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    1. Mathematical Fireworks

      by , 05-01-2018 at 06:10 PM
      Morning of April 28, 2018. Saturday.

      I am in an unknown spacecraft in orbit around Earth, but the spacecraft is not implied to be alien.

      Fireworks are being shown far below, but eventually, it seems they are in view from the front window of the spacecraft, which is not logical as they would have to be too far up to be appreciated from ground level.

      Eventually, some of the small sparks strike the window, some seeming to create a “splash” effect, and I see they appear as glowing mathematics symbols, including pi. Each set fades as more “splash” onto the window. There is a curious sound like two sticks hitting together as well as sizzling. A few sparks come from the control panel as well, but there is no sense of threat or problematic events.

      This is autosymbolism for the usual vestibular system correlation and thinking skills correlation (which the subconscious self does not have while in the non-lucid dream state) to activate the return to consciousness, but unique as always.

    2. Tsunami, Floating City, and a Creepy Dog

      by , 03-29-2017 at 11:47 AM
      Hidden words!! Ooooooo how mysterious

      Tsunami and a Solar Eclipse:

      I became lucid while outside with ~Dreamer~. We were on a grassy area. The ground and the houses were covered in a light layer of snow. As I was taking in the beauty of my surroundings, I noticed a city off in the distance that was about to be crushed by a giant, ~500 foot tall wave.

      I smiled at the wave while focusing on a warm, loving feeling in my chest. The wave gently receded. ~Dreamer~ was feeling a bit mischievous and she decided to block the sun out with a black circle. I imagined the circle disappearing and chunks of it exploded with bursts of fiery sparks, a bit at a time until the circle was gone. The circle immediately regenerated though. The dream faded as a disembodied old lady’s voice was saying something about the black circle weakening.

      Floating City!:

      I was part of a small mathematics research team and I was talking with one of my colleagues about music. I was also feeling quite sleepy and lying down on the couch when he said to me, “That’s weird that you don’t like classical music, most of the people that I meet in our field love classical music.” I responded, “Of course I love classical music!” I closed my eyes as I recited the names of various composers that I liked, “Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Haydn, Stravinsky…I enjoy playing some of Chopin’s music the most…” I drifted off while focusing on maintaining awareness, I was trying to WILD for some reason. I heard a loud voice speaking to me and I knew that I must be in a dream. I opened my eyes and ~Dreamer~ was there. She had a gentle smile as she gazed at me quite lovingly. I smiled at her as I moved toward the window. We were on the third floor of a university building. I floated through the window/wall to get outside while expecting to see a plane nearby.

      I saw a tiny airplane flying towards me with a strange, miniature alien-like creature inside. I jumped on the plane and threw him out of there.
      I then stretched the plane out with my hands until it was a comfortable size. I also added better steering and a dial that I had hoped would make me fly faster. I turned it and it made snow start to fall all around me. A mist also began to rise from the ground. I was now in my childhood neighbourhood. I noticed a medium-sized bonsai tree in front of me that was slowly floating upwards. It was emitting this beautiful, soft, warm-coloured light. I added another button to the plane that I was sure would make me go faster if I pushed it. Sure enough, the plane really took off the second I pushed on it. I tried to imagine going through a time breach as I flew upward through a heavy set of clouds.

      When I finally came out the other side, I was awestruck by a magnificent, floating city that was basked in warm light. It looked very much like the city from bioshock:infinite.

      These carts on floating tracks kept going past me and I had to keep dodging them by doing flips and barrel rolls with the plane.
      I got too excited and woke up. --> DEILD

      Creepy Dog:

      I slowly opened my eyes and I was back at the starting point from the previous dream. I saw three people sitting on a couch in front of me, where ~Dreamer~ was before. I jumped up, bent my knees slightly, got a crazed look in my eyes, then pointed at a lady at the far end of the couch while shouting, “ABRACADABRA!!!!”

      She immediately picked up an invisible round object with her hands and, in a very deliberate and mechanical fashion, placed it on the lap of the person next to her. That guy did the same, moving the invisible object to the lap of the person next to him. The last person threw the invisible object at me. I felt a gust of air as something moved past me (they missed ). Before I had time to react, I felt ~Dreamer~’s arms wrap around me from behind. I turned around, smiled happily, and grabbed her hand, leading her outside. I remembered that I wanted to play fetch with a doggy, this part is pretty hazy. I yelled out, "Fetch!" Hoping a dog would appear. I saw a golden retriever running towards me with what I think was a….dismembered human skeleton foot, complete with a boot. I threw it off into the distance, expecting them to bring me something cooler. The dog ran off and I don’t think I ever saw them again.
      I saw a giant airplane ahead of me down the street and I turned to ~Dreamer~ as we were running towards it and I said, “Let’s get to the plane!” She said to me, “I’m too much in a torrent for this right now!” Haha
      What I took that as meaning though, was that she was waking up.
      I tried to ignore it but I woke up a few seconds later.
    3. Fragment about Calculation

      by , 11-12-2016 at 09:22 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      My recall is still bad, I think it means I should use mantras before going to sleep again. I dreamed about something to do with calculating a complicated expression.
      Tags: mathematics
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. Strange Ritual on Loomis Street

      by , 07-06-2016 at 12:37 PM
      Morning of July 6, 2016. Wednesday.

      I am back in the Loomis Street house as it was in the late 1980s. However, I am with my wife Zsuzsanna (who has never been to America) though we may be implied to be younger. Curiously, this is yet another new variation in layout of the Loomis Street house. The house itself and the room layout is the same - yet the furniture between the living room and dining room (mainly the two armchairs) are turned around and facing west into the dining room instead of east into the room where the television would otherwise be. This distortion does not trigger any consideration or contemplation of the overall setting.

      Zsuzsanna and I are being intimate on the floor in the living room. There is an unknown male of about thirty or more seated in the armchair at the south end of the room division. He soon becomes annoyed by our sensual antics on the floor though also seems to be directing anger against himself, calling himself by an unusual insult (seemingly related to how he is seen by government) though I cannot remember the term. I think it is something associated with being a box or container for the extraneous thoughts of the elite. He seems very frustrated at his role of being an erudite adviser, it seems, that is, possibly being the most intelligent person in the region yet being appreciated the least.

      I feel that Zsuzsanna and I are imposing upon him (and there are others in the area though I do not directly see them) and I soon pull a sheet up around Zsuzsanna’s bare back and bottom as we then sit in informal cross-legged positions for the most part after we get up from rolling around on the floor. As I face him from a diagonal orientation, Zsuzsanna is closer in the same diagonal line with her back to him) I do not pick up on the fact that it is possibly the other male who should not be present. Still, it seems probable that Zsuzsanna and I should go back to the small bedroom at the front of the house. (What is rather curious, is that none of the actual people, including my sister and her husband and two of my brothers and even my mother who had lived in the house come to mind at all during my dream.)

      Instead, the dynamics of the scenario change. He drops or puts worksheets onto the floor right next to the bed sheet that covers most of Zsuzsanna’s lower body. I start to consider what grade they are for and I am ready to say something on their merit and grade level as I look at the top A4 sheet closely. The task seems to relate to some form of algebra or calculus. For a short time, I am puzzled over their nature. I had been ready to say they were fourth grade level but almost consider they are related to an adult business form. On the sheet there is mainly only one table with only about three or four visible unsolved equations (in rows in the middle spaces of the table) that are possibly part of a series for a function (with two or more variables implied, possibly x and y coordinates). There is also a small state standards graphic (American) on the upper left (though I cannot discern it clearly).

      Soon, a mysterious unknown dark-haired female appears fairly close to us. She seems to be Persian so is likely another version of Zsuzsanna but I do not consider this in my dream. She starts chanting and moving rhythmically in a formal cross-legged meditation position. She is shaking rattles (one in each hand). I find this quite unusual and am not sure if I am comfortable with this unknown ritual, which seems to oddly relate to the mathematics worksheets.

      Now I am starting to wonder. Would a sheet of paper be considered a secondary (indirect) dream sign? After all, there is the obvious play on “sheet” (and of course ghosts in sheets are an obvious play on the dreamer being in the dream state). As dreams are mainly concurrent metaphors for the sleeping, dreaming, and waking transitions (which is obvious to anyone who has bothered to actually study them for any number of years), this seems a strong possibility. In fact, there is likely an obvious association from my youth from having written out so many dreams on sheets of notebook paper, which were often of various pastel colors - the color sometimes matching my actual bed sheets in Cubitis, which pleased me. This may not be one hundred percent, but after having a close look at other dreams with sheets of paper, there does seem to be a metaphorical dream sign connection. This honest breakthrough may mean a lot of augmented additions (no actual changes to content or original impressions or patterns; just additional notes) to my vast collection of dream work over the last fifty years. This of course would only be relevant when the “sheet” analogy is more direct. For example, just the appearance of a scrap of paper or paper in other forms is not necessarily a dream sign as such.

      In this case, a facet of the last scene would imply a desire to use critical thinking skills in the dream state even though that is not really feasible. For example, a “worksheet” with a need for mathematical skills is not directly compatible with a bed sheet.

      Even more evidence on this reasoning stems from the sensual mysterious ritual that seems related to the viability of the worksheets. That would make more sense in bed sheets being associated with a sensual act. Also note that the worksheets seem to become more adult upon looking at them more closely - also having relevance to an adult sensual act. Looks like I made yet another breakthrough on the concurrent symbols and metaphors of dreams - yet more important evidence they are primarily native to the dream state rather than having mundane “interpretations” (which I never thought they did anyway, even as a child). Worksheets are also educational just as learning and validating this viable connection and meaningful association was educational. How intriguing.
    5. System Breach of Computerized Building

      by , 09-09-2015 at 03:09 PM
      Morning of September 9, 2015. Wednesday.

      I am apparently at a department of education building, possibly in Brisbane, but it is more like my old school in Arcadia. However, the building may actually be at least four storeys high or more, though I think we are on the top floor. There also seem to be classes held at times or at least meetings, mostly with eighteen-year-olds and up. I am with my wife Zsuzsanna in one of the rooms and I start to work on a subtraction program for our two youngest sons to enhance their speed in general mathematics. Over time, I am actually able to read and resolve the code, but I still do not feel it is perfect, as I want to make sure there are no errors in how the digits are presented and such in columns (though I still want the randomization to be reasonable).

      My wife and I seem to be the only people in the building at first at one point (though I sensed our two youngest sons were there earlier), as I sense it is late at night and the building has mostly been locked for the night. However, at least one other person, an obnoxious young Ivy Leaguer from Yale of about twenty years old (who seems a fictional associate or old classmate at one point, though I never went to Yale) is in the building, but is causing problems with the building’s security as well as possibly damaging or altering cache copies of extensive records and educational reports and administration feedback and with the seeming goal of replacing important information with mindless gossip about each and every teacher and student. He is even putting glitches in the calculus programs and altering images and data in civics and sociology programs. I decide to alter the building’s computer system and block access to the internal workings of the building and all the records. This is unusual in that the building itself is like a computer relative to software-driven doors, lights, elevator functions, and many other features. It is as if everything in the building is somehow linked to computer software (though seemingly not voice-driven).

      The pad for the main building’s system looks like Windows calculator. I falsely “remember” a special function that does not cause the building to “self-destruct” but to cause total confusion for clueless intruders and would-be vandals. I enter the Qword DEAD C0DE 0BAD FEED as a hexadecimal input (with of course the “0” being a zero as the letters only go from A to F, thus why it is called hexadecimal - for the six letters). This causes random byte values to be placed in random buffers all over the building in every software-driven section, similar to the “poke” command on old Commodore 64 computers (though in this case does not breach the internal records, which are all backed up in non-adjacent systems). Various lights go off and on randomly and even random doors open and close. This seems to all be taking place on at least the third floor at this point.

      After awhile, the unknown male comes out of a room and seems annoyed. He tells me that all this chaos will alert the authorities (or possibly even randomly trigger an alarm). He seems to think I am “with” him, but my wife and I just want him out and then we will leave the building. He apparently thinks it is amusing to disrupt the educational and social progress of people of all ages (including children). When we are walking in a hall, I push him into a malfunctioning elevator that is halfway between floors but the fall does not injure him that badly. This scene is the most vivid and realistic part of my dream, though I am not lucid at any point. (This also now triggers a memory of when my sister Marilyn used to say “his elevator doesn’t go to the top floor” when talking about an annoying or less-intelligent person.)

      From here, I notice some sort of meeting being held in one classroom, which I can see through the glass walls and horizontal darker zebrawood beams on the other side of the hall from the elevator. The speaker is an older lady with gray hair and somewhat stocky (she does not look at all familiar in any way). She seems very friendly and responsive. I ask her if there are any authorities in the building but at this point, things seem to be getting back to normal as it seems the intruder has left the building (or possibly already caught by security guards or police), which has rebooted itself with one of the random values triggering the reboot function. My wife and I go to the first floor.

      Just prior to us walking from the building into the late night (or very early morning), I notice we are completely undressed. I am not even sure how and when that happened. Perhaps one of the random values triggered the erasing of our clothes, but that is only a very vague and very brief contemplation. I pull a thin bed sheet seemingly out of nowhere (out of the air itself, it seems) to cover myself as we walk home, feeling quite happy at this point.

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    6. Faux School on Loomis Street

      by , 11-21-2013 at 05:21 PM
      Morning of November 21, 2013. Thursday.

      In my dream, I am in a school, apparently, but there seem to be attributes that remind me a lot of my sister’s house on Loomis Street, though bigger in area. A foreman and friend who had shot himself in real life (Patrick; nickname Hooker) seems to be one of the teachers or actually more like a composite also inclusive of a high school science teacher. It is going on nine o'clock at night (which I do not see until near the end of my dream by looking at a clock on the south wall). All of the students (we seem to be in our twenties and thirties) are working on helping to manually put together some workbooks that are somehow for the benefit of the whole school, which does not seem a practical endeavor. I have already completed one book and will apparently get a small payment. It involves starting from the first page and simply writing sums that increment by one or ten or whatever from that point to the end of the book. The books are 96-page ruled exercise books of 8mm feint, about 9 x 7 inches I think. Horizontally, there is room for four problems or possibly five.

      I am continuously annoyed by seeing that the second one I am to complete is not perfect on yet the first page when looking back and that there are errors in what I had written, including not having an extra space between the sets so that they run together a little too closely from top to bottom (not leaving enough room for whoever solves them), accidentally skipping the lower addend of a sequence now and then, etc. I spend a lot of time erasing, never getting past the first three rows. The first page seems to start with 100 + 1 (column form - all problem templates are in column form), 100 + 2, 100 + 3, 100 + 4, and so on. Eventually, I happen to skim the pages and notice a few pages with colorful stickers here and there (apparently put in by someone else earlier during the day) that have similar problems with pictures and take up about the same space as the written efforts - and will supposedly end up filling the same logical sequencing when all the manual work is done (while manually skipping the sticker regions that are part of the sequencing). Most of the colorful stickers are nearer to the middle of the booklet. After that, I see that there are several pages of complex equations which fill each page, several pages in from the front, and realize that the book is something I should keep and had in fact started to make into a school workbook accidentally (from it being with the others for a short time but long enough for someone else to have worked on it prior). Not wanting to mess my book up any more than it is I inform the teacher that I will finish it later (a deliberate lie - I will start anew on another one - this one will not be “missed” as it was already mine) and casually insert it into the middle area of a larger exercise book within my larger binder. Around this time I also look at the clock (which is higher on the wall, only about a foot down from the ceiling) and see it is about nine o'clock at night and so I wonder why everyone is still working, as I reason the classwork should have probably ended around 4:30 in the afternoon.

      I eventually reflect on a false memory that someone (not sure who) had ordered some pizzas and drink for me (in addition to perhaps a couple other friends or classmates) about an hour and a half prior - and that it is my responsibility to pick it up now. The pizza place is supposedly adjacent to our “school” and north of it and open until midnight but I have concerns on how I will prove to the cashiers that I am the one who is supposed to pick up the order - yet I am also not entirely sure when the school session ends. I am still looking forward to it, assuming it all works out and that the cashiers will know what they are doing. I am thinking on that for awhile and wake up before leaving the “school” via the front east entrance.