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    1. a few short dreams

      by , 06-19-2019 at 03:55 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Gonna try to journal daily for a bit maybe. Keep my motivation up.

      Dream 1

      Walking around in a Building with jamie. Dream was very vague. Just a couple seconds of walking with her.

      Dream 2

      At mcdonald's with the store manager that left. She made me lean till. Had to deal with this horrible woman customer. Saw her go outside angry, but outside was in a grassy field with trees.

      Dream 3

      Jesus is with me and Jamie on the hill. Me and Jamie are hugging in reconciliation. Jesus is smiling at us. Don't celebrate yet, I have yet to hear from her.

      Dream 4

      I'm at home but everything is out of place. I'm with my dog, when I notice and exact living replica of my dog. I pay attention to one dog and the other whines for attention. I realize this sucks. I have to spend twice the food, give double the attention and everything. I wonder if this will ever end when I wake up.
    2. A few dreams

      by , 06-05-2017 at 04:43 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      I'm in a huge battle around Bjork's inner world. Me and Raven knight are destroying Remote viewers with song spells. Raven is switching songs rapidly.. lots of metallica. My song was more guitar riffs, I was playing something similar to the four horsemen by metallica. The remote viewers died way too easily. I guess their bark is worse than their bite.

      Briefly lucid

      I was walking in some neighborhood during daytime and decided to take a shortcut through someone's house. Going inside I became lucid because I don't take shortcuts through someone's home. I walked away from the back patio. I walked through a kitchen back to a living room and found the front door open as I left it and walked through it. my memory fades after.


      I'm tunneling with a pick axe like in minecraft. I am creating an underground route to Bjork's place so no one can follow me there. It's like a direct underground tunnel from my inner world to hers. I finally bust through a wall and find Bjork sitting on a couch. I tell her I'm sorry but I can't stop wanting to see her. I keep repeating: Can't stop. She says it's okay she can't stop as well and that she loves me... yes she said that. I kind of went into rant mode talking about naguals and other crap I don't believe in trying to downplay what she said. Kind of dumb of me, but my dream self gets into a mode where he likes to hear himself talk, luckily I woke up before i put my foot in my mouth any further.


      I'm walking past Cultus lake in Chilliwack and I'm holding a white kitten tightly. The kitten is Bjork in animal form I'm wanting to show her the town where I grew up in. I wake up before I can show her much.


      I'm wandering in a park with a giant hill. Somebody hands me a giant scroll that says Wikileaks on it. It's thousands of posts by various people. I wonder if I will come across anything by Jamie, and old friend. Instead.... You guessed it, a post by Bjork shows up. one has a 3D clay pot where I reach in and feel something inside of it. I go to pull it out but I wake up.

      There is no Bathroom

      Walking down a residential street and I have to take a leak. I wind up in a park that has a public bathroom. I go through the door labelled boys, but inside is a room where kids are sleeping. There's no toilet anywhere and a man walks in and tells me to get out. I ask him if this is a bathroom? and he ays it's the boys dorm for kids camp. I get annoyed at that and walk out.

      Work argument

      I'm in the employees lounge at mcdonalds.The room is a little bigger and I'm on my laptop. D, who was mouthing me off on facebook over dumb stuff said my name. I told him if he wants to have a talk about my performance at work we should have the store manager present to avoid a loud argument. He starts ranting at me and behind him I see Asuka disguised as Manager R run into the women's bathroom and give me a knowing look and half closes the door, she's ready to get him in trouble if he crosses the line/ He's asking if I ratted him out to C the consultant. I said yes, and then he starts swearing. I tell him I think he read what he wanted to into my facebook posts and took it out of context. I start ranting myself when I wake up.

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    3. 041115:A Party With Cake, Prophetic Dream of Eating Ice Cream with a Spanish Guy?!?!

      by , 11-04-2015 at 09:11 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm at a party, the girl is a friend of a friend who is hosting it. I eat cake as other people get wasted. I eat a chocolate mousse cake followed by another fruit cake. They are excellent. A kitten comes up and rubs up against me. It is doing it really hard, it must really like me. As it rubs its nose into my eye socket, it starts getting weird, it this cat sexually attracted to me or something?!?

      At a McD's, a Spanish guy I know from school orders a sundae, I look into it and see it barely has ice cream in it, let alone sauce. The staff mustn't like him much. Suddenly he becomes the shift manager, uniform and all, and we sit down and start to talk.

      Like in a real-life Springfield. Maude is there, no one likes her, she is very crabby and petty. No one likes Ned Flanders either, he is a religious nut. Bart, looking like a real person, says that Maude should be dead. There is a vibe can Bart can see the future.

      *Note: Today in school we had ice cream. The Spanish guy from my dream, someone I've never talked to, comes up and talks to me at my table. If I were more of the free-minded type, I'd be calling this a prophetic dream.
    4. 240915: A new amusement park ride, stand up to a gang, labyrinth McDonald's.

      by , 09-24-2015 at 07:05 AM (The Dream Journal)

      I see a line for a new amusement park ride, it's a grey day. The ride looks like a shifting, neon pink floor. It shifts to the sides and people have to balance as they walk through. It looks like it would be bad for my knees. I see a creepy, middle-aged guy in the line among all the kids. Is he a predator? People swarm around him and he reluctantly walks away.

      A vague memory of being told, or maybe just realizing; this is your dream character you must remember. (!)

      I'm enter a bookstore in a modern shopping mall. I'm waiting for a friend to finish looking through the books by a shelf on the wall. It's as if the mob is now here and has singled out a guy I know from school claiming he stole a book, it's even a book he already owns apparently. He is angry and yells he did nothing. The gang hones in with a sense of righteous indignation. I try to pull them off, this is not the way to handle this. I'm scared of being swept up in the fury.

      Suddenly outside the bookstore in the hall of the mall, the guy pulls out the book and shows he paid for it, the sales rack outside has the right price on it. People drift away shamefully. I know they blamed him only based on how he looks, very rough and tumble. A guy who was in the mob who I tired to stop awkwardly tries to start small talk by a sales shelf, says everyone's a but hungover today. I just nod and say "yeah".

      Back in the bookstore, I wait for my friend again. I see a man dressed in an elaborate steampunk style. I see some old Penguin classics on sale, 3 for 1.

      With another friend I walk away from the store down the halls of the mall. I mention the books I bought and I offer to give her one. She says she would rather have a 10€ gift card to somewhere. We enter an elevator and as we press the button to go to the top floor the elevator goes so fast that everything shifts and smears. The doors open and there is only an overflowing trash can with a McDonald's employee trying to empty it. The doors close and we go down a floor. The elevator opens again and we see the same scene. Immediately there is a weird sense, how can this be? We turn to each other and then turn back and see that we are on a new floor, the trash can and employee (who was looking very stern) are gone. Weirdness. We get off to try to get into the restaurant proper.
    5. Sushi

      by , 03-10-2014 at 12:14 AM
      It's been quite a while, since I've updated here, so there we go.

      Date: 13 Feb

      Pre bed: 3 mel

      Wbtb: 1/3 latte

      I have a non-ld at my grandma's, then another one at an unidentified place that resembles our old place, where I'm trying to ld while family members are walking around.

      Mini-LD: I have a short ld that feels like a dream from scratch where I suddenly find myself in this dream scene. I examine myself in the mirror. Memory gap.

      LD:Now I am at our old place and remember to do breathing exercises. This goes on for a while until the dream collapses.

      LD: I'm on the street now facing this mexican looking DC, he seems quite lively and says something that's in line with what I was thinking/saying. This leads me to initially believe that he's a smart DC. I start a conversation with him, asking him about stuff of interest.

      As I talk to the DC, I start noticing that the background kind of flickers (the light in the entire scene), it gradually becomes thicker with this additional layer of light. In the meantime, it seems there is nothing to be learned from this DC as he keeps on coming up with random words.

      I start paying less attention to him, continue expressing my thoughts and desires. I pay more attention to what's going on, don't analyze the situation, just witness and feel this energy. The dream layer of energy and light becomes brighter and more dense, it's like I can feel the entire field of dense energy that is over everything and there's a slight hue towards the very light blue to it. It's somewhat pleasant but I totally get the feel and worry that the dream might be coming to an end, while this is happening.

      I then recall my restaurant task and look around. The street is rather deserted, just warehouses and no restaurant nearby. The energy effect gradually diminishes as I concentrate on my task. I get the feeling that it might be difficult to change things in this dream, it seems realistically stable when I look at the warehouses, but then get an idea to think about McD. I think about finding a McD around and sure enough, I see the familiar M (or something close to it) over one of the places at the warehouse.

      It's closed though, I can see that it's empty and the lights are off. But no problem, I instinctively cover the place with my hand and think about it being open and working/full of people. I move my hand away and it is! I head in its direction, happy about the summon. There are large pictures of burgers all over. But wait, do I really want to eat McD in a dream? I continue inside the store, which feels like some part of mall now. There's this undetermined place that kind of looks like a supermarket section or a convenience store, whatever, it is adjusting to my thoughts/expectations as I come closer.

      In the end as I reach the shelves, wondering what to pick up to eat, it becomes a sushi place. I examine the food, wondering what my subcon will come up with, trying not to influence it too much. There's delicious looking sushi with red caviar and also another box that I can't recall in detail. I grab those two and head towards the cashier. Here, I want to play around some more.

      There are two female DCs working there and a number of DCs queueing to pay. I go to the counter and expect to be immediately served. They direct their attention towards me and take the boxes, giving me a slight look of discontent. I feel like I don't have any money with me, but instead of summoning them, I decide it will be more fun to pretend that I am paying and everything is fine. This is exactly what what I do - after the old Chinese lady tells me the price, I make a movement to hand her some invisible banknotes which she takes and gives me back a receipt and semi-existing sort of change (a coin or so). She also hurts me a bit with her finger nail and gives me a somewhat angry look (as if she knows what I'm doing). I take the stuff and get ready to leave but the dream fades and I find myself in bed.
      I briefly wait to resume, but it doesn't immediately happen, and possibly better for journaling.

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    6. Locked in a bathroom

      by , 02-19-2014 at 04:52 PM
      Dream recall was surprisingly good last night. I remember 2 dreams in full. But I'm going to talk about my more interesting one. This dream I believe was in a zombie apocalypse, although there were no zombies in the dream.

      I was with a group of people walking down a corridor. I see a group of people I know in a room next to me, however this girl tries to lock the door so they wouldent get out, I attempt to stop her but instead, also get locked in the room. I look around and see some of my classmates, (Elliot, Kevin and Jessica). Halfway through the dream I also notice my sister is in this room.

      Now this room looked like a bathroom, it was fairly big for a bathroom. It looked ancient and run down, however it had showers, toilets etc. I don't really remember interacting with the other people in the bathroom, for some reason, I feel the urge to have a shower. I go to one of the showers but some boy I don't know takes the shower. I have to use the 2nd shower. I can't get the shower to be warm, but Kevin helps me with the knobs and dials and crap. It surprisingly didn't feel weird showering infront of these people.

      Halfway through the shower, Jessica comes up to me and hands me a bag of Mcdonalds. She said it was from Charlie Munro (who's also in my class). I open the bag and these some chips, a mcdonalds burger and some disgusting mayonnaise sauce. My sister takes the sauce and my dream stops there!

      It was an interesting dream, some of it didn't make sense but I can't complain!
    7. McDonalds and a Forest <.<

      by , 09-07-2013 at 04:56 PM
      Dream 1 : [COLOR="#800080"]I was in my kitchen looking at some McDonald's bags.I look in the bags and there are a lot of McDonald's hamburgers(Which I don't like).I want to eat it but then I see my sister and I give her the hamburger to try it.I look in the fridge and the fridge is FULL of food and chocolate.On the fridge there is a lot of ice cream(watermelon ice cream).I run in the living room and tell my sister,mom and grandmother that if we don't eat the ice cream it will melt.[/COLOR]
      Dream 2(fragment) : [COLOR="#800080"]A kid was dragging me around in a forest.She seemed really happy while I was somehow scared.(The kid was a girl and she had dark long wavy hair.She was also wearing a dress)[/COLOR]
    8. Racing & Ron Jeremy, Tubes and Sex Fest, Finding a Hotel, Measuring Tape Tongue, Balancing Corona...

      by , 11-18-2012 at 07:40 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Hardcore Racing and Ron Jeremy! (DEILD)


      Asked my subconscious to help me wake up, keep my eyes closed, and remain still. And she helps me out here! <33333

      I hear the alarm that I set, and I become aware that I'm awake, and I immediately enter the dream state within 30 seconds or so.

      I get up from bed, and immediately checked out the window in my apartment. The light in the living room is on, which is a big difference than before. The environment is clearly different than in waking life.

      There's a huge tree that's apparent near the front yard of the apartment complex, and there's all sorts of things that I could describe. I do a nose plug reality check, and then proceeded to open the door to the left of me.

      I get out, and I walk around a bit. I noted to myself that I'm dreaming, and how I will have a stable lucid dream. I had thoughts that said, "wake up!" "wake up!" but they are immediately eradicated out of my dreaming mentality.

      I'm completely immersed in the dream scene, and nothing is going to stop my stabilization in the dream at all. So I started to talk to Eva mentally for a few moments, and then I started to touch my chest more. I rubbed it more and more, and things started to get more detailed.

      I'm walking on a newly tarred black road, and see there's curved road way heading to the left. There's this house to the right of me with a long curved slop going upwards. There's a lot of cars within this driveway, and the garage seems to be open.

      I'm afraid, because I had a strong temptation to take one of the cars away from whoever owned all these cars. After a while, after seeing one car completely opened on both sides, I decided to go in quickly.

      I head on the left side for the driver's seat. The car's exterior is a light brown color, and parts of it makes me presume it's a Lamborghini with a fix of Ferrari parts as well.

      The interior is mostly black, and I realized the vehicle is already turned on. I looked to my right and noticed the front passenger seat is open, and the padding between the seats is giving me a bit of a challenge here.

      I have to get up and move my rear on the padding a bit, and then I slam the passenger seat shut. I close the driver's seat as well, and then I tried turning my head back to check and see if there's any oncoming vehicles.

      Seems the back window is completely blocked by the large brown sofa-like chairs, and I decided to back up either way, even if I could've smashed into another vehicle.

      I start accelerating fairly quick, and before I know it, I'm already on the high way. I have amazing control, and I'm turning the vehicle around tight corners at amazing speeds. I'm seeing this all in third person riding the vehicle, and I'm mostly seeing the back and top of the vehicle for the camera view.

      I make a few wrong turns, like going to the McDonald's drive-thru for instance. Everything still maintained a decent about of detail, despite all of the high-speed madness going on here. The atmosphere is mostly gray, and it feels like morning will arrive in a few minutes. After going crazy with these twist and turns, perfectly not hitting into anything, at least not hitting into everything, I'm suddenly in a NASCAR type of race.

      Then it turns into a race where the field is open for any kind of car stunts. It seems Ron Jeremy, during this point in the dream is watching me somehow, and I'm led to this assumption because there's some random guy in a blue racing suit that popped up for a few seconds stating,

      "Ron Jeremy hates it when you're doing this!"

      "He hates it when you're trying to speed up the ramp!"

      I'm speeding up the ramp, and Ron Jeremy doesn't seem to mind at all, in fact, I can sense him encouraging me to do the stunt, which I did with ease. After random driving and pulling off the ramp stunt, things calm down a bit, and Ron Jeremy gives an analysis of what happened.

      I think he gave me an overall positive review, and it's hard to recall the exact words he stated, since they're typed or set out in a blurry font that has a lime green background behind it.
      Women in Tubes and Insane Sex fest (Non-lucid)


      Holy hell, this was just....submission to the extreme.

      Throughout this whole dream, I'm seeing things from above, so everything looks flat, but is still easy to distinguish what's 3D and what's not, but most of the environment and the people I'm looking down at are 3D.

      Spoiler for 18+:

      I can't remember much after that.
      Finding a Hotel (Non-lucid)


      I'm riding a bicycle, the type that hardcore cyclists utilize in those marathon races. I seem to be wearing a completely black outfit that's flexible, and conforms to the curves of my dream body easily. The leggings of this full sports outfit stops between my thighs.

      I'm have lean muscle, and my whole body seems to be fairly proportionate. I'm riding a bicycle on a road, and I have my chest a few inches behind the bicycle front, and I have my arms in the "L" position as I use the lower handles you see in the same cyclist bicycle.

      I'm riding fairly well, and I think a few people are riding bicycles as well. I get a phone call from my mother, and I quickly take it out while having one hand holding on to a handle and a brake. She starts asking me if I have enough stuff with me, and I start getting annoyed by this and told her that I'm just fine.

      I hang up, and reached for my left pocket, and felt a paper-like material inside. I take it out, ignoring the road, and realized it's a $20 bill. It's a bit difficult capturing all the details of the money, but I do see the numbers for it. I put it back inside my pocket, and focused on the road again.

      I started to speed up way more than before when I was distracted with the phone call. I didn't feel any pain whatsoever on my legs, and continued to pedal faster.

      Eventually, the dream shifts, and now I'm near a movie theater that has a red color for it's exterior. It's raining at the moment, and I can feel the rain drops falling down on me sporadically. I quickly find shelter under the Theater thanks to the roofing of random extensions.

      Because of the rain, it makes the atmosphere gloomy, with the dark gray clouds and aura everywhere. Most buildings are dull, consisting of shades of gray and black, while the movie theater itself sustains a high contrast of colors.

      Then I realized that I can't remember the name of the hotel that I bought a room for myself. I worry a bit, but then realized I could call my mother. But then I get distracted, and I decided to explore this place a bit more. I look to my left, and I see a ticket booth with a blonde female inside of it. She's looking at a computer or something, and waiting for people to get near her to buy tickets.

      Then I head for this random hotel in front of me that has a high contrast of colors like the theater, and I have a feeling that this could be the one I bought a room for, but I'm still a bit skeptical about it overall. The carpet within this hotel is mostly dark red, but it has fancy patterns with light brown borders, and a dark green color in the middle.

      I think I have my shoes off, probably because I didn't want the carpet floor to get wet. I have some kind of awareness of where I left off my shoes, and proceeded to walk around bit in this hotel area. It looks pretty fancy, like those really luxurious hotels that cost like 150 bucks or more. The walls have a dark yellow to dark gold color, and the lights on the ceiling have a faded yellow-orange color, mostly leaning towards the yellow side.

      I decided that I should try to find a Help or Information Center within this hotel. I look around the front out reflex, and no employee is apparent, or anybody at all. I could see the transparent Plexiglass doors for the entrance of the hotel in front of me, and I quickly glanced to find it's still raining outside. The environment outside is still sustaining the dull colors that I mentioned before.

      I decided to go upstairs this time, and there's this elderly lady who is coming down the stairs. I really don't pay attention to her that much, but I noticed she wore a fancy light milky pink hat along with a women's suit and dress of matching color that ends near her knees.

      She's dark skinned lady, and I believe she's wearing glasses. For some reason, she starts having a conversation with me, and I don't what she said to me to get my attention. I honestly was focused on finding help, and hopefully finding a phone source I could use, since I think my phone was probably fried from the rain, or that I forgot I had one altogether.

      So I'm conversing with her, and I mentioned how I have a hotel room reserved that I paid $70 for.

      "Only $70?" She replies.

      I'm a bit spaced out with she stated that, $70 is a large amount of money, at least for someone like me, who has no job in the first place. She then starts talking about random stuff that I can't recall.

      She's a good at having a gaff with, or should I say, a conversation with. Though she really isn't enticing at all, and I'm not attracted to her elderly composition at all. She does have a positive personality, an d that's really the only thing she has going for her, but come on, she's old, so I can't really be more insulting than I am right now.

      More elderly women start to come downstairs, and I get a dream shift where I'm seeing things in first person view instead of 3rd person. It seems I'm on the first base that's on top of the set of red carpet covered stairs. I realize the walls have a milky Khaki or milky light brown color to them, and it was the lighting that I mentioned earlier that made it look like it was dark gold or something.

      There are some long dark green leaves perching over the intersection of the walls coming together behind me at the base I'm at with the females. Because it's so tall (the artificial leaves), that's what shows the walls true color, that I mentioned in the last sentence.

      The first female that I can recall is to the right of me, and she's wearing a white shirt with some gray colors mixed in. She has glasses as well, and has a pure mix of gray and white hair with a short hairstyle as well. She's light-skinned, light apricot color to be precise, and I believe she's looking at me or the dark-skinned lady that I mentioned before.

      But I think that same dark-skinned lady is not really present, and now I'm with Whoopi Goldberg, who's wearing a loose black outfit with a swamp green color mixed with some gold lining going vertically along the buttons of the dress shirt.

      Then there's another elderly woman that comes by, and she's fairly obese for her age. I noticed the other female to my left is obese as well, and there's a lot of sagging body parts for both of them.

      I tried my best to just ignore my disgust with how they're looking, and their extremely tight shirts that seem to conform to every disturbing sagging body part for their torso. Apparently, to them, this body form of theirs is beautiful, but I still find that VERY HARD to grasp. I just keep my mouth shut, and then I can't recall what happens next.
      Dude with Measure Tape Tongue (Non-lucid)


      All I remember for this dream is a guy with a measuring tape tongue.

      He has dirty blonde hair, and I swear he's familiar, like a variant of someone that I saw before in my Chemistry 112 lecture course last semester last year as a freshmen. He's wearing a white dress shirt that has light skinny blue lines going vertical and horizontally, along with regular blue jeans, and probably black shoes.

      He sticks his tongue out, and a measuring tape line is coming out.
      Balancing Corona With My Feet (Non-lucid)


      All I remember for this one is that I was holding a Corona bottle for someone. I didn't know who, but I did my best to balance it with my feet. I believe I was on a vehicle that's moving, and I couldn't let it the bottle get too far away from me, or else it would break.

      I spend most of the time moving my feet, trying to keep it in place.

      Then there's dream shift where my Zune HD is on a shelf along with someone's Black Ipod Video device to the left of it. The room inside with the shelves has a dark turquoise setting to it.

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    9. Random snippits

      by , 10-17-2012 at 07:46 PM (Exterminate)
      I slept for 12 hours, but my recall felt real bad this morning. >.<

      Museum issues
      Our family was visiting the Smithsonian museum. I was having a blast. Some things we saw: A paint section, a Disney books section, a rocks section, various other collectible junk. I loved the place, but my parents hated it because at one point my brother went missing and we didn't notice until two hours into the visit. We looked everywhere but couldn't find him. Eventually we went outside onto a balcony, jumping off the side of the building, and placed vines from Minecraft to slow our fall. We went back to the car and found my brother heastruck and dehydrated in the back seat. We woke him up, gave him water, then brought him back inside the building to cool down. He told us that he lost us in the museum then went back to the car because he knew we'd eventually find him there.
      As we were leaving the museum this old man said he hated the place and grabbed this giant paint ball. He gave one to me, one to mom, and one to dad. My dad filmed while this guy just threw paint everywhere. My mom and dad had also threw their paint balls (For the record, these were not tiny ones, they were like the size of my head), then ran outside. I got pissed because I wanted to revisit the place one day. Their actions would get me banned for life for sure! :/

      Bible study
      I was at a bible study held at my aunt's house. They were having a fast food potluck. I remember seeing McDonalds and Jack-In-The-Box. I had some jack fries, which tasted delicious by the way, but what I really wanted was a jumbo jack or a big mac. My friend Lorenzo caught my attention, so I decided to catch up with him since I hadn't spoken to him in a few years. While we were talking I tried to turn on a light nearby.
      It was a swag lamp that had like a circular switch. When I turned the switch over the light flickered but never turned on all the way. I noted that how weird it was that the light wouldn't function, but I reasoned that it was due to the odd switch and that I must have been using it wrong. Time went by quickly, because when I went back to grab a burger all the food was gone.

      Interesting to see the lightswitch mechanics take a cameo in a non-lucid dream! One of my dream goals is to taste food in a dream, and I did that with the fries, so that's neat. It was meant to be a lucid task, but to have done it in a non-lucid is alright I guess.

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    10. Weather in China

      by , 08-26-2012 at 11:26 PM
      Taking lunch in the University courtyard which I often dream of (not the real one). Become aware of a pilgrimage of Western soldiers through China, from SW to NE, as some form of protest. Started to watch a news report on the subject, which was presented like a weather report, with a puppet weatherman standing in front of a map of China covered with yellow McDonald's symbols of varying size, probably representing cities. Reporter showed path of soldiers, and where they were taking refuge in a small country, isolated in the middle of China. Report of some being abducted from sanctuary country by Chinese government. Reporter went on to talk about commercialisation of mainland China, indicating McDonald's symbols.
    11. Kermit the Frog, Soccer, Coffee at McDonald's ...

      by , 08-20-2012 at 03:49 PM
      I had three dreams last night (that I can remember):

      DREAM #1

      I am semi-lucid during this dream.

      Kermit the frog appeared next to my bed. And then we both float up into the air and start flying down the stairs and out the front door. I decide that I wanted Kermit to glow, so he starts glowing. Then we’re just flying through the sky and singing together, and that's about where the dream ends.

      DREAM #2

      I'm sitting in some kind of loft type place, with some guy with a beard, and we're watching soccer on TV. I have a feeling I don't like this guy. Not a very long or detailed dream.

      DREAM #3

      I'm in my backyard, and Acacia and Abby (my friends) are there. I'm commenting on Abby's hair because it has all these weird braids in it that you can somehow see from the back but not the front.

      Suddenly, Acacia decides that she really wants coffee, and we decide to go to McDonald's to find some. There's this random McDonald's window near my house. The lady working there is one of the cafeteria ladies from my school. Unfortunately the McDonald's is closed. I check the time on my iPod and see that it's almost 9 PM, when for some reason I thought it was only around 5 or so.

      Acacia and I go to a different McDonald's, where we have to stand in line for a minute because there are a few people ahead of us. While we're waiting, I notice that Acacia is wearing a black hat and sparkling purple lipstick. So I'm like, "Ooh I love your lipstick!" And Acacia is like, "Thanks!"

      So I try to decide what to order, but I can't see the menu from where I'm standing. Plus there's all this random stuff piled up behind the counter. Acacia tells me they're selling one brand of coffee called Coldwell Scent that only costs a dollar, so that is what we both decide to order. The lady who takes our order has black hair pulled back into a messy bun, and I think she seems nice.

      I wake up before we actually get our coffee.

      ... Well, at least I was kind of lucid during that first dream. I realized I was dreaming and controlled one small thing. Not much, but it's a step forward I guess.
    12. Playing With Famous Band, Got Lucid Took What I Wanted, Which Included Kissing A Hot European Chick

      by , 05-16-2012 at 08:00 PM (Meanwhile In My Dreams...)
      I'm On Stage with Asking Alexandria and we are playing A whole set that in Order goes I Once Could Have Possible Been A CowBoy King, If You Can't Ride Two Horses At Once, To The Stage, Breathless, Another Bottle Down, and Reckless and Relentless. I'm Playing Guitar and Singing or Screaming Back Up but the whole band is there, its like I'm A guest Appearance.

      I'm walking through the woods with my step dad, and were hunting something, but were in a swampy area and were going down a really sharp hill. I hear beautiful Classic like music, but it is only Strings Percussion and Piano, I wish I could Remember Because I know at the Time I thought It was the most beautiful music I heard. I wish I could Record It for the World.

      I wake up in my aunties bed at her house, which isn't that unusual considering that when I used to live with her while I was in high school she would wake me up when she got up and let me go there from the couch. Anyway my cousin comes walking in the room and we chat for a bit. then I get up and go through the house to the kitchen. I see a bag if mcdonalds, I reach in and grab a hash brown patty thing. I walk back to the room and doug gets pumped seeing the McDonalds and gets up to go get one, but some of his nephews grab the last and walk into the room across the hall, and doug sits down and says that he hates those kids. So I say, Why Don't we just go to McDonalds if he wants some. We start walking down the road with his older brother and some other people. I wake up suddenly, and realise it was a dream, a really realistic one, I close my eyes and immediately fall back in, except now were already just down the road from McDonalds, and there are some cops sitting where they always are on the highway, and they are staring at us. We drive past and park at McDonalds. Every one orders ahead of me While I go through the menu and I have six dollars.I have never ate anything in a dream that I can actually remember eating and there was a post I read about it on DV last night so I want to try some good stuff. I notice that there are some new Items that are a specialty milkshake thing.Apple in chocolate, Pistachio in Chocolate and Fudge in Chocolate. They are all labled and 2.98 for the large so I order the Apple In Chocolate Large with two Cheesburgers and A McChicken. Suddenly some really hot girl gets in line right beside me. She Is dressed in all black, Sheer Top with A Leather? Mini Skirt, and she has streaks of her hair dyed blue and a tiny nose piercing. I Immediately introduce myself and ask her her name. She replies and I immediately notice her accent placing her from the Czech Republic and she has a beautiful accent. I comment on it then kiss her, and turn around because my order is up. Except the guy only gave me a small and when I point it out he throws a fit so I freak out and throw it in his face then jump over the counter. I use my mind to throw him to the ground and pin the rest of the staff against the wall. I start to make my own and grab a couple of burgers and A large fry. I then throw my six dollars on the floor and reach into my pocket and throw some quarters down too. I hop over the counter and walk up to where everyone is waiting for me at the outdoors table. I walk up and try to teleport all of us back to my aunties by blinking, but when I open my eyes I'm laying in bed. I Immediately close my eyes and get back in. I then tell them that we have to get out of there and they say No I can do it alone. I get pissed then turn and study my hands for stability and start flying away. I start flying way high up out of the atmosphere and toward the moon. Eventually I pass an astronaut and I am almost to the moon, then the phone rings.
    13. The Conspiracy...

      by , 01-12-2012 at 08:49 AM (My brain and I)
      24th of May, 2010

      Started of riding my bike at night time looking for a carpark. Eventually I noticed some seedy guy and, naturally, decided to get off and follow him down some stairs. We found ourselves at this indoor McDonalds and I was looking for some hot-cakes but they were all out. Wandered around for a bit nd noticed a cafe of sorts which had this amazing looking fruit salad iced crush drink...thing. I still want to eat it to this day; it looked so damn groovy.

      Somehow I ended up in this rich guy's house with a whole bunch of others. He had this amazing home theatre system and bar set up. At this point we were all employees working on some kind of event.
      We walked into the freezer and opened up a panel that lead us into this HUGE hanger filled with weapons and missiles and storage crates on conveyer belts. Jeremy, my current boss, was suddenly the owner and was running around like a mad man trying to sort out the fact that the ice in the freezer was thawing because we were in there. He started crying.

      Then I woke up and had a laugh to myself.

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    14. dog streets; dark restaurant; light restaurant; mcdonald's

      by , 12-14-2011 at 03:01 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      It was a bright, warm, sunny day. I was in some kind of suburban neighborhood with a group of people. We all stood out in the middle of the road, in a wide intersection, near the crest of a shallow hill. The other side of the hill felt very airy, possibly like the seashore was nearby.

      Somehow I knew -- I may actually have been explaining it to a business woman -- that either a plague or a flood had hit this area. The place had been ravaged for a while: either overwhelmed by waters or distraught by disease.

      The calamity had subsided. But things weren't back to normal. The town's population was now extremely low.

      On top of that, there were certain streets that were now run by dogs. It was easy to tell the streets apart. The streets that had nice, new, black asphalt were streets where humans lived. But the streets with older, pale asphalt were run by dogs. The streets with old asphalt, I knew, had been so ravaged by the calamity that the new asphalt had been stripped off of them.

      It was known that the dogs would guard their streets. If humans came down the streets, the dogs, which were like German Shepherds, would group together along the street and growl the human away, back out of the street.

      But new asphalt was now also being laid through the dog streets as well. The group of people and I were following one new strip of asphalt that had been laid, coming out of a dog street and heading toward the front of this neighborhood (which now, apparently, was a gated community).

      There were two or three mail delivery men up ahead of us, pushing their bag-carts full of mail. Walking near the men were two or three big, black dobermans. I feel like they were acting as an escort for the mailmen, who, now that the new asphalt was being laid, were again having to go into the dog streets to deliver mail to the houses.

      I was now outside the community's gates and a few blocks down. I was talking with somebody, probably a black man in his mid twenties, maybe a little skinny, with reddish hair, wearing a red shirt.

      The man and I were out here on a job. The man may have been gossipping to me or complaining about the work, trying to find a way for the two of us to get out of it, even though I wasn't interested in finding a way out of the work.

      I was now walking back up toward the gated community. The gate, I could see, was a kind of cheap-looking, chain-link fence, with a tiny post-structure for a security guard to stand inside of. After the fence, the street went up a hill that was covered in the deep shade of heavy-canopied trees.

      There were a couple of people behind me and beside me to my right, but just out of my view. A black woman said to her friend, "I don't wanna have to see them showing off their lust for each other again. It makes me sick."

      I wondered who the woman could have been talking about. I now saw that the community's gate was open, and that two black, female security guards were walking back and forth in the open space.

      The women were both overweight, and their security uniforms were really tight on them. One woman was darker. She had hair about to her shoulders, brown, with blonde streaks in it. The other woman was lighter and had blondish hair, long, in tight braids that pulled up in a fountain-shape and then flowed down.

      The long-haired woman was following the short-haired woman around closely, almost flopping over her. I could see now that these two women were lesbian lovers. The woman who had been complaining a moment ago had been complaining about these two women.

      Dream #2

      I was in a really nice restaurant. I sat along the back wall, with my right side against the wall, at a table for two. The restaurant was one big room, full of tables for two or four people. The tables and chairs were all of heavy, dark wood. The walls may also have been of heavy, dark wood.

      It must have been daytime. The restaurant's lighting was dim, and most of the light seemed to be coming from a window at the front of the restaurant.

      The chairs at my table, and at all the tables along the back wall, had tall backs, maybe two meters tall, carved in a Gothic style. The chairs were so tall and solid, they made me feel like it was sitting in a booth rather than at a table.

      A wealthy-looking white man, maybe in his forties, sat at the table directly in front of mine. I was probably waiting for my food. I was reading a book, scribbling some figures with a pencil onto a pad of pink paper, and listening to music with my headphones.

      But I now noticed I'd been singing along to the music I'd been listening to. I didn't know if my singing had been any good. I hoped I hadn't been singing too loud.

      I thought it would have been rude to be singing like that here, in such a nice restaurant, with such a serious guy sitting in front of me. But I may also have thought that the guy could possibly have been a talent scout. I may have thought that if he'd heard me singing, he'd want to sign a record contract with me.

      But I was more embarrassed by my bad singing and my impertinence for singing in such a place. I took out my earphones and put them away.

      Dream #3

      I walked into a restaurant in the downtown area of some big city. The restaurant was part of some big building, possibly a big hotel. The restaurant was huge, with windows for all its walls, letting in streams of bright morning light.

      The restaurant was like one big room, but divided into a number of areas, mainly by means of setting some parts of the room up on higher platforms, maybe 30cm to 60cm in height, and arranging these platforms at odd angles from the rest of the restaurant. Some areas may also have been divided off by glass walls or waist-high divider-walls.

      There was one little alcove with a couple tables in it just off to the left of the entrance. I was thinking of sitting there. There were a few big, beautiful, white business men sitting at a table. One man had a tanned, but reddened face and wiry, brown-red hair. He was laughing with the other men.

      I still wanted to sit in that room. I wanted to sit near those men. But I also wanted to avoid them. I didn't want them to think I was trying to intrude in their business.

      I looked throughout the rest of the restaurant. It was all empty. There may have been a waitress walking through some of the seating areas, doing something. But that was it.

      I was now (I don't know why) so embarrassed with having wanted to sit at a table near the business men that I left the restaurant. I walked around the corner, but then came back in through a different door. This way, I thought, the business men would think I'd left. That way they wouldn't think I was trying to intrude on their business.

      I was back in the restaurant. I walked up onto one of the platform levels and took a seat just a couple tables away from the glass wall dividing this area from the room the business men sat in. Apparently I still wanted to be close to the business men. One of the business men did take notice of me. I felt kind of stupid.

      Dream #4

      It was night. I was sitting with my family at a McDonald's. The McDonald's was packed with people. The place felt hot and greasy and steamy.

      My family and I sat at a very low, long table. My mom, my siblings, my nephews and niece, and I all sat packed together. But there was another whole group of people at the table, too. So we were all pretty crammed together.

      We had all our belongings heaped up on the table as well. I had a backpack or a book bag in front of me, amid a heap of other stuff.

      Someone brought out our food. I had fries, possibly something with chicken in it, and a soda. I had to reach around all the stuff on the tables to get to the drink-tray with the sodas in it. The sodas were all smalls, in white cups.

      But when I looked at my drink in the drink tray, I realized that, while I'd ordered a Coke, I'd been given a Sprite. I was really mad. I'd been here a number of times, and every time I'd asked for a Coke, I'd gotten a Sprite.

      I blurted out, "Christ, I hate these people. They did it to me again!"

      But I noticed that there was an extra drink in the drink tray. It was a watery-looking orange drink in the drink tray. It looked like a mix of orange Hi-C and carbonated water. I like Hi-C, so I thought I would just be satisfied with that drink instead.

      But my brother, who was sitting just to my right, said, "Did they give you the wrong thing? Don't take it. I'll complain to them."

      I didn't want anybody to complain, as, in my experience, complaining just made things worse. But my brother had already complained and was now back in his seat.

      Now one of the workers came up, a fat, white woman, dressed in blue slacks, a dark maroon polo shirt with blue sleeves and collar, and a visor-hat with a maroon visor. The woman asked, "Did someone here have a complaint about their drink?"

      I stood up to face the woman. I didn't want to. But since she was here, I thought, I should just be honest with her. But I hid my face behind the top half of a big styrofome meal-container that was holding a bunch of ripple-cut french fries. I was even shoving french fries and catsup in my mouth as I stood there.

      But the woman knew it was me. She either poked her head around the container or forced me to lower the container so she could see my face.

      The woman said something like, "Oh, so it's you again!" as if she knew me for a constant trouble maker in the store.

      It was obvious that the woman wasn't going to change my drink. She walked away, back behind the front counter. But she sent out another worker, either a black man or a black woman, to kind of pace back and forth around the table and make sure I wasn't trying to start any more trouble.

      My family had all finished their meal and were ready to go. We were in a hurry to get somewhere -- maybe to the airport, so I could catch a flight back to New York.

      Everybody else in the family was now outside, and I was sitting at the table by myself. It also felt like a large part of the people in the restaurant were gone, too. The place felt kind of empty.

      I was trying to pick up all my stuff to get going. But for some reason I couldn't find my book bag.

      A new family was coming into the store. There were a mom, a dad, a daughter, and some other people. The dad was tall, white, with a huge belly, barely held in by a thin t-shirt. He wore dark-tinted eyeglasses and had short, blonde-grey, curly hair.

      The daughter was young, maybe twelve or thirteen years old. She wasn't very pretty. She had kind of frizzy hair and a nerdy look. But I was probably really attracted to her sexually.

      The father obviously thought of me as "below" him, and he didn't even want me around his family while they ate. He was bustling around near me, huffing and puffing and trying to intimidate me. Finally he walked over to my table and stepped on my book bag (which was now on the floor?) a couple times.

      I was really angry that the father stepped on my book bag. I had my computer in there. He could have broken it. I was probably going to stand up to him.

      But suddenly I was outside, walking with my family to the car. We got in the car as I was telling my mom about the guy who had been bullying me inside. My mom may have asked if I wanted to take care of it in any way. But I didn't think it was any use.

      I told my mom, though, that I probably should go back into the store. I'd been looking for my book bag in there, and I hadn't found it yet.

      My mom said, "Oh, we just took your book bag with us when we headed out of the restaurant. It's in the back." (The back was like a hatchback, rather than a trunk.) "Did you want me to get it for you before we started driving?"

      I kind of did. I wanted to make sure my computer was okay. I remembered the man stepping on my bag. But I didn't know if that was a real memory, now. If my mom had taken the bag out with her, it couldn't have been there for the man to step on.

      I figured I'd just take a chance, then, and look at my computer once we got to wherever we were going. I told my mom, "No, that's fine. As long as my book bag's in the car with us, that's all I care about."

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    15. girl is trouble; diapers; victoria's secret; old man; grandpa and grandmas; canal city; helping rudy

      by , 11-17-2011 at 03:29 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I stood out on some covered concrete area, like between the entrances to two buildings that were a part of the same apartment complex. It was a grey day.

      I stood out with a young girl who IWL lives in my apartment complex. We may have just come out from a set of sliding glass doors. Now the girl stood with her back against a concrete pillar.

      The girl told me she wasn't really allowed to talk to adults anymore. She'd gotten involved with some adult woman who worked as something like an undercover agent for the FBI But the woman had fallen in love with the girl and gotten herself in trouble through distraction.

      I saw in my mind's eye that the FBI woman was Latina, a bit overweight, wearing black jeans and a black and red jacket.

      So now the girl's dad told the girl that she was no longer allowed to talk to adults. But I figured I could probably talk to the girl anyway. I wasn't planning on falling in love with her.

      Dream #2

      I was in a living room with a man, probably my brother-in-law, and two of my nephews, who were both babies. My brother-in-law had one of his kids slung up onto his shoulders, and he was saying something like, "Time for a diaper change!"

      My brother-in-law walked out with that nephew of mine. The other nephew was still there. I now noticed that he was wearing only a diaper, which was really soggy. I thought my nephew looked a little too old to be wearing diapers.

      My nephew jumped off the couch and cried, "Diapers are fun!" He then started crawling around in a skinny space between the coffee table and the TV.

      Dream #3

      I was at Victoria's Secret, for some reason, getting rung up for something. The items may have been lingerie, or they may have been the black slacks and jackets the Victoria's Secret workers wear.

      Dream #4

      I was at the end of some area that looked like a huge tunnel. The tunnel was lit up well and had peach-colored walls. It seemed like the area was used for something like a shopping plaza.

      I was crouched down at the mouth of the tunnel, possibly with my back to some wooden barricades or police tape. Somebody may have come up behind me and annoyed me. I may have told him to get lost. Another person may have asked me for help with something. I may have given him directions.

      Another man now approached me. He was an older, black man. He'd asked me if I'd given the other man advice about how to set up a shop in this area. I said I had. The man seemed to be mad at me. I knew people didn't like it when other people started working here. But the man didn't act too mad.

      The man and I may then have stood near his own shop, which was something like a soup shop, set up in a little, wooden shack.

      I was walking away. But I was now out on some plaza-like area like between buildings on a college campus. The blue moonlight shone down on the plaza.

      The man now came up behind me. He was fatter than he'd been before, and he was wearing a nice, orange shirt and tweed jacket But he was now, apparently, a homeless person with no money. He asked me if I could give him some money. So I gave him some change.

      Suddenly there were a whole bunch of old, fat guys pressing up against me, asking me for change. But I didn't have any more change. In fact, I didn't have any more money! I tried to tell the guys this. But they were all mad at me. They told me they'd get me soon.

      I was now in some weird space like a house with a huge window looking out over a backyard area. But the backyard area, as the dim, grey morning light revealed it, was actually a huge area of rolling, grassy hills, small, brambly, tangled trees, and shallow, muddy ponds. Up to the right was a tall hill that towered over everything else.

      I may have been out earlier in this area. I may have thrown the man over my shoulder and into one of the shallow, muddy ponds. While I had been standing over the pond, I'd heard my old friend R suggest that I just go ahead and kill the man.

      I thought there was no way I could kill another person. I wouldn't like to do it, and I could never get away with it. But R told me that I should murder the man. He even had a place where I could bury the body.

      I was now crouched down before a different hill, but in the same kind of landscape. I heard Camille Paglia and my friend R talking about how all people are at all different stages of mental development.

      Paglia said that people who like a certain poet (or listen to a certain style of music?) are of an "older stage" of mental development, like from Edmund Spenser's time. They aren't as developed, Paglia said, as people with modern minds.

      I now either saw or stood near the top of the hill. There was one large spot, maybe ten meters across, where the ground was extremely soft and slimy under the grass, compared to the rest of the rather firm, muddy soil. I knew this without touching or stepping into the spot.

      Dream #4

      I sat on my knees before a coffee table in a living room. I was all by myself. But suddenly my grandpa and my step-grandma walked in the front door.

      I was surprised to see my grandpa: he'd passed away a few years back. But I figured that my step-grandma had done something to make it so my grandpa could come back for a while.

      I was also surprised by my grandpa's hair, which was tight and curly. He also had thick sideburns, like lamb's wool.

      My step-grandma and grandpa sat down on a couch behind me. I continued to sit facing the coffee table, with my back to the couch. My great grandma may also have come in at some point, sitting in a chair to the left side of the couch.

      My step-grandma told me to remain calm about everything, and just to perceive my grandpa being here, without any questions or worries. Getting too worked up would make my grandpa disappear.

      I turned my head slowly back and tried to look at my grandpa. But now he looked really weird. I thought at the time that he was back to looking like he did before he died of cancer. But he actually looked a lot different. His eyes were huge, almost popping out of his head. And something about his face was almost plasticky.

      I looked away. I thought, If my imagination made my grandpa look like that, then I can imagine him a different way. I'll imagine him when he was young and healthy.

      But I was now in a room with my grandma, my grandpa's first wife. My grandma was talking to me about me and my little cousin A, and how the two of us are so special to her.

      As my grandma spoke to me, she was playing with two or three cylndrical, but rough, pieces of wood, each about 20cm long and 5cm in diameter. My vision was really focused on these pieces of wood.

      One or two of the pieces formed a man's body. The third had a smaller tab at its base, which was supposed to fit into a notch at the mid-point of the man. I thought that my grandma was trying to fit this third piece of wood onto the man as if it were his phallus.

      Dream #6

      It was early morning, with a clear, blue sky. I was drifting in, along a river, in toward a city, on a small, wooden boat. The river was big, but I was calling it a canal. I knew the city I was drifting in toward was something like a canal city, like Venice. But I may have also thought of it as a university town, like Oxford.

      I now drifted up toward the buildings at the edge of the river. The buildings were all massive, beautiful, and made of red brick. The rising sun was just hitting the tops of the buildings, setting them in gold light, against the blue-grey shade.

      I knew that a young man would be by soon to come pick me up. He was going to take me to a library, where I would spend some time studying. But I knew the young man was kind of resentful of me, and that he was reluctant even to come pick me up.

      I passed toward or under some tallish, stone arch. I thought that it was still early in the morning. So maybe before I went to the library I could pick up a cup of coffee. I was sure there would be a Starbucks somewhere. I may have been thinking of this place as like the Financial District in New York!

      I was now with the man in the library. We were in some kind of central spot. The place was massive, with heavy, wood walls. There was a wide balcony formed in a sqaure, looking down to the floors below. There was a staircase just ahead.

      I knew the next level down was a quiet area. I may have heard a thin, grey-haired woman with glasses telling me, as if I were already down there, that there was no activity allowed in that area except for quiet study. It sounded perfect to me.

      Dream #7

      I was walking in the parking lot of a huge shopping center. It was a grey day. I walked past a McDonald's, with the lane for the drive-thru to my left.

      Two white girls and a really short black boy came walking up toward me. The boy purposely got in my way, cornering me against the little curb separating the drive-thru lane from the rest of the parking lot.

      I twisted my body so I wouldn't hit the little boy. I'd had to move fast -- it seemed like the boy was almost lunging at me. I lost my balance and stumbled into the drive-thru lane.

      I looked back at the boy. It seemed like he was pretty amused at himself for what he'd done. People of all ages had done that to me before, and given the same amused look. But I decided this time I wasn't going to let the person get away with it.

      So I walked all the way around the McDonald's building, so I could wind up behind the boy and girls. I snuck up on them and pulled the little boy toward me by the back of his shirt.

      I thought I was really going to tell the boy off! But I said, "Hey, man, any time you need any help, any time you need me to do anything for you, just let me know, okay?"

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