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    1. Monday, November 26

      by , 12-31-2018 at 07:58 PM
      I am outside of Dadís house sometime in the earlier morning. There is still some light, but no color in the sky, and the colors all around are still all subdued. I am getting dressed out here, getting ready for school? Iím in the back, but it seems like the house is higher up on a hill with more of a view of the surrounding neighborhood than it really has. I am watching for the school bus, when I hear the dogs a little ways down the street, at another house. I pull my clothes on and start walking over there. I hear a man talking to them, saying heís going to give them Ďstupid sugarí. His tone is mockingly high pitched and sweet, and I donít like it. I think heís in a shed or something else open to the outside, and I see the dogs sitting by him, looking up at him. The guy looks younger-middle aged and clean cut, wearing jeans and a flannel. I tell him Iím really sorry about the dogs coming over, etc. He seems much more normal now as he tells me that itís no problem.
      Tags: dogs, morning, school
    2. Day 20: 20/20

      by , 03-06-2018 at 04:47 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 11:30 PM

      Woke up at: 6:30 AM

      Dream 20: Damn QTE's...

      Laying on my bed during the daytime, early morning I'd guess. I'm playing a sort of Heavy Rain styled game on my 3DS with a zombie apocalypse setting. My character is limping away from a horde of zombies as both of his legs are broken. The button prompts are faded and move around on screen, obscuring my vision as I try to determine what button it wants me to press.

      For some reason, I had a really terrible time trying to get past the QTEs. I distinctly remember my character getting chomped on by zombies two times because of failed/missed button prompts. I got real pissed off and just turned the game off afterwards.

      This is one dream I really wish I had gotten lucid in, honestly. The morning sky, vivid imagery, and near life-like setting would have been an amazing world to play around in. It could have very easily turned into a level four lucid dream if I tried.
    3. [Non-Lucid] Werewolf Guardian

      by , 03-24-2016 at 10:21 AM (SilverDreams' Reality Journal)

      In this dream I am apparently a werewolf, for reasons unknown to me. I'm not even sure how I knew this since I never transformed or anything throughout the dream but I seemed positive that I was one while recalling this dream. I was walking beside the ocean with a girl, she was a few years younger than me and seemed kind, but a little naive. We had been walking a while and came upon a row of tents and my companion decided she needed to rest, and wanted to ask the people who had put up the tents if they'd mind if she slept in one. The sun was beginning to set over the ocean and I reluctantly agreed.

      "Do not tell them what I am, and stay safe, you don't know these people." I said, almost coldly. I didn't need or want to sleep, so I left.

      I think I was kind of a protector or guardian figure for the girl, but was also aloof and stern.


      I was returning from somewhere. It was early morning, the stars were still out. I remember walking back onto the beachfront where the tents were, and overhearing loud music and talking from inside the tents.

      "I knew it. Teenagers." I said, not surprised but also feeling slightly angry, paternal instincts kicking in perhaps.

      I opened the flap on the the tent and noticed people smoking weed and drinking, and barged in to grab my companion and her bag. People seemed incredulous that I'd just walk in and "spoil their fun". I left with the girl and woke up soon after.
    4. Short Walks DA + RAM

      by , 05-08-2015 at 08:50 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I began walking down a sidewalk near a school building. I soon started thinking to myself that if I found myself randomly walking in a place I had no idea about, I most likely am not really here. It was sunny, and as I got closer to thew school, I realize I forgot my bag. I lost my previous train of thought and continue inside the gym where there were other students attending. I confronted one student and had a short talk. Soon after the scene change. Lucidity Time: 7 seconds
      Tags: bag, gym, morning, school
      non-lucid , lucid
    5. Sunday night bus stop and Monday night lunch room

      by , 04-22-2015 at 03:16 AM
      On sunday night I dreamt I was getting off the bus to go home, but it was early in the morning. A guy from my school (devin) who always wears a rasta beanie was sitting in the parking lot criss cross, said something (probably not to me) and I walked like right behind him and then towards my house. That's all I was able to recall.

      On Monday night I dreamt I was coming out of the lunch line, and instead of two long, vertical lunch tables, there were three horizontal facing lunch tables. I sat down at I think the second one and one of my old friends that moved was back and sitting with us (patrick). We all had pizza on our trays, and I complained how I never "get all the tater tots when I get them", and had only two tater tots on my tray in a little paper baskety thing. I also complained about how they were "at half health" (and there was a little bar, half full and yellow hovering above the tots). Patrick said the same thing always happens to him, and my other friend shane asked me where I got my pizza and that he only got a hot dog, even though there was a pizza on his tray (and something under the pizza but it didn't look like a hot dog and I couldn't make it out).
      That's all I recall of that night's dream.
    6. Morning Scare

      by , 01-11-2015 at 08:52 PM
      I woke up at around 6 AM this morning after grabbing a drink of water from the kitchen(best time for me to induce WILDs). I went back to sleep after feeling a bit tired and had a short dream. I'm not sure what I was doing in it. I can almost remember what some scenes looked like but only one scene caught my attention.

      I was inside to small office apartment. I walked around the lobby which consisted of a big plain open space in the middle with a few desks and computers right next to the walls. I was standing in front of the direction of two door way, and within them I only two closed closets. I stood there for a moment until I took a set of sleeping pills and slowly started to collapse to the floor as I gazed at the handful of pills I had in my hands. That's when the dream started to fade away.

      Seconds after that happened, I woke up in my own bed, or at least it felt like I did. It took me a couple seconds to realize that I couldn't rise my chest up. I thought of two reasons this could be happened...1. I was really tired or 2. I was stuck in sleep paralysis. The answer is obvious.

      I started to panic, not knowing what could be within the room. I wanted to get up quickly, using the shoulders of my bed to help me get out of this paralyzed position. I yelled out in fear with both my eyes closed as I struggled getting up. I wasn't sure what to do until I recalled one of the ways I could use to help me maintain my sanity.

      Because this felt a lot like a dream, I wanted to summon someone quickly to help me change the dream scene. I yelled out random names of girls I admired in the past and in the present.

      "Trinh!!!" I yelled out, "Sophie!!!" I was yelling a few others but I tried to recall that one person I really wanted to summon, but had trouble doing so. Once I found out who it was I yelled it out. "Syd!!!"

      None of them wanted to appear. That's when the most creepiest moment happened. I opened my eyes slightly and noticed something moving over my right shoulder. It was a ghost. I continued to yell out and once it finally seemed that I leaped up out of the bed, I heard a little girl's voice, giggling. I'm not sure whether she was next to me or inside my head. The dream ended there.
    7. Winn Dixie dream again and going back to school too early

      by , 12-22-2014 at 08:37 PM
      I was at winn dixie, and I was kind of looking around and this manager, a bald dude in a cop uniform, was getting on to an employee, so he called up two of his other employees that had the day off. They arrived and helped stock items a bit, but when they wanted to leave he wouldn't let them. I agreed to help them escape because I wasn't working there, but I was afraid the manager might catch on. When the manager was gone or not looking they would just screw off, while I tried to think of ways to escape. Shortly it became night time and we found this black railroad spike, but then the manager took it and got angry at them. He threw it down at the front of the store, which was like a furniture shop display, with black couches in a square and a glass coffee table. I went over there and picked it up and put it in my jacket pocket, but it stuck out like a sore thumb so I ran over to the other side of the entrance which was the fruit and vegetables part, crouched down and moved it to my pocket, and then I walked back over. (I ran over there because if I came from where he put the railroad spike I didn't want him to get suspicious that I took it). Later on I ended up going to the bathroom, which was through this elaborate, L shaped hallway that was made of marble. The toilet was strange, it was a square shape, with about 6, thin, oval shaped lids that were blue and had turquoise gems on them. I don't remember anything past that.

      I was on the bus in the morning, sitting with my friend and we were all chatting, and i brought up how it was crazy how the winter break flew by and that it "only felt like a weekend". But then I was in disbelief, how could it have gone by so fast? I checked the calendar on my phone and it was in fact the day we go back to school, january 5th.

      Then I had a dream I was playing age of empires 2, it was a black forest map and my base was in the middle of the map with two gaps in the forest were the enemy could get in to my base. The grey color player began attacking me with swordsmen and battering rams, I don't know how I fended it off, but eventually my base got overran. Then suddenly I was playing civilization 5, I was going against napoleon and carthage, There was a mountain range north of me with passages to a valley area, and napoleon was north east of me and carthage was north west of napoleon with a mountain range separating them. At first napoleon was laying the smack down on me, and I remember getting up and asking my dad how to defeat them. But eventually I mustered an army that passed the mountains and took one of his cities, and I was flanking his armies and at that point he didn't stand a chance. Then it switched to a "real life" view, I was outside my house and had my armies, each little soldier and cavalry and I moved them on blank sheets of paper, I placed them around napoleons armies and I shoved them in to his armies and crushed him, although I suffered a lot of casualties. That's all I remember.

      Then I had another dream that I was at school and we were standing in the hallway before school started as we always do, except we usually stand near one of the doorways, but we were further down the hallway, and the hallway was very dark. I asked why they called us back to school for this day, and someone replied "because they accidentally let us out of school too early so we have to be here one more week". I looked back and there was a huge cluster of people clogging the hallway and I saw a friend of mine over there so I walked over to go talk to him. Then the dream just stopped.
    8. WBTB I think

      by , 12-05-2014 at 01:11 PM
      I had woken up for a FILD but it ended up not working out, but instead of falling asleep with my tail between my legs I decided to meditate as I slept. As I breathed in I said to myself "I will..." and breathe out "...lucid dream" over and over again. After a little bit my mind would wander off, yet I'd still be breathing and it wouldn't feel as if I was, several times I did a reality check though I was still in reality, but eventually I felt myself in the dream and when I checked it... success!

      I then got up out of my bed and thought to myself "man its dark in here..." I tried to turn the lights on with my dream powers but to no avail. I went outside... although I don't remember going through my house or front door. I was on the porch and I rubbed my hands together and shouted "Dream clarity!" and it got H-D! It was crazy. I wanted to explore my neighborhood, but I felt a bit awkward that I was in my underwear and a shirt (I don't wear a shirt when I go to bed, btw). I tried to summon clothes on me but it didn't work, but I guess it did make the shirt for me. I remember walking down the road to the community center, but the walk was abnormally short, I believe I shot ahead several times. When I got there I just looked around, it was early morning outside. Like 6:30am kind of morning, where the sun had just gotten up and it was some-what bluish. I went around the back of the community center over to the basketball court, and the fence semi-surrounding it was larger than it regularly was and I decided to leap really high on it. I began to worry if this was real life again, but I realized "I have a shirt on, and I don't sleep with a shirt, and there's no way I could jump this high in real life..." I hopped down over the other side and saw a car go down the road that was at the other end of the basketball court, it was dirt (irl it's been paved for like a year now). I then was leaving the community center when I made it clear again cuz it was fogging up (rubbed my hands). On my walk home to go do more things I was thinking all the stuff I could do, and how to do it. Then I saw a friend leave my yard in an old white chevy with red stripes down the side, then another friend leave in a white truck behind him (irl that friend has a red ford ranger), my friend asks me "did you see this truck on site c6?" (he was implying it was a new truck) I said "yeah" and he drove off. I was getting in my yard when I felt myself slipping, I rubbed my hands together trying to delay the inevitable, but to no avail and I woke up.

      I'm happy because I had control. Usually I'm too excited to rub my hands, stabilize the dream, etc. etc. but I did my goals which were 1. stabilize the dream 2. shout dream clarity 3. try to stop myself from waking up (I was prone to letting myself lose the dream). So excited to keep practicing!
    9. Entry 12

      by , 09-29-2014 at 10:00 PM
      Yard Dream
      I had a dream I missed the bus so my dad wanted to go out into the woods so I packed some stuff like food for the journey. I took the last stick of string cheese and started eating that on the way out. When we were outside in my yard, time skips and this cougar comes out of the woods, in the dream we call it a cougar but looking back it was actually a dingo. It starts circling me and my dad tells me to kill it so I take this branch to defend myself from it and we just walk in circles, every time it jumps at me I bonk it on the head with the thick stick, and after a long while my dad takes a long makeshift spear and stabs it in the head, and then my dream ends.

    10. One very strange morning

      by , 06-04-2014 at 01:34 PM
      (Ahhh, so this is my first fully-aware lucid dream and I am so excited!

      I'd been trying to WILD that night with no previous sleeping just to see if it would work. I also very briefly looked at the DILD technique (like literally around 5 minutes). Either way, neither worked and I woke up in the morning completely dreamless. Either way, considering that I had got some sleep prior now I half heartedly tried WILDing again. It did not work again, however...)

      ... I can't remember anything about my dream before this point but the first thing I remember was checking my left hand and realising I had 8 fingers*. I started to become lucid but this world seemed so real! I was laying in my bed at my Dad's house and it all looked so... in place*. I checked a couple more times and sure enough, although the numbers kept changing, my hands kept sprouting extra fingers!

      Not sure what to do, I tried turning on the light and sure enough, the switch did not work. It was at this point that my Dad began to speak. I was sure he said something about me waking up, which made sense since I was in my bed and it did seem to be morning. Either way, I opened my door and there he was. I said hi to him and my step-mum, taking note of the fact that there was an extra door in the hallway*. Up to this point, I had been considering shouting something out loud to the world in order to attempt to change it in some way however I didn't since I was worried this might not really be a dream and also, if it was, that my dream-dad might do something weird if he heard me. I told him I was going to go in the shower, hoping I could speak whilst drowning out the noise then, but he told me to stay put for a little while.

      Going back into my room, I decided to take a look at one of the books on the shelf. I picked Harry Potter in the end. Opening it, I can't remember what the words on the pages actually said, however there were poems, at the bottom of the pages, written by the author to her dad. The letters d and q were highlighted in a bold, bright orange colour on each page as well. I also noticed that it looked like someone had drawn on the pages, writing their own poems on the pages as well*. Scrolling back through the book, the highlighted letters were no longer highlighted. I was also aware that, downstairs, my dad seemed to be letting someone into the house.

      Either way, after checking my hands a couple more times, still a bit in disbelief, I covered my mouth in my hands and shouted into them the first thing that came to mind - "Take me to the beach!". When I opened my eyes, I was still in the room but gravity seemed to have flipped 90 degrees, with the floor in front of me and with me standing on the wall. I tried again and everything went black. It was at this point that a little bar at the bottom of my vision appeared, kind of like the progress bar on a YouTube video. Wanting to try again I rewound a little way backwards before closing my eyes and promptly waking up.

      (Dream Notes!

      * - It was only after waking up that I realised I had been looking for 6 fingers as a sign of real life, as oppose to 5. Turns out I apparently can't count in dreams >.>

      * - There were, looking back, actually quite a few things wrong with this scenario. First of all, in real life, I had fallen asleep at my Mum's house, not my Dad's. Second of all, my bed at my Dad's has been moved to the other side of the room, but in the dream it was still in the old position.

      * - I wonder what would've happened if I'd gone into this "extra" room? Maybe I would have seen something dark and secret?? :O

      * - I can't actually remember what the other writing said although I remember there being arrows pointed to the poems, like someone was trying to add something onto the end of them?

    11. dream about new house

      by , 04-23-2013 at 06:39 PM
      hello all.
      i just dream about a new house.
      in which i .m shifting in 2 month in real life.
      i saw, I'm sitting in a bed and talking to my family in new house.
      i think is 5/6 o clock morning.
      then i came down from the step with my fellow. of flat, and saw a one of the new man.
      i think he is the owner of the labor of house.
      then i talk to him something but i don't remember.
      i came out from new house , and saw a road. it is a highway.
      then i saw my old house.
      it is @ 10 am and i have to go school, but enable to go.
      i don't know the region
      then i saw my wife standing on kitchen she is doing something..
      the time is 12:24 PM
      then i woke up
    12. Long Way from Home

      by , 03-24-2013 at 09:38 PM
      It felt like an hour drive when we arrived to San Jose, CA. Although it should have taken a few more hours. We were next to San Francisco, right on the border. The sun was barely beginning to make it's way through 7 am. I didn't think much about any other worries that I had, I just wanted to enjoy this city and probably get a chance to speak to one of my favorite Youtubers, SimplyUnlucky.

      Me and my father were taking a small break at the rest stop. We talked to each other for a few minutes. I talked to him about how awesome it would be if I met Simply Unlucky and how exciting it was to be in the same city he was in. His home was only 10 minutes away, judging from a phone I had in my hand a little earlier.

      I thought about visiting Unlucky but, I just didn't think he had the time for a person like me. My father tried to insist but I already know what it'll probably end up like. I was in no mood for him to keep on trying to persuade me. Perhaps if I had a couple of trading cards with me, Unlucky might of just let me talk to him for just a few minutes...

      There was also another lesson learned from this dream, well, I think I should try harder. There was a man who I was just about to walk past by. Before we did, he slowly stopped and kindly grabs the back of my chest and the front of it and straightens me up so I would be so hunched back. He mentioned that it's not good to keep my body hunched like that. My mother always tells me but I keep forgetting. It was sort of embarrassing, especially because my father was staring. I never liked feeling underestimated but at least it was for a good reason.
    13. Bus Anxiety, Disclose the Truth, Administration

      by , 01-31-2013 at 04:27 AM
      I was on the bus, early in the morning, which had an interior of an RV, and it slid sideways on the highway, and I managed to open the ceiling emergency roof, and stoop on the top of the bus roof, waiting for it to roll over on its side, for me to jump onto the next upward facing side, though it never rolled. Once the bus came to a stop, it ended up crashing into something, and when I returned to the inside of the bus, it was noticeably larger on the inside, and things happened, talking, walking, and planning, I noticed the bus driver was dead and there was weed being smoked as well

      Once I arrived at school, on the corner of building 6, where that windowed computer lab room was, this blonde stoner kid who rides my bus was in front of a carnival like game, with an Airsoft Pistol, and I confronted him, and asked to play. As soon as I played, I noticed administrators coming in this direction. I gave him the gun, and stood to the side. He saw them, and stealthy hid it under the stand. They bothered me for awhile, until I redirected their attention to the kid, and left.

      I was in a portable that was where the ASL class was. I managed to leave the portable, and stood on the side. I was wearing my leather jacket, and remembered previously shooting the gun twice before leaving the class to escape the oncoming trouble. And just like that, I saw most all of the School Administration, Police Guards, and Security, all crowing the front door of the portable I just left, though hidden behind another portable, I saw it all unfold, and decided "Fuck it" and confronted them, and they commanded I not move, to where I ran up and jumped up the Portable near by, got onto the roof, and waved the gun in the air.

      I was in the 'office' though it resembled the Cafeteria in Chapter 1 of Half Life 2, the one where Citizens eat food, that you talk to, in the very beginning of the game. I sat at a booth table, with Mr. Sanchez to my left, and Mr. Urichko, the Principle, opposite of me. He asked me about a green flyer that was circulating the school, about disclosure of global truths, government corruption, and other things. I asked if they knew about those truths, and they replied "of course" and I jumped from my seat excited, and ecstatic to realize that they were awake to, but mad that they haven't taken the responsibility of disclosing the information over the Announcements.
    14. Parking, Daniel's Truck, Convience Store, and Being Naked

      by , 01-22-2013 at 11:39 AM
      I was in Universal, Driving my mom's car, trying to follow how to Park in the giant Parking Garage. My mom was in the passanger seat, being a mom and stuff, and I was just trying to gain the expereince of parking by myself.

      I woke up early to go to school, had breakfast, and went outside the front door to see how cold it was. My mom was inside the living room with the cat, and when I went outside, Daniel drove his truck into the Rose Bush and Flower Box at my front door, nearly hitting me, and flashed his front lights, signaling me to get in. I got inside, and he wanted to go buy lighters.

      I'm getting out of the truck, walking to an odd shaped convenience store, and Taylor Volkema walks past me, but we pay each other no mind, and continue on our way. I get in, and walk around. I find myself forgetting about getting lighters and such, and notice some cloth's I'd like to put on. I take off my shirt, and am shirtless, then my pants, now pants-less. Before I know it, I'm on the floor, naked, in a convenience store. Luckily, I was in an aisle where no one could see me, so I was quick to put my cloths back on before anyone came by, except my parents, Mom and Dad, who just appeared in the same store, who saw me, and alerted me of my new exposed situation. I love Family!

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    15. Mon Nov 26 (11:37-8:38)

      by , 11-26-2012 at 05:24 PM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      Breakfast with Nat

      Natalie Tran has made a new video. As always, she begins by talking about how long it's been since she made a video. But this time, she's not really apologizing for it, she's just going over some of the funnier comments and video responses she's received about it. She even wrote a song with lyrics composed almost entirely of titles of one page of video responses.

      It's early morning. I go downstairs to find something to eat. While I'm doing so, Nat comes into the room and shows me that the food she made is sitting in the microwave. She seems very insistent that I take some, so I do. She's standing rather close to me, so I wonder if she's hoping we'll start kissing. When I sort of start half-flirting with her, though, she doesn't seem to notice. Later her boyfriend comes in, which is disappointing.

      At one point I get a close look at her face, and I realize it looks much more European and less Vietnamese than it used to. This is very strange and worrisome.

      Downtown Hotel Chaos

      My family's been living in a hotel, but now we're moving out. I'm trying to gather my stuff and change my clothes. But there doesn't seem to be a good place to change. So I get on a double decker bus, the upper story of which is just one big room with no one else in it. But I'm worried that someone will come in, or that someone outside will look through the giant windows in the sides of the bus. And the bus ride is much shorter than I expect, so before I know it, a friend of mine is tugging my sleeve, saying that this is our stop. I have to get off again, without having accomplished anything.

      I go back into the hotel and wander around for a little while, exploring.

      Carnivorous Glider Rodents

      My family is driving along the frontage road when we come upon a group of bicyclists. They're practicing a stunt where they bike forwards, then swing the bike perpendicular to its momentum so that it rolls sideways for a while. [IRL this is impossible due to friction, but I didn't realize this at the time.] Obviously they're paying no attention to other bikers since they're basically hoodlums, so when my parents try to pass one of them, he's not in control and he runs into one of them, and he crashes. My family continues on its way. I flip the bird over my shoulder on the off chance that the guy is looking in my direction. Instead, I hear the voice of a different guy I know saying hi. He sounds carefully unoffended, so I think he thinks I was giving /him/ the finger. Darn it.

      There are some furry rodent-foxes falling from the sky one at a time. They have skin flaps like glider squirrels, and they just glide in from somewhere and fall on top of people and attack them. They don't seem very dangerous, but they seem annoying, so we have to try to kill them. I have a meat cleaver that I can try to throw like a battleaxe. We enter a ceilingless arena where one of the creatures has just landed on an awning. My dad starts calling out instructions for all awnings to be dropped flat, presumably so the creature has nowhere to perch. This is done, and the creature starts jumping up and down around the arena, bouncing fifty feet high. I'm looking for my shot, and I think I can take it at the bottom of this jump! But then I realize that the creature is coming down right in the middle of a big group of people, and if I miss I might kill someone. I hold my fire, but I watch with apprehension as the creature lands and dozens of people in the group take the opportunity to throw their meat cleavers. Six or seven people keel over due to missed shots; I don't know if they killed the thing or not.
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