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    1. More Dreams

      by , 11-03-2014 at 07:08 PM
      Dream 1: I was Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games for Halloween, so I had this dream on Halloween night. So anyway, I dreamt that my marching band was getting ready for a parade and this one clarinet player named Makenzie asked me what I went as for Halloween. I pulled out my phone to show her a picture of me in my Effie Trinket costume, and showed her my picture. Makenzie didn't believe me and told me that I was crazy, even though she saw it with her own eyes, and threw my phone on the concrete and it shattered into a million pieces. Then, in the middle of the parade, I was playing my piccolo and somehow it blew up and then the entire band blew up and I was in some of my family's friends' (who we haven't seen in like six years) basement. The older brother named Alexander (who's like 21) was playing a teeny tiny xylophone. I asked him why and he stuck out his tongue at me. Then, I was skiing into a huge pit of cotton candy and then I woke up.

      Dream 2: I once had a dream that I was at a huge water park with my family. My brother and I were going on these awesome water slides in which the floor dropped out of them and we shot down the tube and it was awesome. Well, when we got up there, each of the three slides had something wrong with it. The first one had no water, the second one was clogged with people, and the third one was working fine except for a huge gap in the middle of the slide. You had to slide down well enough to throw your body weight over the gap to the other part of the slide. We were about 200 feet up, and it was SUPER scary, but my brother went down first. He made it over the gap, but then, WHAM!!! He flew over the slide and onto the roof, which was just a net. Since the lifeguard wouldn't rescue him, I had to. I had to climb up over 200 feet in the air and rescue my brother from a net. It's terrifyingly high up, so I don't look down, even though I'm not afraid of heights. But I'm wet, so that gives me a better chance at slipping and falling. I grab his hand and slowly inch down the net, until it snaps and we plunge down, screaming at the top of our lungs. We land safely in the pool. Yay! We get out and my little sister makes me play Barbie dolls with her. "We're at a water park!" I shout, "let's do something fun!" Then, I realize we're hungry, so I see a rusty old pickup truck and a trail of cranberry muffins leading down a highway. My little sister drives us, and we almost run off the road, so we decide to get out and eat the trail of cranberry muffins and see where it leads us. By the time we reach the McDonald's, we are too full from all those muffins, so we decide to go back to the water park. Back at the water park, I see my eighth grade social studies teacher in the little kids' play area, going down a slide that a lifeguard said I was too big to go down the last time I visited the water park.
    2. My Most Recent Dreams

      by , 10-22-2014 at 10:31 PM
      Dream 1:
      My biology and drama classes were combined. I went up to the biology classroom with all of the kids in my drama class. A frog was strapped down to the table. My biology teacher told us that we had to scare the frog. If we scared the frog, it would scream in a froggy-like way and we would get an A. But if the frog just stared and didn't scream, that meant that it wasn't scared and we got an F. One of the girls in my drama class named Annaka screamed at the top of her lungs; the frog screamed as well. Next, it was my turn. I took a deep breath, and- AAAHHHH!!!!!!! I screamed at the frog. It just stared at me. I tried again, even louder. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed so loud and I woke up to realize that I was actually screaming in real life. Then, I just started cracking up.

      Dream 2: Once, I had a dream that I was in the Hunger Games at my high school (I'm a freshman) and my evil swim coach was Clove and she was killing me with a knife.

      Dream 3: I dreamt that I was on a boat with my marching band. We were out in the middle of the ocean and I kept telling this drumline captain named Gene Hayes that a storm was coming but he didn't listen to me and we all had to ride on these baby sharks even though we were on the boat.

      Dream 4: Once, I had a dream that my swim team was riding in an old-fashioned wooden train and we were watching Catching Fire (my favorite movie) on a flat-screen TV. My coach kept whacking the train conductor with a baseball bat until he was knocked out, and she drove our train off of a cliff and this guy on my swim team named Reed was singing "Sweet Escape" by Gwen Stefani and a giant floating carrot showed up in the middle of the tracks, so another guy named Drew got out and ate it right out of the air

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    3. School, Talking to People

      by , 10-30-2013 at 11:23 AM (The Redeeming Dreamer)
      10/30/2013, 10:00-6:00

      I woke up at 2:49, and couldn't go back to sleep for like 30 minutes. I then had these dreams:

      Dream 1:

      I was in school. I remember first watching the marching band practice. I don't remember their music; I just remember them on the football field.

      Afterwards, I went to the chorus room, where I was singing. I remember K.A. there, and I remember talking to her. She was walking with me for a while. We talked and laughed and smiled and stuff. She ended up giving me her number and going off to class. We said bye and went to our classes.

      I then went to lunch. The problem was the cafeteria looked like a large version of the junior high cafeteria. I saw a nerdy guy with a laptop doing a sort-of web vlog. He had a weird tube coming out of the computer, which apparently was his webcam. I then went over to him when he was sitting and playing a game. I talked to him for a while. We talked about video games and nerdy stuff, then eventually I asked him for his number to hang out. I told him to write it down on a slip of paper, and he did so. I then walked away, and the dream ended.
    4. Quarter Dodgeball, Marching Band, and an Emergency Surgery

      by , 08-14-2012 at 04:10 PM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I was on some large street intersection in a coastal city, it seemed like California. I was with a group of people who were apparently my friends standing on one side of the intersection and there was another large group of people, around their low 20s, standing on the other side next to some sort of toll booth. There were about 5 people on my side 10 on the other side. We walked towards the other group a little bit until we were about 25 feet away from them and then stopped to listen to a new person who was standing next to the toll booth. "Good luck!" he yelled, "GO!"

      At this point we all dashed to the side and started running around. The other group of people starting throwing things ad us. One person and I locked eyes right before he threw something at me. It hit my side and then I ended up catching it in my elbow. "You're out!" I yelled. It must've been some sort of dodge ball game only instead of dodge balls we were using quarters. He looked at me with a smirk, laughed, and then threw another quarter at me though completely missed. For some reason, as he was laughing, I started to think this was a dream. I started to question things and looked around, paying a bit more attention. Then somebody threw a quarter at me and the guy sitting by the toll booth yelled, "You're out!"

      I walked over to the curb, a bit annoyed at what just happened, but as I was walking I did a quick reality check, plugging my nose. Ah, that feeling of being able to breathe with your mouth and nose closed, awesome .
      I sat down on the curb, looked around and stabilized a little bit, rubbing my hands ad then observing the area. There was a large city behind my with skyscrapers and other large buildings with a rather decrepit building directly behind me, some sort of old warehouse. Out to my front there was a beach and then the ocean with a boardwalk not too far up the coast.

      I thought of what to do, maybe flying, maybe get into a big fight with all these guys, but I decided to do the TotM since I had only done one last month. Both came to mind, the surgery and the dream journal, so I just looked around for ample opportunity to do one of them. Much to my delight there was a notebook lying on the sidewalk, one much like my waking life DJ. I grabbed it and opened up to a page in the middle only to find a pen! Thanks subconscious . Most of the pages in the book were blank except for a few in the beginning which seemed to have little doodles on them. Nothing really jumped out on me, it just looks like somebody got bored in math class.

      I thought of what to write and kept thinking of my MILD mantra (did a WBTB/MILD last night) but I wanted to do a real waking life thing. Then I remembered that we had had a marching band practice that night and did a run-through of our show for our parents, the "parent preview." Once I thought of marching band all the details came to me and I just quickly wrote down something along the lines of, "Went to marching band practice, did parent preview, woodwinds rushed and got off the beat in the first song, rest went smoothly." Thinking back about it now that's actually pretty accurate. There, one down, lets see if I can get two! The dream still felt well stabilized and fairly vivid so I just went for it.

      I looked around only to realize that while I had been writing in my notebook I had moved to the high school where our practice took place. I was sitting on the curb looking out at our parking lot where we did out run-through. Nobody was there, not even a car. I got up and figured the best place to preform a surgery was at a hospital so I walked towards the main set of doors and imagined a hospital on the other side. The fact that these were glass doors (i.e. transparent) made the whole thing a little interesting. I stopped the door while it was only half opened and saw the school through the glass but through the part that was open I saw what looked like the ER of a hospital. I closed the door a little and it was just school. I opened it a bit more and it was hospital. It was pretty cool seeing the whole dreamscape change right in front of me like that but I knew that I should finish the TotM before I lose lucidity/wake up.

      I walked in through the door and noticed a bunch of nurses running around. One of them stopped in front of me, looked at what I was wearing and said, "good enough," in a very rushed and hurried voice. She grabbed my arm and dragged me through the hospital to a sink, "come on, wash up!" she said, "Hurry!." I washed my hands and put on a pair of gloves that were right next to me. They were rather large, reaching up past my elbow but before I could really take anything in the nurse grabbed me again and dragged me into a little room and closed a curtain. I looked around a little bit and noticed that it was an emergency operating room with a table in the middle. Lucky for me there was a patient on it. Oh boy, I am not looking forward to this .

      I looked at the patient and he was already unconscious, whether it was from anesthesia or passing out I didn't know, but he was out cold. The nurse who had dragged me through the hospital told me he had been shot twice with a 22 caliber pistol in the thigh but luckily it missed the femoral artery. I looked at his legs and noticed two small holes in the right thigh (he was laying on his back). I looked around the room and saw a pair of tongs, perfect! I grabbed them and went over to the patient. When I got a closer look at his leg I could see the bullet just about an inch under the skin and spread the whole a little bit with my fingers giving me enough room to fit the tongs in. Thank god I had gloves. There wasn't a lot of blood, however, at least not the amount I had expected. There was some but it wasn't all rushing out. It was like if you prick your finger to test your blood sugar or something, one drop every few seconds.

      I reached in with the tongs which were more like what I had used in chemistry class than any surgical tongs I've ever seen. It was quite easy to grab the bullet, just like picking something out of jell-o, but the bullet wasn't deformed or anything. It was still perfectly intact, as if it had never been shot from a gun and just broken off of the cartridge. I dropped it in a little tin the nurse had been holding next to me and grabbed the other one which was a few inches below the first one. This came out just as nicely and in perfect shape as well. Having no clue how to stitch a wound I asked the nurse if she could. She nodded and grabbed a needle and this weird thread. She sewed up the wound in just a couple seconds and did so just like one would to a blanket.

      Being finished with both TotM's I wondered what to do next. I didn't have any specific goals or anything and was out of ideas. I decided I would just walk around the hospital a little bit. I walked through the ER which still had a bunch of nurses running around as fast as they could in it, and headed towards the waiting room to see what the DCs in there were doing. The waiting room was just outside the ER and there were only a couple people in there, an elderly woman to looked a bit crazy, and kid about 12 years old with a pickaxe stuck in his shoulder. Yes, he had a full sized pickaxe stuck several inches into his shoulder. The woman pulled out a mouse from her pocket and started feeding it a little square of cheese that she now had. Wtf, my DCs are freaking weird!

      I walked over to the person sitting behind the desk and asked what I should do next. "Well doctor," she said a little smugly. I guess I was the normal ER doctor there, "I think you should wake up." At first I was a bit confused, but then I started getting angry because my DCs and dream objects always did this to me. "Oh what the hell!?" I yelled at here, though the dream was fading. I tried spinning and spinning but I could hear her say, "Sorry, spinning doesn't work in times like this." Damn it, she was right.
      I woke up. I did a quick RC to be sure this wasn't just a FA but I was indeed awake.

      Jeez, my DCs are not only weirdos but also jerks!

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    5. Bands, Band Concerts, and a Brief Lucid Conversation

      by , 05-14-2012 at 03:32 PM (The Lab Notebook)
      Non-lucid, Lucid, [Commentary made while awake]

      [Note: This was my first time taking melatonin. I took a 3mg pill before I went to bed. I'm on a trip, and my hosts offered it to me to help me get over jet lag. I also tried to concentrate on lucid dreaming more than I had been lately, as I was falling asleep. One or both of those things worked.]

      I'm walking along the right-hand side of a broad, wide street, passing several marching bands as they march past in the opposite direction, one after another.

      I'm in a classroom at a school that looks a lot like my old elementary school. There are a lot of other people my age there. A bunch of us start sitting down in a semicircle with our musical instruments; we're about to play an impromptu band concert. TM
      [a real-life friend and roommate who I only met within the last six months] is one of the people participating in the concert, but it's obvious that she doesn't know how to line up for one correctly. I yell at her: “[TM]! You have to sit so that you're spaced evenly! That's the done thing in music!”

      The band starts playing “The Star-Spangled Banner.” The memory of how to play it comes flooding back into my mind from high school.
      [This is a real memory. It was one of the songs I had to memorize how to play for football games.] I'm surprised and pleased to find that I can still play it. As we're playing, though, the other members of the band lose interest, stop playing, and wander out of the room, leaving me playing my clarinet all alone.

      When I get to a stopping place, I stop playing and leave the room in the company of a female teacher. We walk around the western edge of campus and come to the entrance of another classroom, where we stop and talk to a male teacher. Somewhere around this point,
      I realize that I'm dreaming. [I don't remember the specific moment it happened, but I know I've had at least one other dream featuring this version of my old elementary-school campus before.]

      In the conversation with the male teacher, I ask him how old I am right now: “Am I eleven, the age I was when I started playing the clarinet; fourteen, the age I was when I graduated from junior high school; eighteen, the age I was when I graduated from high school; or twenty-six, the age I am right now in the real world?” I mention the real world specifically to see whether he'll pick up on the implication that the world we're in right now isn't real, and how he'll react.

      “There is no real world involved in this discussion!” the male teacher exclaims.

      I decide not to pursue that topic any further, because it's obvious that I'm not going to be able to convince him that this is a dream.
    6. Long, Fun Lucid with Swimming and a TotM Attempt

      by , 01-22-2012 at 06:46 PM (The Lab Notebook)
      Awake, Non-lucid, Lucid, [Commentary made while awake]

      I'm walking around on the ground floor of a large, three-story shopping mall. The interior is a very bright, airy space, with white walls and a glass ceiling through which the sun shines. While I'm walking along, the realization suddenly hits me: This is a dream! I'm so shocked that the scene around me immediately starts to become less clear, filling up with gray pixels that multiply quickly [they look a lot like static on an analog TV], just like it always does when my dreams start to destabilize. Oh, dammit! I think. I immediately drop to my hands and knees on the tile floor, focusing on touching the floor and on staying focused on the scene around me, and thinking reassuring thoughts to myself: It's okay. It's okay. In 30 seconds or so, the scene is clear and stable again. I get up and start walking again, exploring the place I'm in.

      As I look around me, I look up at the ceiling, three stories above me, to see winter greenery with ornaments on it and big, shiny bells in red, gold, and green lined up in a recessed space just below the edge of the ceiling. “They haven't even taken down all their Christmas decorations yet,” I remark. I find that I've come upon the entrance to a vacant department store, currently being used as a storage space for the Christmas decorations that have been taken down. Among other things, there is a large, haphazard pile of blue and white styrofoam wreaths. There's no gate or other barrier to entry across the entrance to the store, so I spontaneously decide to jump into the pile of wreaths as if they were dry leaves. It's fun! Some of them break, and I just say, “It's my dream world, and I'll destroy the wreaths if I want to.”

      When I get up, I wonder what's on the floor above me, and I decide to explore it. I look to the side and see that there's a side entrance to the department store, and there's a flight of stairs outside that entrance, which I can see through the window. I could take them, but it would be quicker, easier, and cooler to just levitate myself through the ceiling above me, so I decide to do that. I close my eyes and, with an act of will, start rising upward.

      [Note: I don't really remember where in the sequence the following two paragraphs went, but I'm sure I was lucid, so I put them here.]

      Now I'm in a big, industrial-looking building complex with multiple floors, walkways, and sets of stairs running through the vast interior space. It's dark inside; all the walls and floors are black or dark gray, and there aren't very many lights. This area is [somehow] part of the Star Wars galaxy. As I wander around here, I can hear a dialogue between a post-redemption Darth Vader [he's still speaking in the James Earl Jones voice, though] and some other random character. The other character addresses Vader as “Rash,” apparently using it as a first name. Vader, offended by this, replies: “Rash?! I may have acted rashly, but my name is Anakin.” I smile.

      [Somewhere in here,] I meet and interact with another young woman about my age. She leads me on a walk through the area, talking to me. Our walk ends at a spot overlooking a view of a natural, green valley. Then, she says something like, “Instead of waiting around for them to break your heart, like I did, go out and grab hold of what you want.” I wonder if this is my best self giving me advice.

      When I open my eyes again after a scene transition
      [which I'm pretty sure I remember being the levitation one mentioned above, but again, I don't remember in what order the above two scenes happened], I'm standing on the second floor of a building, overlooking a very beautiful view. There is a clear, sparkling swimming pool in front of me, but it's big enough to be a small lake and wraps around three sides of a tall, stucco community clubhouse building with a red tile roof. The pool is in a park, surrounded by green grass and trees. Off to the left is a street, on the other side of which are houses that match the style of the clubhouse. The scene is so beautiful that I exclaim, “Man, I wish I could take pictures!” ...So I could post them on DreamViews to show everyone! is the thought behind that remark.

      I decide to go swimming. The tower I'm in has exterior stairs on the side facing the pool. I start going down the stairs. As I do, I pass a window and look at my reflection in it. I'm pleased to see that I'm already wearing a swimsuit, a fact which I attribute to my decision to go swimming. My face looks completely normal. I try smiling, but my reflection stays the same for a moment, then returns a crooked smile, using only one side of its mouth. 'Cause it's a dream mirror, not a real one, I think. It doesn't work like a real one would.

      I walk to the side of the pool and jump right into the deep water
      [something I don't usually do in real life, because I suck at swimming]. It feels wet. I swim around on the surface of the water much more easily than in real life, enjoying the experience. Several times, I lower my head so that my nose is under the water and enjoy the fact that I can still breathe normally. I want to swim completely underwater and open my eyes, but I don't, because I have the very realistic sensation of having water in my right eye, forcing me to keep it closed.

      Other people are swimming in the pool. We hang out and talk a little. After a while, I get out and keep exploring the park I'm in.

      In another area of the park, there are a series of big pieces of plastic playground equipment, white with pastel accents, with a miniature golf course built around and through them. I start climbing the largest one, using the metal handles and small platforms built into the structure to climb. This climbing route goes up toward the main body of the play structure in an arc, and each foothold is only supported by a single column or bar, so it looks like there's mostly open space below you, and you can see exactly how far you are off the ground. I'm not afraid at all, though, because I know it's a dream and I can't get hurt.

      Just as I reach the main body of the play structure, the memory of the current Task of the Month suddenly hits me: set off fireworks in a crowded place and record how the people there reacted. I recall how other DV members have done it. I slide down the slide that's in front of me, determined to complete the task.

      Not far from the play equipment, some people are beginning to gather at some tables for a picnic. I start trying to obtain a firecracker
      [because that's what several other DV members used]. I reach behind my back and try to make one appear there, but it doesn't work. I try looking around corners in the scene and expecting one to be there, but that doesn't work either. I really suck at summoning things, I think. Then I think of another approach: find an existing object and transform it.

      On the ground, under a tree a few yards from the picnic area, I find the pointy half of a broken-in-half yellow pencil. I pick it up and sandwich it between my two cupped hands, focusing my will on it and willing it to turn into a firecracker. When I open my hands, it has swollen up and gotten round and puffy in the middle.

      All the picnic tables are now full of people, and I see that some of them have their marching band instruments with them, which makes me realize that they're a marching band. I see at least one trombone in the group. I stand a couple of yards back from one of the tables and throw my pencil at the group of people. It hits the center of the table and explodes with a loud crack. No one takes any particular notice
      [at least, not that I can recall]. When I retrieve the pencil, the lead has shot out of the tip and gone limp, like a piece of spaghetti. I decide to continue in my search for a firecracker.

      I end up walking through the halls of a dusty building that resembles my section of the university library where I used to work. I continue trying to summon a firecracker or firework by expecting one to be there when I look around a corner or into a room, but it still doesn't work. In one storage room full of random stuff, I hear a hissing sound that I think is the sound of a firework fuse burning at first, but then I realize it's the sound of the small air blower on a strange, old machine that is running in the middle of the floor. I continue searching this room for a firework,
      but I woke up in the middle of my search.
    7. Return to Marching Band (Night of July 15-16)

      by , 07-27-2011 at 05:48 AM (The Lab Notebook)
      [This is a catchup post. These dreams are from the night of July 15-16, 2011.]

      I'm at a high school football game between my high school and another school called Bell High School, which has white and purple as its school colors. [I'm sure there is a real Bell High School, but I do not know what its school colors are in real life.] At halftime, both school's marching bands combine to perform a semi-rehearsed field show together. It's based on my high school's field show from last year [which I didn't even see in real life; within the dream, however, I recognized the show I was watching as being based on the show they had done the previous year]. Although I could go out and join in performing the show if I wanted to, I just watch it. I would have known how to perform most of the show I'm watching if I had been in marching band last year, but I wasn't, so I don't. Besides, I don't have my clarinet with me. The show involves pushing low, wheeled wooden boxes around on the field and crouching down to hide behind them.

      [Different dream.] I'm walking around in a public space naked, hoping not to be seen by anyone. [Yes, again. This time,] I'm in an enclosed, single-story retail mall with a tae kwon do studio in it. [At one point during the dream,] I have some sort of blanket or piece of cloth that I clutch around my body as I sit down against a wall in a hallway. There are people I one of the shops I pass through [it looked like a cafe], but, thankfully, they don't seem to take any notice of me. [There must be some unresolved issue somewhere in my mind. This dream has been recurring a lot as of late.]
    8. 1st Dream Journal Entry

      by , 09-09-2010 at 03:55 AM
      #1 - Night of Septemeber 7th, 2010

      I am preparing for a parade, or other Marching Band related event, but my Dad says that first, we should go see a movie. I text my friend Bekah to see if she would like to join us at the movies, The movie title was "Despicable Me". Bekah replies that she has already seen the movie, so I plan on going to see another movie with her instead. At this point I remember pulling into a parking lot, thats is huge, with a small empty warehouse in the center, and knowing that this is where the band is supposed to prepare for the event. This is weird because I don't remember driving there or anything before that. I enter the warehouse and conveniently my Bass Drum is right inside the door, I open my case to find that my drum has fallen apart. Screws are missing and the carrier is barely being held together. I go and talk to my Band Director Mr. Peterson about it, and he shows me that if I drew dark spots with either a sharpie or other similar utensil, the drum would be temporarily fixed. I then enter the warehouse and place my drum back in its case (I know, its outside now), and apparently the event is over. I see a small glimpse of my friend Ross Bernardo who also plays Bass Drum. At this point, the dream ends.

      Some of the holes in this dream give me concern, "what happened at the movies?" And gives me concern in thinking that I may have forgotten them, but I have zero recollection of them at all. Also, I sleep with my TV on, and I occasionally blend my dreams with things I hear from late night infomercials. Are these things normal?