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    1. From Map to Territory

      by , 08-09-2018 at 04:11 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      In the earliest part of the dream I can remember, I'm reading a news article online. It’s about an odd discovery that was recently made—what seemed to be a fossilized person on a bicycle.

      I pull up a map website so that I can have a better idea of where the places I’m reading about are. It starts off as a map of Europe—more or less. The only major difference I can remember was seeing a series of small countries along the (more or less) Baltic Coast.

      The place I’m interested in is further west of that, around Luxembourg, I'd say. I zoom in until it’s more like looking at a satellite map, and I can see the spot the story is talking about: a place in the woods where the grass gives way to gray rock, and in the rock, the figure of the cyclist can be clearly seen in profile, looking rather cartoonish.

      I look up and find I’m not looking at a screen on a computer anymore: I’m actually there in the forest. And there’s only one way that’s possible: I’m dreaming.

      The gray rock isn’t there anymore. There’s just forest in every direction—deciduous forest, with foliage that isn’t so thick it blocks out the sunlight. I pick a direction and start walking, not having any particular goal in mind.

      The forest is quiet and still: there don’t seem to be any animals around. The only notable feature of this place is the mushrooms I see growing in small groups among the undergrowth every few meters. They’re red with white spots—obviously fly-agaric. I recall a recent discussion on DreamViews about hallucinogens in lucid dreams: what would happen if I ate one? I’ve never been curious enough to try it before—I wasn’t even curious enough to read the thread, for that matter—but here they are, and here I am. Guess I’m going to find out.

      I get down close to a group of them, pull a piece off a small one and put it in my mouth. But then I see that the mushrooms aren’t mushrooms anymore: they’re red flowers now, poppies by the looks of it. Still in an experimental frame of mind, I pull off some petals and chew on them. They’re completely flavorless and slightly cool. It is an extraordinarily realistic experience of eating flower petals.

      Shortly afterwards, I wake up.

    2. Bound themselves to the chains of ghosts

      by , 07-23-2015 at 04:56 PM
      I'd been looking at a map showing three islands that had been conquered by someone else; I'm unconcerned about the islands themselves but am considering their influence over the surrounding sea routes.

      Now standing on the deck of a ship, I'm speaking to a military leader from another ship, part of the group that conquered those islands - he's a passenger, not the ship's captain. He addresses me as Enchanter, which amuses me. I express my surprise that he's willing to deal with me if he recognizes what I am - I was under the impression that his people thought of my kind as demons. Isn't he worried that he's risking corruption with this conversation?

      He indicates that many of his attitudes have changed since coming to this region. He describes how he'd arrived with four of my kind sealed on his ship; while on the central island, they'd broken free and in doing so, as he puts it, "bound themselves to the chains of ghosts." It's a reference to the past of that island - once they were no longer sealed away, they became entangled with local legends, automatically embodying the locals' beliefs. The way this man sees it, they are no longer themselves - by breaking free of their seals and into this world, they've trapped themselves in these roles, living out ancient history. He sees this as a negative thing. I don't. It's the way we work.

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    3. Intergalactic 3d Map of Space

      by , 06-12-2015 at 04:44 PM
      In the dream I am shown a 3dimensional map of the universe, or at least a part of the universe. I continue to zoom into the map, to look more closely at our own galaxy, the Milky Way.

      Meet me and o'nus girlfriends hair.-mesh2.jpg

      Meet me and o'nus girlfriends hair.-m101.jpg
    4. Competition night 14-and-a-half, Saturday 7th Feb - Naptime Fragments

      by , 02-09-2015 at 10:56 PM
      Fragment 1: I'm following some kind of national infrastructure route, it feels like a new system perhaps foir delivering some new form of power but doedsn't follow any preexisting distribution network. I'm following a line into Wales from the WEst Midlands and can see the branching structure on a map.

      Fragment 2: I'm in a car on a bridge heading downhill from the high point of the bridge toward what looks like a toll gate at the bottom of the slope. The bridge is wide, perhaps four or six lanes, and traffic is at a standstill. I hed down the hard shoulder and somebody in the car is apparently nervouis that I might hit the other cars as I pass, so I prove the point by driving so as to just clip my wing mirror on the bollards that line the other side of the gap I'm going through.

      Fragment 3:
      I'm in a car going around a roundabout, it feels familiar, I think from a dream of a few years back. I'm directing somebody else driving and tell them which exit to take, but they miss it and as we go past it becomes clear that it's more complicated than I thought because immediately adjacent to the exit we need to take, there is another exit that goes onto the wrong carriageway, and a third exit that leads onto a narrow old road that used to service the rouge. This third exit is precipitously steep, totally infeasible, but still offered as an option at the junction!
    5. 500 archers, a falcon in a lake of stars

      by , 01-29-2015 at 10:36 PM
      As Louis, being seen as a vampire by someone who I didn't want to see that, fleeing the scene, and Lestat finding this much more funny than I think is appropriate.

      Discussing a military operation, looking at a map of what is essentially much of India and Southeast Asia, although at this point in time - meant to be 6th or 7th century or so - the countries and their borders are significantly different than in the present; we're primarily discussing a trade route at the moment, but I've also been having a disagreement with the man in charge about our manpower. While discussing the trade route, we receive word of 500 archers spotted approaching from the north, in addition to the army we're already facing. I am significantly less confident about our ability to handle this than the boss is.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      As some manner of religious authority, I'm performing a ritual to help a group of people, a sort of blessing or summoning, making something sacred. At the start of the ritual I have to offer up whatever spiritual virtue I possess as a sacrifice; this will leave me vulnerable until the ritual's complete, so I'm relying on the two people who asked for my help to accompany me. With the offering made, we step through a portal.

      This takes us to a dark and dusty room, a place I'm familiar with. I summon light into my hands, with an effect much like a dim flashlight. In the middle of the floor there's a large trunk full of false panels, something a stage magician might use; at the moment it's lying open so that all its tricks are clearly visible to anyone who might pass through. I didn't leave it like that. There are a few objects on the shelves of the room that weren't here the last time, indicating that someone other than me has indeed been using this place. This is something to worry about. I close the trunk properly, and we continue.

      A brief memory gap - after the dark room, we came out into a field at night with a river off to our right, and what we did here I can't remember; but then we came to the cliff at the opposite side of the field, and
      the view here was so fantastic that I briefly went fully lucid to enjoy it. I'm looking down on an immense lake so still that I can see stars reflected here and there. In the far distance, there's an immense grey statue of a falcon submerged in the lake so that only its head is above the water - but that small part of the statue above the water is at least the height of a two or three story building.

      Continuing the storyline, this is certainly the appropriate place to perform a sacred ritual, so I begin a prayer - something about the lake filling with stars. But before I get very far, that river off to our right rises in a flood. The two people with me are afraid, but I'm thinking this is convenient - we'll just ride that water down to the lake.

      The river sweeps us over the cliff, which is great fun, and when I sink under the water of the lake I can see a group of hammerhead sharks swimming far below. They don't seem to care about us. Surfacing, although we've all separated, we're all making our separate ways toward that falcon statue.

      Along the way, however, I bump into a seal; it considers me and then swims on. And then into a shark; the same happens again. And another shark, and this one seems more interested in my presence; and another that I have to physically shove away;
      and so on; I'm not concerned about my safety - though I am worried about the other two - but I become so busy fending off sharks that I can't continue to the statue.
    6. The queen and the land

      by , 01-28-2015 at 10:35 PM
      I'm entering a large garage, looking for the owner. Off to the right I see a white truck I recognize from the first time I met him, when he'd kidnapped the queen. There are three vases full of red roses sitting in the truck bed now. The man I'm looking for is further into the garage, off to the left, along with another man who I also met during that kidnapping incident. I exchange the usual greetings with this second man, then walk up to the one I came to see. He's an incredibly big guy, tall and muscular, and he doesn't turn from what he's doing to look at me. Neither of us say anything for a moment - I have a hard time deciding how to talk to him - and then when we do speak, both of us start talking at once.

      He asks about the queen at the same moment I say, "(the queen's name)'s sick." Dying, most likely.

      He's shocked and horrified, as expected, and asks me a bunch of questions about her. As we talk, we raise the question of whether her sickness is a reflection of the state of the land, or whether the land's sickness is a reflection of the state of the queen - that they're linked is obvious, but which one started it, which is the cause, that's the question.

      The other man joins in the conversation at this point. They'd been tracking the changes in the land on their own, not realizing what was happening to the queen; and comparing our information, the two of them become convinced it started with the land. That second man shows me one of their maps on a computer screen, showing when a giant creature associated with cold moved into the far northwest and burrowed deep into the earth - that was the first one, the one that started it. They'd already been planning to remove or kill it. It goes without saying that I'll be coming too.

      As I'm looking at his data, I'm thinking, amused, how convenient, making this into a problem that can be solved with our skillset.

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    7. White Snake

      by , 01-18-2015 at 10:25 PM
      It's some holiday to do with romance, and Bai Suzhen's sitting in a field beside a small river, psyching herself up. Xiaoqing's to her right, encouraging her. As part of her training, Bai Suzhen's been sort of playing celestial matchmaker. She's set up various marriage possibilities for Xu Xian, putting in a great deal of time and effort, and she intends to bring it to a finish today, on this holiday. Of course, as a disembodied observer I'm aware this won't work out the way she planned - today's the day she'll meet Xu Xian in physical form for the first time, and their usual story will proceed from there.

      In a scene involving a giant globe and the phrase, "You were being extremely literal about wanting to travel the globe, huh," 23-26 degrees longitude is highlighted.

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    8. Clocks

      by , 09-17-2014 at 06:19 PM
      There's this machine. I fed it a small living thing to activate it. Now the screen's showing me several options to choose from, words that don't mean anything to me. The one on the screen at the moment is JEON. Swiping between options, I settle on a word that resembles AERIE written partially with Greek letters. The screen changes to show an image of four clocks. I'm aware I must memorize their appearances quickly, because I won't have another chance.

      They're very elaborately designed, beautiful things - solid organic lines mixed with jagged exposed machinery; black wood, black clockwork, gold accents. The first is the simplest - a curving tapered pillar with the word MONUMENT in gold at the base. The others have human faces as ornamentation - the third has a woman's face with eyes closed like a mask and a single arm, arranged in such a way that it gives the impression that she's cradling something.

      To the left of the screen, a case appears. It has spaces to fit each of the clocks. At the base of the machine, a slot produces several road maps. Without unfolding them, I can see that several places have been circled.
    9. The Freakies Brigade (Lucid)

      by , 12-09-2013 at 06:09 PM
      Morning of December 9, 2013. Monday.

      In my dream, it seems to be the last day of middle school, possibly not the last day of the grade but prior to a supposed spring break, involving only sixth to eighth grade classes though I seem to be the oldest and with the highest level of authority in some sort of “commander” role. The part of the “school” we are in (which I perceive as probably being only about a quarter of the size of my real school in conscious afterthought) seems more like a slightly familiar grocery store in some areas, as the larger room is set out with mostly empty aisles similar to a grocery store (and running east to west with us in the west area of the building) but also with sections within the shelf areas that have tables or chairs or openings depending on the section. The northernmost shelf, behind the end section, has a table with my computer set up and with a (fictional) 3-D printer closer to the end section.

      Instead of trying to manipulate my dream in my full lucidity, I feel confident enough to remain mentally passive and see what happens (as I already had full control of my martial arts dream that came before this one). The group of students within my dream, mostly male, seems to be of a pretend paramilitary group involved in war games. However, there are no replica weapons, maps, or other aspects at my dream’s beginning point. Our teachers have apparently already left for the day earlier this morning. I continue to have the most authority though am still just another student it seems.

      A seemingly familiar classmate in shabby greenish-gray loose-fitting clothing and of a dull-witted visage hands me a (I assume) replica Beretta M1934 (very dark matte blue), apparently from the tall narrow locker in a room through a doorway to the northwest corner. The trigger on the Beretta M1934 seems to be facing the wrong way (the crescent shape pointing towards the user), but I am uncertain of the implications - it would probably still work the same way, as everything else seems correct. (This event may have been influenced by thoughts on the new humidifier we bought in real life, in it having two buttons switched around relative to their functions though it still works). In being annoyed that a dream character had the audacity to try to get the “war games” started on terms other than mine, I mentally transform the pistol into a construct of nougat of the exact same shape and immediately proceed to eat the sweet, wonderful-tasting bluish-colored nougat - at least about twenty-five percent of it. I place it on my table and say “irrelevant” and tell him to go home, which he does a bit reluctantly.

      Soon, I start to pull out maps from near the table and place them on the ends of the aisles. The one farthest to the south (all focus here is on the western ends of the aisles and there are at least four) is quite large, with at least six creases and is vertically narrower. It looks the most complex and colorful yet also seems to relate to some sort of Celtic legend or fantasy, possibly relevant to a recently released computer RPG, the implications of which start to bore me. Many of the students (including at least two unknown females) seem more interested in this than the other maps and supposed plans. It seems, though, the majority would still prefer a World War II scenario in the war games, although there are different opinions expressed from time to time, including from a couple students continuously contradicting themselves relative to their interests.

      I try to get things going a little better, as there are only a few hours left on this last day before spring break, yet no one is really in costume yet either, so engaging in war games with only the person (with no uniform) and nothing else seems a bit pointless. I ask one person what they would like and they tell me “a blue machine gun”. I go over to my computer and start to type “blue machine gun” so that my 3-D printer will create one. This seems to be going fine as I type b, l, u - but then the keyboard blows up in my face in flame and smoke. There seems to be a clever but unexpected play on “blew” and “blue”, and I am really annoyed by this pun altering my intent. However, I keep going without wanting any of the other dream characters to notice my frustration. There is not much left of my computer keyboard and most of its keys are now missing (but mostly only as if removed for cleaning as there does not appear to be much fire damage), leaving mostly only a hollow space in its center area. The keys that are still on my keyboard and possibly usable are the ones with the least frequency, such as Z, Q, X, J, K, and a few others. I stoically pretend to type “blue machine gun” on the missing keys and mentally force the 3-D printer to come on and create the blue machine gun anyway. I test it and it is one of those toy machine guns that makes a sort of repetitive clacking sound. As I hand the toy weapon to the student, the barrel support turns black. “No, all blue, you imbecile,” I say to the toy weapon, and it changes back, but only for a few seconds, then returns to being all blue except for the barrel support area. Still, the fellow student seems very happy with it and runs off.

      I go back to make more items that may be put to use but there is a small isolated adapter on the table related to the monitor and which seems to be open and exposing capacitors and wiring. It soon starts to sizzle, catch on fire, and make a lot of black smoke. I unplug everything. A few people notice my mishaps. Still - I mentally will everything to work without being plugged in while not even pretending to use the computer keyboard at that point. No one comments on (or even seems to care or notice much) me using my equipment without electricity.

      I then consider if vehicles will be needed for our war games. I ask another student what sort of vehicle he wants and after seeming to think awhile on it, he says “a road”. I am annoyed and tell him that a road is not a vehicle and am not sure if anything will ever get started before this day ends.

      Soon, many of the other students start singing the old Freakies Cereal song (from 1974), which for some reason, has been stuck in my head lately (relative to research for another dream). Apparently, I am now “Boss Moss”. “Make sure you spell it right!” I yell as the real-life song response phrase as they are all singing and leaving via the eastern doorway and then wandering about on the streets in random pursuit of each other. “Wait!” I yell, “that’s not very bright to say spell it right” (doing a dancing rhyme) “it should be ‘make sure you spell it CORRECTLY!’" No one cares, and most are still using “invisible” (imaginary) weapons - and falling over pretending to die and quickly getting up again and zigzagging north up the streets and sidewalks as my dream begins to break up and lose focus with the song still ringing in my head yet with a sense of the beginning of summer (which contradicts the implied season in the first part of my dream).

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    10. 22nd Jan 2013 Playing/watching random Doom maps, indream dream recall O_o

      by , 01-22-2013 at 08:39 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1:

      I was playing some maps/mods for Doom, apparently i have reached some sort of final map in the particular mod i was playing. One area looked like big room with floating crates connected by some sort of jumppads and there was very long fall down. Then there was part of the map where player character was on the roof of the movng train and it was hard because i had not only to fight numerous enemies but also to go between train panels just i time so train would not run into walls. Also there were moments where i had to use jumppads to jump from train to train during the movement. The next area was in outdoors and there was huuuuge mecha that i had to board, heavy use of jumppads and long range enemies. After a while dream skipped.
      I was playing different map now, i think i was playing multiplayer. It looked like base and there was as much outdoor areas as indoors. I was having hard time searching keycards/switches for doors for some reason. After i have reached elevator to the upper part of the map, dream skips again.
      I was apparently watching someone playing the final map of the mappack that base map was from. It looked like he was totally newbie at Doom but he managed to keep his cool. Map looked like it was mostly using red textures, and the structure of the map was really bizarre in a ways. It was like it looked simple at the start, but it was in fact maze of teleporters and switches. The player had very hard time navigating this, and often ended up running in circles. Later on there was outdoors section near the end, and there was the car. In the car there was chunk of the 'Pain Elemental'(One of the enemies in this game IWL) and once player came close enough chunk got cloned all over the place, all of them floated up in air and then cloned into rocks, falling down. Soon the whole map was only rocks. Dream ended.

      When i woke up i was doing some dream recall while not moving, and apparently managed to accidentally fall back asleep for a short period of time.

      Dream 2:

      I was preparing for bath and i remembered that i wanted to recall my dreams somehow. So i started recalling them while saying keywords to remember them better, because in the dream i did not had time to write DJ entry. Most of the keywords were relevant to the previous dream, like "jumppad, door, switch, mecha, train", one of the keywords was "joker" for some reason. Dream ended as soon as i finished the recall.

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    11. Fri Dec 7 (10:31-10:46)

      by , 12-08-2012 at 01:55 AM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      More Acrobatics (4:10) (LUCID)

      I'm jumping around a room and doing backflips. At some point, I realize that I'm dreaming. I try to duplicate some moves I've done previously. There is a man in the room who comments, "I've always thought that anything you like doing is worth doing three times." I think this is very wise.

      Log Cabin Tent (10:46)

      I'm setting up our family's tent at the campsite before the rest of them arrive. Its walls are made of logs, and they unroll in sheets. I'm trying to set up a pole when somehow I drop it. It falls precipitously into the neighboring campsite, where another family is setting up. They express commiseration and come over to try to help me, but I show them that even though it looks like a log cabin, it's not really any harder to assemble than a tent, so I can manage on my own. Suddenly the family's dog runs in the front door, barking. It jumps up to put its paws on the front wall, and the wall falls over. Okay, I'm willing to admit to the family that /that/ was annoying. They apologize and leave in order to restrain their dog.

      Later, I'm getting ready for bed, when I realize that all of the windows are open and everyone in the nearby campsites can see me undressing. There are at least five people visible, walking around. So I stop what I'm doing and go around zipping up windows. Suddenly I hear another zipper, and I see a shadow on the roof that indicates someone is walking by, zipping up the ceiling window as they go. It feels like an uncomfortable violation of my privacy. It also makes me feel bad, because that person was evidently annoyed by my undressing--enough so to come over to close the windows zirself.

      At some point my family shows up, and we start decorating the house. Right now, it's the kids' job to chop up garlic into bead-sized pieces and put them in small dishes in the guest rooms. The garlic is lilac-colored. It seems like a rather silly chore, but my parents insist that the guests will appreciate it. When I'm almost done, I notice that the ziploc bag containing the garlic is itself made of garlic. Not wanting to waste any, I cut off a piece of the bag with approximately the same mass as the other pieces we've been cutting. I put it in the bowl, but somehow I can't bring myself to leave it there. It looks so stupid sitting next to the uniformly shaped other pieces.

      • "dishwashing" (?)
      • a road map with a yellow highlighted route--some kind of tour
    12. August 19th, 2011

      by , 08-19-2011 at 11:35 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      (There is a "trigger warning" on the content of this dream.)

      This dream takes place in a sort of Medieval fantasy world, much like Lord of the Rings. I am my dream incarnation Kalima, who has orange hair and wears a white and violet dress. I am in the center of a large valley of some kind. I am on a flat plain surrounded completely by large snowy mountains. It is cold and dry and it is either late autumn or I am far north, though there is no snow on the ground.

      I know I am trying to find my way to a certain land, but I do not know how to get there. I am in the process of escaping another land where people are trying to kill me because I have been accused of witchcraft. A while ago I was being pursued by a group of men dressed in furs who were riding black horses, but somehow I avoided them and ended up in this valley. I am nervous because there are no trees or large boulders to hide behind and if the horsemen make there way into this valley, they will surely see me.

      I head for the smallest range of mountains and try to traverse over it, but I lack supplies and I am starving, I am too tired and it is too cold. I collapse and some travellers find me and take me to their cabin on the other side of the mountain. I sleep for a long time and when I awake I am in a trance like state and I start drawing maps because for some reason I am unable to speak and cannot tell my rescuers where I am trying to go.

      Some of the older men in the family recognizes the land I have drawn in my map and they gathers supplies to try and take me there. We travel for a long time and are almost at my destination when the horsemen find us and attack us. All of the men I am travelling with, except one, are killed and we are taken prisoner. We are taken to a camp set up by the horsemen and I am interrogated and tortured because the horsemen want to know where I was headed, though for some reason I am still unable to talk. Late in the night thw lone survivor of the men I had been travelling with is tortured and killed. After his death some of the horsemen gang rape me repeatedly.

      Dawn comes and I am traumatized and exhausted and am looking forward to the horsemen killing me for witchcraft because I do not want to live anymore. Before they can assault me further the horsemen's camp is attacked by elven warriors and the horsemen flee or are killed. I am overhwelmed by everything that has happened and pass out.

      When I wake up I am in a large palace somewhere and there are beautiful elven people walking around and whispering softly in the grand halls. My wounds are dressed and there is fresh fruit and bread on a table near by soft bed. I am still traumatized from the torture and rape, and still unable to talk, yet somehow I know that I have arrived at my destination and I fall back into a such deep sleep that I do not know if I am just asleep or if I have died.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    13. Spanish guy, maps

      by , 06-27-2011 at 02:33 AM
      1 Natra Sleep
      200 mcg huperzine before bed

      I was in a room with a guy, thinking “Spanish”, maybe he was Spanish, I dunno. He had short dark hair, and light brown skin like he might have been. We talked, and then we kissed, I remember worrying about whether he thought I was a good kisser, and knowing I hadn’t brushed my teeth that day. We stood up, held hands and faced a wall that had a lot of maps hanging on it. We were staring at the maps and I think we were wondering which one to choose. They were hanging sideways and had white frames, they looked like world maps and I was thinking they were framed to fit on bikes (but they were large, about 3’ long). He kissed me again and I was surprised…I think he asked me to massage his back and I did a bit.

      Then I went into the kitchen and started loading dishes in the dishwasher. After a short time, he followed me in and asked me to do some more work on his back. I felt resistant, didn’t really want to, mostly because I didn’t know how to help him (and I think I was afraid he'd be dependent on me to keep helping him). Then I suddenly had an idea of standing in front of him, reaching behind his back, placing my knuckles on his lower back and dragging them forward, around to the front. This seemed to work really well, he was delighted and making all kinds of jerky movements with his shoulders.

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    14. Visit to an Alaskan Dog Breeder

      by , 06-25-2011 at 10:21 PM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      1. I'm talking about traffic density with one of my brother's classmates, Sam S. We have a nice visual aid as we discuss, a projected map of Earth with different traffic patterns as different colors. There are black/white and red/blue modes that show routes of transit quite clearly. Sam gives the example of dogsled races as an unforseen variable that brings lots of traffic to untraveled areas, and illustrates this with the map. The display changes to a 3-D view, showing the swath of tree destruction caused by tourists to the races. Obviously I'm disturbed by this, so I get my family to travel to Alaska to check it out.

      Transition to outside the home of one of Alaska's most prominent breeders. We talk about the science of breeding; for whatever reason my parents call heritable traits "actions." Conveniently, the breeder has a poster that's basically an illustrated Punnet square for nose shape, with each genotype's phenotype shown and discussed. My dad talks about technique, and speaks of backcrossing by "taking the best female dog and getting offspring with her son."

      We continue to walk to the breeder's backyard; I feel a cool breeze quite vividly. Finally we see the breeder, who is on a deck high above us. He pays us no notice, as he's managing an owl on his shoulder with an unusually big head. He releases the bird, and as it flies down to earth it seems to grow larger. It's practically human sized as it hits the ground in the neighboring yard. This belongs to an apartment complex, and two pretty girls clad only in towels giggle (and maybe flash us) as we look up at them. I comment to myself that it must be cold up there, but the owl has my attention. I marvel at the breeder and say "I want to be the guy!" My dad smirks and says, "You probably already are." Dream ends, but that's probably the best dialogue recall I've had in a long time.

      2. I'm playing a Terminator 3 arcade game. It's quite high-tech, with Kinect type technology, but it keeps glitching and showing the body recognition data instead of the game proper.