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    1. Distant Galaxy

      by , 08-05-2017 at 03:44 AM (Dream)
      Side Notes (Side Notes)
      Distant Galaxy

      On the balcony, outside was Infinite blackness.
      I'm talking to a family member, in the corner of my eye, I see a galaxy with planets. I want to take a picture of that!
      I don't want to get too close or I'll drift off into Outer Space.
      I step near the ledge, it's hard to breathe over here.
      Later, I was talking to my Mom, there was a giant tank of water, there was a Shark eating another Shark and I didn't want to see that.

      Black Box with Medicine

      I was at a hospital, I picked up my medicine box.
      There was another belonging to someone else, I hesitated but grabbed it. I gave my medicine box to a woman who
      accompanied me. I have to get this box to this guy.
      The medicine box said "Floor 9", can't get up there fast with stairs, so i'll have to go on an elevator.
      I dash to the hallway where there is 3 or 4 elevators. The first one on my right looks suspicious.
      I feel like the elevator will collapse....so I decided to pick the next one, on the left.
      I push the 'up' button and the elevator opens, I walk inside.
      There's 9 floors, 9 buttons, I found it!
      The 9 button is glowing and I push it.
      This floor is different from the other floors...it's like a mix between a cafeteria from school and a church.
      I am greeted by this priest, who insists I go on stage, I do.
      'I don't have time for this' I think.
      I am nervous, the spectators are waiting and worse of all the priest is stroking my hair.

      I woke up creeped out, I really have nothing much to say except: how does my Mind come up with this?
      August 4th, 2017

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    2. The Shadow Man

      by , 07-06-2017 at 03:46 AM (Dream)
      Side Notes (Side Notes)
      The Shadow Man
      Me and some girl was running from the shadows. The Shadow Man can come up from any shadow and hurt you.
      We ended up at a house. The people were kind.
      A group of teens and kids went into a garage, I thought 'Oh no'
      There's shadows all around in the garage, the Shadow Man came out and sliced someone in the throat.
      We escaped and either me or the one girl 'killed' the Shadow Man, but it doesn't matter...he can come back via other
      I was told to get sent back to where ever I was staying, one of the kids that was in the garage comes with and is in
      the car. I thought this was like a Telltale game decision, your choices don't matter in the end.

      I don't know what to title This
      I was at home, it was the morning, I was talking to my Dad. He asked what I wanted for breakfast.
      Later I told him the bald guy next door took all of our medicine, saying We don't need it.

      I think I had other dreams but there was a three loud bangs, it was from a really close Thunderstorm. I forgot if I had
      any dreams but I had those two so at least I got something written down.

      July 5th, 2017
    3. 3-4 Nov. 2016

      by , 11-06-2016 at 02:40 AM
      (copied from notepad I wrote on)

      Dreamed I was in a medicinal store with two people and saw a medicine container, maybe a box, that said "Don't worry Austin, I made you strong." I think it's from God.


      Note: I think one of the two people was my Father and the other was a man who oversaw this store or at the very least this little section of it.
    4. [02-03-2016]

      by , 03-02-2016 at 10:40 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was a dark night. Zombie outbreak took the whole world. I hidden in one of small, abandoned buildings. It was on a rocky wasteland. I fought zombies shambling around using a knife. I was hiding with my father in that building, but the was sick and I had to find some medicine. During day it was peaceful, but I didn't managed to get back during day. I found a ruined apothecary and met some dude. He told me that vampires took it by force and killed an oneironaut. I went to house of pharmacist, but it was emptied oh medicine. I went back house, fighting undead. I called my father to get inside as it was dangerous. He said "I have to draw outline of microwave first!" I saw a zombie chicken and killed it.
    5. 18/01/2016

      by , 01-19-2016 at 05:48 AM
      I will keep it simple since i wrote it once and the page closed and lost all the content.

      First dream Joako, a friend, was about to have 4 babies with his girlfriend. Well, she actually wasn't his girlfriend since she was more like free style, but they were couple.

      Second dream i follow some orcas in a cannyon with water. I realized there were some soldiers pointing at me with rifles like 20 meters ahead. They start shooting and i run backwards. I kill two guys by my sides who were just standing doing guard and i escape. I hear the radio that it was best option to live the lazy life than to engage in an activity since it was dangerous, and our troops demanded corn and food while they didn't protect the citicens. Pablo Rossi was talking on the radio.

      Then i dream about something about a gold ring and a smith. He lost the ring but when people returned it to the owner they didn't trust him because it didn't fit in his finger. The thing was that the ring also had iron inside, and that iron thing, that was made so it could fit the finger, was lost, so the ring was big.

      Then i dream about me being taken to Cba to a health institute. There were my grandparents, and my parents. I had to go down a precipice to enter the health institute, my father and my grandparents were already there but i wasn't. I thought about jumping like parkour style, but they got each one of them in top of the other and lifted a chair. So i sat on the chair when it was close enough and they went down and put me down. We walked inside the institute. A lady begins with a series of injections. I thought they would be painful but i didn't feel any pain. First they drawed blood and then something like a ball from a vein in the butt that indicated the state of my liver, how was it functioning. It was pink so it did pretty well, i wouldn't have trouble with it in my life. In the institute i found out that instead of Cba they wanted to take me to Spain, but for something, like no big deal, they took me there. The day before in the dream i smoked cannabis so the doctor was aware of that and she began talking something about "Adela" and she began saying something like "to show him the effects that the drugs cause to the system and the organs". She injected me something that apparently cleaned the whole system. It was benefitial was the doctor thought it would hurt a lot, like being burnt alive, but actually it didn't, it felt very cool, relaxing and healthy. I thought maybe this high tech institute is outdated of what cannabis is, if it were alcohol probably it would hurt as the doctor thought. But anyways since i detoxicated i wouldn't consume anymore. Then my father asked something if they could give me a towel and the lady said "why? cant your father buy in Cordoba?" actually he couldn't but i replied to her "i left home not well prepared".

      When i woke up i felt my body very relaxed. In the dream i felt tension before entering the institute, but when they took blood from me that tension went as well with the sample. In some dreams you are bitten by a dog or an animal and you feel the pain, in this case i was extracted some blood and injected some cool detox medicine and i woke up very relaxed and feeling good. Although i didn't like to be taken to a place like that without my decision, it was something that went well, even though the doctor was "pesimistic" (with the pain of results) i enjoyed it all a lot.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. Medicine and injections

      by , 11-03-2015 at 11:26 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Early, bright morning. I was in school, going out of the main building. A girl from my class asked me if I can bring her some medicine that doctors have for her. I agreed, and went towards a local clinic. It was a small, tight building. I entered it, and asked about the medicine. They told me that they have prepared some pills for me. I told that I also wanted to take pills for that girl, and received it shortly after. Then the doctor called me, and said that we'll make two injections for my right hand. The doctor was tall, bald man and was wearing his work suit. He took a syringe with a long, wide needle and gave me injection to right side of my right wrist. Then he took a strange syringe. It had a long chisel to chip the bone, and needle to make injections inside of it. I felt small, strange pain when he was doing it. Later that day, when I was in home, I looked at the medicine they gave me - strange blue pills. I also realised that I forgot to gave the medicine to that girl.
    7. Three fragments

      by , 11-09-2014 at 04:49 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      I’m in a house, where a guy offers me a pill. I take it like I was expecting it and go lay on a bed next to a sleeping woman. I’m woken up by him shouting at me from the other room, asking me if I could come there. There was something about ‘3 ounces’, maybe a thought I had as I was waking up. I’m pretty groggy.

      Mom is at the door, very concerned/frazzled because she couldn’t find me. She goes on about how much danger I could have been in.

      Something about Wynne from Dragon Age: Origins.

      Rane ‘orders’ me a baby and two other people?? Picking them up at the drive-through? I wonder if ‘they’ will get long, might have been thinking about cats. I realize this is not what I want at all, and ask to cancel the order.

      When you order someone, you automatically get a twitter name with their username being their name plus a four digit number.


      Sitting at a dinner table, perspective is front to back, I was sitting at the front.


      At the store looking at the shelves. There’s a decoration you hang on the wall with two cats, their tails are entwined and if you pull down on it, a light comes on.

      There are comics on the table and shelves now and I get excited. I remember seeing X-Men.

      -Something about signing a doctor’s form.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    8. Fragments

      by , 11-08-2014 at 02:45 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      I’m in the Wal Mart parking lot, I look on the ground and see a fast food cup. I think I must have dropped it, and hesitate a moment to pick it up, but then do. Then I see a straw and go get it. Then I see a small piece of another straw but end up not getting that, because I don’t think it’s mine.

      I have a hard time carrying the stuff so I spot a box like from KFC and pick it up to use. Mom comes over reaches out to help, but I worry she’ll see what’s written on a piece of paper I have, but then I figure she’ll just think it’s from someone else.

      Something about taking a pill and finding myself in some room along with someone else. We’re standing there looking around when one of us goes over and starts lifting blue rocks off the ground that were piled up, which covered something underneath them. We realize it’s a trick, fake room.
      Tags: medicine, mom, store
    9. Energy medicine

      by , 11-05-2014 at 01:33 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      From November 3rd.

      I’m at a pharmacy with a group of people to get medicine. We’re directed to another line to the left. I get mine but someone with me points out that he gave me the wrong one. I look at the carton box and see the brand name and ‘Energy’ under it. Mine isn’t supposed to have that.

      I get back in line, and I think I skip ahead of someone to the right who’s leaning on the counter, and get it exchanged. I figure the Energy one must have been accidentally put in the wrong place.


      I climb the counter in a house’s kitchen and look in the medicine cabinet. I see different kinds of meds, one a being a clear bottle with purple energy medicine in it. I take a sip against my better judgment, because I know I’m about to go sleep.

      In a room, I had my moved my bare blue small mattress (actually my old twin-sized one IWL) over to the left on the floor. I have a stereo playing. I realize one of the halves of the green curtain over the door fell. I fix it, then cover both sides with a yellow curtain. Part of me thinks this is weird.

      I realize that I can’t even hear the stereo that’s on in the kitchen so I may as well turn it off and just keep mine going (even though I can’t see it).

      I remember wondering if the energy stuff I took was affecting me.

      Inspirations: I had a conversation with mom about not drinking the Energy flavored water anymore but I have one left so I put a tiny amount of that in my jug whenever I make up some flavored water. Meds part comes from being nervous about my doctor’s appointment mixed with the energy drink thing. We actually do have a yellow curtain at the bottom of the stairs. The stereo part comes from me having to turn off dad's iPod radio in the kitchen yet again because he’s got his headphones on in the other room and can’t hear it anyway.
      Tags: medicine, music, sleep
      side notes , non-lucid
    10. Not dreaming, police wakeup

      by , 11-04-2014 at 03:46 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Dreams from November 2nd.

      I’m talking to a girl, I ask her something like “What do you think about this?’ as I point (to a bookshelf?). She ignores me, her face almost slack, and I realize ‘I’m not dreaming anymore’(??). I come to realize I’m sitting up in bed, awake.

      Outside (out back at grandma’s house?), there’s a little girl to the left jumping on the pad of a really tall, green flower. For a split second I think how dangerous that is, and then she slips off. On the ground, she says something about how she should have known that would happen.

      Directly ahead, a younger girl is playing in a square patch of grass the size of a dinner table.

      Something about me walking out of a room and seeing a young boy. He says something about ‘you saw, didn’t you’. Suddenly I ‘knew’ he was talking about how he hadn’t flushed the toilet.

      I’m not sure if I was sleeping in the dream or what, but I jump out of bed(?) because of some noise I hear. It’s police sirens. They were there for the boy next door. I hear them talking to him through the wall. They’re prescribing him some medicine for whatever issue he has that caused the problem.

      Just as me and Rane are about to discuss something, she says something about wanting to help the boy with something. I tell her that we’ll finish this conversation later, and she agrees.

      Side-note: There was definitely more bits to this but I convinced myself I had already woken up too much/was too tired to type up more dreams. By the time I got myself to sit up the details and order of events were gone.

      Inspirations: A similar-ish scene happened at my sister’s where she hadn’t flushed the toilet when I went to go, and there was a pregnancy test in the trash – she asked me if I’d seen, afterwards. Once, the police actually did come here because a young boy getting in trouble. And there was one time the police did come at night because our neighbor was driving drunk… Medicine most likely comes from me being nervous about my appointment to check my thyroid levels and up my dosage.
    11. College and the Bloody Musical, and Being Taught to Fill a Syringe

      by , 09-10-2014 at 01:55 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in college. It was the first day of the semester. I was in what looked like the break room at work putting things in a locker.

      I was then in a theater in a theater class. Dallas was the teacher. He was showing us footage of a musical that he wanted us to do. It was about this group of people who just went around and shot people. I wanted to be in the chorus, not a main character, and I said so to Dallas/the class. I then thought about Dallas and this was his first time directing a musical. I knew he'd be nervous, especially on opening night.

      We kept watching the footage. It was quite the bloody show. People would get shot, and there would be a lot of blood.

      I then was in the locker/break room again. I was sitting at the table in there. A lady gave me a sheet back with grades on it. I was doing really well! Not all perfect scores, but lots of good scores. I thought about how this time around I was going to all my classes, as opposed to all the other times when I would neglect a class all semester and fail it or have to drop it (this never happened IWL, but has in my dreams many times).

      I was then back in the class, but this time, I was on stage with some other girls. We were the shooters at some sort of outdoor party underneath a pavilion. I remember something about trying to load a silver gun for one of the other girls. I loaded it up alright, but was having trouble turning off the safety and getting it ready to shoot. Someone took it from me and did it themselves.

      I then was in some sort of formation with the girls. It was a T shaped formation, with two in the front and the rest of us behind in a single file. There were maybe 5 of us total. I was second, being only behind the two in the front. It was then like we were very deep underwater, thought the pavilion was still there and everything, and we had to link our arms together in a special way while at the same time plugging our ears because of the water pressure change. It was weird. We were being directed how to do so by some people talking to us, I believe my mom was one of them. I was looking in front of me, and saw that my dad was one of the people in front of me. He had this tube coming out of the back of his head by his ear with a plastic bubble around it. There was pink liquid medicine in the bubble. I somehow got it to go in the tube, because that's how he was taking his medicine, but it came right back out again. Um...not sure what to do about this. He had no idea what was going on with the meds, and for some reason, I didn't tell him. I somehow got him to tilt his head forward, and the meds went back in the tube. Some came out again. Ugh.

      Then, we were getting ready to go up to the surface. We linked arms in the weird way we were supposed to, but I couldn't get my hands up to my ears to plug them. It was too late though, we were racing up to the surface quite fast. I heard my mom's voice call out
      "Protect your ears!"
      I was trying really hard to get my hands to my ears. I got my left one, but my right one was still uncovered. I couldn't get my hand to it. My right ear started to ring and I felt a lot of pressure in it.

      I then woke up before we hit the surface.


      I was being taught how to fill a syringe with medication for shots. A woman was showing me how to do it. We filled this syringe with a medicine that looked like apple juice. She didn't have me tap it for air bubbles, and I thought back to seeing nurses doing that with syringes that had the glass shaped in such a way that it looked like bubbles connected together. I don't know how else to describe it, and I can't find a good picture on the internet to show you what I mean. I asked the woman about that. I don't remember her response, but for some reason, we didn't have to tap the type of syringe we were using for bubbles. I guess only the people with the bubble-shaped syringes had to do that. I assumed something about them also being amateurs.

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    12. Six Dream Fragments

      by , 07-27-2013 at 07:26 PM (Casting Shadows)
      [In search of the time that is good to wake up so that I can remember dreams I am trying out a project. I knew that I wouldn't be going to bed until three this morning so I set my alarm clock to ring at six. I would write down anything that I can remember from a dream, pace around a little, and prepare to take a nap--because I usually have lucids in naps. Unfortunately my dad didn't wake me up at nine like I thought he would and I ended up sleeping from six-thirty to twelve, soooo. . . .]

      1) I must have been in some store, either a general store or a pharmacy, because I was looking at a shelf that had several pill bottles on it. I recall that their tops were shaped somewhat oddly.
      *** this is the second time medicine has appeared in my dream. if it keeps on like this it'll be a dream sign.

      2) In real life CLS is a Christian Camp that I used to attend during the summer for one week, but here in this dream it was slightly different. There were four groups and we were placed into whatever Hogwarts House we were (so of course I was in Gryffindor), and our "levels" were determined on what grade we were in. I was a junior so the year after would be my last year to come unless I became a counselor.

      The place that we were in was sort of like the school cafeteria back in Ucon with a "log cabin" sort of theme. There was a large but old fridge pushed to the side and by collecting food in our bags we would obtain points for our teams. I remember thinking something like, I wish this was a Nano-Fridge, which comes from The Sims 3 in the Nano-Microwave. If the fridge was a Nano-Fridge then it would have been of better quality and would have kept it from breaking. Every time the fridge broke we were instructed to stop running and dump our food on the ground (or on the table, which ever worked better) so that the counselors could fix it.

      3) In The Sims 3 for console there is a particular character called Willow Lynd, and she lives with the other local Goths. I was sitting with her in what I would assume to be a library (though to be honest it was really as though I had been sucked into the living room of The Clique house--the house that she originally lives in in the game. The walls are red, the carpet is red, the chairs and sofas are red, and the windows are big. Someone distrusted Willow due to her "Goth" status--I think it was an authority figure, but I can't be sure--but I can't recall how she felt about that.

      At some point during that dream I stood up and walked over to them, though. There were a lot of people in the room over.

      4) Another effing Sims dream. Each Trait you choose for your Sim would open up a different "Challenge" (or story line). The ones that I were looking at were technological, so I was probably thinking about the Computer Whiz Trait. Also, I caught a glimpse of the daughter on there turning into a Teenager.

      5) Nothing but crystals in a cavern. The crystals had a blue tint. . . .

      6) Jarvis and I were playing some sort of video game with one another. I'm not entirely sure but it seemed that the objective was to become a leader over a land by recruiting people. My character was a female and she was going to some area that almost looked as if though it had been abandoned. The stone bridge was crumbling, the grasses were growing out of control and trees' branches had fallen onto the trail. She kept persisting through the wilderness and eventually reached civilization. I'm not clear on what happened but I don't think that she was welcomed with open arms.

      She escaped through the pipes during the night. It was a full moon.
    13. The Great Adventures of S. Barbie

      by , 07-26-2013 at 07:19 PM (Casting Shadows)
      [Ugh . . . another Sims dream. This is pathetic. I didn't even play that game yesterday!]

      I was a Sim, and not the only one. There was a whole busful of us when it came to the afternoon when the sun was setting. I'm not sure where we stopped at but it was a mildly abandoned scene somewhere alongside a wood where the road was gravel. We were all allowed to step outside of the vehicle and socialize for a bit and I found myself talking to some blonde with a rather large nose.

      "I heard that they're changing the game," she said to me as we watched someone rode by on a bicycle by us. "Making it better. Thank God--I hate these noses."

      Along the way I found a computer (or something akin to it) and on the screen was "Slut Barbie." I wasn't sure why the company would entitle a toy that and was curious. The main menu was pink and sparkly and reminds me now of something like Stardoll, but in the dream I was more interested in S. Barbie's background and main story. I don't remember her background, but as for the main thing. . . .

      She and the main character of Naruto: Shippuden (which is Naruto Uzumaki) were like tiny people living on top of a tortious, which may or may not have had a turquoise shell. On the tortious was what looked like a box that was attached at the bottom but not with the corners, and did not have a top so that viewers could watch what was going on. As time went on, the four corners of the box slowly fell backwards so that they would eventually land on the shell, but that was unnoticed by me. I remember that the outside of the box--as in its color--was white, but on the inside S. Barbie and Naruto were stuck in a swamp-like area.

      A romance story, it looked like. I recall that Naruto just "wanted to know the 'real' her," and so, true to that sort of plot line, S. Barbie was mostly closed-off and introverted, slowly opening up to him. The box's walls were like an alarm clock, though, and by the time they fell to the shell Naruto was gone--whether he had chosen to go was not known--and S. Barbie was left heart-broken. She became bitter and unhappy and she may or may not have developed a thirst for power.

      By now S. Barbie is outside of her box--and I'm seeing the world through her eyes. She's in my trailer and while there is a part of her mind that refers to my dad as "her father" she doesn't seem to have any emotional attachment to him, either positive or negative. She has found a little brown pill--an "Ox Pill"--and has gone to the room that my family keeps all of its junk in. She is using a cardboard box as a table and before she consumes the Ox pill she's complaining about all of the roaches she sees.

      Of course they're scared of him ("him" being my father), he's their leader. S. Barbie swiped at a few of them in hopes that they would eventually become afraid of her and would make her their leader.

      Who I assume would be Watari of Death Note came in at this point, dressed in either a tuxedo or suit (though I know he was wearing a bow tie). I recall that he referred to S. Barbie (who, remember, is still sorta/kinda/not really me at this point) as some popular English name, or at the very least one that I've heard of before. "Miss Bueronot," perhaps. Watari noticed the pill but I don't believe he made a comment on it.

      dream fragment - I am walking on a dirt trail that is surrounded by both tall and short blades of grass. It's sunset and the sky above me is a darkening combination of red and orange, and the ocean below me--for I am on top of a cliff--is calm. I'm fairly sure that I've been in this area in a lucid dream before--perhaps the last one that I can remember. Someone has either jumped off of the cliff or is simply hovering in the air because I surely didn't see any strings attached and yet they were clearly spread-eagle off of the ground and above the water below, as if they were wanting to dive.

      There were probably huts and other signs of civilization to my right, but I didn't look.
    14. sounding crazy

      by , 07-25-2011 at 11:36 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a psychiatrist's office, which actually looked more like a small store mixed with an artist's studio or an unfinished room. The room was narrow, kind of long, with white walls made bright by the sunlight coming in through the front window wall.

      I stood before something like a long work table made out of wood, which was either white or brown. The table was on the left side of the room. My psychiatrist stood to my right.

      I was telling my psychiatrist a weird set of experiences I'd been having lately. Mostly it was people saying very weird things right out to me. But apparently, on this day, they'd gotten really bad.

      I told my psychiatrist how I had gone into one place, possibly a doctor's office, and that a nurse (dressed like a 1950s style, stereotypical nurse), while she was stacking boxes one on top of the other, said she was -----ing the boxes (don't remember the word, but it implied she was actually laying the boxes side by side).

      I told my psychiatrist, "Then I went to a cafe. A woman there was laying boxes side by side. But she told me --" I suddenly had the urge to stop speaking, as I felt my talking anymore about this would make my psychiatrist think I was crazy. But I couldn't stop now. So I said, "She told me she was stacking them."

      I had an image in my head of something like a floor plan being drawn in red lines on a brownish-yellow piece of paper. I saw perhaps four squares being drawn in some kind of nook-like room. The four squares were boxes, laid side by side. I then saw a woman like a worker at Starbucks, laying boxes like soda syrup boxes side by side in a nook-like area.

      There was now a third person in the room with me and my psychiatrist. The person was hard to see. But it was probably a woman, kind of like a wild woman. She was kind of tall, with really messy, black hair. She looked really strong, and she may have been naked. But she was helping my psychiatrist in some kind of professional function, like being her nurse.

      The woman stood between us, and while I never saw the woman, it made my psychiatrist much harder to see. My psychiatrist may have changed as well. She may have been a kind of young, blonde woman.

      My psychiatrist may have given me some kind of shot. She also prescribed some kind of medicine to me, maybe two different kinds of pills. I had a terrible, sinking feeling. I had told my psychiatrist my real life experiences. But she now thought, as I'd figured she would, that I was crazy. I myself wondered whether I was crazy.

      My psychiatrist said I needed to be careful because of the state of mind I was in. She said, "If you keep going like this, you'll start thinking you can hear telegrams (or telegraphs?) inside buildings, or that the direction of your blood is always flowing toward the people who have aggressive feelings toward you."
    15. kicking friend out; holding hands with girl

      by , 04-15-2011 at 11:53 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I sat at a small dining table in "my apartment." My friend H sat across the table from me. The table was narrow, and the room was kind of drab. The walls may have been some kind of dull green, and the only other thing in the room may haved been a bed.

      H was being really mean to me. It seemed to be because she was in a bad mental state. I figured this was because she had been talking to her old boyfriend, C.

      I got really mad that H had let herself get mixed up with C again. I stood up and leaned all the way across the table, getting into H's face. I said, "Are you talking to C again?" H may have given some kind of non-verbal confirmation.

      I sat down and leaned back in my chair. I said, "Get out of here, you disgusting b---h."

      H stood up and headed for the door, upset and in a really scattered state of mind. She had brought a couple of bags worth of stuff to my house. I told her as she was leaving to take her stuff with her. But she wasn't listening to me.

      I took the stuff and sat it outside the door. H was already heading down the stairs. I yelled at her that I was leaving this stuff outside of my apartment, so she better come pick it up. But she didn't listen.

      I went back inside my apartment. I was a little worried for H's stuff, but I wasn't going to bring it back into my place. I went back into the bedroom. I figured that I would go away somewhere, take a few days in another town. That way I could make some kind of final separation from H.

      I found two small items of H's still in my room. One was a small, padded manila envelope with some kind of Japanese writing on it. Another was a thick card that looked like its backing was made out of manila envelope paper. This card had Japanese writing on it as well, something like an advertisement for a destination or some kind of clinic.

      I looked into the envelope. It was full of medicine and inhalers. But it also had something which I couldn't see clearly, but which reminded me of a box of condoms. It seemed clear to me from this that H was messing around with C again, which was definitely bad news and something I wasn't willing to be a part of again.

      I got really worried about H's stuff outside. I was afraid it would get stolen, because it seemed like the people in my apartment were really crooked. But I just didn't want to have anything to do with H anymore.

      For some reason, I called H to tell her that I was going on a trip somewhere, but that I found two more packages of hers at my place. I'd just mail these packages.

      At some other time I got a phone call from H. I imagined that she would ask me where the bags were that she'd left at my apartment. I imagined that I'd have to tell her they were gone by now, if she hadn't come back to get them. I imagined that she'd be mad.

      Dream #2

      I was sitting in a kind of small bedroom, which may actually have been a studio apartment or a dorm room. I sat on the bed, with my back against the wall and my legs partly off the side of the bed.

      A mother stood with her back to me. She had two daughters, both of whom were young, one of whom may have been about eleven or twelve years old. Both girls stood with their backs to me as well, and in front of their mother.

      The mother was acting as if she were driving a car somewhere. It really was like she was driving a car and taking us somewhere. It was like the girls were in the front seat and I was in the back seat. The younger sister looked back at me. I smiled at her in a kind of flirting way.

      The younger sister got interested in me and sat down on the bed next to me, on my left side. She was blonde, and she wore a red and black or pink and black flannel jacket and blue jeans. She may have looked older that eleven, maybe even in her late teens.

      At some point I may have laid my hand on her leg. She held my hand. I felt really excited. I thought I might try to make another move. But I then thought, Isn't this wrong? I'm a lot older than this girl. She's really young. I shouldn't be getting romantic with her like this.

      The older sister now wanted a little attention as well. She sat on the bed, to her sister's left. She had tan skin and brown hair. She wore a short, white, satiny dress that looked like a Chinese-style skirt-dress. She was really sexy, but I wasn't incredibly interested in her.

      The girls had to go somewhere. They said they'd be back. I was kind of glad to see them go -- I was a little freaked out that I had been making moves on an eleven year old girl. But before the older sister left, she said she and the mother would have the younger sister come back into the room so she could be alone with me.

      I was really excited about this. I thought, Well, if they think it's okay, then it must be okay! I lay down, stomach down, on the bed. Somehow I realized that the situation was different from what I'd thought it had been. There were a few people coming to this room in a while. There was going to be a party, probably with old friends of mine from college.

      I may have walked into the bathroom. When I came out of the bathroom, one of my old college friends' mothers walked into the room. She was nice-looking, older, skinny, blonde. She wore a form-fitting, dark blue sweater and dull, blue slacks. She had something like dry cleaning in her arms. She folded the dry-cleaned clothes over a chair at the dining table.

      The woman and I spoke politely, but it seemed to me like I wasn't classy enough to be a satisfactory friend for the woman's child, and that somehow the woman was restraining her disappointment in me.
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