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    1. Dream - Mum And A Testimonial

      by , 09-15-2017 at 01:37 PM
      Date of Dream: SUN 10 SEP - 2017

      Dream No. 193 - Mum And A Testimonial

      I don't remember what happened at the start of the dream. From where I do remember, my family were driving towards our holiday destination. In one car was my dad, brother and grandma. In the other car was me and mum but also LB. The holiday destination was approximately one and a half hours away from home and I was driving, with my mum sitting next to me in the front and LB in the back. We stopped at some park for a break. I found that LB would easily talk to everyone except me. She even confidently went up to my brother and introduced herself as “Alycia”.

      We received a phone call and had to stop our holiday before we even started. The Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had asked to my mum to appear in a court and give a really good testimonial regarding the experience with her GP and so the Australian Medical System. I asked my mum if I could also drive back. The dream scene changed to the actual court room. I can't remember what else happened in the dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
    2. 24/4/2016

      by , 04-24-2016 at 08:19 AM
      Competition night #14

      1) I was talking to a girl about her health. She had problems with her knee and elbow. Then I was withe her and her parents they were saying how awful the families health was and were shocked that she nowhad to go onto parenteral nutrition, I couldn't understand it. The the scene shifted completely and I was watching a car chase and there was a dog attached to the front of the car behind it edged towards the other car the dog put its nose into the exhaust of the car in front and caused it to crash. There was a big explosion. A major incident was called. Then I was a doctor attending the incident. There were hundreds of fire crew stood around and I commented that at least there were plenty of them but maybe too many. I walked into a building and spoke to the officer in charge of the incident and told him that I had to go and check out a computer shop next door. I walked out carrying my emergency bag over my shoulder. I looked for the shop but couldn't find it. I saw lots of other shps and stalls and went to see what a crowd of people were looking at and it was a food stall. Then I woke up.

      2) Fragment: I was smoking in my office at work (gave up years ago) I got really worried that I might get caught and tried to hide the evidence but it was till smoking.

      3) Fragment: My wife had picked all the apples in the orchard and was tipping them out into a big container.

      4) Fragment: Watching TV in a small flat, I woke up and drifted back into the dream. Almost had a DEILD: loked outside onto a balcony, saw a cat smemi-realised I was dreaming and woke up again.
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    3. 19/3/2016

      by , 03-19-2016 at 10:28 AM
      1) On a motorbike, I think I wanted a car so was a bit disappointed, then realised how good it was, fitted a GPS to the handlebar and drove relly fast and it was great.

      2) I was performing biliary surgery (not something I do in real life) a nurse was suctionning out loads of fluids and I joked with her about how much there was.

      3) I was on call in a hospital and was called out to a patient. Can't remember much about treating the patient. I was walking along a path talking to a nurse and saying it was actually quiet today and we always get called that time of day. Then I was in a canteen sitting at a table. I decided to try to WILD so closed my eyes but it was too noisy I decided it wasn't going to work. I looked at the wall and realised it was a poster about lucid dreaming. The character on the psoter was moving like a film of a lucid dream and I thought 'No! That's not how you lucid dream, he's got it all wrong'. I didn't question whether I was dreaming .
    4. 13/3/2016

      by , 03-13-2016 at 11:19 AM
      1) Disjointed memories of this dream. I'm on holiday, it's time to go home. Looking over some water at the airport, I explain that I have to go there to pick up a metal goalpost that I stored there so I can take it home, and I won't be long. Then I'm in an airport. We are standing in a queue waiting to get through security, there are 2 women security officers frisking everyone as they come through. It's my turn and some people push past, they are dealt with swiftly by the security officers and go to the back of the queue. I'm inside the airport. I look at some car keys and realise I have to return the hire car, and realise we only used it once. I'm looking around for the hire car desk. There is 3 people palying guitar on some of the airport seats. I get told where to go to hand in the keys I go out through sliding doors. Then I'm in a hangar to pick up he goalposts, but now it's actually a hanglider - I see it hanging up and look at it, it is very cheap and flimsy but it was just something I bought on holiday, I look at the suitcase it fits in and think about folding it up as I want to take it home but decide it's too big. Next I'm wandering though more airport lounges, someone I know sees me and comes over to talk to me, then I see another couple of people I know. I think the dream ended here.

      2) I'm in a GP surgery. I'm walking towards the stairs for some reason feeling like a failure, then I think about a nursing home that actually asked for me to become their GP and convince myself that I'm not that bad after all. I'm walking up the stairs adn another doctor passes me. next I'm in a meeting and someone is goign to give a talk, he is using a projector and is going to start. A female GP leans over towards me and says that he alwys runs over and asks if I'm in a hurry, I say that I am so she promises she will interrupt him when time is up so I can leave on time.
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    5. 29/2/2016

      by , 02-29-2016 at 08:32 AM
      Poor recall today.

      1) In some sort of large airy conference area. Lots of straw bails around, and people walking about. I think my wife was selling drinks.

      2) I'm a doctor in some unusual town. I'm asked to do an urgent home visit - it's someone famous but he doesn't actually need me once I arrive. Being driven home we spot a vet stood on a corner as we turn around.
      Tags: medical
    6. 28/2/2016

      by , 02-28-2016 at 08:49 AM
      1) I'm sitting in a canteen I can see through a wall in front of me and I think that must be because I threw invisibility dust on it. I'm talking to someone next to me. To my right it becomes a fairground and I walk into it. I'm on duty with St John Ambulance (something I did regularly in my youth). I'm walking around through fairground stalls, it's dark. I'm at a briefing there's an advert showing on a TV screen about lorries joking with each other I laugh and realise I'm the only one laughing. Then I'm in a queue for doughnuts there aren't many left and the queue is long so I give up. I walk around and talk to some people on an ambulance then walk around more. I'm wearing uniform and I hear the radio going off in my pocket. Next I'm in a car with my wife and we are driving somewhere with an important officer in the back. Suddenly we realise he has gone and we discuss that we haven't stopped so he must have got out to go to the loo whilst we were driving and we should go back for him. We drive a bit further and turn around, I recognise a house and think that's the person who looked after our rats whilst we went on holiday (seemed reasonable at the time), we then walked a while I discuss with my wife how I really want a backpack that makes me fly and promise I'm going to buy one. We start driving back to look for the officer. Then we are back with a crowd of people and get onto a bus to go back home after the St John Duty. We suddenly remember that we never got the officer back and ask the bus to turn around. The driver says she can't because she will run out of petrol and drops us off so we can walk back. We go to the nearest village. My wife goes off whilst I search on my phone for where we are going to I specifically remember typing in 'Wanting' as the name of the place. The I'm surrounded by 3 men who steal my phone - I beg them to give it back to me becasue without it I will be totally lost. they throw it on the ground and leave. I pick it up and realise it's not my phone and it's smashed anyway. My wife comes back, we are totally lost.

      2) Driving into London following my wife's car that is radio controlled by me. I lose control as we get into the London Streets and I'm trying to concnetrate on drivng my own car and controlling my wife's car. I run over a roundabout that is immaculately planted with flowers and then I'm drunk, a bottle of beer is held in front of me in the car by wire and foam is spilling out. I panic and get out of the car. I'm on a moped I turn right then left and I go through a doorway and into a student's flat, through more doors, turn around and back out onto the street. I look back at the car abandoned on the roundabout, someone has already come to fix the roundabout. Next I go back through the door and it's a pub. The landlady is there and it's her birthday. I recall taking stitches out of her big toe and thinking that it's going to be painful after, she is under anaesthetic. I talk to her husband I have bought her a new car for her birthday and parked it at the back I ask him if he's going to give her the keys. I'm walking up some steps holding onto the railing, her husband tells me that he thought I was going to be really boring but he likes me now becasue we went out and I got drunk. His wife is awake from the anaesthetic and walking to the back to see her new car. There is a puppy in the kitchen and it's wet the floor. The new car becomes a hoover, I have a conversation with the husband and offer to clean up the mess he tells me that I can't. Next I'm hovering up the main bar around the fire, it's a cobbled floor but as I hoover I notice it's just cobbles printed on a sheet that gets sucked up as I clean. There's sawdust everywhere.

      3) There's a box with 2 rats in it. They are very unwell. I take them out and think about how I can resuscitate them and notice there are alos 4 baby rats there.

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    7. 19/2/2016

      by , 02-19-2016 at 08:17 AM
      1) It feels like Victorian times. I'm stitching up a corpse ready for burial doing a complicated suture up the chest. I'm in an old stone building. At one point a woman is watching me, she's been watching me for a while so I follow her and eventually see her face, I'm satisfied that she is nothing to worry about as she disappears through a door. I'm back to sewing up the corpse - I certified him dead, but then I see his face move and realise I got it wrong and he is actually still alive.
      From here the dream becomes a nightmare. The corpse vanishes and I feel an evil presence behind me as if he has come back from the dead and start to feel very afraid. I tell myself it's a nightmare and that I have to face it (I'm not lucid but some sort of memory about facing your fears in a dream) and it's not real. Then I wake up. AT LAST A HINT OF LUCIDITY?!?!

      2) I knock a pint of beer onto myself whilst seated at a table. My immediate thought is 'who did that?' then I realise it was myself. Then I have walked to a different location and I find myself talking to a woman about the spilt drink as if her child had spilt it over me and saying it's ok. Looking behind her I see a glass screen and realise that we are at a holiday camp and I tell her that we aren't here this year but have booked to come for a whole week next year.

      3) Another dream - I woke up after and remembered it well but didn't write any reminders down! All forgotten now.

      4) I'm in a queue with 2 female characters (?family) and we are waiting to have XRays taken. A woman is stood at a desk checking us in, collecting valuables and shoes. Eventually it's my turn. I ask her if I need to hand in my watch and she decides that I should so I give her my watch and shoes. She calls a doctor, we go together to a really bright airy carpeted room. I have a pot plant with me and explain that it's not well and I thought I should get it looked at. I give him the pot plant it's covered in a plastic bag with insects all over it. He puts the pot plant on the floor and gets ready to Xray it.

      5) In my old consulting room chatting to a patient. He is telling me about a good new garden centre. I find myself explaining in detail why I won't be going there because I don't work here any more. I remember looking around the room seeing a lot of detail and having a very detailed discussion.

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    8. 14/2/2016

      by , 02-14-2016 at 09:02 AM
      The frst time for many days I have remembered anything worth writing down. Working long hours which isn't helping, and I'm always in a rush to get ready for work when I get up. It's the weekend now which helps.

      1) On a road in the car with one of my children. The car is driving itself it's a tour around a large hill in Yorkshire, some sort of holiday complex. It's a lovely rural road with views over more hills. We passed some buildings and I looked at the map and thought that it should be a cinema but it had been converted to a business, there was a row of houses next to it.
      Then we came up to a traffic jam, then a junction and for some reason we had to get out of the car. We walked up a hill and there were hundreds of people coming in the opposite direction.

      2) I was in a doctor's surgery. I was talking with some old patients in the waiting room. Another doctor called someone in before them but it was their turn and they weren't too bothered. I walked back towards my consulting room. Everything was cosy like a normal house, warm, a nice carpeted corridor, beams on the ceiling, old wooden doors. I met a dog in the corridor and said hello. My bike was leaning against the wall. I was really happy. I opened the door to my consulting room, the dream ended and I woke up.

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    9. 3/2/2016

      by , 02-03-2016 at 08:03 AM
      Back for another try at Lucid Dreaming, so time to do some dream journaling again...

      It's taken me a few nights to be able to remember anything at all, at last I can recall some details of last nights dreams.

      I'm with someone else, doing some sort of pre-hospital medical care, but my medical bag is old and there's not much in it. I'm at my second casualty and he needs an IV drip. I get a line in but all the fluids and connectors have been used before but I have to use something so I find a bag half full of fluids - it's saline so I connect it and flush it through, there's a lot of air in the system because nothing fits, then I realise it's an odd hypotonic saline solution and stop it flowing. It's a mess.

      It's the weekend and I'm at work, I can't remember too much I'm sat at a desk and a paramedic walks in and apologises for not doing too much work he was busy with something personal, I say it's ok it's not very busy anyway, I'm writing something, and we decide it's time for a break. There are several other doctor's also having a break, we talk about what are the best consulting rooms to work in.

      I'm seeing patients and I decide one man needs a hole cutting into his chest, so we draw a template together. The hole is quite big, next thing we are out somewhere checking if the hole on the template is big enough, and there are several soft toys we have to make sure it's big enough for them to fit through. Then I'm getting ready to make the hole and I realise that it's way too big and it's right over the heart, and I start questioning why I'm making a big hole in someone's chest.
    10. 6/12/2015

      by , 12-06-2015 at 09:14 AM
      Before going to sleep I was worried about having made a mistake with a patient's care.....

      1) I was stood in front of a consultant discussing a patient's care. I said about checking her blood glucose and was told in no uncertain terms I had it wrong and it had to be checked at the weekend. Then I was in a second hand shop looking at where a pile of books should be and they weren't there and I thought that perhaps someone had taken them already and knew I had got it wrong. I went to my car and the door was bent and forced inwards as if someone had tried to break in.
      I got in the car and started driving, I remembered I had a radio in the car and turned it on thinking I might hear who was after me. Then I was in a medical shop wheeling a patient trolley back in that I had borrowed, I told them I would be back later with everything else.
      I went upstairs in the same building to a room full of slot machines, and thought maybe if I have a big win my problems would be over, but decided that I never gamble and it wouldn't happen. The room was full of middle aged women playing the machines. I wandered around a bit looking at all the fruit machines. Someone threw some coins at me.
      I went downstairs again to the medical shop but it had turned into a pub, I went to the bar to ask when they would open as a medical shop agin , there were some old colleagues stood at the bar ordering drinks and one asked me in quite a callous way 'so you only come here on the half hour now do you?' so I left again.

      2) I was watching a taxi driving over the top of a bridge and thinking how dangerous it was. It was pink and the bridge was pink. The taxi was sliding all over the place but didn't fall off.

      All slightly strange dreams.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. 15/10/2015

      by , 10-15-2015 at 06:50 AM
      Dream1: I am a medical student and turn up in a very old run down clinic, there's red wallpaper peeling off the walls, it's an opthalmology clinic. I hang around waiting to speak to the opthalmologist but he's examining a patient.
      Later a woman had just had a Caesarian section. I am sewing up after. I get told off for starting out with the wrong suture pattern and have to explain myself. The senior doctor looks impressed that I know what I'm talking about and lets me get on with the right pattern.

      Dream 2: In some sort of walled gardens, I'm shown all the ponds and how they are looked after. Sitting in a chair with an old friend. He goes to the shop, a woman sits in his place, but moves when he gets back and he brings back a long till receipt. We eat some food.
      Sort of muddled at this point. I'm putting a bag in a car because I have to go home but can't until much later. It's dark, cold and misty. For some reason the car is falling to pieces but I can lock the door so I think my bag will be safe. I'm going back with another friend to his flat to spend some time until I can go home and forget who he lives with and he reminds me. We spend time at his flat, I can't remember what happened there.

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    12. A griffon and a ring around an island

      by , 06-04-2015 at 07:09 PM
      A woman's landing a griffon. People come to meet her, and as she talks to one of them she's going to her bag and attending to her armor, getting out gloves and a helmet that weren't practical to wear while she was riding. She's talking about the things that need doing, acknowledging that some of them might be impossible at a small outpost like this, without the easy access to resources you get in the cities. And there's an animal strapped to the back of the griffon, restrained to keep it from hurting itself during the ride, in need of medical attention. They're next to the stables, but the griffon's too large for that - once everything's unloaded, it curls up on the ground like a cat, beside a tall fence.

      That woman and the man she'd been talking to are walking past me into a circle of armed enemies. Someone in the crowd says, "It is the corruption against the corruption." They sound surprised. I'm ostensibly on the crowd's side, but I arranged to bring these two here tonight, and I expect them to kill the man who leads this little group, currently sitting on a kind of throne. Although I say nothing, I see him watching me and I can tell he understands my intention - or more likely he's imagining some grand paranoid plan; but my plan here is very straightforward, just his death. I'm aware he and I are a minor nuisance for these people I've brought here, just something to be dealt with on their way to something else - I have a vague association with the moon - not at all the grand schemes he's been imagining.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm traveling through a city and taking the opportunity to meet with an old friend who was reassigned here recently, a promotion. She works in a form of law enforcement. She's talking about the changes on the island where we last saw each other, talking about the ongoing conflict there. She says the forest has been burned down, so they'll have no more place to hide. There's no more way to get past the patrols skating over the water - I have a mental image of a ring, a platform floating on the water, encircling the whole island, with the port itself as the only opening.

      She describes all this as if they're good things. Time was, she'd be helping me get my people out of places like that. She's met the man who leads the people in that forest - his people aren't mine, but their situation is nearly identical. But I'm thinking, I shouldn't be surprised - the last time she helped me, something happened that frightened her. It's why she stopped working with me. My people weren't at fault, but I'm not surprised that she'd take that fear out on them. But listening to her now, talking as if my people should be locked up, it's like she's forgotten I'm one of them.

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    13. Dreamers in a hospital

      by , 05-29-2015 at 07:00 PM
      I'm in a hospital, speaking to a doctor. There was some information I'd wanted to get from him, but he's assumed I'm here about something else, a person who's been checked into the hospital with a specific condition. I hide my surprise and go with his assumption, only expressing my surprise that he'd known about this patient, since the ward they're in isn't his responsibility - has he kept an eye out for this condition since the last time we met? I'm privately thinking that if that person's developed that condition, then this both simplifies my job and complicates it; I no longer need the information I'd come here for originally.

      I'm discussing this development with three other people in an empty hospital room - a man with a shaved head, a teenage girl, and a person whose gender I'm not completely sure of but I'm going to go with 'she'. Black hair, ragged like she cut it herself, short in the back and long in the front; pale with bad skin; and a grey hoodie zipped up, making her look heavier than she is.

      Talking about that patient's condition, the guy with the shaved head had just been saying something about how dreamers have it rough. Talks about how badly things can go wrong just from being interrupted at the wrong moment; talks about people traveling through a dream being dumped back into reality wherever they happen to be at the moment, and hoping you're lucky enough not to be overlapping some physical object at the time; and that's just the passengers, the dreamers themselves get it worse.

      The person in the hoodie shrugs this off, says at least if you can heal people, no one cares what nastiness you've got going on; they're content to leave you be in your swamp.

      The guy with the shaved head is disgusted by this, says yeah, you enjoy making yourself the worst person you can be.

      She says to him that she learned in prison, "There's no such thing as letting go of vanity, Wade."

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    14. Medical Trash

      by , 05-26-2015 at 10:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I just woke up from a dream where I had to sift through piles of trash looking for medical trash (bloody bandages, amputated body parts etc.) so I could then take that found trash and put it in the “proper” trash piles. Also something about lots of poor and destitute people living in underground parking garages that had no working lights.
    15. Corruption

      by , 04-11-2015 at 11:18 AM
      A fragment - I'd just been fighting someone who's run off, and I'm looking at the way our fight has corrupted patches of the ground, feeling regret over that.

      A woman is riding in a carriage and carrying a baby, with a small tapestry depicting an angel hanging opposite. She speaks to the angel in the tapestry, referring to it as the baby's father. The angel in the tapestry speaks back.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      An odd level of lucidity. I thought of it as feeling exactly like my waking perspective, which I disliked - I felt like I was stuck halfway between something. I had difficulty controlling anything, or even flying properly, though I could float just a bit off the ground. I was at my IRL home, and since I failed to change the scene at the front door, I started walking down the road, figuring that once I got far enough that my surroundings were less familiar, the scene would change naturally.

      At the end of the road - which indeed has stopped resembling its IRL equivalent fairly quickly - I come across a small construction crew, and there's immediately an accident involving a passing car and one of the machines. I'm called over to speak as a witness.
      Eventually the construction worker invites both me and the driver of the car back to dinner at his house, saying that it's too late to be outdoors, it's not safe.

      Some barely-lucid scenes at his home in which I meet one interesting young woman with some chronic disease; otherwise I'm mostly focused on finding an excuse to avoid eating anything and keeping my appearance hidden behind the high collar of my coat, which causes people to come to some wrong conclusions about me. I don't correct them. I eventually find an excuse to step outside.

      He was right, it is dangerous to be out this late - many people have been infected by something like madness or bloodlust. It's a kind of miasma. I come across infected people in the woods armed with farm equipment, pitchforks and that sort of thing; they've been waiting in this one patch of shadows to ambush whoever comes along. I enjoy this. Whatever this miasma has done to them, it doesn't affect me directly, not in the way it affects them at least; but their resulting madness is something I sort of feed off of, it's exhilarating.

      At a crossroads I come across a group of four people who work for me - a blonde woman with her hair in a bun, a very pale man with long black hair, a small man wearing glasses, and a bald man with a tattoo in the center of his forehead. They've plainly been enjoying the night. As we greet each other, that young woman from the house emerges from the woods and attacks me with a sword. She makes this stunningly noble and upright figure, in stark contrast to the general miasma; I like her instantly.

      One of my men intercepts her, and as she's fighting him, she's accusing me of being responsible for everything going on around here. She says she recognized me at the house - apparently I'm someone in the public eye in some way - and that she'd always suspected me of being corrupted, and now I've proven it. She's not exactly wrong. I'm not the one who corrupted this place, in fact I'm trying to hunt that person down - but I am part of the corruption, she's right about that much. When my man's got her restrained, I try to explain this to her; we have a mutual enemy. If she wants to hunt him down, my corruption could be useful to her.

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