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    1. August of the lion

      by , 08-01-2019 at 11:46 AM (Nef's dream journal)
      This august began particularly interestingly
      This night I dreamt that lions were walking around in the streets...a lot of them..They were all calm , not shredding people to bits left and right, but people still were scared of course...
      I just went somewhere with mom when suddenly I saw a lion, then from the next street came a bunch of em ....males ,females, little ones
      a big one with a mane even rubbed itself on me like a cat ... I was scared as heck but I kept silent, walking slowly advised the same to mom because "they don't bite you if you don't scare them"
      ,or so I thought..

      Anyways after getting out of there to a different street , after a lot of WTF-ing I woke up
    2. Strange research, then waking into weak DILD

      by , 05-20-2019 at 09:27 PM
      A had power to teleport myself and others or things with me. There were plans to use my abilities to make expedition to Mars. But we run into problem- I wasn't able to teleport there, it was as if there was some kind of barrier. I was doing some strange research to find way to circumvent the problem. At some point I got idea that I'm dreaming.
      Therefore I went away from there to do some scouting... There was dark forest outside of research building... and a clean new road was leading into distance. I started to run... as often in my LDs I either fly in prone position, or glide in vertical position. Here I was running effortlessly with longer and longer steps(tens to hundreds of meters long). After a few minutes I saw friend standing in front of me, she looked lost... Afraid of very dark forest.
      I stopped by her, took her hand and told her: "don't worry, this is only a dream, I will be your guide here. Lets run, its a fun!"
      She was reluctant to move from the place... but then started to walk with me, then we ran. I again elongated my steps to tens of meters length... and she did that too. She started to smile... It was so romantic to run this way, hand in hand... effortlessly and fast. Her brown hairs were waving in wind... The dream had lost stability and I had woken up... with the feel of her hand on my hand... strange.

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    3. Angel of death?

      by , 05-18-2019 at 01:46 PM
      I was gliding close to ground(about 20cm) in the hypermodern city. It was as if I was invisible to anyone... nobody paid an attention to me. My consciousness felt cold, glacial like, analytic, concentrated... neutral, blank... My sight was strange. I was able to see, not only normally visible things but I was able to focus behind walls, buildings...
      And I was looking for something. I was looking for something without having thoughts, without desire... it was blank purpose. When I glided to the large skyscraper I felt I was on the place I have to be. But there was nothing. I looked into sky- there was also nothing. Then I looked toward ground and focused below and deeper below... till I saw something like tunnel. A few people were dying in it. And I waited till they died.
      Then I submerged into the concrete, soil, a few hundreds of meter deep, till I was levitating in darkness of that tunnel. I extended my right hand with palm up and my fingers curved up. A shiny blue violet fire started to dance about 10 cm over my palm... the flame was about 30cm long and on the basis about as thick as mu palm. And I glided slowly toward laying bodies of a few men and women. It was as if the bodies were filled with shiny substance. I stopped close to them and said quietly: "You have died, go in peace." And those shiny substances evaporated.
      And I glided away to where I needed to go. I was unable to stay in dream longer than about 2 minutes longer after that.

      My consciousness felt strange... it was as if I'm there but I had nearly no control over what I'm doing. Still I was that.

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    4. Third dild

      by , 08-16-2017 at 07:02 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 11:00 PM

      Woke up at: 7:00 AM


      I read about lucid dreaming right before I went to sleep, which may have influenced the dream itself.


      The dream starts with me typing something down on Google Docs. The thought of lucid dreaming crosses my mind, and I remember the fact that using technology in my dreams are a common dream sign. I'm not entirely lucid yet, but I pull my head back and look at the wall.

      There is a wire frame face on the wall (Which strangely enough looked like the Alpharad PFP), and suddenly it dawns on me.

      I close the laptop and try to adjust my vision. It clears up (kinda) and I walk over to my curtains. It is still nighttime in the dream.

      The night sky is a dark purple gradient with orange lights all around the 'bottom' of it. I try to change the setting by making it daytime, but I only make it go up a few hours (5:47 if you wanna know). I then try to stabilize myself using reality checks, but then I lose focus and lose lucidity. Funny thing is I was scared my finger would get stuck in the palm of my hand so I skipped that one. The nose RC worked as expected.


      1. Long term memory tends to carry over a lot in my LDs. I remembered to do reality checks, my dream signs, and to focus. I'm not sure if short term would work the same however..

      2. For the most time I was pretty well composed. I didn't try to talk to any DCs, I didn't freak out and wake myself up, so overall it was a good LD, if short.

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    5. Murder mystery

      by , 07-23-2017 at 03:03 PM
      I've been very inactive here in the forums, but I still had some LDs (not in my DJ here) a few weeks ago. I lost my motivation after those LDs and haven't been recalling that many dreams lately. Like, still atleast one per day, but not as clearly as usually. But I'm getting my motivation back. But I'm getting my motivation back slowly. Here's my dream from last night anyway:

      I'm not any character in the dream. I'm just watching it like it's a movie. There are two young boys (like 10 years old or younger). The other has blond hair and is very kind but seemed to be a little weird and weak and easy to bully on. He had a white shirt. The other has brown hair and seems more of an extrovert and stuff unlike the other, but is still propably not the most popular boy in the school. He has a white T-shirt. The boys are friends. They are somewhere near my IRL house. There are lots of detached houses there. Outside one house there's a girl and her mother. The girl is the boys's classmate and has a braided blond hair and a simple white dress. The mother is really obese and seems evil. She also has a purple T-shirt. Then there's some part of the dream where the boys deal with some code name or something. It was "LunNiMax". Really weird, but turns out it's related to the girl's name. Her first names where Ninni and Max apparently, but her surname is unknown. Then the boys find out Ninni has been murdered. The boys want to find out who did it. The dream ended very soon after that, but I felt like the blond boy might become the next victim.

      I tried to put more detailing to this than usually, so that's why the text seemed quite long for a short dream that wasn't even remembered properly. I found the dream interesting and after woking up I kept thinking about it and what could have happened next, what where the murderer's motives, how did the girl and the blond haired boy die, did the boy even die afterall, etc.

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    6. I meet Dawn

      by , 05-08-2017 at 02:05 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I'm in a vast snow covered area and it's snowing. Nothing but snow in every direction. There's a small machine spewing out black snow. Two small alien creatures were born under this machine. Somehow I knew these creatures usually have white fur, but they adapt to their environment. The first one I see has black fur because of the machine. She looks like a cross between a kitten and a ferret. She climbs around my body excitedly and seems to like me. Somehow I know her name and say it: "Dawn!". I take some black snow from the machine and sprinkle it on the other cat-like creature. The orange cat hisses at me and doesn't change color.

      Dream jumps. I'm at a research facility and people I don't trust have taken Dawn and the orange cat to study them. They call them by different names and I dislike that. "Her name is Dawn." I tell a researcher, but they don't listen. I want to get Dawn out of there.

      Alright. I wanted to summon something similar to Dawn in my next lucid, but seems she came to me first. I will meet her again.
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    7. Astral projection in dream to induce lucidity

      by , 11-24-2016 at 09:33 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I am running through a forest. People say I will be caught by police but take no heed.
      I come to a hill. The is not a hill, but a giants head. It starts attacking me. A character helps me to astral project and says "Be careful, the astral plane is very close to the dream plane"
      I am now in third-person perspective. I am not the dreamer and I am lucid. I have no power though. I try and shift a red button which represents lucidity onto 'me'. It works! My character kills it successfully and lands down.
      I 'wake' and record it in a DJ. However I look at my watch and it has gone crazy! I am lucid. Then things get a bit freudian.

      I think this might be a new to way to become lucid.

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    8. Epic Non-lucid

      by , 11-14-2016 at 05:45 AM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      After a long trek with T through a swamp, we climb up a hill, and sight a city. T hugs me and I feel warm and protected. When I arrive at the city, my identity changes. I am now a boy with another boy in a house and we run upstairs and find an attic. I am carrying a file of folders. We are hiding. A woman finds us and starts crying and is angry. She says ' You promised not to!' and leaves sobbing and angry.
      suddenly I am between two hills and there is a battle. I see an old man on a strange elephant/horse/bird muttering 'no...' and lets me mount it. I fly around exhilarated on the beast and then I have to complete some mission concerning saving harry potter's parents by going back in time. Eventually I arrive back to the city and I am buying meat. There are two queues, one for people who needed to use two cards because of stupidity, and one for the more reserved. I buy my meat, and ask a few people where T is. As I run towards T I wake up.

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    9. Book of lucidity

      by , 11-06-2016 at 11:15 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      A small indian boy shows me a old dusty book. He opens it and presses his thumb strongly on my forehead. Light peels from my forehead and I am a grey void. I realise I am dreaming. I feel a warm sensation all over my body. Soon a dream forms. I am at the end of my bed. I look out the window and see what looks like the milky way, but inverted! I fly out the window, and swim through these clouds of gas. It is wonderful. I eventually 'wake' and thank the indian boy. Suddenly I panic that this book could be put to bad purposes and I tell the boy to make sure no one with bad intentions gets it. I spend the rest of the dream running away from the french gangster who wants the book.
    10. 11/4/16: Teen Comedies Galore

      by , 11-04-2016 at 01:43 PM
      11/3: After a few scenes that didn't make any sense, like four months ago showing my grandma's house before she passed away nine months ago, everything picks up after a dentist's appointment (I don't really have one until three weeks later).

      I am walking with a character down a hallway that looks like a cross between a backstage area from WWE Monday Night RAW, SmackDown! Live or Impact Wrestling and the hallway from a backdoor leading to an office, locker rooms and the backdoor of the gymnasium at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High--which, like certain young-adult fiction projects I've written--had arcade machines. The person I walk down the hall with is possibly Ashton Hobbs from Contestant 25, a young-adult fiction book series I'm currently working on and has taken me over 20 years -- September 1995 to be exact (I was 9 at the time) -- to get perfect.

      The next scene makes no sense, and was like a scene from a typical TV sitcom or movie after a school bully/main antagonist has done enough damage. I then see a locker room where a possible student is coughing, stuffed in a locker. The character and I then exit the school where this redhead teen and what appears to be his parent or his mentor were parked in line one spot ahead of us smiling and waving at me before my alarm clock buzzes at 6:45 this morning. I, however, do remember an OC ReMix playing - a remix of the opening from the 1989 Commodore Amiga game Shadow of the Beast - one of the first OC ReMixes on the site since the site's introduction in 1999.

      I wonder if I had gotten this dream last night after viewing the Wikipedia articles of Ross Powers and Kelly Slater on Wednesday on my Surface tablet that led to the image of the redhead teen at the end of the dream. However, if I view the Wikipedia article of James Lafferty, nothing happens dream-wise. I've also had some pretty strong dreams two months ago before my doctor's appointment and the finals of the U.S. Open, too, but it's probably too late.

      I think this dream was trying to tell me to watch what I write sometimes, although I have never in my 21-year writing career (yes, again, 1995) written about bullies doing these horrible, unspeakable things like what was demonstrated in my dream last night.
    11. 3/23/16

      by , 10-05-2016 at 01:22 AM
      Honestly one of my favorite dreams of the year! It was so vivid and memorable and I woke up kind of wanting to make a book out of it! I loved it.

      Ashley and I get caught up in this guy's attempt to outsmart the mob. He had a flash drive and he's trying to get it to someone else (not sure why, I get the idea there's some sensitive content?) and we have to help and stay with him for our own safety. It's never explained but I get the feel that we accidentally know too much; the people hunting us don't care we shouldn't be involved, and they'll kill us for what we know and to get to the flash drive.

      We are on the run, having left our lives behind. Again it's not mentioned but it's just the feel that I get. We've reached New York - our destination - and we're outside a public library. We're trying to get money from some machine, change from dollars so we can make a call. Mob guy gets a few quarters from a stranger while we're fighting with the machine, and he goes off and makes a phone call to verify where we meet the other person. This person is gonna take the flashdrive and take the blame from us. We'll be free, able to go back to our own lives.

      Apparently the call he makes was traced. He tells one of us to watch him, and if he gives the signal were being watched, we need to run for our own safety. Turns out he's in love with one of us, don't remember which one, and he wants to protect us more than the flash drive now. I volunteer to watch while Ash finds us an escape route.

      Now it's kinda blurry. He's approached by someone and a lady comes up to me asking if I've seen her son. While I'm distracted the mob guy disappears. I look up, hes gone, and I panic. I run back for Ash and I'm not sure exactly what happens. It gets a little choppy. I remember running through the library. I remember thinking it was a false alarm and then somehow we're actually being chased by police. We find a little boy, maybe the same one the woman asked about? And I remember thinking that he's caught in all of this now too and we're gonna get him killed.

      At the end of the dream we've jumped ahead a few years. I've broken away from Ash and the guy (I think she's who he fell in love with). I'm gonna go design candles and alarm systems (?) and apparently I'm the one who invents Scentsy. Apparently the company I run off to join is part of the mob and I don't know it yet. I'm about to close a deal for the company and I'm faced with this mob guy; the one that I suddenly realize is who we were gonna give the flashdrive to. He set us up and he's what caused us to run that day in New York.

      I panic; I somehow know it's him, and he recognizes me. He grins at me. I can't run now, and I don't have original mob guy or Ashley to help me now. I wake up with a start and an urge to run to New York and start a really weird business.
    12. 100% tall, curvy, and sexy (competition night #1)

      by , 04-11-2016 at 06:12 PM
      After not having a lucid in months, I got one on the first night of the competition! Woohoo! It seemed to be a combination between a DILD and a WILD so I'm not sure how to technically classify it, but here it is! As I was falling asleep initially I alternated using the mantra "Remember, I'm dreaming" with moments of quiet awareness. If I started getting any images I would briefly visualize myself recognizing them as a dream and say my mantra. During my wbtb I repeated the mantra continuously and tried to see it in my mind's eye.

      +I started having a dream about walking down a dangerous icy highway in the snow and dogs kept running in the road, I yelled at them to get out of the way because I didn’t have a brake. Two men commented to me about it. I had to hike up an icy ski mountain where a semi truck was driving the wrong way in my lane and found myself in a dungeon where creepy oracles had women shackled up and fucked. Then I noticed a mirror on the wall and remembered I was trying to WILD. I used the mirror as my anchor and willed myself deeper into the dream but with the intention of a different location. I became lucid in my bedroom. Like usual, everything felt weird at first, my body was vibrating and I felt a little disconnected - like I was a computer program with a lot of static. I jumped for joy and spun around to stabilize, everything lagged a little bit. I immediately thought of my 3 step challenge so I grabbed my phone from the living room. There was a black cat sitting on my back deck and it ran away when it saw me. I said, “Ok, when I turn the brightness up on my phone, it will get brighter outside.” It didn’t work so I turned the brightness down and up again. Then I turned it down another time and it became sunnier outside. Woohoo! I stabilized myself again by feeling the island of my kitchen. I needed to find a dream character so I try to leave my house by flying through the closed door. I end up somersaulting in the air, hitting it softly with my back, and slowly sliding down. So I decide to just open it and I see a white van pulling onto the property. A party chef van? I start doubting that I should go outside and talk to some random stranger at 3 in the morning. With my front door cracked so I could keep tabs, I started browsing the internet. Then I remind myself that I'm only dreaming and confirm it by noticing that my neighbor’s house is now a blue and white camper trailer. They’re having a party so I go outside and it’s a bunch of people I’ve never seen. I pick one random, average looking guy in a light blue and white polo with brown hair. He has a plate of food and is heading toward a picnic table. “Excuse me, can I ask you a question for some advice?” “Sure.” I open my mouth to speak and he says, “Oh, this is a question that I may not have the answer to!” And chuckled. A blonde woman walked by and said, “Yeah, the answer could be pig!” I proceeded, “What do I need to know in my life right now?” He didn’t contemplate long before answering, “That you are 100% tall, curvy, and very sexy.” Then he walked off. Wtf?
    13. April/4/16

      by , 04-04-2016 at 03:07 AM
      D1: In my dream I was in my classroom with all my classmates (maybe I dreamt of school again because it starts today). We watched a movie or did something else - I don't remember this - and I took my chair and walked to the first row to talk to a friend, let's call him M. M abd I talked a bit and suddenly we stood in the sports hall. There were benches at on side of the hall and two in the middle with a little space between them. One of my friends, let's call him P, Made a stunning performance of a song I don't remember at the moment. But actually P is not a singer or something and I would never have thought of him performing. Now I can't stop thinking about it XD.

      After the performance M came back and was eating, I asked him what he was eating again and he told me he doesn't know (weird is that he really is eating all the time even though he is an athlete). D came back and told me something I was pretty happy about but again don't remember. I wanted to hug him (which is his habit since he's got a girlfriend) and he misunderstood and kissed me on the cheek. I don't know why but after I told him that I didn't mean that he laughed and said "I know".

      I dreamt of being in a store in the "rich-people-area" of my dream-city (I didn't create). I was in a little store wirh my little sister, my cousin, and two people from church. All I remember is that my sister from church bought me something and even though it was nothing special (as far as I remember) I as so extremly thankful and filled with joy. I went outside and saw the beautiful view. On the top of the mountain there were expensive and awesome looking buildings and the (at least in my dream) famous Würzburg-Tower. It looked like a incredible and majestic tower and at the same time it looked like a giant white cruise ship on a golden spiral-shaped tower. The sight was incredible. Now, being awake, I think it maybe wasn't a mountain but a giant floating island. This could be because the last thing I saw before i fell asleep was the "City of Builders" from the Minecraft Story Mode: Episode 5 (for those who don't know: it's a city with awesome builds mostly coloured white and gold with some grass and trees on a floating island)

      Now if you look on the time this was written you may realize that I am awake way to early and somehow have to get back to sleep now (still having three and a half hours to sleep).

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    14. Meaningful Dreams

      by , 01-27-2016 at 02:15 AM (My Dream Journal)
      Ugh, I accidentally deleted this, so I have to re-type it. Why does it always happen to me?????
      I am dressing up for church, putting on a short black dress. There was some significant reason why this was important, but I can't remember why.
      I am in a room, and my church youth minister comes up to me. She tells me that they are going to inject me with something that gives me a "sub-power" which is basically a super power. She tells me that it won't hurt, which I am afraid of. In the dream I have a memory of them injecting me with something in the past. I remember that it only hurt a little, but I am still scared to be injected. Anyway, the youth minister is leading me through hallways, and she tells me the different categories of the powers. A nearby girl asks what type of power she has, and the youth minister says "convention." The girl responds, "cool!" I ask the youth minister for some examples of powers in the different categories. She tells me that I don't understand how it works. We then make it to another room, where there is a riddle waiting for us to read. I know it has something to do with the power injection thingy, and suddenly I understand why the youth minister said I didn't understand.
      I am in the car with my brother and dad. My brother is in the driver's seat, and my dad is in the seat next to him. We are driving into a parking lot, and you can either park in the right parking lot or left one. My brother chooses the right. I get annoyed at him because apparently we went in the left parking lot last time. When we are turning into the right parking lot, I realize that my dad is doing all the steering even though my brother is the one sitting in the driver's seat. It ends with us turning into a parking spot.
      I know this probably sounds weird, but all the dreams I had last night seemed like they had lots of meaning to them.
      non-lucid , memorable
    15. Honey Hive

      by , 01-16-2016 at 05:13 AM (Visual Space)
      A vivid Non-Lucid, been a while since I had a vivid dream.

      I woke up in my bed (surprised I didn't go lucid immediately) and the sun gleamed out my window into my room. I opened my door into the kitchen and noticed a gold liquid on my floor. it faintly smelled of honey. I kept walking into my living room and went outside to suddenly hear weird noises coming from the backyard. The smell of honey was suddenly getting potent until I turned the corner from my house and noticed a giant beehive looking structure the size of a 5 story building...How did I not notice as I was getting closer?

      The weird thing was there was bee.....girls?

      so now I have my back against the wall watching bee girls fly from the hive in different directions. I noticed a bottle of water sitting by me so I just pick up and began drinking it. I turn toward the hive and notice a bee girl buzzing at me slowly. I sort of back away a little and she lands on her feet. She looks like a normal girl besides the wings and a bee abdomen jutting out her back. She has short black hair and a yellow taintop, black leggings that even cover her feet, and black fingerless gloves for some reason. This is strange I start to think. she gently smiles and grabs my hand and takes me in the hive. some of the girls stop what they are doing and began staring at me. I go in and this hive is huge. a giant honeycomb cocoon thing was connected to the top all the way down the middle of this structure. everything is a gold, brown, and some white. different rooms with many "bees" flying out of. A whole mess of them can be seen just around this giant honeycomb putting honey inside them and flying off outside from the many holes or the entrance.

      The girl just takes me into this room that has many lavish furniture, all gold and black. she smiles and hovers pass me to do whatever she was doing I guess. Everything seems almost lifelike if it wasn't for me noticing the whitish outline from the corners of my vision. I almost went lucid because of this when until he girl comes back with a drink in her hand and hands it off to me, killing the moment. (lol) I drink it and notice it is a honey flavored milkshake. she sits next to me with this gentle smile and lays her head on me. we sit there in silence for a minute until the dream fades and I wake up......In the room where the girl took me to.....well then.

      I go lucid for a few seconds until I see the girl laying next to me sleeping, losing lucidity somehow. I get out the bed and walk out the room to see everything still in place. I walk out the hive and my house now has a big honeycomb slapped on the side of it...are they turning house into a bee hive? I see two of these bee girls on the room. I see all of them where the same clothing just different hairstyles, skin tone, eyes, or slight different coloration in the bee abdomen on their backs, such as a little whiter or a little darker yellows. I run to the porch and get inside and one is in my house in my room. she flies out the window. I look to see a part of my floor covered in honey. I then grab a water bottle and pour it over the honey and walk away....(why)

      I go back toward the hive and three of them just fly toward me and take me back in the original room. The girl before wanted to see me. Is she the queen or a higher up be? she lifts her blankets revealing she is nude....so we just had sex before...okay then, no problem. she puts her clothes on and picks me up under my shoulders and we fly up into this large door. That was a little nerve wrecking. The large door opens and I suddenly wake up for real.

      It was a nice dream, although random, but nice.
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