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    1. Stabbing incident

      by , 10-19-2018 at 05:00 PM (Exterminate)
      Just scribbling down some things I remember from this morning, a few hours after being awake. I dreamt my mom was involved in a horrific stabbing incident. I investigated the crime scene, and saw a lot of blood everywhere. I thought I'd be okay with it, but the scene was pretty gruesome. I think it was a movie theater lobby, and I saw no bodies anywhere. Evidently they were all gone, taken to the hospital. I didn't see any security or police or anything. I was fairly sure my mom was not harmed, but I also didn't have contact with her, so I was worried. I was just about to leave when two pretty girls appeared and wanted to investigate but were too spooked to do it alone. They pleaded with me to join them in looking around since I didn't seem to be scared. Great, if only I wasn't more worried about checking in on my family I really would have taken them up on their offer. How often do you get the opportunity? I left alone and started my search. The details here are foggy, but I recall seeing someone that looked exactly like my mom in a store. I talked with her and she didn't seem to recognize me. I asked her name and she gave something completely different than what I expected. She told me I was mistaken and to leave. I saw yet another person who had the same appearance in the store next door. Something weird is going on, and I want to solve it. As expected, she also was not who I was looking for.

      Whether the dream changed or not, I found myself in a desert that felt a lot more like a video game. I seemed to be playing GunZ or some form of it. I think I was playing as a Mario character. I got surprise attacked by a person wearing full minecraft iron armor. I managed to get the lead on them and won the duel. I only got iron boots from them. Two more ambushed me and I again won the battle. I got two more pieces of armor and a good sword. Another attacked and I realized I needed to leave the place I was at. I checked my coordinates and found I was in the exact center of the map, of course that was why I was being hunted. I ran to the nearest city I could find and was in awe of how detailed it was. Tall cylindrical buildings with parkour stairways. The air was warm and breezy. I noticed the village went down a distance and the buildings continued the path. I saw some loot chests near the top of some buildings, but didn't want to risk going there in case I would fall. I got a bit too excited to explore and accidentally caught the wind and started gliding over a ravine. I made it to a safe landing and saw something that really caught my eye. It was a gigantic structure lit with LEDs and neon lights. I forget exactly what it said, but there was the name of something along with a topless woman.

      The scene shifted a bit again. I was in an enclosed location with the structure in front of me. I reasoned that I was at some sort of movie theater / frat party. The sign was welcoming the party guests and saying what movies would be playing. I felt I didn't belong here, but still looked around to see what was here. I saw a couple of passed out drunk people in a living room. One completely nude. I saw a room down a hallway with a homeless looking guy inside and a sign on the door that said cannibal society. I saw another room down a ways that had several more nude people inside. I questioned whether I should participate in such a "lively party", but decided to leave instead.

      I had another major dream segment where I was a child talking with my (irl) sister in law. She was with some loser who only wanted to get in her pants. I asked if she thought they had a future together and she said he didn't want to get married. We then had a discussion on how relationships shouldn't stay together if there is no hope for marriage.
    2. The Dentist, the forests, and the dream house.

      by , 04-15-2018 at 02:15 PM (Exterminate)
      I had many dreams this morning, pretty much all focused on landscapes and scenery. I didn't actually record them throughout the night so I thought I'd share here, sort of going through my thought process.

      I was playing minecraft I believe, a new update that introduced a large height limit and bigger and taller biomes. The mountains were large, the cliffs were tall, and the grass was spread wide. There weren't as many trees as one would come to expect. As I flew around and explored the view became more lifelike and less blocky. There was a real neat sheet of ice that went from a lake all the way up this mountainside. I tried to get a better look at it, but I was distracted by the other cool things around. Everything I saw gave me a sense of amazement, even though there was not much really to look at. I saw a big row of some sort of structure. They seemed to be cave entrances, or dungeons or something of the sort. There must have been over 50 of them side by side, and they had redstone mechanics to get inside. I left them alone and flew higher to better investigate the way this mountain was built.
      I think the dream above was influenced by this post from reddit, even though the two look nothing alike.

      I woke up somewhere around here. Realized I was in the same position I had been when I went to sleep. I was on my side facing the left which is the opposite side I normally lie on. I normally find this position hard to fall asleep in. I turned over on my other side and feel back asleep

      I now found myself trying to explore more of the area I was in before, however it looked nothing like it did before. I wasn't in minecraft anymore. I was in a wooded area of a mountainous forest. There was a lot of debris and trash lying around. It was kind of like exploring a place long abandoned. There were the typical rusted cars and fallen trees that looked like someone made them into shelters. This particular dream felt like it happened a few times throughout the night.

      I woke up from the previous dream lying again on my side facing to the right. I lied on my back and went back to sleep.

      I was now at the waiting room at the Dentist. I was called in at the same time my dad was in the other room. The dream skipped past the actual cleaning part, and went straight to when the appointment was over. I was standing outside the door of the dentist's room and my dad had come out of the room he was in. I could hear my dentist tell me my teeth were good and to keep doing what I have been doing with my teeth. She then said she still had some work to do but I walked away.. I said to my family that she was clearly lying. She even paused before she said what she did. This is something a dentist actually did tell me once and it caused me to actually stop taking care of my teeth for quite some time. I knew my teeth were bad, yet the dentist in the dream was being lazy and also didn't want to hurt my feelings. We left the building before mother could get her teeth checked.

      At some point throughout the night I realized I was actually in a dream. I couldn't see much. The dream felt sort of unstable in that it kept fading to the void. I tried engaging my senses but it didn't seem to help. I touched a wall but couldn't really feel it. I tried walking around and grabbing a ladder but it was starting to feel like I was watching myself do it instead of doing it myself. I got to the top and looked at my hands and they were all blurry. It was like my eyes were crossed. I did indeed have 10 fingers, but I couldn't focus on what I saw. I woke up fairly quickly. The dream took place in a shack on a mountain. Must have been a beautiful view outside, but alas, it was not meant to be.

      Another cool dream was exploring a house I had seen. Actually come to think of it the house appeared out of nowhere. I recall being in a very tall cave. There was what looked like mincraft tnt lining the ceiling and walls far away, but mostly it was just a dimly lit open area. Like it was all excavated out for some project. I really felt at home(hah get it) here. I wanted to explore and see what cool things may be in here, but suddenly I saw a house forming around me. I started to get irritated that the cave was disappearing around me just for some stupid house, but I looked around the newfound environment anyway. It was a modern house with all new appliances and glossed marble floors. It was a single story home with perhaps 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms. I say 3 because when I got to the end of the house there was a bathroom and then a bedroom. I felt disappointed that I had reached the end of the open house exploration without seeing anything that really caught my eye. Until, at least, I saw a small doorway in the bedroom to another room. It was an odd shaped door and it led to another bathroom. I was interested now, and I saw the bathroom had a urinal, claw tub, and a large and expensive shower. I was sold on the house now. This extra bathroom made the whole house worth it.

      I was again in the forest, kind of like the one before with the abandoned car and such. This time I had myself a dog. It was either a lab or a mastiff and it was on a rather short leash. It led the way as we explored the area and tried to find civilization. It wasn't long before we got into a town and I had to pee. I saw a street sign with the town name on it but I don't remember now where I was. I gave up on the idea of relieving myself due to there being no way to deal with the dog without the fear of someone stealing him if I tied him up somewhere. The dog and I swiftly left the city and went onto the next, going through yet another forest. I found some tree to wet and we continued our journey. We would up in another town and the dream ended.

      I "woke up" in a car without my shoes on. My family texted me to meet them at some restaurant. I got up after a few moments and noticed it was very early dawn and my dog from the previous dream as happily sitting at the end of the road. I noticed a bank across the way and saw my family's car in the parking lot. I walked over and they told me they were going to the restaurant next door, but had to pick up cash first. I agreed to meet them there, but had to go back to the car to get my shoes...
    3. Day 37 & 38: Picking Up

      by , 03-25-2018 at 05:57 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Day 37:

      Fell asleep at: 11:30 PM

      Woke up at: 7:10 AM

      Dream 45: Scarlet Red Dress

      I'm touring the streets of some sort of rustic, European city; though it definitely reminded me of Spain more than anything. Walking the cobblestone streets, I find a beautiful girl coming out of some nondescript boutique. She had black, curly hair, slightly tannish skin, and was wearing a red dress.

      As if straight out of a schmaltzy romance flick, I immediately pull her aside and start dancing. We were dancing for about 5 minutes straight, and I gotta admit, it was pretty fun (And, well, you know...). The dream then shifts to something I wish to forget.

      Dream 46: Monkey Business

      My sister and I are, again, caught in another perilous driving situation. She's driving a really big truck, about the size of a schoolbus (and twice as wide), while driving on an incredibly narrow street.

      Through this colonia, my sister finds a way to make things worse. There's a schoolbus right in front of us, but we were too late to stop ourselves from crashing into it. Instead of students, however, a flurry of chimps are pouring out of the bus. The noise they make is so shrill and so loud that it wakes me up entirely. Turns out it was the fire alarm that was making that horrible noise.

      Day 38:

      Fell asleep at: 12:00 AM

      Woke up at: 10:00 AM

      Dream 47: Kev' In Da' Shop

      Well this came outta nowhere. In some random coffee shop, I'm sitting in my table alongside a couple of unidentifiable DCs, when Kevin Hart walks in through the door. I don't question it, though, and I stare at him blankly.

      He walks over to the magazine rack and starts talking. I think he's doing a skit, but I can't quite remember what he was talking about. He was walking around, cracking jokes, and just generally having a good time.

      Dream 48: Sun's Song

      I'm in the living room, just minding my own business. My mom and dad are preparing to go to bed, so they both go into their room and leave me alone in the living room.

      As I'm sitting on the couch, I notice something peculiar. The sun has already begun to rise. "That's weird." I say to myself. I go over to my room to ask my brother what time it was: 2 o' clock.

      Immediately I rush outside, telling my brother to bring his phone. In the process of getting out of my house, the sun has risen and set in a matter of seconds.

      Once I get there, I notice it is extremely windy. My brother brought my two puppies with him, too. They looked hilarious what with the wind blowing all the fur on their face to the side and them sticking their tongues out.

      Dream 49: Hotel Construction

      A timelapse of a beachfront hotel plays out. For about 5 minutes, I see the entire construction progress. Oddly enough, it was all done in Minecraft.

      The perspective then switches to a first-person POV, my POV. I'm talking to my dad about something I can't quite remember, but I remember feeling a little bit down after that conversation. The sun was setting, and so I decided to walk into the hotel myself.

      Inside, I spot my brother and my mom, and I also decide to chat with them. It wasn't exactly uplifting either, and I only wound up feeling a bit more melancholic after it.

      Dream 50: Hot Demon Girl

      Playing Doom 2016 when a cutscene pops up. There's this attractive looking lady, about in her 20s, in this gray and dusty hallway. She is slowly making her way towards me, and progressively getting more demon-like as she does so.

      I pay particularly close attention to her eyes, a muted gray color, yet representative of her beauty and humanity. Even as she gets more, frankly, disgusting, her eyes remain quite nice. The dream ends with her transformation into a full-blown demon.
    4. May 2015 | Short Compilation

      by , 01-05-2018 at 09:28 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-Mom and I traveled to Canada City in NW Quebec. The city was free to use; not requiring a passport to enter from outside of Canada as long as you’re within the city limits. We went to a weird, packed restaurant with dumb music and unorganized dancing.
      [New Scene]
      I was playing a hide-and-seek game on a tiny map with 2 other DCs. There also were teleporters in 3 different places—1 at each base, and one in the middle. I was switching rapidly between locations via the teleporters to avoid getting caught. Then, I barely hid in the bushes at the sunny edge of the map(wearing a red shirt, mind you) and got saved by the game timer.

      -2-This guy called “Jackson” was really good at hiding in the woods. The woods were very spread out at one point, but extremely thick several feet above. Another area was just plain thick. The entire area was always well-lit except for the underground areas, which could be accessed via the trees. One tree underground only qualified as a ditch. The others had their own cave system. Or you could climb the trees and hide near the top. Jackson, someone else, and I were hiding in the woods from someone. This happened multiple times.

      -3-At one moment, I was in the US, the next I was somewhere else. There was heavy traffic outside as I climbed the stairs to a large room, where I asked a police woman to tell me where I was.
      She said, “Doom.”
      Me: “Can you show me on a map?”
      The woman pointed to a location on the northwest coast of Scotland. After that, I went back downstairs and woke up.

      -4-In Minecraft, there was a mod that restricted ender pearls so they only worked if they landed on grass. There was an underground section (more like a hollow mountain) where I put stained glass blocks around an entrance from the top via ladder. There was also an area with very high moving platforms supported by columns that extended deep into the bluish-gray fog below. I kept falling off by missing my ender pearl throws between them.
      [New Scene]
      I was using an impossible gun that had simple metal cylinders as bullets. It was a large revolver pistol with 10 bullet chambers. It was impossible because the bullets were of 3 separate pieces—the pointed tip and the two cylindrical pieces, and they fired one piece at a time, turning 10 bullets into 30. Suddenly, I was in a firefight with something. I fired a number of times more than what I thought should have fir in the gun. I shot at knighting in particular. When I reloaded, I did it quickly, and got most of the bullets in. Then, I loaded the last pieces in one by one.

      -5-There were these pig aliens that had guns with millions of bullets in one magazine. Then, the police arrived and fired back unsuccessfully. I was in practically no danger in the damaged parking lot at night that was surrounded by buildings. Eventually, all that was left was no cops, two aliens, and a bomb. Also, there were two mini-TARDISes. When one of the aliens set it off(timer), we all rushed into one of the TARDISes, closed the doors, and waited. Once the small explosion passed, nothing else happened.

      This is what happens to the months that have only sparse content.
    5. Summary of last week | Two bonus ToTM attemps

      by , 06-27-2017 at 08:30 PM
      Here's the summary:

      Dream: 985
      LD: 93
      SP: 30

      This (last) week:
      Dream: 17
      LD: 0
      SP: 1

      (That sleep paralysis wasn't scary or anything, I just couldn't move and that was it)

      I finally got lucid dream again, and not just one but two and for the same night, too. I tried to do the bonus ToTM (flipping the world upside down) twice, but I didn't succeed. I'm dumb because I was supposed to do the others first, as they're easier and actually possible for me, but okay then... It was fun tho. Here are the dreams:

      #1The dream begann non-lucid. I was in some underground cave. It was full of water but I could see and breathe just well. It looked like Minecraft... I was swimming (diving?) around and tried to find exit at some point. I started controlling my actions more and more until I just thought that yeah, this is a lucid dream now. I tried to do the world flipping thing but I got something horribly wrong because I flipped MYSELF, not the world. But the world seems to be upside down on my perspective, so it counts, right? No (or does it??). Okay, I guess it could have worked in some way actually, but it didn't. I tried to keep that pose for a while. It was interesting. Then I woke up.

      #2 I got another dream right away (DEILD? Was it?). I was in the same world (I just knew) but not in the water this time. I tried to do it on ground. I didn't have that much control that time, but it was still a LD.

      Updated 06-29-2017 at 04:42 PM by 93459

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    6. August 16-23, 2013

      by , 06-13-2017 at 04:59 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      8/16/13 | Vibrations
      Something like using vibrations to use things, or to progress, or to attack.

      8/17/13 | Minecraft 1.4.5
      I dreamt that I bought Minecraft. First, I spawned in an area where I had to spawn a cactus in the middle of some grass. Then I turned around and made a pile of blocks to sleep on, but I knocked it down to collect them again. Suddenly, mom and my younger sister were there, using legos that also acted as blocks.

      8/18/13 (L) Value: 0 | Toothpick Snap
      First, I was playing Twilight Princess for half a minute when I became lucid. When I became lucid, I snapped a toothpick in half and was teleported to the bathroom for shapeshifting. I don’t remember exactly what I did then, but my heart rate momentarily increased, which I calmed down a moment later. But then, mom showed up and I went to the stairs to find my older sister sitting on them, playing StarCraft 3. I thought about Star Trek Online for a moment. Then, I found myself playing it. I unfortunately lost my lucidity there because I got distracted by some DCs.
      Time: 30-90 seconds

      8/19/13 (L) Value: 0 | Underwater Wheezy, 6-Armed Wall Climbing
      -1-Yet another boring everyday life dream. Dad put stuff in the bathtub, and mom drove into the water in Wheezy(the minivan) before I picked it up and put it back.
      -2(L)-Just two parts. I grew some more arms to help me climb a wall. After that, the dream began fading away, so I spun around while focusing on my hands, but the transition was too fast, and I woke up.
      Time: 30-40 seconds

      8/20/13 | Escaping Yellowstone With Rockets
      Apparently, Yellowstone was the safest place on the planet. I said, “If it erupts, then it obviously won’t be the safest place on the planet. What do you know, it did erupt. [Skip the boring parts] I was escaping the eruption with some people at high speed with rockets.

      8/22/13 (L) Value: 4 | Hill With Deadly Mountains, FA, Partial Progress
      -1-It started out with me in the car and mom driving us to a BBQ. I looked to the north and could see a nonexistent, steep hill with mountains nearby, which some others and I eventually climbed. I found myself coming down from the top after a beautiful scene of mountains. Some deadly rocks detached from the side of the hill and fell on top of someone, killing them instantly. I saw a potential one, thinking it might kill me, so I took a different route down and then I suddenly had a FA with sleep paralysis engaged. I thought I had woken up, so I decided to do a FILD. No more than 5 seconds had elapsed before some really weird things started happening. I felt like my right shoulder muscles were stretching and being pulled in weird directions.
      -2(L)-So the FA began right after another FA that I didn’t catch, and I became lucid by doing an RC. I could breathe with my nose plugged. It works every time. I forgot to stabilize the dream here. The first thing did was say, “Tail, grow.” That didn’t work, so I walked over to the door, and said, “Tail, grow through my clothing.” That was more convincing for me, so my tail grew to 24 inches. I grabbed it, and felt the whole thing! I scratched the end of it, and felt that too!
      Time: 1-2 minutes

      8/23/13 | Forgotten Mountainous Scenery
      At one point I was at this grassy place with mountainous scenery to the N, E, and SE. Apparently it was same world and place that I walked up and down 3 times.
    7. Déjà Vu

      by , 05-08-2017 at 05:04 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-07

      Déjà Vu

      I am in a place that looks rather familiar, but where I would have expected there to be someone there all I see now looks to be abandoned and is falling apart. It also looks like a level in Minecraft, and I am annoyed, thinking I just helped build this place and now someone comes in here and makes a mess of it? I look around to see who is here and what they might have done to this place. I don’t see anyone here at all, and that seems odd, too. I am thinking there should be some people here and I wonder where they are. I think I’d better get to putting this place back together. I start playing Minecraft as I feel I have done before and I start building things back up again. I think there is a certain way things are supposed to be, but I really can’t remember exactly how that is. I figure I will do the best I can and then if I do it wrong it will be easy to fix. I keep playing Minecraft for a while, constantly looking to find both whoever did this and the people I had expected to find. But it would seem I am playing a single player game tonight. After working on it for a while it looks like Grove Street from Grand Theft Auto, or that’s what I have been told it is, I haven’t actually played Grand Theft Auto.

      Once the area is back to that state I start searching around more. I look into the houses to see if there is anyone in there, though I haven’t seen anyone while searching there. I am finding no one. I enter into a garden that looks like it was once beautiful but now it looks overgrown and abandoned. I take out the ocarina that is hanging from a cord around my neck and I start playing it. I play the song Voices from the soundtrack to Macross Plus. As I play the song I see the garden coming back to life, returning to its former beauty. I keep playing the song for a while, bringing the garden back and also thinking the song might draw someone out if there is anyone hidden away here. The flowers bloom, the trees grow back, there is a stream flowing through the garden with a bridge going over it. I walk through the garden for a while, playing the song. I hear birds singing in the trees, a gentle breeze is blowing through the bushes and flowers. I wonder why I found this place abandoned, I wonder where everyone went. It seems someone should be here… I am still wondering this as everything fades to black and I wake up.
    8. Minecraft Inner World

      by , 05-04-2017 at 12:38 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-03

      Minecraft Inner World

      I am in a place I don’t recognize, but it looks like the aftermath of a disaster of some kind. I look around to see if I can figure out where I am. There is a man there looking at me, and he comes over. He says he’s glad I was finally able to make it here. A Japanese woman in a kimono comes over with a plate of cookies. She says she knows I love her cookies, so have one. I take a cookie, it is chocolate chip and it is delicious. Soon, names come to mind for the woman and the man. He is MoSh, and she is Asuka, and I had a goal! The goal was to fix stuff up here after MoSh’s inner world was invaded last night. I look around, and I start seeing things as if they were in the video game Minecraft. I tell the two of them that I will gladly help repair things.

      I go to where it looks like there was once a house but now there is a large hole in the ground and the frame of a house. My mind has gotten stuck on Minecraft somehow (I haven’t played it for a long time) so I go with that and I start moving around blocks of dirt to fill in the hole so the house will be stable on top of it. I am doing that when I see another man, and this time I think of Data from Star Trek. He says he might have to rethink the catacombs to make sure they are also protected, he hadn’t figured the remote viewers would find them so easily. I keep moving blocks of dirt around, but I hang on to some blocks of various minerals and precious metals that I find. I have found copper, silver, gold, and a ton of coal. I come across some sand and I collect that, too, since I remember that is one of the few types of block in Minecraft that is affected by gravity. If I leave sand and MoSh wants to build down there later, it could all collapse. I run out of dirt blocks and I have to get out of the hole to collect more. I deposit my inventory of minerals and metals in a neat pile in an empty lot area. I call over to MoSh that I’m leaving the good stuff I found over here, so he can build or craft with it at his leisure. He looks surprised at that and comes over to look at what I have found. I go to a hill that doesn’t seem to serve much purpose and I collect some more dirt blocks to complete filling the hole.

      After filling enough of the hole I start looking at the debris pieces and picking those up. All of the parts of the house should still be here as long as a Creeper hasn’t exploded any of it. I start rebuilding the house as I find the pieces, but I haven’t found all of the pieces yet. I have some pieces from the second level but no stairs so I put up a ladder to get there. Then I wonder if I’m doing it right, after all, this is MoSh’s house, not mine. I look around for MoSh, Asuka, or Data to tell me if I’m doing this the way they want it done. I don’t see any of them for a few minutes, then I spot MoSh moving some blocks around on the lower level of the house. I ask him how he wants things to be laid out, but he just shrugs at me so I decide to keep working. If he doesn’t like it, things in Minecraft are usually pretty easy to rearrange. So I keep building, and still I haven’t found any stairs. Maybe there was a Creeper? Maybe the Templars stole the stairs? But that doesn’t make any sense… why would Templars steal stairs?!

      After a lot of working and moving stuff and finding some even more rare minerals and metals to add to the growing resource pile I finally step back and look at what we have built. The area has started to look surprisingly familiar, like a Minecraft version of a video game place I have seen many times before but I can’t think of what game it comes from because it is a game I don’t personally play. The only thing out of place is the large pile of rare minerals and ores that I have piled in an open area. I look around to see if I can find MoSh. I don’t see him now, but I see Asuka. I go over to her and ask where MoSh is. She says she thinks he woke up, but he will probably be back. She says to stick around for a bit, MoSh had mentioned trying to heal my sickness. I tell her that might have to wait, because I think I am about to wake up. Even as I say that, everything around me is fading to black and I wake.
    9. July 2013, 14-29th

      by , 05-02-2017 at 07:55 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      7/14/13 (L) Value: 1 | “I’m Safe”
      There was one scene lucid, but it was a new way to fight nightmares. I can remind myself that I’m safe over and over again.
      Time: 15-30 seconds

      7/25/13 (L)x2 Value: 0 | Dream Sign: Large Animals
      I can’t remember the beginning, but the world looked similar to Minecraft. I became lucid right near the beginning, and I stabilized the dream. There was some disaster simulator. I hit the flood button, and some water came onto the beach. Then there were some giant animals running onto the land from the water. Every time I saw one, I told myself that I was lucid. I don’t remember anything after that.
      Time: 20-40 seconds

      7/29/13 | Lake Shack, Driving Off a Cliff
      Some cool stuff. West of green mountain (had this in a previous dream) there was a lake and a shack. I remember part of the road to it. It had snow, very thing, and drove the truck down. Don’t remember much here. [New Scene] Dad, Grandpa and I were driving up some cascade mountains (imaginary scenery, but amazing). As we were driving alongside a cliff, I thought to myself, “I don’t want to go off the edge.” Turned a corner at high speed, barely missed a pile of wood. Next corner, too high of a speed, and we drove straight off a cliff, with me flying into the air outside the truck, plummeting to the ground. Then I died. Dad came out and locked on to my tricorder signal. He said, “Yeah, he’s dead.” [Skip][Back at Home] I looked west, and saw smoke from a fire that I previously saw at the shack at the lake. I woke up here.
      lucid , non-lucid
    10. 4/30/17 | House, Birds, Vehicle, Guards

      by , 04-30-2017 at 09:03 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-Inside a huge house I found a spare bedroom between two very large rooms with dark, hardwood floors and very high ceilings. Later, I was playing Kirby Air Ride with the Rocket Star on a flat desert map. The map was made of Minecraft sand blocks, with a sparse grid of cacti. I don’t remember what I completed on it. At one point, I watched Numberphile do some cool math stuff with the factors of 88.

      -2-I was at this school, at which I was supposed to be in a class. I explored around instead. Here, there were all the basic subjects taught, along with different extra classes taught by people with opposing political views. There were signs around that pointed to those.
      [New Scene]
      Birds of prey were inside my Minecraft base, wanting to eat a smaller character there. Also, that character wanted to eat a larger group of even smaller characters hanging out around the base. The situation was never resolved.
      [New Scene]
      I was driving a vehicle where I had to hang on to a bar above me and control pedals with my feet, as if I were controlling a car. However, there was no outer shell; it only had what it needed to run. How I steered was a mystery. Lyra Heartstrings was in the passenger seat. Around me was black and brown rocky, volcanic landscape until I arrived at a guarded building. We got out of the car and tried to leave, but they wanted Lyra to stay. I left, but then returned a couple minutes later. Twilight was standing next to Lyra when I got back, and the men were no longer pointing guns. I think there was a puzzle that needed solving.
    11. AFK Farm, Teleport Hunt

      by , 04-28-2017 at 04:00 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-Something about a gas station and MC. There was an auto food farm that only worked if a player stood right next to it.
      -2-A guy was trying to hunt me down with a gun, which was silly because I had teleport pads. I could just teleport to different parts of the city from Kirby Air Ride. I forgot everything else.
    12. (L) L2- | Home, Numbers

      by , 04-24-2017 at 01:20 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      If you think vacations were bad, try having a cold AND being on vacation. Despite all this, I became lucid.
      -I became lucid inside my bedroom and started my routine. However, I got distracted by numbers in the background. How lame.
      Time: 30-40 seconds

      -2-In Minecraft, I killed somebody disguised as a skeleton. (Disguise was irrelevant.) After I killed him with one heart left, I took off south because I remembered he would respawn nearby. On my way, I instamined a dirt tunnel, passed a partially-walled base, and got hit by skeleton guards.

      The walls around these outdoorsy bases used pistons as decorative blocks on the top--it looked okay.

      When I stopped running away, I told the guy about my bunch of enchanted golden apples(32), which left him speechless.

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    13. Girl, Portal, Tomatoes, Asuss Power, Minecraft, Run

      by , 04-23-2017 at 04:28 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-here was this girl that walked in place at night for some reason, which prevented the escape of some characters. Trying to reason with her was futile. I opened portals for easy travel to her parents, which signed up for all the things. These things would reveal the girl's location if she came within range of one of them. Reasoning with her was impossible.
      [New Scene]
      I was sitting at a wood table eating salad with lettuce, cheese blocks, and...tomatoes? I hate tomatoes. Why didn't I become lucid then?
      -2-A cool antagonist I forgot about had a source of something called Asuss Power. The source looked remarkably like a Minecraft Wither Skeleton Skull. I took it and ran into the ocean, then insta-mining my way down and away. I was getting chased by another antagonist unsuccessfully.
    14. Floating Gunpowder

      by , 04-19-2017 at 01:03 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -Mumbo Jumbo placed gunpowder in the air to simulate a buckshot from a shotgun. Then, to surprise another player, he lit off TNT from the center of it all. TNT had a new sound effect that sounded more like TARDIS lightning.

      -I estimate about 4 other dream scenes were lost because vacations suck for dream journaling. This is why I don't like traveling that much.
    15. 4/16/17 (L) DILD L2- | Crowd, Running, Minecraft, Wormhole

      by , 04-16-2017 at 02:34 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1(L)-I did a nose plug RC, then became lucid. This was near a large, church-like school building surrounded by standard fence. There were a ton of DCs around, so I ran out through the open gate into the field to avoid distracting elements. While I ran, I started my routine. However, despite my efforts, DCs spawned in the field too and tried to talk to me. I eventually forgot I was dreaming. I think I was trying too hard to shun every character away without think about my situation. Since the focus was on characters, I eventually lost lucidity.

      Then, a storylike emerged about Doctor Who and the same building from earlier, except now it was old and abandoned. I had to sprint back to the building from where I was in the field, so that I wouldn’t get taken over by a skydiving alien. It was hard to run normally, so I had to pull on the grass to increase my speed. (this has happened at least a hundred times. I’m not sure why it hasn’t clicked.) I don’t remember what my task was inside this building.

      -2-I was watching Mumbo Jumbo play some Hermitcraft—he had taken on a challenge to build a vertical base entirely contained in a 10w x 256h x 10l volume. Not a bad idea, actually.
      -3-I was on a Federation starship inside a hallway or sorts; there was a room-spanning window with controls all along it. Grant Imahara was at a control panel, talking about a rare wormhole in front of the ship. I replied,
      “Oh sure wormholes are rare in Star Trek.” Something happened to him after I said that. Maybe he fell into the wormhole.
      Time: 1-2 minutes

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