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    1. Thursday, August 1

      by , 08-10-2019 at 06:49 PM
      I think I am at work. Yasuko is massaging my back. The massage is deep and she uses a lot of pressure, but it is not uncomfortable. In fact, it is greatly relaxing. She seems to have done it randomly and nonchalantly, but when she is done my body feels better and more flexible.
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    2. Some January TOTM´s in lucids from two days

      by , 01-02-2017 at 11:19 PM
      some nights ago:

      i run up the street. i see my sweater on a junction box. i wonder because i remember to already wear it. i continue to walk but my lucidity peaks. i am lucid and remember instantly to do the Advanced Task ii - Get on an alien spaceship. Describe what you see. (Spaceline). i turn around and walk down the street. i tell myself that i know that somewhere here should be some spaceshuttles. i turn left into a building and walk down a long narrow floor. it looks like a office building i notice some DC´s. some look like advanced robots. i pass them and turn left again. i am in a hangar and see big spaceships. some look more like helicopters. on one is writen "havoc" i feel happy but i notice that they look like human airships. "ah there has to be another hangar around with the onces from aliens" i go thru a door and see around 5 or 6 big ships that look unhuman. they are made completely out of metal in a silverish bluish color. one of them has a similar form like a big whale or fish. i choose which one i want to enter. i pick the third one and move behind it. but now the perspective switches to third person and i know i am in the ship but i only see the ship form behind. seconds later a map appears and i can choose continents to which i want to fly. i pick one and i think the dream continues non lucid?

      ... i sit on a couch and arguing with my girlfriend. i get lucid thinking "ah this is still a dream..." [maybe continuation from last dream?]. i ask her if she can massage me. i sit in front of her but she barely touches me. its a very soft and short massage...no further recall..

      i am lucid again but i cant remember how. i want to do the massage task again and i am in company of some female friends of mine. i ask one if she can massage me and she agrees. we enter a shop and look for a comfy place to stay. there is a meadow where we lay down but the dream destabilizes after that.

      last night:
      i am on a street. it seem i have to play WOW in the back of a small bus. they call me out. i approach the bus and notice i still have my bite guard inside my mouth and i put it out. my saliva is pulling strings. i look up and am ready but notice the bite guard is still inside. i put it out a second time and my awareness rises. i enter the car and some people are talking to me but something feels off and i get lucid. i run to the front and jump and phase thru the front window. i fly some meters approaching some flats. i want to do the massage task. i approach the first floor window and look inside. i decide to be polite and to ask first and not to just take what i want to with demand. i phase my head thru the window and ask her if i might come in. she agrees and smiles. i phase in completely and she shows me something. i see that she has a husband and a kid sitting in the living room. she tells me that he is the boys dad but not her husband anymore. i say something like "hey i bet you are a physiotherapist right?" and nod to her so she agrees. and she indeed is " so hey maybe you could massage my back? i have there a tension. she agrees and she starts massaging me. i tell her the place where i have problems IWL too and she pushes. after a short time we go to the bedroom and there starts a little sexual tension but i dont feel like it. i lay on my stomach on the bed hoping to continue the massage. she lays on me and because of me laying passively around the dream destabilizes a little. i work shortly against it but then wake up.

      i am near a busstation talking to a girl. she moves away and i follow her feeling we are not done yet. after some meters the thought "hey i can fly" strikes my head. i instantly jump up front aaaand fall down on the ground. i am confused and first do a nosepinch where only very little air runs through and then count my fingers. yep more than 5. i dont even finish counting and start my adventure. i think hey i did the massage task good enough now. so lets try the bonus one. i remember the name of the avatar planet: Pandora. i smile. while i was falling asleep i just couldnt remember the name but now i know instantly. okay so how do i get there? i walk by an old woman and ask her: "hey can you tell me where pandora is?" she looks confused and shakes her head. i continue my way and ask a couple. they talk to me but dont know it either. i move further up the street and enter a building. okay so i will spin around and try to change location that way. i enter the building and i feel like in dragonballs time chamber that one could see in the picture of previous TOTM month. i falsely remember to be here several times already. just the background changes every time. this time i see some trees but nothing special. i start spinning around and tell myself pandora. the glowing trees" and when i stop a see some scenery change. there are some buildings that look unusual. but nothing like woods or pandora. i start spinning again but the dream destabilizes and i get blind. i dont want to go yet so i stubbornly rub my hands. dont help. i kneel down and start rubbing the ground. i feel gras in between my fingers. after some seconds i see a peace of candypaper on the ground. i need some time to understand that i can see already. i stand up and now the scenery has changed more significantly. still dont look like pandora. i move my way thru a street and i see big trees with very thick chains with a big padlock. i fly up the three and want to free it by opening the padlock. i unwind the tree from the chain and a couple is approaching me. i think now there is going to be trouble. they dont seem to amused with unchaining the tree but they dont accuse me. they just speak to each other. saying something about "thank god the pliers is still holding the tree on the top. i feel like continue my way and i suddenly remember basic one: finding a christmas present under a tree. i feel sure that it has to be right around the corner and fair enough i find a tree with a present and a little decoration. but it dont look like the typical christmas tree. i approach it and see even 3 or 4 presents. hm which one to choose? i pick the biggest and heaviest. i open it and i find a bag full of loafs of bread. i pick one and taste it. it tastes good. its a light and bright kind of bread. i open the next big present and i find 3 more loafs. hm boring presents i think and continue my way.I enter big field. i push myself up in the sky flying up and up. i feel pretty high and the sky slowly turns dark. but now i get a little unsecure about my flying and it wont work too good anymore. i decide to land on the top of a building. i enter a room and notice two friends? guys? i know. soon after i wake up

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      lucid , task of the month
    3. [16-03-2016]

      by , 03-16-2016 at 06:24 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      With family and pals we were spending our holidays at Hawaii islands. It was warm, but rather dark evening. I took my pal for a short walk, and then a DC came up to me and asked why am I avoiding her and not responding to her in any way. I haven't said anything, so she took my pal for a walk and left me alone. I looked for something to do, and on a seashore found a young brunette woman, who made massages for a prize. I asked what's the prize and in which currency I'll have to pay. She only accepted a Hawaiian currency and 300 for a massage session. It was a peculiar technique, using a boa constrictor. I took out my wallet, but I still haven't exchanged my money to Hawaiian currency. I looked for someone who could exchange me the money.
    4. Breaking Her (26.8.14)

      by , 08-26-2014 at 09:26 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)

      I'm with Sammy K, and we're both walking on the footpath leading to the park near the skate park. It's night time, and I see that people have locked up their trailer and bikes at the skate park.
      We reach Jamie Smith's house and we begin to make our way into his backyard, when I am approached by their dog. I think it's a Rottweiler or Labrador, it's hard to see in the dark. I hope it doesn't start to bark or attack us, but ends up being friendly enough to let us pass it.

      Spoiler for Mature Content:

      Before I could really get into the massage, I can hear noises and voices outside the garage. I thought it may just be workers coming in to feed the horses or something.

      I see the door open to the room we're in and see two men who look to be twins or brothers at least. We have a brief convocation,

      Man: ''What are you doing in here? you better not of had sex in here''

      Me: ''Sorry, I didn't realise this was your room, and no we're friends, we didn't have sex. I'm Jamie's friend and needed a place to stay for the night''

      I get out of bed and continue having a convocation with one of the men. I get a close look at them both and they're ugly looking. The man doesn't really come off as a friendly guy, probably due to sleeping in his bed.

      Dream Fragment

      I mention about the best part was when you were bring attached to the car.

      Side Notes

      I've decided to change to a more basic lucid dreaming technique which is MILD. I'm going to be consistent with performing MILD before bed + MILD with WBTB + Dream Yoga during the day. A fair bit to do, but I will fit it in.
    5. No problem with coworker and massage in company kitchen + lost doctor

      by , 03-11-2014 at 03:40 AM
      10pm (I went to bed early feeling tired and feverish so already had recall)

      My husband called me to a conference call at his office to try to work out a problem he thought I had with one of his coworkers. The coworker started defending himself saying he had no clue I had a problem with him. I replied that this because I have no problem with him whatsoever, and my husband misunderstood. As I was leaving the conference room, I said that of course part of the reason why I have no problem with him has to do with the fact that I do not actually know him at all, and he agreed.

      Still in my husband's office, in the office kitchen: I first randomly give a female stranger a backrub from behind. Then it's as if I forgot that this female stranger is there and I definitely forgot about rubbing her, and I start thoroughly massaging my husband. He is fully clothed but on the floor in a way and I give him a full back massage while squatted on top of him. Very sensual.

      Only then do I remember the female stranger coworker, and that we were blocking her way out of the kitchen and forcing her to watch. I appologize to her. She says, no problem, and that she wishes she had watched me chew out Alexandro. I figure Alexandro must have been the male coworker in the conference room who I had no problem with. It occurs to me that he did not look like an Alexandro, looked very WASP. I explain to the coworker that there was no chewing out involved.

      Fragment: I was in a waiting room of a doctor's office explaining why I was there. I do not recall why. I had the sense though in the dream that I had been waiting for a long time and had given the same explanation many times before. Later in same dream I was trying to help the doctor not to be lost: I was telling him that the reason he could not find an office number was because the address was from before his practice moved to another building, but he would not listen to me, and just kept going and looking.

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    6. ..it gets most awkward when you're naked

      by , 01-10-2013 at 12:07 PM
      We landed on the roof, all three of us, my buddy, lets call him Freddy, had a bit of a shaky landing but he still managed a smile, I'm sure he was fine. The girl or rather woman, she was quite a woman actually, let's call her Sam landed as gracefully as you would expect, much like a great cat, mine wasn't as delicate but at least it was significantly better than Freddy's.

      Still thrilled from the flying a la superman my veins throbbed slightly as we went through the glass doors and into the hallway leading away from the wast roof filled with sand. A doorman greeted us and led the way, following obediently I ran a hand through my quite long, curly hair to put it in order after the flight, it felt a bit moist with sweat. Sam shoot one of her beaming smiles at me when I glanced her way. Freddy looked like a kid in a candy store, I hoped I managed to keep my cool a bit better than him but I'd be damned if I didn't look slightly bashed when the doorman finally unlocked the door to our final destination.

      It was a huge room with massive concrete walls. I wasn't sure whether the gigantic glass windows was actual windows or simply glass with blinding lights behind them for it was just so bright. Before us the floor opened up in two large areas. Platforms was raised from below to melt with the floor which had one car on each of them; two fancy sports car in an intense black colour lacking shine and lacklustre with toned windows, surley expensive as hell.

      Leaning on one of the cars was a man in a suit that didn't look too expensive but probably was. He nodded towards Sam and gestured towards the car with a questioning look at me and Freddy. Sam went towards the other car's driver seat, standing closest to her I decided to follow and took a seat next to her. Freddy seemed nervous but too amazed to care when he followed the other man. It was a short drive from where ever we where to the fancy hotel we stopped at.

      Passing the reception without being stopped a servant, assistant or what ever she was took the lead. We went passed several rooms with more glass walls, watching how people got massage, where working out, swimming, being rolled in seaweeds and all that sort of useless stuff until we finally where closing in on the elevators.

      Freddy made delighted remarks about all he saw but he didn't seem to care that I ignored him for he was speaking more to himself than anyone else. However useless I found this spa stuff I still looked forward to a good massage, hadn't had one in a really long time.

      Outside the elevator a tanned man wrapped in a white towel sat on a bench, I think he was texting or something, he looked up at us as we passed, his pale blue eyes lively compared to the rest of his stern face. The elevator made some mechanical noise and than signalled that it had arrived and opened its doors. I followed Sam in being the last of us I was closest to the doors. As they started closing I took a last look at the man. His hair was curlier than mine but not much, a bit shorter and more towards blonde than mine. He was fit for his age and looked like someone you didn't want to mess with. The doors closed just as his eyes met mine and we finally climbed floor by floor until we reached one of the highest.

      Sam had obviously lived at the apartment we arrived at for a while; there was clothes scatter over a couch and the two queen size beds, which I noticed was both unmade. I was surprised the staff hadn't been doing some cleaning up but didn't bother to ask about it. “What are you waiting for, put that on” Sam said with her usual, perfect smile, her brown, smooth looking hair a curtain falling to the side as she plucked something up from one of the beds. She had been referring to the pile of cloth which suddenly rested limply in my one arm hold. “I won't look. Promise.” She added as I had forgotten to answer her.

      “Right” I took a last moment to admire her looks before I went towards the bathroom. “I won't bother to call you beautiful, I’m sure you hear it all the time” She scoffed before she disappeared into another room shaking her had at me. Freddy started to unzip his trousers as I closed the bathroom door behind me.

      This had clearly been a woman’s bathroom for more than a few weeks; it was stuffed with beauty products, hairbrushes, tampons and laundry obviously sewn for a female shape. I raised the toilet seat and pulled my member out, (here I think I became lucid, freaking out over how my genitals was male and began to morph into idk know what before I forgot I was dreaming and got back into character and came to a conclusion) it wasn't the largest but hey it filled it's purposes just fine. As the usual purling of the water began (I guess it felt really nice to hear the familiar sound because of my breakdown a few seconds earlier even if I couldn't remember it) I watched what was right before me, the heating coil which was draped with bras, colourful bras most of them having some kind of lace, she had good taste I decided before I flushed.

      Instead of zipping my trousers again I pulled them and my briefs off, grabbing the lower edge of my black t-shirt and slipped it off too. I inspected the clothes I had been given laying discarded in a heap just inside the door. “What the hell?” I muttered as I straightened my back with one cloth in each of my hands. I was just fine with the white bathrobe but the trunks just had to be a joke, bright red speedos, “Come on!”.

      With the bathrobe held in front of my crotch I opened the door and questioningly held the red piece of clothing, or rather lack of it, outside the door. “I'm not wearing these.” Freddy jumped as I spoke, he had been standing in front of a full body mirror flexing his jelly arms and belly sporting a green pair of speedos. I was grinning mockingly at him as Sam entered the room. The grin washed of my face. The silver grey bikini revealed her bronze skin, her thighs, her vaguely defined abs. She was unbelievably hot and the grin that started to grow on my face this time was light ages away from the one Freddy had drawn from me.

      “Would you rather go without?” She raised a brow at me and walked across the room towards the exit door, her long legs pulling my gaze with them as gravity itself, draping the bathrobe over her perfect body while doing so.

      “Right” I said and looked at the speedos as if I was surprised they hung over my finger. Sam smiled a smile I hadn't seen before but couldn’t really place then she was out the door. As it clicked in place it was as if someone had pulled the hazy fog out of my head and I grew aware of Freddy's smirking face. “What? She's hot all right” I pulled my head into the bathroom again.

      “Sure but she's not Aphrodite herself” Freddy countered from the other side of the door. I ignored him and put the speedos on feeling slightly disgusted. What is it with girls and mirrors, it was a full body in here as well, I saw myself looking ready to dive into any bay watch episode on command.

      “You don't got a say. You noticed how skittery Sam's friend or who ever the hell he was, made you? Looked like a freaking school girl” I watched myself in the mirror, I wouldn't say I was hot but I was happy enough with my appearance, Sam was way out of my league though.

      “Men in suits with sexy cars, come on who can resist that?”

      “Not you that’s for sure.” I put the bathrobe on and headed for the door, trying to forget what I was wearing underneath it. “You coming?”

      Outside a servant was waiting who took us towards the spa area, he answered all of Freddy's stupid questions not only politely but as if he was genuinely interested. I sighed and let my mind drift, the people in here must be loaded, I wonder what kind of people they were, what this place actually were. A hotel for people like Sam? I wasn’t sure what Sam was, a spy? Some kind of agent? A superhero? A villain? I had no idea, just knew that she had plenty of resources and darn powerful connections.

      Sam was waiting for us at a juice bar where everyone had the same kind of bathrobes, speedos or bikinis or simply a towel wrapped around them. “There you are!” She said and joined our party which continued pass the juice bar and a pool area. “I'm sure you have questions, there'll be time for answers but for now its best if we just try to relax. Tomorrow'll be a long day”

      We arrived at the massage tables in a private area. Sam was first to slid of her robe and easily lay down on the table, Freddy wasn't much slower, despise his extra kilos he seemed much less disturbed by the small amount of clothing we had on than I was. Reluctant to take my robe of I kept it on as I laid down on the table. Sam giggled at me as she untied and pulled her top off. I didn't have long time to admire the curve of her back and her firm round little butt before three massage therapists appeared before us.

      They introduced themselves and one of them presented the whole massage concept. I recognised one of them, he was tall and tanned, with golden hair put up in a knot behind his head, it was the man from outside the elevator.

      I finally positioned myself as Sam and Freddy had long ago with my head down the hole of the massage table. The elevator man, as I named him, stepped up to my table. I could see his feet where I rested my head in that hole whatever it's called, he was barefoot unlike most of the other staff members. “Sir, you know you have to take that off.” He said almost like a command rather than an inquiry.

      “What if I refuse?”

      “Behave” Sam warned me.

      “Fine” I muttered and I rolled my eyes starting to shrug the bathrobe off, as it descended my shoulders the elevator man grabbed the edges of it and pulled it away. For a few seconds I felt awfully naked before a warm towel was thrown over my body and corrected to cover my legs and reveal my back. I watched the man’s feet as he walked passed my head to position himself to my right, between Sam and me. I tried to relax but for some reason I felt slightly uncomfortable.

      After some ministrations the man's large, warm hands where on my back, kneading and applying pressure in large movements.

      And here I woke up..

      I do switch gender and personalities often in my dreams but it gets most awkward when you're naked.

      Anyway this dream felt very real when I dreamed it and is a good example of how linear my dreams are. There are seldom sudden transitions and sometimes it feels like someone have written a plot for them.

      I should probably cut out details, my dreams are too long to write down

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    7. Initiation

      by , 11-23-2012 at 06:19 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      7:15 a.m. - day dream + MILD

      9:23 am

      {An initiation in Tibetan Buddhism? (no idea what an initiation in Tibetan Buddhism is like, or even if there's one) I was lying face down on the floor/mat. One man stepped on my back to massage me as well. It didn't hurt, and I barely felt anything. There was chanting that I don't understand, and an instruction that I should hold the paper with some characters on my toes. I find it hard to hold on to them, but I persisted. Then I was taught the first character: "Ba". I was shown how the character is written, but one of the guys there is blocking my view, with his legs. I think it was unintentional. I was asked what it means, and I think I know, but I simply forgot. I was chastised, and reminded with clues. It ended with the meaning 'store,' like a place where you buy stuff, but it seems it has also the meaning of 'storing energy.' It was just one character out of a whole set. I think 'te' means hands, like kara-te. But I never got to that point.

      I was in a place where people are racing in toy cars. Supposedly for kids, adults are the ones driving them in a race track.

      I was at home in our hometown. People were talking inside the house. Outside, I noticed some peculiarities. It was barely visible, but I saw the shadows of planets on the sky, and one huge planet in particular. Or maybe it was a black hole. All I know is that there are small black circles and one huge black circle on the sky. I tried taking them on my trusty camera, cursing myself for not charging the battery before. Fortunately, it still works. I captured the photos. The sky looks different. Instead of the usual blue sky and white clouds, it's mostly dark violet, with a ranging yellow and orange sun that looked more like a moving painting, a few points of lights that must be the stars, and the black spheres that must be the shadows of the planets, or probably black holes. And there's the huge one. I'm positive it's a planet, and not the black hole. I showed everyone, but they can't see them. I showed them the pictures, but they said they're tricks of lights or just unclear.

      Some friends and I are playing a computer game. A shooting game with robots and all in first person. We were losing to an opponent who can summon small robotic allies that have low health but are annoying. Together, they can defeat every single one of us. I think my robot was defeated and I watched a friend's robot trying to escape the small black robots. I got so irritated, I brought them out in real life. They were standing on a ledge just under the roof of the mall. I challenged them and threw a basket at them. It almost reached them. I saw the traffic nearby. There's a cop stopping a car for something. I was thinking of grabbing that car and throwing it up. I just walked away.

      I think there was some sort of panic. I am looking at a blonde boy. He received some sort of package, but were told (not sure by who) not to open it. Then everything just went wild, with friends and allies walking around in some sort of middle-age market, along with the people already present. The 'owner' of the town was talking with a guy, both friends of mine (don't know them irl), and the guy asked if there's lotion around. The owner just talked mostly nonsense. He talked so much he didn't notice that guy already went away. He talked about how rude that was, etc. We met with another friend, who owns a caravan, and we talked a bit. S/He looks dressed in maroon, looking very rich. He reminds me of an image of one of the reincarnation of a Hindu deity, except that of the usual blue, he's brown. After a while, we came across the guy looking for a lotion, and he just smiled shyly and walked away. Then the owner met with two of our fiercer friends who enjoy challenges, and who challenges each other quite often. They ran around the market fighting (not sure how), overturning and/or destroying everything in their path. One reminds me of Hercules, not the cartoon one. He has long, dirty-blonde hair, a strong almost-wild face, and muscular body. The other guy was not so clear, but I think he has black hair. Both have incredible strength. At this point, the owner's features are clearer. He has a mustache, with a top hat? His clothing reminds me of Steampunk, and I think he was riding a vehicle that is very much Steampunk.}
    8. Insert Title Here

      by , 05-01-2012 at 04:53 PM
      Non-Lucid Part:

      I'm with my siblings and my sister, Hannah, is trying to kill me with that psychotic look on her face just like with my previous lucid--which I did not bother to write down. Only, I'm not lucid.
      I'm freaking out right now and wondering just what I have done to her. I grab a pair of scissors and try to threaten her with them, but she just yanks them out of my hand with monster strength. Soon, we're both wrestling around with several pairs, trying to kill each other. I manage to push her next to the cabinets in the adjoining kitchen, but then...

      Lucid Part:

      "Oh my god! I'm dreaming,"I shout.
      My siblings stiffened in surprise. My other little sister didn't seem to care and my little brother glared at me--but, that isn't anything new. He does that in real life, too.
      I didn't care about my other sister's reaction, though. Now, I just wanted to leave. I hate hanging around my house or town in my lucid dreams. Everyone is so dull and lifeless--or trying to kill me--in that area.
      So, I wasn't about to get stabbed today. I'll leave out this next part for everyone, but it was a complete struggle.
      I won, though.

      So, I stole a glance at my other sister and said,"I am not about to be here if that...thing...is still moving."
      I whipped out the door and flew off--literally. I think I've been flying out of sheer desperation rather than enjoyment.
      Anyways, I said for it to be daytime, but instead my brain just made it rain.
      Hardy har har on you, brain.
      I love rainy weather.

      By now, I had landed in a nice white house. I landed on some pretty blue staircase carpet, but quickly backed away when I saw some couple getting their children ready for school. The moment they walked out of the foyer, I ran outside.
      However, I wasn't afraid or cautious here. I don't know why, but the further I travel away from my house or town in my dreams, the more human everyone is.
      I rang the doorbell, while one of their kids that was already waiting for the bus was outside. I said hi as they looked at me curiously. Suddenly, the wife looked out the window and saw me. Opening the door, she asked what I needed.
      "...I'm...Wow, uh...This is a dr..."
      "Yes, I know what you're saying. No need to get upset that this is the Dreamworld."
      She smiled at me and I finally got a good look at her. She was a slightly overweight woman of average height with dark red hair that reached her shoulders and a face that put her age at about late 30s or early 40s. She had on a pair of dark blue jeans and a purple sweater.

      "Thank god. Wait, I've asked this before, but doesn't it make you kind of annoyed if someone asks or tells you that you're not real?"
      The woman, who I think was probably named Pamela, smiles and says,"Come inside."
      She tells her children to leave for the bus and as we are walking in the house, she talks.
      "You see, in what you call the real world, many of you believe that is the only reality. Well, in what you call the dream world, this is our real world. It is our reality."
      I stare at her, then say,"Yeah, but don't people from real life create you?"
      She smiles and replies,"Yes. But, don't many of you believe that a god created you? What makes that so much different?"
      I look at her in wonder and I can't help but think that I wish this woman was real.

      Pamela leads me into a sort of massage room where a man is standing nearby. He is in his forties and he is bald on top. He looks at me with interest and she says,"She's from the other world."
      "Ah. Well, it's nice to meet you. I'm her husband."
      I nod and say,"It's nice to meet you, too, sir."
      We shake hands and I ask what they're doing in here. Apparently, the man has back problems and his wife is going to massage his back in their massage room. I'm talking to them about random things for a long time when I notice a pile of cooked bacon. Pamela explains that her husband is a huge fan of it. I really want a piece because it smells delectable. She actually did say I could have a piece. No, that isn't right.
      She offered to make me breakfast. However, I left before I could take her up on that offer.

      I'm getting ahead of myself, though. I really take a good look at them, fully expecting for their appearances to change, for the scenery to change. But, nothing is different. It is literally like real life, and it is a wonder that I don't relapse back into a state where I think I'm actually awake.
      Noting that there is an enormous mirror, I take a look at my appearance. I look normal, except for the acne covering my forehead.
      Crap! It's high school hell all over again! Hah! And I bet this is before I started drinking tons of water to get rid of this.

      I try to get rid of it, but I can't for some reason.
      Giving up, I realize I've been wanting to find my dream guide. I explain this to Pamela and her husband.
      "You're welcome to shout for it as much as you'd like,"she says.
      For some reason, I can't make the words out correctly and I end up sputtering out,"Subconscious, I want to see my subconscious!"
      Then...Uh, things got slightly weird. This small figure wearing a grey hoody comes up to me. It is on a scooter skateboard thing and I take a good look at the...thing's face. There's nothing there. Just a black pool of nothingness. I knock it down, and some of the pool comes out.
      "F*** off. Get out of here."
      I push the thing away, visibly disturbed. Nearby, that couple just can't help but laugh about this. Not my foul mouth, but what came in.
      I try to say it again and I finally manage something. Now, I wait for my dream guide. That person never come, though.
      I look at Pamela and her husband and say that I need to leave. They nod and tell me goodbye.
      "Damn. I might not get that breakfast after all,"I grumble as I run out.
      I ran and ran until I made it to an airport terminal. I look at all the people when my eyes lead me straight to one particular woman. She is an overweight black woman with honey colored hair and an extremely intelligent and knowing look on her face. She was looking straight at me with a smirk now. Somehow, I felt drawn to this woman. She hands me some sweet and I eat some. It actually tasted like food. I don't finish it, though.
      Then, she proceeds to tell me that my dream guide left me a note explaining that she was sick and tired of everything. I quite listening after this. Because, I have a sinking suspicion that she is actually my dream guide--but, she is screwing around with me.
      I had a good reason to think this, by the way. I cannot accurately describe this, but when I saw this woman, I felt...connected and drawn to her. She felt entirely different from anyone else.
      The rest of the dream just involved me trying to get back to Pamela's house for breakfast. Too bad I woke up.
    9. Fragmented Nights sleep.. good rest though

      by , 10-12-2011 at 05:33 PM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      12-10-11 No real intentions, had quite an interesting day, but I was up early due to yesterday's perceptual dream so was fairly shattered.

      “I know my hands can soothe your pain”

      I am massaging Tenna, sat behind her, she is wearing black underwear and some trousers of beige and brown colour. We are placed on a wooden floor with pillows spread around the room, it is fairly bright in the room. I am focusing on areas that have been missed by the people doing her massage earlier. Which turns out to be somewhat painful for her.

      In particular the right side of her neck is causing trouble and when I start working on this area she jolts and might even have reached out to grab me. but I continue slightly lending a hand in her back to support her. I somehow feel that I have to do it for her to get better. Though she is in pain she also likes having my hands on her body.

      It turns into a sensual experience where I gently lie her down, though it is fairly annoying it is a hard wooden floor. I am trying to remove her trousers and she is helping a bit with this, but then we stop. She explains that she will go out and prep the room and make it a little more comfortable.

      I wake up rather excited almost to the point where it becomes painful.

      “My snake and I”

      I have bought a snake, a tree snake. I think to myself that it is a rather odd purchase considering I have a thing for venomous snakes. I am aware that it will have to actually chew on me in order to inject it's venom, but still it is loose in the apartment, having released it at some point.

      It is a baby snake, very small and completely silver (unnaturally so) in colour. My flat is strange it is two fairly narrow rooms across each other on a hall way that is far longer than it needs to be. It seems dark in either of the rooms.

      Looks a bit like this guy

      Though emphasis on silver!

      I regret having released the snake as it is making me on edge, so I spent a fair amount of time walking from one room to the other trying to figure out a safe method of catching this snake. I distinctly remember holding a large glass in one hand intending on luring it in there, though I am nervous about having my hand so close to the animal.

      At one point the snake darts from one room to the other right next to me as I am standing in the hall way. I am not sure if it is because I have thrown some food in there or what it was. I remember it glinting with it's silvery colour.

      Some way or another I end up catching this snake and I am carrying it on my body, not even sure if it is in a container or even if it is inside me.

      “Meeting in Cells”

      I am sat in a room discussing the deployment of the cell group chat room. Mikkel J is there and he tells me that he want to help out, but seeing as he is not part of the group there is limited he can do so he is sort of left out, which he understands. There is someone else there that might be Floatinghead.

      “The guard got gunned down”

      Two people are going to get kidnapped or have already been kidnapped and they are stuck in a cellar behind bars. There is an Italian guy, dressed in white, who is supposed to watch over them. They keep telling him that he and all of them are in danger, in fact they specifically warn him that he is going to die.

      He does in fact die a couple of times throughout the dream and these scenarios sort of act as the visions the two girls are using to warn him with. The two people are a woman and a younger woman or girl.

      The last time he gets killed you see 4 people in the room waiting behind the door and for the guy to walk downstairs to the cell. The cell in the cellar has a sort of a dungeon feel to it with rocky walls and there may even be a small stream running through the room. As the guard is walking down the stairs the four men attack and shoot him down with shotguns which results in blood spatter all over the place.

      “Handy legs”

      Fragment of sitting in a sofa using my arms as an illusion for my legs towards someone, though I understand little of why.

      “Bridge to the new hood”

      We are starting to use a new section of the city and it is connected by a rather large white marble bridge. At first though the bridge is very half circular, so much that it is too steep to get over it. However over the duration of the dream the bridge level off so it is possible to actually use it.

      I get the feeling that the city is important, in particular the new section of it will come in handy.

      The dream is longer but this is the only fragment that stands out to me.
    10. Spanish guy, maps

      by , 06-27-2011 at 02:33 AM
      1 Natra Sleep
      200 mcg huperzine before bed

      I was in a room with a guy, thinking “Spanish”, maybe he was Spanish, I dunno. He had short dark hair, and light brown skin like he might have been. We talked, and then we kissed, I remember worrying about whether he thought I was a good kisser, and knowing I hadn’t brushed my teeth that day. We stood up, held hands and faced a wall that had a lot of maps hanging on it. We were staring at the maps and I think we were wondering which one to choose. They were hanging sideways and had white frames, they looked like world maps and I was thinking they were framed to fit on bikes (but they were large, about 3’ long). He kissed me again and I was surprised…I think he asked me to massage his back and I did a bit.

      Then I went into the kitchen and started loading dishes in the dishwasher. After a short time, he followed me in and asked me to do some more work on his back. I felt resistant, didn’t really want to, mostly because I didn’t know how to help him (and I think I was afraid he'd be dependent on me to keep helping him). Then I suddenly had an idea of standing in front of him, reaching behind his back, placing my knuckles on his lower back and dragging them forward, around to the front. This seemed to work really well, he was delighted and making all kinds of jerky movements with his shoulders.

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    11. Nightmare: Extremely Realistic Alternate Life

      by , 03-04-2011 at 11:45 PM
      The following dream I had on 5-hours sleep. This would have been my 3rd REM cycle which means this dream may have been over 45-minutes long. It was extremely, extremely, realistic. To the point that when I woke up I felt I had not been home in days or weeks. The visual quality, in complete honesty, was more vivid than real life. I say this because in real life our eyelashes block our view and veins in our eyes can make some lighting conditions slightly blurry. I have 10/20 vision so this was not a product of wearing or needing glasses or contacts.

      I woke up. My long time friend Lynn was massaging my right hand as I did. She didn't look completely sober and she seemed very bleary and passionate about giving me this hand massage. I felt uneasy, because I have a jealous girlfriend and I was wondering how I let myself alone with Lynn in a room.

      Sitting in the room on a chair a few feet from my bed was an earthy/hippy looking guy in his mid 20's with rusty blond hair and beard. Lynn was saying something to me about working my energies or something. She eventually got off my bed and headed out the door. The guy sitting there laughingly told me about how Lynn had pulled a similar stunt and acted really weird to someone else recently in attempt to practice her Chinese medicine.

      I did not recognize the room I was in. It was beige, metallic, somewhat cramped and had no windows. I felt confused as to where I was or how I got there. The guy started making small talk (which I don't recall and) I wasn't paying much attention, as I had a sinking feeling I was some how terribly lost.

      The guy suggested I go into the living room with him, so I got out of bed and followed him. The living room looked shabby and unimpressive. We sat down on a brownish colored sofa and continued to talk as I desperately tried to orient myself. Soon afterward, one by one, all my "roommates" came home. There must have been at least ten other people I appeared to be living with. I didn't know who any of them were, but they all seemed very familiar with me.

      They all sat around talking to each other about various things. (This part of the dream could have easily lasted 10-minutes by itself.) I sort of made excuses for myself for not knowing what the hell was going on. I just woke up. I didn't feel too hot. But eventually admitted, "I have no idea who any of you are!" They laughed it off, and implied I had done too many drugs or something the night before. I started to become terrified of the possibility I had a massive case of amnesia. I hid it, but inside the fear was swelling up strongly.

      Then, Sabrina, a girl I haven't seen in many, many years walked in with a big smile. She looked thinner and healthy and I stood up to greet her. I somewhat shouted for joy. "Sabrina! Now you I know!" Everyone laughed. At this point I said "Now I don't know if I'm dreaming or not." I was so relieved to see another person I knew, the fear level dropped and I could pretend to fit in a little. (This part of the dream could have lasted another 10-minutes.)

      Eventually my girlfriend walked in and it looked like she had just got off work. She looked sweet and very calm like she had a good day. When I saw her I felt desperate to take her aside and confide in her how lost and uncertain I felt. She told me "Lets go up to our apartment." I felt relieved, because I thought we all lived in that small unit together and I couldn't understand why I would ever choose to live that way.

      We walked into the halls which were also metallic and had dark worn-out atmosphere difficult to put into words. The place looked futuristic but extremely old like something from the movie Bladerunner. I followed my girlfriend up flights of stairs like a lost puppy. She remained calm and not alarmed. On the way up the stairs I asked her "Can we go back to my home? I just want to know that it's still real." She laughed it off and we walked to our apartment door.

      At this point I turned around and saw a crazed looking man was following closely behind me. I opened our door, which sealed like the door of a submarine and had a bright red glowing light above the thick black metallic peep hole. I seemed to know how to open it perfectly well and I shoved her in the door, followed, then double locked ourselves in. Checking the locks from inside, they seemed loose.

      Our door entered close to the kitchen. The place looked even darker, more cramped, and less inviting than the first apartment. I was starting to become very, very, uncomfortable again. Our apartment was divided into three floors. The basement level I never went to, but it was nearly pitch black save for a few red LED's on the walls. I followed her upstairs to our bedroom area. There laying on a chair was a very pale girl with shorts on sitting on a chair half dazed.

      I was alarmed, but my GF explained that was only our roommate. I told her I couldn't take this place any more and asked if we could go for a walk outside. She agreed, and we left through a side door and went outside where there was only an empty parking lot, and gray looking forest. We walked into the forest and I started to feel dizzy. (The dream started to destabilize.) Horror struck again...

      I put my arm around her for balance and asked "Am I mentally retarded now? Did I have some sort of accident?" She only just slightly smiled and looked at me. --Then I woke up.

      I want to emphasize, when I woke up I felt I hadn't seen my bedroom in at least 2-3 days. I felt like a stranger to my own life, and I noticed that my real room was not as visually intense as my dream room.

      This dream falls into a common category of my dreams: Bizarre Apartment
    12. 01/19/11 Shattered Memories

      by , 01-20-2011 at 02:18 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: My dreaming has been non-existent lately, or at least my recall has been. I'm not sure why I've been having so much trouble remembering dreams, but there are many nights where I don't remember a single dream. Due to my lack of recall, I am taking a bit of a break from trying to dream share with Dakotahnok, since meeting someone for the first time is often a difficulty in itself, and I just want to remember dreams. I do have minor plans, of meeting Nomad and giving him a healing back massage, of hanging out with him for a bit in his serial RPG world as one of the vendors… but nothing major except to remember something.

      Body and Mind
      I am on the moon, in the area near the koi pond, though I am not lucid and I don't realize where I am. I look around and see Nomad there, I know that his presence should be telling me something, but for some reason my mind can't make the connection between Nomad and dreaming. So I continue to be non-lucid, and Nomad mentions something about me promising him a massage. I don't remember making that promise, but I have no problem with doing that, so I say sure, but let's go somewhere that he can lie down comfortably. We go over to the grassy area of the healing glen, he lies down, and I give him a back massage, focusing healing energy into it. We are talking about nothing in particular, he mentions that his dreams are fusing with his waking life, he says for example this seems like a dream right now. I agree that this is dreamlike, but I still don't do a RC. After the massage, Nomad says it's my turn, I tell him it's not necessary, but he says he agreed to it, so lie down. I lie down, and he rubs my back, and the place really does feel like a dream. The massage is so relaxing that I fall asleep in the dream and wake IWL.

      100% Off Sale: It's All Free!
      I am with Nomad again, this time we are at a market stall like one might find at the swap meet, it is one of the larger ones, though, and there are people all around. There is a display of fruit that seem to be sparkling slightly, I look at the fruits and wonder what they are. The price tag on them says "100% Off, Today Only!" I pick up a fruit and take a bite of it, it is sweet and juicy… I like it a lot. I think if I can take a bunch of these home, I won't have any problems making myself eat fruits more often. Now to find a vegetable I like just as well… I look at the vegetable display, these are also free. I try a couple of them, and while they aren't as good as the fruit, there are definitely some I could get used to eating. Nomad comes over to me and tells me to not eat all the inventory, I look at the fruits and vegetables in my hands, but I can tell he's just joking around. There are other displays there, with a variety of chocolate treats on them, I wonder how many Weight Watchers points those would cost me… though I should be able to afford to eat something since I have eaten mostly fruits and vegetables. So I start eating other things. Yummy things. Chocolates, cakes, tortilla chips dipped in spicy cheese sauce… washing it down with soda… there goes my diet… While I am eating, a young man asks where he can find some magical fruit. I point to the beans with a giggle, he says not that, the real magical fruit. Since it's the closest thing to magical I have seen, I direct him to the sparkling fruit. He goes over to take one, I eat for a bit longer, then I wake.

      The Sound of Music
      I am in the mall, though it isn't a mall I am familiar with at all, and I am walking around past the stores looking for anything that might be interesting. Most of the places are just clothing, which while some women might be really into, I'm not… I spot a couple of computer stores, but oddly enough, they're closed. I see a music shop that specializes in keyboards… organs, pianos, synthesizers… I go inside and start playing around on some of them. An employee comes over and asks if I realize I am playing around on a $10,000 piece of equipment that is extremely fine tuned and any disturbance could put it out of tune, any disturbance such as me pounding on the keys. I am not actually pounding on the keys, so I say any instrument that goes out of tune that easily is certainly not worth $10,000. He says only a musical ignoramus would say something like that. Another man comes over and asks the first man how many times he has warned him not to point out and make fun of the ignorance of customers… The rude man tries to answer, but the second man, who I get the idea is the owner, says the run man should go set himself on fire for 5 seconds as punishment. The rude man slinks from the room, I wonder if he really will set himself on fire. The owner asks what I am looking for, I tell him I am looking for a synthesizer that looks and sounds enough like a real piano to convince anyone that I am playing a real piano. The owner looks at me oddly, even I don't know why I asked for what I asked for, then he says to follow him and leads me to a room filled with pianos before I wake.

      The Aftermath of Doom
      I am on my way to school, though things aren't exactly as I expect them to be. There are much fewer people there at the school when I arrive, though I don't notice that it isn't ITT Tech… and then there's the fact I have graduated from ITT Tech already. While there aren't many people around, there are lots of things lying around, discarded for some reason. I look at the objects on the ground. Many of them are along the side of the sidewalk, I see discarded iPods, discarded Nintendo DS systems, discarded PSPs… I pick up a couple of those things and look at them, no one is around, so I start collecting stuff that has been carelessly discarded. If they didn't care enough to keep their stuff with them… I also see purses lying around with no owner. I know I am being nosy, but I open the purses and look in the wallets for identification. Many of them have ID, many don't, so I hang on to a couple with ID and I leave the ones without ID, except I take any cash out of the wallet before leaving those purses behind. Money… iPods… game systems… this is my lucky day! But why is all this stuff lying out there? I wonder if maybe these people are coming back soon, and will be upset when their stuff is gone. The problem is I can't remember where I got what well enough to put it back, so I keep it. I go into the school and find a couple other people there, they look terrified of something. They are discussing the disappearances. I hear them pondering theories including the biblical rapture, alien abduction, a flesh eating virus, demonic attack… A third person says he saw it all, they were all just torn apart by an unseen force. The others don't believe him, saying if that was true, he would also be dead…