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    1. 10/1/15 - Naekkeo Haja!

      by , 10-01-2015 at 11:17 AM
      I'm standing on a wide staircase that's outside in someone's backyard. I'm standing in the center of it. Above me are a group of people gathering together and I'm sure they are talking about me and laughing at me. A couple members of my family are a part of the group. I'm annoyed but not quite mad enough to yell at them or doing anything about it. I think, “screw them!” I turn around quickly and look below me. At the bottom of the staircase is Hoya. I look down at him and he looks up at me. We both smile widely at each other and while looking at him, I scream at the top of my lungs, “ THREE - TWO - ONE!” He immediately yells back, “NAEKKEO HAJA!” We then run to each other , hugging and laughing as we sing the whole of "Naekkeo Haja" as loud as we can.
    2. Reputation, assholes, and forgiveness - night of 17/5/14

      by , 05-18-2014 at 05:40 PM
      crash after 400 mg valerian, 100 mg B6, some starchy and fatty food
      got up a few times in the night
      later dreams recalled, jotted down notes, and now fleshing them out. some details may be lost

      Dream 1
      I fall asleep during a school trip on a public bus; I might be back in high school. After waking, everyone is treating me differently and avoiding me. Back at school, everyone being haters. From students to teachers, everybody seems to detest me. I completely forget the reason why I've become so infamous, but it comes to my attention that my close friend at the time JF has been either slandering me or telling certain secrets, which seems to have permeated across the school. One teacher in particular is giving me so much shit and spreading these tales. I feel so much sadness and rage; i feel coloured a rich blue and vibrant crimson. I wake and not much more detail is recalled until

      Dream 2
      one of my friends, RZ, is willing to support me, along with one very supportive teacher. she seems to be a confusion of details from many of my previous teachers; she's lanky, tall, gaunt but comforting, and has wild black hair. I plan a way to redeem myself by destroying that one asshole teacher's reputation by getting her to admit to actively trying to defame me and expose her lack of suitability as a teacher.

      My friends, that teacher, and I are at a house
      which I later determined to be my grandparents' old house where I manage to confront her. Her appearance has shifted to that of the supportive teacher, though different. this may be because I've forgotten her appearance from the previous dream. She admits to being a total twat about other's perception of me, but I also manage to get her admitting to not knowing the definition of some fairly basic words. I just notice then that there are other school staff and administration just outside who have overheard, and I see that supportive teacher from the corner of the house give me a thumbs up. she had my back the whole time In the dream, I feel that justice will now work itself out and I wake

      Dream 3
      I'm eating at a restaurant with 2 of my friends (RZ and 2 others) at a square 4 person table. The restaurant has light blue walls, with a horizontal row of mirrors about chest high lining the walls. We are seated near the entrance, which has a glass door and cashier counter, and the unused seat at our table seems to open towards another 4 person table, at which JF is seated. After a bit of teasingly shunning him, I invite him over as an act of forgiveness. He's eating rice and cheese a snack which I had just heard about earlier that day and we begin to chat about his visits to some temple or something

      Dream ?.?
      This occurred between some of the previous dreams
      I'm walking with a family may be my aunt, her mother, and someone else and we're transferring the mother from something to a motorized wheel chair. Unfortunately we are walking down a hill and once we let go of her chair she speeds down, across the street, and straight into the side of a garage door. this launches her straight out of the crashing person transporter and face first onto the street. Although I was near, I didnt try to run and catch her. I pick her up after and place her back in the chair which had spontaneously reassembled itself

      i feel like there was more but cant recall