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    1. lxxxv.

      by , 02-16-2020 at 02:09 PM
      Not been able to keep recall very well or make notes in the morning for the last few days because of pain issues.

      Dream Fragment:

      I was at some sort of zen gathering, for a dream-imagined relative. She was going to have this ceremony that was supposed to strengthen the bond between her and this baby brother of hers or something.

      I remember the area was on a green and grassy rolling hill. It had a fair bit of an angle on it. There were some small trees, not much bigger than a person and there were some sort of carpets or rugs laid out in a few places.

      It was night time? But it was bright, I think from a full moon. I remember looking at the sky and seeing it in the night and then lower to the right I saw a tower. It looked like a Japanese hill castle tower.

      There were some people up there on its walls, some kind of avians, like from Starbound.

      Next thing I remember, I’m up there and planning a sneak attack with some other people against the avians to take some treasure they had up there.

      Transition? Maybe a different dream but it felt to be in sequence and similar context.

      I remember L and his childhood friend J. We were walking around a lower area, possibly next to that hill from before. It was night. We came up to some metal grated stone structure. Beyond the metal bars I could see a wooden treasure chest and a tunnel that led into that area.

      I looked to the left and saw another similar stone structure, also with metal bars but not all along it’s opening. There were two minotaurs in there and I attacked them but I don’t remember how I dealt with them exactly.

      The rest of the details are missing but I vaguely remember being in a 3 seat van with J and L at some point.

      Dream Fragment:

      I was using my tablet. I was painting, trying to replicate an effect I saw in waking life of a painting that was just in the background of a tv show.

      I was trying to paint waves in the water in the same detailed way as that painting. It wasn’t going very well though and even in the dream I realised I was going about it the wrong way.

      No notes for now, might edit later.
    2. Strange Weather, Collapse, and Minotaur’s Lair (Prescient)

      by , 11-04-2017 at 05:04 PM
      Morning of November 4, 2017. Saturday.

      Dream Series: The Experience of Prescience, the Inexplicable Dream State Phenomenon. Part 3

      Over time, I become aware of a very unlikely situation (which has no discernible backstory), although my dream self does not consider it unusual. I am resting outside in an unknown location on the side of a hill that is about the height of a one-storey house (when not elevated on stumps or with a higher roof as our house has). It also seems to be part of a house on one level. I have a blanket over me. I am aware of a number of unknown people also sleeping on the hill or “building” and within the sparse framework. It seems to be nighttime.

      It begins to rain lightly and this hill or odd pyramidal building (note that the roof of our house in real life is pyramidal) seems to take on unusual properties as if it was made out of miscellaneous junk and tarpaulins as well as at least fifty percent dirt. I feel a bit uneasy, but not uncomfortable. It begins to collapse due to stormy weather, the metal part of the tarpaulins noisily clattering on other parts of the framework, which seems somewhat oppressive after a time, but I do not respond with emotion or fear. I cover myself fully with my blanket, including my head. The hill or building is eventually flattened though no one is hurt. No one talks directly to me. I look up at the sky and notice very unusual clouds passing overhead. They have very unusual shapes and atypical colors, some vaguely similar to jigsaw puzzle pieces. I enjoy seeing them but I do not know if it is suitable to sleep here now.

      I get up and walk through a doorway to find a better place to sleep indoors. I am vaguely aware that the room is modeled after the Loomis Street house’s living room, though it is more like a cave. To my left, in an armchair recliner, is a large Minotaur. In front of me is a couch with the back oriented to the right of my viewpoint. The furniture layout is the same as it was in the Loomis Street house living room. There are other features that I do not directly focus on. I consider sleeping on the couch.

      “You’re not sleeping there,” says the Minotaur somewhat frustratingly, as he notices me looking at the couch, though indicating no anger or threatening posture. It almost seems as if he is afraid of me or at least does not want anyone else intruding on his relaxing environment. Eventually, I decide to turn around and find myself in my own bed in reality upon waking up.

      Friday, 30 March 2018: What I presently understand about this dream, based on the following real-life event: A few days after this dream, on November 7, a totally unexpected devastating storm (with very atypical clouds prior to it - unusual shapes and of odd colors), tore the roof from our house and carried it down the street, where it landed in front of another house.

      My family and I had to endure over a month of large tarpaulins slamming against what was left of the front part of our roof. (The noise was almost ear-splitting and my family had to leave the house at times, though there were days when it was not as noisy.) This devastating storm was so unexpected, there were still a few people working on the street near our house only minutes before. Members of my family had been out to see a movie, and had taken the bus. If the timing had been different by only one minute (when they had come in the house), there would have been more serious consequences.

      What is usually RAS personification (for preconscious RAS mediation or modulation) is the Minotaur in this case, and an association with my brother-in-law Bob. It seems pertinent however, that bulls were only otherwise a recurring RAS modulation factor (bulls crashing through the wall for example, as a WAF - waking alert factor) in very early childhood, which should have told me there was something in this dream’s autosymbolism that was very atypical and of which was a warning. The fact remains however, even if I had fully known of this event beforehand, there was little that could have been done. Additionally, another literal factor that came to pass was members of my family sleeping under a destroyed roof covered by large tarpaulins. Zsuzsanna and I slept on the floor in the front room for a time, until the destroyed beds and roof were replaced. This is part 3 of what will be at least 500 parts, as prescience is a major factor of my dreaming history other than autosymbolism and auto-scripting. These main factors of dreams are usually completely ignored by most of modern society.

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    3. Royal Building Crumbles & Encountering the Minotaur

      by , 10-16-2014 at 04:15 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Royal Building Crumbles & Encountering the Minotaur (DILD)


      This dream was most likely a continuation of one before, but because I put off on the recall for quite some time, I can’t remember it to exact detail. Though, I honestly felt the rest of the prior dream was necessary, as the plot itself seemed inconsistent, and would require too much speculation to see if there were any underlying reasons involved.

      Judging by how I felt within the dream, I presumed it was a matter of escaping, and not looking back in fear of everything behind me being crumbled; in fear of being part of the destruction as well.

      I’m running with a female that’s just about a few inches shorter than me, and has a visage and body composition of someone who is Asian. She reminded me of someone I know from work for some reason, though I felt this was another dream character that takes the form of multiple Asian females, and has a distinct “signature” if you will of someone I met in my dreams a long time ago.

      But it didn’t matter on validating who’s who, so I focus more on keeping my feet active, and dodging whatever debris might come by. The environment itself is very spacious, and associating patches of recall I have of the previous dream, this area seemed to be have been a fanciful place to reside and communicate with others, mostly for exquisite banquets and luxurious entertainment most likely. But it also had some element of scholarly spirit as well, so maybe it had served doubly for that.

      The walls consist of a faded maroon color diluted with other colors similar to it in the color spectrum; the roof consisted of a white and slightly milky vanilla color with a natural splattering of dust and age, and the flooring itself had a simple vanilla tile formatting.

      I can’t make out the outfit I’m wearing in particular, but I’m presume it was fairly basic as it didn’t have the level of eye-candy, I guess. I do know that my companion I’m escaping with is wearing a basic red shirt and blue jeans, which seems odd for us considering the formal implications of the area we’re in right now. So I’m presuming that if she was wearing something casual than formal, I probably was wearing a black shirt and faded black jeans.

      We’re running up some stairs that are probably 10 feet in width, and the grandiose composition of the building makes me wonder if we’ll ever get out of here. And if we’re going up inside of down as I would naturally imply an escape would be, it became more confusing, but going up was the only way we could go right now; otherwise, we’d just be dead corpses under heavy debris.

      I can feel the vibrating and earth-quake-esque sensations all around by body, along with the random shifts in environmental movements. I stayed mostly on the right side of the curved stairs to get a wider view of the left just in case something weird happens, like, I don’t know, a Minotaur that should come out of nowhere trying to kill us by using the environment.

      And the more I observe the environment, the setting seems to resemble interiors of Alcamoth in Xenoblade Chronicles. And with more bits of recall from the previous dream snapping back to my awareness, I do recall seeing several High Entia dream characters floating around somewhere.

      They were like the image above, albeit paler, and seemed to have no colors applied to their existence; like a fading white color overlay.

      At some point, to the left of us, a big hole is formed, and a giant Minotaur comes out of nowhere.

      He has black hair, and his body is brown with a subtle hint of burnt orange, and he has glowing yellow eyes as well. His loin cloth is either black or brown, and he looks like he’s hell-bent to kill us. He immediately uses his hands to destroy part of the stairs we’re on, and when this occurs, everything suddenly changes. There’s too many things going on at once, and I am both horrified and bothered on what’s going on.

      I can’t even tell if the female by me exists anymore, and I presumed she fell down into the seemingly bottomless pit by now. I do know that I’m still alive in the dream, and I was preparing to encounter the Minotaur. But I can’t recall what happens next, other than standing on top of the first apex of the stair set that was broken.
    4. The Double-Crossing Minotaur

      by , 04-29-2014 at 09:34 AM
      Morning of April 29, 2014. Tuesday.

      I am in an unknown region of what may be Waukon, Iowa (this is loosely connected to the other dream about clearing the yard, but not a direct extension, I do not think). It is mostly farmland and I seem to be going north, though it is not certain due to the somewhat unfamiliar nature of the landscapes. This, though, seems to have a vague link to the “Muffler Man and Long Horn Steer” attraction. (See Link) It was supposedly manufactured where my father was born, which I did not know until today. (My dreams do this all the time, that is, reveal completely unknown, even otherwise “unknowable”, information, which I usually leave out of my entries to keep them a little less convoluted, as they are usually convoluted enough already.)

      I eventually go into a recurring type of dream state where I am wandering down old back roads; this time in my “orb” form and sometimes in my physical form, depending on the steepness of the hill. I end up at an old farm, which would otherwise be an urban area in reality, I believe. The “long horn steer statue” is actually a living minotaur. The imposing creature is about two feet taller than me, at least, and has a muscular body and a huge head. At least three farmers (who are dressed more as 1940s radio cowboys than farmers) have a hold of him with ropes connected to a large collar as they lead him out of an enclosed area that looks like a composite of an open or half-built barn and a covered picnic area of a park. Other farmers stand around. There is a cow pasture and an area where horses are kept, as well as a cornfield. It is a fairly large area all connected to the same people who seem to share the work and profits.

      It seems the farmers are suspicious of me and my visible ethnicity (as was often the case in real life). And of course, they think I am part Asian. However, I tell them that I am American and that I can help them with some sort of magic power that I seem to have at this stage. The minotaur huffs and puffs dramatically, and moves it legs up and down in a sort of “ready to charge” manner, looking a bit silly, like jogging in place. I boldly pet it and move my hand over its huge nose and face in a loving way. It is almost like petting a giant dog’s head and it is right down close to my face as it bends down. It seems to calm down a bit and the men are surprised. It seems the men keep the minotaur as a “pet” to bring “good luck” to their farm and to keep the livestock and crops healthy.

      I tell them that I will do all I can to keep the farm in its best state. When I go towards another area where there are horses, I actually hear the minotaur talking to the men in a gruff human voice in a nearly poetic rhythm, “when the crops and livestock are healthiest and the farm is whole again, I will kill the witch” (meaning he, the minotaur, intends to kill me). I am not sure if this is solely out of some sort of jealously on the part of the minotaur (though you would think he would be annoyed at being treated and kept as just a pet and “good luck charm”) or because they (the farmers) do not want to pay me for my “work” (I do not remember what payment was agreed upon).

      Instead of doing an in-dream augmented focus and routine of sorts to bring a blessing over the farm, I move my hands in a manner that lifts the group (including the minotaur) into a whirlwind that results in crashing them down into the ground and destroying them. I then lift the horses into the air from a distance and release them into a different farm’s field, although the cows are let out into the road and race along, mooing over their new-found freedom. One man riding a horse (not with the other group) ends up “sitting in mid-air” in a comical manner (appearing as one would on a bucking bronco, but with nothing underneath him) when the horse is instantly shifted out from under him to join the others.

      The cornfield seems to remain healthy and will feed or help the other local farmers who had lost money to some sort of government scandal.

      I then somehow make large embossed-like indentations in a barn’s roof (almost like footprints made by an invisible foot and rather nosily) of various symbolic forms of master number twenty-two (including the fleur-de-lys, the “kissing swans”, the “medicine bag”, and the “heart on the horizon”).

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    5. Clear Body and the hunting grounds (DEILD)

      by , 08-27-2012 at 12:05 AM

      Feel the vibes when they finished I roll out and now I am in dreamland. I get up and rub my hands. First thing I notice is my body is different, it is clear and see through but it is still me. This dream scape is slightly different than my waking life room. For example there is no mirror in the living room but in this world there is some extra furniture that has a mirror attached to it. I believe I see my mother but I ignore her. I remember my goal is to go through a mirror to see what would happen. I go up to the mirror I talked about earlier. I look at my face and it looks like me but it is clear and see through. I then slowly put my hand onto the mirror and as soon as I touched the mirror my lucidity goes away and I am transported to this big open forest area. In this place random animals would just appear and come at me and I die. Soon I come back. On the upper right portion of the 'screen' is a health bar. I am more mindful but not lucid anymore. I know that I cannot be harmed. As the lions come at me I keep them at bay with just my will power. I can somehow manipulate my health bar by smiling in a certain way. In an instant it becomes dark and this strange minotaur like creature shoots arrows at me but they do no harm to me. The dream collapses and I wake up.
    6. 05/22/12

      by , 05-22-2012 at 02:34 AM (Roving the Dreamscape)
      So yeah, there I was in this old village. The villagers were being attacked by this big fierce looking minotaur. As I stared at it, the minotaur noticed me. So it charged towards me. I braced myself for the worst, then suddenly, I became lucid. I flew up to dodge the rampaging beast. But to my surprise, the minotaur also flew up! I tried my best to shake him off my back but it was no good. He was able to grab my leg and then he threw me down to the ground. It's all, or nothing. It's a one on one battle. He charged towards me while I was still recovering from the impact. I charged all of my energy into me fist then boom! I punched him directly at the face. He passed out, so I destroyed the crap out him. I dragged the minotaur's dead body and presented it to the villagers and I told them, tonight, we shall celebrate our victory!
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    7. Stranger/Lover

      by , 11-16-2010 at 07:44 PM
      Details are a bit fuzzy today (sauvignon blanc), but I know the dreams were vivid, logical, and mundane enough that I couldnt tell I was dreaming (you'd be surpised what's mundane in my life).

      Something about a primitivist hippie commune/farm in the forest. Ive never been to this one, perhaps it's a composite of several farming and primitivist communities I've lived with. I remember saying that I felt more at ease there than at any other community Ive been to. The people there were very happy and jovial.

      Why are there arcade games in the forest? Ive seen much more bizarre things, I suppose. Its a driving game. I don't have any money, but I sit down in the chair and take the wheel. It works! Its very real. Now I'm in a real car... at least it seems real, like I'm really driving, but I know I'm still sitting in the chair, in front of a screen, in the middle of the forest. Wow, Im driving through a hilly countryside. Its very beautiful, sunny with little puffy clouds. Lots of twists and turns. Its making me sort of nauseous, so I get out of the chair.

      I'm in a strange house, on the top bunk of a large bed with a very sexy young man whom Ive never met, and yet were very intimate and comfortable together. Perhaps weve been lovers in some long forgotten dreams. Were cuddling (I don't often actually perform sex acts in dreams. Usually its just a lot of cuddling, kissing, petting , and rolling around), watching a movie. The movie keeps jumping out and becoming real. Satyrs, elves, fairys, minotaurs. Happy creatures with joy and slight mischief in their eyes. A huge grey cat that looks like none Ive ever seen before comes bounding up to the bed, intelligence, benevelolence, and obvious sentience dancing in her flickering eyes. I want to cuddle with the kitty, but I somehow know it's inapropriate.

      (This is the third or fourth dream in several weeks to feature magical creatures, btw. Last time it was giants, and we were working together, trying to save a race of dwarfs that lived at the base of a great plateau that I bounded, almost flew down, while the giants leaped from ledge to ledge, down and down to the base of the plateau)
    8. Clyde Machine's Dream Journal

      by , 06-17-2010 at 11:03 PM
      110: 6.16.10; 9:52AM BREAKING NEWS: Police Arrest Off-Duty Officer, and the Minotaur is Dead! (MILD)


      I had a rather lengthy lucid dream, of which I will relay two parts to ensure the details I provide are accurate and interesting.

      I was at the end of my driveway (a recurring location in my dreams), and saw three police trucks speeding on the road, coming to a fast stop in front of my driveway gate, lights flashing in the warm daylight, arranged in such a way as to surround a black SUV, now stopped along with the police vehicles on the road. The police got out of their vehicles with shotguns drawn and aimed at the SUV. I put up my hands to show that I was there and didn't intend to interfere, but figured that as I was standing next to my gate behind a couple trees, I really didn't need to have my hands up like the man who was exiting the SUV, and stepped a little behind my gate to watch the events unfold.

      The man stepped out of the SUV, a well-built man with dark clothing and a shaved head - certainly not a person to be screwing around with. His hands were still up as he got to the hood of his car and leaned over it, as the cops wanted. One of the officers drew a rifle that resembled the shotguns the others had, and shot the man in the chest three or four times. He fell to the pavement with no visible wounds, leading me to the conclusion that it was a kind of stungun, with non-piercing rounds.

      The officers surrounded him, allowing just enough visibility of the man for me to see that he himself was wearing a dark blue jacket with police patches all over the sleeves and shoulders. I figured I'd see it in the next day's newspaper, seeing as he was an off-duty officer who's arrest I'd just witnessed. One officer looked over at me and said something, which I only took to mean that they were okay with me standing there close by, watching. They took the man away and the dream transitioned.

      A while later into my dream, I was in an all-wooden room on a structure made of poles, almost like bamboo coloured a rich brown. I wasn't alone within this structure - I was fighting a minotaur.
      Yes, I know, it's awesome! This minotaur was a giant, agile skeleton with great horns affixed to the skull, with one nasty temper. He knew the structure well, a multi-level scaffold with no walls, since the structure was encased in an enormous and tall room.

      He wasn't at all shy about flaunting his knowledge of the room's layout. He expertly raced about each level to get to me, forcing me to find ways to move up to higher levels to stay at least one floor away from the skeletal beast. My movement took me to a very high level of the structure, achieved by flying with my signature arms-shot-straight-up flying method through square holes I found in each level's floor, almost as if there was supposed to be a ladder for each, and of course, the minotaur was close below me. I knew what I could do at this point to stop him once and for good, and I let him reach my level.

      He reached this floor quickly, and stared me down with a nasty smile - well, as much as a skeletal minotaur's human-shaped skull could muster - and proceeded to approach me with a slow walk. He was visibly smaller than his regular size, now matching my height. I would use this to my advantage: I drew him closer to me, and positioned myself behind the square hole in the floor, watching the minotaur walk toward me in a perfect linear fashion. He stepped into the hole and slipped down, both feet first.

      I leaned over the hole and watched with a smile as the (relatively) miniature skeleton fell several stories to the floor and crash-landed on his back. Upon impact he returned to his full and giant size, leaving only his chest and skull (with those giant horns, now coloured rich brown like the wood surrounding me) visible from where I stood. I believe I saw some bones flying off him when he'd smashed into the floor, but he appeared now to be a perfect, flawless, unmoving skeleton. With horns.

      Note: This was another lucid dream induced through simply requesting to have one prior to going to sleep. Is this enough to call it a MILD, even without RCs?
    9. Nighthog's Journal: 14th June 2010 addition

      by , 06-15-2010 at 07:05 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      I remembered the dream I forgot from the earlier night. Got to recall it in the morning of the 15th as I recalled my dreams for that night.

      The Minotaur looking bull

      It's in the middle of the day and the sun is up with some white clouds flying by with a slight cool breeze.
      I'm with a companion, can't remember gender. He/she is taking me up this dirt road going inside the woods and getting up close to this gate and large enclosure here. It's grasslansd inside it. I's a grassing area for animals and such. I think of cows.
      He/she warns me to not go inside and stay away from the gate and fence. It's about 2 meters high for some reason. It's a furious and restless beast resigning inside. I don't see it and we go to walk up the dirt road but stay further away from the fences surrounding the clearing. I'm looking inside as we walk trying to see what might be in there. I soon see what's inside. It's a huge beast of a bull. It really looks scary and has a face of a Minotaur. It's really angry looking. It soon starts to run up to the place I'm at but my friend takes and drags me further away from the fence and we walk a little faster away from the section the bull was running toward. It's gigantic really. It can easily reach beyond the 2meter high fence and I can't think how it's possible the fence do really anything to keep it inside. It can easily trample them down. It went to look and bent down it's head to the area where I had stood. It was opening it's head and taking a furious bite.
      Damn a bite from that thing would have grabbed and split me in two.
      We are about to lave the area that was going right next to the fence and there was another gate there. It's a wooden gate. The road now leads away from the enclosure. I'm told to get going and follow him/her but I look back and want to watch the bull some more. It's now that I really see the details. It's pure muscle and strength and "evil". It has nothing but a intent to kill. I soon spot another person coming up the road from where we had come. I think it was a girl walking up to the first gate.
      The bull notices this person instantly and gets angrier and scarier and then starts to run away in full throttle. I yell to the girl to run away. She at last moment backed away from the gate as the bull came over and just as I thought it would run through the gate and at her it stopped before and then just looked through and over the fences. The girl was terrified but safe.
      I turned around and was hailed to continue our walk heading away from the place, he/she stood a little further away waiting for me. The road went up a little to a turnaround point and clearing. We stopped here to talk I thought.

      I started to get lucid and thought of climbing this one tree. It was kind weak though as I climbed it the tree snapped of at the bottom like it was rotten or something. The whole tree fell to the ground as I let it go. I inspected it and thought that was weird. I then jumped into another larger tree and this wasn't a problem.
      Soon the girl from before was getting up to us and the other one was just waiting for me to stop doing what I was doing so we could continue.
      Dream started to fade away.
    10. #20. Gravity Hack

      by , 06-14-2010 at 04:57 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I think I used to have better dream control than I do now. More frequent lucidity, as well.

      September 2007

      Why walk when you can fly? I have an impression of stone steps and pathways. They cling to the steep, grassy hilltop, jutting out into the wet, grey sky. The pathway seems to be large enough for only one person, but the pair of us climb the steps side by side.

      I am looking ahead of us as the path ends at an alcove made of stone and concrete, similar to the one that used to be behind our apartment building in Ixburg, but it doesn't smell like mushrooms. If there is a smell, it's sharp, soft, clean. The smell of rain or of mountain air. On either side of the alcove, a trail begins, forking out from the steps. There the trail barely clings to the steep slope.

      I can feel everything around me, imagining the texture of a surface as my eyes glance over it. The pebbles in the pathway, the grass and moss... everything tingles with the prospect of rain.

      I let go of the ground, and drift upwards slowly until I am floating about a foot above the path. I am being pulled upward and pushed downward, and I hold on to the feeling. This is effortless.

      Like a ghost - a painfully, ecstatically alive ghost - I drift alongside my companion. We discuss this phenomenon. I can still feel the ground, the sky, the grass. I simply didn't want to walk anymore, I explain.

      The breeze doesn't occur to me. I am not bothered by rippling air currents. All that exists is the humming force which keeps me suspended in my dreamworld.

      Gravity Hack. Scare Factor: 1. I wonder who my guide was in that dream. I think he was part-animal in the mythological sense, somewhat similar to a minotaur. Except more friendly.
    11. Minotaur Portal

      by , 09-13-1987 at 08:49 AM
      Morning of September 13, 1987. Sunday.

      I am not a main character here, it seems. My dream seems to focus on a different male. There are some extraordinary scenes that capture ancient Greece in amazing ways, including some sort of unusual mood that I cannot quite describe.

      There is some sort of theme related to reincarnation, though I doubt the Minoans or the Greeks would have had belief in this concept in any major way. However, one male seems to “travel” into different lifetimes. His first lifetime is in some sort of arena. An actual minotaur is there and he has to fight with the creature. There are also a couple chariots in the area. It looks like he is ready to escape with my “mystery girl” on a chariot after somehow trapping the minotaur. There is also some sort of odd unicycle-like structure that comes down at one point (perhaps some sort of pulley). The minotaur is trapped in some sort of powerful opaque cage, perhaps a very strong wood. He is trapped just as he begins to charge.

      Later, I am walking about in ancient times in a mostly featureless, somewhat barren-looking area, with several other people, possibly some younger Minoans. There is a strange atmospheric mood that is hard to relate.

      Over time, the man (reincarnated I assume) returns to the same area but in the distant future. The area is similar but is now more intended as some sort of intergalactic museum, I think. He is standing in the area that is almost like an implied red carpet which leads directly to the trap that he had captured the minotaur in. An unknown person, perhaps a tourist, pulls on some sort of lever. Apparently the person, a female, seems an incarnation of Daphne. The unicycle-like device moves back and down from higher up and the trap is lifted from around the creature. The imagery is quite vivid and intense at this point and I am almost entering a state of vivid fear, though I am on the side of the opened trap and not in the path of what is to come out of it.

      Suddenly, the minotaur is charging again from the exact same position he had stopped centuries prior and moves toward the man. I do not get to see the outcome, but I suspect he was killed, but that is not certain. There is a bizarre sense of grief I seem to feel from his wife, but I do not see anything at that point.

      Although there are a lot of contradictions and conflicting information on this, one more reliable source says that the ancient Greeks believed that souls of the deceased were not reincarnated into another bodily form and placed back on earth, but lived on in either Hell or Heaven as a spirit. However, in all honesty, to actually claim that “all” people of a certain culture or time believed in a specific thing as a group is quite absurd, yet this wording is used all the time for cultures and such.
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    12. Alternate World of Mythology

      by , 07-06-1975 at 01:06 PM
      Morning of July 6, 1975. Sunday.

      In my dream, I am with my best friend Toby on some sort of excursion of which I am not sure of the nature of. I believe the word play, “Safari, so good” (so far, so good) is suggested by Toby. We actually seem to be in Africa (or a reconstruction of certain features of one area) at one point, but I do not have a clear memory of how we got there, although the idea of a school bus having taken us there comes into mind very briefly, which suggests that we got left behind on some sort of field trip, perhaps to Busch Gardens at Tampa Bay. Somehow, as we walk around with no particular implied destination, we end up going into another world through an unseen or unrecognized portal.

      After a time, we end up being chased by several mythological creatures, including a minotaur and a centaur. We are not caught or directly threatened at any point, but the landscape and the creatures become more unusual over time.

      Eventually, without realizing it, after being chased by surreal mythological beasts on several different occasions, we seem to be back in our own world in the same area from where we started, just prior to entering the other world.

      Nearby, a lion watches us from tall grasses and soon roars with the idea he may start to chase us. Even though we start running to escape from the potentially threatening situation, Toby starts laughing, saying rather loudly and somewhat happily under the circumstances, “A good ol’ Earth lion!” which means he is glad to be out of the other world, though he lags behind me. There is no fear at this point; but almost a strange sense of relief and appreciated familiarity of the potential to return home.

      This is a fairly straightforward dream-as-a-dream event (as many are, even many of which people try to “interpret”, which in the first place, is something only the dreamer can do, as the dreamer is the only one with the relevant memory of the previous experiences and associations that build the dream in the first place). The lion in the last segment is my emergent consciousness rendered as the waking transition’s symbol of coalescence. This is because a lion in the dream state represents the ability to consume the dream self, since that is always the ultimate fate of the dream self (to coalesce into whole consciousness) even after being in the “alternate world of mythology” (the dream state itself). The implied swallowing is not seen in this dream (and in fact, is not even needed to be rendered since the transition has already developed). Waking transitions of this type are often achieved without any need for disturbing imagery (and again, it was even amusing in this case, which happily colored my mood for the day).

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