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    1. 1/23/14 - missiles journey

      by , 01-23-2014 at 07:44 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me and and a fleet of around 40 missiles [we are actually missiles] are swimming in from the dark of the ocean, I guess we are on a mission, we need to get onto shore and get the enemy. I see so many of my fellow missiles in front and behind me. We start to see under water mines EVERYWHERE, different lengths some high some low, they barely come into visibility within 3 or 4 feet. Some of the other missiles begin to explode and the water makes this weird ear numbing noise. I think that it's a good thing I'm not straight up in the front, I can go in the path where some already blew up guaranteeing my safety. Then me and this other missile make it to this under water tunnel that has a fan going in it so fast it would chop us, but then the missile in front of me extends his reach like a cursor though the fan and to a on/off switch on the other side, turns the fan off and we both head in. We are ahead of everyone else, I still hear mines going off far behind us. the missile that was in front of me fell a little behind me, so the other fan at the end of this tube I reached my cursor to the other side and flicked the switch to off, and the fan slowly stopped and we passed through. We could see a few other missiles made it to the land via a different route, but they seemed to keep going their own route and me and the other missile were following the yellow soft glow lights that seemed to be leading us. Next we had to go into this dog house that was on the greenest grass I'd ever seen in the most beautiful backyard. It was a little red one with white trim, that other group gathered up too close behind us, I yelled at them to wait as there is a white plug blocking the hole in the floor of the dog house that we need to go down into. I took it out and begin to squeeze down, it was a tight fit but I made it and the others followed, but it was so dark and small under there we couldn't find our way.