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    1. Newbie - embracing and comforting yourself as a child when your an adult

      by , 01-06-2018 at 01:23 AM
      Hi everyone,

      Hope everyone is well.

      I had a dream last night and the meaning beindbeing it has been bugging be the whole day. I hope someone will be able to help.

      In my dream I was shopping with my family and we were all in our current adult form. We all looked really happy together. Then further ahead we could see myself as a younger child, around 3-4 years old. My family were happy and pointing at child me whilst telling adult me "that's you". I went up my child self and picked myself up and started to hug and embrace my child self. I felt really warm as if i was hugging a child of my own that if I'd been missing. My family looked on really happy.

      Can anyone help me interpret this dream?

      Thanks x
    2. Identifying a Sign

      by , 09-13-2016 at 09:31 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Back on a steadier pace, and I think it helps that things haven't been so busy. Today's dream brought about, yet again, another recurring person.
      I was in a huge hotel of sorts, that had all sorts of lavish rooms, hallways, and lobbies to explore. Present in the dream with me were my family, the girl who I've been referring to as K in a lot of my previous entries, her boyfriend, and her family. We were all there on vacation, and more than ready to relax and have a good time. Said good time is hazy, but two key moments I remembered happened in chronlogical order. First, that night, we all set up on this very cozy balcony and watched a movie that was projected onto the wall in front of us. Despite being a projection, the movie looked to be in full HD. Can't quite remember what the movie was, but it was in black and white, oddly enough.
      K, sitting next to me, glanced over at me and laughed. I did the same. Everyone else with us was a little more quiet than usual, but I think they just seemed like they were absorbed into the movie. Just behind the projection, you could see the sky outside through a large opening in the hotel building, the setting sun burning up everything it could touch.
      Later on the next day, we all decided to go swimming. K and I were the first ones to arrive at the pool, which as it so happened was inlaid right next to a beach. It struck me then that the whole place looked similar to a place my family and I go on vacation every year for Thanksgiving. Shaking the thought, K and I had fun swimming. However, at one point when I went under to see how long I could hold my breath, I discovered upon emerging from the water that K was no where in sight! She was just next to me a second ago, but she seemingly vanished out of thin air. I was frantic. What could have happened to her? I sprinted out of the pool, and noticed her boyfriend running down the stairs by the pool. He looked equally as frantic. I explained to him what happened, and the search began.
      Man, why does the plot always ramp up when the recall drops off? One thing I can say for sure: Once I get much better at having lucids, I'd love to visit this place again.
      There was another smaller dream recalled when I went back to sleep. Seems my current no-alarm, wake-up-twice schedule is producing similar amounts of dreams.
      I was in a virtual space. Best way I can describe it is it looked like a dream scene straight out of TRON. By my side was a cute little fluffy dog. Apparently he and I were tasked with taking down this deadly, gigantic machine that was in the middle of the area. The machine was shooting off blasts of electricity all over the place. Along the ground, however, were glowing arrows that flashed red and green corresponding to when we had to move or stop. Using these, we quickly dashed our way to the machine.
      So there's the daily couple. What's interesting to me is the prevalence of K in my dreams lately. I said in my last entry that she may be a dream sign, but now I'm starting to believe it fully. As to why she's been so prevalent...well, that's a whole different thing. Her and I don't speak much IRL except for a few comments here and there on social media. Thing is, K is from a time in my life, in my past, where things were really nice. She's from one of the happier periods in my life, a period full of day-long stretches spent with friends doing fun things like we did in this dream. Lately, I've been longing for these things, and to get back to something akin to that. Therefore, I think her appearing so much in my dreams is a reflection of that. Maybe it's something else. Maybe a mix. Who can say? Ramble done.
    3. REX Goes Missing(8.12.15)

      by , 08-12-2015 at 12:21 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      REX Goes Missing
      Im walking my dog REX in my estate. I take my eye off REX for a min and lose him. I start to panic as I know he won't here my calls or whistles due to being def. I think I have a moment where I think I may be dreaming, and decide to wake up to check. I'm laying in bed and realize it's just a dream. I quickly close my eyes and perform a DIELD. I wait for a scene of my room, which comes pretty quickly. I get up and head outside. I feel like going for a drive, so I choose from a few cars. My eye catches the blue viper, which looks pretty tiny. Almost like a kids car. It's parked next to my house steps, which makes it a little hard to get into. I find the door and slide in. I check a few common spots for keys when no luck. The car rolls down the drive way, onto the footpath. I see some teenagers walk passed. I try the ignition, which seems to have something i can turn over to start, but it doesn't work.

      I lose my lucidity as I'm back inside the house. Rob and Bro are in the kitchen. Rob offers me some small candy looking things. He says that they are capsicum candy. I try them and they don't taste like candy.

      I'm sitting in Robs lounge room with Cuzzo. He's just cooked some rissoles and REX goes over to him straight away, hoping to get a feed. I try to pull REX away but I only make a little effort to. Cuzzo pushes REX out of the way instead. I walk into the Kitchen and see that there's rissoles on the bench. I go over and try one, it's bland but I'm easy and enjoy it either way. Bro asks how the rissoles are, and I tell him they're alright. I wasn't sure if I tried his or cuzzo's.

      I wake up again and perform another DEILD which is successful. I'm only in the dream for a few moments before I wake up. I keep chaining the lucids together at this point. At one stage I'm using a phone in my dream bed to check when the picture is clear enough to get out of bed. I see someones eye on the phone camera. It looks like we're both trying the same thing. I get out of bed lucid again. This time I intend to find a women. I expect to see one in the laundry. It's dark and not the best to see. As I walk into laundry, I feel something I brushed passed, which scares me a little, which wakes me up. I try another DIELD which fails.

      Dream Fragment
      I'm playing COC and I notice that a pine tree has been placed almost in the same place as Christmas tree. I almost removed Christmas tree without knowing. This happened with 2 Christmas trees.
    4. Lost, 2 Short LD's, Backyard 4WD, Grand Theft Auto (8.8.14)

      by , 08-08-2014 at 03:19 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I'm outside standing in an open area. I can see the trees, and if looks like botanical gardens. I get a message from Germain telling me they're lost. I get another message shortly after from my brother with a similar message.

      I think I get in contact with my brother on the phone and he tells me to look for a green sign (highway direction sign). I look around and eventually see it in the distance. I think Kayley was with me at the time and she has gone towards where the green sign is. She finds a car with Germain and my brother. I think there was a couple others with them.

      Dream 2 - DILD

      I'm standing in a bathroom with my top off. I'm looking at my body and flexing and posing. I look more muscular and ripped then I look IRL. The bathroom doesn't look familiar but has a nice fresh look to it. I see a few odd things happen which makes me wonder if I'm dreaming, so I so a reality chick. I see that I am missing a finger but I'm not fully convinced and check check again. This time I have half a finger.. K I'm convinced now and realize I'm dreaming. I leave the bathroom and see that I'm at Germain's house. I don't stabilize the dream but try something that I haven't tried before but thought it would be interesting to see if it works. To find that pill which prolongs a dream. I reach into my back pocket and don't feel anything, but instead of give up I turn it into a false memory and think to myself "it's not in my back pocket, it's in the kitchen drawer. I walk into the kitchen and open the drawer and can't seem to find it. I awaken shortly after.

      Dream 3 - DILD

      I'm near a bush/tree and it has a massive sack of liquid around it it. Like a massive ball of puss. It ends up being cancer. Not sure if it's the trees cancer or someone's cancer. I walk around the tree and have a closer inspection.

      A story starts to get told to me and I see scenes etc. it's about a aboriginal man that had everything going for him. He had a career in the NFL and was a nice healthy muscly man. The man comes into my view in front of me and see that he is not the man he used to be. He has his shirt off and looks pretty thin and notice his skin is sagging. I ask him what happened and he tells me he got sick (I assume his cancer was what was on the tree). I see flash backs of his life and see him at a party. One of the scenes is a photo of him in his day and he looked totally different. He was a lot faller in the face and didn't look like he has aboriginal in him. The scene is now showing me more of the party and I see Bruce Buffer (UFC ring announcer) in his younger days. He's connected to a human train.

      I'm now in my house and I let my dog outside without supervision. I freak out and quickly go and check on him as i don't usually let him out by himself. I see him up the street. I walk towards him but see a lot of cars and I start to panic as my dog has no road sense what so ever.

      Im inside my house and I see that Dad gets off the computer and heads over towards the front door. I see that someone is still in the computer room and think that's odd that it's only myself and dad that is here. I do a RC and notice finger is half missing. I'm only lucid for a few moments before awakening.

      Dream 4

      I'm outside in someone's backyard. It looks familiar. I'm watching a 4WD driven by I think Luke Stool. He's spinning the wheels and doing 360's on the grass. I decide to jump on the side of the 4WD. He starts spinning the wheels again and I think a child is now driving the 4WD. I start to worry about he dangers of me being on the side of the 4WD while they're driving like this and eventually get off it. I see them drive off into an extended area out the backyard. It's as if they have their own track. I think about Ash Comp in the garage waiting for them to get back.

      I walk inside and Kayley tells me that Daniel was in the 4WD, drunk and as a passenger. His friend Barlett was driving. I walk into the lounge room and see that Daniel is sitting down and Barlett is laying on a beanbag. It looks like they're playing Xbox. I shake both their hands and start a convocation with them. Dani offers me a beer but I decline. He gets me one anyways and I take it. I look at can of Victorian Bitter and notice that it looks weird. It's wider than a normal can and looks to have curve going downwards between 2 cans. The hole which you drink out of looks flush with the can. A nice smooth finish. On the right hand side of the can looks like someone has punctured a hole in it. I become suspect that he may have put something in it without telling me.

      Daniel asks if me if I would like to play cricket in the lounge room. I grab the bat off him and line up at the end of lounge room. The item that's placed on the ground in front of me that was marking the crease falls over as he bowls the ball towards me. He bowls out but I tell him I was distracted by the falling crease and was about to fix

      It as he bowled. As I'm fixing the crease I see a lot of random shit on the ground that could be used for a crease but i pick something simple like a straight piece of plastic, the size of a ruler. I hear voices in the background, and soon realize it's guests. I recognize them, it's Jane and Sonja. Jane looks pretty good looking and has toned her body up nicely. Sonja invites me to come for a smoking session with them. I explain that I don't handle most weed too well, it tends to make me anti social and dumb. They tell me about one of their friends who is quite similar when it comes to smoking.

      Dream 5

      I'm walking with Daz up Germain's court and we see a white car. I think about stealing it but soon realize there's a man in the front seat. Daz doesn't care too much and decides to attempt to steal it anyways. I jump in the passenger side and rip the man out of the car and throw him in a pool which is 5 meters away. A man walking in the distance saw what happened and calls the police. I jump in the drivers seat and try to drive away. The man that called the cops is running over to the car to stop me. I try to drive faster but the car hasn't got much acceleration. I get away and head for the main road. I see a group of people half way down the court. One of them tries to stop the car but I avoid him. It looks to be raining and turns dark as I reach the main intersection. I feel as if I'm still getting chased and am in a hurry for traffic to allow me to cross the road. I see my chance and go for it. As I'm driving I notice that Daz isn't in the car with me but is on a motorbike. I ask him if he wants to come inside the car did to it raining. He likes the idea and tries to come to a stop and ends up going straight over the handlebars into a pond. I don't think Daz was wearing any protective clothes that would keep him warm either.

      Side Notes:
      Alarm hasn't been waking me up. Seem to be having natural awakening. Kept forgetting to continue sleep breathing upon awakening to try and bring on a dream. Tried it once but I think I was too awake. Time to follow a routine and stick to it without changing things up.
    5. A Parallel Universe

      by , 10-01-2013 at 06:06 PM
      My love for lucid dreaming is strong as I cope with the loss of a friend, but I cannot stand seeing their home inside the dream and wanting to be able to do what I never did with them in person whenever I would walk her to school.

      It's happening on this street I currently live in. It's not a long street, as a matter of fact, it could take me about 10 minutes to walk across it in reality. It isn't like that in dreams. In dreams, the time it takes to walk down across this street is determined by how many memories I have within it, I assume. My father is driving me down this street in this blue car. He is going to take me near the other side of this street. As he does, I notice a few elements on the way.

      On our way down I saw one of my friends' home. Her name was Trinh. Me and Trinh lived on this same street(a little funny because she is the friend of the girl who I tried apologizing to for a year). Unlike her real home, which was a little bit trashy(okay, a lot trashy), this home is as clean as a rich, suburban home. But I'm still not convinced that this may be a dream.

      As we're driving on to the next houses, I see Trinh's house again. This made me to believe that I am in fact in a dream. After that my father turned at a corner and that was basically it for this scene. My dream was beginning to fade when I kept on emphasizing to my mind that I AM in a lucid dream.
    6. Staying for the Children

      by , 11-13-2012 at 08:13 AM
      So I'm back again after a while of spending time on Facebook. I start out in an abandoned building/backyard of my home place. I'm confused to why I am here. I don't remember much of what happened but only a person. I remember Quynh, right after I just ended a deal both of us made in real life. I had not hate for her in the dream, but I still did love her and was willing to do anything to take her back in to my life. I was standing around the abandoned building, below the room I lived in. Quynh was in front of me, or I felt as if she was. It could have been the feeling I have when ever I chatted to her online. She told me something. She brought up the time back when I used words of hate and jealousy before our conflict towards each other started. She had said something about the tears I gave her that day we first hated each other. I woke up a few minutes later, realizing she will never grow up and forgive me for what happened a long time ago. I already tried.
    7. A Blast from the Past

      by , 06-30-2012 at 01:51 AM
      I can remember being back at my old classroom in Math class. I was seating as the teacher was organizing the stuff and everyone else was preparing to get ready to graduate from the school. I am seating there watching my teacher packing up some books while she talks to another teacher. Being here again made me feel so happy. I thought of Abby during this part. I think it was because I just got braces the day before. The teacher then dismissed us and now we were able to leave the class and leave the school. As soon as I left the classroom, I noticed how bright the sun was again and I saw so many people walking out of their classrooms. It was a ghetto city, so I was cautious of what or who was able to attack me. I followed the long crowd through the hallway right next to the classroom I just left. I followed until I saw an empty open space and walked in to it. I decided to help a few teachers help pack their things.But as soon as I entered one classroom, they were already receiving help. So, I decided to go home now. On my way home, I seemed to have super natural powers. I had the power to move as fast as I could. I was moving so fast I felt like Wesker from Resident Evil 5. As soon as I finally reached the school parking lot, I moved extra fast. Most people didn't even pay attention to how fast I was though. After a couple of minutes of running, the scenario changed and now, I was a different character of this dream. I was now a girl living up to her dreams of being successful in her life. I watched as her life slowly started to change from a bad one to a really good one. At the end of her success, I was in a jungle just watching as she took a high jump off a high ledge and landed on another one below her.
    8. I Love You More

      by , 06-28-2012 at 07:01 AM
      I can only remember some parts of this dream. I remember seeing an old friend named Trinh. She was younger than me but I still liked her. Me and Trinh were friends in the dream and talked to each other even though we never actually met in real life. Sometimes I would hold her hand and spend most of my time with her. She was a friend of Quynh, so I wasn't sure why I fell in love with Trinh instead. Sometimes the dream would get depressing whenever I was around my house. For example, I was at my backyard having a good time spending time with her. But the more time I spent with her, the more I felt sad. I'm thinking it could be because I just ended our friendship and might not ever get to see her again. I sometimes kissed her lips and felt so much love for her. However, after the dream progressed, she started to literally die away. Sooner or later, she turned to a dead body. I was sad and feared for my life that she was dead. I loved her so much in this dream. I carried her dead body as if she was still alive with me and tried to give her body comfort. We were in the front of my house and I decided to take her body inside. I held on to her and carried her through the living room. I saw my dad in the living room and he seemed to be having a good time but paid no attention to the dead body I was holding. I then carried Trinh over to my room and laid her on the bed. I slowly comforted her head and kissed her one more time on the lips. I moved back a few steps and before I knew it, she turned in to a stuffed animal. Then I woke up.
    9. Let's Just Be Friends

      by , 06-26-2012 at 04:24 PM
      I'm in a hotel room somewhere in the inner city. I'm with a few people. Their names were Eric, Leah, and some other guy who I didn't know. I always chatted with them on Facebook but not too much in real life. For some reason, I was in love with Leah in this dream. I felt the same way I did about Quynh about Leah. I talked to Leah and tried to become only friends with her. She knew I liked her. He accepted me as a friend only. While I was in this hotel room, I couldn't help but think that being only friends can be fun but I still have some love for her. Sometimes Leah's figure would change and become one of the other people I met back when I was in a hospital. She was very pretty. Me and her friends were talking about going somewhere like a party or event. I forgot exactly what it was but I decided to go. Even though Leah wasn't going, I still went with a rapper named Pitbull. I'm not sure why it wasn't Eminem instead. Eric wasn't coming, so I went alone out of all the 3 people who were in the hotel room with me. Sometimes I would go in to that hotel room and think about how much I loved Leah, but tried my best not to take it too far. I tried to be grateful for having her as a friend.
    10. Dead Memories

      by , 05-31-2012 at 05:53 AM
      I first started out in a desert someone around a destroyed city. I've seen this desert before, or at least felt I have. I was standing on a dirt road, making my way towards the city. It was a little dangerous to try and leave the desert I was in, as there were people who would punish me for leaving. On my way, I found a boy in a wheel chair. I never questioned why he was in one, but I decided to help him make it in to the city. I grabbed on to the handles of the wheelchair and made our way towards the city in front of us. At first, it didn't make since. From a far view, the city looked a lot like a destroyed city filled with trash and dirt flying over the city. The scenario changed. Before I knew it, I made it in to a school. And the weather also changed. It was raining and the clouds were covering the high skies. I was standing in front of the high school hallways. If I had to guess, I'd say it was my old high school. Pacific. People were walking around the classrooms and through the hallways as they would in reality. I was still in charge to help this kid in the wheelchair make his way to where he had to go. I was taking him down the hallways until something strange happened. I kept a good eye on the students all around me to identify familiar faces. I didn't see too many at the time. But I did see one. However, it wasn't one whom looked like the one who they looked like in reality. But I never did get a chance to remember her face after all this time. Her name was Stephanie. It was a girl I like in 8th grade, when it took me a while to get over her. Once I saw her, I knew I had another chance at meeting a beautiful girl. I do like another in reality but seeing Stephanie's face again gave me some hope. But this wasn't the only the time I saw her in this dream. I'm not sure why but, after seeing her the first time and making my way through a few more passageways, I saw Stephanie again. I'm guessing I really miss her. Anyways, this is where things start to get more different. Me and the kid finally made our way to an open area. It look so familiar and so unfamiliar. I left the kid there and continued making my way to my classroom. I was on my own on this one. I did have something in my hand though. I had some kind of metal pipe in my right hand and a smaller one in my left. I'm not sure what they were used for, but I never bothered throwing them on to the ground. I walked towards the corner of a hallway in front of me and continued walking down the hallways until I reached the front of the school. Once I finally reached the front, I turned over to my right and walked towards the last classroom. I also noticed that the time changed. It was now night time. I'm guessing it was D-3. I'm not sure. The numbers on the doors were too faded to see. I didn't see anyone there. There was a unoccupied area there. Right next to it was a wall of ground where people were able to sit down and wait for the teachers to announce that the session is ready to begin. I looked down at the wall of ground and tried to find a number that relates to the classroom number. I walked too far. I did hear a teacher yell out a class number. It was Mrs. Kelly, one of the old teachers I had in high school. The classroom was about 2-3 classrooms before this one. I was a little embarassed and walked back a few steps to the classroom. When I finally found the classroom I sat down on the wall of ground, put down the stick of poles, and waited there until the teacher allowed us to go in. I saw an old friend sitting right next to me. It was one whom I had known since the 6th grade. I forgot what I had told him though. For a few seconds more, someone behind me told me that the class session has started. I got up and turned around and walked in to the classroom. I was walking in to Mrs. Kellys' class. It was a bright classroom. And the tables looked the same as they would in real life. I sat in a corner right next to the teachers desk. There were a couple more kids sitting to my left too. I think I knew them for some reason. They seemed to be friendly around me. The class was to fold a piece of blank paper in half and make some kind of definition chart. I think I had a little trouble trying to make one. I was new to the class, so I wasn't sure how to finish up the project. A boy to my right was also new, but he was the one who was trying to help me out. I didn't know this, I sort of felt it. The teacher also helped me. She was sitting in front of me as she was working with some papers she had in front of her. She looked busy as usual. I've always liked this teacher as a person and the way she handled the classroom. She also looked at me differently in this dream. Because I was always shy around her in reality, I feel like I've changed a lot ever since I last had a talk with her. I never bothered to turn around to see her facial expression as I was working really hard on this project. There was a word that really pointed out to me. Some of the words were so clearly written. But there was only one word I could read. It was on the left side of the folded paper and it said, "Availability." It was a pretty nice dream seeing my best 12th grade science teacher again!
    11. Trapped? Maybe?

      by , 04-04-2012 at 12:25 AM
      Don't you hate when your having this great, vivid, dream and you wake and see your late for something and in all the rush you forget what you dream was about...ya that's you my morning went. Anyway this is what I do remember.

      I'm in a mansion through some means I can't recall and I'm with two other friends. We can't get out and one of my friends disappear. Me and the friend still with come to the conclusion that he was kill be the evil guy who owns the mansion, he is also the one who trapped use here to begin with.

      (Lots of stuff happen that i don't remember) It's been a long time and we are still in the mansion(I'm talking months) We are exploring the endless rooms when I come across the first locked room. Me and my friend force it open to find a room full of stuff like a TV and fridge, bed etc. There are also the belongings of our missing friend. I remember saying "He's been here all along." We look around and (I don't remember how I came to this conclusion) We realize the evil guy that trapped us here has taken him again. Then I see A open Cell phone on the ground by the bed and pick it up. My missing friend's mom is on the other line. "Mike! Mike are you OK! Answer me!" I explain the situation to her that Mike(My friend) has been taken again. She says she is sending people to get us.

      Time passes and me and my friend(Who is a guy, don't know his name) Are waiting at the main door for people to get there. We are eating chips and dip and just chillen. I don't why but for some reason when they get there I become terrified and think they mean me and my friend harm so I hid behind the door when it opens. Last thing I remember is my friend saying it's alright to come out.
    12. The Border Hospital

      by , 07-19-2010 at 10:45 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      At the beginning of the dream a new hospital has opened on the border between South and North Korea. The hospital was created by the United Nations for the people of both countries who cannot afford healthcare on their own. It is supposed to be politically neutral, and it was when it first opened, but the tentions between the two countries have overlapped into the hospotal building and it is now divided. The nouth end of the hospital is declared the territory and property of North Korea and the south end of the hospital to South Korea. While doctors and hospital workers can go anywhere in the building, North Koreans are restricted to the north end of the building and South Koreans to the south end.

      These restrictions were brought about by the North Korean leader Kim Jong-il to prevent people from North Korea from escaping through the hospital and defecting to the south. South Koreans are barred by armed soldiers located in the north end from entering and North Koreans are arrested if they try to enter the south end. Other than these strange rules, the hospital functions normally after some renovations are made to make sure that both South and North Koreans have access to the care they need in their respective building space. This includes two seperate waiting rooms in each end of the building. The name of the hospital in the dream is the United Nations Hospital of Peace, but because it sits on the border of the two Koreas, people generally call it the Border Hospital.

      All of the doctors and care workers who are employed there are volunteers from different countries. This is so politics can be left out and the care of the patients remain priority. I have just finished my PHD in general medicine and I am transfered at my request to the Border Hospital. I am all idealistic and hopeful and actually think that I will be making a difference to bring about peace for the two countries by providing unconditional healthcare for all, and in the back of my mind I think about helping North Koreans defect secretly if I can but I voice my ideas to no one.

      The majority of my work is located in the south end of the hospital, but one night I am very tired after a long day of work and because it is so late I have missed the last bus that would take me to the small apartment where I live on the South Korean side of the border. The hospital is open twenty-four hours a day on the south side, but is forced closed at midnight in the north end by the North Korean army. Since the lobby in the south end is full of activity and people, I wander through the empty halls in the north end. After checking on some in-patients and running a few last errands I laid down to sleep on a padded bench in the lobby in the North Korean end.

      The dream changes from first person perspective to third person perspective. Sometime during the night, North Korean soldiers quietly enter the lobby and take me away in a dark green truck. Since the north end of the hospital was mostly empty of people, no one saw what happened and nothing is said about it publicly on the North Korean side the next day. I am missing for many days before two men from the United Nations come to investigate. Many people in the hospital tell them that they suspect that North Korea has me, but are afraid to make public accusations for fear that they will meet a similar fate. The two investigators do not have many leads when one day they come across the hospital security camera system. Because of lack of funding, no security guards had been watching the system, but it had been digitally recording ever since it was put in place when the hospital first opened.

      The two men review the tapes and on the night I disappear they see men dressed in North Korean uniforms enter from the north entrance of the hospital and take me away. When confronted with the video evidence, Kim Jong-il definantly states that the soldiers were really South Koreans in disguise to make North Koreans look bad. He then invites a few select diplomats to visit all of the North Koreans prisons, but I am not found in any of them. The soldiers in the video are rounded up and questioned but only one will talk after being promised asylum in South Korea. He says Kim Jong-il knew about the security camera system and had been hacking it to spy on the hospital. When he saw me sleeping in the North Korean lounge, he commanded his soldiers at the hospital to arrest me for spying.

      After the defection and confession of one of his soldiers, Kim Jong-il stages a coup and takes over the hospital. After evicting the patients and workers, the North Korean leader tries a take over of South Korea through the building, but the south retaliates and destroyes the hospital, sending North Korea back to their side of the border. No trace of what happened to me after I was arrested is ever found.

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