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    1. Lucid Again, and a Realistic Nightmare FA - September 3

      , 09-03-2018 at 09:21 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 3 2018

      Woke 3:35. In a fight with parents and grandpa about cooking or setting up something (possibly speed-reading). Daylight outside, long tables (possibly crawfish boil).

      Woke 5:05. Long fragment in a stadium, receiving some sort of business presentation from coworker. After it's over, I'm picking up my laptop bag and I stand out of the way for a coworker and an unnamed DC, who say that they have a "merge request in the morning". The presenter (another coworker) is kicking us out.

      Awoke directly from FA nightmare. My dog barked and I could tell instantly that it was serious, not just him barking at another dog. The door to the bedroom is thrown open and the midget from Twin Peaks season 3 entered with a small gun. He approached the bed, not looking directly at me or anyone, just at the wall behind us. He said something vague and I tried to lean up in bed asking something to the extent of "What do you want?". As I tried to move, and in some sense solve the problem, my vision blurred and the dream started to fade. He was wearing a blue shirt with the pattern of "I (heart) N Y" but the letters were "? (eye symbol) T Y" in white. The room's layout was completely realistic and accurate unlike other false awakenings. I woke up and said "holy shit" aloud. Very scary experience, but very vivid -- would have been invaluable if I could have gotten lucid and converted it.

      Before that, I was in my childhood home, on the phone with my manager about something that needed to get done. The screen was black with red nubmbers and dial-screen graphics, and an orbiting globe outline. The call got dropped. I was worrying about this with my parents but they seemed to think it would all work out (it was nighttime). My sister was in my room on my computer, looking for the first book in a series my fiance is currently reading. I suggested that she can just read my fiance's copy rather than buy it herself. I end up also giving her a japanese manga volume and another poorly translated japanese book, I remember the engrish being hilarious in-dream. After this, I went to the kitchen (all of the lights were out). I was trying to write down my dreams in ink on the wood floors. In the back of my mind I knew this was a terrible idea and that my dad would be furious, but in the moment I wasn't worried about it. There were some drops of water on the floor and it was smearing the ink, so I started wiping it up, making the smearing even worse. I was also worried about cockroaches.

      After the ink, I found myself in a distinct dream scene. I was on the ground looking up at the side of a cliff maybe 4 or 5 stories high. There was a good bit of dirt caked on and I thought to myself how nice it would look if I could get the dirt off. I grabbed a wedge-shaped piece of reddish slate and scraped as much dirt as I could off and stepped back, and noticed how nice the geometric patterns were. I remember the thought-phrase "cliff face". When I looked again, one of the rock formations sort of looked like a nose, and the one below looked like a mouth! When I started examining the rest of the cliff, the whole thing was taken up by face structures (abstract and Easter Islandish). The ground went from being solid dirt and rock, to having some cracks in which curved red boards were shoved and prying the cracks apart. In the cracks were green cylindrical vegetables (I thought of okra or fat asparagus stalks). As I moved forward towards the cliff, I noticed a mesh oyster bag of sea urchins, which were moving around each other in the bag, sort of like you expect spike balls to in a metroidvania or platformer. This was a really vivid and overall nice and creative dream that's simple but feels profoundly peaceful, the kind of nonlucid you generally want to have. So of course this scene transitioned directly to the nightmare FA.

      I woke again at 8:59. My fiance was in trouble. We were in some sort of college sign-up, car buying, or other related scenario. There were DCs everywhere, and specifically several DCs with deep blue eyes and short hair meant her harm in an insidious way (they were outwardly friendly). I became more and more adversarial over the course of the dream, eventually hitting them and throwing things at them. We moved from the student union/indoor car lot into a side hallway which transitions to a long house with lots of corridors and small rooms arranged in pretty much a straight-shot, but almost labyrinthine at the same time. I was thinking somehow they were hypnotizing her, and she was getting more and more bruises on her arms and abdomen. Eventually I get in exaggerated physical fights with them and I somehow manage to get 2-4 of them to defect to my side as allies and stow her away under a sliding hole in the kitchen (sort of a drain hole in the floor, like you see in restaurant kitchens). She escaped succesfully.

      I'm unknowingly in an FA but think I'm fully awake. I am having the "transparent eyelids" effect, and I'm looking around my bedroom at the closet door, but it's the wooden closet door from my childhood home. I'm etching a human face in it with my mind.

      After this, I'm in my childhood home and members of my family as well as random DCs are dressed in "starship troopers armor" -- white and blue, and white and red. It was a long and in-depth dream, but I don't remember much of it. I finally escaped the fray and sat back on my bed, but then my father entered my room with his gun held high, and I remember thinking "oh good, you'll just be my bodyguard". When I thought this (non-lucidly), he changed his course of action from running forward to attack me to climbing in bed next to me with his rifle held out (think Fullmetal Jacket "This is my rifle"). I got up from bed* and started walking towards the hallway. Almost instantly I became lucid! I didn't say "I'm dreaming!" or do any RCs or stabilization unfortunately. I walked down the hallway towards the bathroom, and it was daylight outside, maybe early morning. I walked into the bathroom and looked at the mirror, seeing a girl in a dress instead of myself. In this moment, I started to think of the "bad guys" in the starship troopers armor and then banished the thought from my mind, knowing that if I thought of them I would encounter or summon them. So instead I took advantage of the situation -- although I was seeing the girl in the mirror, I felt my dream body as my own physical body. So I turned away from the mirror and decided that I would become the girl in the mirror. I turned back around and I was!
      Spoiler for nudity:
      inspected my face further in the mirror -- my face was sort of ugly and homely**, and as mirrors in dreams usually do, my face shifted quite a bit. I leaned in further to inspect myself and kissed the mirror (it was cold). I then leaned back out and decided to try my "Clear sight. Clear sound. Clear touch. Grounded. Calm, confident. I can stay here as long as I want." stabilization phrase. However, as soon as touched my thumb and forefinger, I accidentally said "Clear mind" first!
      It rejected me from the dream instantly. As I began to feel my waking body, I realized my thumb and forefinger were touching here too; maybe this triggered the waking?

      I laid awake for quite a while after that, as I had already slept more than usual for the night, and for the whole weekend basically. I was also still excited about the lucid and hoping to drop back into it. Eventually I went back to sleep and had some more non lucids. In the first, I was with my fiance in a rest area/cabin in the woods. In the next, I felt as though I dropped into the dream as a visualization from waking, but it's possible I was only visualizing from an FA. I was imagining tall waves, and how my body bobbed up and down in them. It felt incredibly nice and peaceful. I was at a beach, and my sister was standing on a board of some kind zipping up a life jacket. I think my fiance was bobbing up and down in the water too. When I looked at the shore, I couldn't quite see the sand but I could see tall buildings above the waves, which I identified to be my apartment buildings from WL. A distinct black shape was swimming towards me, and I thought it might be a shoe or a fish (I thought it could be a dangerous fish but dismissed the thought instantly). After another waking, I had a final dream of being in a wood panneled shop with an old woman who was offering the shop to me (inheritance?). Her wares were laid out on a long wooden table, which after looking away and looking back turned out to be a giant Knorr pasta packet. I believe this all happened in 3rd person.

      *I think getting out of beds in nonlucids is a lucidity/awareness trigger -- will have to investigate how to encourage this).
      **This is actually the second time I've transformed my body into a woman's in a mirror while lucid, but for some reason I always turn into butterfaces. Also not sure why I keep doing this. Why, lucid mind, why?

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    2. My lucid self is so dumb.

      by , 08-10-2018 at 03:10 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Short lucid

      Was at Jamie's house and she had some friends there. Found that boring but became lucid somehow. I wandered to a table to try time dilation. Started counting the spaces between my fingers with one eye closed left to right. everytime i went left again I had more fingers to count. by 20 20 the dream just faded out.


      I remember chasing after Jamie after we had some huge fight of which or what about I don't remember. I finally caught up with her on some street, she eventually turned around and we both started apologizing. I gave her a hug and she felt so real. "I love you." I said to her then I woke up.

      Secret room

      Was in my inner world house. Somehow I had learned of a secret room in my house between some walls. I was in a kitchen part and looking at the walls trying to find it. I saw a vent there near the ceiling and tried to climb to it. I couldn't. A man was there, who I think was Data offered me a boost up. I went up and peered in the vent, there was nothing there but black. I told Data i couldn't get in. He lifted up the ceiling and I jumped down the other side.

      Inside was what looked like a giant storage room with random boxes and clothes all over the place. I wonder if Asuka had stored things here herself. I just leafed through things until the dream was over.


      I found myself wandering a street lucid. There seemed to be no transition from the last dream. I wandered for a bit but things started getting darker. I remember Mzzck once made a lucid longer by trying to eat a tree. I didn't see no trees but I found a telephone pole and teleported to it and began trying to eat it. It did taste kind of like a tree and I did smell pine. The act engaged so many different senses it kept me in the dream.

      After a bite or two I found myself wandering by a house that seemed familiar. I went into the driveway and decided to try time dilation again. I placed my hand on the ground. closed one eye and counted spaces between my fingers. Every time i went back left to right I had another hand. I managed to count to 40 before my vision began to distort too much so I Jumped up to escape the distortions. I didn't get very far, so I immediately tried again and flew up past the roof. I saw a woman get out of the house and i landed near her. I asked her if she knew where I could find Jamie and I said her last name. The woman said she did and would give me a ride.

      We got into her car and I briefly wondered if I should bother wearing a seat belt in this dream. We pulled away and a few moments later she pulled over and a midget got into the car. That wasn't Jamie... So I waited longer.

      Suddenly, a woman with long brown hair was suddenly sitting in the backseat out of nowhere. Looking back I'm positive it was Jamie. She startled me and also resembled S. I said she scared the shit out of me and why was she here ( i was still convinced she was S)? Jamie got mad and said she teleported in here to find me. Then she vanished either waking up or teleporting away. The woman's car stopped again and another midget got in. Flustered, I left the car.

      I still wanted to look for Jamie even though she had just been there. I began walking across a field toward some plaza calling out her name where it looked like there was fast food and shops. But as I got closer the businesses changed and seemed further away.

      Wound up going into some abandoned house. Went upstairs and looked around a bit. When I went back to the stairs a man wandered in followed by a weird creature trying to make itself look like an asian girl. I didn't walk but sort of hopped behind him. This freaked me out. So I teleported to the man and killed him with a knife I seemed to get out of nowhere. I turned to the creature and stabbed it's coat but the knife went through. It fell on the ground. I pulled off the coat and underneath was just a broom handle with a wooden head with fake hair. I wondered if the man was using magic to make it seem like he had a companion. My vision got all watery as it does when lucids end and so it ended.

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    3. Sharp lump in my neck

      by , 01-19-2014 at 11:45 PM (sparkley guy dream journal)
      So I was feeling my neck and then I felt a bump, kind of like an adams apple but at the bottom of the lump, it was sharp. And this little boy wals up to me and says "finish it". I was confused so I just tried to move the lump out of the way because I couldn't put my head down and it stabbed me whenever I did. So I just push it back and I turned short like a midget lol, then something happened and I woke up
    4. 25th Oct 2013 Short Lucid, midget

      by , 10-25-2013 at 02:57 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's WBTB/naps, had difficult time falling asleep but still got lucid in the end.

      Dream 1(fragments):

      Something about dragons and barriers.

      Dream 2:

      I still "can't" fall asleep but then i realize that room is different, in fact it's different room of my home, i go around and stabilize, then i go on all four and find some midget who asks if i need help, i ask him about dragon form but he just goes away, i end up going around rooms and finding a distorted mirror, near which i find him again, i ask again but he still doesn"t responds, i think about going outside but dream fades.
    5. 3rd Sep 2013 Video games, Lab, Midgets, Yogscast

      by , 09-03-2013 at 03:42 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's WBTB/naps. No lucids for some reason(Maybe schedule), but decent recall anyways.

      Dream 1:

      I was in some weird FPS video game, i was coop with somebody and we were going through weird maroon-colored passage and shooting some zombie-like enemies. Passage was fairly dark but the later part had more lighting. Soon we reached part where we weren't been able to progress because next passage was too high. I heard some heavy machinery sound behind and looked back into tunnel. Crazy laughter followed that and shortly some kind of weird truck-like thing came out of the tunnel and stopped nearby. It was a weapon shop and the merchant was apparently Grigori from half-life 2. He talked about something with my coop partner and in that talk called me a dragon.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      There was something about some girl in research lab, she was doing various stuff and she really wanted to return dragons and was talking about some kind of dimensional travel.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      I was at home and there was something going on at the streets, a group of midgets were filming something and one of them had a cane that could fire bullets and even had a silencer and laser aim included.

      Dream 4:

      I was watching some minecraft video of some let's player. He was playing multiplayer with somebody and he was saying that he haven't played it for years and was reacting surprised to new stuff. Then they got swarmed by creepers and spiders and he had to escape through some cobweb place. Then suddenly video was about yogscast and they were exploring some level that looked like some alien place. They were playing normally at first and reached some cave area with lava, but then they started talking about some party and decided to turn the level into fireworks by using lots of TNT.
    6. 24th Mar 2013 Fake sleep paralysis, 'Fight' with a midget, Basic TOTM I, Some transformation success

      by , 03-24-2013 at 03:02 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's nap, got lucid due to attempting WILD in a dream again as well as finally did some goals as well as TOTM.

      I can't recall much about dream start, but i was at home and i was apparently sick, it was nighttime and i was watching Syphon Filter let's play, it was pretty weird in way that there were driveable vehicles and one level had the jump that was supposed to be done in vehicle, but player failed and was forced to redo whole level because the jump was done above area where level starts. Dad was annoying me because he decided to sleep in my room for whatever reason. Later i was watching another level with massive bridge and armored enemies, which supposed to be boss level of some kind. I looked at time and it was time at which i should go for nap. So i went for the WILD.
      I wake up and it is daytime, i can't move, also for some reason i am in position in which my view is rather limited. The bed position is different too, and there were no curtains on windows, but i didn't notice it at that moment. So dream manages to convince me that i have sleep paralysis event. In a bit i hear sound of someone walking behind the window. I am slightly alerted for a second, but only for a quick second, then i get back to calm state again. I hear more sounds behind window and then i see some shadow figure. It breaks through the window and runs towards me.
      At this point i start suspecting that i am dreaming, but still can't move. Now it's not shadow anymore, but a person, i can only see legs though due to position i am paralyzed in. He starts punching and kicking me, i feel being hit, but no pain, i still can't move though so i just absorb hits like a badass until i fall out of the bed. I am able to move now, and i ask the person why he's doing it, i can't recall response but i was not satisfied with it, i looked at the person and apparently he is a midget. He decided to continue attacking me, but i just... sit down on him. He's angered and somehow manages to grab me and almost throw me, but i grab him in response too. Then he grabs in different way, making it harder to keep balance, but i respond by grabbing differently too. We continue that 'fight' while epic orchestral music is playing, until i get him into situation where keeping balance is just ridiculous, like he has to stand in weird pose on single finger while grabbing my hand, and while i am not touching the floor at all and grabbing him somehow... i am not sure how to describe this fully, haha. But i apparently win and i free myself from the grab.
      I say something i can't recall to midget which was lying on the ground and walk to the window, which is not broken now apparently. I smash it with my fist and it breaks, i get through and check hands, no damage on them and left hand has 7 fingers, also they are like super detailed. I take off and start feeling wings, i fly straight ahead and then slightly to the left this time, and i fly pretty quick, i also hear sound of wings more clearly that previous time. Shortly dreamscape changes and i am now flying above some different place in the city, i decide to try transforming into a dragon again, but no dice, i continue flying and dreamscape changes again, to some kind of outdoor restaurant with a bunch of DCs, i fly above it and dreamscape changes once again, now there's some buildings. I spontaneously get an idea that transformation would be easier if i get more destructive.
      I fly straight into building wall and start breaking through it at full speed, it ends up very very thick, since i am breaking through it for whole 5 seconds already, without lowering speed. There's not much light and i decide to visualize transformation now, and i have feeling of change. After a couple more seconds of breaking through the wall i manage to reach some rooms, which luckily had some light. I look at my hands and i have claws and hands are fully covered with green and black scales, it's awesome, though i didn't changed in size, i think. I try to talk and my voice has weird tone messed with something like combination of roar and some high pitched sound. I haven't stopped flight for whole time, so i end up breaking through the wall again, deciding to get back to outside, but eventually everything fades out.

      I feel myself back at the bed, but all i can see is darkness, i try to shout, but my voice is replaced with sound similar to one i had during transformation, i feel paralyzed and shortly i see some black and white portrait in the darkness.
      I wake up while shouting, family is in the room and they make 'wtf' faces, i respond that "that's why i don't do this when someone else is in the room, especially when sick", i get up and then i wake up properly and immediately do an RC, haha.
    7. 1st Mar 2013 WILD - Some DC distracting me from goals

      by , 03-01-2013 at 08:15 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Seems like my recall of dialogue from dreams is not good, even from lucid ones.

      I 'wake up' on my bed in my room and take off headphones, i still hear binaural beats, confirming that i am dreaming. Dream was pretty unstable and it was hard to move, so i did stabilization by feeling the bed with my hands and also by rubbing hands. I recalled my goal to find a way to change location and i recalled that i wanted to try running through walls. I get up and try running into one, but dream fades out before i get to it.
      I am on the bed again, i know that i am still in the dream. As i get up i hear some loud, booming voice shouting something about nature, creating some sort of shock wave and thrusting me upwards, i suddenly feel wings once again and manage to stop my motion before hitting the ceiling and. I get back to the floor and shout some thing along the line "What was that about", the voice responds: "I AM ___ OF NATURE OF EARTH"(Can't recall the underscore'd word). I accidentally close eyes and dream destabilizes again.
      I am on the bed once again, this time with pillow somehow stuck on my front. I do some more stabilization and then get up, and as i walk i shout "Show yourself!", the owner of the voice from before appears in front of me in blue glow, but since i was walking pillow that stuck in front of me hits him and falls off. The owner of the voice appears to be midget of less than an half of my height. We greet each other and talk about something for a bit that i can't recall at all. Then i decide to attempt to run through wall again, but as i get close to the wall, some sort of forcefield slows me down. Midget starts running around the room while being completely invisible(I dunno how, but i 'felt' whenever he was nearby). I was trying to catch him, but as he becomes visible he's not a midget anymore and in fact he's somewhat taller than me, also he's wearing some sort of industrial working suit. He ignores me and starts connecting something to big speakers on the desk(I don't have speakers in the room IWL, i use headphones), and saying that it's something special. I accidentally close eyes again, but this time dream remains stable. I decide to reattempt my goal again, but as i run to the wall i get knocked to the bed from the side(possibly by ex-midget). Dream fades out.
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    8. Charlie 'the Demon Midget' Chaplin

      by , 01-11-2013 at 10:18 AM
      Jan 10, 2013


      It's in the middle of the night, I'm standing in the kitchin and it's dark outside while the light is on inside so I can pretty much just see the reflection of myself when I look out the window. I think I'm on my way to the bathroom or going to grab some food from the fridge (I've walked this exact route so many times I can actually walk it with closed eyes, tried and tested).
      As I'm walking I get this feeling, like someone is watching me, so I look out the windows and I see a dark silhuet standing just outside, but I can't see it properly so I switch off the lights and look out the window again. As I look into two tiny black demon like eyes my heart starts beating faster and I'm having a hard time breathing. I'm struck by a loud high pitched noice. It's so loud that I'm deafened by it and I'm literally paralyzed for what feels like an eternity but in reality was more like seconds. My eyes are locked with the eyes of this creature. It feels like I'm getting drawn into the bottomless void that is it's eyes and I'm filled with stress and anxiety. It's as if I'm about to burst.
      But then with a snap of the fingers I'm freed from it's grasp as it turns away from me and start walking. My angst is instantly relieved to some extent and I can move again though with great effort as my body is still weary and I have to lean against the kitchen table to remain on my feet.
      The entety has seems to have grown smaller only about a few feet high and it seems confused or panicy like it is just as afraid of me as I am of it. It doesn't move in a straight line and it moves weird. It seems as if it can't bend his legs and it's arms are stiff down the sides. The way it moves actually resemble the way a penguin would move. A vicious demon penguin of evil anyway.
      It's dressed like Chapin so i guess 'it' must be a 'he' and his head is completely unproportionate. It's huge compared to the body. The head alone makes it for atleast one third of his height. His face looks as if it where painted on, he looks very old with long wrinkles like the rings on a tree stub. He has a blank expression on his face and pale skin.
      I'm still having trouble breathing properly, the pitched noice is still there and my hearth is still pulsing through the roof.
      I'm trying to yell out to this demonic midget or whatever it is, but I can't. I'm yelling so hard that my chest is getting sore but no sound escapes my mouth. My efforts are brought to a halt as the noice increases in volume, louder than ever. My hearth is pounding away faster and faster for every second and I seem to lack the ability to breath. My legs are tremblind beneath me and i seem to be on the verge of a collapse as the creature turns around slowly. I stare helplessly at it as I'm paralyzed once more. At the moment where our eyes are locked the noice, my breathing, my hearth, everything just explodes everything becomes a dark blur as I in my bed.


      As I woke up I was breathing really fast and my pulse was definelty faster than usual. Though I realized pretty much instantly that it had just been a dream so i closed my eyes quickly and relazed all my muscles to try and recollect the dream. I seemed to remember some fragments of an earlier dream that night aswell. Namely it seemed like Charles 'the Demon Midget' Chaplin had been haunting me in an earlier dream aswell. All I could see though was a flashing image of 'Chaplin' on a brighter background. Could have been my imagination i guess.

      I haven't had a nightmare since i was a kid, and much less have I actually woke up from one. (as far as i can remember)
      I used to have nightmares somewhat often and i was scared of the dark and everything. I can't honeslty say that I don't feel weird about darkness anymore though I'm easely supressing any weird feelings with logic. I have often experienced my fantasy making me imagine there would be someone watching me at exactly the spot Chaplin 'the Demon Midget' was standing at (just about a yard from the kitchen window). But again I've had no problems brushing it off as mere fantasy.

      I have never had very good dream recall as far as I can remember, but then again i don't remember much from when i was a kid. I never remember more than maybe 1 dream each month.

      That is why I was and am focusing on gaining a good dream recall before trying seriously for lucidity.

      This dream occured after about 2 hours of sleep on the very first night that i attempted to do anything about my dreams.
      I had been researching a lot on lucid dreaming and I was very intent to at the very least recall a dream that night. I also tried to perform a WILD, knowing I would probably fail. And sure i did fail but I had some very interesting hypnogogia before i fell asleep. Furthermore i had set my phones alarm to 4:30 am to attempt the WBTB tecknique.

      I suppose it the sum of all this preperation and my state of mind that caused me to have this extremely vivid dream.
      By far the most vivid dream I remember. The fact that I hardly ever recall my dreams (even when I do recall dreams they are more like fragments and certainly not very vivid) and the fact that it caused me to wake up (a thing no dream has done to me for several years) all made me truly believe that lucidity is very much possible for me.

      This made me sign up here on dreamviews, cause now I'm officially working towards my first lucid dream!

      ps. I've uploaded a web cam photo of the drawning I made of Chaplin. ( keep in mind it was drawn at about 1:30 am )

      pps. Sorry if there are any spelling or grammar errors. The text is too long for me to look through at the moment. Maybe I'll revisit it later to correct errors.
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    9. Concerts, Midgets and Sleeping Arrangements

      by , 09-11-2011 at 01:46 AM
      Date: 11/09/11
      Time: -
      Memory Clarity: 5/10

      Our class is standing in two long lines at the back of our school hall, as though we're about to put on a concert. We're not really doing much but I was trying to put my arm around the person to my left, I have no idea who it was or what gender they were or if they were even a person. Eventually after a while of doing that, some people bring in what everyone describes as 'midgets.' As they are brought in, I see that they are tiny tropical birds, all brightly coloured. They sit on the stage near us, and they have clear, human voices. I wanted to stare at them but I knew I shouldn't cause they were 'midgets'. Two people from my school then sing a duet in which they pretend to kiss - the song is essentially 'Can You See the Love Tonight'.

      Memory Clarity: 7/10

      My brother has invited an absurd amount of people over to the house, and instead of having a party or whatever, they all simply want to sleep over. So my family room has mattresses and blankets everywhere, with people in them, and although I don't actually go there, I'm aware that my brother's room is the same deal. For some reason instead of sleeping in my room, I have to find a spot in the family room among everyone else. I see a couple of chairs with blankets on them, but when I pull back the blankets there are people sleeping there. I eventually find a spot on the floor, and watch as my brother plays a racing game with 11 of his friends. The set-up is that 6 are playing on the Xbox in the family room, and 6 are on the one in his room. My mum comes in and tells me to go to bed, but after heatedly negotiating I avoid this.

      I am at home, and on a whim I decide to take our Harley-Davidson motorcycle (which we dont actually have) and ride it around the neighbourhood, naked. It's late at night so I assume I won't be seen much, however unfortunately as I pull out the neighbour is returning home, and sees me, and then when I'm riding around I happen to come across almost everyone I know at various points. This dream was very frustrating as it was very vivid, and I thought it was completely real, and so I was extremely annoyed at the astronomical odds that on one night I could see so many people that I know. They were seperate too, not in a group or anything, but rather all there on their own business, unconnected. It was the kind of dream that, after I woke up, I was immensly relieved that it hadn't happened and I wasn't about to be embarrassed by everyone.