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    1. A Short Life

      by , 04-21-2013 at 05:09 AM
      It first started at the back of a music store. The music store had instruments all around. I didn't bother to check which ones I liked because I was focusing on something else, my messages through Facebook. There was no computer screen in front of me, I just sort of knew it was there. Like a vividly visual image. Through this image I saw messages from Quynh. I saw her sending messages to other people too. I was scrolling down the page looking to see what she was doing, who she was talking with. I didn't find much, only memories of the times I wanted to be with her.

      Here's the second dream that was similar to the first.

      I could recall sending her a friend request through Facebook and hoping that she would accept it so I could see that picture that made me first fall in love with her. It's been so long since she posted that picture but I hoped for the best.

      Fortunately, she accepted it! The minute she accepted the request, I clicked on her profile and went through her picture section looking for that special picture. I scrolled through tons of pictures but I couldn't find that special one. I was hoping to feel better by seeing just that one picture again but I couldn't find it. Then the dream was all over.
    2. Remember Me

      by , 02-17-2013 at 05:21 AM
      It's been a while since I last had this familiar dream. Not the exact same one but it felt like the memories were coming back to me. I'm standing under a structure in front of an abandoned city. It was also raining. There was no one in sight. The last time I was here I was on a mission to kill a few people silently around the city. The city looked very beautiful. It sort of looks like Rome or France. I had no goal in this dream, I only walked around to see what would happen.

      I felt an unusual feeling when I stared at one of the buildings in front of me. I started to think about someone. I started thinking about Quynh. I pictured her in the same clothes she wore when I first met her in the waking world;green sweater, blue pants, and white shoes. I always picture her in the same clothes. I never once tried to summon the "new" her in my current dreams, I just can't. She was so beautiful before. Having the same feelings I had about her in this dream, they made me happy.

      I can't help to think that this place also reminds me of my sister's room. The last time I saw Quynh in my sister's room was when she was there alone and I walked in there to develop a special relationship with her.

      That wasn't the whole dream. I still remember the moment when I tried to summon her. I was at my parents' home. I was standing in the kitchen at night with no one in there at the time. One of the small lights on the kitchen counter was on. I don't remember being lucid but whenever I try to summon Quynh, I always try to make sure it's the real one.

      I tried summoning her by yelling out her name. She appeared after I yelled two more times. It didn't work. Instead of Quynh I got this smaller kid who looked a lot like my niece. I was disappointed and I wasn't sure how I was ever going to make it work. So, I done another technique. I grabbed on to her shoulders and asked, "Why aren't you Quynh?", "Why don't you look the same?!" Not the exact same words but I still remember asking something like them.

      It didn't work. I tried a few times and knew it wasn't going to work. This is all I could remember.
    3. Twisted Ends

      by , 01-14-2013 at 04:03 AM
      There's not much I can recall from this night, just a couple of things.

      I was back at school again, not sure what sure what school, so probably Pacific again. The classroom lights were shut off like always in the dreams. The students are sitting around the classroom in the form of a circle. We were the last ones left, all the other kids moved on to bigger and better places. I was stuck with them.

      There was only one face I remember. Her name was Leah. What surprised me the most was that she was a smart one where I actually went to school and she was also Asian. This surprised me because I don't see too many of them around the area I live in the real world. I talked to one but she barely knows English. Ever since I fell in love with someone from Vietnam, I started to feel excited when ever I saw an Asian person in the area I live in. So when I saw Leah in the dream, it felt like she wasn't supposed to be with students who fail lots of tests. Well, that was it.
    4. This has to be a Dream

      by , 11-15-2012 at 11:09 AM
      I fell asleep a few minutes after feeling sleepy and cold in front of the computer. I made my first appearance inside a car parked on the street my home was in. My parents had just left the car to get something from our home next to us. I sat in the front seat waiting.

      I wait a while inside the car until something happened. The car suddenly turned on and the car was about to start by itself. I panicked! I quickly grabbed on to the steering wheel but as soon as I did, the car started to move backwards . I tried to control the wheel, so I wouldn't hit any houses on the narrow street. The car continued going faster. I stepped on the brakes but the car kept on going! I was doomed. I was always afraid of driving cars in my dreams. I was never sure why. Probably has to deal with how I control things in real life? Anyways, a few seconds later, the car backed up so much that I hit a tree at the end of the street. I was relieved I didn't die. Now it was time to go back home.

      When I finally got back to my home, I don't remember how but, I was now inside the living room of the home. It was dark. There was a few other people in the living room at the time. All of which I've never met before. I seemed to have some kind of long relationship with them in the dream though. The light was on in the middle of the room and all 4 people(including me) were gathered around looking at some of the family photos we had on the table. I was the only one standing up and watched as my supposed father handed me pictures to look at.

      It was a calm night and nothing strange really happened. The only person I remember from this scene was the father. He was about 60-80 years old. So an old man. There was one strange thing that did happen that I never noticed. All of a sudden, the family inside the living room were all crying because they had just realized that the father is dead. I was confused. I took a moment and went with the flow and cried. I cried a lot for a man I didn't even know. However, someone did manage to wipe those tears away.

      A few seconds after the crying, I started to realize that the dream appeared a little foggy. I performed a technique I learned before from a page here on Dream Views. It was the rubbing of hands. I rubbed both my hands together to make the dream clearer. After that, I noticed a little bit of awareness of being inside a dream. I used this extra time to summon someone whom I hold close to my heart. I immediately thought of my old friend Quynh. I faced the living room closet right next to the bedroom, and tried to summon by calling out her name and believing she was beyond the bathroom in the hallway. I walked behind the corner of the hallway and saw no one there. I attempted it one more time, but this time I extended my arm.

      I walked over and faced the closet, turned around with my right hand behind me and I yelled out, "Quynh!" in confidence. A few seconds later, I felt a touch. A hand. When I turned around, I saw Quynh! I would've never known I'd see her at this time.

      I got closer to her but as I did, she suddenly went on running towards the two rooms in the back. I held on to her and noticed a change in her appearance. She was synchronizing in to her self like in Assassin's Creed. I followed her over to my parents' bedroom and noticed her crying. She was crying for something. She was heading towards the room in the far back but I grabbed her shoulders with both of my hands and turned her. This was not Quynh. Yeah, she had Quynh's old clothing from high school but the face of the girl in this dream was the old girl I liked back in middle school. Why? I was disappointed that I never got to see her this time.

      Although, it was not Quynh, I still had some affection for this beautiful looking woman. She was crying and all I wanted was to try and make her feel better. I felt as if I had to help her out, so I can stop seeing all of these tears coming out of her eyes! It was heart breaking. I slowly walked her over closer to the hallway but stopped just before that. I stared at her and watched her cry a bit more. "Why are you crying?" I asked. She had her eyes closed and spoke out, "I'm pregnant!" I then woke up, wondering what it all meant...
    5. Living for the Memories

      by , 10-02-2012 at 07:47 AM
      Here we are again. Back at the same place I thought of. It was raining outside the middle school I was in front of and I was only there to see what else there could be left in the school. I'm not sure what I'm looking for but I've been here before, a couple times. This was the area where I met the first female I ever cried for. Cindy. It seems a little bit dangerous right now, so I I'm deciding I should only drive by and take a look at the school. It was a quick search. Later on, me and my mother appear to be driving in some car somewhere in Las Vegas, I think. When I think of this part, I think of one of the dreams I had before, the dream where my father rammed his bumper in to another car in front of us. So here we are, on the road ready to experience some amazing lifts. So we're driving around this city for a while and all of a sudden, we run in to a big building. I'm not sure what is was. Maybe it was an elevator for cars. This place looked as if it has been abandoned for years. It's going to be hard getting all the way to the top, seeing as there isn't much space for my mother to move the car around. As we ascended, I was having a hard time trying not to be scared. I was always afraid of heights and every second we spent in this car elevator, I sometimes told my mother to be careful. There was one point where we did fall though but it wasn't all bad. This place we were in was too hard to work with. So anyways, here is what happened after we escaped this car elevator. We eventually found an exit that led towards a huge, beautiful scene of clean roads and plains. I've also been in this area before. We're making our way down on a tall hill. The way down was scary for me. Sometimes my mother would slightly fall off the road and nearly kill us. As soon as we made it half way down, we see this dead end where we are forced to take the car down without a road. And while in the air, I told my mom to get the car to fly. We moved down the road below us instead. There were no cars in the area from what I was able to see. After a little more time passed, I appeared someplace else. It was a place right near the home I live in. I spawned right in front of a small shop. There was no one around here. I don't remember hearing anything but my voice. This was when I realized I was dreaming. I walked around the area to check it out. The shop there was locked. I tried finding a way around but couldn't. I found a door though. The door was locked with two lock holes. I had no key, but I was lucid. I pointed my right hand towards the door and waved it at the lock. The locks opened themselves slowly. As soon as the doors open, I got to see what was inside the shop. There was nothing I found interest in. The room was clean, there was a table to the left, and a small backroom in front of the entrance. I did manage to do something while lucid though. I turned over to the road in front of the shop, raised my left hand pointing inside the shop, and yelled, "Quynh, come here!" I waited a few seconds and looked back in to the shop and saw something on the floor. It was a small puppy running around in circles. The dream was fading as I tried to summon her again. My left eye was having a hard time to not blink. A little bit later, I slowly woke up and found my mother opening the bedroom door.
    6. One for the Tears

      by , 09-29-2012 at 09:09 PM
      I had this dream a day after my mother told me to get this girl out of my head and I went out crying knowing they never really cared about it. I'm inside this big shopping mall where you would find all different types of materials such as clothes, shoes, toys and kitchen supplies. It looked day light, I couldn't tell because the exit wasn't around here. I'm shopping with this girl, a friend. I don't know her name but she wanted me to help her find out the best types of clothing. Every so often, she would have to go speak to a sales associate and ask them what's the price of the item. They were probably annoyed seeing her more than just a few times. Okay, after a little bit more of shopping, this young female walks over to the checkout lane and starts to ask the prices for a few more items. This is where it changes. I notice we are standing right next to the windows and as I stare at them, the room I was in gets darker. So dark, the area behind me was filled in darkness. There was no longer a checkout lane and the young female wasn't there anymore. Instead I see a food deli and a few people standing on the sides of the walls and windows around the small room not occupied by the darkness. I stare at the window in front of me and saw rain outside the store. The appearance of the outside seemed so depressing especially because there was nothing in the parking lot, only raindrops hitting the ground. I waved my hand at the window and believed it would break if I swung it back and forth. Surprisingly, it did. At the time, I knew I was dreaming. "I'm dreaming", I shouted. Calmed and relaxed, I was, I didn't want to mess this up. The room was still muffled with silence. There is someone with me though. I turned my head to my left and I see this young Asian lady leaning on the table window in front of her. She had a baby in her left hand. I walked up to her and said, "Hey baby", as if I knew her for a while. I stared at her for a second and waited until I thought of a dream purpose. I suddenly realize something. Quynh! I'm going to try and summon Quynh to see if our feelings in the waking life are no longer a conflict. "Hey, Quynh", I yelled out, "Quynh, come over here!" I extended my right arm to my right side and waited for a sweet tender touch of the hands I never got to held on to. I waited for a reply. I waited a few seconds and nothing. I looked around the room to see if I could find her hiding somewhere. There was nothing in the lit area I was in. But I stopped at something. The darkness was the only place left to search. Although I could not see anything in the fog, I only hoped she was in it. I slowly took a few steps towards the shadowy clouds of darkness and walked in to it slowly. As I walked in a little bit further, the dream was fading and wasn't sure if it was a good idea to leave now. I risked it. I walked in to the darkness and slowly started to wake up. Something else happened though. As I was awakening, I could see the doors of my bed room slowly opening up to my eyes. I immediately thought about one of the methods I before saw on this site. I laid still back in my bed and kept my eyes closed. My heart had a sudden spark that made me feel some excitement. But then I started to realize something. Sleep Paralysis. I'm not going to be able to do this right now, especially because the room I was in was too dark and I was afraid of it. I immediately opened my eyes and moved my whole body to escape from it.
    7. A Blast from the Past

      by , 06-30-2012 at 01:51 AM
      I can remember being back at my old classroom in Math class. I was seating as the teacher was organizing the stuff and everyone else was preparing to get ready to graduate from the school. I am seating there watching my teacher packing up some books while she talks to another teacher. Being here again made me feel so happy. I thought of Abby during this part. I think it was because I just got braces the day before. The teacher then dismissed us and now we were able to leave the class and leave the school. As soon as I left the classroom, I noticed how bright the sun was again and I saw so many people walking out of their classrooms. It was a ghetto city, so I was cautious of what or who was able to attack me. I followed the long crowd through the hallway right next to the classroom I just left. I followed until I saw an empty open space and walked in to it. I decided to help a few teachers help pack their things.But as soon as I entered one classroom, they were already receiving help. So, I decided to go home now. On my way home, I seemed to have super natural powers. I had the power to move as fast as I could. I was moving so fast I felt like Wesker from Resident Evil 5. As soon as I finally reached the school parking lot, I moved extra fast. Most people didn't even pay attention to how fast I was though. After a couple of minutes of running, the scenario changed and now, I was a different character of this dream. I was now a girl living up to her dreams of being successful in her life. I watched as her life slowly started to change from a bad one to a really good one. At the end of her success, I was in a jungle just watching as she took a high jump off a high ledge and landed on another one below her.
    8. I Love You More

      by , 06-28-2012 at 07:01 AM
      I can only remember some parts of this dream. I remember seeing an old friend named Trinh. She was younger than me but I still liked her. Me and Trinh were friends in the dream and talked to each other even though we never actually met in real life. Sometimes I would hold her hand and spend most of my time with her. She was a friend of Quynh, so I wasn't sure why I fell in love with Trinh instead. Sometimes the dream would get depressing whenever I was around my house. For example, I was at my backyard having a good time spending time with her. But the more time I spent with her, the more I felt sad. I'm thinking it could be because I just ended our friendship and might not ever get to see her again. I sometimes kissed her lips and felt so much love for her. However, after the dream progressed, she started to literally die away. Sooner or later, she turned to a dead body. I was sad and feared for my life that she was dead. I loved her so much in this dream. I carried her dead body as if she was still alive with me and tried to give her body comfort. We were in the front of my house and I decided to take her body inside. I held on to her and carried her through the living room. I saw my dad in the living room and he seemed to be having a good time but paid no attention to the dead body I was holding. I then carried Trinh over to my room and laid her on the bed. I slowly comforted her head and kissed her one more time on the lips. I moved back a few steps and before I knew it, she turned in to a stuffed animal. Then I woke up.
    9. Let's Just Be Friends

      by , 06-26-2012 at 04:24 PM
      I'm in a hotel room somewhere in the inner city. I'm with a few people. Their names were Eric, Leah, and some other guy who I didn't know. I always chatted with them on Facebook but not too much in real life. For some reason, I was in love with Leah in this dream. I felt the same way I did about Quynh about Leah. I talked to Leah and tried to become only friends with her. She knew I liked her. He accepted me as a friend only. While I was in this hotel room, I couldn't help but think that being only friends can be fun but I still have some love for her. Sometimes Leah's figure would change and become one of the other people I met back when I was in a hospital. She was very pretty. Me and her friends were talking about going somewhere like a party or event. I forgot exactly what it was but I decided to go. Even though Leah wasn't going, I still went with a rapper named Pitbull. I'm not sure why it wasn't Eminem instead. Eric wasn't coming, so I went alone out of all the 3 people who were in the hotel room with me. Sometimes I would go in to that hotel room and think about how much I loved Leah, but tried my best not to take it too far. I tried to be grateful for having her as a friend.
    10. New Memories

      by , 06-09-2012 at 11:44 PM
      I'm at a school and I see so many people all over the place. Most of them I have never seen before. I'm sitting in a chair facing an entrance in front of me. It was daylight and I felt a little sad. I was talking to someone in front of me but I forgot who they were. Anyways, after a while, I see one of the girls I used to be friends with in high school standing in front of the entrance door in front of me. I was happy to see her again. But because she is mad with me in real life, I didn't think she felt the same way. I yelled out her name. "Quynh!" She turned to me and just stared. She didn't walk up towards me and I didn't walk up towards her. After this, I walked in to the exit to my left and started walking home. On my way, I've met so many different people and friends. I did feel a little cautious walking through this area. I kept a close eye on anyone who might seem dangerous. This street I was walking on was curvy and there were other people walking on this road to. On my way home, I didn't meet Jonathan, an old classmate who attended English class with me our senior year. So after a little bit more of walking, the dream ended.
      non-lucid , memorable
    11. Dead Memories

      by , 05-31-2012 at 05:53 AM
      I first started out in a desert someone around a destroyed city. I've seen this desert before, or at least felt I have. I was standing on a dirt road, making my way towards the city. It was a little dangerous to try and leave the desert I was in, as there were people who would punish me for leaving. On my way, I found a boy in a wheel chair. I never questioned why he was in one, but I decided to help him make it in to the city. I grabbed on to the handles of the wheelchair and made our way towards the city in front of us. At first, it didn't make since. From a far view, the city looked a lot like a destroyed city filled with trash and dirt flying over the city. The scenario changed. Before I knew it, I made it in to a school. And the weather also changed. It was raining and the clouds were covering the high skies. I was standing in front of the high school hallways. If I had to guess, I'd say it was my old high school. Pacific. People were walking around the classrooms and through the hallways as they would in reality. I was still in charge to help this kid in the wheelchair make his way to where he had to go. I was taking him down the hallways until something strange happened. I kept a good eye on the students all around me to identify familiar faces. I didn't see too many at the time. But I did see one. However, it wasn't one whom looked like the one who they looked like in reality. But I never did get a chance to remember her face after all this time. Her name was Stephanie. It was a girl I like in 8th grade, when it took me a while to get over her. Once I saw her, I knew I had another chance at meeting a beautiful girl. I do like another in reality but seeing Stephanie's face again gave me some hope. But this wasn't the only the time I saw her in this dream. I'm not sure why but, after seeing her the first time and making my way through a few more passageways, I saw Stephanie again. I'm guessing I really miss her. Anyways, this is where things start to get more different. Me and the kid finally made our way to an open area. It look so familiar and so unfamiliar. I left the kid there and continued making my way to my classroom. I was on my own on this one. I did have something in my hand though. I had some kind of metal pipe in my right hand and a smaller one in my left. I'm not sure what they were used for, but I never bothered throwing them on to the ground. I walked towards the corner of a hallway in front of me and continued walking down the hallways until I reached the front of the school. Once I finally reached the front, I turned over to my right and walked towards the last classroom. I also noticed that the time changed. It was now night time. I'm guessing it was D-3. I'm not sure. The numbers on the doors were too faded to see. I didn't see anyone there. There was a unoccupied area there. Right next to it was a wall of ground where people were able to sit down and wait for the teachers to announce that the session is ready to begin. I looked down at the wall of ground and tried to find a number that relates to the classroom number. I walked too far. I did hear a teacher yell out a class number. It was Mrs. Kelly, one of the old teachers I had in high school. The classroom was about 2-3 classrooms before this one. I was a little embarassed and walked back a few steps to the classroom. When I finally found the classroom I sat down on the wall of ground, put down the stick of poles, and waited there until the teacher allowed us to go in. I saw an old friend sitting right next to me. It was one whom I had known since the 6th grade. I forgot what I had told him though. For a few seconds more, someone behind me told me that the class session has started. I got up and turned around and walked in to the classroom. I was walking in to Mrs. Kellys' class. It was a bright classroom. And the tables looked the same as they would in real life. I sat in a corner right next to the teachers desk. There were a couple more kids sitting to my left too. I think I knew them for some reason. They seemed to be friendly around me. The class was to fold a piece of blank paper in half and make some kind of definition chart. I think I had a little trouble trying to make one. I was new to the class, so I wasn't sure how to finish up the project. A boy to my right was also new, but he was the one who was trying to help me out. I didn't know this, I sort of felt it. The teacher also helped me. She was sitting in front of me as she was working with some papers she had in front of her. She looked busy as usual. I've always liked this teacher as a person and the way she handled the classroom. She also looked at me differently in this dream. Because I was always shy around her in reality, I feel like I've changed a lot ever since I last had a talk with her. I never bothered to turn around to see her facial expression as I was working really hard on this project. There was a word that really pointed out to me. Some of the words were so clearly written. But there was only one word I could read. It was on the left side of the folded paper and it said, "Availability." It was a pretty nice dream seeing my best 12th grade science teacher again!
    12. Luca and a cake

      by , 01-03-2012 at 06:58 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      there were several dreams but the two most important were those:

      I go down the road near "stodola" towards the football pitch. There I see Lucie P sitting down. I think are supposed to meet up. I go there and I sit new to her. We started to talk and I ask her what she is up to, whats new, whats old. She looks good. Her body looks very firm. I know that I want to ask her somehow whether she has someone or not. I have some kind of sweets... it looks like little flowers and I offer her some. She says not at first. As I am eating... I pour some more on my palm... a bit too many.. so I gesture her so she stretches her palm so I can give her a few. She does so... but offering just finger tips... i make a gesture that somehow looks like i want to put them in her mouth... yet I just want her to open her palm. She looks at me kind of weird. I laugh a bit and tell her, that this is not what I meant.

      Later I go t visit her to her hotel. There is some problem and when I get there none is responding on the door. I go down to the reception and the receptionist tells me that she has already checked out. There are keys (looking like my house keys) in the pigeon hole. I ask for the keys and go upstairs. As soon as I want to open the door, the door opens and she is there. She looks at me with that kind of look, as if she was waiting for me. She is leaning on the door frame and does all those seductive moves and looks. I go inside.

      (at this point I wake up and try to re-enter the dream..... somewhat I did)