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    1. My Long Lucid Dream Story (FIRST POST)

      by , 12-22-2017 at 11:30 PM
      Hi there! CrushTower, here!

      This is a long lucid dream story, just for a heads up. It's actually one of the longest lucid dreams I've had and consider it one of my favorites! Please enjoy!

      I was in some unknown neighborhood when I decided to enter someone's house. The owner greeted me and allowed me to enter, weirdly enough. He never said anything, but he walked somewhere else, leaving me to myself. I remember his attire being a white dress shirt, which was neatly tucked into his khaki pants. He also wore a pair of glasses with a neatly combed hairdo. I entered into his very messy kitchen with dirty dishes and utensils stacked on top of the counter. It was everywhere, but in the midst of it all, I spotted a microwave sitting on the counter. I walked towards it and opened it finding a stack of pancakes with butter resting on the top of it. There was no plate underneath them, but it smelled so good. I even had the urge to take some, but I thought it would be wrong since they weren't mine. Te next thing I know, I find myself at some random park with three friends (whom aren't real, but keep reappearing in a lot of my dreams). It was a bright, sunny day and we were all having fun hanging out with each other. Something triggered my lucidity, and I decided to ask one of them a question. I quickly tried to think of something before I woke up. Without really thinking, I asked, "Since you're my subconscious, what is one of my greatest fears?" The girl with golden hair jokingly responded by saying, "A water bottle in water", before she and the two other dream friends of mine walked away from me. I remember not knowing what to say next because I wasn't expecting a joke answer like that. As I watched as my friends walk farther away from me, I began to feel a slight regret from asking that question.
      I instantly find myself waking up from where I was sleeping. It seems to be daytime outside, and I get up to start walking towards the hallway. That was when, from the corner of my eye, I spotted something dark and black...and it was whispering something. I didn't bother looking at it, but instead decided to run as fast as I could towards an area near the kitchen in my house. I turned and tried to look at it from where I was, but I couldn't make it out since it was standing around a corner. For some crazy reason, I decided to go see what it was. I got closer and closer, until it suddenly emerged from behind the corner and screamed at me. The voice was so high pitch, that I remember it echoing throughout the house. It was a witch, but in the form of a little girl. She had black hair and pale white skin. Without a second to waste, I turned and started running as fast as I could, but when I looked behind me, I could see how fast she was running after me, and it scared the crap out of me! I ran through the kitchen, and that's when I heard a loud bump coming from the second floor, but I was too busy focusing on the witch that I didn't really think about it at the time. The witch was closing in on me, and as she did, I quickly jumped and kicked her back. She stumbled back, but she kept trying to run towards me, and each time she did, I would keep kicking her back.
      At the same time, I heard something coming through the kitchen, and I saw that it was the thing that created the bump from earlier--a vampire with no face. I immediately dodged past it to get away from the two of them, but for some reason, the witch ran in the opposite direction from me, as if trying to get me from the other side of the house. As I stood in the hallway outside the kitchen, the vampire continued to approach me, and I tried to do my jump-kick tactic from earlier...but my foot phased straight through him, and I collapsed onto the ground. The vampire immediately grabbed a hold of me and started violently shaking me. It wasn't until I suddenly realized that I was still dreaming, that I tried to force myself to wake up.
      I think I did wake up, but I fell asleep back into the same dream...and it was from the very beginning of the same dream. This time, my grandmother was present and she was walking towards the kitchen. I began to worry the same thing would happen again, but I think at the time, I was unsure whether I was still dreaming or not. I suddenly received a phone call from my cell phone, which was vibrating in my pocket. After picking it up immediately, I found out it was one of my friends from earlier in the dream.
      "You do know you're dreaming, right?" she suddenly asked. Upon hearing that, I instantly snapped into lucidity, and reassured myself that I was dreaming. I remember being nervous of what was about to happen, but that's when she started talking to me about the little witch and vampire with no face, and I felt glad that she understood my circumstances. After hanging up, I began hearing some strange noises, and I immediately told my grandmother about the situation. (I knew I was dreaming, so I don't understand why I did this.) As per usual, she didn't believe me no matter how many times I warned her. The strange noises sounded like they were getting closer to us, and I decided to just grab her car keys, take her by the hand, and jet out the back door.
      We ended up in our driveway, and for some reason, I couldn't find my grandmother's van, but upon turning around from where I came from, I saw the van was sitting right there, and my grandmother was opening the driver's door. I immediately ran towards it to get into the driver's seat, but I must've been so scared that I actually pushed my grandmother out of the way. I didn't realize how hard I pushed her until I saw her laying on the ground, and that's when I froze. Realizing what I just did, I got back out of the car to help her up, but I could see the monsters coming from the front of the house. I just decided to accept my fate at that point, and stood there watch as the two closed in on us. The vampire quickly grabbed a hold of my collar and pulled me up into the air. I thought I was done for, when suddenly, a gunfire was heard, and the sound of a speeding bullet grew until I saw it hit the side of the vampire's head.
      The vampire let me go, and that's when I turned around to see a few police cars as well as one civilian car holding three of my friends from earlier in the dream. As the police ran past me to handle the monsters, my three friends ran to me and hugged me. I could really see the details of their faces, which was incredibly realistic! I saw my sister at one point come around, but I didn't talk to her for some reason. Suddenly, my friends vanished, but I then saw them in the distance walking and talking down the road in the cul-de-sac of my neighborhood. That was when my dream quickly faded to white, and my dream was over...
    2. orphanage

      by , 06-25-2017 at 11:24 PM
      I was at an orphanage. It was like I was watching a movie (this happens often. I wasn't one of the players). All the children were Thai. One was adopted. I forget
      if he or she was male or female - maybe that part just doesn't matter.
      Then, that one wanted to see his or her real mom. And then she showed up,
      with white skin that looked wrong, as if the Thai skin was dyed white. She looked
      like a monster. She looked like she was wearing a costume, someone
      else's skin. I interpreted this dream to be a vision for all mankind: those who don't
      believe in Jesus, who love evil and hate good, who have lust or greed, they are wearing
      a costume of evil, and they merely need to shed that second skin, take off that costume,
      and accept Jesus as their Savior and say goodbye to sin forever.
    3. Old dream, memorable

      by , 06-12-2017 at 07:56 PM
      I am in a world where everything is made of rocks. It's old,
      like the 1700s. The rocks are gray and white stone and I
      think I'm in a parallel universe. I get excited. I throw three
      front handsprings, feel the motion in my arms and legs and back, and land them. \
      I am not terrified at all. I am not lucid, but I am not afraid, and I
      decide to explore this new world. Deep inside, I insist it's real and it's part of Heaven
      and that God sent me there, otherwise I would have become lucid.
      I find a castle and suddenly I am on a bridge above where I used to be walking around\
      doing gymnastics. It is at least 15 feet drop. Someone jumps, then I jump off landing in a perfect stick-it squat, and then my friend Kirstin jumps too and I see her she looks 12
      even though she's around 25. We hug I think and then I wake up.
    4. Reocurring dream

      by , 06-03-2017 at 04:29 PM
      I had a nightmare I've had before. I am in a strange car and Lee (foster father) was driving me somewhere. I was in his car at least 30 minutes. Then we were on a bridge and he was very close to the edge and I don't know if there was water under the bridge. He was driving fast trying to kill me and him. I knew it was the second time it was happening but it didn't register that it was a dream.

      Suddenly I was on the ice wearing white figure skates, Lee was taunting me. I did a single toe loop jump and a cross leg spin. There were other people on the ice, only females but they were androgynous. Suddenly I was in a house talking to "Susan" but he or she wasn't Susan. I asked if I could go figure skating, and whoever it was didn't answer.

      This was a dream I've had many times. Bridges to me represent teleportation; going from one place to another very quickly. I was instantly on the ice and away from Lee. The ice is one of my dream symbols/dream patterns and if the symbol ice was interpreted symbolically it could have meant elvish heartbreak, but I've been waiting and waiting to do figure skating and I was sad in the dream because a part of me knew it was just a dream and I wasn't really on the ice. Yet the front of my mind didn't realize, or I would have stayed on the rink longer and blocked out Lee and looked for Michael and Gabriel and remembered what they looked like.

      My dream incubation question was: What is my path back home, to the place in Heaven I was born by the two first archangels, and when I will see Stephen. I don't think this nightmare answered the question but reminded me to be calm, as ice to me symbolizes peace (ice skating always calmed me down back when I did it). I'm going to wait for a series of dreams and going to keep on asking the question/meditating on my spiritual Christian path until God speaks to me in a dream.

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    5. Series of rock dreams

      by , 06-02-2017 at 07:36 PM
      I thought I was in Europe...Italy. I was in a house during a party eating good healthy organic food. Then we were all in my house eating food in my dad's refrigerator (this was a false wake up). Then I saw a purse that wasn't mine in my room. Then I was in a different house and a guy tried to rape me and I defended myself. I kicked him and grabbed his feet and pulled him down. Then I smoked weed with a peaceful guy. He showed me how to take a hit without burning my thumb.

      I really thought this was real, more than usual. The guy tried to rape me again and this time I let him, and later thought he had HIV. Later at night I saw huge rocks in my house. I don't remember but one was silvery and purple and translucent. There were some medium sized ones and some small ones. Demons made me put a lot of them in my mouth. I took them out of my mouth but swallowed a few. Again, I thought it was real and God was taking the rocks back.

      In another version of my series of rock dreams I was in a store and saw a huge purple amethyst. I wanted it but it cost about 2,000 dollars. If I'm right, it represents 2,000 years, that I am older than 2,000 years and that years = money.

      Dreaming about special rocks = being a precious gem of God. That I will find my gifts from God. Also smoking weed in a dream after a long time of not doing it in real life for a long time was very reassuring. I know once I smoked DMT with a girl in a dream.

      There were other dreams of rocks. The main difference was the rocks were different. Different sizes and colors. I wanted to keep them but I woke up and they were gone.

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    6. I'm a teen boy & 1800's

      by , 09-14-2016 at 09:59 PM
      D1: Non-Lucid: I was in the middle of no-where. I was just "there". Nothing before it all. Was very odd. I kept trying to build a house but it started very strange. There was just nothing. I mean nothing. I was trying to build with nothing. I started by trying to create a straight line. I spend a ton of time just trying to will a plank of wood w/ my hands to exist. Eventually I got the hang of it & built a whole town! This was an amazing dream as it was like no other dream I have ever had. I've never had a dream where there was just nothing. Eventually there was brown cracked dirt though while I was creating the beam. Now people are there. And I realize I am a teenage boy. HUH? Ya, my gender wasn't correct. I've been a different age but never a different gender. A flood came. There are cars everywhere in the water & other teens. I see 5 in particular & jumped in to save them... I woke up all hazy & fuzzy.

      Did a wbtb.

      D2: Non-Lucid: I was way back in the early 1900's. And I lived in a home that showed I didn't have much money. It was in town w/ bare old gray looking wood. I felt like the man who was w/ me was my first husband but it wasn't, it was my Mike. We stumbled upon some collectible pieces of paper which had pictures on them. They came from my fathers mother who passed away in real life when I was in 5th grade. Mike said he needed to make copies or forgeries. He left & came back w/ a big stack. We then had to hand over the originals to the authorities for some reason. Mike left & I was frantically trying to find a way to get rid of them but I was too late. I was by some railroad tracks & I heard & saw an old fashioned police car w/ the light on the top so apparently my time line had changed because there were no cars like that in the early 1900's. I started running at an incredible speed through yards & stuff to try & warn Mike that they know & that they were coming for him. I was too late. I no sooner told him than the pounding on the door began & I woke up.

      Lately I've only read books that have been written by Mediums for the last couple of months. I've read on average 3 books a week.Learning about energy more & more. I've even done some experiments which were really cool. They were in energy. Energy is everything & makes almost anything possible. I've become a whole lot more intuitive than I ever thought possible. I feel so spiritually liberated & am no longer afraid of death. Because there is no death. Our bodies die & our souls move on. It's only our body that dies. After reading so many books written by Mediums I am so enlightened. My intuition has greatly improved. And even though today I have a crazy fever & runny nose, I am pushing through & keeping up my positive vibrations. I just finished a book by James Van Praagh. It's called Ghost's Among Us, Uncovering the Truth About The Other Side. It's an incredible book! He talks about his life & how he became a Medium. His stories are incredible & inspiring. He literally changed my life. It seems of late though that I just keep having life altering experiences.
    7. Yesterday & Today. Reoccurring House & Time fluctuation

      by , 09-07-2016 at 06:07 PM
      9/6 D1: As I was walking all through this dream I was walking in & out of decades & centuries! It was so odd. I was living in a home w/ other women we were always discussing men & women like things. We went to a store where I met a man. The store started out as a wal-mart/k-mart like store but then turned into a very old time store. Someone had stolen something & I went outside but now it was me walking out of a house onto the porch of a house that had a crazy Victorian like look & feel to it! I was still looking for the culprit but as I walked I kept walking in & out of time. Like whatever was there previously was where I was walking. As if many things had been built in the same place over the yrs. The landscape stayed the same. Then things were on fire & I saw a man on fire & melt. It was terrifying.

      9/6 D2: I was w/ the same man from before & my parents were saying they were coming to get me. After I had told my parents about the previously mentioned store/house & being in & out of time they said they thought they should come get me. They probably thought I was losing it. They are atheist's & would never understand this concept. I was wanting to spend more time w/ the man I was with but the dream faded as Meesha Cat woke me up.

      9/6 D3 & D4: Took a nap. Both were nightmares that I just couldn't hold on to because they were all jumpy & w/ my Veritgo it just made me dizzy trying to think about it. Let alone write it down.

      Today: D1: I was in this big Victorian house. I've been in this house before in past dreams but it's been yrs since I've seen it. Friends I used to have were there & I wanted to buy the house. I was showing Mike the house. I spent an immense amount of time just walking through this enormous house because it was so familiar to me. It was greatly detailed. Light fixtures, books, bookcases, doorways ect.

      I mention ppl that used to be my friends & by used to be I mean just that. I used to do drugs w/ them in my twenties & got the hell away from them. They were even to this day toxic people.... The house I mentioned could be a past life thing. It was amazing! I could've walked through it all day long!

      Today D2: I was in this Dollar Store. I was trying to buy things early for Christmas but as I would pick up a few things & throw them in the basket, I'd look back & the other things I wanted would be gone. Then things from my basket were missing. This process repeated over & over & over.

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    8. Reoccurring Breaking Teeth Dream (Forgot to add to today's journal)

      by , 08-31-2016 at 02:02 AM
      I thought I was awake but I wasn't. It was a False Awakening...I had a dream that I was just sitting here in bed eating & watching tv & one of my teeth broke halfway off & I freaked out & ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror & saw that one of my teeth had broken in half. I was freaking out & went back into my room. I thought this really happened in the end & made me have some serious anxiety.

      I went back & made this journal entry because I forgot & it's my most serious reoccurring dream & reoccurring false awakening. I always think I'm awake when this happens & I wake up freaking out. It sometimes makes me have multiple false awakenings. It's a great fear I have because I have dentures on the top & fear the day I will need them on the bottom.... I don't mind talking about it.... I had crooked teeth as a child which I knew would lead to problems later in life & also had a heat stroke at a girl scout retreat along w/ some other girls which made me prone to having nausea. Now I have to be careful in the heat. Hence my anxiousness of my A/C not working right this summer. Then there was my Hyperemesis during my pregnancies I was constantly in the hospital puking up blood which ate at my teeth & stomach. Any puking scenario scares the hell out of me, where my teeth are concerned. And the final nail in the coffin was when I became a meth addict in my 20's..... Anyway, this was important for me as a person to add to my journal.
    9. Went back to my hometown. And hiring under false pretenses.

      by , 07-25-2016 at 01:26 AM
      Dream 1 non-lucid: I found myself in a non-lucid dream in my hometown. They seemed to be under a form of martial law. I had to help deliver a baby which was odd. And the fact that a childhood friend I haven't talked to in quite some time was by my side all along the way. None of the places were actual places in my tiny small hometown, lol. The soldiers were invading an event at the high school & I was being ushered around like I had been beckoned to help everyone. Apparently I got there in time & we ran them off. There were celebrations at this point.

      Dream 2-Non-lucid: Oh & this was the dream I couldn't remember yesterday but did recall today. Non-lucid but very bright & vivid. I was in this city with hotels, casinos, eccentric themed shows. Anyway, I was being approached by different kinds of people who wanted me to move there & work. It had a connection to a glamorous casino/hotel I dreamed about before. So I was walking & talking quite a bit in this dream, in restaurants & those other places I mentioned. I noticed a theme going though & didn't want to move there to work. There were many con artists in this dream who were working with other people to make me just another "mark" for these jobs. See, if you took the job you'd have to move there & it was just a vicious cycle of the landlords wanting people who lived basically hand to mouth in the end. You'd make just enough to pay for rent & do your job with a little extra after that but basically you could never move away & are surrounded by people you don't know & can't rely on.

      That first dream I think came from listening to stuff about the elections. Someone had mentioned martial law being a possibility if the "elite powers that be" don't think Hillary will win they could invoke martial law after they create something that would allow them to do so.

      The second was about my husbands job. They sent out legal documents to all employees by law because they are going to do a mass firing of at least 100 people starting very soon. Just FYI, I used to work there too so I know a lot about how government likes their private businesses run. They make the batteries that goes into the space shuttle, all kinds of weapons, including TOP SECRET ones. The list is extensive & the new buyout was unprecedented. Some one bought all of the plants, not just 1 which happens sometimes. They have already fired a crazy amount of ppl including very smart people. It's a scary scenario.

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    10. Recording our final existence

      by , 07-22-2016 at 01:53 AM
      Non-Lucid but very vivid: I was living among a colony of people. We were gathering resources necessary for our survival. We were constantly moving from place to place, each one higher than the last. We are fleeing the water that in on the constant rise & the rain continues off & on so that there isn't much of a reprieve. I saw no sun or moon. It seemed very odd whether it was earth or not was not clear. I watched children with awe at children finding small things to play with. I was appointed somehow to document our travels & our existence. It did not feel like this was the earth I know.

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    11. Two completely unexpected LDs in one night!

      by , 07-02-2016 at 04:45 PM
      Wow I'm pretty amazed because the least expected thing happened to me last night. I had two lucid dreams last night! I wasn't even expecting one! I'm so happy lol So let me tell you what happened in both of my dreams last night. The first one is bit long and confusing. Hopefully you don't get bored while reading it. (I'll explain why I wasn't expecting an LD later on)

      First LD: I was at school, in my first period class, non lucid at all. I had an assignment on my desk like everyone else did so I completed it and turned it in. Before I went back to my desk, I did a reality check! I don't even know why though! Nothing weird was happening! The reality check I did was pinching my nose and breathing through it and it worked and I became lucid. I yelled at the other students that I'm dreaming, sort of rubbing it in their faces lol. So I walked out of the class room, into the hallway. (I should tell you now that my first period class is on the third floor of it's respective building) So started running down the hallway, and I jumped out the window hoping that I would fly. Although I didn't fly, I sort of floated down to the ground. While floating down I did a flip. Then I got the idea of trying to run at the speed of light. I guess I just sort of started running like normal, then I imagined myself getting lighter and lighter and it worked. I started running really fast around the school. I stopped running when I got to the old cafeteria. (There's two cafeterias at my school. The old one, and the new one.) I just sort of stood there watching people get their lunches. I wanted to see if something interesting would happen if I did nothing but it was totally normal. Then i went upstairs in the bell tower. (theres a building at my school called the bell tower and it's connected to the old cafeteria. bare with me lol) So on the second floor of the bell tower, There isn't really any walls. Just columns to hold the ceiling up, so you're able to see outside. So when I got to the second floor, I remember what Saizaphod told me about shooting lasers in lucid dreams, so I tried to shoot one by extending my arm and trying to imagine a laser coming out of my hand. Although it didn't work. I tried a second time but still nothing. So I just gave up on doing that, and realized that I should continue doing reality checks to keep the dream stabilized. So I breathed through my nose while pinching it again. Then I got the idea of trying to change the colors of objects. I heard it was a type of reality check but I thought it would be cool to do just for fun. So I saw three palm trees in the distance. One was green, and the other two were red. So I wanted to see if I could make the two red trees green. I just looked away and imagined that the two red trees turned green. When I looked back, I saw that they both went from red to green. So now I was looking at three green palm trees in the distance! So now I ran at the speed of light again back to the building where I jumped out of. I walked towards the bell tower again. Nothing crazy. Just simply walking. I wanted to see if anything interesting would happen. As I'm walking, I saw that it slowly turned into night time, and there were three kids walking behind me talking amongst themselves. I made it just outside the bell tower, but it was night time now. So I yelled "brighten" to the sky in hopes that it would turn to day time again. It didn't work and the three kids behind me asked me why I was yelling that. I turned around and told them that I was trying to make it day time. Then they started to laugh at me like I was an idiot. Getting annoyed by them, I walked up to the door the door of the bell tower, walked in, and shut it behind me, and told the dream to lock the door so these three kids won't come in. But that didn't work either. The three kids just walked right on in. At this point I wondered if I really was in a dream or not, so I pinched my nose and breathed through it again, and it worked. So I knew I was in a dream, but I was loosing control. In the bell tower, these three kids walked through another door and closed it behind them. I remember that I could change the dream scene by imagining another place and opening a door. I wanted to get away from these kids, so I imagined a museum full of paintings and mirrors. I wanted to see if I could hop into a painting or a mirror. So I opened the door, and it worked. I walked into a museum with mirrors and paintings all on the walls. However the three kids were in there joking and laughing. Now I was feeling discouraged. I didn't want to make myself look like an idiot while trying to jump into a painting in front of them, so I just walked up to different paintings and stuck my hand into them and it worked. It was pretty cool. It felt like I was putting my hand in water. I saw that my hand changed every time I dipped it into a painting to fit the style of it. Then I tried dipping my hand into a mirror. Again, it felt like I was putting my hand in water. However, my reflection did the same thing. I saw my reflections hand come out of the mirror as I put mine into the mirror. That was pretty cool. After I dipped my hand into that mirror, I saw that next to it, there was a door. It was an elevator door. I pressed the up button and I walked in and there were three men wearing suits. Then I started to loose lucidity. So the last few seconds of the dream was non lucid and we were basically standing there and waiting for the elevator to go to the next floor. Before we got to the next door, I woke up.

      Sorry about the length of the first dream. And sorry if it was confusing. My school's campus is a little hard to explain lol So after I woke up, I wrote my dream down, and I fell back to sleep again, into my next lucid dream. This one is way shorter and less complex.

      Second LD: I was in my neighborhood with my sister. I was non lucid at this point. We were both walking our dogs together. Then my sister hands me the leash to her dog, and runs away for some reason. I looked in the direction of where she ran to, and she was gone. But I did see this blue scooter driving past me on the road. However, there was no one driving the scooter. It was driving all by it's self. So I took both leashes into one hand, and with the other, I pinched my nose, and I tried breathing through it, and it worked. I couldn't believe I was back in another lucid dream. Although, I got so excited about being in another lucid dream, that I woke myself up by accident

      So that's how both lucid dreams went last night. Now here's why I wasn't expecting any lucid dreams at all. I've gotten REALLY lazy when it comes to lucid dreaming. Recently I've only been doing about one or two reality checks a day, and I don't even write down as much details in my dream journal any more. For example, when I wake up every morning, I write down notes of what happened in the dream, then I procrastinate writing down the details all day, Then at the end of the day, I just go to bed like normal without writing down the details of the dream. So even though it's really cool that I had two lucid dreams last night, I have no idea why! I've barely put any effort into lucid dreaming recently. I didn't even try any methods last night! No MILD, WILD, WBTB, nothing. (well I did wake up from my first lucid dream then fell asleep again into another lucid dream, but I did that by accident) I simply went to bed like normal. Another thing I don't understand is that recently I've only been writing down notes of my dreams right? Shouldn't my dream recall go down? I still remember every single dream I have every night in full detail.

      Anyways, those two lucid dreams were kind of a pleasant surprise! Replies would be appreciated. Also, if anyone could, please explain to me why I had two lucid dreams last night when I've put little to no effort into lucid dreaming recently lol Thanks for reading this long ass essay!
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    12. Trailer's & Zombies

      by , 06-22-2016 at 01:22 AM
      2 non-lucid, still having vertigo issues.

      #1: Dreaming of watching tv with Mike in my chidhood home. He wanted to stay up. I was making up the futon we have in our real house in my childhood house. He was in the hall & he was asking about a show coming on. If it was on yet.

      #2: Trying not to get raped by zombies. I kept thinking one of the other guys fighting the zombies was attractive. People were randomly having sex in a building in a park but it was like a shell of a one story stone building.

      Listened to one Lilian Eden meditation but my son is here from college & I got really mad today over it so we had to call around 5;30 am about it dropping out on my wifi. I had a really bad morning. I will be listening tonight hopefully. Guess we'll find out if they fixed it. My son has 2 monitors & monster computers & high tech games which I'm always in competition with.

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    13. The search for the Darwinian Cube!

      by , 06-01-2015 at 04:34 AM
      Me and Charles Darwin venture fourth into a nighttime setting of what looks like something out of a storybook or Skyrim. We travel down a deep mine shaft and we ended up in a vast dark chamber of sand and dirt, we continued to look for the lost treasure. Darwin pulls out our treasure Map but we our puzzled by it, suddenly I make a conclusion that the treasure is right in front of us! We move sand and dirt out of the way with our hands and gold treasure in a chest gleams in our faces. But then a highlander type character appears behind us! Darwin, about to be hacked down instantly responds to the vicious attacker and decapitates his head with a sharp dagger from his side. I look at the decapitated highlander figure, his head hanging on by a layer of skin, then all of a sudden his head reforms back to his body in a strange mannerism, it reformed in a claymation type way. This really freaked me out so I stabbed him in the heart with a dagger subsequently killing him.

      Beneath the gold was what we were really looking for, the Darwinian cube. I held the masterpiece in my hand as Darwin watched.
      "What a brilliant cube." I said
      Darwin explains to me how the cube holds the power to evolution and holds the secret to life, therefore we must handle it carefully because if we are to uncover the secret to life, we do not want to disrupt evolution by handling the cube.

      The dream ends here. I thoroughly enjoyed this dream due to its awesome natural creative story and how realistic it seemed.
      non-lucid , memorable
    14. Is it real or a dream?

      by , 03-19-2015 at 11:48 AM
      This is something that i really want to share. Something very personal and breath taking. Well at least for me....

      Today is exactly 4 years since my mother passed away. When i was 17 i have been through so many horrible things, as i was living only with my mother and she was the only person that i trusted.

      When she passed away i was seing dreams, they were really vivid lucid dreams that stayed in my subconscious mind till this moment. It was the only way i could still contact her. I was aware that im dreaming and i realised in my dreams that she is gone so i was trying to ask her all the questions like why? how do you feel? and she replied that she doesnt feel the pain nomore, I was also asking questions like is there any world that we don't know about? tell me if theres really something like god? she replied that there is a place, where you don't feel any pain, everything is calm and beautiful, but she didnt see any god or something... I was asking her if she can take me with her but she said that its not the time yet and that i need to live...

      I was dreaming her all following year almost every day and i was saying how much i love her, say things that i didn't said when she was alive try to hug her and feel her.

      Appreciate everything you have now, because you never know when will be the last time you see someone.
      Thanks for reading,

      R.I.P to my only love in the whole world.
    15. Dream Mall (Lucid dream)

      by , 10-03-2014 at 09:34 AM
      I dreamt I was writing down my lucid dream, and then I woke up and wrote it down.
      I was at a mall, and I was scared because I didn't know where I was, until I realized it was a dream. Before that, I was arguing with my mom about wanting to cook something, but she didn't want me to make a mess, and a man was talking to me about Jesus Christ. Then the man left, and I realized I didn't know where I was or how I got there, so I realized it was a dream. I went down an escalator. There were free energy drinks and I thought about drinking them but then I rejected them because I looked at the ingredients in one of them and they were strange chemicals that I didn't want to be in my body.

      Then I saw people doing capoeira and I walked to them and I was suddenly wearing white and I did capoeira with a young boy/young man. They weren't people I recognized but I told them that I used to do capoeira 3 years ago. Then I wanted to look for DMT.

      Then I saw a clothing store and wanted clothing. So I walked up a down escalator to strengthen my legs. I saw my friend Kirstin and talked to her and then I saw my friend and singing teacher Polly and her daughter Emma and she asked me to buy something for her when I told her I was going shopping. I prayed that the dream would be longer and that I wouldn't wake up yet. I walked into the store and I saw a pink bisquit and I really wanted to eat it because it would have 0 calories and I would taste it but it was only a dream so it wouldn't give me any real calories. I started spinning in the air and moving forward flying and I enjoyed spinning and flying. Then I woke up.

      In the dream I was going to steal, and when I woke up for real after the false wake up where I reflected on the dream and wrote it down, I realized I shouldn't steal in a dream. But in the dream, there was no concept of money at all, like it was in the beginning of my life when my mom was stealing clothing for me and I was twelve and it was normal to me and I just thought the clothes were free. In the dream, everything was free.

      New goal: eat desserts in dreams and taste it and not get the calories.
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