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    1. xxxii.

      by , 09-03-2018 at 10:27 AM
      Non-dream stuff - Woke up with the earlier alarms, around 8:30 and then let the alarm repeat itself every so often, but ended up snoozing a bit and got up at 9:50. Remember the last part of a non-lucid.

      Dream fragment:
      It's difficult to remember what came before, because I went through a door, I think the front door of a very small terraced house. Inside it was dark but there was daylight from a window.

      Immediately inside there were stairs that went either up or down, and I decide to go down, where it was darker and there were no windows. The stairwell was cramped and it felt like an old building for that reason alone. Eventually at the bottom there was a room with a light. This was a shop, even if a very small one, as this room was no bigger than a pantry and it is implied by dream context to be a basement; a man was at the counter and there was someone else browsing. There were metal shelves and wooden crates with things in them.

      There were all sorts of things, I remember thinking it was a drug store at first. I saw some melatonin and other drugs I didn't recognise. I did not remember to question the dream's reality or context. As I looked around the room became bigger and the layout changed; there were a window or two now and toward one corner there were weapons; I remember moving them carefully to the side since I wanted to get past, further into the corner. I remarked on each weapon as I moved them; "this looks like a pillum... this a javelin...".

      When they were out of the way I got into the corner and there was a big cabinet that didn't interest me, and there was a narrow piece of wood furniture that almost looked like a column but was some sort of display cabinet. The other cabinet I wasn't interested in, the other man in the shop was interested in it. I think I either somehow passed it to him or he came to get it, as it was now next to the counter, and inside the cabinet were vinyls.

      Not just any vinyls however, the boxes' covers were decorated in a 20s or 40s style and they were all children's stories. Then I noticed there was a vinyl player from the 70s or 80s next to the cabinet now and the man was trying them out; I could see the vinyl under the perspex lid. Somehow, the vinyls produced images. I remember seeing animated cartoons of whatever the stories were. I liked the vinyl boxes because they were very colourful; with red or blue trims.

      • I've never had a sleep related supplement or the like simply appear in a dream like the melatonin did, so it feels a bit silly that I didn't notice it, especially given that currently, for me to get melatonin I have to ask my parents for it.
      • The weapons didn't look old; in fact the tips were in pristine condition and the wooden handles were nicely oiled.
      • The cabinet that didn't interest me looked old and dilapidated; it was one of the many lifeless-looking objects in the room that seemed to have little colour to them.
      • I'm starting to realise there may be a pattern to my interaction with stairs when they appear in dreams. Often I choose to go down, and when I choose to go down, it does tend to get darker and it tends to feel like it takes a long time. Stairs going down generally seem longer than stairs going up in my dreams.
    2. I Need To Stop Taking Melatonin

      by , 11-06-2015 at 07:22 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      Seriously, Melatonin fucks with your dreams. It's been causing me to have such strange dreams that are constantly changing.

      I took one the other day too and had a dream that instead of carving a pumpkin I was carving a cat.

      I took one last night:

      I was watching the news on TV and the guy had just reported some sad news about a suicide(s) and he was telling viewers to call 1-800-PURPOSE if they felt suicidal. When I woke up, I was surprised that it was actually a valid number, although when I looked it up I think it's actually an electronics company number or something.

      I looked down at my hands and had more fingers than normal. I was outside my house I think, but it was jungle-like and covered in grass. I was more excited than usual so I was losing it. I focused on grass, then spun, which helped. I looked around for someone to bite(for the task of the month) but there was no one. I got too excited and woke in a FA and tried to write down my dream in a Sticky Note on my computer but it was all gibberish.

      I've been having such short LDs lately, I really need to work on stabilization. But I have been having them every 2-4 nights, which is an improvement.

      I was with Brittany and was watching an old home movie recording of her dresser when she was little. "You should save this! It shows the clothes you wore when you were younger." Then, we were IN the home movie, looking through her dresser. I found clothes in there that were actually mine, so I took them back. I realized the sun was setting soon and we were now in a tropical paradise so I wanted to go outside and watch it. So we went outside onto the beach. It was a beautiful sight, a colorful sunset, a red moon on the left of the skyline, and another white moon on the right. I had my feet in the water and noticed outlines of something in the sand under the water. "What are those?" I asked. "Turtles." My sister pulls one out and it's this frog-like turtle creature. She keeps pulling them out and she pulls out a small alligator, then a large alligator, which makes me step away. A trainer appears and prepares to do tricks with the alligator..
    3. Lucid last night...albeit only for a short time

      by , 10-24-2015 at 11:06 AM
      It was a short lucid event...as mine tend to be...but encouraging nevertheless (and anticipated). Yesterday, for the first time during the day, I managed to jerk out of my daytime “dream” on about 10 occasions (the “dream” that isn't “awareness”) I usually get so caught up in daytime living that I only manage a few.

      I only practiced the awareness for a few minutes each time...looking around, thinking “this is a dream,” noting body sensations (particularly the feet) but the real breakthrough was the fact that the “trigger” occurred much more frequently. Maybe reading about the brain is helping...”use it or lose it” as the book says and I'm much more aware how neurons, axons and dendrites work and how critical it is to stimulate the brain by repetition.

      I think I really pushed my brain sections when I first learned the dream routines. I remember how tired I often felt, how sometimes I awoke feeling really ill and (what I called) the “flashing” in my eyes. I now know that neurons were being frantically sequestered from other tasks to cope with my new demands. The basics are now firmly implanted so hopefully, when health problems etc are resolved I'll be even more back on track.

      I was dreaming about a town and I had somehow entered a place where I sensed I shouldn't be and I was poking about in some equipment and I broke a piece off. I retreated apparently still clutching a bar of metal and decided to return to the (hall?) and replace it but I couldn't find the place again. That's a major DS for me and might have started the LD process. The dream was more vivid than usual and I remember tossing the metal into a nearby bush then thinking “I'm dreaming!”

      By now, I can keep the excitement at a reasonable level and I resolved to look around and not dash off (another first really). Then I thought “RC” (good) and decided to levitate. I had resolved to try 2 or 3 RC's and maybe suddenly change the order (further validating the lucidity) but I'm happy that I full-filled most of my training.

      I rose cautiously but started to go out of control a bit so I abandoned that and focussed on a nearby pub. It was beautifully clad in small bright green tiles and all there was a small war memorial alongside it. Then I felt the dream ending. Damn!

      I have same old 2 problems...the shortness of my LD's and the fact that they are generally at the top of the night (usually after at least 7 hours sleep + a WBTB). I assumed it was lack of melatonin but I now have 1.9mg tablets which I've occasionally taken at various times throughout the night with no effect so far. I'm going to try 2 tabs one night (although the Spanish chemist was apparently shocked when asked for 4mg tabs and, knowing how even Spanish painkillers are at higher strengths than allowed in the UK, I'm understandably cautious)

      Hopefully, the “awareness” trigger is here to stay and I can further extend the periods of awareness. So...a good result for me and maybe a sign of more to come

      P.S. I had a “romantic” dream 2 nights ago...not sex...but hey! that's over-rated (I can afford to say that at my age) But, I'd rather have a romance with a good plot than a quick “wham bam thank you DC” but can I have it lucid next time?
    4. No Relief

      by , 04-16-2015 at 12:33 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #430 - DILD -12:16AM

      melatonin about 11PM

      I get the feeling that I am doing some traveling. Feels like Colorado. I am at a bar and I am to wait for this dark haired attractive woman so that I can escort her safely home. It's not like any type of a relationship other than something like me being her body guard. The woman turns to me, stops, then runs to the restroom. I start to follow then stop, not sure what to do. A waitress above me in a balcony says, "She's just going to the restroom first. Do you need to give her a message." I shake my head and wave her away. I realize now that I too need to pee really bad, but it strikes me odd because I just went. In fact, I had just come out of the restroom. I decide I better do it now rather than waiting so I go back into the men's room. It's a fairly small restroom and full like most bars, but I squeeze past the other men to where the urinals are. To my dismay, the urinal section is completely blank. I look under the threes stalls in the room and see the middle one looks empty. Another man is trying to beat me to it but I cut him off. He pauses and then goes into the stall on my right. I chuckle to myself knowing that I saw the feet of someone sitting on the toilet. I half expect to hear a commotion from there, but I have to pee so bad that I forget all about it during the act. After a long pee, I notice that I still feel the urge to go and it really hurts. This could only mean one thing. I might actually be dreaming right now. I do a quick nose plug and let out a quiet yet ecstatic gasp. I am happy to be in a lucid, but the urge to pee is really prevalent. I do my best to forget about it for now and focus on my goals. I need to get out of the stall quickly so I do a high back-flip over the door behind me. Things go into slow motion here and get a little unstable with hazy vision, but I focus on standing in the spot I thought I needed to be and headed out the restroom door.

      My vision returns now and I find myself entering a dark theater. I recall that I wanted to find my dream buddy and go for a run. I hover up and quickly scan the audience. To my left, I see bemistaken sitting with what I think to be her husband. I glide above them and reach down, taking her arm, and pulling her up to my side. I say, "Hi bemistaken." She just glances over at me and smiles. I know we need to go for a run, but time is short so I make the best of what I got. Together we run on top of the theater seats side by side toward the movie screen. I see a Hispanic boy and girl having conversation along with our shadows on the screen. Once we dive into the movie I reach out and touch the girls right cheek for stability. I feel the sensation of merging with the movie but when I turn around we are now on a stage like were are in some play. I nervously look at the audience, but I am blinded by the light. I feel the need to perform and bemistaken and I do our best to act things out. I hear something like a drumbeat and the children singing. Bemistaken says, "Staring, [name]" and then turns to me. I say, "Also staring, [name]' Then I feel like someone is beating under my feet so we lift part of the stage up the let the children out, but we see no one there. I wake up and rush to the toilet.

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    5. Just a Manic MumDay

      by , 03-29-2015 at 06:54 PM
      Still suffering post-op problems (the hospital said at least 2 weeks of that and it's been 12 days so far) Nevertheless, I've managed to remember 2 dreams in the last 2 days.

      The first was so numbingly uninteresting I won't bore you with the fine details...suffice to say I'm a student in a college/uni ?? (My grandson is) I don't seem to be a freshman but I mingle with a group of students (none of whom I apparently recognise.) The plot then revolves around me stereotypically trying to find a way into the main hall, where I'm convinced the rest are assembled. (DS Looking for something and/or lost.)

      The up side of course is it would just need me to get back to reasonable awareness and there's Ed continually prompting me to recognise my main dream sign.

      The other was a bit more interesting. I'm outdoors and there are 2 women in the distance...one with a pushchair. There's a profound air of menace about these two...evil maybe. (what's this Ed... "Mothers from Hell"?...and why???) I tell myself that I need to face this dream and I will banish my fears. (So I thought "dream"...am I inching towards LD again here?)

      I move resolutely towards them, then loads of angels appear...they're clearly not real, just small metallic-looking figures and they're everywhere in the sky. Then the sky clears and the menace (and the demon moms) are no more. This is just not my style...If they'd been loads of Buddhist monks then maybe.

      Admittedly I had a glasss of Faustino VII before I went to bed and the dream was at 01.30am (less than one hour later) I've said this before..a glass of wine does seem to pep up my early dreams so I must get down to Asda (it's on offer)

      Talking of stimulants my son brought me the melatonin and, despite my still slightly delicate condition I risked one when I did a WBTB after the mum's dream. Result...nothing...zilch...bugger all...slept like a baby. When the time's right I'll try 2...and a Faustino chaser.

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    6. Just ticking over at the moment...

      by , 03-09-2015 at 01:34 PM
      71 dreams recorded in 111 days and just 2 lucids…that’s my record since I backed away last August…that doesn’t sound impressive but I’ve done very little dream-work since then. The things that really work for me are lots of walking, whilst contemplating the Universe and running through the mantras, dream signs etc (viewed from a distance I maybe look like someone on day-release from an institution.)

      But I have a workload and some deadlines and health probs and it will stay that way till later this year…so I not going out much this winter. But I am thinking (always too much thinking…not really good for awareness is it?) It’s my way to explore all possibilities.

      How to maximise awareness…are there shortcuts? Still using pre-recorded mantras etc. For later use, I’m amassing paperwork on Buddhism, meditation, the mind, melatonin, DMT, “shrooms”…that’s another co-incidence…as well a using “lucidity” in my first book I used the word “shrooms”…I’m 99.9999% sure I hadn’t researched either yet they’re in the book and now I’m really interested in both.

      B6, choline etc doesn’t seem to work for me…maybe beetroot tabs help but even that’s not certain…red wine imparts a certain “richness to my dreams (happy days!) My lucid events still only occur at the top of the morning (after 7+ hours of sleep ) and I take that as a sign that it’s maybe poor melatonin accumulation during the night?

      I take comfort from the fact that I seem to have got over excessive excitement when I hit lucidity and I’ve finally put my self-doubts to bed by doing three successive reality checks during my last lucid event (plus I stabilized a wall, after my hand went through it, just by willing it to feel solid.)

      But I’m still off, over the hills and far away, after the preliminaries (I must look at everything, taking my time to explore the absurdities of dreams…) I got over-confident and took to the sky for a short wiz-round which maybe brought my dream to a premature end...that’s me, I have the will but I currently lack the stamina…I actually felt my heart speed up as I was coming out of it…is that a normal side-effect of the end of REM?

      Maybe my dream efforts will kill me but I can’t think of a nicer way to go (well…I can but that’s not for delicate ears like yours…)

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    7. ISIS Hates Megan Strait

      by , 12-07-2014 at 09:51 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #387 - DILD - 5:32AM

      I went to be late at midnight and had planned to take Galantamine at WBTB around 4AM, but at 2AM I had a horrible nightmare that made me think about the waking life implications. I have been taking 5-HTP pre-bed for depression and it's really been giving me powerful vivid dreams, though non-lucid. I was actually excited to see how Galantamine would work for me now but my thoughts kept me wake for over an hour so I decided it wasn't the night. I felt restless legs starting and I got up to take 1mg Melatonin and 400mg Ibuprofen. I considered trying an induction technique, but I really just wanted to fall back to sleep and stop thinking about stuff. I used randomness to quickly pass out, hoping at least, desire would catch the dream.

      Much later, I am on a road trip with some 'friends' (their faces aren't anyone I know IWL) and we come to some city. Springfield? Someone mentions that it should be close to time for them to start filming SNL and they all really want to go. I look at the clock and see it's 4:30. I figure we have an hour before it starts but I realize we aren't that close to New York and something about the time feels wrong. Still, I have a strong urge to go alone so I ignore this.

      Somehow I end up in a room with a stage. There are very few folding chairs scattered about in clusters and even less people sitting in them. I think this is very odd, but I continue to take a seat. Amy Peohler is on stage talking with another unknown person. It is some sort of pre-show and they point to a guy in our group. They set up some agreement that he would somehow be apart of some skit. This guy looks vaguely familiar and is wearing a yellow shirt with camouflage pants and combat boots. He has thick curly black hair and looks like a person with a sense of humor. He stands up, salutes, and says, "Yes commander."

      I have a memory gap, but find myself lucid from doing some form of awareness/mindfulness. I think I forgot most of this, but I recall that I have been watching the show for what feels like a long time. Amy is gone and there is some other celebrity on stage talking. She looks a lot like Megan Trainor with brown hair wearing some light blue prom dress. As I watch her drone on, I feel like the dream is becoming unstable because I feel like can't hold all of this in my head for much longer. The concentration of sitting here idly while trying to remember all that has been said is way too much for me. I have the idea that I really need to be doing something active to keep the dream stable. I try to think what to do knowing that I should have a goal, but I can't be bothered with it right now. Suddenly feeling outrageously rebellious, I have an idea. I leap up from my seat, run to the stage, plant a hand on the edge, and vault myself in front of the woman. Without hesitation, I grab a hold of the front of her silky blue dress, and pull down. This surprising reveals her naked breast to everyone. I am not sure what I thought would happen but this really does surprise me. She stands there for a moment in shock while I admire her cleavage. I have a mild temptation to have some fun, but I quickly resist and turn away.

      I return to my seat and make a grand gesture to the now growing audience. The woman is still standing there unashamed and laughing as everyone else erupts with excitement. As I watch, I purposefully look only at her face and not her bare breasts. Suddenly, blue text appears as an overlay to the stage. It appears social media is blowing up because of what is happening on live television. I can see the comments on Twitter and all of the tagging of other people, @soandso @thisguy @somebody (I can't remember the names). Then hashtags appear #something #lookatthis. Again, I don't recall the actual words and I think was mostly gibberish anyway. I laugh at bit, but but start to really really bad for the woman. It feels like shame and embarrassment and something inappropriate. I don't like the feeling so I decide that I want something really hilarious to show up. As I gently will the dream to respond, I think these words and they appear clearly in front of the stage alongside the rest. I am not sure how this showed up, but its more like my subC put it out there for me: "@ISIS hates Megan Strait. #ISIS" I get the feeling that these people would really hate knowing this woman bared her breast on live television. It's not really funny to me, but I decide this will be DJ entry title. The dream quickly fades.

      I have an FA where I am trying to recall the dream and how I even got lucid. I remember as I see the funny camo guy holding a milk carton with the word 'Ninja' on it. He tells me that this was 'Ninja Juice' and as soon as I saw the word 'Ninja', BAM I was lucid. Then, I actually wake wondering if this is true.

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    8. I'm No Lucy

      by , 11-25-2014 at 02:54 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #383 - DILD - 12:45AM

      A large dose of Yohimbe Bark late in the morning, some melatonin to fight the lasting insomnia, and watching Lucy movie may have helped this LD along. It was a little after 11pm when I last looked at the clock and I had multiple awakenings all night. Most of my non lucids where boring and I found myself contemplating the movie in dream several times.

      I was previously lucid from something about the movie. I ended up losing lucidity for awhile and I forgot all of the first part. I have been chasing after someone or something and I eventually stop becoming introspective once again.

      I remember that I was lucid and come back to it once more. I look at my hands and the environment around me. My hands look pretty normal with a hint of dream quality. I realize I am on a hillside at night. I search my mind for a few of my goals. First I recall wanting to have an XCOM dream. I summon a rifle and hear distant marching as I move forward. I search for aliens to shoot but when I look down I see I have no rifle. Ugh. Try something else.

      I recall wanting to try some of the things Lucy did in the movie but I am distracted by a super huge moon at the top of the hill. I run forward but have difficulty finding my footing. I look down and back up and see the moon is gone but there is a large dark sphere at the top of the hill now. I see a silhouette of a man in a cockpit at one part of the sphere. I remember to try CL's pinch zoom to get a better look but it doesn't work. I feel silly making motions in the air and give that one up too.

      The I remember once again Lucy. I try to slap away the sphere and make time past to day time. Doesn't work. Then I try I teleport like she did an surge forward. The dream goes dark.

      I wake up and look at the clock. The time is clear and says 11:30pm. I am really surprised at this and guess I must have fallen straight into a dream. The room lights up and I see all the sheets are gone. I look over and see the woman version of The Master wearing her stupid hat and in some kinky red lingerie. She's droning on something but all I can say is, "Wow the sheets are gone!" I wake up.

      My she's ugly.
    9. Waterbending #2

      by , 10-23-2014 at 03:17 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #372 - DILD - 1:32AM

      I was happy to have an early night DILD with minimal effort. I had set my intention at bedtime but used no actual technique other than really wanting to get lucid. It was a close one because I almost forgot the first half. It was the intent on an actual goal that raised my lucidity up another level otherwise I am afraid I would have completely forgot this one; I am convinced it happens for that I realize.

      Some things that may have influenced dreaming... A glass of wine early in the evening, (though I felt back to baseline at bed time), 3mg Melatonin.

      I am with my wife and we need more space to sleep. We enter an abandoned trailer in the country owned by my ex FIL that is acting like my wife's father. The entire floor was a mattress and I lay down with her. There is some dialog between the DCs and I notice part of the wall is missing. There are some water stains but I don't mind as long as I don't get wet. I drift off to sleep as they are talking.

      I am now on a moving boxcar at night. For some reason I am trying to summon Jean-Luc Picard but I am having a hard time. I use dream control methods as if I am lucid by pretending and expecting him to show up. Though I do catch a few thin visuals, I am mostly talking to the air and acting very much like Q. I forget most of this but I recall making some grand gesture and saying, "Now do you want to see some real magic, Jean-Luc Picard?" I stand on the opposite end and use TK to draw a gate between us then quickly phase out of the boxcar.

      As I float in the night watching the boxcar speed away, I become fully lucid. I really want to met Picard so I rush back to the boxcar but it is way too fast. I see it's coming around a corner and I try to cut it off. Unfortunately, I phase clear through it and it leaves me behind.

      I become mindlessly obsessed with catching Picard. I realize now that I am on foot chasing a car. The tail lights disappear around a bend. I run at super speed but I just can't catch it. I tell myself that I should be able to do this because it's a dream. The environment switches from night to day and I see some water past the trees in the distance. I almost leave it behind to follow the road but I recall my actual goal. Waterbending!

      I stand at the bank and reach out to the water. Some mist sprays up and turns to ice then settles back down on my obscuring my vision like thick wet sleet. I almost fall to the void but focus on visuals to quickly get back in the dream. I step into the water now touching it with my hands. There is a mild sensation of cold and wet on my legs. A ball of water starts to rise up but quickly falls. I switch methods and shoot a long jet of water from my hands. I pause and then do it again for a longer period of time.

      Now I try pushing back the water to form a wall but I quickly find myself on some artificial beach. Which each swell of the waves I am able to hold the water back for just a few seconds. During this I begin to see small cartoon-like Killer whales and Sperm Whales jumping out of the water in front of me. I note this much I am too focused on the water to care much. After a bit, I notice a male DC to my left helping me hold the water back. With our combined effort we manage to create large flat wall of water about 10-15 feet tall and half as wide. I become very pleased with myself but realize I am not doing it alone. This breaks my concentration and the water crashes on me. I am tossed around some until I wake up. I nose plug right away. Yep, this time its real.

      Other non lucid dreams

      I enter some psychedelic retro musical as I dance around odd visuals and colors with my son. I try to take a selfie.

      I am in the same time era on a building top with some boys. One falls. A helicopter comes to take him. I almost stay behind but I really want a free ride on a chopper.

      I thought I was fried and went on a huge ranting rampage only to realize that I was mistaken. I wasn't really fired after all.
    10. (August 5,2014) explosives

      by , 08-05-2014 at 03:36 PM
      August 5th, 2014

      I had a few decent dreams tonight, but im missing some plot details.

      First, I was with a friend i dont know in real life, living in a side by side apartment like complex, like a double resident brick house really. This place was not that great looking, it was more old and worn down. Faded and stained tan carpet, sometimes green carpet, the walls were lined with stained wood, like in small cheap homes in small towns, and dull lighting. I would go back and forth between the houses seeing a few different people but i cant remember much of what i was doing there. It was night. I eventually left with the friend to escape the city i think. Only part about this part i recall is swimming in a brick tunnel with water everywhere and having to find a ladder up and out.

      Another dream i had, a friend and I were playing with explosives, like c4 or something similar, and were blowing up parked vehicles. We were outside at night hiding in grass beside the road, the one i remember most was putting some behind the front tire of a delivery truck and crawling away fast then hearing it explode. There wasn't much more than a few houses around and a few parked cars.

      I was on a bad recall streak but this is good to see, its by no means my best recall, but i remember enough for it to be decent.
    11. Experiment: Melatonin Introduction

      by , 07-31-2014 at 04:33 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      11:12 pm

      I got 3mg melatonin tablets. I'll test them to see if they produce lucid dreams. So far, people have told me that they experienced realistic and/or wild vivid dreams. Also, I was told that 3mg is supposedly too much, as we only need to take 1mg. There is an option to cut the tablet in half, but I will start with the tablet's dose (for convenience; no other reason).

      Time and techniques.

      I had varied results from using various techniques. None were ever consistent. Results fade away with time, and the techniques simply become repetitions. So far, I've had the most vivid and memorable dreams when I sleep after 6 a.m. and wake up a little before noon.


      Dreams also scatter quickly when I use an alarm clock, depending on the tone. When I use music, I quickly forget and just sing or listen to the music. Music also brings various images that could have changed the dream images. LD-related sounds, e.g. "Are you dreaming?", helps me focus on what I was dreaming before.


      I sleep lighter with the lights on, and the dreams also seem more memorable. When the lights are off, I can barely get myself to move to turn on the lights or at least grab a pen and a notebook and "blind write" some keywords. It seems ideal to keep the lights on, but I'm concerned how this will affect the dream process.


      I won't be working on this daily. I have a limited supply of tablets, and at the same time, I'm concerned how long the effects of the tablet last in the body. I don't want it to accumulate as it could ruin the data for this experiment. I also have other activities IRL. However, I plan to stick to a consistent time for the week for sleeping, e.g. 11 pm the entire week, 3 am the next, and 8 am after.


      Test 1: Melatonin alone, no other practices, e.g. meditation or WILD techniques. Sleep before 12 mn.
      Test 2: Melatonin with meditation before sleeping.
      Test 3: Melatonin with WILD technique.
      Test 4: Melatonin with LD-related alarm.

      Time part 1.

      Test 1-4: Same as above except sleep after 2 am.

      Time part 2.

      Test 1-4: Same as above except sleep after 6 am.

      Start date: Next week, August 6, 2014 (Wednesday).
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    12. (July 29, 2014) Abandonrd Shipping Depot, strange pond

      by , 07-29-2014 at 03:43 PM
      July 29, 2014 8:58 AM **Includes notes at the bottom**

      Rating: 4/5

      3MG melatonin taken before falling asleep at 1:30 AM~ish

      +The First dream I can remember starts out walking out of an amusement park somewhere at night, im walking down a sidewalk with my brother and we come across and old building with a archway that leads into a open area surrounded by the building. looking down into the "courtyard" I see a lot of half rusted shipping containers places around various spots on the ground. this place looks like it has not been used in a while. so we decide to walk through the red brick archway to the container yard. the whole building is an old factory style building, its made of almost entirely brick,has a lot of metal staircases, and small window panes put together to make a big window. after entering through the archway, immediately on out left is a old metal staircase. I decide to go up it. I am trying to be quiet as possible but the stairs make a loud creaking sound with every step up. finally after making it up the the top,i can either go across the top of the brick archway to one side, or to the right through a little door into another room, or take the staircase to the right of the metal staircase down onto the first floor of the building. I decide to look through the little doorway to the right. its it short, and has a cheap wooden frame around it. looking through it I see there is no floor in there, just some boards for building support, below i can see a staircase to the basement. i also see a briefcase on a shelf across from where the doorway is i am looking through. at this point, a man and woman join me in trying to get this briefcase. i get close to knocking it down but cant, then the woman trys to and she ends up knocking it down to the stair case below. I can see it from up here and decide to go down to look for it. The man has already decided he will go look for it before i go and try. I click on my bright flashlight and walk down the first flight of stair that were to the right of the outside metal stairs, though a dark hallway with rooms on the left to the staircase that i could see above from the little doorway. the staircase is barely visible, its covered in either dust or sand so much that it looks like a slope, but i barely make out each step. I go near the bottom and realize the briefcase i no longer there and i stop instantly in my tracks. i look straight ahead and see the basement goes off to the right but i feel to afraid to look what it back there. it is completely silent and im standing in the basement entry. i yell out to the two people who are with me to make sure they are alright, but i get no response i slowly head had up the stairs back into the hall way when i get attacked by some people, i go into the nearby room i saw earlier and there is the man fighting as well as me now, fighting a group of people i suppose want the briefcase as well. i use the strobe effect on my flashlight to make it hard to see and bash em on the side of my head with the light and we start knocking the guys out but two more go through the doorway, a different man and woman, the woman attacks me and pins me down but my fried helps knock her off while i proceed to hit here with the light and soon she is out cold, as well as the other guy my friend was fighting. at the end of the right, the woman with us comes down with the briefcase saying something like jeez guys why was this hard to get? and me and my friend just look at each other and laugh while she walks out the doorway.

      +this dream is more fragmented, I am in some sort of vacation home out in the woods with my family. from where it starts, I am in a hallway in our house, with bedroom doors on the wall behind me, and windows on the wall in front of me. the floors are faded wooden plank floor and the walls are whit. there is a nice breeze coming in trough the window, and outside the window immediately is a pond. In fact, the house is built slightly over this pond. i have a hot dog on a bun in my hand, and i put it in the water to see if it will catch something, but then something does end up taking it, something small and definitely not a fish. I decide to grab another one and head outside to a walk way beside the pond. it is a nice sunny day out but the sun is getting ready to start setting soon. i can see flower gardens behind white walls, and of course the pond. i walk over to the side of the pond from the walkway and put the food in the water again, this time standing in the water. now i can feel a bunch of little things grabbing my ankles trying to pull me down, and i quickly pull out my knife and cut at whatever is pulling me down and get back on the walkway with a prt in my hand i cut off to see what it is. it is a little light blue, transparent hand they looks like those sticky rubber hands you win in real life as cheap arcade prizes. I eventually end up making peace with the little blue people, and walk away over to a pool, when i hear my parents say its time to go inside. so i'm cleaning stuff around the pool and start heading in when the dream ends.

      Side Notes: The melatonin seems to be giving me a few longer dreams that are generally pretty easy to recall at least one almost fully. most dreams seem to be at night but i think since i started ADA and have been becoming more aware of daytime settings rather than night because just of time to do it happens mostly during he day, more dreams seem to be during the day than usual. still waiting for my second lucid dream. i want to try and construct buildings, and talk to some dream characters and learn a bit more of how they function. anyway, a possible dream sign, if you have been reading my entries you may have noticed, i'm usually exploring some sort of vacant or abandoned building. never really in populated buildings.
    13. "1st Dream High Ever"

      by , 02-05-2014 at 09:47 PM
      I was at this theme park that i could not recognize. There was a roller coasters from what i could see. I went into this restaurant. It had walls made of metal. I thought that was unusual . I sat down on an arcade game. It had a key board with a chair that reminded me of a racing game. It also had two controls for each arm that looked like part of an aviation game. The game was so realistic I thought I was in the game. The environment seemed like a jungle in the night. There was a militia with tanks and they were prepared for something. I was running with a huge line of people out of the trees into this field with giant puddles of black murky water. These hog like creatures were chasing us and making people fall on the ground. I don't know why. At first I thought they were the reason we were running. Then all of a sudden i heard a loud roar and it was this dinosaur like creature with weapons attached to it. I remember once I seen him the shock put my consciousness back into the arcade game chair I was sitting in all along. I could see all the controls I was pressing. I forgot what the keyboard was for but it helped. The aviation controls were used to shoot missiles and fire guns. I think i was controlling other people too. Some of the militia had (avatar) type mechs. I lost in the game and it was over. I looked at the name of the arcade game and it said Godzilla. I was confused though because i had never seen any Godzilla game like that in my life. I looked to my side and seen one of my close friends on one of these arcade game chairs to the left of me. He was at the far left. There was three of these chairs in a row. Then i see my Grandpa, two uncles and mom's bf walk in. One of my uncles sat in the last game chair that wasn't occupied. My Grandpa stood on the right of me and he started talking to me. While he was talking to me, my uncle on the left pulled out some weed without letting my Grandpa notice and he asked me quietly if i wanted to smoke. I said yeah. I interrupted my Grandpa and told him to sit down at table and wait for us to be done with the game. I knew he would say okay because he is very old and would rather sit than stand. As soon as he left My uncle took a hit out a small bowl. There was a little bit of smoke that was visible and as soon as i thought that, my other uncle appeared on my right side where was my grandpa was standing and said "oh you guys are smoking I have some too, i just don't have anything to smoke out of " when I looked at my uncle I seen my mom's bf standing behind him. He asked my mom's bf if he wanted to smoke. He told him i got the wrap and ill roll it. For some reason my uncle asked me if it was worth it. I just said yeah. The two of them sat down on a table that was next to the arcade game on the right side to roll it. After that my uncle that was sitting next to me gave me the little pipe and a white lighter. I looked around to make sure no one was looking. Everyone was just at their tables eating comfortably. A little boy fell on the floor and started rolling around next to me and that made me paranoid. Then a worker came out of the staff room that was in the middle of the games and the table that my other uncle and mom's bf were at. The coast was clear after that and I remember taking a hit of the weed. It must have been top shelf or something because I had an instant effect. I made sure not to let any smoke out. Nobody noticed what we were doing. I gave the pipe back to my uncle and because of the weed i forgot if I was giving him the right lighter back. I checked in my pockets and found a blue bic lighter that was bigger. I asked him wait which lighter is mine and which one is yours? He made a face like he knew which one was his but he just stood quiet and waited for me to make a decision. I ended giving him my blue one. I just said " I don't know which one is yours I'm really high." After i gave it to him i had a feeling i gave him the wrong one but i didn't say anything. it just reassured me that my uncle would steal from me. I looked back at my game screen and noticed that the game had changed by itself. I was shocked. Then it changed to street fighter vs. Capcom. The screen had venom v.s someone else. I wanted to play it but i was so high I just looked at it in amazement. Then everything started fading and I woke up.

      I do not advise anyone to smoke marijuana in real life. I just had to share this dream because I was going to start writing my dreams on this website today anyways.
      I also took 3mg of melatonin last night before i went to sleep. That is most likely why I remember this dream so vividly.
    14. Astral Car Ride

      by , 02-05-2014 at 12:07 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #275 - DILD - 3:09AM]

      I dream something about some old biblical stuff. I find a statue of a saint.
      I have a strange false awakening standing up. I remember I was trying to WILD and lay my head down on the truck of a car.

      The vibrations start and I feel like I am laying in bed. Everything feels like a normal WILD but I am reluctant to be stuck in SP again. This time I go straight to visualizing. I'm still a little confused from the last dream and really want to visit this place that was connected to the statue. I visualize a tree with a small door in it. I recite a Bible verse in my mind, "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."

      The dream transforms me some place different. I am laying on my stomach in the back seat of a car. The dream slowly flickers into view as I am looking at my hand clapping and rubbing. I sit up and see my Dad driving. The front has a bench seat and my son is standing on the other side next to him. My son hits my dad and my dad slaps at him in a weak childish way. Then, they both slap hands at each other. I stop all of it by clapping my hands on my dad's ears as hard as I can several times until he yells at me to stop. I say, "You can't hurt me in my non physical form." I am under the impression that I just had an OBE while traveling and my physical body in still lying in the seat asleep.

      I try to see where we are going but I feel really near sighted. I ask, "Where are we? I can't see." My dad just gives some non-answer. See some cars passing us the other way and ask if we are in a town yet. Again he avoids answering me. I'm really confused what we are doing and ask if we are picking up my daughters. I don't remember what he says but it wasn't satisfying. I see that we are parking on the side of some building. When the car stops, I expect it will wake me up.

      I have another FA and lose lucidity. I feel the shift of returning to my sleeping body and set up in the car. I feel very tired and can hardly open my eyes. I try to record my dream in my DJ and as I recall I begin to feel very confused about this whole thing. Something just isn't right. Before I can put two and two together my wife rolls over and wakes me up.
    15. Heal the world

      by , 01-29-2014 at 02:46 AM
      Date: 21 Jan

      Entry 2/2

      I thoroughly review in head the previous dreams and get more insomnia

      Vaguely recall these two as I fell asleep afterwards.

      DILD: I am in this yard like it was in the past, much wider, etc. Know I am dreaming and think of music. It think there was happiness, confidence and possibly thoughts about something before this part.

      I start to sing or expect to hear a song. My subcon picks up a dream remix of "heal the world" by M. Jackson. I concentrate on making it sound like sung by a choir and hear the music loudly coming from everywhere and into me. Notice a few instruments too, really nice. I keep singing with the music but at some point I don't know the lyrics so that makes it hard for the music to continue. In addition, the more I become one with the music coming all around me, the more I lose sight of the yard and the dream and become blind. The dream soon fades.

      I may have a micro awakening or so, no review, continue sleepying.

      DILD:Don't remember the beginning of the dream. I am in this room, talking to bf and open and close a few doors, where I think about not locking them as it is a dream.

      Bf is going somewhere but before I can say anything else, he vanishes. There's a stick that I decide to leave outside, should I need it for defense? I also notice a strange gurgling sound coming from a pipe, find it interesting. I go back to the same room, there were lots of bed there before but now it's a single connected bed the size of four beds is covering most of the room.

      I remember I wanted to play with my ipad, so I try to summon it by drawing its shape with my fingers. It's funny because I do this instinctively rather than consciously. While there's a rectangular shape in progress, it isn't working to produce an ipad and on the bed just below my hands is my ipad so I grab it and try to stretch the frame. It happens, just as if I was dragging the image of a frame on a PC. I expand the screen to a TV size, then have to apply a bit more stretching as it does not stay in the desired shape for long. It gets small again. I think about trying to control the image.

      Then something happens outside and now there are two scary zombi-like DCs and they are about to enter the place. I try to close the door although know they will get in anyways. I decide to face them and affect them. Actually, I feel quite confident and no matter how ugly they are (especially one with something coming out of his mouth), I just feel positivity and so spread it to them. They become quite happy and we just hang in there like drunk buddies. I stare in the eyes of one of them, he feels like a phantom rather than real person and is not looking at me with any purpose/driving force. The dream soon fades.

      I black out before being able to journal and have a few other dream fragments.
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