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    1. Dream - The Boot Camp Of Drama & Helium Singer & Supernanny Fraud & Coles Checkout Chick & Fix...

      by , 10-01-2017 at 12:57 PM
      Date of Dream: FRI 29 SEP - 2017

      All Dream Titles:

      Dream 203 A - The Boot Camp Of Drama
      Dream 203 B - Helium Singer
      Dream 203 C - Supernanny Fraud
      Dream 203 D - Coles Checkout Chick
      Dream 203 E - Fix The Neighbour's House
      Dream 203 F - Crazy Balloon Arms

      Dream Title In Summary:
      Dream - The Boot Camp Of Drama & Helium Singer & Supernanny Fraud & Coles Checkout Chick & Fix The Neighbour's House & Crazy Balloon Arms

      Dream No. 203 - Separated Sections

      Dream 203 A - The Boot Camp Of Drama
      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was at this unknown motel-like place. There were many celebrities as well as people I've generally heard of and know well. There was some random lady that would have a “chat” to some of the room-mates... I believe she was the camp director. I remember her having a chat to Simone from The Bachelor.

      She then looked angry... She was looking for Logan. Apparently he, with a small group of other “boys”, had caused some trouble. She had eventually found him at was yelling at him like a hair-dryer in the face. The next part of the scene is blurry for me. I can remember that I was staying in a small room away from the motel, with Logan, Chilly and Tito. Chilly was making a plan of when we should get up the next morning. That's all I can remember for this dream.

      Dream 203 B - Helium Singer
      The Killester group was getting ready to return from their camp. Mrs G told me that we weren't returning by bus and that we would rather be taking the “Lifts Of Ballarat”. I started really freaking out and saying on repeat “but I can't take lifts!”. She said it would be relaxing and fun. Despite what she said,we ended up getting on a bus. Only when we were on the bus, I realised I had left my entire luggage behind at the camp site.

      When then approached an entrance to a huge water cave and I discovered this to be the so called “Lifts Of Ballarat”. As the bus went down, I could feel the presence of a weird gas in the cavern. I was hoping that we weren't getting out of the bus. The opposite happened... The window opened and we were all sucked out of the bus and into the cavern.

      I tried talking and my voice was becoming increasingly higher... I was being filled with helium. WB spoke and her voice was normal. I wonder why I was the only one getting helium. I then tried to sing a few random notes and I was surprise that I could hold them. I tried to do a vocal exercise to make my voice go back down but it wouldn't work. I tried it again and WB ended up laughing extremely hard. The dream then ended.

      Dream 203 C - Supernanny Fraud
      My brother and I had an obligation to eat our vegetables for dinner. We were still eating but my mum was getting angry at the fact that there were still peas and corn on my plate. She started presenting me with nasty threats but I said to her something like, “That's not even half of what Supernanny does”. For the remainder of the dream, my mum was quiet.

      My brother came up to my plate, took all the peas and corn and said that he would have them. He placed all his tomatoes on my plate which I had all of. I don't remember what else happened in the dream.

      Dream 203 D - Coles Checkout Chick
      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was helping WB do some shopping in Coles at Stud Park Shopping Centre. For the entire dream, she was wearing Coles work clothes, with her hair straight and tied back. Throughout most of the dream, she would have her dad on the phone, giving her a list of groceries to get.

      She arrived at the milk fridge and I thought she was going to go for a 2 litre A2 milk. The thought in my head played out that she was going for a “pathetic carton of Rev”. I thought to remind her to check the use-by-date. When I pointed at the date on the Rev, she turned her head from the phone and gave me a disapproving look. The made me point to the date even more, whispering at her to “focus on the use-by-date”. To help her, I stuck my thumb up at her when it was a good date.

      She eventually listened and and put milk for 3 OCT and 4 OCT in the basket, but only after I signalled for her to do so. I then went into an aisle myself while she was still at the milk fridge. The dream was now amplifying what she was saying to her dad. She was saying something like “Eh-Karla, you see her everywhere! You see milk, you see Karla, you see biscuits, you see Karla”. I came to her at the milk fridge to check on her. There was some Rev milk on the shelves that said “27 JUL 17/12” as the date and so I put my fingers in a cross position. When she saw my fingers, she immediately backed away from the milk carton.

      She then went into the aisles where I was before to buy some dog biscuits. We then proceeded to the juice fridge as she wanted to buy some orange juice. Once again, it was a brand different to what I thought she was going to get. As we walked past the juice fridge at the front of the store, I called her over and recommended that she gets the Coles brand orange juice. She said that she had gotten it before. We were then at the checkouts and some old guy starts talking to WB. He said something like, “It's pretty nifty to get a place at Coles for just 16 dollars”. The guy then disappeared and our items were at the other end.

      I asked her what Coles she works at. I couldn't understand her at first and so I had to keep repeatedly asking. Eventually, I heard her say “David Street”. I got so excited and kept saying to her “It's the one near my TAFE!”. I then want over to two plastic bags of groceries and picked them up, taking them for her. As we walked through the mall, she started to become grumpy again. There was also someone else walking with us and so while WB was staying really far back from me, I tried to be exactly in the middle of her and the other girl. When we got to WB's car, the dream then ended.

      Dream 203 E - Fix The Neighbours House
      I was in an unknown area, talking to a random Asian boy who was actually a family friend in the dream. He said his mum was really upset as they had to move into a new house and she didn't like the way the neighbour's house looked. I examined the house and it was just a plain white weather-board house that had nothing in it. There were no people living in the house either, so I just demolished it straight away. The dream skipped to the end where the mum and the boy thanked me and they moved into their new house.

      Dream 203 F - Crazy Balloon Arms
      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, my mum, dad and I were in Coles at Waverley Gardens. I don't remember what happened exactly. This random guy approached my mum. Then my dad came up behind him and said something. Then we see this person in the middle of the shops with this weird contraption on each side of his arms. It was something to do with after a procedure at a hospital. The device would make this guy flail his arms around crazily. That's all I can remember for this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None

      That's a record broken again, first time for 6 dreams in one night! In Dream 203 D, I was actually surprised that it was "date intelligent"... Like, milk usually expires in a few days, doesn't it? So I think it's amazing that the dates were 5 and 6 days away, whereas the milk from before 29 SEP would have been so stale and maybe even mouldy.
    2. TOTY - fail (false memory) 2017 DJ #4 LD #2

      by , 01-06-2017 at 10:21 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      Bizarre Rogue One spin-offs...


      I become lucid. I decide to attempt the TOTY, and falsely remember it as 'Drink fermented milk' I see a van named 'Milky Day' and rob a carton that says 'Fermented Milk' I drink the milk, and gradually lose lucidity

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    3. Movie Theater Milk

      by , 10-07-2016 at 01:49 PM
      I remember having been in movie theaters before in dreams. This time it was a theater similar to one I'd been in in a dream, not in real life.

      I was in the theater, no movie was on, no one's in the theater. It's dark, it's big, it has three sections of seats. I walk up to where the screen is and go behind it. It's like a walk in freezer/refrigerator where they keep all the concession things. I look around and find (of all things) milk. There's tons of gallons of milk and little single serving milks. There's also like candy and popcorn and things, but no one is back there.

      So, not a full blown dream, but I'm glad that I'm remembering more and I have to get better about putting things in the journal in the morning.
    4. Got milk?

      by , 02-21-2016 at 05:51 PM
      All I can remember is somone insisting on having soy/skim milk.

      P.S. milk symbolizes maternal instincs, motherly love, human kindness, compassion, and wholesomeness.
    5. Jet Pack!

      by , 02-14-2015 at 04:33 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I am flying a jet pack! Zooming through the air for at least 2 solid hours, I fly from southern VT to my mom's house. I run out of fuel in her front yard. The jet pack uses the final bit of fuel in one quick burst, sending me 30 ft up in the air then dropping me like a rock. I hit the ground hard, then walk inside and refuel the jet pack. I use the jet pack to hover over a chair, a sofa, a desk, and a bed that are in my way in a hallway. I get to a room and see a young girl looking into the window. I go up to the window and yell loudly, startling her. "Did I scare you?" I ask through the glass. "Yes" she nods. I feel bad for scaring her.

      I crawl out of the room through a small chamber with cinder block / concrete walls and a dirt floor. It's way too small for comfort, and there are other people ahead of me. I'm not the first to have to go through this, so I follow the others. The room gets smaller, so I have to crawl on my back and pull myself along grabbing the ceiling. There's no going back now. At the exit, a beautiful woman is giving her milk to everyone. Kind of unusual, but it seems to be the only way out of this room, and it isn't optional. I crawl toward her on my back to get out. She shakes her boobs at me, gives me a hj, and lets me go. Very unexpected!
    6. Bread and Milk (NLD fragment)

      by , 01-29-2015 at 07:23 PM
      Increasingly frustrated, I was trying to rearrange the objects on the top shelf of the refrigerator. This was made challenging by the downward slope of the shelf and the fact that there was no raised lip at the front to catch things. It was also quite full, so the weight of the objects in the back was pushing down against the things in the front and knocking them off. My dad walked up as I was once again moving things around trying to find a more stable arrangement, so I complained to him:

      "The fridge is full of bread—bagged bread! And milk." I screwed up my face, pronouncing "milk" with as much disgust as I could put into my voice. I've never liked milk, but thought I should provide a better reason for my objection. "The milk's going to go bad in a few days and then we'll have to throw it out."

      "Room for more bread!" My father kept a straight face, but I was pretty sure he was teasing me.

      "Look," I said impatiently, "If this is some kind of survivalist thing, we'd do better to stock complex carbohydrates than all this processed crap."
    7. Give me my Chocolate Chip Muffin! LD #129 (sort of)

      by , 11-01-2014 at 01:14 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was with S at college. We were walking around campus in the evening hours. I can recall it being around 6:00. S said he had to go home, and I wanted to run to this bakery place before it closed at 6:20. Also, it was Halloween in the dream and everybody was wearing costumes. I think I was dressed up as Minecraft Steve; I was wearing a turquoise shirt and purple pants. S was dressed up as some anime character and had this huge spikey blue wig.
      We parted ways and I headed to the bakery. It was underneath the building next to my dorm in this huge complex that is not there IWL. I went inside and got in line at the bakery. The clock read 6:19 and you could tell the place was closing down. But there were a few other people that wanted to drop by before they closed.
      I asked the woman behind the counter if I could have the last chocolate chip muffin and some milk. She said 'sure' and handed me both of the items. I then waited for two other people to check out before it was my turn.
      I gave my ID to the guy at the checkout so I could pay. For some reason he just took it and held it above the slot without swiping it. After about fifteen seconds he sarcastically said:
      "Ooops! It's 6:21. Were closed now! Sorry! We can't give you this!" The lady behind the counter and another DC worker, a tall blonde guy who was wiping down tables both started laughing at me. I stormed out of the bakery vowing never to do business there again.
      I walked outside and up this big hill that isn't there IWL. I took note of how floaty gravity seemed to be. I kept on jumping up and swimming through the air for a few feet before drifting back down.
      This prompted me to preform a nose pinch. Now I became lucid, but I still felt like I wasn't all there.
      Primarily because I turned around and went back to the bakery. One way or another I was gonna get my muffin from these guys. I got back to the door and pulled on it. Locked.
      I see the three dream characters still inside; the bakery had metal and glass doors with floor-to-ceiling windows. The cashier guy was standing around eating my muffin and drinking my milk. The tall guy was still cleaning tables, and the woman was putting what was left of the day's goods. (A couple of bagles) into boxes. The three saw me standing outside me and started laughing again.
      Oh man was I getting ticked off by these three. I tore the metal and glass door off its hinges and threw it into the road. They stopped laughing.
      I walked over to the cashier guy and punched him in the gut. I heard a thunderclap sound and the guy went flying backwards into the wall. He then fell into a couple of tables and chairs. The other two dream characters took off running.
      I walked over to the cashier and looked down at him.

      For some reason me and him were sitting together at a table. He had a bandage around his head.
      "Look dude, I'm sorry... about everything. I didn't know you were..."
      "I don't forgive you."
      "What?! why?"
      "Because I know you're not saying that because you are sorry. You're only saying it because now you realize that I can hurt you. Next time, be more careful who you mess with. You never know who might give you a bad day."
      I turned and walked out. The dream faded.

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    8. Work at the Bakery AND Coffee Shop, Getting Shot, Starcraft, and More

      by , 10-06-2014 at 02:43 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at work talking to Taylor about going to Oregon together on a trip.

      I then remember being in an apartment with him at night and seeing what looked like a small tornado hit the glass on the floor-to-ceiling window.
      "Take cover! It's a tornado!" I said as the thing pounded on the window once before disappearing.
      It left an indentation in the glass and some debris behind that stuck to the window. It looked like machine parts. I then felt silly for freaking out about it because it apparently wasn't a tornado. Something about a stag and these waves of dirt on the Earth that had to do with the stag.


      I was working in the coffee shop again. It was under new management like it is IWL and was inside of an apartment instead of a shop. It was really slow, as you would imagine business would be. I knew it was only a matter of time before the shop went under. I didn't understand why they would do this when they had had a perfectly good shop in the first place. I was talking to someone about this.

      I then noticed that there was more room towards the back for people to sit down in, a little area with tables and chairs. Maybe this place wasn't so small and insignificant after all.

      It was then liked I was in the bakery, and we had to make all these special orders for people. There was one for a therapist that I stopped seeing awhile ago. I didn't recognize that at first until I saw her. I hoped she didn't see me, but too late, she did. She said
      "You need to come back and see me!" in a cheerful tone.
      I didn't respond.
      I was then preparing these cupcakes/brownies with cookies on top. Shannon showed me how to put the cookies on top. I started to put one cookie on some and three on others, but decided that two was the best choice to make them all even. I fixed the ones with one and that had one and three and made them all have two. I then came out with an extra cupcake/brownie thing and had to cut it and the edges to make it the same size as the others. I clipped the edges off the way I thought they looked best. I wasn't sure at first if I was doing it right, but I compared it with the others and thought it looked passable.

      I was then outside. There were chairs, tables, and umbrellas. It was sunny and daytime out. I knew what was going to happen next: Someone was about to open fire on the coffee shop and go on a shooting spree. I even knew there would be some people who wouldn't make it. Then, a man's voice yelled
      I dropped to the sidewalk, and other people there did as well. I was underneath a table and heard the gun going and going and going. It just kept shooting. I was afraid for my life.

      The shots then ended and I got up. Inside at a table there were some dead people, some black men that were from Africa. I walked around a little and started to notice a wet feeling on the back of my neck. I then saw blood dripping down my leg. I had been shot in the back of the neck! I needed help before I lost too much blood. A man found me, I think it was Keith, one of the previous owners of the shop. He was so upset that I had gotten hurt. He helped me to a hospital. At some point, I saw blood dripping onto the floor. At another point, I saw the wound after the bullet was taken out. It was quite small and looked to be scabbed over already.

      At another point, I felt that this wasn't real, and I became lucid. There was a guy with me who looked like my husband's best friend, and I said
      "This is a dream!"
      He was quite close to my face and he just looked at me. I then woke up.


      I was at work at the bakery. It was nighttime. I was working with Taylor and Kaitlin. I was supposed to get off of work at 9, but we were so slow and caught up that I clocked out at almost 8 o'clock. As I was leaving, I saw Taylor and Kaitlin working on something. I hoped that they didn't need my help. I had to be at work by 6am the next day anyway. I was thinking about how Shannon would probably be mad at me for leaving early, but oh well, too late now.

      I then briefly woke up and thought that that had really happened. I then went back to sleep.

      I was back at work, and the computer screen there was a buttery yellow color. I had left it that way; I was supposed to clean it off before I left. There was a note typed up in the top left corner of the screen with some quote about cleanliness from the assistant CS manager. I started to scrape the yellow stuff off with my fingernail.


      Again, I was working at the coffee shop, though it looked different. Two girls came in, one about 12, the other a teen, and ordered some drinks, a cafe' au lait for the older one, and some kind of latte for the younger one. I realized that we had no milk. We also had these weird milk steamers that were hand-held. I looked in vain for milk. I remember seeing some black coffee that looked steamed and bubbly. I felt bad for making the girls wait. What kind of coffee shop runs out of milk?? I had to apologize for the wait to the girls. The younger girl then changed her order to an amaretto latte. I then ran to another coffee shop to borrow milk. I told the guy working that I needed enough milk for a cafe' au lait and a latte. He poured some milk into a steaming pitcher for me and gave it to me. I looked inside the pitcher, and it didn't look like there was barely any milk, and it looked like it was separated; the white part was on the bottom, and on the top it looked like water. Ok...weird...

      I then was back in the coffee shop and looked in the pitcher again and saw that it was full of orange juice! What...the heck. I didn't want to make these girls wait any longer, so I decided to change the OJ into milk by thinking about it. I realized I was dreaming for a split second while doing this, but quickly faded back into the NLD. I was kind of succeeding at the beverage change. I eventually steamed it, which I remembered how to do surprisingly well. It now definitely looked like milk. I gave them the drinks. I couldn't remember exactly what the younger girl had said she wanted in her latte. She then went over to a self-serve area and put some kind of amaretto powder into her drink. Alright, whatever!


      I was in the library in college. I was getting on a computer. Jason was next to me on a computer. He was playing Starcraft. I then also started to play. My base was right next to his. We were both playing as the Zerg race. I was literally trying to build on his land. I built some kind of something, honestly I don't remember what it was, I think it was to make the most basic attack Zergs (can't recall what they're called). His drones started to attack them. I then started to try building a base around his, but he kept attacking me as I was doing so. I would succeed, but his drones would kill off any progress I was making. I decided to quit because I didn't think we were supposed to be playing Starcraft on the library computers anyway. It then showed a screen that had the word FEMALE on it inside of a bar and the bar filled up almost all the way in a lime green color. It was a bonus for being one of the few female Starcraft players. I went on there again and immediately got attacked by more advanced Zerg fighters. I quickly quit again, this time receiving no bonus.
    9. The Origami Parrot, and Saving a Friend From Her Cheating Husband

      by , 08-01-2014 at 12:17 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was "remembering" a time when I was in high school, and I had a blue origami parrot. It very much so seemed real; it would move, though it would make no noise. I showed it to my friends. I was super happy having this paper bird. When I took it home, though, I could not find a place for him. He needed a cage, but I didn't have one. I'm not sure what happened to him.

      I'm not sure where I was, it was a building in my town, but I wanted another origami parrot. I called up one of my friends, maybe Rachel, and asked her if she wanted to come with me to get one. I "remembered" I had gotten it at Animal City, a pet store here in town, though I wasn't 100% positive. Rachel was then with me, and I told her we were going to Animal City. We walked out of whatever building we were in, and Animal City was right next door. We walked inside.

      We walked around inside Animal City. We saw what looked like a very large brown cat with flecks of different shades of brown playing on a cat tower (one of those carpeted towers cats use to climb/scratch/perch). Many people were around it. I figured it was the store's current mascot (IWL they always have some sort of mascot animal). I, being the cat lady that I am, went over to the cat. I was super excited to see the cat. The cat then turned around, and its face looked alien. I had no idea what kind of animal it was supposed to be, but it definitely wasn't a cat!

      I then continued my search for the origami bird. I then came across a woman who had a small, green origami parrot. This is what I'd been looking for! The bird was perched on the lady's shoulder. I started to speak with her about the origami bird. She said something about it having poetry written underneath its wings. She unfolded one to reveal it. I did it myself as well, and had trouble getting the paper to fold back properly. I wondered if my old origami parrot had had poetry underneath its wings also.

      I then saw that the bird only moved when the lady moved its tail. It was like an IWL origame swan; when you move its tail, the wings move. But she would do it very subtly to make it look like the bird was moving on its own. I did not remember doing this when I had my origami parrot. Maybe my memory was deceiving me. At any rate, the paper bird moving on its own was definitely an illusion. I wanted to believe that it wasn't, but it definitely was.

      I don't remember if I got to have the bird or not.


      I was with Dallas at my old friend Kacey's place. She lived in a different town, as she does IWL. We were watching her do some dance performance with a dance team. It was some interpretive type of dance. I saw people that I knew in high school also dancing with them, one being Mary Lane, but her hair was waaaaay longer than I had ever seen it IWL. I saw someone else too, a blonde girl, but I couldn't place her name. I called her something that started with an R. Kacey's husband, Rick, was somehow also involved with this dance.

      When they finished, I talked to Kacey about Mary Lane being there. I also talked about the other girl, the blonde with the R name. Two girls, identical twins, then approached me. They had grey and pink in their hair. One I had mistaken for the blonde girl I knew in high school. I then realized I was wrong about the name of the blonde girl; I had no idea who these twins were.

      Everyone but Kacey and her husband cleared out. We were all visiting in their living room. A boy, a child of about 5 or 6 who was supposed to be Kacey's son (she only has a daughter by marriage from Rick IWL, none of her own) came up to us. He seemed like a happy child. I saw him smile up at me with his teeth.

      Then, where her son had been, was this big white bathtub full of milk and...dry cat food (I've dreamed of a bowl of cat food and milk once before, though I did not write it down). It was behind the couch. There was way more milk than cat food; I only saw some scattered pieces floating around. In the middle of the bathtub was a black and white kitten, who was drinking the milk and eating the cat food. She seemed super happy (what cat wouldn't be?). I then thought about how milk isn't good for cats, and how they would probably have to clean up cat diarrhea later.

      I then woke up, but went back to sleep into the same dream.

      The cat in the tub was now gone, and I was talking to Kacey in the living room. Dallas then came up to me, and told me he had heard Rick say he was going to cheat on Kacey! Kacey had not heard him tell me this; I think that Dallas whispered it to me, or Kacey was out of earshot. I really debated on whether or not I should tell Kacey, but she is one of my best friends, even though we barely talk anymore, and I owe this information to her; she deserves to know so she can decide what to do about it.

      I then told Kacey about what I had heard. She was aware of the problem; he went and cheated on her all the time, and didn't think she knew. I then told her that if she wanted out, she always had a place with me. I would take her in for as long as she needed. She wasn't sure what to do, but I feel like I kind of pushed her to leave him. She finally agreed, and started throwing some of her things together. On my part, I felt that I may had been somewhat impulsive, but I would, of course, take her in no matter what she needed. I didn't want her to feel pushed though. But that feeling quickly faded, because I was finally going to get Kacey out of her horrible situation.

      I then thought about her son, and whether or not she should take him. I couldn't remember for sure if the son was hers or Rick's. I guess I decided it didn't matter. I saw her get some things together, careful not to let Rick hear her, and we got into my car to drive to my place. I thought about us staying at my old apartment with Cherie', my old roommate, but realized that I had just turned my keys in (true IWL), so I couldn't just go in there anymore. So instead, I drove her to my parent's house. I had not told my parents prior to this that I was taking her in, but my mom loves her, so I figured it would be alright, and it was for a good cause as well. I did need to tell my mom, though. I went into the living room while Kacey stayed in the kitchen. I saw my mom wrapped up in a blanket, asleep on the couch. She was sick with a cold or something. I woke her to tell her about Kacey. I don't remember what she said. BUt I then figured out that my dad was cheating on my mom too. Wtf.

      I then thought about how Rick knew where my house was, and so we should probably relocate, because he would absolutely suspect that we were here.

      Back in the kitchen, I saw Kacey helping to fix up some dinner. As she poured frozen green beans into a pan with the entree', chicken probably, I thought that she looked like an expert the way she was putting the food together with confidence. It had something to do with the way she was pouring the veggies; she just looked like she knew what she was doing.

      I then realized that we had left Dallas. Whoops. We had to go back and get him. We drove back, hoping Rick didn't notice our absence. We got there to get Dallas, and Rick had a backpack on. A guy friend was waiting for him with a backpack. It looked as if they were going camping. Rick had not even noticed we were gone. He said he'd be back in two days. I knew he was going to cheat on Kacey when he was gone. Further, if he cared for her at all, he would have noticed she disappeared without warning for awhile. His mind was obviously preoccupied.

      At some point being back at Kacey's, I saw a bunch of sweat pants. I wondered if Kacey wanted to grab those to take with her.

      When Rick was gone, Kacey and I went into town to investigate. We came across this building that had signs on the front window. It said "Cheat! Cheat! Cheat!". It was a lounge for men to go to to cheat on their wives (subtle advertisement, right?). I forgot what it was called. There were men going inside.

      We then went into the lounge. Since it was daytime, not too many people were there yet, thank goodness. There were lots of big, circular and half-circle couches there. We went up to the counter, and two young men were there. We spoke with them, though I can't remember what it was about. They were acting like we didn't know where we were, trying to hide it and not doing a very good job at it; they were smiling and surpressing laughter as they spoke with us. They said something to us along the lines of there was no man that stayed faithful; all men cheated. When we decided we would leave, they said
      "Thanks for visiting the ____lounge, I mean room." As if room made it sound less shady.

      There were bits where Kacey and I talked about Rick cheating, and how she would approach him about running away from him. I don't remember if this was done in the dream or not. I don't think it was. During this whole dream, though, I felt very close to Kacey, closer than I have in years. I missed that, and still do IWL.

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    10. Alien Diner

      by , 07-28-2014 at 03:08 PM
      I am on an alien planet with a barren landscape. The boulders are red and piled up in some places into mountains. At one point in time, the surface ripples like a long, slow tidal wave of earth, which explains the strange fauna, all very sturdy with flat surfaced faces and bodies. I see two horse-like beasts flat against the boulders of a slope. They are gray and immobile, but they detach as I watch, and they separate and heave themselves up the slope…traveling. The scene is depressing, especially the bulky, graceless, sluggish animals.

      I am alone…wandering. I seldom encounter other people and nearly always at a distance. They are wanderers, survivors, scavengers like me.

      I have settled down now in an enclave of red boulders at some elevation. I can look down a slope, and I can see across the barren, rocky landscape. Sometimes I see a wanderer or a pair of people in the distance.

      I am looking out from this desolate aerie when I am threatened by a pair of men from behind. They try to bully me into doing something. I don’t know what they want, and I don’t think they know either. It’s not possible to bully me because there’s nothing I want to protect or live for. I’m immune to their threats, taunts or violence.

      My morbid passivity dispels the aggression of the two rough and burly men so they seat themselves, instead, at a boulder as if at a café. I bring them what I have, a little water in a salvaged, worn, plastic container. More people, all haggard and rough, come to the red boulder enclave, and I serve them what I have, bits of food or scant water all in deteriorating containers or poorly-crafted bowls of red clay.

      A man and woman come to the improvised diner in the barrens, and I bring the woman a little milk in a broad, plastic container like the bottom of a 2-liter soda. She is hot, dirty and tired, so she tosses the milk like water against her throat and chest to cool herself. For the first time, my emotions flare, and I cry out in distress over the precious milk. “More valuable than gold…!” The regret is piercing, but brief, and I go back to a red boulder where more of the rare, nourishing milk sits at the bottom of a deteriorating container, and I take it to the woman to drink.

      My mom appears to help me clean up. I have piles of clean, folded rags with which I wipe out the bowls and other plastic ware. She expects and looks around for water, but I explain that there isn’t enough for washing, so we must settle for wiping with these towels.

      Another rough stranger complains about the conditions, at which I slam down my towel in my fist against a boulder and cry, “It’s the whole damn solar system…!” By this I mean that it isn’t just this world or this little, red rock diner, so this person won’t find better conditions anywhere and will just have to get used to it.

      A pair of wanderers, probably father and son, come into the diner while I am busy, but I see the boy looking at a little, picture frame I have set upright at an angle amidst the crude dinnerware on a boulder. The frame is white porcelain with tiny, pink roses painted on it. It is square, about 3 inches in both dimensions. In gilt lettering, it says “love,” but there’s no image contained in the frame. It’s empty.
    11. sitcoms and unrecalled dreams night of 13/5/14

      by , 05-14-2014 at 02:51 PM
      took b6 and valerian root, woke up several times, only recall dream before i woke up just now

      sitcom like dream with 2 kids. setting is a large open kitchen with light orange/yellow wood and fluorescent light behind translucent white panels and plenty of daylight. one kid is expecting the other to come in and pour some milk. he and his female friend are already drinking milk. it seems like he expects the other kid to pour the remainder of the milk from a glass measuring cup into his glass cup only to realize that there is too much and his cup is overflowing. but when he goes to pour it, the first kid pulls away the now glass jar of milk with a string that is attached to his hand while he sits across from the table.

      I wake
    12. milky spring, names overlapping, children's drawer, broken water fountain, fight after talk

      by , 03-10-2014 at 06:00 AM
      I don't think I was myself. I may have been some kind of scientist. I was with others but don't recall who. We stopped at a spring of water. I had the sense this was not the first water spring we stopped at. This one had been heavily built around and looked like an indoor swimming pool only smaller. My first reaction was that we would not stay because the water looked bad to drink. It was white and more like milk than water due to all the minerals. Who would want to drink this? However I encouraged one of the others to try it - perhaps an assistant or student. He reported that actually it tasted good so I tasted it too. It did taste kind of like milkey water, not bad. I remember having some kind of a vision of some shelter or bunker and I think it was part of this dream somehow but I don't recall how. It seemed like a small room made of concrete?

      Another fragment: For a banquet of sort, a collage or painting of the names of the attendees had been prepared but somehow it had gone wrong and the names all overlapped in such a way that only one naw was legible. I don't recall that name.

      So it was nighttime and I was going in the dark through my kids drawers in their dressers looking for something. At one point my younger son's dresser's lowest drawer was almost empty except for a few items, one of which felt wet like maybe a wet swimsuit was in there - but in this dream I did not bother taking it out, but left it in there, just noticing it was there. Then when I later in same dream searched the same drawer again it was filled with my older son's homework instead. I extracted two pieces but when I went to a room with more light, I discovered that one of the two sheets I was holding was actualy a homework that still needed to be done, but it just had empty circles on the page and was obviously just one part of the homework, the instructions presumably still somewhere in that drawer. How was I going to find them, in the dark, in a drawer full of papers, not knowing what I was looking for? I went back to searching that drawer. At one point my older son woke up enough to realize there was an intruder in his room, and he grabbed my arm, without knowing it was me. I tried to say "it's me: Mom" but I could not speak, was like paralyzed or frozen. In hindsight, it is odd because it was my older son, but in the bed where my younger son sleeps in in real life.

      Another fragment: There was some sort of contraption in my sons' room. I think it started as an alarm clock early in the dream and became a water fountain later, although it was complicated enough so maybe it was both of those and maybe more. It was broken. At first it was playing music and I could not turn it off. Then there were sharp needles sticking out of it, and one of the needles got into my fingertip and it hurt and I had to pull it out, and the machine had many more needles like it. Then it was a water fountain, but my younger son had to climb onto it in some complex way to get water. It was definitely very broken whatever it was, and not safe. And yet my dream self did not remove it from the children's room. I knew how much the kids liked it. So I tried to fix it. Then I wondered whether the boys could live with it the way it was. And only finally did I wonder whether I could get a new unbroken one to replace it. At some point in this dream I was trying to reach this contraption - I think it was when it was playing music too loud in the middle of the night - but I could not move, I was stuck/paralyzed just standig there in midst ride, reaching toward it but unable to get closer. I do not know how I got unstuck, but I don't think this was the end of this dream.

      I was with my husband near our kitchen. He had just brewed some tea. I told him "yesterday, our older son asked how do mommies and daddies make babies?" My husband's angry reaction "And you told him that both daddy and you need to be present to answer this question!" Me "I wish I had! But when I get such a question I either freeze like a deer in the headlights or I talk before I think." My husband "where is my tea? I was holding it when you started telling me about this, and now I don't know where it is." So we started searching for his tea.

      Updated 03-10-2014 at 11:42 AM by 61501

      dream fragment
    13. 2/8/14 - milk

      by , 02-08-2014 at 11:22 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Dream Fragment: I tried to put the milk i poured into my coco pebbles back into the milk jug and some of the coco pebbles went in and I just put it back and tried to hide it, but the next day it was chocolate milk and everyone was pissed at me.
    14. 2/1/14 - milk carton

      by , 02-01-2014 at 06:46 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Dream Fragment: I'm in this white kitchen, sitting at a white table. Someone is sitting across from me. My dream visual is behind their head and looking at what I'm doing, so I never get a good look at them. I'm eating cereal or something that requires milk because there's a milk carton on the table. The DC tell me we need to help the missing people on the milk carton so I pick up the carton to look and see three pictures of 3 missing people.
    15. Got Milk?

      by , 08-31-2013 at 05:41 PM
      August 31, 2013
      Method: MILD & WBTB (WILD attempted, but failed)
      Sleep time: 8-9 hours

      Dream 1

      Got into a river for a cool dip, this river reminded me of a river flowing through the Amazon Rain Forest. I could hear the sounds of the wild animals all around me. I must have been pregnant or just delivered a baby because my breast was leaking milk something terrible. As I got into the river for a cool dip, I could see the milk leaking from my breast mix in with the river water. The animals in the river drank the water and milk concoction and as they did, the came out of the river huge ! Then they started to get like super powers from the mixed drink and started doing things they normally don’t do (like monkeys being able to fly like birds in the sky). I saw something ‘hanging’ from some of the animals that got out of the water and when I took a closer look, I noticed that now, they too have huge enormous breast leaking breast milk (I really should have become lucid from this dream ).

      Dream 2

      A woman was looking for someone to help her with putting on a play from a book. She went around asking everyone to assist her in the play, but no one could help her because they couldn’t understand the topic of the play. She needed someone who was familiar with this play that she was going to be adapted from a book, but she was very upset because she couldn’t find anyone familiar with the book. I told her I knew what she was talking about and she looked at me baffled because she hadn’t even told me what the name of the book was, or what the book was about. I told her that she didn’t have to, that I just knew what she was talking about without even telling me. She told me if I could tell her the name of the book, I would receive the job. I told her the name of the book was, “The Bell Jar.” I was correct.

      Note: I have no idea why this book came into my dream, I believe that I either saw a moving that made a reference about it or heard someone in RL talking about it...either way, I have not read the book myself...weird?
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