opening doors once, as some woman was leaving her office and accessing the staircase. I finally reached the office I was meant to leave my papers in, only for clerk to tell me that I need to fill in some more forms. I had to go back down and up three more times to get all the paperwork done, then left the office. I was summoned by my witch-sisters back to our house - they were flying on their brooms, tearing through walls and shooting beams of energy from their walls that blasted holes in it. It was a ceremony of destruction during their sabbath.

      My perspective changed for a while and I saw myself working on a level for a video game. I said "Now, that's a great idea!" and imagined myself how the level looked and played out. The player would start in an airlock from which it'd be able to access an interior of space station.

      Then I was in some ancient ruins deep underneath the destroyed mansion. I was a knight in full plate armor and I had some companions with me. We ran towards some altar on platforms hanging above lava and met my sisters. They wanted to kill us, so we defended ourselves and fought, eventually throwing all of them down to fiery death, awakening some kind of evil serpent-god. We battled with the monstrosity, killing it with arrows and swords. When falling down dead, it ripped a hole in cavern wall where I immediately jumped. My companions started shouting "Boar shovel!" and I raised something that kinda looked like a strange mix of battering ram and shovel. I started digging for unknown reason and mistakenly dropped one of my gauntlets to lava, yelling "My knightly gauntlet!".

      Then my perspective changed once again. I saw an arctic ocean with an iceberg. From underneath the deep, gray-blue water the evil serpent-god emerged and said "In the end, I always win!", my witch-sisters flying high above the serpent, leaving colourful trails on the sky.

      Outbreak, recalling dreams within dream, survival, facing new world, avatar powers and "semi-lucid"

      I left a bus and looked at, seeing my reflection in one of windows. I was a tall, muscular, bald man in black t-shirt and in jeans trousers. There were a lot of people in there, it was some kind of a FEMA encampment or factory turned into an evacuation shelter. Suddenly people all around became aggressive and started attacking each other, then anything that was even moving. I was defenseless, so I started showing zombies finger-guns and pretended to shoot them, which actually spawned real colt gun in my hands. I shot my way from courtyard and was about to get to safety of encampment. I saw some horrified dog running towards the entrance that was automatically closing during emergencies like this. I heard some voice saying "And then the death race to doors began! Who is going to make it? Him, or maybe the dog?" I started running after the dog, almost catching up to it, but the canine jumped forward in last moment - the gate closed, leaving me outside. The voice spoke again, saying "So the dog made it."

      I decided to look around. Looking at that place I thought that it could be a cool location for a game, and recalled myself a previous dream that I had. In that dream I was a stalker and there were several heavily fortified military fortresses behind my barn.

      Then I came back to the reality I was in - there was no way to enter the encampment, but I could see entrance to sewers nearby. I cautiously approached dark tunnels and sneaked through sewers to some supermarket in city centre, shooting undead on the way. I lost all my ammo, so I had to find some melee weapon. There was a long, thin pipe that I could use as a staff or bludgeoning weapon, so I picked it up and moved upstairs, meeting with other survivors. My younger sister was one of them. We moved to some abandoned shop overrun by zombies and cleared it. After clearing it, some cop came from nowhere and cuffed me. As he was taking me somewhere, my sister freed me and he started escaping. I chased him and smashed his skull with my pipe, then strapped it back. With other survivors we decided to leave all the stuff for later and moved to another store. It was a fortress made by other survivors. We surveyed the area when suddenly another cop cuffed me. Sister freed me again and I chased the cop, but he opened the way for zombies, so they could get inside the safe spot. We gunned down all the undead, but owners of the fortress died. With my group I moved to that store we cleared previously and started packing my backpack with foodstuffs. No one else was doing that however. I cautiously checked contents of every glass jar, taking many of those ready meals, and then we moved on.

      A map looking like it was made for a NES game appeared. I saw my group on it, inside ruined city. There was a small riverside town and a big metropoly. I saw roads with trucks and other vechicles of 20th century (as in, communism era). A voice said that this small town was forgotten, living in a shadow of a great metropoly ruled by evil dictatorship. Then I saw huge ant-like robots powered by steam marching through cities and that Poland was within one of destroyed nations. The last thing that the voice said is that one must defeat guardian of bridge to enter that little town. With my group of survivors we moved there and everyone except me went through bridge undisturbed. I was stopped by the guardian - a huge bear walking on two legs. I've seen it as if it was a sidescrolling NES game. I shot the bear with machinegun, curiously it shot arrows not bullets. When the animal retreated, I got to the city.

      Everything started to look like an animated movie, everything seemed to be drawn with pencil and coloured with crayons. Me and the group of survivors I travelled with had our new lives here. I was living with some family as they let me stay in their house. One day when we were having a breakfast, a group of lizards armed with spears busted into our house and were about to attack me. Instead of escaping, I called the powers of four elements and started blasting those lizards with them. I felt all the forces working on my body and gaining those powers felt as if this part of the dream wasn't meant to be and that I forced it. Everyone in the house asked in disbelief "Does he have avatar powers?" I blasted almost all of those lizards away, but two of them kidnapped father of the family. I burst out through wall and saw them far away, almost reaching mountain top in the distance. I tried to fly up there, getting high up to the sky, but I fell down on the road and made a small crater in it. Several more attempts of flying, I could feel something stronger than gravity pulling me down, but there were no more craters on landing. I got to the mountains, but there were no traces of anyone. Suddenly I received a vision of myself. I was in despair, as I couldn't link great fires after the bell toll and let dictatorship grow strong. Suddenly the kidnapped man appeared and said "That's what I was trying to make you recall."

      Damn, writing down those convoluted dreams took much more than I thought it would. Empty spaces are for easier reading, those dreams actually had no breaks between each of "scenes".
    9. [29-09-2016]

      by , 09-29-2016 at 04:51 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in future, in a mansion complex I shared with siblings. It was a huge complex made of apartments that joined up in one entrance. Parts of it on first floor were just finished and had only white walls. The rest of the building was richly and modernly furnished. I entered my apartment - it was the richest of all. I helped siblings build and finish theirs apartments.

      Next day I was in our family house, it was completely rundown and abandoned, but still in our possession. I started to work on it to renovate it and make it better than ever.
    10. [28-09-2016]

      by , 09-28-2016 at 02:37 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in my house, the cellar was extended and took space from where it was to borders of our possession. The wall of cellar was smashed down, there was hole in the floor opening up to some ruins and wall of old sewage cistern could be seen. With family we had to drill through that wall for some reason, I warned them about old sewage but they didn't listened. Using a drill we made a round hole and then father turned on water and crystal clear water started flowing rapidly. I climbed up to cellar and with family we started barricading.

      Second dream

      It was an evening, I was atop an enormous hill with a ruined gothic mansion. I ran around ruins, it was getting darker and darker, I heard ominous whispers. I was about to find someone in there, but I was alone. I thought that running away from ruins, into darkness would change dreams. I ran into darkness and everything became black.

      Third dream

      Blackness faded out and I found myself in that mansion during a summer day. I was there with group of classmates, on a second floor. It was open to a beautiful ravine overgrown with beautiful vegetation. We were wandering around the place, girls were with us but they had to change clothes without coming back to rooms, so we all had to turn back when they did.
    11. Flight and Fight 5/18

      by , 05-18-2016 at 08:34 PM
      I've begun keeping this journal here so I can have a place online where I can evaluate my dreams and never lose them. I'm grateful to have this format.

      I wrote this immediately after waking up from a dream that seemed to last all night and consisted of a single long adventure. These long adventure dreams are the sorts of things I will be recording, because I find them most interesting. This dream is recorded in great detail because it has several themes, characters, and elements in it which I have dreamed about before.

      My dream started with classic dream-disorganization. Myself and current friends of mine entering an art store, and walking around browsing. At one point all of the other friends disappeared and I found myself with my best friend from highschool, KT, who I regret long years of distance with in real life. We had some goal in mind, something we wanted to learn or gain, and we went down a rickety spiral staircase into the basement where there was a hallway like in a hospital, badly lit. A receptionists table was near one wall with a door behind it, and a skeptical middle aged nurse sat behind it. We told her we were scientists here to check on the 'young man' and she let us enter behind her into a sickroom.

      The sickroom was purple in tone, either because of the dim lighting or because all of the lavish furniture was deep purple blue in hue. I knew in my mind that we were here to gain something from a ridiculously rich and sick young man. He lay in his silken sheets, sweating and seemingly unconscious. He was extremely attractive, with wild curly brown hair, looking like no one I'd ever seen in real life. KT climbed on the bed and shook his shoulder, and I went to his other side. He woke up and looked at us and we reassured him. I offered him water which he doused himself with instead of drinking, and we began nursing him back to health. This part of the dream I hardly recall, but it seemed that through this interaction I gained an invitation to his home.

      How I got there and why my friend KT was no longer with me, I don't know. But I was inside a house larger and more expensive then I could ever dream of entering, indeed larger then I believe they even make mansions in real life. It was like a castle and a house at the same time. Even though I'd been invited I felt intrusive, and his family treated me with disdain. I realized I'd seen his mother before in another dream, a crotchety short wrinkled woman with long flaxen hair. She was superior to me and I treated her with the same attitude that Elizabeth Bennet treated Catherine de Bourghe. She told me to await her upstairs in the attic with one of her attendants, and so up I went. In the dream even though I am named Hannah in real life, I called myself Amaranth which is the name I gave a character of mine in a game, and I assume throughout the dream I felt I was her. Everyone addressed me as Amaranth.

      Upstairs I again saw a recurring theme of mine, something I commonly come across, a room with pianos in it. The attic had many curiosities, but I saw only the back to back uprights, and the smaller more vintage upright. Apparently some sort of event was going on downstairs so her attendant, a very friendly young man who seemed to like me, told me it wouldn't be wise to make a lot of noise. I asked him if the vintage piano was soft enough to play and he said perhaps. I played a little of Guitare by Cecily Chaminade, which I learned in real life just yesterday.

      I'm not sure what set it off. Something happened or my perception of my environment changed drastically. I don't remember how it happened, but basically the young man was furious with me and the attendant for some reason. We'd done something wrong, and the dream was now full of a sense of danger.

      This is where things began to be very linear, with almost no elements changing, and the adventure began. I knew that he and his two young friends (more like cronies/servants) were very powerful, and coming to kill or capture us for some purpose. We locked ourselves in one of their opulent bathrooms but knew they were more then capable of throwing the door down. I declared I wouldn't be trapped, and I tried to open a few windows. Most were too small but one I could fit through. Beneath that window there was a roof, and a large very average suburban neighborhood stretched out past that point, with empty grassy lots, long wide roads, and a dilapidated feeling to everything that was nearly post-apocalyptic. The fact that this enormous mansion existed in this weird poor town never registered as odd to me.

      I was out the window, I was on the roof, and another recurring element took place. I began to run with tremendous speed and power, jumping and leaping the span of whole buildings, landing with agility from distances I would ordinarily never be able to survive. This superhuman speed and climbing ability is something that occurs in dreams where I feel I'm being chased. The ability to climb like a spider has gotten me out of many sticky dream situations. But it seemed that in this dream, I wasn't the only one. The two cronies were sent after me, and they were nearly as fast and agile as me. One man in particular was close on my heels. I managed to make enough distance that he couldn't see me anymore. I scaled a building rapidly, and opened a window into a home.

      A cheaply furnished bedroom with an old table and couch, an old naked couple lounging together on the sofa. I saw it for only a moment before I decided I didn't care about their privacy and jumped in the window and ran into the adjoining room, a bedroom. The ground was littered with blankets. I threw a window open, then covered myself in the sheets and waited. I tried to catch my breath and be quiet, but it seemed impossible. The sureness that I would be discovered grew. And sure enough, the blanket was torn off and I retreated into a corner as the man who was on me heels stood over me. It seemed his intention was dirty as he leered at me, and I knew he planned to do something to me, probably rape me. He took out a cigarette case and tried to light one, but it lit wrong and he burned himself. I laughed at him and he looked annoyed and turned away to light another. I took the opportunity to leap up and through another door into the couples bathroom, throw the window open, and leap onto another roof.

      The chase continued in this way for a while, sailing through weedy fields. At one point I encountered a pine tree of monstrous proportion, which at the time I didn't find odd but which I now know is a kind of giant non-existent tree I've dreamed of before in other dreams where I can leap and climb. Finally it seemed I'd come full circle somehow, I ran past the mansion again just as the cronie tripped and fell and failed to get up. At this exact moment the young man and his family were leaving the house, and seeing me whiz by must have infuriated him. I knew then with a sense of impending doom that he was far more powerful then me. I knew that he could not only leap and climb, but he could fly, which I could not. I knew he'd come for me, I ran as fast as I could. I lept above some old buildings and tried to fly, but only managed to float for all my effort, making myself an easy target.

      I turned in the air and saw him streaking towards me across the sky, breaking the sound barrier in a white billowing smoke around his arms and legs. I could make out his victorious grin. He slammed into me and then into a dilapidated building. I 'blacked out' as far as you can when your already unconscious. When I awoke I couldn't move and my upper body was covered with long cuts and gouges as if the fabric of my muscles were shaken and torn along the ligaments. I bled and sat on the ground. I felt no pain, I almost never dream of pain, but I couldn't move. We were in a strange wooden structure with long moldy burgers on the ground and nothing else. He sat down, apparently planning to mock me in my weak state, and started telling me a story. "How would you feel if you came in here, and knew that not only were these burgers long dead, but so were the people serving them." After which I can't remember the rest of the conversation, and my alarm woke me up.

      It may not seem like much of an adventure, but this singular situation with this boy felt like it lasted all night, though no doubt I dreamed something else earlier and don't recall. My dream journal in the future may be a bit shorter, it's just that this one lasted so long.
    12. [09-05-2016]

      by , 05-09-2016 at 07:05 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      It was a late morning. I was in a cottage deep within a forest. I was wearing my forestry uniform and felt a few years older. There was a man in late thirties, wearing a gray suit. He had dark hair. We were talking, I had different voice.

      Man: You were working in these forests?
      I: Yes, I was a forester over there.

      *I wandered the room for a while, the man continued.*

      Man: A forester?
      I: Yeah, though of a lower rank.

      False awakening

      I woke up in my bed. I heard strange ringing and was really annoyed at the TV. I thought that I really should turn it down, but it wasn't even turned on! As I closed my eyes, I saw some horrifying ghostly faces and a voice telling that ghosts are real and want to get us all.

      Second dream

      Late, cold evening. With group of random people we entered a mansion of some general who left it free for his son this night. One of the rooms was under renovation, with furniture put in group in the midlle of it. Rest of the house was arranged as a wealthy, modern mansion with really expensive furniture. Other people - they were all teenagers, were taking drugs and demolishing everything around them. What's more, they closed the doors to second floor and lost the key, so I had to find some other way out. They were really ruining the building, setting fire in one of the rooms, breaking furniture and taking more and more drugs. Luckily they weren't aggressive. I tried to use furniture to break a window and make myself a rope to get out.

      Suddenly I found myself outside, it was a warm early evening. It was at a shore of some lake, close to some warehouse with docks. I entered it and saw two girls - one taller with dark, long hair and one smaller with red, shorter hair. Both had pale complexion and were wearing some kind of robes. I heard a crying baby, then parents of those girls appeared. The tall girl told them that she and another boy was kidnapped by the smaller girl. But then a sudden thunder striked, and nobody believed her. Suddenly an assassin jumped down on a bungee and caught her, jumping with her back to a rooftop.
    13. [23-03-2016]

      by , 03-23-2016 at 02:01 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      Cold, cloudy afternoon. Apocalypse has come. With a blonde woman wearing a special forces suit we were rushing through flooded streets. The water have temporary lowered, giving us chance to move further. Bodies, destroyed vechicles and ruined buildings were seen after the water lowered. We ran forward, there was a huge whirlpool, and we had to somehow get across it. We tried to go around it, but then we discovered another whirlpool. We've ran past these two when they stopped, but there was one more - a huge whirlpool that we were unable to get past. Then we've got an idea - shoot ourselves with something to the other side.

      Second dream

      A dark mansion in the forest. I was there with group of other mercenaries, hired to kill someone hiding in there. The building was a bit rundown and everyone had to watch their heads and feet. I spotted my target - it was a black male in cyan t-shirt. He shot at other mercenaries, hurting them. I sneaked up and surprised him. I shot him in the head with my shotgun. There wasn't much left of his head. I reported that the task was done and ran away.

      I was running straight a forest road. There was a car following me. I thought "There is a city nearby. They said that it was really far away from the mansion, but I'm almost there in no time!". To lose the tail I ran deeper into the woods and then back on the road. The Sun was raising in the horizon. I have reached the city-station.

      An elevator led inside a huge building coated with some kind of protective metal. There was a woman that wanted to get inside too. She was wearing sports clothes, probably coming back after some jogging. I opened the elevator and held it for her. She said that she's going to push first floor button. I didn't knew where to go, so I decided to leave with her.

      The elevator opened and I saw a huge hall looking like a space station. There were many troops in protective suits patrolling the area. I jumped down a platform and landed safely. Soldier passing by just looked at me, and went away smiling. The hall was filled with computers, it was some kind of IT party over there. People were playing strange prototype games.
    14. [15-02-2016]

      by , 02-15-2016 at 10:03 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in my house. I looked through the window - it was a dark, cloudy day. I felt that there was some kind of danger coming, and realized that there is a zombie outbreak. I wandered around the house, alerting my family that they should prepare. We made barricades and stored all supplies we had. There were too many of them however, so we had to escape. We used a small window in the basement to escape and ran to a carpentry workshop of my father. Zombie didn't tried to enter it, they were busy with other survivors that came to our house looking for help. I watched a slim blonde woman escaping from them. She climbed up the rooftop and practiced acrobatic skills to escape.

      Second dream, WILD

      I was in my uncle's house. It was an unfinished building, with only parts of upper floor hospitable. I spent a night there. It was a bit cold, and the toilet wasn't done yet, so we had to make it inside a bucket. I fell asleep.

      I woke up in that house again. I realized that it's a dream. I felt refreshed, full of energy. I have thought what to do, and decided that I should see the house finished. I turned around thinking about a mansion, and the building was mostly finished. There were only some small rooms unfinished. The building was furnished with expensive furniture made of black oak wood, there were several paintings on the walls and in overall it looked like it belonged to someone really rich. I thought that I should summon someone, just for the sake of summoning. I was teleported to a huge cottage with two really long tables. The room was lit by candles, this gave it a moody atmosphere, it was charming. There were people sitting by the tables. Kids and other people, but nobody I knew. Then I saw a blonde woman, and after looking closer I saw that she was that survivor from previous dream, the one that used acrobatics to escape. She smiled to me. I thought "Eh, whatever." I didn't had any plans for that summon, I just wanted her to roam the mansion. Then I was back in uncle's new house and looked through a window. Just in time to see the summon arrive in a silver Mercedes car. She entered the building. I went downstairs to kitchen. Uncle was preparing dinner, I noticed an unfinished room. He said "You're not going to finish it..." I replied to him in my thoughts (which resulted in my voice appearing everywhere). I thought "I'll try". I turned around and a transparent brick wall appeared in place of doors. I turned around again, and almost saw that room, the wall was fading away. It was mostly done, just a matter of phasing through the wall. It was a bathroom. I went along main hall and entered dining room. There was a long table with set of chairs. The summoned woman was already there. I have lost lucidity.

      Dream fragment

      I was walking through a dark underground passage.
    15. #27: Hammock porn / Anna's friend / Epic parkour / Mansion & registration

      by , 11-07-2015 at 10:15 AM
      Hammock porn
      I'm hanging in my hammock. My hammock is hanging diagonally in the room. This is supposed to be my room at my mom's house, but it feels more like I am in my brother's room, which is right next to mine. On the desk there is a tv, which I'm watching. It's playing the start of some porn. Still very innocent stuff. My little brother enters the room and I try to alt + tab to another window. The animation you're supposed to see when you hit alt + tab is there, but because I have no other screen open it's a failure. I do manage to pause the movie though. I think my little brother goes for a bit of a cheeky face like the "I see what you did there" meme. I try to convince him that this is in fact Game of Thrones. Sounds plausible with all the porn going on in there. He leaves again and closes the door behind him. In reality there's no door there. I get out of the hammock and grab the remote, so I can do something more effective next time.

      » I'm seeing three of my classmates without actually being there. It feels as if I'm spying on them remotely through something which allows me to see them from nearby. It's Kristen, Nick and Karl. They are all wearing a red blazer. Not bright red, but with a thin layer of black over it. I think they're in a mansion.

      » I'm in a mall I believe. A girl I met in Indonesia is being looked for by the police. I believe they also ask me if I know her whereabouts, which I don't. I later run into her or send her a message, asking what the deal is.

      Could've easily remembered more about the situation with the cops if I had written down more than 2 words.

      Anna's friend
      I'm in a shop that has at least two storeys. Because they have a inside 'balcony' type of thing going on, you can look from one storey to the next. I'm on the lower level. I believe a store employee asks me some questions as if to sell me something. I'm not really interested and he soon notices. I look up at the second storey. There are some interesting.. statues I believe. Quite a lot of them as well. I walk up the first couple of steps of the stairs.

      I'm on the second storey, sitting on a couch with my Indonesian friend Anna, a bit of an older woman I think and perhaps someone is sitting next to the older woman as well. Anna is upset because one of her foreign friends isn't replying to her messages anymore. They used to be really close and they got close really fast. She first looks at the woman for help, but she isn't really in the helping mood you can tell. The woman passes it off onto me. Ok.. what am I supposed to do then? Anna wants to text the girl using my phone, to see if she will reply, because the girl doesn't have my number, so she won't know Anna is behind it.

      » I'm sitting down somewhere with my girlfriend during the day. Somewhere in the vicinity of a bakery. I leave her for a moment and go to the bakery. Though at this point I become a bodyless observer. I'm inside the bakery and witness an inspection of sorts which shows me how dirty the place is. It's up for sale I believe.

      I only took the time to write down my girlfriend's name and nothing else.

      Epic parkour
      A few people are practising parkour. There's an apartment complex which is perhaps 3 storeys high. On the outside there are a lot of metal railings, sorta like when people have one of those minuscule balconies which are not much more than glorified windows. A group of guys, including a classmate called Len, is climbing them. They end up on the roof. In the middle of the apartment complex there's a 'hallway' to the other side. I walk through it to see how they get off the roof again. It doesn't seem nearly as high from this side. They are able to jump without even needing to roll afterwards, though there is also a ladder.

      Back to the other side, they do it once more. This time there are a couple of people with cameras who are filming them. I want to do it as well! This seems awesome. I'm kinda concerned about my knee though, so I know I won't be fast. Someone from the cameracrew wants to stop me at first, but I go anyway.

      Other side of the building again. It might look lame, but for my knee's sake I'm taking the ladder down.

      To the front side again. There's a blue barrel I believe filled with water, which some guys use. I guess to wash their faces. It's perhaps a metre to the left of the front door of a middle aged woman. Something tells me she is Moroccan. She comes out for a talk. My classmates Kristen and Nick are here as well. At one point a bat flies by. Ok, slightly scared. Who knows what kind of diseases it may have.

      » I'm playing a racing game on my laptop. I remember mostly stretches of straight road and a look at the map that shows me the route I'm taking. It's extremely dark. I put my face close to the keyboard so I can see some keys. I remember seeing the F12 key. I press a key to make everything a bit brighter. Now my laptop itself exhumes a vivid dark red light.

      Mansion & registration
      I'm walking along a bicycle path near my mom's house during the day. There are a few people, one of them my classmate Luke. Next to the road we pass a mobile shop. It looks kind of like a hotdog van. My classmate Nicky is there. She joins us. There's some kind of big bulldozer like machine behind us. It's not really fast, but it makes sure we keep on walking, because else we're a goner. It's not scary though.

      We end up at a fancy mansion. I guess we're here for dinner. A few of walk down the stairs. There's a dinner table (with white cloth?) and chairs in the middle of a room . There's nothing else in the room as far as I have seen, though I didn't look around. The table fits about 8 - 10 people. The idea of the colour red is very dominant, perhaps the carpet was red. I sit down at a chair but get up again to do something. (I think I went to the late registration). When I come back again Nicky is sitting on the chair next to mine and someone is sitting on my chair. Ah come on, I wanted to sit next to Nicky. At least I can get along with her.

      The building I'm in right now doesn't feel any different from the mansion, though it looks different. Much more modest. Just simple grey. There's a computer area and there's a woman standing next to the door with a list. Only people who are on the list are allowed to enter. It's because it's a late registration event. You had to sign up for the late registration so that you can now sign up for classes you didn't register for. I'm allowed to enter.

      To the left of the perhaps 10 or so computers there's a small lounge area with a couch. I'm chilling on it with Anna. We're sitting a bit tangled up. I have a clipboard in my hand. I'm trying to get something done but she keeps messing with me a bit. At one point I say something like "how about I fuck you right here". It's supposed to scare her off, but at the same time it sounds like a challenge, though I have no intention of actually doing anything. I'm also aware of the fact that she has a boyfriend. It feels like a few minutes later, when the moment of my comment has already passed that she teasingly leans in to kiss me. I put up the clipboard between our lips and say "girlfriend. girlfriend. I have a girlfriend". Ok time to register. I walk over to one of the computers. They're all unoccupied, but somehow I manage to take the one where a girl had already gotten up but wasn't completely finished yet. Her stuff is still here. She talks to me and is annoyed that I'm taking the computer. I tell her it'll just be 2 minutes. She's sitting on my left and takes some of her stuff which are still on the desk. To my right are 2 or 3 scissors and another item which also belong to her. She leans into me excessively to get her stuff. I'm quite annoyed by her.
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