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    1. [29-04-2015]

      by , 04-29-2015 at 09:09 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Stolen wallet

      I was on a school trip to a huge metropoly. On the spot, I saw that it was only one shopping mall surrounded by wilderness. I could see huge mosquitos flying all around, and there were other animals too. With group of classmates from previous school, we went out of a bus, and headed for the shopping mall.

      I went there with my friend. We took some baggages, as this was a trip for a week. We entered the shopping mall, which was relatively small place. We walked the stairway, it was really crowded. Suddenly I felt that something is not right. I put my hand into the pocket and saw that I have no wallet.

      I told my friend about it, but he told me that I surely have it somewhere in the baggages. We went to the meeting spot. We waited for someone to tell us what to do next. I looked at the classmates, they were watching us and laughing for no reason.

      I went outside, and saw my wallet lying in a little valley. I took it, and checked if something was taken from it. There was a picture of an ugly woman inside, and all the documents too. I checked if I still have my money, and someone took it. Suddenly two of the classmates appeared, and told me who did it. Angered I went on a rampage against the thief.


      It was during some kind of a holiday. Everyone was celebrating. I went to the kitchen and saw some pies and bottle of wine standing on a table. There were also some fruits. I took a melon with a hexagonal shape, and went to the living room. I sat on a couch, and ate it while friend of my brother was preparing to go. He looked a bit different, and was wearing black suit.
    2. 2013, September 15 (Sunday); Melon, Rescue 911, Talking

      by , 09-15-2013 at 11:12 PM
      One of the later dreams:

      > I pulled off I-80 to the right (Not off an off-ramp, Off to the side) to a greenhouse or some such place and while I was in there I knocked over a large slab of yellow melon (Which had no skin and was unprotected from dirt and such but didn't get dirty) and after I put it back up a small dog started eating it. I went to the other side of the building to talk with employees (Including one man who had a mustache and was balding a bit but who wasn't Jeff Yeager the Cheapskate) about buying the melon but couldn't as it was discontinued or something like that if I remember right. I notice now that there wasn't any highway noise.

      Later in the same place I was in a room and watched Rescue 911 on TV and I said that the TV show was on from 1991 to 1996 (Though that's true I meant that it started in 1991 but it started in 1989) cried about something regarding a young child while an older woman watched it.

      I was then later in another room which was fairly empty and then later went into another room where I spoke to a woman. The weather may have been slightly rainy outside and I saw that out of the windows.

      > Later, I was in a Walmart carrying my Telecaster, Thinking of playing a song inside it and then while I was in there the intercom system on the house phone paged my phone and I answered it, And Father was on the other side of the line talking very faintly and said something about "My son" And I was alerted.

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    3. Cousin Miki

      by , 02-23-2013 at 04:07 AM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      I was on the bus coming home from school. The driver pulls away with someone running behind, but he doesn't stop. Everyone on the bus asks him to wait but he ignores them. He goes a different way than usual, and says we are looking for Miki. I got scared, because I didn't know she was gone (she is my cousin in the dream apparently). I think she ran away from home. I got off the bus and behind me followed Kagamine Rin. We searched together. There was some kind of hole dug under the ground with rotted boards scattered everywhere. We looked around but didn't see her, so I left and went home. At home I asked my older brother if he had seen Miki. He looked worried. I asked him for advice and he said to bring some game with me. I asked one of my younger brothers but before I could give the question I noticed he was wearing a shirt with a picture of Miku on it. I said "hey, you don't like vocaloid," but he just shrugged. I went downstairs and I walked to nona's house to ask her. I went inside and asked "you know cousin Miki is missing?" She didn't even know who it was I was talking about (only sane person in this dream XD). I told her "the girl with the red hair." After that I saw a shadow outside out of the corner of my eye. Nonna made a strange face and scared the figure away. I knew it was Miki though, so I looked outside, but I only saw a family of carved melons (??). They were basically human shaped carvings made of different melons. One of them had red watermelon hair just like Miki's I asked nonna if that was Miki and she said yes, but she is just hiding in that form (or something like that). Then I woke up.
      Tags: bus, melon, nona, vocaloid
    4. The Possessed Church and Struggling Man

      by , 11-05-2011 at 04:01 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a church. There's a melon offering. Then an airplane offering? Like a toy. Then someone (or something) was possessed. I saw some people are asleep on the pews. Someone (me?) tried to exorcise the evil spirit. It was successful, but then the great-great grandparent of the evil spirit rose up, and possessed the whole church building. The whole congregation ran away.

      I was somewhat the building, but this within the town. I was with some companions. I was on a bridge-wall. I was looking at a dome building. The whole town is being possessed now. Yellow mood. We ran further.

      I was looking at the whole town from afar. We planned something to destroy the whole town. I saw it destroyed, but then it regenerates. We cooked and ate from afar, but in view of the town. A guy arrived and cooked fried rice for us.

      I was in a van with some people, going somewhere. We arrived. Just the two of us. Me and a woman. We arrived at a house, up in the mountains of nowhere. We set up the house. It feels lonely, but it feels safe, and away from any trouble. I then wondered what to eat for dinner, so I asked my companion. We're going out to buy food. I walked to the back of the house; it looked like a mini forest, and dark. Like the "back" of the town I'm in, hidden "behind" our elementary school. I commented how it feels like a good place. She complained saying there's no TV/electricity. I walked down the front stairs and found that the "stair" (a pile of flat stones) is unstable.

      As we walked out (afternoon?) of the house, and seeing the view of the countryside of grasses and visible houses from afar, I told her she can read books. As we walked down the dirt road towards the perpendicular cemented road, she complained that everything is far from everything else. I told her she could use the exercise.

      We walked up the street to the van and bus terminal. There are a lot of stores there, like a marketplace. I commented how, if we brought a dog, it will be lonely, because I/we are traveling.

      We went into a pharmacy. Now she's a "he." She bought some stuff. One looked like a pineapple head. I asked if that's dinner. He said no, that's a baby. I looked at it again, and it looked like a freaky head of a baby. I asked if he wanted one, why don't we just get one (?), and he hesitated, like he realized the truth in my statement.

      Then I saw a mask, like a gas mask for the asthmatic, fly when a doctor overdid something. Or rather, it floated to the right. I saw him get it, and again, did something wrong. He said something about cheap apparatus not working properly, and how it's better to get expensive ones that work dependably. I thought he was just saying it out loud for people to buy more expensive ones and for him to earn more.

      I went outside and saw down the beach from afar, but saw it up close. There are people swimming in the clear, blue water. Then I my view went back to the top of the countryside, and from afar, I saw the clouds and mountains. The sky is red and orange, the mountains black, and I saw an image of a man holding back two mountains on either side of him that are about to fall on top of him. Red lightning danced all over him. I thought, I should have brought my camera for this!

      The name Labaw Donggon came mind. I hear the roar of thunder as the man struggled.