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    1. 4 Feb: I am a persecuted android, train station and skipping classes

      by , 02-04-2019 at 02:05 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      It's the future. I am a sentient android. Some bad dudes are kidnapping androids of my type and reeducating or damaging us to become obedient and enslave us. They test us afterwards with a simple reaction test but I fail, so they want to eliminate me because I can't be trusted to obey. Then Evangelion is there, but he is one of the bad guys. He provokes me with abuses to see if I react. I know I have to endure or I am dead, but they can tell I am faking and the procedure didn't go well. I beg for my life, I promise to be good and obedient, but a guy keeps saying I will probably turn against them. So while I am being rounded up by them, I spot a chance to escape through some window and I run, get into some garden. Then enter some door into a building, don't know what it is.
      People react naturally to my presence. So I follow some people and end up in some auction place. To blend in, I look at the pieces with interest, an android would not buy, but could be at the service of an owner. I spot a couple antique Buddha figures and it reminds me something of past lives. I pay homage to the Buddha, feel familiar with it. The walls of the front of this place are glass and I see my chasers looking for me outside across the hallway. I also see some stairs leading to an exit and lots of people going up, so I run to disappear in the crowd and reach the surface exit. I notice I am surrounded by university students. A lady engages with me, asks me what I am studying there. I make up something, she believes. I guess androids also can go to school. Once out, there is a bit more garden and some gates to a road. The road seems to lead to either nowhere or to the city and I choose the city but it is far away still. I go back when I realize everybody is actually going the other way to a subway station. Meanwhile I notice a big dog tied up in the garden and he barks at me in a very familiar way. It is my Hachi and I just have to go get him, but he is in a part of the park that is being locked down for the night. I jump the wall cause there is no way I am leaving my dog there.

      Taking a train in Lisboa at Santa Apolonia station with my dad, but all is so different. He can't find our train, the old line we used to take is no longer there. Instead there are some stairs that bring people in from the houses on the hill. And there are lots of people coming through there so companies have some marketing stands in the way. Today there is a table with offers from some cosmetic and accessories companies. Basically they have boxes and people can take what they want. First nobody touches anything, feeling suspicious or not wanting to look greedy, so I start hoarding it, that's when they decide I have to share and start taking things to. But many ladies basically start ruining some items instead of taking them, like notebooks, on which they write messages and leave it there anyway.
      Some ladies are gossiping and say that Michael Fassbender lives nearby and sometimes they see him crossing the station.

      Studying at a university abroad with friends: Zilla, Licas and some others. Our math teacher is horrible, so we decide to skip his class and meet at the movies. We discuss how stupid it is that those classes are mandatory. We arrange ways to escape classes multiple times without being noticed but we have an enemy that does his best to expose us. Once he finds me on the street, he is on a car, he films me with the phone, but I film him back. If I am exposed so is he. The campus is totally high tech, with hologram concert shows in the hallway of new upcoming bands and other dazzling tech stuff.

      I live in an improvised room at an attic, a really cozy place, which has basically a mattress on the floor and where I can't even stand up. It has a skylight as only window and I have the company of pigeons.
    2. Spring Competition (Thurs.)

      by , 04-27-2017 at 04:49 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I slept very deeply last night. As such, I didn't recall too much...
      1. I had a nice chat with one of my friends in the math building. He seemed pretty happy.
      2. I was talking about expired food with some friends, for whatever reason, and one guy said that he is really bad about eating food before it expires.

      I think the second dream came about because I keep cooking food in bulk to save time, get sick of eating the same thing for 4+ days in a row, and taking a break and forgetting about it and then it goes bad. I hate it when that happens :V

      So my sad total for today is 2 non-lucid fragments = 1 point!

      I did sleep 8 hours, and that's the first time I've done that since January, I think. My body is unaccustomed to sleeping that long, it seems, as the last hour was pretty fitful. However, I do feel amazing right now, so I'll try and continue this trend.

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      Tags: food, friend, math
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Elevator Adventure

      by , 11-25-2016 at 07:54 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I was in a big, air-conditioned dark room, where someone was giving a presentation. Numerous people including me were sitting on the floor watching the presentation. The presenter asked for volunteers, and me and someone I recognize as a childhood friend got up. We were given a mathematical matrix on the screen and apparently we were supposed to use that as a clue to move to the front, with the people sitting blocking our way and modeled by the matrix somehow. My friend knew how to do this but I didn't, and he beat me the first time. The second time I just guessed my way to beating him. I told him it was dumb luck and he was amazed, because he had solved the matrixes.

      My dream transitioned to me using an elevator. It went down to a fabricator unit of some sort where the elevator door stayed open as the box was moved around and machines cleaned and painted it while I was still inside. Then once the box was put back I noticed that the elevator had gotten bigger and people were now inside with me. There was an adult Blank overlooking a young schoolboy with a broken nose lying on the elevator floor not responding to anything, but still awake. The blank told me about how the schoolboy was punched really hard in the face and we should all make sure he's okay. The blank also said he was a cute kid. The other person in the elevator was Darth Vader but he didn't do anything interesting.

      I got out of the elevator into a bleak corridor that reminded one of parking lots or abandoned office buildings. I only took a few steps before Slenderman appeared in front of me, so I ran back to the elevator and closed it. The lights went out in the elevator as it moved, and we all went to sleep inside it.
      Tags: film, math, star wars
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. #190 - Treehouse / Han Solo / School mischief / Geology math

      by , 01-18-2016 at 03:31 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Treehouse
      I remember it was night time and I was in this tree village place where people liked to build houses in trees. There was a gondola that led up into the trees and I think my brother was with me, he was making a house I think. Later on we ended up on a bus that was going through the city during day time.

      Dream 2 - Han Solo
      nREM type dream where I was imagining some star wars related stuff. There was a conversation with Han Solo and I remember seeing the Millenium Falcon flying around in space

      Dream 3 - School Mischief
      I remember that I wasn't wearing correct uniform or something, I was standing next to my friend Sorabh (who I haven't seen in like 5 years) and we were at the base of a cliff. There was some activity involved where you had to rock climb I think as I remember him holding onto a rope. My mum looks over the edge down at us and we both get in trouble. We walk up to meet her and she rants off at me. I get all angry and just explode a series of words about how I'm dealing with shit and she lets me off. I walk off and I get a slight smile tweaking at the edge of my face, I felt like I knew I would be let off if I said that stuff. I see Sorabh again and he's grinning a 'Whoa dude' face at me

      Dream 4 - Geology math
      In a classroom with desks, we have to do a sheet of homework but I haven't bothered doing it. Hmm maybe we can just do it in class to help with study? It's not due for a week I think. I talk to the guy next to me about this and we sort of team up. There's a bunch of really buff dudes walking past, I remember them from earlier as the gym junkies, they're carrying sacks of potatoes. I remember from earlier on that they were eating some nice looking potatoes too, they must be restocking for dinner later.
    5. Math Tests and Talking to Ghosts

      by , 03-23-2015 at 09:23 AM
      Morning of March 23, 2015. Monday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and I are in a car in an unknown metropolitan region, though it could be Brisbane. I believe she is driving though the scene is not rendered that fully or clearly - it is more like we are moving along within a light mist that is only implying travel by car. She is relating to me how a (unknown) younger female was caught sending stolen precious gems in the mail (diamonds, emeralds, amethysts, and rubies - which I become aware makes the acronym “dear”). Apparently, my wife is required to sit with other people and take some sort of government-related tests. The location and the building is all unfamiliar.

      There are perhaps a dozen people in the large room sparsely seated at several tables. Although the scene does not really have that much of a scholastic setting or mood, I become aware that the people are working on one-page third grade math tests for the most part. This has to do with some sort of government-related assessment to see the potential of certain individuals in society. It seems that each test for each person is slightly different (possibly so that people cannot copy another person’s answer). Mostly, there are one to two-digit addition problems and a few multiplication problems. Most of the people are over thirty and seem to be quite challenged by (seemingly at first) third grade math. Every now and then I notice something different, such as something that resembles a “Wishing Well” newspaper feature. I am not involved in any testing - I am only there for my wife due to complete distrust of mainstream authority.

      At one point, I notice that Zsuzsanna is sleeping on a table on her side due to the stressful environment. I walk to the other side of the room and talk with an older wealthy-looking lady working on a test. She seems over fifty. I tell her that I know that it is (generic) third grade math because of my long-term experience with teaching K12 mathematics (though mostly based on combined international standards). At this point, however, I do see a long division problem on her page where the divisor is three numbers. However, I notice that the dividend area is not a complete number and to the right of the digits that are visible is a long black bar filling out the rest of the area under the long division symbol. I tell the older lady that this is not “real” mathematics and that some additional seemingly simple equations cannot resolve to decimal values (even though they are implied to), suspecting that something is “wrong”, yet I do not become lucid at these impossible math tasks though which still can apparently be answered “correctly” (that is, without the “no solution” option). I get the impression that some test questions may be in octal, by which such as four plus four would then correctly equal ten. I contemplate that the government could easily trick people by not stating what base system is being used - thus playing on the general public’s ignorance of higher mathematics and thus no one would pass, which irritates me somewhat (even though the tests really did seem to be at primary level earlier on). (Looking back at this entry and including additional pertinent notes, I consider that it may vaguely have been inspired by a similar scene from “The Flintstones” from 1994, concerning the whole math test scenario.)

      From here, I walk across the room and see Zsuzsanna sitting in an armchair and another (unknown) female is on her right and other females are standing. It seems to be a smaller open room off the main room. At first I think she may be ill and I see “blood” she may have coughed up, but it turns out that she has a bowl of tomato soup on her lap and the other female has a different type of soup, possibly celery.

      On the other side of the main room, I start talking to someone (also in an armchair) who turns out to be a very young version of Don Knotts (deceased February 24, 2006). Another male on his left is also seated and seems to be a young Jack Gilford (deceased June 4, 1990). I am only slightly aware that they may be ghosts. Our conversation is very cheerful and friendly and with respect. I notice that other people are looking at me oddly as they apparently cannot see the two males I am conversing with, which I confirm by directly asking them if they see either of the two other males and their general response implies that they do not. In fact, Jack plays a prank on one unknown girl by somehow pulling her belt off so that her pants fall down. However, this seems ambiguous because she is immediately wearing different clothes. (The scene was likely due to a brief association with Simon Hunt, also known as Pauline Pantsdown, an Australian satirist). Later, I notice that a large television is on (to the right and against the wall from where we are). Jack makes some sort of comment regarding how he cannot understand what people are saying in movies anymore. There is something about Harvey Keitel being in the (unknown) movie. Earlier, there had been the sighting of a Barbara Mandrell album (odd, because I know very little about her and have not seen anything about her in over twenty years that I recall). There is some sort of confusion about the name in it being more like “(Barbara) Mandel” which shifts to “Harvey Mandel” (an American guitarist) in confusion with Harvey Keitel. “Mandel” may actually be a subtle play on “Mandelbrot” here.

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    6. Classrooms and Math

      by , 01-07-2015 at 01:55 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a classroom. I moved to a different one. There were two people there. The light is brighter here. I "crawled" (quadrupedal movement) along the floor. I went back to the other room, which is darker. I remember thinking of math problems. There are more students in the darker room.
      Tags: classroom, crawl, math
    7. Police Officer, The Last Day of School

      by , 12-23-2014 at 01:47 PM (One Up Seeker)
      1. Me and My Dad were walking across our neighborhood boulevard. It was still nighttime outside and the moon was shining. As we walked across we both saw a police truck, and it had just pulled somebody over. I looked over at the truck for a while trying to figure out who got pulled over and why. It was no luck though, I couldn't even see anyone. We continued walking across the boulevard and once we made it to the other side my dad started telling me about how he was mad that I kept on getting to school late, which I have no idea why because we weren't even on this topic.
      Suddenly my dad threatens to get the cop on me because of it. I tell him that I don't try to get to school late, it just happens. It doesn't matter though because he still goes over and gets the cop that had pulled a random guy over. As my dad is walking to get him, I'm standing still. Suddenly the environment around me starts to change, and I now find myself in some kind of mall area and there are alot of people around me. I also now find myself going up an escalator, and I see people I know from school around me.
      As I'm going up the escalator I see the cop, and he's looking for me. I decided that it wasn't a good idea to dodge cops, so I went up to him as he was going up on one of the other escalators. "So, why have you been late to school lately son?" he asks me. "I don't know sir, I don't really try to be late it just happens sometimes. I'm so used to waking up around 8 o clock in the morning, and school starts at 7:15. One time I even woke up at 9 am." I reply. "Yea I know what you mean, it's hard for me to get up sometimes too, but you can't let your sleepiness get the best of you man, you have to keep going." he told me. Our conversation continued, but I don't remember the rest of it.
      As we are continuing our conversation, me and the Police Officer and walking. Somehow we end up walking into a classroom, and somehow, it ends up being the classroom that I'm supposed to be in. Once we walk in I see that everyone is doing their work. I then recognize my teacher Ms. Bernstein sitting at her desk in a corner. She notices me and gets out of her desk and walks over to me. "You're late Cory, bus 308?" (IWL when someone is late she always asks if we were on bus 308, and she doesn't count us tardy if we say yes even though its a fake bus). "Yes ma'am" I tell her.
      She then hands me a packet of work, the same packet that everyone else is working on. I look at it and I notice that it's a math review. I somehow miss the fact that Ms. Bernstein is an English teacher, not a Math one, so it seems normal that she gives me the review. Now the cop, who has been standing next to me the entire time, starts talking to me again. We end up talking for a long time. Our conversation ends after a while because a student in the class comes up to the cop and asks him a question about the review. Before I leave the cop says to me, "Here, I want to give you something." He then pulls out a 1 dollar bill from his pocket and gives it to me. "Thanks" I say. I then put it in my pocket and because there is now an awkward atmosphere around us, I walk away.
      Not too far from me I spot my friend Dani. She's sitting down in a desk working on the review. I sit down in the desk next to her and we talk. I start working on the review with her, basically just copying the answers, and we start talking about how I used to say the word "Dude" alot and how she's starting to say it alot too. "I know" I said, "I used to say it in every sentence, but now I'm trying to stop saying it". We both laugh and suddenly Ms. Bernstein comes over.
      "You guys are working on the review right?" She asks us. Of course we say yes. Ms. Bernstein then tells the entire class that the bell is about to ring so we can put all of our stuff away and get ready to leave. Now me and Dani are standing next to the door talking and Ms. Bernstein joins our conversation. "Aren't you guys happy that this is your last day of school?" she asks us. "Hahaha Ms. Bernstein, we still have 3 days of school left, this isn't the last day." I tell her. "Oh that's right, I don't know what I was thinking". She starts laughing. "But don't worry Ms. Bernstein, when it is the last day of school I'll be riding bus 308 back home, and its going to be a luxury bus with your name written on it." I tell her. "That's right" she replies, "and you'll be sitting in seat 66 and Dani will be sitting in the seat right behind you" she tells me while pointing to a long number written down on the desk I was sitting in.
      I look down at the number and its about 15 digits long, and the last two digits are 66. Now I understand and we all start laughing.
    8. Math Class

      by , 12-23-2014 at 05:42 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      December 22, 2014

      eeeeehhhh. Been sick the past few days, so my dreams have been vivid, but easily forgotten somehow. I need to remember to write them as soon as I wake up, at least some notes. They're vivid enough that I only need to see a few key words to remember being in the dream, but I have a lot of trouble with remembering if I don't have something to go on... Hopefully I get healthy soon, and have more lucids!

      Anyways, the dream from last night, which I actually forgot to write down, couldn't remember for most of the day, and suddenly remembered in the car on the way to see The Hobbit pt.3:

      I was in a class, about 4th grade or so. I was one of the students, and my math methods professor was the teacher. I had just transferred to this school, so I didn't have any of the materials yet. It was math time and I was sitting at a picnic table at the back of the room, looking on a new friend's math journal. My prof got pretty upset with me for not havingmy book open to the right page, and every time I said I didn't have a journal, he assumed I meant I had left it at home. There had been some sort of miscommunication from someone who was supposed to give me the journal...

      I finally did get one, and it had one of those perforated bits to open it, like a bill in the mail. I had to tear along the long edge across from the binding to open the journal. We were using math boxes on pages 43 and 49 (but not those in between for some reason)
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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    9. Not really jesus the movie -

      by , 12-10-2014 at 12:31 AM
      I can guarantee that this dream was based off what my dad told me about the movie exodus thats coming out, he said "it's not going to be a religious movie" which he's probably going to be right, especially considering the movie noah wasn't.
      Anyways, this movie was supposedly about jesus, except it was this man in arabic armor who was leading a rebellion in these lands that resembled northern england/scotland. Moors and highlands, very rocky, hilly places. I remember a large battle scene, a lot of the people that werent with jesus were dirty and in ragged clothing. I don't remember a lot of details but I do remember the dream itself being quite long. I remember him walking through a village talking to someone, the village had little wooden huts with straw roofs.

      Another dream I had I was at school, but it was some old classroom that isn't my school. It's shaped like and L and I was in the "bottom of the L" part talking to my old math teacher who was talking about her knuckles being messed up and we chatted about that for a minute and then I walked into this door behind her desk and it was this dimly lit, small kitchen and it was all bluish, and it made and upside down L, except smaller. two students were inside and I talked with them for a while before the dream faded. The counters where white and looked like the ones at my house.

      Then I had a dream I was in a computer lab, it looked like the one at my school except all the stuff in the rooms, tables, computers, etc. where rotated 90 degrees (like if the room was facing north its now all facing east, that kind of rotation). I was on the table in the middle, at the end, and beside me was my irl friend and he was trying to turn down his volume, we had to go to this menu, then put in a password and it made his computer have to restart, and then the bell rang.

      I then remember having a dream where I was at my house and both my living rooms were still fully furnished with couches that we no longer have and a T.V. thats in my dads room now, and it was night and I was hanging out with my friend in the first living room and it was dark we didn't have the lights on for w/e reason and I was looking up something on my tablet, I was closing old tabs when he said he had to go, even though it was like 3am.

      The last dream I remember was it was mid-day and me, 3 of my friends and a few random guys were outside my house playing basketball and there was a basketball net that doesn't actually exist irl. At one point the ball rolls into the woods and someone goes and gets it and everyone takes a break. Suddenly I'm on a bike and I go towards my fence where one of the random guys is there and this girl who goes to my school and the guy asks me "whats with those bikes, why don't you use them?" there were 3 bikes that I've actually rode irl, but don't have in right now irl, I told him "one's chain is rusted, that one's bike tire is flat, and that one..." I don't remember what I said about the third one, but they were all accurate to the irl version. Then I look back and this red car drives by, on one side both car doors open and driving the car is my friend's ex, in the passenger seat is his step sister, and in the back is his sister. the step-sister tells him he needs to come home, so he steps in. They drive off but for w/e reason she keeps her passenger door open. I bike after the car (and a friend behind me follows) and say something to his ex, and she flips me off (but it's playfully). then when I look back everyone's gone except my other friend who is biking and he's about halfway down the street. I then go up to my front door and it's locked, I take out my key, but I look in the door window and I see my dad and my aunt priss and all the furniture that's in my dad's den irl is out in the living room and they're watching t.v., reclined, with a space on the couch between them. My dad waves at me and I unlock my door.

      I also vaguely remember a dream that took place in a factory/store.
    10. Blackened Days

      by , 11-01-2014 at 03:47 PM (Casting Shadows)
      DF: Dreamed that I had been raped twice, and Script didn't actually rape me, he sexually assaulted me. Ivory was friends with the two rapists on Facebook and she kept telling me all about their funny statuses, and I told her I didn't want to hear about them. She acted like I had hurt her feelings and I thought about telling her I didn't want to be friends with her anymore, but I didn't want to be told that I was just over-reacting, so I didn't.

      DF: My dad needed to be bailed out and so we were traveling from bonds place to bonds place, but so much money was needed that no one was willing to work with us. Daddy wasn't in jail, he was with us, so I'm not sure why he needed it.

      Main dream: Mama and Daddy keep arguing and I finally tell Mama that it would be best if she was to go. Though Daddy complains she does, and I stare out the window and watch her leave. The inside car light was on and I could see that she was struggling to not cry.

      I was worried because I was all alone with my dad. I have many fears about being alone with him, and they all came to the surface after she left.

      It's a weekend in the dream, but I have math homework that is due Monday. I keep putting it off in favor of playing this MyCandyLove-related game, which was almost the same except it was Death Note themed. I was able to play as my Candy, but I could repeat any episode as many times as I liked so that I could talk to whichever guy I preferred. My favorite seemed to be Light, and my second-favorite was L. I also kept trying to seduce one dude. . . .

      Then later on I was talking to a group of people in a dark room and one woman said something like, "Your parents really broke your heart, didn't they?" I agreed.

      At school I'm taking Death Note Discussions III--apparently I'm a junior. I greatly enjoy this class and can't wait for the following year.

      Then it's Monday, and I had yet to do my homework. When I was coming out of my room and was about to leave the trailer my dad caught me and asked if he could hardcore ground me by listening to "Iron Man" by Heavy Metal (pretty sure it's by Black Sabbath in real life XD) that afternoon. I told him I didn't care and he said he likes the song and he used to study to it.

      It's very overcast outside, but blacker than usual.

      When I get on the bus I'm only just above 14% on my phone and don't want to waste my charge.
    11. 10/26/14

      by , 10-27-2014 at 03:51 AM (Casting Shadows)
      DF: I wanted to be in a club . . . a math club? And I remember that we had to do something mathy in front of someone and I was just going to make a heart sign with my hands and say it was an indented triangle.

      "If you screw this up, you're just the idiot who screwed it up."

      DF: I have to go to school with Perseus. We're walking down the road to the bus stop and I keep dropping my books. He keeps trying to wait for me, but I tell him to go ahead so he can get to the bus in time and tell the driver to wait for me. He doesn't listen at first, but it's too late by the time he does and the bus drives off.

      It's overcast.
      Tags: math, school
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. More Typical Dreams

      by , 01-22-2014 at 06:48 AM
      1. I was riding my dirt bike on a really difficult trail in the mountains. I then remember my bike slipping off the edge and just jumping off in time to avoid falling off the cliff. My bike broke into a gazillion pieces when it crashed, but then I went to recover what I could and it was in perfect shape minus a few scratches. Should have been a clue for a LD, but meh...

      2. I was climbing Mt. Everest, but it was surprisingly easy and not cold whatseoever... LD sign... I then made it to the summit, took a quick view and headed back down. On my way I saw a guy walking his dog casually, and then he followed me across some ice where he and the dog fell in. I saved them and then we went to this random cabin that was conveniently located right next to this icy lake and we warmed up with some hot chocolate.

      3. I was at school and freaked out that I hadn't done my math homework, which I had saved for study hall the morning before class. Then I got to math however and realized I had done my physics homework instead of my math, and now didnt have my assignment. Then a random person from the college I'm enrolled in for next semester appeared and gave a speech.

      Nothing special...
    13. Journal Entry non-lucid #4

      by , 01-11-2014 at 08:37 PM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry non-lucid #4 Dream, non-dream (Comments)
      Background: I went to sleep hungry for the first dream.
      Dream fragment 1 from 8pm-11pm" Disturbing mediators ": I was entering a car race. The authorities at the race were doing background check to make sure that terrorists don't get in. Once we were allowed to come in, they gave us tanks. We had a sargent, and he told us that our mission was to defend a basket of cookies & milk. I didn't complain because I was hungry and I wanted those cookies and milk. All these people appeared and they had cookies and milk. They were from a meditation group. We came out of the tank, and greeted them. I was getting prepared to meditate, but the people that came as a meditation group disturbed everybody else; they played loud and obnoxious music, this horrid version of some dub-step. The girl in charge kept telling them to calm down but they didn't listen.

      Dream fragment 2 11pm-3am" Eavesdropping Spider": The earliest memory I have was with me and my dad we were on top of a hill and this women was drunk. A successful women, drunk and belligerent. We didn't want her to do anything reckless and kept telling her not to drive drunk. Later on while we are walking. I found this piece of contraption, it was suppose to control everything in the world. My dad asked me if I could teach him how to work it, I told him I don't know yet and I will find out. There was this manikin and I commanded it by the machine to move back and forth, simple commands at first. Then I started making it dance. My dad said, "what is this? you made it too complicated. How can I learn that?" I kept telling him that he will not understand. I made couch, located in the middle of the street, levitate. I found a key inside of it and I gave it to my dad. My dad's face lit up with happiness. As he was celebrating a spider from the couch ran across my body, a big spider maybe about an inch long. The spider was covered with eyes and its legs were red. It didn't bit me, but it squirmed around me. I finally flicked it and it tried to run. Luckily, I trapped it in a bottle. It stuck it's eye out the bottle like those old unrealistic classical cartoon shows. After the incident with the spider, the environment changed into my house. My sister walked through the door and told me that she was going to see old church friends, and she asked me if I wanted to join her, I replied yes. She had an argument with my dad before we left though. I tried to break the ice by mentioning the eavesdropping spider, which had his little eye popping outside the bottle looking at us. They laughed and forgot about the incident. Me, my sister, and old friend, Big Am, were walking together. We met this random enthusiastic man, we walked with this man and met the couple from "Never Let me go" the guy from Amazing Spiderman worked on that movie. Well I said hi to the couple and we walked away with the enthusiastic man, he was so happy to see us that he introduced us to his wife. She was waiting in line at the post office. For some reason they gave out post office like movie tickets from a window and you wait outside. I said hi and quickly moved because a lot of people were waiting in line. This women asked me if I was in line I said no. She then started handing out grades like teachers do in school. I saw some old friends there and they were upset that they didn't do so well. I was now inside my room and Bt was in the room with me. I was talking about mathematics with her. I told her about the complexity and flexibility of mathematics, precisely Calculus II. she told me she knows. She said it used to be one step or two step to solve a problem, but now you have 5 steps to solve one simple problem. I told her about the class I am going to take Calculus III and how the teacher is a tricky old Asian guy. I made a joke that she didn't quite get I said, "he presents problems like Confucius, a riddle".
    14. Being Kicked Out of My Own House, A Bit of Lucidity, and School Anxieties

      by , 01-15-2013 at 05:48 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was going to my house with Caitlin and her boyfriend, Israel. I'm pretty sure my brother was there too. It was nighttime. We had apparently bought a new house, and this one was on the market or something. But Caitlin and Israel wanted to stay there and hang out all night.

      When we walked in, a younger Mexican couple came in shortly after we did, and told us we needed to get out. They had a key, and let themselves in the front door. They were in charge of the house now that no one really owned it. They yelled at us for awhile, and then left.

      Right after they left, I remember looking out one of the windows next to the front door. Caitlin and Israel had parked their cars on the other side of the road to make it look like they were at the neighbor's place instead of ours. I remember a white pickup truck being out there.

      Of course, we didn't leave. Caitlin and Israel gamed in the living room, and I went upstairs to my room to try to sleep. All the furniture was still there, my bed included. I slid my sleeping mask over my eyes, and tried to sleep, hoping that if the Mexican couple came back, they would take pity on us because I was trying so hard to get some rest. I tossed and turned (which is exactly what happened last night IWL).

      Then, two little Mexican girls climbed into bed with me. I was happy to have them there. I figured that now the couple could never kick us out, seeing that there were small children here.

      Morning then started to break, and only one child was there now, curled up under the covers. Though now, she wasn't a child, but a kitten, a white, fluffy kitten resembling my waking life cat, Belle. I remember seeing her fluffy tail poking out and waving. It was kind of like she was still the girl, but in a kitten's body? I dunno, it's hard to describe.

      I then noticed that the little girls were playing a joke on me. They put up these really inappropriate posters on my walls of naked, HUGE women (they sort of resembled Jabba the Hutt they were so huge). One had speech bubbles coming from the mouths of the women. It was supposed to be funny, though I don't remember what it said. I was really concerned that the Mexican couple would come and see. I told the girls to take them down. They ripped the one with the speech bubbles off the wall, tearing it down the middle, leaving the side scraps taped to the wall. Underneath it was a fat, cartoon vagina.

      I then had a thought to myself "This is a dream". Wait. This is a dream! I floated up from my bed, and saw some posters above my bed. I decided to phase through the wall to see where it would take me, though I didn't really think about the destination; I was a bit hasty with that decision. I just ended up back in my room after easily phasing through the wall.

      Well, I thought to myself, I better think this through. I then really noticed one of the posters above my bed. One was of a bald, younger black man with lighter-colored skin trapped inside a crystal (it looked like the crystals you can break in Super Mario Galaxy, which I have been playing a LOT of lately). I decided to try to phase through to see what kind of world he was in. First, though, I tried to interact with him. I put my hand up to the crystal, and he did the same, and smiled at me. I started to phase through, and I went somewhere VERY briefly, though I can't remember any details because I either woke up or went into another, non-lucid dream.


      I was in a math class with a woman teaching. We were finding number patterns. For every one that we found, the teacher would give us a $50 check. I remember we were asked to find a sequence, and I was writing it down in pencil, and I raised my hand to give the complete sequence, which happened to be the numbers 1-16, in order. I was writing the sequence down on a white envelope that had been torn open. I can clearly remember writing the numbers down, correctly and in order, despite dreams liking to mix things like these up. I received a check for $50.


      I was now in a doctor's office or hospital, though it did not resemble one. I'm not sure why I was there. There was a man there too, who was getting worked on before me. A nurse then came in and examined my foot. She took a silver tool that resembled pliers/some sort of clamp, clamped it on my big toe, and squeezed down, cracking my toenail, which had old, lighter-colored blue nail polish on it. It took me a second to realize exactly what she was doing, because she offered no explanation beforehand; she just did it.

      "Are you removing my toenail??" I asked, taken aback.
      "Yes," she replied.
      "Why? It's going to hurt isn't it?"
      She replied, saying that removing the nail would make something easier, though I can't remember what.
      I then said back, very upset,
      "I don't want you to do that. Fix it! Fix it!!! There's no reason for this!"

      But it was too late; the nail was cracked in three places. I removed my foot from her grasp and refused to let her remove the nail.

      I then went on to a psychology class I was apparently taking. A friend was there with me, though I can't remember whom, or if it was someone I even really know IWL. The teacher was female, and she started to lecture, giving us the definition of psychology. I figured i should take notes. I scrambled through my things, looking for a sheet of paper. I realized I was so not prepared for this class. All the paper I had didn't have lines, and there were very few sheets anyway. I started to write, in orange highlighter, on the inside spine of a black and grey fabric trapper keeper. I write in huge letters, and spelled psychology "Psychollogy". I was desperately trying to keep up with her as she lectured.

      The class ended shortly after, since it was only the very first day of classes. I couldn't remember if I had another class after that or not (in the dream, it was Thursday, the day school starts back up again IWL). I was going through my things again, looking for my schedule. But I just couldn't find it. I racked my brain trying to figure it out, and thought that maybe I had chemistry afterwards. I then remembered a dream memory like it was real life; I had dreamed that I had another chem class, and I skipped most of the classes (I did actually dream this once; in my dreams, I remember many dream memories as if they really happened). I thought that I had tried to take chemistry 3 different times.

      I then was looking through a book I had, and I found many $50 bills tucked away inside its pages. I also found a fake-looking $20 bill that had a blank back side to it. I remembered the math class. I suppose I had forgotten about the money. I figured I should put it in the bank.


      I was in my room, laying in bed. It was morning, and I could hear my brother talking to my mom. My brother was supposed to be out of town with his girlfriend, so I figured something must had happened with them.

      I was then at my brother and I's friend Charles's house. I walked in the kitchen where Charles was, which looked different than his waking life kitchen, mostly because it looked like it was on the opposite end of the house, and my brother was there too, along with another person, I think it was supposed to be Charles's little brother (he doesn't have one IWL). Blake (my brother) was talking to Charles about what happened with his girlfriend, but when he saw me, he stopped talking. I asked them what was going on, and my brother just held up his hand to me like he wasn't going to tell me. I guessed they needed some guy time, and I was intruding.

      Charles's little brother then chimed in and said something about Blake's girlfriend situation, and either Charles or Blake told him to be quiet, or shushed him.


      IWL I'm about to start going back to school to work on another degree, and I guess I'm a little anxious about it since I haven't been in school for over a year now. I'm sure it will be fine, but I'm taking some difficult classes, I have two labs, and I'm also working part-time. Glad I got a bit of lucidity, though I'm surprised I did since my sleep has been hella fragmented lately. Hoping for some better, more restful sleep tonight.

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    15. Teasing Math Teacher

      by , 12-04-2012 at 04:58 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Teasing a Math Teacher (Non-lucid)


      I remember going to a class similar to the Math Course I'm taking, and doing horrible in waking life. My professor isn't there, and there seems to be another professor still teaching, and by the looks of it, the content on the screen projector seems to be too abstract, not even math in some cases.

      Blah blah blah, boring math stuff, students being bored as hell, yadadada, until the dream shifts to where I'm near a lady who's probably about 30-40. I'm getting annoyed on how much of a bitch she is to her students, and she's probably just cranky because of no sex or something.

      So I go up to her, I ask her random questions, like what college she went to.

      She looks at me in shock and states in a mildly questioning tone,

      "Texas A&M.............................???"

      I get close to her and hold her hand,

      "No before that."

      She responds,

      "Berkeley...." She starts getting relaxed, and she's looking into my eyes with more confidence, but her body isn't able to handle this random contact I'm having with her. She tries to kiss me, but I tease her and moved back.

      Then I turn around and got the hell out of there while she stands there completely dumbfounded and wishing she took control over me in another room to go few rounds with me.



      *whistles innocently*
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