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    1. 10/30/13 Down With the Sickness

      by , 10-31-2013 at 08:47 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Down With the Sickness
      I am somewhere strange. I am still rather drowsy as if I am just waking up from some kind of a drug induced sleep. I also realize I am standing upright, which is odd considering I feel like I am waking up from a deep sleep. As I become more aware I realize I have my hands up above me. I look up and see they are chained. I am chained to a wall. I also have chains on my feet. I focus on forming Witchblade to cut through the chains but nothing happens. I try to use the Harry Potter spell alohamora on the lock on the chains but that doesn't work, either. Something is wrong with my powers. I am sure this has to be a dream, but nothing is working. I look around the room and I see there are numerous Templars watching me closely, perhaps warily as if they aren't sure if I will have my powers or not.
      Personality Test-1311548648-191.jpg
      One of them seems to be the leader and he acts more confident than the others. He said I will now realize all my dream powers are neutralized. I am not so sure of that. The Templar says now I have no choice but to hear him out without attacking them. I pull on the chains a bit. I feel increased strength in my body, and it feels like the chains are about to give way. I am sure it is the Mercer Virus inside my dream body… it is still active. The Templars either can't or didn't neutralize that. But I am wondering what this Templar has to say, so I stop pulling and make it look like I was unable to get free. I tell the Templar that if he wanted to talk all he had to do was ask. He says he tried that last time, but Nomad and I attacked them on sight. That was not going to happen again. I tell him to go ahead and say what he's going to say. He says there is an enemy coming that threatens both Templars and Assassins. A force from another world, more powerful than anything the Templars have witnessed before. He says only if the Assassins and Templars cooperate do we have a chance of surviving the upcoming disaster. So I ask him what he is proposing. He says they need the devices back that we have stolen from them. I ask if he means the devices they'd intended to use to influence the dreams of people on Earth… he says yes, but they won't be directed at Earth… they would be directed at the approaching invaders. Perhaps to use the controls to make some of the enemy's minions turn on him. He says the Templars have developed a weapon that works well on the type of enemy that is coming, and they will share that weapon with the Assassins… consider it an exchange. I ask how I'm supposed to know if he's telling the truth. He says this is far too important to lie about. I ask him if it is really so important that he would risk his life to come here. He says he is not risking anything, but yes, it is important enough that he would die to ensure it is prevented. He says he needs to have the devices in his hands before he can let me go, so tell him where they are. I tell him I would have to go get them, there's no way my allies are going to turn the devices over to a bunch of Templars. I add that it's not like he could keep me from leaving if I want to. He laughs and says all of my powers are neutralized, so I'm not going anywhere. I tell him he has forgotten one thing… I am infected with the Mercer Virus. I pull on the chains again and they snap as if they are made of cardboard. The head Templar takes a couple steps backwards as I transform my right arm into a blade.
      Personality Test-2189741-alexmercerblade.jpg
      I tell them all to stay back if they don't want to be sliced in two. Only one of them has to die here to prove their cause. I move towards the head Templar and he orders the others to kill me. They all move in around me, but I am too fast. I grab the head Templar with my right hand and consume him before the others can get there. I get the information I wanted from him. The other Templars are already attacking. I slice through the first two Templars coming in, feel my blade, you lying bitches! My blade cuts right through their shields and armor and swords. It is a very bloody scene as I cut down all of my attackers. I then turn my attention to the memories I got from the head Templar. There is an evil entity that was going to be coming, but it was the Templars that were bringing it. A demon. They wanted to get the devices back and then set the demon to fight the Assassins for them. What a bunch of assholes! Of course now that their plans have been revealed there is no real reason to continue with summoning the demon. I wonder if they will still do so out of spite… and will the demon really cooperate with them. Maybe the demon will destroy the Templars for us! Or at least keep them occupied for quite some time. I form my bloody blade back into my arm and walk across the room which has been painted red with Templar blood. It seems that I probably should find the blood and the strewn bodies to be disgusting… but it doesn't bother me at all. I laugh at the foolishness of the Templars as I wake up.