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    1. 4 Dec: Dystopian future, zombies and a middle-eastern market

      by , 12-04-2018 at 11:42 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Something with Zilla. I am preparing toasts in a kitchen and I put lots of margarine on it. Can't remember details, but she and a friend are in the next room making arrangements for something and I can see and hear through the walls and I am feeling excited with this ability. There is a guy too and at some point they all take a bus and I know from my super-power that the the guy is carrying a good amount of money with him and they advised him to be discreet.

      Me and mom drive into a very degraded neighborhood, looking for the house of a lady to pick her up for something. Some houses are falling apart, people here are really poor. On arrival to the address, my mom crosses path with her older brother who doesn't get along with her and vice-versa, but he tries to get a ride from us. She pretty much ignores him and goes to sit on some low wall that surrounds he area. He then goes away with someone else. Then a third person says that maybe we should have been more sympathetic, that the man is down because one of his grandfathers died. But this grandfather isn't grandfather of my mom. He was a well known gypsy with a reputation. My mom doesn't feel any obligation of anything and anyway we also had family members dying and he never showed up.
      We pick up the person we came for, she lives with kids in the basement of one of these houses.
      We go to the city center, go through some place like a street market, looks like a dystopian future, but everyone dresses like the 80s, including us. There is a celebration of an election going on, but it looks chaotic and dangerous like in a Mad Max movie. And we are worried about two street kittens that mom used to feed in this area and were forced to move on to another area and now we can't find them.

      Visiting my university and particularly the student's association. All is so different, dark, degraded, once again Mad Max like. Instead of political work the kids are having hardcore parties and the association looks like a really shabby non-recommendable club.

      I go outside and walk the streets and I spot a little squirrel looking for food. I have some cat food with me and I slowly approach and try to feed him. When he finally caves in and comes eating on my hand, I sit on the floor against a wall. Then some guys come warn me that I am sitting against the Israel's embassy and that I'd better move on or they'll find suspicious and shoot me. I get up and as I walk towards their entrance, I am dragged by a crowd who is also in celebration mode and apparently welcoming someone important. I don't want to have anything to do with that, so I cross the road only to see myself in the path of a car with black windows, escorted by bikes and lots of security. Once again I really don't want to be in the middle of all this.

      At home, I check my non-lethal traps for rats. All empty. And then I hear noises in the walls and realize they are infested with rats nests. I open a few holes and there they are, some very large rats. And they look at me with their really cute eyes like challenging me, knowing that I don't want to kill them. But I think I need more traps and maybe will even try to catch them by hand, as they are so many.

      A post apocalyptic scene with zombies. I am watching from a distance a man on top of a car in the middle of water. He thinks he is safe there, but the water is knee deep and 3 zombies head towards him. Luckily we're dealing with slow zombies. So I have time to go there and try to help. As I fight through the zombies, a military jeep comes by with half a dozen soldiers, men and women, and they take care of it. They take the man who is injured and say are they can't take me as the jeep is full. But 3 ladies in the back seat squeeze themselves and still find a little space for me. On the way they are arguing with one of them who shoots black zombies more than whites and he does so also to those zombies who are not an immediate threath. Since there is an official program to find a cure, the protocol states they only kill the ones they really have to, but they noticed this guy is trigger happy regarding black zombies. He denies but everybody can see he is a racist and is using the opportunity to shoot some black people in the hopes that when the cure is achieved, the world will have less of them. We are shocked.

      Somewhere in a middle eastern town. In some compound with my dogs in a garage. My dog Lady finds a way to break the gate and they all run outside and disappear in the labyrinth of a street market. I freak out at the idea they get lost and don't come back, so I follow them and shout their names, so they don't lose me as a reference. I spot Maya and Soraia and lure them to me. Since they are the smaller ones, I grab them and then go look for the others. It is easier to get the other to follow if I carry these two. But on the way back, Maya and Tara become human girls and they want to buy scarfs from a salesman. I say no, Tara insists. She gets a blue scarf and somehow she has the money to pay, but she doesn't leave a tip. The couple of owners and their family start saying profanities and insulting the girls, but they speak in portuguese and I realize they are actually a portuguese family. I go to them and very politely I say that I understood all they said. They feel awkward. I explain she doesn't know about tips and the local customs, even I didn't know, but that they are the best people and don't deserve to be insulted that way. I leave a tip them and then we go away.
    2. Make your own fruit salad booth!

      by , 12-07-2015 at 02:12 AM (Pasta time with patches!)
      The other dreams I had today were too personal to share, but this one was neat:

      So, I'm pretty sure that I was in the dream version of my university, when I came across this fruit stall outside on a path/road. It had all different kinds of fruits on it, along with styrophome bowls for people to use.

      There were a few people moving around the stall thing (it was a big open table kind of thing sort of. Hard to describe), and I realized that the point was for you to chop your own fruit and put it in the bowl for a kind of fruit salad thing. So it was basically a 'make your own fruit salad' booth.

      I said to them that it was a great idea--much better than those stalls that sold fresh juice drinks. I think I either moved on or stopped dreaming before I tried to make my own fruit salad.

      I often dream about various food stalls/places in my dream university, but this certainly was unique.
    3. Shadowed

      by , 11-08-2015 at 06:02 PM
      Dl1 - On a bus, looking out the window at street going by. Notice that a tall slim man in a long coat is peeking at me every now and then. Trying not to meet my gaze. Snooping on me.
      I get off and head into a market place but he is still tailing me. At a stall selling miscellaneous crap, handbags and things, he is standing right the other side as I feel is blocking my route further. I retrace my steps but cannot lose him.

      Dl2 - Repeating dream -> when I say repeating I mean it seems to go on for ages with something the same/similar happening I often get these. Does anyone else I wonder. Like a thought going round and round.
      Archangels are being visualised in greater and greater detail each cycle giving increased chance of incubations success. They seem to be getting different details/colours as they get higher. Each time it is getting harder to do.
    4. Walking Downtown

      by , 03-20-2015 at 01:51 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was with my sister walking down the street. Afternoon, or at least daytime. The place reminds me of downtown Bacolod or central market, or even that market near West Negros. We were looking for a place to go. We went through the market area. It's a long-distance walk, which I chose instead of taking a jeep. I felt like my sister was about the complain but seems she's fine.
    5. 2 warcraft dreams

      by , 12-13-2014 at 08:14 PM
      I had a dream I was playing world of warcraft while eating pieces of this cake. I was running through some frozen cave fighting these worm-like creatures. At the end of the cave was this dreadlord demon. I think I remember fighting him. I also died several times in the cave and had to run back to my body. There was more to it, but that's all I remember

      I also had a dream where I was in this market row, like a medieval market. It was pretty dark there and no one else was there but me, The sky had red smoke going over it like something was burning bad far away. A thing in chat it said "The concert event has already begun" and I could hear the music. I walked down the market row and the road split left and right at a 90 degree angle, I went left because the concert was that way, it was in a huge stone building with a huge entrance, but there was a curtain in the way blocking us because it had already begun, and the curtain was rock-solid. There were several WoW characters standing there wanting to get in and talking, and a druid told me "we gotta wall glitch to get in" so I began hopping up the wall, and eventually I fell through. Inside was mostly empty except for a bunch of tables and people sitting at the tables. The band was playing quite loud, but suddenly a different druid attacks me and we start battling. I woke up before anything else happened
    6. Indoor Market // Guys // Kitchen Sink

      by , 07-26-2014 at 03:59 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      July 24, 2014

      Indoor Market

      I was at a large indoor market; it was set up like a Goodwill or something, or even like a big market in Thailand; everything was all over the place, and it was like a maze. In the back, there was a room where you couldn't get past the entrance without a huge ad flashing across a screen in front of you. There was a mechanism that detected whenever a person entered. But actually, it detected the carts. I figured out that if you didn't roll a cart into the room, or if you rolled it in just right you could avoid the tracks that detected the wheels. So I was in this back room, ad-free, looking at the different school supplies that were for sale. They had all these fancy tools and equipment, and games and notepads and pens and all sorts of office supplies that teachers would need. It was awesome. They had plain-Jane ones as well as crazy-colorful-patterned ones.

      I got a text from my mom, and left the room sadly (I didn't have any money so I couldn't buy any of the awesome things) and found my mom somewhere near the middle of the market. She was getting some brown eyeliner from her favorite brand. I liked the color, too, but when I looked at the package ingredients, I found it had Carmine, which I'm allergic to. So I couldn't use it.

      We got in a car (it was a convertible like my mom's but it wasn't quite hers) and started driving home. The driver's side was on the right like a British car, but we were driving on American roads. I found out a teacher at the place I was working was following us (to be clear, this is a fictional character; I don't have a teaching job yet); he pulled up next to us at a stop light and invited us to his house. We accepted, and went to his house. One of my 3rd graders from the summer school was there. She was apparently his adopted daughter, or something? Hmmm. I remember that I had a crush on this teacher so I was talking to the girl about ways to win his heart. She liked me and wanted me to be her adopted mom, so she was helping me devise a plan.


      All I remember from this one is that I was a guy, and I was making out with another guy |D

      And the Kitchen Sink

      I was in my kitchen, and there was some carrot peels in the drain, so I flipped the disposal switch. But nothing happened... There was that sound of gears being jammed, and so I turned it back off. I peered down the drain but couldn't see much, so I took out the whole sink to see what was wrong. I just lifted it up out of the counter. There was a giant chasm underneath the sink. But the disposal was supported up by the pipes and whatnot. I found out there was a big yellow pitcher in the disposal, so I lifted it out and tested the switch; it worked. I put the sink back in place, and did some dishes.
    7. The newborn

      by , 05-18-2014 at 01:18 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../after some activity I cannot remember, I get into a police station in the middle of a road. It has been a long time since I don't see those uniforms and stuff. I take a look around, refreshing my memories. It feels weird. It's daylight and we are walking together with some other people. We are in our old school suits.

      It's a tiny town after the police station. An elderly couple gets out from a house and have some discussion with us. Somebody says something like "You are not going to dream with your mother!" which sounded like an insult to the couple. We decide to go elsewhere. The couple follow us. They seem to be pissed off. We start moving quick to let them behind. There's a river and a small bridge structure. Some of the guys run along the river. I go through the bridge and get to a big house where a lot of my half brothers gathered for some reason. I don't know many of them. It's an heterogeneous mass of people. I understand this place as "the other side".

      There's a stand of electronics next to the house door. Two guys work there. I want to know where can I buy some electronic stuff to work with, I explain because of I couldn't find a proper store in this land. They tell me the name of a market, which real counterpart has nothing to do with electronics. I follow their instructions and get to a known place where I was before. I see a line of students buying some components. Somebody shows me some electronic stuff which looks more fanciful than useful. Now I know where I can find some components and stuff.

      I see a woman getting out from a house walking together with a priest, there's something with some pictures and his insinuation. I follow them, and see them getting into a near door. Then I get under the bridge. I see some stairs and go up when a group of delinquents gets closer. One of the guys shows me a piece of leather with a long nail in the middle. Pretending to slap somebody with it. The other one shows me his hand holding a piece of glass. I kick his hand with a fast movement and the piece of glass cuts his neck, I see a big cut and some blood flowing out from it. He got scared, covers it with the other hand and goes away. The other one follows him with a look of consternation in his eyes. I wonder if I'm in trouble.

      I get out from the bridge and get to the upper side of the big house. I can see the fields from above. It's a nice view when one of my sisters gives birth a baby on the terrace. We help her to hold the baby. It's all covered with blood, we clean it with paper for architectural drawings. Somebody says in the background it's the best way to clean a newborn. The baby can talk like a 3 or 4 y.o. kid. I don't like how it looks doing that, then I argue that it should babble in stead. It smiles in an evil manner which reminds me my little daughter when she pretends to be a witch.

      One of my older sisters says something about their last name. I remember another one and ask about its origin when some aunts tell me to shut up with an aggressive/scared gesture. I understand what was going on all the time I lived with them, and why we didn't get to know much about the other side of the family/...

      * Alarm clock went off.
      * I'm building a more consistent dreamscape map.
      * Some old dreams fragments come to my mind when I think about the market.
    8. Strawberries [lucid]

      by , 04-26-2014 at 09:15 PM
      As I fall asleep, I practice visualizing and mentally exploring my "base". It has gotten more detailed as it has grown organically over time. I've only managed to reach it in one lucid dream, which was blurry and short, but... well, time and patience. I think part of my problem is that I tend to think of it as 'home', but when my dreaming mind goes "home" I end up in old apartments and bedrooms. I may need to rename/reframe it as something else, like Focal Point, or simply the Cottage. It will be a good springboard, once I manage to make it into a stable setting.

      I've worked on visualizing it as I fall asleep at first not because I expect to have my first lucid dream there (there's a great deal of NREM before your first dream) but because I want visualizing that setting to become automatic for my V-WILDs later at night.

      I've had a lot more success with V-WILD than anything else, although the dreams tend to be "fuzzier" - not sure why. They tend to fade quickly. I suppose it's something I'll need to work on.

      My first few dreams... I don't recall them. I wake up. It's 7-8 in the morning and I don't need to get up any time soon, so I let myself start drifting off to sleep. I decide to try a WILD but I'm too sleepy to want to put much effort into it, so I decide to drift and latch onto the first setting that presents itself.

      That setting is the store that I work in. It is a dreamlet that I am standing behind the row of cash registers. I am still mostly awake at this point, but I decide to go with it. I mentally "walk" out from behind the counter and start walking toward the market section of the store.

      As I "walk", the visualization gains vividness and clarity. It begins to become more than merely a visualization, although it is not yet a dream. In the past, I may have tried to "push" it into a full blown lucid dream, but that mistake can cause the dream to collapse. I have learned to simply let it gently glide into a dream.

      By the time I reach the center of the market, it has become a full blown dream. It's still "thin", though (hard to explain). I am standing in market. The layout has changed, though, and it's not the store I recognize. I'm standing next to an open refrigerated section with several shelves lined with cartons of fruit - strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc. The dream begins to fade a little bit. I run my hands over the fruit, trying to stabilize it. It doesn't seem to work very well. I remember that I need to engage more than one sense, and one of those senses is taste. I grab a strawberry and try to shove it into my mouth, but there is something like a force-field in front of my mouth, preventing me from doing so. I can't seem to put it in my mouth with my hand, so I toss it into the air and catch it in my mouth. It tastes how I would expect a strawberry to taste. I begin walking down the aisle, and the dream fades.

      When another dream begins, I am no longer lucid, although I still have an instinctive feeling that what is happening is not "real", although I am not sure why.

      I am riding in a small, worn wooden boat across a gunmetal gray lake, toward a barren shore. The sky is overcast and gray, and the lake is very flat and still. There is a man waiting for me on the shore. He is very tall and thin - almost gaunt - and dressed in odd-looking dull gray leather armor. There is a thick red woolen scarf wound around his shoulders, neck, and the bottom half of his face. He has messy black hair. I think of him as my cousin, even though he is nothing like any of my cousins in real life except for being very tall. I reach the shore and step out of the boat. The dream shifts and fades.

      I later had other dreams, but they were fragmented and I can't recall them.
    9. Dec 4. Dream Journal: Pirate Jesus, plus the secret to Eternal Life

      by , 12-04-2013 at 07:35 PM
      I think I was Jesus again. If not, then some guy who can walk on water.

      I start by walking through a crowd of people in a bazaar. They look like peasants and villagers out of a fantasy-themed video game, and I know a couple of them can be recruited to join my party if I have enough reputation. I'm also kind of shiny, and I have the sick and poor looking to me.

      Eventually, I come across an intersection, but a train of pack beasts (cows, I think) are crossing, and I wait until they are done. Somehow, this goes on a really long time until I just decide to step over them in a single stride.

      That stride takes me to the end of the bazaar, and suddenly, I'm on a ship sailing the seas. I'm also being chased by a naval fleet, so naturally I'm a pirate now. One of my pursuers get close, so I run out on the water and stick out my leg to trip a ship. And it works! This somehow turns the tides, so I move my ship around and engage in battle. I board a ship and duel the captain while my crew fights invisibly in the background (I've been playing Sid Meier's Pirates!, so don't judge).

      There's a brief sweet and embarrassing scene here that's juxtaposed with the sight of the navy's retreat from their divine ass-kicking. I celebrate, but sadly, the dream fades.

      Dream two and three aren't all that memorable, nor as vivid.

      In dream two, I'm riding my motorcycle (missed MILD cue alert) through my dream interpretation of Seattle's SODO and Georgetown at night. I believe its snowing/raining, and I want to get home before I slip and crash.

      In dream three, I see my grandfather on my mom's side -- who died before I was born and I have no idea what he looks like -- and we talked a little. I don't ever get a clear look at his face, nor do I really know what we chatted about. I think it's about medicine or health because of this gem of a gibberish line: "live eternally so you learn to be aware of the cat's retribution."

      Wise words, Dream Grandfather-Ghost. Wisdom +1.
    10. Sheets of candy/Market

      by , 09-11-2013 at 07:11 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I was at my house, in the garage. I was looking at my home gym, and was thinking of setting my bench up, so that I could lay on it and relax. I remember seeing Rach A, and we were talking about kids, and how people look after them.

      Rach was eating candy, and she offered me a piece of it, which was in a round container. The candy was crunks.
      Rach held up the candy, but now it looked like sheets of paper. On the candy it said made in 1995. The handwriting was pretty messy but was readable, and writing started off big and ended smaller. I thought it looked cool, and really wanted to taste and feel the texture of it shattering in my mouth.

      Scene changed,

      I was now at a market place, in which I could see a outdoor eating area. There were people eating outdoors. It had a Italian look and feel to it. I somehow knew what the food tasted like.

      I left the eating area and was faced with some lady wearing a Burqa (Turban), and a man. They had a basket full of bread rolls, and tried selling me some. They had a lot of bread in baskets.

      I walked down stairs intending to buy bread there. I remember dropping something, as if I had my hands full. I was approached by a couple, which helped me pick the items up.

      I reached down stairs, and a guy was sitting at the table, and he was telling another man that he had to do something with his life, as it was slipping away from him. I had a scene come to me. It was of a fighter and he was in between rounds, getting worked on by the cut man. The cut man was injecting steroid/cortisone into the man's eye brow.
      (In reality, I was asked what I would like to do as a job, if I could choose anything, money no option. I love combat sports such as UFC, boxing, and would love to be a cut man, so I could see all the action and get paid for it.)

      Dream Fragment,
      I remember hearing or thinking of meditation, in which if you focused on your middle eye when meditating, that you would get stronger sensations.
    11. Ups and downs [Lucid!]

      by , 08-08-2013 at 05:01 PM
      Isn't it funny how after I had a lucid dream I had two nights without anything?

      Welp, now I had another.

      Oh, mind...

      It started off with me in Africa with some cousins (We don't have any cousins in Africa, weirdness..). We were walking around a market and bought a watermelon then went on our way. I remember carrying two slices out of five. We came along a mud puddle and we jumped in it. For no reason.

      *Memory blindness*

      We then came to an intersection. To the left was a slight hill leading back to the marketplace, the front and back were a dirt road. On the left there was a small forest that ended a couple yards ahead. The sky was mostly cloudy, with some patches gray. It was raining.
      We met with some guy who was chubby, short, white, and had glasses. Everyone started talking to him except for me, my brother, and my younger cousin. He looked to be about 6 by the way.

      I started thinking about this trip. And how the airline ride went. Then I realized; there was no airline trip. I thought I just might have forgotten it, but then I did thought about doing a RC. Then my aunt said "Oh no, I can breathe, its a dream! We're not real!"
      I did and RC for myself, and I could breathe! I started thinking about all this stuff I wanted to do, and the task of the month and all.

      My mind, kind of got overwhelmed. I could feel it too, that anxiety of wanting to do things. The sky started flashing different colors. I started to remember the DV podcast, then I remembered the "Making out with the ground" trick.
      I layed down and started, uh, making out with the ground. I will admit, it took my mind off dreaming, I guess because you can't see anything, just dirt. Plus your preoccupied with thinking it'll work. The sky stopped flashing, and everyone looked like they didn't know a thing.

      I figured I would go to France. No particular reason. I just haven't gone there before. I then tried to teleport but instead my mind brought up a map of the world. I punched France with my fist, and it took me too another map with a map of France. I popped Paris and it made me turn right. It all seemed like a really badly made video game, but it seemed to do the trick. I walked out, and I could see the Eiffel tower! I was a long ways away though, so I tried to teleport again.

      But as we all know, for me, teleporting twice is a death sentence.

      My eyes in real life quickly opened, then I realised what I'd done and tried to fall asleep again.

      ly it didn't work.
    12. Huge Fishes

      by , 08-03-2013 at 12:24 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was running from someone or some people. I was in our house back in our hometown.

      Underground. I was watching a small tribe on a boat in an underground river under a house. The leader was female. They got lost chasing someone (me?). They redirected the boat, but didn't realize it was headed out to the sea and not back inside. Once they were on the sea, there was a huge open mouth out of the water. A big fish was sucked or simply jumped into it. They/We decided to avoid it. Then we had to hurry away from other huge water species.

      We ended up in a wet market with all kinds of fishes. Some of them huge.
    13. Thrown in at the deep end with the weirdest dream O.o

      by , 04-13-2013 at 07:55 PM
      Only one dream from last night but it's certainly one of the craziest I've ever had!

      Okay so I had the animated scooby doo by my side, the 3D animated one and I had to hide him from the cartoon one that was coming through a portal in a forest not too far away. We were both in this fairly open square tent and we both bolted for the open trying to get away. We both rushed through an open and very busy morning market. With blue sky above us and castle not too far off we clearly weren't in 2013. Nevertheless I glanced backwards to see if the cartoon one was behind us to see the scene switch as quick as a lightning strike. Suddenly I was in the middle of a cross-fire, not of real bullets though; nerf pellets. I instinctively ducked and looked around, as I did so the scene flicked back and I was racing through the market once more. Not giving a care to what had just happened we both raced into one market stall at the top of a grassy hill. Now I think back to it, it all felt so real and nice to have the sun on my back, blue sky and very colourful green grass. I looked around and once more the scene changed like a light coming on. This time people looked like they were in some kind of restaurant, however they were testing their nerf guns, making sure they loaded and fired properly, like they were preparing for an assault.

      Looking back around I was no longer at the market, I was in a comfortable room and it was nighttime. I then heard a knocking on the window, it was my very small college friend Kathleen. She'd done something very bad and got kicked out of her house and needed somewhere to stay. Me being the kind person I am I lifted her through the window and into 'my room'. Not long after we were both watching tv on a large bean bag and all of a sudden she started feeling me up! O.o I look to my left and my girlfriend is sat right there! She didn't respond and I was shocked at what was happening. Then the dream ended.
    14. On boat with family in ocean off coast of some holiday place. Water is stormy and black, big waves..

      by , 02-27-2013 at 08:32 AM
      Haven't been on here in a while because of lack of dream recall and things going on in the real world (had an operation couple of weeks ago so currently recovering/healing from that).

      Went to sleep about 1am, woke up with the central heating about 6:30am

      Dreamt I was on a boat with some family specifically my Mother, StepDad, Brother in law & Sister. We were out on the sea just off the coast of some holiday destination we were at. We were doing some kind of test sail before setting of on a bigger trip later. The sea started to get really rough & the water was black & dirty with waves just swelling up seriously high, as high as high rise flats.
      I turned and said to my brother in law I probably wouldn't take the trip later because of the sea conditions & I was worried it would capsize the boat & we'd all drown.
      When we got off the boat I was telling the same thing to a stranger as we were walking away off the beach & onto the street. I was telling him that I wouldn't go back on the boat because of dreams I'd had about water!

      We seemed to get split up on the streets in a sort of market area & I lost my family. I ended up tussling with some guys but not seriously sort of play fighting. I think I was asking them for directions back to our apartment because I'd got lost. One of them was leading me the wrong way & this is what caused the tussle! They were making me follow this florescent tube light that was sort of floating before me or suspended by a translucent string. Eventually I moved it aside and broke off from them after a little play fight & some laughter then I threatened to smash up some fruit on their market stall!
      Eventually I'm back in our apartment but my family have already gone on the boat trip I was so scared of going on. I feel devastated because I'm certain they'll perish, I'm crying out for my mother in despair, I'm looking around a mess of tobacco & bits of weed on the floor..I rush out to see if I can get to my family in time to stop them from going on the boat trip & save them but I forget my keys so have to go back for them..suddenly I wake up & realise I've been dreaming.
    15. 20 Jan: Kidnapped by men in black

      by , 01-20-2013 at 06:07 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I'm hiking some forested mountains with a group of some 10 people. It's almost dark and we feel a bit lost. We just descended from a mountain and we arrived at a clearing. There's a path going through another mountain but we're not sure we can go across before it's dark. Some want to go back, others are sure there's a village just minutes on the second path, so in the end we camp at the clearing. Soon after it gets dark, we're surrounded by some strange fellas. Their leader kinda hypnotizes us, telling us we're we're all going to a better place, full of love. I only regain some awareness when we're on board of some kind of flying ship. I can see we're flying over the forest, which strangely has the shape of a heart. I guess I'm hallucinating due to the mind control. I fight back and they realize I'm becoming aware. So, two men hold me down and one stitches my mouth with a needle and a thread, while another tries to stitch my hands to my seat. I fight the pain by realizing this is but a dream and soon it doesn't hurt a thing, although I feel it.
      Then some gap in my memory, but later on I am with the whole group behind me, we've escaped to the nearest town.
      We hide at some underground tunnels under a market, but in the morning we have to go, because there's a grid over our heads and in the daylight we can be seen by those above us. But when we try to get out, we see groups of men in black that we immediately know belong to that gang and we're sure they are looking for us. I suggest we must split up because together there's no way we can escape. But some don't want to. While we discuss strategies, the men in black open the entrance to
      the underground and we run for our lives. I escape into the crowd, but some of them are caught.

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