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    1. 210915: A small island, avocado enemas on a Russian ship, Mortal Kombat in a movie theater.

      by , 09-21-2015 at 06:21 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm on a small island, I see two humanoid apes with big teeth. I try not to threaten them. Leaving the island, I see a few iron age people. I have to leave, if I'm associated with them, I'll be a wanted man.

      On a Russian ship, I have to hide some arcane objects I have, markers and relics, they will be confiscated as things that can deface the ship. Under decks, a sailor prepares a large amount of avocado mush to administer as enemas. I try to quietly make my way out, don't really want to do that.

      In a movie theater, showing the old Mortal Kombat movies. I see a few animatronic figures, they go to a fake stone cave on the second floor to turn into Kombatants. One is on a small ledge. A clay-like mass is put on him. He's almost ready to become Sub-Zero, he just needs the extra clay to be punched off in battle.
    2. "Mortal Kombat 10"

      by , 05-03-2015 at 05:50 PM (My Dream Goals)
      Notes Dream

      Non-Lucid. I was watching someone play "Mortal Kombat 10" which I purchased 3 days ago, but it seemed more like a Soul Calibur game with characters from the Mortal Kombat series. Each character had 2 or more "icons" to represent them, and I remember that Sonya Blade had a green star and a gray skull to represent her.
    3. "Dreamtime Philosophy"

      by , 08-04-2014 at 04:30 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      6:27 AM: My mom is driving me to school in the city (I never went to a school in the city!). We are running a bit late (. . . skipping some NL details, getting to the good stuff ). Once she drops me off and heads to work, I realize I have forgotten my lunch (a caramel and chocolate protein bar) and my bite guard (in case I want to take a lucid nap!). I turn and run back to the drop-off area, scanning the busy thoroughfare for my mom. Students and people are moving all over the place. I finally see her; she is moving back in my direction carrying my book bag. I think of several things to say, and one seems most appropriate: "You brought my bag." (Please don't try to make sense of this!)

      She replies, "At least you said that." She seems grateful. Now that I have my things, I am heading (finally) towards school, when all of these emergency personnel get in my way. Seems there has been some sort of accident. I have to thread around behind them. As I do so, it occurs to me that I have no idea what my school is like on the inside. I know it isn't the first day, and I marvel that I have been on autopilot so much at school! I am excited to see what this new school will be like! I then nose pinch, in order to be certain I am not dreaming.

      Ah, I see. I look around and notice a friend from WL. In WL he is a very towering guy, and he looks the same in this dream. I ask him, "So even this isn't real." It's more of a statement than a question.

      He looks at me and nods. He then proceeds to say something deep that I have now forgotten. I decide that this DC is legit and ask him some more questions.

      "Does the dream world contain stability?" I ask. "Does it contain stable locations?"

      He shakes his head. "You create and control dreams."

      "What is the most important aspect of dream knowledge?" I ask.

      He looks at me as though he is a bit surprised or nonplussed. He then points at me, as though the answer is obvious.

      "You mean controlling myself?" I ask.

      "I mean controlling your mind," he replies.

      We are now somehow in a small, empty diner. I ask him if he can help me control my mind. He nods and extends his hand. I take it and he proceeds to hurl me into the air towards the ceiling. I turn in the air and fall to the ground. My shin bangs one of the diner tables. This actually feels just like I imagine it would in WL--painful. I tell him so. He makes a face (like I am being a whiner) and points to a more open area.

      As I am moving, however, it dawns on me that even pain in the dream world isn't real, and as I think this, the feeling evaporates. I realize I can't be harmed. In a moment, I remember Mancon's guide for flying (in particular, let the clouds suck you into the sky). I try this briefly but don't have time to work it properly as my pal has already grabbed me again and tossed me into the air. I now fly into a whirling ceiling fan and smack against the blades. This does not hurt, however.

      My friend continues to sling me by my arm into the air. A voice comes over the PA telling me to come to the dean's office, but I realize I do not have to go, as I am dreaming. The theme from Mortal Kombat begins to play.

      I am mid air (and mid-fan) when I awake.
      My heart is pounding and I assume the adrenaline pushed me out of sleep.

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    4. Oct 26 Dream Journal: Birds see everything

      by , 10-27-2013 at 12:49 AM
      The dream starts with me as the student of an evil samurai -- Kibagami Genjuro, specifically, from the Samurai Shodown series. We are strolling along what I assume are the streets of Edo at night, and there's a light rain. To our left is the base of the castle/wall, and there is a river/moat(?) to the right. We walk under a willow and/or cherry blossom tree (my dream switches them up randomly for funsies) in a small garden patch with a stone lantern, and I recall climbing the tree while Genjuro drinks from a giant bottle of wine.

      As we are walking around being all samurai-y, we somehow get invited to a posh, contemporary house by an early 30's, he-likes-football-she-likes-Mimosas type couple. The house is a big, single-story house, and we are in a giant kitchen that has a view of the backyard through the sliding glass doors. We chit-chat a bit on the counters, and the husband takes Genjuro outside to look at his sweet grill.

      Dream Knowledge tells me the wife secretly flirts with everyone, and does it precisely because she knows her husband will get insanely jealous. And while her husband and Genjuro are outside, she begins flirting with me and Genjuro (who, by dream logic, is able to be in two places at once?). It's about this time her outfit changes into a set of pretty goddamn slutty workout clothes. I react exactly like Ferris' dad from Ferris Bueller's Day Off when Sloane flirts/messes with him in the cab. Meanwhile, the husband is right by the giant glass sliding door, and would have a clear view of everything if he's not so fixated with the grill.

      But then, he calls me to join him outside alone (Genjuro is no longer defying space-time and is now just inside the kitchen now), and there's a creepy vibe about him. I think he knows what's going on, and isn't too happy; but instead, he just talks to me about his grill. He then gives me a tour of his backyard, which is so big that there is are wooden walkways all about. At one end of the walkway, we see a couple of Blue Jays that the couple keeps as pets. He summons one of the birds to him, and for some reason, it's at this time I realize I have an owl friend (who just kinda exists briefly). As I marvel at the bird, the husband turns to me and says, "You know... birds see everything."

      I take that as a sign to leave. There are other guests all of a sudden, and they grow exponentially hostile from their sudden existence like dream extras in Inception.

      Things kind of escalate from here.

      The backyard grows larger, and I'm at the side of the fence. Directly in opposite of me in front of the glass doors is Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, and, yep, he shoots his spear thing at me. I all of a sudden have a katana in my hands, and charge at Scorpion. Suddenly, I'm fighting the entire cast of the evil characters from Mortal Kombat. Well, shit.

      I take to the upper terraces of the garden to get away, and suddenly I'm platforming along bamboo platforms supported hundreds of feet above ground, next to mountains that look like it comes out of a Chinese watercolor painting. I'm leaping and hopping hundreds of feet, and I distinctively remember going so fast that I'm very concerned about my landing.

      I wake up after a few bounds, confused as fuck what the hell my brain is doing.
    5. Sleeping On A Tree Branch

      by , 09-26-2012 at 10:07 PM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I am sleeping in a tree on my side yard. It is a huge tree with a thick branch. My neighbors car pulls into their driveway and I wake up. Instead of walking into their house they go into their backyard through the side yard. I pretend to be asleep when they notice me in the tree. After they go into the backyard I follow them. My cat V is there and he is extremely happy to see me. He is making strange noises that I somehow know are happy sounds.

      Dream 2:

      I am getting ready to play in a huge football game with my boss. My boss keeps asking me if I am ready, rushing me. I am hanging out with my co-worker YA.

      Dream 3:

      I am fighting Sheeva from Mortal Kombat.

      Dream 4:

      I have a child - a little baby girl. I am very good with her and I am holding her, talking to her, etc...
    6. Neighbors Have A Zoo

      by , 06-22-2012 at 04:10 AM
      Non-Dream Dream

      I was able to recall bits and pieces from 5 separate dreams today:

      Dream 1: When I woke up I remember thinking "I am not prepared." That is all I can remember.

      Dream 2:

      One of my co-workers, WW, appears to me looking like Kung Lao from the Mortal Kombat video game. He is very wise.

      Dream 3:

      I am participating in a sort of corporate olympics for my company. The two events I play in are baseball and basketball. The baseball tournament is a very big deal and I am the star player. Our team goes on to play coaches from MLB. Someone on the team named Chung (fit, bald Asian guy - don't know him in real life) has a baby.

      In the basketball tournament I help some crappy player dunk the ball. I eat a Big Mac and some other burgers. The Big Mac has 4 patties and I am allowed to eat them because I am playing basketball (I can burn it all off).

      Dream 4:

      I am in some sort of college scene in a weird apartment building run by an old lady (someones mom?). The apartment walls are covered in 100's of pictures of all the tenants.

      Note - this old lady has appeared in my dreams before but I don't know who she is.

      Dream 5:

      My current neighbors have a zoo in their back yard. Even though they are my current neighbors, my house is the one I grew up in on Pam Ln. I get into a fight with the neighbors because their zoo animals escape and come into our yard. My cat Vito kills two of them and tracks another over the fence (this was rather comical because this cat is 17 pounds and does not climb fences).

      I clearly recall seeing a baby giraffe and two very strange birds looking at me through the kitchen windows.

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    7. December 2010: more slack one less dream and another lucid..when im lucid my dream loves to deny me.

      by , 01-06-2011 at 01:31 AM
      Dream 1: Chased by zombies in timesplitters-esque mansion. I was with a group, but me and an old friend matt mueller found a tower room behind the large wall door that whipped open as zombies came through the door and caused several people in the group to shrink into to fear and not realize me and my friend found a door. me and matt went up to the tower room that had a staircase that curved rightwards, the building had large grey bricks for the build of it all. once we got into the room that had old arcade games, green cushion seats and a light of some sort. Matt talked about sharing a graduation party with me and Pat Frankenthal.

      Dream 2: Mortal kombat between mileena and kung lao, i cant remember for sure if it was mileena though. They fought on stage that looked like hell from earthworm jim. then I became more involved in the dream, becoming semi-lucid as well. I was under them above shed, it seemed like I was teleported there. I then froze half the top of the partially red shed. Then I also used a low lying sheet of fire that quickly melted the ice(but there was no steam?)I then became more lucid than before and hopped down of the shed next to a large barn on a steep elevated hill. I swung both my arms around to try to gain energy from the atmosphere to create a windy ice energy ball, but my dream denied me and yielded no activity.... soon after I awoke.