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    1. 19-01-10 Loads of Dreams

      by , 01-10-2019 at 09:26 PM
      I'm in some kind of village, surrounded by high walls. There was no way out of the village. I was trapped in there with my last surviving grandfather, who was evil and was keeping me there. I tried to sneak out of the village somehow, and tried to hide from him. But I ran into him anyway. He came towards me, saying that I was coming with him. I got really pissed off, and wanted to defend myself by hitting him in the face. I was so pissed off, I woke up instantly. I smashed my real-life fist into my nightstand, which hurt.

      I turned into some kind of small creature, and navigated a miniature village while a girl watched me. I noticed I had many small legs, like an insect. Then I saw the houses of the village were full of giant spider webs. I realized in horror that this village was populated entirely by giant (to my miniature standards) spiders. I noped out so hard, I woke up.

      I'm in a location I can't describe. A library? City streets? Both somehow? There's a long line of rubberbands (?) stretching out as far as the eye can see. I excitedly tell another character that this MUST mean the world runs on some kind of algorithm, as no one could possibly have placed THIS many rubberbands. Either it's a simulation, or it's a dream.

      I'm on the Moon. Then I'm on Mars. I somehow end up inside a crater. I want to get out. I realize gravity is lower on Mars than Earth, and this should make flying easier. I jump up, and manage to fly out. I see the Mars surface. It still looks barren, but there's some plantlife here and there and I can breathe. There's another scene where I'm on the surface of Mars with a bunch of other characters, sitting on a chair. Other people are sitting in chairs next to me. We're in a long line. Most of them have some kind of superpower. An attractive blonde walks by, and sits down in a chair opposite of us. Suddenly, she's only a silhouette. I figure she's a shapeshifter. She turned into an older guy a bit later. Anyway... I end up flying off and just soaring over the Martian surface. Below me, the barren wasteland is full of people. I pondered about how this is the future of humanity. I thought it was odd. I always thought that in the future we'd all be cyborgs, not mutants. I flew some more, at one point coming close to hitting some tree branches. I figured because this is a dream, I couldn't get hurt. I saw a large building and decided to put this to the test. I flew straight towards it at top speed, and flew straight through the walls. All the way through the building.

      I'm with my mother. We enter a strange kind of facility. Maybe military. I know where to go, somehow. We get into a white elevator (industrial-looking) and go down. Then we enter what looks like a missile silo retrofitted into a lab. Scientists are working on a bomb. Some kind of nuke. They needed our help to complete the work. At some I was concerned with how much radiation I was absorbing.

      I was in some kind of café. There was this guy. Tall, big guy. He had a massive revolver. He shot me in the neck. I thought I was screwed, but then I noticed I wasn't really hurt and there was only a tiny scratch. I suddenly had such a weapon too. I aimed and tried to shoot. As so often happens in my dreams, I struggled to pull the trigger. It did go off eventually, and the bad guy fled the café. Someone congratulated me for resolving the situation. I didn't want to hear it, as I was bummed out the bad guy survived and escaped.
    2. Magical May Competition Night 12

      by , 05-13-2018 at 12:28 AM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      After journeying through strange and bizarre imagery of tablet chargers and seeing through my closed eyes, I arrived quite suddenly in a small habitat-like area, tastefully constructed with wooden materials to evoke a sense of warmth. I briefly reality checked to confirm my state.Through the window, one could see endless deserts with a reminiscent red-tint. Moreover, two asteroid-like moons hovered in the expansive sky. As I stood in the corridor, an African-background woman approached me, and confirmed my thoughts; I was on Mars. As I prepared to open the door, she immediately stopped me, as neither of us, let alone the rest of the habitat, would survive the results. Reluctantly, I decided against it. Instead, I noticed a rotatable cylinder, and consequently developed its purpose; it would allow me to travel forward in time. I cranked it clockwise as far as possible, for my surroundings to alter completely. Mars enveloped in a black space-station-like structure, and with my dreaming companion, we flew around the ‘streets’ of Mars in utter amazement. Nonetheless, I saw a sign that attracted my attention, “Ancestry”, a shop that offered tracking ones ancestors. I realized that given I had travelled forward in time, perhaps I could see my descendants. The results are in my personal DJ.

      Later, I was in a jewellery shop, trying on rings after gifting them with powers such as invisibility and transformation. Before long, I had about 5 rings on my hand, along with two bowls of rings, magical, and not yet.
    3. Squirrels, Dinners, and Mars

      by , 10-18-2017 at 07:25 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 10-18

      Squirrels, Dinners, and Mars

      I am outside in the desert. It is someplace in my own yard. I am looking around at some interesting rocks, and I spot looks like the body of a small ground squirrel. I find that sad, but I don’t want our dog to find it and eat it. That sounds gross. So I go over and gently pick it up. To my surprise, when I touch it, it moves. It is not dead. I am thinking it is probably dehydrated from the heat we’ve been having lately. So I gently pick up the animal, and I carry it over to a shady place. There’s a fountain there, and it is overflowing here so that the animals can drink from it. I carefully drip some water on the squirrel’s face. That seems to revive it some, and then it starts drinking. Perhaps that’s all needed. I have my phone with me, and I decide that this cute little squirrel would be good to have a photo of. So I lie it down on some leaves near the puddle made by the fountain, and I take a picture. It comes out very cute. My friend Alicia comes over to find out what I’m doing. She sees the animal, and asks what happened? I tell her the squirrel just needed some water. She says how cute it is. I go to my phone to show her the photo, but the photo is not there. It didn’t save. That gets me pissed off. Alicia says just take another picture, but the lighting is off now and I can’t get a good one.

      Alicia leaves to go home, and I go inside the house where we are having dinner with some friends. My mother is there, and so is my dead grandmother. Two ther people here seem to be a couple from Germany. Or at least that’s what their accent sounds like. My mom‘s friend Donna is here as well. Donna has arrived late, but she brought cake. She has several different kinds of cake that all look yummy. She goes around the table and dishes out the portion of each cake for each person. So I now have a bowl full of several kinds of cake in front of me. My mother takes it away, however, saying that is for dessert. This is dinner. We eat the dinner and dessert seems get forgotten. We go outside and get in cars. I don’t remember where we were going, but Donna keeps trying to signal me. I think she is trying to tell me not to trust the German man. But I don’t see any reason not to. I am riding in a car with the German man. It seems like it is a hard task for him to not drive on the wrong side of the street. I wonder if that is because he’s from Germany? I can’t think whether or not they drive on the right side or the left side in Germany. I ask him if he is more used to driving on the left side of the street? He doesn’t answer, but seems frustrated.

      German man turns into a parking lot. We drive through the garage into a large building. Except on the other side we are not in a building. It looks a lot like Mars. The man gives me a helmet to put on, saying there’s not enough oxygen for me to breathe here. The bad thing is that my helmet is attached to an oxygen tank that the man is carrying, so I can’t go very far away. Then I hear them talking about using energy. One of them says something about using dark energy, but still it’s energy. So I wonder if I can access that energy. I move a little bit away from the man, but he doesn’t pay any attention. He thinks I can’t go far enough sense I couldn’t breathe. I take a deep breath and then I take my helmet off. That’s surprises him. He’s trying to get it back on me. For some reason he doesn’t want me dead. For bit I am having trouble getting air, but then I focus kind of a cloud of energy around me. And then I can breathe without any difficulty. This clearly surprises the guy. He sits there and stares at me for a bit. For some reason I think they have my mother. I ask him where she is. He says they don’t have her. He says they never wanted my mother, they were after me. But he is confused as to how I’m breathing. He will just have to stay confused, because it is here that I wake up.
    4. 9/8/17 | Tornado, Mars, Seattle

      by , 09-08-2017 at 03:33 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-At the B.h., I saw something on the radar, so I looked outside to the north and saw a wedge tornado. I got out my phone to record some of it. It was an F5.
      -2-I was on a section of road and grass, floating in space in front of Mars. Suddenly, I was falling; skydiving on Mars. Since a parachute alone wasn’t enough, I was given “compressed air pads” to soften my landing. They were made of Styrofoam. I landed safely using the pads.
      -3-I was walking around a flat area surrounded by a perimeter of trees at the edge of the small plateau. On the other side of the water was a very close Seattle, with an additional huge hill with high rises around it, like in Hong Kong.

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    5. 17-03-07 London TV-Show, Mars

      by , 03-07-2017 at 09:24 PM
      This entire dream played out as a TV show. I was the dreamer 'dreaming up' the scenario, but I also controlled one of the characters within the story.

      One building in London was central to much of the plot: a futuristic (and massive) trapezoid building, almost entirely made of glass. The windows themselves were triangular in shape. It was called the London Naval Shipyard Headquarters. Or something similar. I saw NYC in one scene, but noticed the old World Trade Center was still there, meaning I was in the past, pre-2001. Then I was in a car, in one of the back passenger seats, driving through London. The sun was bright red. The person next to me in the car, said this was due to "red-shifting" - due to the dimensional/time-traveling we were doing. I arrived at the location where the large building mentioned earlier was supposed to be, but instead there was only an empty plot of land - telling me I was still in the past, and it hadn't been built yet.

      The show had less than 10 episodes total. It had many characters, and each episode had different characters in it. I think the character I played, was the only one that featured in all of them, so kind of the 'main' character. It was all quite tragic, though I can't recall any details. The main character experiences several disconnected events (each self-contained story was an episode) that were still all connected in some way; but in a way not obvious to the characters themselves - only to the viewer/dreamer. In the end, the events of all the episodes ended in the main character being held at gunpoint by a man, a man I knew (as dreamer) to be a good guy), who mistakenly thought the main character had killed someone, or did something terrible. I (as character) was forced to me knees, and I heard him say "don't fucking move", but I heard pain in his voice. Maybe he thought I killed someone dear to him? Either way, the event he blamed on me actually happened in a previous episode, and was done by a completely different character.

      The whole dream had an amazing soundtrack, but especially the main theme at the end of the last episode was beyond awesome. It sounded mysterious, like the soundtrack of Half-Life: Decay, but with a very sad violin at the end, reflecting the tragic nature of the story.


      Second dream. Someone (a rather attractive blonde woman in her late 20's) had bought our old house from my dad. There was a massive 'basement' below the house, which I'd never noticed in the years living there. The basement was large, clean and very well-lit. In fact, it didn't look like a basement at all. It was made into a kind of museum, where books and other stuff owned by the woman were put on display. I had a look at the books, and eventually left.

      I found myself on the surface of Mars. The 'air' was breathable, and the temperature non-existent (I can't feel temperature in dreams). Along with a group of other 'visitors', we walked past several large buildings, looking for a place called the "Moon Dome" (inspired by the Moon Dome from Wolfenstein: The New Order?). We walk the Martian surface, until we find a mountain 'bowl' - a place completely surrounded by (not very high) mountains on all sides (except on one side, we came from a flat plain). I saw some kind of monument in the distant, up against the mountains. I started running in that direction, and noticed the ground was on a downward slope. I started floating because of this, and quickly learned to change that into flight. It was easier than usual, thanks to Mars' low gravity. From the air, I see a child (a little girl) falling behind from the rest of the group. I dive down, land, and help her get back to her parents.

      At some point, some guy said something that pissed off Alex Moore, a guy I know in real life. Alex got really pissed and started chasing him as he fled, along a rainy street at night (clearly on Earth now). The guy had to stop to unlock a door, which is when Alex caught him. I can't recall what happened next.
    6. Neptune

      by , 11-28-2016 at 10:39 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I am in an orchestra I play in.

      I run outside onto my back lawn and people say 'Look!'
      I look upwards at the night sky and see Neptune and a bright blue star.
      I realise I am dreaming. People say 'Why lucid dream when this is here?'
      I sight Mars and terraform it.

      It looks like Earth.

      Then I was in an intergalactic conference about how humans on different planets had evolved so much they were different species. Should breeding be allowed?

      The result was me waking up.

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    7. 16-10-07 Sick on Mars, Bus Rampage, Monsters & Murder

      by , 10-08-2016 at 04:41 AM
      I'm on Mars, with several other astronauts. We're actually wearing space suits this time. I got sick, because of a disease that was typical to space travel, and Mars in particular. I had diarrhea. I was sitting with my back against a rock, feeling miserable. I actually sh*t myself. There were several escape pods lined up not too far away. Small rocket-propelled craft that, when activated, could carry one passenger back to Earth automatically. I felt terrible, but didn't want to be the first to turn back.

      Forgotten dream that took place abroad somewhere?

      I was driving a bus like a complete maniac. I had to dodge the pumps of a gas station at some point. After this, I was stranded (next to a highway? near a sewage tunnel?) and separated from the others (my mom and others?). We had plans to go out for dinner. I also recall being in a school at night, in the pitch black. I don't remember what I did there. Then there was a young woman (I think she was called Kate). She was dressed in "punk" style, and had short hair and piercings. I told her she reminded me of "Christine Aguilera". I thought she was hot.

      I'm in a garage. I exit into a very large, very dark room (reminds me of a parking garage). It was so dark, I could not see the walls in the distance. From the darkness, several creatures, monsters - attack. They came from all corners of the room. What exactly happened next, I don't remember. But I think I murdered someone by throwing one of the monsters at them. The monster then killed them. I don't know who the victim was. I think I vaguely recall two children sitting on the ground? Girls? Anyway... suddenly, Kelsey Moody (a guy I've met several times at a cryonics meetup) showed up, and started threatening us (suddenly, I was with some other guy). He had seen what we had done, and would make sure we would suffer the consequences of our crimes. My "partner in crime" was Dave Franko, the actor who plays the guy from 'Nerve' (the movie). When Kelsey had left, I said to Dave that we could either kill him, travel back in time and not do this at all, or we'd be fucked.

      I remember seeing a suit of armor. That's it. A hypnagogic vision.
    8. 16-10-03 Growing Plants on Mars, Demonic Presence

      by , 10-04-2016 at 01:16 AM
      The first part of the dream took place in a very barren environment, kind of resembling Mars. I was there with a few others (not in space suits). They were planting seeds to grow vegetables, perhaps in an effort to terraform the place? I asked what one guy was planting, and got excited to start doing it myself. I think we were near the mouth of a cave? We were 'colonizing' this little valley, and even though it was dry, barren and rocky, it felt like our new home.

      Then we found what I think was a gravestone inside this shallow cave. I knelt down next to it with another person. I put my hand on the stone, to telepathically learn more about it. I waited a while for "the visions" to start. The information appeared in front of me as text on a HUD (heads up display). The first tidbits of info looked normal, she was a woman, middle-aged. But then, the "screen" showed that she was demonically possessed. "Associated with Lucifer: 100%" or something of that nature. I instantly knew we were in trouble, as we had woken something up.

      Next scene I'm in a very dark basement area. The narrow halls were dug out of the rock. It was very hard to see. The demons were already manifesting, and I knew we had to get out of this confined space, before they found us. We were going in circles, so I pulled up a digital map (like in a video game) and navigated to the exit this way. I think I guided two more people (kids? women?) and urged them to flee with me. On the upper floors, the building looked more... building like (no carved out of rock), but it still looked under construction. Large demons (10 feet tall, easily) pop up out of nowhere, slightly reminiscent of Hell-Knights from Doom 3 and 4. They charged at me, and all I could do was flee, and 'kite' their attacks. At some point I got tired of running, and tried fighting back. There were these large 'orbs' floating around. They looked like giant soap bubbles. I jumped to grab one, and tossed it at the giant demon. It hit, and to my surprise, the demon died! I possibly proceeded to whack a few more of 'em this way. That is, until I got to their "boss". He was a large, shapeless "blob" of skin and gore, with a human face sticking out of it. It's hard to describe, but it was really gross. I tried reasoning with it, but it didn't work so well. While trying to talk to it, I touched it... but this made its face morph into a horrible abomination, which was a sign I was making it angry. So yeah, we ended up fighting. It shot those "bubbles" at me, which I intercepted mid-air and threw back. Sadly, the bubbles did not damage it. They just bounced off. I think gravity was a little weird (lighter than normal) because of the aerial acrobatics I had to pull off to catch those bubbles, and throw 'em back before hitting the ground again.

      The outcome of the fight was undecided.
      Tags: demons, mars
    9. 16-07-22 Return to LA, Nazi Holocaust

      by , 07-22-2016 at 07:53 PM
      I was back in Los Angeles. I've been there on holiday a few months ago. My brother was there was well. For a moment, I thought how weird it was that I could afford this. I have lost my job since then. Anyway, I was playing a console game in my room. My brother was going out to meet someone, and I think have dinner as well. He suggested I come with him. I didn't feel like it. We squabbled over this, he said I was a lazy bum and stuff like that. He eventually left by himself. He told me the street address of the place, something something Avenue. Left alone, I started to feel regret for not coming with him. I considering going after him, but his car was already out of view.

      I was in a room with a bunch of other people. The Nazi's were going around and killing people everywhere. I remember seeing a pile of people, stacked up and then shot dead. Blood everywhere. It was gruesome. I hid, hoping the SS guys wouldn't see me. At some point they did find me. I ran outside, bashing past the Nazi's outside and fleeing through the city streets. I reached the "city gates", where I saw a strange monument. I heard the voice of the Führer, saying that if "he did not appreciate his new world, he should leave and never return", or something like that. Clearly referring to me.

      I think the next scene was at a gas station (I think) outside the city (continuing the previous dream). I saw two older women, driving a bizarre kind of buggy. They were seated one in front of the other, like on a motorcycle, but almost laying down instead of seated. Weird. They were pretty oddly dressed, too. I almost suspected them of being trannies. The one in the rear had this weird "mutation" coming out of her chest. A small appendage, almost like a tiny arm. She was very self-conscious about this, but we nervously laughed it off. I asked for a ride, and they motioned that I had to sit on the rear one's lap. We drove back to the city. I remember the car having some kind of pole (?) sticking out (straight up) of the vehicle, and struggling to drive through a tunner or door (!). For a moment, I wondered why on Earth I wanted to go back to the city. It was Nazi-infested after all.

      A half-dream, half-hallucination right before waking. I saw Nazi's violently forcing people (Mexicans?) into concrete rooms - gas showers.

      I saw Jupiter, Mars, and Earth in one shot - obviously not to scale. Only Mars wasn't the barren red planet we know - it looked terraformed. I think I saw a continent on Mars, that looked like the Americas.

      More fragments/forgotten dream.
    10. To The Moon...or Mars....or Not.

      by , 02-07-2016 at 10:12 PM
      I had a lucid dream a few nights ago, It was one of these where I don't remember where it started, but as soon as I became lucid I knew I needed to tackle something big. Lately I have been just flying around, which is fun, but it's not that exciting to write about afterwards.

      So I decided I needed to get to the moon. It had been years since I had been. I decided to try the method that successfully got me there the previous time. It was just to do a complete scenery change.

      So I concentrated. And everything started to shift. Finally it all became clear. And the thing that became clearest was the fact that I was not on the moon. This looked just like pictures I had seen of Mars. Hey, if you can't go to the moon, Mars is still cool, right? So I started walking around. I needed to explore. But as I started walking around, things started looking more and more familiar. I was disappointed to see that I was not actually on Mars but in the desert near my house that very much resembles Mars.

      I suppose I should be happy that not only did I become lucid, but that I was able to change the scenery, even though it wasn't exactly the results I had wanted.

      I woke up not long after realizing where I was.
    11. Mars station - the forge, Reactor core coolant error

      by , 09-28-2015 at 10:39 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was on the planet Mars. A space station was built on it's surface, with the most modern technology currently available. Something strange have happened there, and a red fog was covering all the tight corridors. I was walking inside some dark tunnels, trying to find my way around that strange place. I heard two persons wandering these tunnels, and even saw them once too. It was a scientist and a technician, they were talking about some kind of massacre happening in the station.

      I finally found my way from tunnels, which were in the lower sector, to the surface dome. In the middle of the dome there was a huge pool of lava, and there were some building on the sides. In the middle of the pool there was a powerful demon, though I somewhat can't recall it. It shot missiles of red energy at me, which were hard to avoid. An idea came to me - building a forge, to create armor protecting me from these missiles.

      After a while of wandering in the dark, I heard a speaker voice "Reactor core coolant error!". Blue emergency lights turned on in the tunnels, and I heard machinery turning on - the coolant reached hyperactivity, and started to freeze all the space station. I thought to myself "I should be invincible now." and so I was invincible, and I have gained abillity to phase through walls and objects.

      I watched as the ice slowly covered walls of the tunnels, and walked there for a while. Then I floated up to the dome - the lava was still present, but demon was nowhere to be found. I ripped some tiles from the floor, getting to lava underneath them, and started to build a lava powered forge.
    12. Yet another dream about going to Mars. This one involves a talking loaf of bread.

      by , 03-02-2015 at 03:18 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I had a dream about this giant ice rink that had been built out of snow/igloo blocks at the edge of my subdivision. Something to do with my dad, grandfather, hot cocoa and skating around the inside. It was lit up on the inside.

      For some reason, I find it hard to stay invested in this NLD. It was sort of lacking content.


      Something to do with being on a train, somehow connected to this dream. I do seem to dream about trains an awful lot given I've only ridden one a couple times in my life.

      I was with a crew undergoing a manned survey of Mars. Our lander touched down not far from [One of Mars' largest volcanoes]. We had a crew of six people total. I don't recall any names, genders, etc. Just that there were six of us.

      The lander came equipped with both an Ariel surveyor plane as well as a mobile analysis lab. Each one of these vehicles could hold two people, and the remaining two would stay with the lander.

      I got put on the crew to fly the airplane. Now the areal surveyor was launched from some kind of rail cannon on the lander so that it would have enough speed to fly in the thin atmosphere. But when It launched us there was some kind of malfunction and we had to land asap.

      I saw that we were going 411. Miles per hour? Meters per second? I don't know. I tried to gently nose the plane down. I was somehow able to see third person perspective and see that the landing gear was about to touch down in the red sand.

      We touched the ground briefly before flying off a sand dune like a ramp. I saw that our speed was now 123. We hit the ground, but one of the landing gear hit a rock and we rolled over. The air surveyor was destroyed, but me and the other astronaut somehow survived.

      But we had a new problem. We now only had the life support in our space suits to support us. Even if the mobile lab drove at full speed, they wouldn't be halfway to us by the time we were long dead.

      I actually became a little bit lucid here, and remembered that I had the ability to summon Sir Chuggingloaf. (Read this ancient dream to know who that is.)

      I don't know why I was thinking of that character, since he has only appeared one other time and it was over 10 years ago, but sure enough, I saw him fly down from the upper atmosphere. Only, in this dream, he wasn't a train, but rather a spaceship. Rather than a train gondola, he had a rocket booster and wings. He also had windows in his side.

      A ramp opened up. Somehow, I was now with a large party of astronauts (10+ of them) and we were all getting inside of the flying bread spaceship. I didn't get in.

      I also remember him looking like a cartoon superimposed on what had thus far been a very realistic looking dream. He smiled and flew off into the sky with everyone inside of him.

      Interpretations: Any dream that involves talking bread spaceships is beyond my ability to interpret. I do seem to dream of being on Mars a lot. I wonder why that is.
    13. Another Mars Mission, LD #133

      by , 11-10-2014 at 01:53 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Yet another mars mission dream. In this one, three spacecraft came down to the surface of mars. Two of them had malfunctions and were unable to take off so everybody had to pile into the third spacecraft. The captain of the mission flew everyone off safely in his; the smallest spacecraft.
      For some reason there were a bunch of Minecraft Trees on mars while he was taking off. There was also this large pyramid made out of red stone that they flew past.
      When they returned to earth, the Captain was in an airplane hangar giving a speech about what inspired him to bravely fly everyone on one spacecraft. He showed a cartoon drawing that a girl had given him in middle school of a space captain punching an alien in the face. It had some quote about courage and being brave that I cannot recall now. The girl that gave him that sketch was his crush in middle school but she had died due to leukemia.

      I found myself in the car with my mom driving. I was already fully lucid. I instantly went to my goal; my questions for Manei. We were pulling into my subdivision so I told myself that Manei would be at my house when we got there.
      I began saying to myself "I'm dreaming." My mom asked me why I was saying that. I told her that this was my lucid dream and that I was on a mission to find my dream guide and ask her some things. I began rubbing my hand on the inside of the car, feeling the leather and stabilizing the dream.
      When I pulled up to the house there was nobody outside. I told myself that Manei would appear when I got inside the house. We got out of the car and I looked around. Certainly not the clearest and most stable lucid dream I had seen. It was a cloudy, overcast day and the dream was a bit hazy. But definitely par.
      I go inside, and she's nowhere to be seen. Just my dad in there. I decide to take the DawnEye approach and call her on the phone. Just then the phone rings and I pick it up.
      "It's me."
      ...I'd know that voice in any dream.
      "Where are you?"
      "I'm at Marcus' house. I didn't expect you to get lucid tonight."

      My dad took the phone away from me in a rather rude way and started talking to her. He seemed really cranky and, in a rather rude way started asking her who she was and what she was doing talking to me. I could hear Manei on the other end, she got all giggly and didn't respond.
      I looked around for another way I could possibly manifest/find her. The dream ended. (I didn't wake up, the dream ended.)

      I got some pretty awesome synth beats in dream music while I was waking up. They didn't last very long though.
    14. Finn's Future Nightmare, Rocket ships growing from foam cutouts, old bullies try to take my computer

      by , 10-31-2014 at 09:53 PM (Lucid Time!)
      This was a very strange one. I was in what felt like a Wendy’s or McDonalds, save for the place was deserted, and it felt like it was closed. I was sitting in the corner along with a dream character who I did not recognize, but was a male.
      [Dream Logic] They showed me a box full of these cutouts that were made out these really tough foam. They were cut into radial snowflake like patterns and he told me about how they were ‘Grow your own spaceships’. All you had to do was add water and they would turn into a spaceship. [/Dream Logic]
      To be honest, the DC might have been Marcus, but I can’t remember. The dream was so blurry. This seems crazy even for something he would come up with.
      So I took two of them out of the box. We had a cup of water and we used these little eyedroppers to get them started. The foam starts to puff up, and sure enough metal paneling begins to emerge and build. Watching this thing self-assemble is strange. It is fascinating to watch. The assemble seems something like a transformer, and I eventually see a rocket engine assemble in the center.
      “Ya see that? That’s the kind of engine that will get you to Mars!”
      The dream carried on for a long time as the spaceship continued to grow, transform and change. For some reason my spaceship turned into a large dark green suitcase with rocket motors on the bottom, and lights on the inside. The DC told me that the foam cutout was faulty and that I would try with another one. I lost the dream around there.

      Something to do with being in a rather small room with a pool and a hot tub. For some reason all of the tiles are a rich forest green and there are high, narrow windows running along the top of the wall.

      I am with S. We are in my room together and there is a large wall-mounted flatscreen TV on the wall where the dresser should be. We are sitting on the end of my bed, wrapped in blankets and eating popcorn out of a huge bowl. S wants to watch an adventure time episode called 'Finn's Future Nightmare'
      The episode is supposed to center around Finn's future son who in the episode is this nightmarish monstrosity. There are a couple of blurry indistinguishable scenes that go on for a minute or two, then one of his shadow. It pans up to show a silhouette of the character. He is huge and brawny and has sword blades in the place of his hands.
      There are then some scenes of him terrorizing innocent candy people. For some reason they are in this really realistic setting. This is followed by a scene of adult Finn rushing at him with the Grass Sword and Jake who has morphed into a shield. Supposedly in this future of adventure time, Jake can change not only the shape of his body but the composition; so his shield transformation actually looks like a shield.
      His son steps out of the shadow. He looks like a little bit like the basic Finn (Save for muscles and sword hands) with the same outfit, and he has five or six of these pinwheel devices running up his shirt like buttons. They open and expand and fire energy out in different colors. Finn blocks them with the sword and he charges into melee range.
      Finn wakes up from his nightmare, and Jake asks him what he dreamed about. He says he doesn't want to talk about it.

      I am casually strolling along in the industrial park that is a few blocks from my house. The area has become a swamp and the factories are abandoned and flooded. It was some kind of post-apocalyptic future where my town had been destroyed and flooded, and the boardwalk had been built as a means for the new generation to walk around and explore what past towns and cities looked like.
      Also, for some reason in this dream, I was like 14 or 15 years old. (I was walking around in the body that I had when I was 14 or 15. Something to do with cloning me.)
      I had my computer with me. I approached a sitting area on the boardwalk and opened it up. I began typing up (in a word document) my dreams from earlier in the night when I was approached by a group of maybe six people. Some of them had vague resemblances to kids who used to bully me in middle school. One of them tried to grab at my computer, but I closed it.
      I then remembered that it was when I turned fifteen that I started taking self defense classes. I wondered if my skills were any good. I saw one of the bullies try to do a mock kick to make fun of that fact, but he fell over backwards.
      Another bully tried to grab my computer from my arms but I backed away. I leaped into the air and kicked him in the face. He fell over and I landed. A guy charged at me from the right and swung at me. I ducked. He then tried to uppercut me. I leaned back. Another guy came at me from the left. I kicked him in the gut and he fell over. The guy on my left swiped at me, and two more guys were coming in. I threw my computer up over me and caught it behind my back. I thought to myself how I should be careful doing stunts because I don't want my laptop to be broken or stolen.
      Even though I was holding my own in this fight, for some reason I decided to try to get these guys off of me.
      I yelled: "Police Officer!" and pointed behind them. All of the bullies looked where I pointed.
      There was nobody there.
      One of the bullies yelled "Oh, Sh*t!", and they all started running as if they were actually in trouble.
      Dream characters don't get much more stupid than that.
      But if that wasn't strange enough, I started running too. I can't remember why. I guess I figured that they might realize that there actually was no police officer and would try to chase me down. As I was running, I noticed that I was barefoot, and I seemed to be pushing off the ground with just my toes.
      I then noticed that the frequency of my steps was very low. I was taking one step every ten feet and the way I was bounding off the ground; I almost seemed to be floating.

      I became partially lucid, dropped my computer and started flying when the dream ended.
    15. Frat 'Drugs' to Late Class to Alien Faces +Drawing of Marcus

      by , 10-29-2014 at 05:42 PM (Lucid Time!)
      This was a long dream, and I can't recall how all of these plot elements tied together. It started off with me going to some kind of frat party at my college. (Something I would NEVER do IWL, my introvert powers would make sure of that.)
      I expected the party to be wild but for some reason, everyone is dressed up in fancy suits/coats and wearing those feathery eye masks. The party is mostly men, but there are a few women as well. The setting is fancy as well, the inside of the frat house is decorated in a sort of modern/oriental way. I recall the walls have this wood paneling and there is this beautifully carved bamboo furniture.
      At some point or other, I was approached by some of the masked people. These were the leaders of the frat or something and they have masks that cover their entire faces. I think one of the guys is wearing Amon's mask from LOK. They are holding a silver tray and on it is a paper cup filled with this steaming yellow liquid.
      They say that I must drink it... no reason why really... I just have to drink it or bad things will happen. I reluctantly pick up the cup, and hold it to my mouth. I can smell the fumes. The liquid has a nutty, oily aroma. (Oooh, I smelled something in a dream, that's a first.) I then cautiously take a sip and instantly feel very sleepy and pass out on the floor.
      What followed were a couple of vague flashes of me trying to leave the college.
      When I came to, I was driving my family's old van up to my house. I had the worst taste in my mouth and I knew it was from the yellow oil stuff I had drank earlier. I parked the van in the driveway and got out.
      A police officer pulled up. He was a tall, muscular man with short black hair and a full beard/mustache, probably in his 30's. He told me in a kind voice that he wanted to talk to me about my driving skills.
      I asked him if he could give me one moment. My voice was muffled and I felt like I was gagged. I felt my cheeks and I was, with my bandanna. It was tied very tightly around my head. After a minute or so of finagling with the knot, I was able to get it off, and then spit out some of that nasty oil that I had drank earlier. I felt very sleepy and unfocused. I wasn't drunk, but defiantly under the influence of something.
      The officer said he wasn't going to write me a ticket, but what he had in store for me was much worse: a lecture on safety and driving. He started lecturing me about driving when I drink these substances, but I had some intense motivation for driving the van home in this half awake state and I was fighting to explain it to him. But I couldn't recall what the motivation was.
      This somehow blended into a dream scene where I was home. I think this was the next day. The police officer had come in to have breakfast with us. I had been grounded from driving by my parents. In the dream, it was Friday, and I realized that I needed to get to my drawing class, but I couldn't drive myself.
      For some reason it was my mom's friend who was supposed to be driving. She was having breakfast with us too. (We were all sitting in the kitchen and my mom was making waffles.)
      I was a bit anxious to go, and the clock read something like 11:93. I thought that meant that it was broken and it was really 12:33.
      So great... I've already missed half my class.
      And, almost as if it were put in the dream just to annoy me, my mom's friend is eating the waffles in super slow motion. Eventually I just figured 'forget it' I'm going to miss my drawing studio class anyways, and just went up to my room.

      I think this was a completely separate dream. This one was pretty vivid. I was visiting some beach area with Manei. We have parked far away and have to hike through the woods to get there. Supposedly we are investigating alien activity and other planets.
      Okay, that is like every major dream sign that I have in the first paragraph.
      I guess I was semi lucid though, so we're getting back on track... slowly.
      We hiked through the woods until eventually we came to this sand dune. We climbed up it and all of the sudden we were out in the open.
      I recall this scene very vividly. There was a huge, broad, sandy valley with a river running through it running into the sea out in front of us. To the left are some mountains. Down in the sandy valley, just to the right of the river is a massive grey alien head (looking to be about 40-50 feet across), face up, eyes open in the sand.
      Manei gets all excited because this shows a connection to what is on Mars. She get out this futuristic Ipad device with a clear screen and shows me a picture, from pretty much the exact angle we are looking at. The topography looks very similar, though it is on the polar ice cap of mars. The valley looks the same and the alien head is in the same position and some orientation.
      I think that the alien heads were like telepathic nodes or something, but I can't remember...

      Spoiler for Marcus:
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