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    1. #210 - More zombies... -.-

      by , 03-15-2016 at 03:52 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      The setting was post-apocalyptic via zombies. I'm with Matt and Justin walking along a gravelly road. Nearby is a concrete block building that looks rundown, I think it was pretty difficult to get into but we managed. It was day time so the place was well-lit, the whol place was just grey concrete and the room was big with a high ceiling. I remember some random flashbacks to before there were zombies, it was about some guy would run up the walls (in my mind I knew that zombies had high strength and could do this pretty easily). I think there was another person who did this too.. It doesn't make much sense. But there was more to it, something about the guy being a necromancer and he was the one who started the apocalypse by creating zombies.
      The flashbacks were short, so continuing from before we were in the building. We heard noises from outside and a group of asians were heading towards the building. Damn, we have to hide. Fortunately there was a boxing ring in the room so me, matt and justin hid behind it. The asians entered and were talking, a few of them walked around the ring and some of them got in it. It felt like the dream glitched here, they could see me but my mind was like 'oh that shouldn't have happened. Just pretend they didn't see you and go under the boxing ring'.
    2. #188 - Mission Possible

      by , 01-16-2016 at 08:09 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      In retrospect the whole idea of this dream just cracks me up

      Dream - Mission Possible
      It's day time and I'm outside the school building with 2 friends (one of them is Matt). We're being very sneaky, we're on a mission given to all students to form small groups and obtain a bunch of certain items. We're down to the last item: a can of tuna from the school fridge! Ever so sneakily we walk down a gravel path between two buildings, the building we need to infiltrate is the one on the left. I turn back to see my companions, then looking ahead I see a person suddenly round the corner. My heart skips a beat, OH **** is it a teacher?!?!? Nope it's a student, phew. I ask him something and he tells us there's no point in sneaking, we can literally just walk in there and take the can of tuna. Hmm, I think about his for a second...
      Of course you can just walk in there... Why would the teachers guard a fridge stocked with tuna . We casually continue now, and turn left and walk through the front door of the building. Honestly this place just resembles a 2 story red brick flat, there's nothing school-like about it. It's absolute chaos in here as students are cramming to get by the fridge which is rapidly being depleted of tuna cans. There's 2 types of tuna containers in there, one is a can and the other is plastic, we can only succeed with the can variety. My 2 companions stop to take their shoes off since that's apparently what you're supposed to do. I realize that the cans are almost gone though and decide to rebel a little I keep my shoes on and walk straight to the room with the fridge. There's a girl in front of me who gets one of the last cans, I ask her if she can see any more in there and she kindly looks for me. She grabs one at the back and hands me it, while continuing to search for some other people too. The dream gets a bit distorted now as my daughter is now one of my companions, I stoop down to let her hold onto 2 of the cans of plastic tuna (which I didn't actually pick up in the first place) since she wanted to help. In her own words "I can do it myshwelf" so cute.
    3. #175 - Classical music / Rigid cooking / Escape / Epic

      by , 12-08-2015 at 12:09 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Sleep cycle 1 - Classical music (02:02)
      -A classical music performance, I haven't heard one for years (supposedly) and now in this large hall I could. The song part of the dream I don't recall as it was 'fastforwarded' through by the dream. I'm in the corridor afterwards talking with some people about it, did I play? I feel like I had some involvement somehow. Then I think I remember leaving in a car (as a passenger) on the motorway. I was still thinking heavily about the music event though.

      Dream experience: 2 (quite early in the night)
      Dream awareness: 0

      This dream probably occurred after I started watching a new anime about classical music >_<

      Sleep cycle 2 - Rigid cooking (04:38)
      This dream was influenced by the classical anime and a romcom anime I had been watching.

      -I had taught a couple girls how to cook and they had a very free-style attitude to cooking. My own style was rigid, by-the-book (or recipe) and I struggled to make a dish that was truly my own inspiration (not true IRL I think). We're in an after school cooking club and the teacher has told us to cook something, but I have to cook it for the 2 girls. I'm supposed to be really good at cooking but I have a weird mix of emotions, like I'm actually bad at it?.. The room is lit by the dying light of the setting sun, geeze someone turn the light on :/. As I'm cooking the teacher says there isn't the usual 'flare' in cooking that she sees when watching the 2 girls cook.. 'tsk' I know, I'm going by-the-book. I give the food a taste, why isn't the ginger flavour strong enough? The girls make it better, I know they would just add more ginger but my rigid style compels me not to. In the end I think I manage to break the barrier and go more free-style, adding flavours as I see them necessary.

      Dream experience: 3 (meh, it wasn't that good or vivid)
      Dream awareness: 0 (I wasn't particularly aware in any sense)

      Dream fragment - there's a coast with the ocean, something about a house?

      -I'm by a fence on the grass, there's a couple people on the other side who I'm talking to. In front of me is also a cute old cat, it looks so gentle. We get interrupted by an evil person who is standing like 20-30m away on a nearby road. I can't remember too clearly why we knew he was evil. He ended up sending his ginger cat to attack our cat, I intervene though and end up killing the ginger cat. I think I also accidentally hurt our cat... I look at that cute old cat and it's quite vivid. He's a fluffy tabby cat with a funny looking face. He's slumped down with his head bend back slightly too far.. Poor thing, I think I may have uppercut him or something. He looks at me with kind eyes and a nice smile, seeming to forgive me and thank me for trying to protect him. I feel guilty about killing the other cat though, I need to get rid of the body anyways... I run up the road in search for a bin to dispose of it into. O_O.

      Dream experience: 4 (emotional about cats apparently)
      Dream awareness: 1 (rising awareness from the cat I hurt)

      Sleep cycle 3 - Escape (06:00)
      -Earlier in this story it seems like I was trying to help someone escape and had made several preparations to help. I made a potion with the help of a witch, which would turn the consumer into a bat so they could fly away. The place we're at is like a TV set for producing a show, and I think one of the directors plays a prank on someone. The prank is that he shoots a spear at someone which impales them, I'm not sure how it was meant to be funny because the person died via being impaled by that spear -_-. They director starts acting to reduce the impact this has on everyone, I follow in spectator mode as he walks down a hallway and into a room and tells the ?? family that they should delete their contract with the show to protect their reputation.
      Now I'm in a breakfast dining hall, there's a bunch of food on plates and some people milling around. They're hungry and have just woken up and the room is only getting more and more crowded. I can see the person I'm trying to free, I think it's a girl (or a guy with long hair). I think I might be Linley Baruch (the main character from the book I'm reading) and I can hear people whispering about the person I'm trying to free. Apparently it's her fault.. We have to escape now or the police will take her away before we get the chance to escape, so we have to improvise. I give the potion to him (she is now a he for some reason) and he starts to ascend, floating into the air. There's mist around him and he begins to fade while emitting a beautiful kind of glow. Everyone looks up and sees him floating, and they think he has been chosen by god or some bs, which helps as an excuse to cover our escape. I am spectating now, I see Linley (who I was) crouch down out of sight into a meditative position in order to chant the words to a flying spell (he seems to be level 7 or 8 as a magus about now). The camera is panning upwards following the ascent of the glowing guy who is fading more and more. I kind of feel like I'm watching anime. Linley finishes his spell and shoots up, flying back into the LOS and floating next to the glowing guy who slowly finishes his transformation by turning into a small bat which is almost invisible because he's nearly completely see-through. I know that the audience won't be able to see him but I can. I'm closer now, maybe I'm Linley again? We start our escape, there's 2 routes we can take, one which is a long route through the tunnels (to the left) but we go to the right which leads straight to the exit. Wow, that was easy. If we had taken the left route it would have taken us 5 minutes to reach the same exit, that would have been dumb. We fly outside and shoot off to the North and I see Linley and the bat disappear into the distance. Another group of about 4 follows after, flying in the same direction. It was their friends, one of them I remember was a badass looking cat warrior dude. A second group flies out a moment later with several in the party (also friends apparently). 3 of them look kind of cartoonish like something from a manga, 1 is a cat, another is a smaller cat, and 1 is a ghost. They all fly off into the same direction as Linley.

      Dream experience: 4 (pretty cool)
      Dream awareness: 1 (changing perspectives was a pain and didn't help awareness)

      Sleep cycle 4 - Epic (07:46)
      -I remember now that earlier I was a wanted man, and that me and some friends had washed up on foreign shores on a sunny day. There was more to this dream but I can only remember from a certain point. Me and some friends (I don't recognize them) had just ran out of the bushes into a township (modern but somehow quite old looking) and we were talking. Previously we had been keeping it down in front of a house because we thought there was a saint level beast under it (saint is a high level of power in the book I'm reading). Luckily it was only a bear that jumped out so I'm a little relieved, I think it chased us a little but the commotion caused too much noise and an actual saint level beast popped up from the bushes of a nearby house. "Oh shit!" was everyone's reaction, even the bear. The bear was the first to die since it was a loudest, having its head decapitated immediately. Me and my friends were sprinting away, I jump into a side room area which is pretty small and me and a woman tuck away in the corner. She comes onto me a bit "uhh no thanks" (she's old and pretty overweight..) and I tell her that now is really not the time. We peek out the window and see everyone running around. I think the woman I was with is now a massive muscly dude and I see the bear sprinting towards us. It must have seen the big guy and wants to fight him first. The saint creature (it kind of looks like a bear with a more horrific, rounder furry head without bear ears) jumps into the room and dives over the muscly guy which really confuses me. Why not kill him? Oh... He's after ME. I dive out of the room and into the street, this isn't good. The saint beast (once an animal reaches saint level they can talk) says to me that I have the white dragon blood in me and is trying to kill me to learn about it. Argh god damn it.. we jump around and everything is in slowmo, he hasn't killed me yet though? Is he not saint level? I wonder about this, it can talk but it doesn't have the power of someone who should be saint level it seems. I somehow get the attention of my friends (about 3 of them) and one of them is Matt. I remember earlier we had gone into one of his minecraft tunnels to escape, and we see the entrance not far away. The problem is that we've already used it and can't use it again. We run there anyway, Matt has a secret surprise it seems. The saint level beast isn't even in sight, how the hell did we lose it? It should be close though. Matt pulls a lever, the ground drops beneath us suddenly. Whoa. Good ol' Matt, this is awesome. we plummet down to the depth onto separate rail paths. I can't properly describe what happened next, but it was genius. I was shooting forward so fast on this rail line, then I shot up on a jump and leapt onto a dingy boat that was propelled across the ground. There were draugr around (from Skyrim) but the boat shot past, "HAH!" they can't get me, it's so exciting. There's all these crazy innovative tricks that Matt has put into the track, the last carriage transition is when my boat stops at the edge and I had to jump off a cliff. At the bottom was another dingy boat in some water but it was quite small and there were lots of draugr in the water. I jump off and when I land on the small dingy it propels forward, it's not big enough and my feet are hanging over the edge. The draugr all start charging at me and I try kicking in the water to speed my self up. Hands start wrapping around my legs, they've reached me and are pulling at me.. I kick a couple of them off and use my hands to pull the last few off of me. I jump on to a wooden beam that stands out of the water, maybe this is what I'm supposed to do? Like an obstacle course, I jumped from one wooden beam to the next avoiding all the zombies. Ahead of me were people, this was the entrance into a movie? I leap onto the edge that a few people are gathered on. My friend Lajja sees me but she's soaking wet, I don't ask why because I feel like it has something to do with the draugr water behind me. She leads me out and down a hallway, she has incredibly short shorts on for some reason, I purposely pretend not to notice as I know I'm in another predicament (I get the feeling that I may be discovered by the lawful pursuers). "You have no idea what kind of crazy adventure I've just had!" I say excitedly, I'm still mindblown by that ride. Down this hallway is a huge line of people but the hall it self is quite narrow (only space for two people side by side). We walk down the hall for a bit but something catches my eye on the bookshelf which is also apparently in the hallway. It's like it's now also a library, so many books! I see 2 specific books which detail an adventure about a group that wash up on a foreign shore.. Is that, me? I get the feeling the book details my adventure, but it only just happened? I think that it's a magic book. Lajja sees I'm not following her and comes back to get me before we continue on.

      Dream experience: 10 (I can't imagine any other dream that I've had which is better than this one, maybe some on par so it's 10/10)
      Dream awareness: 2 (not quite lucid but glad I'm it wasn't)

      Everything I dreamt about literally combined so much from my day yesterday, it's pretty awesome.
    4. #171 - fast food

      by , 12-04-2015 at 02:20 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream - Fast food
      Me and my friends Sam, Daniel and Matt all go into a Burger King to get some food. My friends sit at a table and I head over to the cashier to see what's on the menu. I look up, hmm... There's a big burger that comes with fries, a frozen coke, and another drink. It looks so good, it's basically just a really meaty burger with bbq sauce and bacon in it. I ask if I can have that one, it's supposed to be an 'instant meal' as well so I don't have to wait for it to be cooked. The person I ask takes me over to an area near where my friends a sitting and opens a lid into a food container showing me the food they have. It's full of roasted ribs and other meaty foods, but no burgers! What's the meaning of this? Apparently they can't make me my meal :/ I don't get a proper explanation as to why either.. My friends are all eating this food, but I really don't like the look of it.

      Dream experience: 2 (wasn't that good)
      Dream awareness: 0

      Usually I never eat fast food so I don't know why I'm dreaming about it?
      Every time I woke up last night I wouldn't be able to remember my dreams. I only recalled this one last night and barely.
    5. #170 - Fried chicken

      by , 12-02-2015 at 08:06 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream - Fried chicken
      I'm in a mall food court in line for a McDonalds/KFC with my friends Matt, Sam and Daniel. I can't spend too much money here, so I go to order my food and decide on some assortment of fried chicken bits. I have the food in front of me and it's arranged so as to allow the optimal amount of chicken in the box. I twirl some of it around and I'm impressed . The lady I got the food from at the checkout was a fat samoan who I started singing with. It was some sort of joke between us, we're singing a song we made up called 'What are you'. It was about the kid in front of me in the line who we couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl.
      "What are youuuu" she sings in a high voice, and I sing back in a high voice too.
      The family of the kid looks at us confused . I've now got an all you can eat buffet, I was supposed to save my money >_<. I think to myself that I should just share with my friends.
      "What are yoouuuuouuuuu" we sing again... My friends got some healthier looking food from the food place next to the one I was at, this confuses me as I thought they were getting fried chicken too. I walk on over to them and sing "What are youuu" in a high pitch voice again, I really can't hit the notes as my voice just can't go that high. Why am I singing in public? Usually I would never sing in public. I reach my friends and sit with them, they have a big boal in front of them which I think looks like chicken caesar salad. It has a bottom layer of rice with lettuce and chicken on top. They offer me some and I pick up a piece of chicken, "dude don't just go eating all the chicken, there isn't much" I understand this because it's late at night and the shops are closing up, they don't have much chicken left.

      Dream experience: 3 (a fun time singing)
      Dream awareness: 1 (not aware enough to be lucid)
    6. #160 - Bird of Paradise / Museum

      by , 11-18-2015 at 05:05 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream fragment - Bird of Paradise
      I remember seeing a whole bunch of these flowers known as 'Bird of Paradise'. I thought to myself that I should tell my friend about them so he could come get one for his girlfriend.

      Note: yesterday my friend told me he was looking to find a bird of paradise flower for his gf because they were her favourite, surprised this manifested in my dreams O_O

      Dream - Museum
      I'm in a museum with my friend Matt and a girl (I think it might be his ex gf?), there's some sort of god who resides here and owns the place. We head downstairs into a room with all these ancient greek mythology related artifacts, everything had a grey-black rock material that covered them. It was sleek and smooth, and fitted the form of each item perfectly and I think it was meant to 'freeze' them in time and preserve them. I remember I went off into a side room and knocked a Cupid angel (isn't this Roman?) statue by accident which cracked a little. Oops. I head out of the room, noting that there are special techniques and stuff in there too (like in little CDs that you somehow download into yourself?). I walk back to the downstairs room where Matt and the girl are perusing the artifacts on display. It was things like the Aegis shield, the head of Hercules which had an intensely ornate helmet on it, or the head of Medusa etc. Matt accidentally knocks another Cupid angel... It cracks. "Damn dude you broke it" . Suddenly I see something flesh-like beneath the rock layer of the statue which twitches and moves... "Hey it's moving" I say, and the grey-black layer coating the statue starts crumbling off. Oh shit. Me, Matt and the girl all run towards the side room. In this room an arrow is let loose at us, it's the other Cupid statue! It came to life as well. I quickly grabbed a handful of those CD techniques and we all scrambled back out and continued to run. I also remember some of the CDs having references to Star Wars. The pictures on the front of one had Luke Skywalker holding a lightsaber.

      Felt too sleepy to bother remembering my dreams, and I got up earlier.
    7. #142 -Walking around town / Survival / Balloons

      by , 10-28-2015 at 08:04 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream fragment - Walking around town
      I just remember waking up from my first dream cycle and thinking that I had 2 separate dreams. I was walking around my home town, near the roundabout but not really sure what happened. There seemed to be a large gap and then I was in a new dream.

      Dream 1 - Survival
      Imagine those crypts in Skyrim that are dome-like with the opening in the top, I jumped into one of those and the interior was really dark. It had a similar atmosphere to something like 'Doom' or 'Quake', and there were there rectangle flesh aliens attached to the ground. Roughly an arms length, maybe 20cm wide and 5cm high, they were everywhere kind of just radiating out from the centre. They attack you by lurching one side up and slamming onto you. Their 'flesh' is like a bundle of red sinew that when attacking, will become fibrous and latch around its victim. When I fell into the room there was so much of it and it was grabbing at me. I don't know how but I seemed to kill a whole bunch of them, the 'don't know how' part was interesting because I seemed to have no memory of how anything works. I watched a video on Youtube by Cracked called 'The Stumbling Dead' which is a joke about how the Walking Dead can all understand each other but they have no idea what the f*ck is going on . I seemed to be in that kind of mindset, my hair was ragged and really long, my skin was dirtied and the only clothing I had was a rag around my waist. I tried getting away from the alien things, there appeared to be a tunnel leading out of the dome room on one side which I felt like I had been down before. At this point it was almost like the dream had a game-like theme to it, where if you failed you could retry which was why I thought I had been down the tunnel...

      Dream 2 - Balloons
      I seemed to be dungeon crawling with a few friends, I had been through the dungeon before (was some kind of game world) and was advising them on certain things. It was pretty stereotypical for a dungeon, stone brick walls with high ceilings etc. We turned up in a room which apparently just has a tonne of enemies spawn and the easiest thing to do is just bypass everything by running to the exit. I tell my friends about this but the look in their eyes tells me that they want to grind some experience.. "*sigh*, okay then we'll do that" . We head down the stairs next to the entrance when suddenly I realize there's some stupid event going on. A plethora of freakin' balloons surges up in front of us. 'Ugh god damn it why now?', the aim is to pop as many balloons or a special balloon which gives you heaps of points. I spot the special balloon (which is blue and white) and take a whack at it with some kind of whip-like sword, it smashes against it but the balloon doesn't pop. It seems to be a lot harder to pop than other balloons :/. I chase after it and whack at it a few times but nothing happens. A guy called Chris from my geology class shows up, he's hitting other contenders to earn points. There seems to be a lot of people competing now, in the distance about 20m away I see the announcer of the game narrating the points people are earning. He's wearing a suit and holding a microphone. Chris pokes me in the stomach with a long stick. "1 point to Chris!" the narrator shouts. "God that's cheap" I say, he isn't even trying to get balloons -.-... Chris stabs at me again with his stick which is more like a really long staff. It's pissing me off now, stop it dude. I grab his stick and take it off him, then snap it in half. I know this is against the rules but damn he was annoying. I walk past him and leave, taking the broken stick with me. I notice that he now has a new stick "Ugh what a douche". I enter a passageway leading to another part of the large room the competition is being held in. The place is so colourful now, there's even a colourful playground nearby. I remember thinking about how the whole stick thing was typical behaviour for a friend of mine called Matt. When we'd play Jedi Academy on LAN he would pick the longest lightsabers and then just do flips all over the place that one-hit everyone. And because they were so long you couldn't do anything about it .
    8. #72 - School bus trip, Kissed at high school, Some kind of false awakening

      by , 03-04-2015 at 09:51 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream 1
      So I think I was on bus and we stopped off at this care centre, I left my bag on the bus since we were supposed to get back on in 10 minutes. I went inside and something happened (forgot this detail) where I couldn't really continue on with everyone else to the next stop, it was related to me not being able to hear (My hearing aids have both just broken in real life). Instead, a lady asks if I want to help out and entertain some of the old people at the care centre, I accept (in a nonchalant manner) but I need to change my clothes first (my clothes got dirty somehow). I head back to the bus as it's preparing to leave, but my lack of hearing makes communicating difficult and I ask my friend Matt to help me out. He kind of just ignores me at first, then it's like he's being a jerk or trying to be funny and the whole thing is out of character. The starts to leave and drive down the road and I start to feel helpless.

      Dream 2
      In my old high school there was a circular brick wall about 40cm high with a pohutuawa tree in the middle surrounded by a bark surface. I was sitting on the bricks and it seemed to be during lunch time, a friend was next to me too. I noticed two girls who were approaching, they were my close friends mikayla and kashifa. We hugged and said hello and then kissed each other on the forehead for some reason... Next thing I know, the bell has rung and we're all heading off to our next classes. My friend who was sitting next to me is crawling on the ground and now there's a feeling like we're in primary school, and some people around him are saying "Wow that's weird what's he doing".

      Possibly a dream but not sure 3
      So I had kind of woken up, I'm currently sick with a head cold and I got really disorientated. I was drifting sleepily and kind of falling back asleep but waking up, and I must have dozed off for a few minutes... I thought that my gf and daughter were in the house and that I had forgotten where my daughter was, and I got really panicky since I don't think she was in the her cot. It was dark and I tried to get up to turn the light on, and then I woke up and opened my eyes -.- so false awakening?
    9. #51 - House Party/Crime Scene

      by , 11-08-2014 at 11:30 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream 1 - House Party
      In my flat house, my flatmate has decided to throw a party to celebrate the end of exams. I'm not really interested in the party and I just decide to chill out in my room, but I have to go get the door at some point because no one else was. I peer outside to see a group of people, I see a couple familiar faces, and tell them to come on in. As they walk in I get a better look at their faces, I make eye contact with one and think 'hmm that looks R'... Then look away kind of puzzled. Then I go 'oh shit! That's R!', we look back at each other suddenly and we get ready for some fisticuffs. Everyone in the party is a little shocked that a fight suddenly broke out.

      Dream 2 - Crime Scene
      I'm walking along at night with a couple friends, some guy who punched me at a party earlier on in the night (I forgot this part of the dream) ran up to us from the liquor store across the road. He wasn't trying to start a fight this time though, he had a white shirt and blues jeans, a pimply face and blonde curly hair. We all end up having to run because someone starts chasing us. We run up a hill and as I reach the top of the hill I see police, they're gathered around a crime scene. Headless bodies lie scattered about, blood is everywhere, part of me is stunned, the other part is intrigued. Even the police are flabbergasted, they don't even know what to say to us, so I ask an officer about the crime. "Someone reenacted a portion of the story from the Dragon Play that's playing in the city".
      Basically to summarize this play, a person kills all the guests that enter his house because they sin whenever they enter the premises of another persons home or something, and then there's a dragon in it at one point.
      I head to the city to try and track down the culprit, determined to end his/her brutal killing spree. I was armed with the knowledge that it might likely be multiple people, since the heads of the people had be severed simultaneously and all by the same blade in one clean slice. An idea popped into my head at this point that was something along the lines of gunpowder powered guillotine that could cut off the heads of multiple people in one sweep. Imagine multiple head + hand locking things stacked on each other, each person is separated by a plank they can lie on. Then the guillotine is let loose and is propelled through all their necks by the force of the gunpowder. I kind of woke up at this point debating if that even made sense or if it actually existed.
    10. #35 - Obstacle course race/Looking after my daughter

      by , 10-21-2014 at 08:55 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Didn't really attempt a proper SSILD last night, turned off all my alarms so I could try and get a good sleep, which I did . Recalled 3 dreams but the last dream I had was forgotten while writing them into my DJ.

      Dream 1 - Obstacle course race (~4am)
      Me and a lot of other people are involved in some kind of race. The scenery is typical New Zealand green bush, the track we were running along mazed around with streams on both sides. The first part of the race involved everyone running along this track, it branched off in a few directions, I decided I could try the direct route by just jumping into the shallow stream. I didn't anticipate it slowing me down so much, and eventually I climbed back up onto the track. Shortly after I reached the second part of the race, where there were rails stretching left to right along the ground, spaced about half a metre apart with tall grass and puddles between them. Everyone had to jump from rail to rail, the alternative was that you'd just trip over them trying to run across to the end of this obstacle (I seem to remember a few people breaking their ankles when they missed a rail). I leaped from rail to rail, building momentum until I had a good stride going, I became quite focused on this and nearly fell over when I bumped into a woman. We both hurried onwards, some sense of urgency kept us going in the race. I reached the end of this obstacle, and there stretched an expansive short-grass field. At the end was a playground which I identified as the finish line, to left of it I could see the corner of a fenced off tennis court (I didn't seem to really look at it, hence the corner being in my peripheral vision). Everyone that had made it to this point was sprinting off, giving it everything they had to reach the end. For some reason my running was a bit 'weird', I seemed to be skipping and flailing my arms back and forth (I believe I was trying to create a swinging momentum with each skip to propel myself further). In the dream I thought this was the best way to maximize my speed, everyone else seemed to be running normally though. I had a feeling that everyone else was worn out by now, and I managed to spot my friend M and A (I haven't seen A for a long time, he was a childhood friend who moved overseas). M was running pretty damn fast, he shouldn't have been able to since he has asthma and is pretty against exercise. To my right I noticed that it seemed like a nice sunset was happened, and the hill sloped upwards in its direction, in retrospect I wish I had gone up and seen it. I seemed to come in the top 10 or the racers, and it resets to the start of the race. I'm now standing with a bunch of others in orange overalls on the top of a hill, at the bottom of which are a bunch of police setting up the race. We're convicts. A friend is next to me and starts saying he's going to make a run for it and jump onto the race track and escape that way. He bolts off down the road and I follow, knowing that if he was to succeed he'd need a good distraction, I think my plan was to yell out I saw something in the opposite direction he was going to go.

      Dream 2 - Looking after my daughter
      I'm in my parents house, my mother and wife have gone out shopping and have left me and my daughter to play. It was a really nice dream, she and I were playing with her toys and I was talking to her good feels, not a particularly long or eventful dream though, but definitely memorable.
    11. Rocket ship/Time Travel/Frozen Witch

      by , 10-16-2014 at 10:51 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream 1 - Rocket ship
      So I'm walking to a door that leads outside of a house, I open it and see outside. There's a giant rocket ship, and this is my 'project' in the dream, to build and launch a giant rocket into space. I get the feeling it's nearly launch time, and there's a barrel in front of me that I need to light, once I do it will launch, but... I realize that I need to clear the area, I shout out to my flatmates that it's going to launch soon and that I need some help. They run off somewhere and start 'clearing the area', I don't seem to really know what I'm doing, I can see another person driving a tanker truck around too. I start moving the aforementioned barrel up to the door, but as I reach the door I realize that no one will be able to get back inside which would be bad, since then they'd we'd all be caught in the blast radius of the rocket. I move it back and call my flatmates to come back inside, then I block the exit off with the barrel again (I suppose my plan was to be able to light it and then dart back inside the house). A major flaw of this, once again, was that I had blocked the entrance to myself >_< so I think to myself that maybe I could run around to the back entrance, but I woke up/forgot the rest.

      Dream 2 - Time Travel
      I found this dream peculiar since I don't know if this happened after or as a part of the above dream (like some weird transition occurred). But I think it may as well be called another dream since it was radically different. Me and a kid (maybe 10ish?) seem to have traveled to another world via a closet in his house (I think he was sheltering me in his house or something). I don't recall anything that really happened, but he had brought his friends and I came along to protect them or something (I sort of imagine that he had been slightly troubled prior to entering this world, and that it was like he was escaping). Fast forwarding to the end of the dream, we're in a rush to get back to the portal, like there is about to be some explosive catastrophe (I thought it might have been the rocket from the previous dream). All the kids friends make it to the portal and go through, me and the kid are last, he goes next, diving through, I follow and just in the nick of time (I felt like there was some kind of extreme explosion at that moment, and recall the portal having a thin, twirling vortex of purple energy around the entrance). I jump onto the portal (which is a bed with a blanket) and dive under the sheets. I'm back in the kids room. But something isn't quite right... I'm on the floor, the room is dark, behind me is the kid and the portal. I turn and face them, and something stirs to my left in a bed... It's another kid, the same kid that is looking at me from by the portal. I realize that beside me on my right is another bed, and I'm in it sleeping. The kid who just woke up looks around sleepily, a bit dazed and confused. We had gone back in time. I know though, that everything is going to be okay, because he NEEDED a brother... It felt strange, but I knew his dad would accept him and that they'd just be known as twins, and that the kid would never again feel the need to go into the portal, it would change the events of the future without creating a paradox. It was just... Supposed to be this way?

      Dream 3 - Frozen Witch
      Me, a guy and a girl are all best friends. We play near the coast that has a short drop into an expansive ocean. The rocks on the side of this coast are smooth sandstone, and there are fields of green behind them. The sky is stunning, warm and blue with a light breeze. I remember seeing wave cute arches of sandstone and some caves here and there. One day we come across a frozen woman, and somehow knowing she'd be alive (as if she were the Avatar or something) we unfreeze her, somehow... I seem to remember the brightness of the world dimming, things take on a tragic tone, she goes crazy and gets into a showdown with my friend (the guy), they're both very powerful. The only weakness the witch has is water, when it touches her she becomes immobile, so my friend tackles her off the coastal side and into the water. A month passes by without seeing either of them, until my friend washes up on the shore, we rush to help him and I think he ends up being okay.

      The dream restarts - an alternate story unfolds.
      This time, it isn't us that finds her, but another person, a Sea Goddess. She takes mercy on the soul of the frozen witch, and in her cavern begins to unfreeze her slowly. I discover this by walking into a cave one day, a pool of water lies in the middle of the room that looks clear and tropical. On the other side of the room is the witch, mostly frozen except her head which has a vortex of light blue twirling around her head calmly and slowly. Magic water drips onto her ice-encased body, gradually the water that melts floats up and joins the twirling vortex. The witch is different this time, she has a beautiful and friendly smile. It seemed inevitable though, because somehow later on she and my friend fight again. He rips of his clothes and tackles her into the water. This time she doesn't seem to be defeated by water, and as they thrash in the water they end up stopping. He climbs back onto land, and starts walking off into the distance. Things change now, my friend is a girl and is naked, it doesn't seem sexual though. Also, I've become the witch, I'm in the water, pressed up against the edge of the coast watching her walk away and I have a feeling of wanting her to teach me how to fight.
    12. #28 - Spider Bath/Tree School and School Fight

      by , 10-14-2014 at 09:17 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Day 7 SSILD - Pretty much nothing, was super tired and couldn't finish the cycles.

      Dream 1 - Spider Bath
      I'm at a my close friend Sam's house, me and him are talking about a game that reminds me of Tekken. I'm lying in a white bathtub as we talk, it has a slide window over the top with lots of cobwebs on the inside (so pretty much several inches from my face). I start noticing more and more that there seems to spiders of all sorts of colours, in retrospect they looked quite incredible and beautiful. In the conversation I'm having, we're talking about how I wreck at it, and the only way that my other friend Matt ever beats me is if he uses the spider character or something. I continue to keep noticing the presence of spiders until it starts making me a bit paranoid, I feel like maybe one of them will fall on me, 'what if they're poisonous' I think to myself. I feel like I absolutely have to get out now, I just felt that they were too close for comfort. At this point I get a bit frantic, reaching behind me for the edge of the window, trying to slide it open, I shimmy myself out through the small opening I've made in growing fear of the spiders. Once I'm up I give myself a shake and pat down, jumping up and kicking my legs. I feel a bit better now, and then wake up.

      Note: This was probably caused by me opening my window at night because it's been too hot lately, and I always get a bit paranoid about spiders crawling over me, even though I don't usually mind them and there aren't any poisonous spiders where I live.

      Dream Fragment: Prior to the next dream and possibly a part of it, I remember either dreaming or thinking about an anime show I've seen before where the main character is looking for a club to join. He goes around and trials them out, doing boxing, karate, etc.

      Dream 2 - Tree School and School Fight
      I decide to join a group which turns out to be a sort of school. This 'school' is inside a giant tree where students go to learn and take part in whatever it is that interests them (maybe 100-200 people). I seem to have joined really late into the year or something, and everyone already has cliques and groups, this makes me a bit of a social reject for some reason. Haziness ensues until I am in a queue, maybe in a cafeteria or dining hall, and the person in front of me is from my university class (he's got dreadlocks and is pretty much a tool), and in the dream he's like 7ft which is much bigger than he actually is IWL. We seem to talk a bit and everything is alright, he smiles and we're on good terms now, then he walks off. Haziness ensues again, and now it seems there's a school gathering outside on a deck built on one of the large trees branches. As I'm walking along a branch about half a metre wide, I glance back at the tree to see my old flat mate through a window in the tree, sitting at a desk in his room playing games. I continue until I reach the deck and sit on seat (like one of those ones in parks), there's a guy on the other side who smirks and says "oh god" as I sit down. I can tell that it's because of my 'social reject' status in the school at the moment. Next thing I know I notice three guys approaching behind me, they're looking to be bullies. The leader starts talking to me, trying to act really cool, he says something like "no one knows you or likes you" to which I respond "oh that's a shame, my name is A-A-Al-Alex". I seem to have formed a stutter. "A-A-Al-Alex" he repeats mockingly, "it's called a stutter, some people have them" I reply, I don't feel bothered by anything he's doing or saying yet, but I seem to think he's a bit stupid. We seem to be standing and facing each other a few metres apart now, there's a few people at the side too. He cracks a joke at me and everyone laughs. "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" I shout at the top of my lungs, everyone is startled suddenly and the guy in front of me looks at me in confusion and fright. I dash towards him within a sec of shouting, I punch his throat, followed by two punches to his face. He's on the ground, I jump on him and start brutally beating him. I stop after about 10 seconds thinking that I don't want to go too far, I only wanted to teach him a lesson. Everyone else was too scared to step in and help him or break up the fight. Fast forwarding to the principals office, I make my excuse as "I don't take **** from bullies. It's better to take him down than let him torment me". I don't remember much after this but my feeling was that he let me off with a warning and the other guy had an insane black eye.
    13. 29th Shared Dreaming Attempt - BiscuitHappyz's Dream

      by , 09-11-2011 at 11:10 PM (Lyrics to Lunacy)
      I seem to be having a recall dry spell, and I do not have a clue why that could be. Hopefully I find out and/or recover from it soon. But I did manage to remember one fragment from last night;

      I was lying in my bed, on my back, with my current book, The Black Lung Captain, propped up on my chest. My black reading lamp, perched on the arch of the end of my bed behind me, lit the room with a warm, yellow light. I was paying little attention to the other details of my room, as I was actually reading the book.

      The text was strangely coherent, yet all the the things the booked described contradicted what it described earlier. It was as though I were reading the dream.

      The only thing I remember reading clearly was close the bottom of the left page of the book;

      'Frey moved into the engine room and shoved Matt aside.'

      Of course this make no sense out of context, so in context, that would be;

      'Frey, the impolite captain, moved into his ship's engine room, and shoved Matt, the assistant engineer that is not actually in the book but instead my mind put there, into a pipe, possibly hurting his spine.'

      It is also notable that Matt is the name of a character in another series of books much like the Black Lung Captain.

      That's all I remember. Interesting, methinks.

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    14. 29th Shared Dreaming Attempt - BiscuitHappyz's Dream

      by , 09-11-2011 at 03:32 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      BiscuitHappyz's Dream

      I seem to be having a recall dry spell, and I do not have a clue why that could be. Hopefully I find out and/or recover from it soon. But I did manage to remember one fragment from last night;

      I was lying in my bed, on my back, with my current book, The Black Lung Captain, propped up on my chest. My black reading lamp, perched on the arch of the end of my bed behind me, lit the room with a warm, yellow light. I was paying little attention to the other details of my room, as I was actually reading the book.

      The text was strangely coherent, yet all the the things the booked described contradicted what it described earlier. It was as though I were reading the dream.

      The only thing I remember reading clearly was close the bottom of the left page of the book;

      'Frey moved into the engine room and shoved Matt aside.'

      Of course this make no sense out of context, so in context, that would be;

      'Frey, the impolite captain, moved into his ship's engine room, and shoved Matt, the assistant engineer that is not actually in the book but instead my mind put there, into a pipe, possibly hurting his spine.'

      It is also notable that Matt is the name of a character in another series of books much like the Black Lung Captain.

      That's all I remember. Interesting, methinks.
    15. Rebecca Black, Angry Mom, Obama Speech, Concert & Hockey, Intimate Soup

      by , 07-27-2011 at 06:39 PM
      Rebecca Black, Angry Mom, Obama Speech, Concert & Hockey, Intimate Soup (Non-lucid)


      This dream is looooong. I have some tag words written down, so many not be able to remember it all as it's so long.

      "Where's A.B. when you need her?/pus neck, youtube, torrents, free market, hide the reg, entire epic, gf, school, obama speech, mom moves in, goft cart ending, ABQ Dumpsters, concert at obama area, porno soup, TH @ familiar ice stad, w/Rick & Andrew"

      Honestly, I have no idea wtf I was thinking when I wrote some of these.

      It was my Fayetteville house, except made of Stucko, and the rooms were different. The windows were more "futuristic" and there were no blinds or shutters. Three stories this time.

      I was with my girlfriend (dream girlfriend, I'm forever alone. haha) out front of the house. It was a parking lot with speed bumps and dumpsters and everything.. just like my apartment. She looked an awful lot like Rebecca Black.
      Spoiler for plot spoiler for TNT's Falling Skies:
      Except she had black hair and a slimmer figure. She was wearing a yellow shirt and black leggings. I jumped on her and blah blah blah we played around for a bit. (get your mind out of the gutter)

      Selena's figure, but had Rebecca's face.

      It was dark now. My mother popped out the door and told me to come inside. I was behind this girl without her knowledge and I ran up and jumped on her back. She laughed and I jumped off. We walked inside. I had cooked soup. We were going to eat. It was just my brother, myself, and said girl again. This is how it was supposed to be. In the dream, the implied knowledge was that it was my brother's house.

      Then my mom walked in. "NO! EAT THIS!"
      Brother: "Mom calm down!"
      Brother: "Unless you don't want your son to get laid."
      Mom: "I DON'T GIVE A SHIT. HERE."
      The scary part is that this is how my mom actually is, not a dream distortion.

      She swapped out my soup with hers. Dream girlfriend and I got up and left.

      Her soup

      We were rather ticked off. For some reason unknown to all but the dream world, we couldn't fuck unless we ate this soup. Makes me laugh now.

      So, I walked forward and she disappeared. I ended up at an Obama speech. He was on a concert stage giving a speech. This time was third person, I was looking from above him, as if the camera were the stage lights.

      There was a massive crowd that was there. Three people in the crowd were singled out in my vision, connected by a green line.

      The speech went on, then these three were singled out again.


      I was back out at the front of the house. Girlfriend was wearing black jeans and a black shirt this time. I ran up and we were playful as usual. It was morning, and she laughed and said "alright see you at school" and rubbed my head and smiled. I walked across the street and two golf carts were coming in the furthest lane going the wrong direction around 30mph. I jumped up on the curb and walked past a wall to a sidewalk through a park.

      Dream ended.


      We were looking at the house's front door. "Well, if you go right past those dumpsters.. it's a free market."

      My brother had a big pus bubble on the back of his neck. "Where's Ashley Burette when you need her?"
      *name changed

      Rick from falling skies was following me as I took him some place to "hide the reg." whatever that means.

      Tokio Hotel was playing a gig at a make-believe ice hockey stadium (which I have dreamed at before). The stadium was completely packed and had an even number of guys and girls, surprisingly. Their vocalist still looked like a girl, as always.

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