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    1. 61 Point Relaxation Drawing Attempt, Full Time Tennis Job, Man with Mini-Shotgun, Melanie and Porn..

      by , 09-27-2012 at 02:04 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      61 Point Relaxation Drawing Attempt (Non-lucid)


      It seems I was doing a sketch of a women's body, and I was trying to remember as many points for the 61 point Relaxation technique thing as I could. I don't know what I was doing, and I'm pretty sure I missed a few points, but after a while, I handed it in to my teacher.

      This same teacher looks like my Organic Chemistry Lab TA, and in the dream, she has her blonde hair tied up, petite structure, and she's wearing a gray hoodie with a blue shirt underneath along with regular blue jeans. She examines the drawing I did and she declares,

      "Do it over again...."

      I look at her in shock, but I couldn't really do anything but take the sheet of paper when she hands it to me. She leaves, and I feel pissed that I didn't get all the points right. I was talking to someone on the side, but I don't remember who they are. I do know that they were asking me what I will do now that failed to draw all points that I needed to pick out.

      I pause and think for a moment, and then conformed back to being mad again and crumbled the paper and threw it somewhere.

      I told the unknown person that I would have to do it over again on a new sheet of paper. For some reason, they were startled by this, and after that,
      I don't remember anything else from the dream.
      Full Time Tennis Job (Non-lucid)


      Two guys are walking at random locations in daylight, I'd said it was maybe late afternoon time, judging by how the atmosphere upwards had this weird misty orange-red color. I realized it was Jon K. and John K. who were the highest ranked tennis players in a Varsity team I was part of in High School.

      John K. is wearing a white shirt, along with black sports pants, and Jon K., I forget what color shirt and pants he's wearing, but he basically has the same format as the first one I described. It seems they're just having a regular walk-and-talk conversation, and then John K. pops up a topic on how both of them would be able to get some time to play tennis together.

      He mentions to Jon K. that when he gets into college (since John K. is at my University at the moment), that tennis will be a less likely activity that he would participate in, and as the years progress, maybe they could play a bit more tennis, and eventually when they're done with college, they could attempt to go for full time tennis.

      Jon K. responds to John K.,

      "Yeah, that sounds like fun! It'll be easy...."

      The environment they're contained in, if I can remember correctly, it's similar to a parking garage area, except that they're outside of it, and it seems they're walking down a road with no traffic whatsoever. The concrete had a dark vanilla type of color to it.

      Spoiler for Random Waking Life Memories:
      Man with Mini Shotgun (Non-lucid)


      It's night time, and I'm walking through a random area that I have yet to develop a mental map on. I go to this hotel structured area, similar to a Motel 6 or your usual Hotel, and I randomly go up and down, left and right through this area.

      After a while, I meet a random DC who's wielding a mini-shotgun, and it seems he's just randomly shooting it all over the place. As I'm almost on the path to go past him, he's already aiming the gun as the path that I'm going to. It doesn't seem like he's trying to shoot me though, though I am concerned that I'll be part of the crossfire.

      I don't know why I'm in a rush or anything, but either way, this guy who keeps popping up at random locations where I'm trying to avoid him with his mini-shotgun starts to get annoying, and I realize that I'm basically running around in circles. There's another person, who is not a threat at all, and as I'm running around again a few times, I decided to stop, think, find another path, and hope for the best.

      I eventually reach the less threatening guy and told him about the guy with the mini-shotgun still showing up randomly, and the guy points to a path that I can take (I think). I go there, and finally get out of the area, and I realize that to the left of me as I'm lying down on the grass, is a parking garage with walls consisting of maroon colors.

      It looks similar to the one near my apartment, and I spend the rest of the dream making sure I stay concealed as possible on the grass that's fairly tall.

      Melanieb Links a Porn Site (Non-lucid)


      Melanieb apparently has an account for some pornsite, and she uploaded a random foreign video on a tutorial to do some sexual act.

      Darkmatters commented on it and said it was great.