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    1. cxxiii.

      by , 07-25-2020 at 06:00 PM
      21st May

      Bits from one or two dreams? Didn't make notes in the morning, was too tired.

      Dream Fragment:

      I was in a desert or barren canyon type of place. I was driving some kind of motorbike, called the "MotorBeast" or something to that effect. I remember accelerating with my right hand and making note of the extremely loud roar from the exhaust. I did some acrobatics or was in some high speed sequence?

      Next thing I remember, different place, but related in some way. There was a dream character, he was simultaneously my teacher and an avatar of Anubis. But we had to fight and so he was like a boss of some sort. I remember chasing him through this dark and ancient Egyptian temple/crypt place. There was a dark red tint to everything and even though daylight broke through the ceiling in certain parts, it was still dark, like the exposure made dark places appear brighter but bright places appear much darker.

      I remember the character taunted me from behind a half wall and pillars. I couldn't reach him but shot him with a Torgue grenade launcher set to sticky mode. I remember the feeling of holding the weapon with only my right hand and the feeling of pointing it. It felt intuitive, but in retrospect it seemed far too light for what it was. After emptying my clip, the explosives went off in sequence, causing him heavy damage. He was nearly dead (I knew through some interface display?) but he was able to run very fast through a narrow hall crowded with unknown dream characters, which were his minions. I believe they looked like mummies.

      Eventually I caught up to him, finding him in a small room around a corner, where he was using some kind of self-bandaging ability (like in WoW). I tried shooting him to interrupt it, but I think something happened right after I did that, and the dream ended.

      - The bit where the Anubis character ran away at high speed when on low health now reminds me that some boss in Killing Floor did something similar.
      - The Torgue weapon was notable because I'd recently been playing BL3 and I always loved the Torgue shotguns in BL2; it should have been a somewhat obvious dream-sign here since it was somewhat out of place in the rest of the dream's context.
      - Though I didn't think of this at the time of this dream, I now feel as though there is a bit of a link between the motorbike and the Torgue gun since those guns are typically modelled after big engines and the like. The dream felt more randomly put together at the time but I feel like I could unpick it better now in terms of contextual/schematic associations.
    2. 23/9/2016

      by , 09-23-2016 at 07:22 AM
      And another cat!!

      1) On a long drive. The car seems to keep pointing upwards as if it is flying. I kept telling myself that this isn't a dream and settle the car back down on the road.

      2) In a cafe of some sort. I walk out, then back in and I look at a table of people pretending to be looking for someone. I'm riding a motorbike and park it in a car park. It's time to leave and I try to find my way out of the car park, it's not easy. Back out on the road I realise that I'm not wearing a crash helmet and probably have travelled miles without it. I pull in at the side of the road to look for the crash helmet in my paniers - as I pull over I see my front tyre is getting a bit bald.
      There's an old black cat on the side of the road in front of me, and then there is also a man stood there - he is really friendly and offers me some sweets which I decline, and he tells me that the cat's paw is getting better now and asks me if I want to take a look. I bend down, the cat is now in a box, and I realise that I do actually have a crash helmet on.

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    3. #253 - Beach / Motor cross

      by , 06-30-2016 at 09:02 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I'm on the beach, there's been some sort of accident or phenomenon causing sea life to wash up on the shores. Sharks and jellyfish are being washed up by the waves, everyone is panicking and trying to put them back in the water... The sharks have weird teeth too, the teeth are all connected as if it were just one big serrated tooth. My family are there, bustling around like everyone else. I remember the sharks snapping at my feet, ungrateful bastards. I also remember a jellyfish jimmying around the shore which made me think it looked a little dopey.

      Motor Cross
      This dream was pretty enjoyable, I was on a motorbike driving on a circuit in a race. It was kind of dark and pouring with rain... The road was slippery as hell, cars and motorbikes were zooming around so fast. I was on a dirt bike, I remember thinking that if I wanted to win then I would have to up my game. I was behind by too much to take it easy, so I did some risky things. I start hugging the corners tighter, taking the turns at faster speeds, driving across dirt patches.. There were others taking similar risks too. I remember other motorbikes smashing brutally, taking the risks I was taking but not succeeding. It was scary, because I knew how close it was for me too.. It happened a few times, and eventually I slipped up. The crash was minor but my bike was too cracked to be of use anymore.
    4. 15/4/2016

      by , 04-15-2016 at 07:28 AM
      Competition night #5
      Lots of little fragments today, frustrating that I can't remember much more of the dreams:

      1) Chosing a drink, I decided on Baileys

      2) I was with a young man. He was going to leave, I asked if he wanted a drink first, he said yes and I reached around to s drinks dispening machine and poured a cup of what I thought was water but it was actually a fizzy drink so I said I'm not going to waste it, put it to one soide and went to get him a glass of water.

      3) I was with my wife and children. I had done some shopping on my motorbike and parked it by the car to unload shopping into the car. My wife reminded me that my mother in law was going home with them so I had to leave room for her so starting putting all the shopping around the seats. there were piles of cardboard boxes. I turned around to see a very young car park attendant wheeling my motorbike away and he parked it - I asked him why he had done that and he lectured me about leaving my motorbike in the way and what would happen if an old granny had tripped over it. I was annoyed but just ignored him.

      4) Something was happening in my field (next to our house) I remember a very old friend form university being there but can't remember much else.
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    5. #222 - Killer for hire

      by , 04-04-2016 at 11:44 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      It was me, a girl and a group we belonged to. The world had a certain feel to it and I had the perfect analogy before but I've forgotten... Like sort of steam punky but very 21st century, possibly like Shadowrun? Though not quite as dark.. The girl in our group got captured, she was in debt and some mobsters had taken her slave to pay it off. I think it was about $50k? I tracked her down to a club place and led her outside, she hopped on a motorbike which was driven by another girl from our group. She drove her away back to our base while I stayed. I turned to head back into the club, I had to talk to the boss man and sort out paying her debt off. The man was easily recognizable, he slightly resembled my friend Jareth in his facial features but not quite. He wore a yellow jumpsuit with white lines down the side, it stood out quite a bit. I think I lost him at one point and found my friend Daniel who pointed me to the downstairs area of the club to find him. I head down the steps, the guy is hiding from a steam-punk swat team that showed up. I start talking to him, he's go blood dripping down his face from an encounter he already had with the cops. "About the debt of my friend... I want to help pay it off. I can.. Be hired, to take out people for you" I felt a bit bad about it, I'm apparently quite powerful and I didn't want to kill anyone. "Uhh shit, yeh she's got a big debt to pay" he responds. I point over at the nearing swat team, the scene is a bit different now since we're outside and he's hiding in the back of a truck that has its door open. "I can take them out, how much will you give me per head?" I think we come to an agreement, so I hop off the truck and draw a futuristic looking katana into my left-hand (I'm left-handed). The swat team lines up and slowly encroach towards me, I'm just walking towards them at a casual pace now.. I dive forward swiftly and slash at the man, the swat team members all wear this incredibly thick black metal armour. I'm able to cut through it at the joints, I aim at the mans legs and dismember them both in one swipe. I move on to the next and draw a second (normal-looking) katana into my offhand. I start hacking and slashing wildly, they've opened fire but the bullets just seem to miss me completely. I'm completely unafraid of the bullets, as if they're bending around me by my will, allowing me to brutally murder the entire swat team. I then wake up

      I liked this dream, had a cool theme to it and a pretty awesome story. Like how the main character had an interesting perception of good and bad, he was willing to protect his friend and pay off her debts by killing for the bad man who she was in debt to, rather than just killing the guy. Shows that he was willing to resolve the issue in an 'official' manner (despite it all being against the law, which he clearly doesn't abide by). I just found him interesting, even though I was essentially him in the dream. I wonder if I'd make decisions like that?
    6. Competition night 7, 30th Jan - Qualifed for the MotoGP!

      by , 02-03-2015 at 07:40 PM
      I'm riding a motorbike around a race track that has a couple of twinges of familiarity to it [when I wake up I recognise it as being similar to one in a dream I had a year or so ago] As I go around the track it alternates between being realistic and exhibiting various unlikely features, such as being very narrow, having junctions, going off-road and through bushes etc. Sometimes I'm catching up on other bikes, or even overtaking them, other times I get a corner wrong and lose ground. (One corner in particular surprises me by being a sudden narrow dirt track up a steep hill, with a hairpin and an un-signposted junction!)

      [Gap - probably a micro awakening]

      I'm in the canteen of the race track and I'm very excited to know that I've been selected as a wildcard entry in the MotoGP! I managed to qualify on the basis that I could keep up with the traffic, even though I was pretty inconsistent.

      The canteen is full of motorcyclists and their various entourages - parents, managers, wags etc. I recognise a few faces, including some that I'm surprised to see here until I rationalise then as being friends of somebody less unexpected.

      Everyone is wearing their leathers and boots and tucking into food and drink. I realise I haven't brought anything to eat and the race is about 40 minutes of concentration so I'll need to eat something. I pinch some left over bits from somebody else's snack but it's not very satisfying. I notice that there are some huge loaves of bread on the counter at the end of the canteen, but I notice just to late to take some because we all have to go and get ready to race.

      As a total n00b, I haven't got my own leathers and bike, so I try to find out where I get kitted out. Eventually I end up with some rather fetching dayglow yellow leathers and an orange safety vest that I shove into a pocket on the thigh of my trousers. We're all jostling around trying to make sure we have or bikes and kit in order and so on. I realise I'm going to be starting from the back of the grid and on a weaker bike than most, but I'm still excited to be able to join in with Valentino Rossi (who I see on the grid) and I assume Marc Marquez is around somewhere nearby, too. I'm also quite pleased that at least in some parts of the track I'm quick enough to be competitive, though I'm a little nervous that I still don't know the track at all as well as I might.

      Unfortunately, I wake up in the middle of the grid walk and miss out on racing! Boo!
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    7. Competition night one Sat 24th Jan

      by , 01-25-2015 at 06:45 PM
      Dream one: Supermarket catacombs
      Somebody is ill in a large traditional church building.
      I call an ambulance, the person in the other end of the phone appears to be almost expecting the call and even knows the persons address, but I explain that the person is not at home but at the church. I go and try to spot the ambulance in case they don't know where to stop and see a variety of shops built into the edge of the church building, like a shopping arcade. I investigate behind the shops and find a large underground storage facility full of what looks like supermarket stock on dusty shelves with some yellow jacketed men shuffling around with clipboards and fork lift trucks. I snoop about a bit before realising I probably ought not to be here and heading back upstairs by means of a rickety old open lift somewhat reminiscent of warehouses in 101 films.

      Dream two: Naughty motorbiking
      I'm on a dirt bike flying through streets and tunnels doing wheelies through large puddles and trying to skim over deeper water.
      I get to the end of a tunnel and it opens out into a covered space on the bank of a river, it looks like this area is perhaps tidal or otherwise occasionally flooded with banks of sandy silt and puddles it feels a bit like the space under a pier or a large concrete pontoon. I carry on toward the bank of the river planning to use a RIB as a ramp to get over the river. At this point I think through the manoeuvre several times with variations as my dreaming mind is interrupted by the first flakes is lucidity. This repetition as my subconscious tries to decide how realistic the scenario needs to be to pass muster is a classic dreamsign and the lucidity grows until I opt to land in the middle of the river and sink down, enjoying the impossibility of breathing and riding a motorbike underwater. Unfortunately the darkness and minimal lucidity mean I lose the dream and wake up.

      I reenter the dream but non lucidly (boo!) I'm back on the motorbike coming up to a backstreet industrial area with a variety of garage sized units each occupied by separate concerns, mostly #full of boxes, some appear to be running repair shops of various kinds.

      I pull into one unit that apparently is where the bike belongs, but I get an uneasy feeling that these guys are up to nefarious activities and decide to go back out again. I see two motorbikes this time and realise a friend is with me and we head off to play in the streets and puddles again.

      Dream three: Lots of sex
      That's about it really, an awkward succession of stilted and vague sexual encounters in which neither party was all that interested and both seemed to be putting up with it for the benefit of the other. Eventually we stop because it's getting a bit sore. Heaven knows what Freud would make of that dream...

      Dream four: Tree in a car
      Leaving a large modern church building en masse to go and have lunch together. This is not the same church as in the earlier dream. I decide to take a chair with me for stone train, it's exactly like one of my table chairs. I head directly through the nearest door rather than negotiate several internal doorways, explaining the logic to Andrew on the way past. I ponder how in going to get the chair on my bike as I've left my car behind today. I overhear Maddie taking to somebody about how he wouldn't let a tree grow in his car and I investigate the subject of the conversation, pulling a small tree out of the suspension of some numpty's car. Freud would probably claim the tree was sine kind of sexual symbolism in this dream, too, I expect...

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    8. September 25th TOTM

      by , 11-03-2014 at 09:29 PM
      I'm at work and apparently I drove my car, which I now need to park somewhere and I'd rather like not to have to pay for parking, so I drive off south looking for somewhere I can park on the road. The road very rapidly starts feeling like an out of town road. I even consider parking in the entrance of a wheat field, but decide that I've driven too far from the office to walk back without being late for work, so I turn bank.

      As I head back toward the office, I get lost and the roads don't look familiar, so I check on the satnav feature of my phone and realise where I went wrong. I'm on a road called the T3. I retrace my path again and end up coming through a whole bunch of narrow pedestrianised areas that eventually become inside. At some point, my car has become a motorbike.

      At one point, my path seems to go over a very narrow footbridge - too narrow for me to go across without all the pedestrians getting out of my way. I consider going through the water underneath as it's very shallow, but am put off by a combination of the idea of driving a motorbike over what will probably be a very slippery surface, and the fact that the shallow water is teaming with tiny sharks!

      I turn around and am briefly sidelined by some confusion about whether I'm supposed to be pedaling or not and when I pay attention to navigation again, I'm indoors in something like the mailbox in Birmingham (a mostly indoor collection of shops, restaurants, flats, hotels...) So I get off the bike and push it through. As I head down some stairs there's a scuffle going on between two blokes and one of them kicks out at me so I take his shoe off and throw it over the banister.

      We argue a bit and I get bored of that and start looking for the way out. I end up in a cinema where the film is about to start but the adverts are still playing. I try to keep out of people's line of sight as I look for the exit.

      I see that a section of wall looks like a screen but I realise somehow is actually a holographic protection covering an exit from the cinema. I step into it and as I do I realise it's just the entrance into the toilets but this is too cool not to investigate!

      As I step through the screen, my view is replaced by a cartoon like facsimile of both myself and the scenery. I go down some stairs watching my cumbersome cartoonish feet on the steps and feeling how the view and the feeling are just fractionally out of synch because the cartoon view is drawn with slightly wobbly lines and not quite right angle corners. At the bottom of the stairs, I see a mirror in which I can see my cartoon self reflected. Apparently the system has decided to draw me like a rakishly thin Walter White, complete with the fedora like hat and sunglasses. I notice that I'm actually wearing a beanie hat and cardboard 3D glasses and am impressed that the system has identified what I'm wearing and created a cartoon replica that reflects that but not slavishly.

      I notice in the mirror that there a chap behind me to the left who I think is part of the behind the scenes functioning of the illusion but somehow my 3D glasses let me see him vaguely. We chat a little bit about how cool the illusion is and he asks if I've looked at my hands yet, saying they usually have six fingers but they're still working on the rendering of that part. I look at my left hand and it looks like two images of a hand superimposed, both hands have long fingers, one with then curved to the left, one with then curved to the right. The overall impression is of far more fingers than I'm used to!

      I switch to looking at my right hand. At first it looks fairly normal, though I notice I seem to have coloured felt tip pen markings. As I look a little harder, I realise that several of my fingers terminate with a further bifurcation into sub-fingers. I note that the sub fingers are made by duplicating my hand in miniature on the fingertips, though how complete the mini hand is varies from a couple of stubby blob like digits to a complete hand from the wrist up. I wiggle my fingers and delight in setting my teeny little subdigits doing their thing.

      I decide to wash my hands and note that the pen markings come off very easily - perhaps they were illusory? The chap also washes his hands and while he goes off to the other side of the room to dry them I'm smugly satisfied that my magic glasses allow me to see there's a hand drier directly under the sink.

      I head back up the stairs watching my goofy feet again, then turn a different way out of the cinema, ducking down to avoid blocking anyone's view again.

      At this point, I have a micro awakening and managed to almost pull off a DEILD but wasn't quite lucid when I reentered the dream.

      I'm in what looks like a dingy but dry basement or hidden storage area of an office building so I resume my mission to get to work on time having somehow sorted out the issue of parking. I realise that it's a long way up to the 25th floor where my office is but there's no lift in sight. I start on my way up a helix (*not* a spiral!) of platforms around the walls of the space. After about one storey of climbing, I come across some people working at desks spread out on the bare concrete floor. They give me disapproving looks as I climb over their desks and filling cabinets to get to to the next part of the building. As I climb off the top of a shelf full of boxes, I enter something much more like a house with large white gloss painted doors. Lots of corridors and small rooms give a general labyrinthine feel to the layout.

      I come into a room that feels like a living area in somebody's home. There's a chap sitting at a table and a couple of figures I don't really look at but I take to be his children sitting around on the floor and sofas.

      At this point, I GET LUCID! Though I have an of feeling that I more realised that I was already lucid (weird, huh?). I say to the guy at the table that if this is a dream then I should try to do my tasks, right? He looks a little confused but plays along. I remember that one of the TOTMs is to put shoes on and tie the laces. I ask the chap if I can borrow some shoes to do the task and he reaches around to get a shoebox from behind the table. Inside are an assortment of odd shoes from which I manage to pick out a pair of red baseball pumps. I fish out a black gym dap from inside the left shoe and put it on. I notice that the laces aren't looped into the eyes of the shoe properly and I don't fancy my chances of sorting that out in dreamland without cheating, but they are in place enough that I can try to tie a bow. I tie a bow in the left shoe laces with surprising ease and as I finish it off I realise that the laces are now correctly threaded through the eyes. Handy. I repeat the process (complete with removing another shoe from inside the one I'm trying to put on) and while I'm doing it, ask of the guy has any fortune cookies. He looks surprised again as if it's a huge coincidence that I want fortune cookies when he happens to have a bowl of them on the table! I explain that this is my deam so if I want fortune cookies, I get fortune cookies. He seems to be mostly satisfied with that but still looks a little unsure.

      I shove a cookie in my mouth, it tastes and feels like a stale prawn cracker. I try to pull the paper slip out of the cookie while I bite it and after a few false starts manage to get a bit of paper but it doesn't have anything intelligible written on it. I take another cookie and more carefully bite it open to get to the fortune. This time the fortune is a tea stain coloured mah jiang tile with a Chinese symbol I don't recognise on it. Frustrated at my second attempt being thwarted by a lack of language skills, I decide that I *do* know Chinese and have another look at the symbol. I realise that it means "Fortune" and figure that's good enough! :-)

      Next up, I want to try the toilet portal. I go through a couple of doors and find a large white porcelain appliance of a style in fitting with the late Victorian feel of the house. I pull the chain and jump into the bowl. Unfortunately, all that achieves is soggy feet. I try going in head first in a dive but chicken out because the porcelain feels intimidatingly solid!

      I give up on the toilet bowl (I should have thought to shrink myself but hey) and scan around for something else to do. I remember that Sensei's competition back in July had a task to transform a DC and decide to give that a go. I go back to the room with the table guy and children and look at a skinny girl who looks about twelve. I tell her to raise her arms sideways and grow some more arms. That seems to work quite well, she now has six arms, though the four extra ones coming out of her armpits are a little small and underformed. Inspired by the slightly odd appearance of the new arms, I decide to see if I can make one of them form into something more impressive.

      I will the fingers of one of the new arms to grow downward, which they obligingly do. The thumb of the hand also extends and becomes a head while the descending fingers become a body and legs. Eventually there are two girls looking like conjoined twins who share an arm. Shame I didn't manage that during the competition, eh?
    9. Shock Combo, Mrs Chillen (22.8.14)

      by , 08-22-2014 at 10:48 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1 - 5:00AM

      I'm in an undercover area, using a Shock Rifle. I see an enemy 50 meters away. He's trying to reach the elevator which is on top of the ramp. I shoot the ball towards him and make the energy ball explode by shooting a single beam of energy at it. I damage the enemy (not sure if he died or not).

      I'm now outside where I can see a lot of water and a massive building in the background. I begin launching myself 15 meters in front of me with each leap, landing onto pads that are floating on the water. As I land on the pads, they help accelerate me forwards to the next pad.

      I'm now inside a building, standing next to the deli meat section. I can see chicken and salmon. Benny Lackman and some female are standing are not too far from me. Benny is making fun of the way people prep their salmon. He calls the white fish plain. I find it pretty funny the way he says things. I start to have a convocation with them both.

      Dream 2

      I'm female and getting taught how to ride a motorbike by a man. We're in the woods riding. We begin to start to get competitive and start racing one another. We're now inside a house and still racing. I begin to try some tricks, such as a bunny hop. I start to get a big lead on him and to make things harder for him to catch me, I half close some doors behind me.

      I'm now standing in my kitchen with a laptop on the bench. My brother sees the laptop and has a look at whats getting played on it. It's a ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video. He tells me he did a video and that he nominated myself and a few others. I tell him ''F That, no chance''. He glares at me with a WTF look. I start to imagine what it would have been like when the bucket of ice water was being poured over my brother head.

      Dream Fragment

      I have my water distiller running in Dads lounge room, and I forgot to put the jug underneath where the water drips out (water distiller looks different to mine. I freak out and check the carpet but it seems dry. I see a plastic jug next to the distiller. I think I wasted about 1 liter of water.
    10. Riding With Rock Stars

      by , 10-08-2013 at 08:39 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I was riding down the street, either on a bike or motorbike with lead singers from Blink 182 and the lead of Metallica. I said to everyone that all we needed was the drummer from Blink 182 (Travis Barker), and we all the band would be complete. I saw someone coming from the distance to join us, I think it was Travis. I started singing a Blink 182 song. The lead singer from Metallica, looked at me and shook his head. I don't think he liked their type of music.
      The Digital Underground-blink182.jpg
      Blink 182 - Tom, Travis and Mark
      The Digital Underground-matellica-lead-singer.jpg
      Metallica - James

      I was now sliding on the ground, getting pushed by one of the Blink 182 singers (Tom Delong) while he was on his motorbike. I wasn't in control of the situation and was coming up to a red light, when Tom kept going straight through the light. Luckily the cars had seen what was happening in the distance and let us by.

      I saw a police car going in the opposite direction as it passed us. I figured it would have done a U-turn and came back after us. I think we were getting chased by police now. Tom sped up and gave it all he had. I wasn't sure if we would be able to lose them, but I think we pulled away to some extent. I said to Tom that he could use me as bait so I could give him a free ride out of trouble. I don't think he was willing to do it, and I kept insisting.

      I was a bit worried about the police taking the number plate down so we could get tracked down later. We were heading straight towards a gate which was closed, and was worried I would be hurt and wouldn't break through. As I went through it, I did it with ease. Tom dropped me off just passed the gates. I was looking around for a hiding spot, for when the police arrive. I noticed a bin which I was thinking of getting in.

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    11. the pull

      by , 06-04-2013 at 07:59 AM
      I am on my motorbike and am racing against time. /I am with my father and notice that we arenot wearing helmets. I find this a strange occurance and perform a /rc. I realise I am dreaming however the lucidity is low and unstable. I feel a tremendous pull to down "deep within" the dream. something I have never felt in ld before.

      I then awake. recall and fall back to sleep.

      Starting out with a small low level ld this early into the game is inspiring and lets me know that I will be able to pick it back up again with no hassle.

      The pull was a very strange sensation, one that I have not felt before. it was if I were being pulled right in the very essence of the dream it self, not down as such more within. this also felt very natural like it is something that I should know about and follow, however I awoke.

      Could this be a new level that I have not seen before? or was it something as simple as my body waking up and my dream making sense of the sensations. we all know how quickly the outside world can impose on the dream.
    12. Far Daring Drive, Even more Colette, and can't swallow a pill for shit

      by , 02-05-2013 at 11:31 AM
      I was in a neighborhood that resembled the one in Winter Park that my Aunt owns a house in, Semi-Ghetto, yet near a bustling town center. I took my motorbike out for a ride, a very far, risky ride, away from the house, and saw no police, and half way through the ride it morphed into a scooter. I passed the Orange Fungus Hill, climbed it, and left. Its always so mushy.

      Colette invited me to her 'Summer House' and it was BIG, AWESOME, and WHITE, with touches of wood for that classic traditional feel. I opened her fridge, and noticed a jar of Smucker's Peanut Butter & Jelly. Then I went to another room, and there was a room with 4 walls of 3D Holographic Screens, that when you stood in the middle, it would look amazing. It was still being installed, but what has been made, still was breathe-taking. There was also a lot of talking in between, and it seemed like we were planning to leave somewhere.

      Ashley Quickle was at my house really early in the morning, and she asked for coffee, and I offered to make a brew, so while I filled up the water, and while I waited for it to fill up, I grabbed a B-100 Vitamin, and tried swallowing it, but screwed up like 3 times... Weird
    13. 13.07.2012 - 6 x dreams

      by , 07-16-2012 at 03:35 PM
      Date: 13/07/2012
      Place: I's bed
      Time of getting into bed: 3.59am

      Waking thoughts in black
      Non lucid dreams in blue
      Lucid dreams in red

      Dream 1 - 5.30am
      Before going to bed I was explaining to my friend I how to lucid dream. He was interested so I told him to keep a dream journal.
      I kept waking up, and asking / checking weather I had recorded any dreams. I didn't realise I wasn't really waking up until the morning. As I was falling back to sleep, I was trying to have a lucid dream

      Dream 2 - 7.12am
      [COLOR="#00bfff"]Same as above, but this time we are downstairs at I's house, listening to music.

      Dream 3 - 8.29am
      I lost all of the beginning of this dream because I was pretty tired and didn't write it down fast enough.I am washing up yellow, plastic knives and forks.

      Dream 4
      I am making a sticker book, a little Indian boy comes up to me to see it, he asks me to read 'Aladdin' to him. I begin to but his mum comes and tells me not to, then takes her child away. I was watching an Indian film before bed. I write kid's books for a living.

      Dream 5 - 9.54am
      I am buying motorbike gear in a motorbike shop. A guy there invites me back to his house for his birthday party, I say no. However, even though I say no, I still go to the party? I buy me and my boyfriend a bike helmet, he wants a bright pink one but I won't let him so we both get black ones. I buy a secondhand bike that needs a bit of TLC, and drive it home. It has no brake lights, and at one point I have to get off and push it home, with people passing by in cars laughing at me. I drive / push it over a big wall, along a tall cliff edge and into a big crowd of people. I can't get by so I just push through, they start to argue and complain, but it soon ends up being chaos with people everywhere. I finally get home and get ready for the party. When I arrive some blonde smiling guy starts flirting with me, offering me some of his expensive champagne-mixed-with-something-else-drink. I think he's arrogant and showing off so I decline.

      Dream 6 - 11.10am
      Me and some other people are at some sort of event, which has celebrities attending. I am watching the crowd out of my hotel window, and can see the minor celebrities posing for photos and the paparazzi below. I soon go to join the crowd, and we are seperated into groups. The groups are determined by age, I am put in the 30 year old group, which only consists of one other guy. I am 26 in RL. The guy with me is pretty depressed, he complains that he will die young because his Grandma had cancer, and so will he. I try to make him feel better but he just get's worse. I return to my hotel room, which is now on the ground floor. As I get into bed, I hear a tapping on the window, so I go and see who it is. It's a cute, blonde guy who say's he's been watching me all day. I lean out the window to kiss him, and I nearly get pulled out because the kiss is so powerful and intense. I invite him inside, and we have sex. I'll spare the details, use your imagination After he leaves, I get a bath, I notice the bath has tiny fish swimming around in it. Someone keeps coming into the bathroom and disturbing me.

      Dream 6 - 11.10am
      Me and my boyfriend are walking down the street. I see my biological father enter a building.Haven't seen him in RL for about 11 years. He's not a nice person. My boyfriend doesn't believe me, but then we see some woman who we know is his wife follow him. I panic because I don't want to confront him, but his wife takes us to a shop away from him so he can't see me. The shop she takes us to is posh, and I feel out of place. I am already carrying a bag, and I'm worried they'll think I've stolen it from them when I haven't. I look around but I can't afford anything. I see some toothbrushes in the shape of parrots, and some in the shape of a walrus. I think these are funny.

      The dream then skips to me and my boyfriend, sat on a sofa with my dad and his wife watching movies. My dad is falling asleep and I am being pushed off the edge of the sofa. The sofa is dark blue. We are watching 'Supersize me.'
      Google it, it's a documentary about a man who just eats McDonalds as an experiment, good film.I keep telling them all what it is called, but when it starts it is called 'Super Squeeze Me.' I am very confused. This is not right? What's going on? I wake up, I was very close to getting lucid!
    14. 06.07.2012 - non lucids, fragments and a brief moment of lucidity.

      by , 07-07-2012 at 12:56 PM
      Date: 06/07/2012
      Place: My own bed
      Time of getting into bed: 11.09pm

      For some reason, I woke up several times in the night without remembering any dreams. However judging by my clock, it was too early for my REM cycle. I tried to WILD, but got too hot and fidgety so just slept. Upon waking after each dream later on, I was wide awake and could have got up even though it was too early. This is very rare for me! I stayed in bed and managed to slip in / out of dreams easily, remaining lucid. Several times I would catch myself in a dream as it started forming, knowing I was dreaming, but each time I wasn't asleep enough to be fully in a dream. It was very relaxing, and good practice.

      Dream 1 - non lucid

      I am at my friend's house (R) R tells me he just bought another cat, and I laugh because he already has 2 cats. It is a beautiful cat, with fur coloured like a leopard. I can instantly see why he had to have it. I tell him his house smells of catfood, and he gets a little offended although I didn't intend to be mean. His living room has only 3 walls, and where the other wall should be it opens up straight into the outside, and it is snowing out so all the snow is being walked into the house. It's beautiful, as it's dimly lit, maybe evening time. I am stroking his leopard cat, it seems to like it. I don't see his other cats anywhere. We are watching TV, and I decide to go and do something else, I put my coat on (a black, biker jacket) and as I walk out I see the room next to us is filled with older people (40's / 50's) and although I can't see them all (maybe 4 or 5 of them?) I see the nearest to me is a nice looking lady, well presented, a bit motherly. She is smiling happily and enjoying the TV they are all watching. I decide it is best not to disturb them as she looks so content. I try to be quiet. A woman with a clipboard comes in, looking a bit annoyed. She starts telling me to turn the TV off as I am annoying my neighbours because it is so loud, she is kind of rude so I snap back at her, telling her I have turned it off ages ago so she must be mistaken. She starts to argue but I dismiss her and walk out, a little annoyed.

      Dream 2 - non lucid

      I am starting my own business and looking through designs for my shop. The business is centered around lucid dreaming, but it looks like I am designing some sort of cafe with a dreaming theme.

      Dream 3 - non lucid

      I am shopping with my mum, in America. We are shopping in a big mall type thing, which is so big we have to drive to other parts of it. ***I HAVE VISITED THIS MALL IN ANOTHER DREAM YEARS AGO I am sure of it!!!!*** On our way into the first shop, there are small pens containing animals for sale, kids are playing with the animals, I look in and they are ferrets, crossed with little dogs. One pen is ferrets crossed with dashunds, and they look happy and calm, very pretty. The next pen is ferrets crossed with Jack Russels, they are a lot more fiesty and some roll around play fighting each other. I want one but know I can't have one. We enter the first shop, and my mum is looking for a shirt for my dad. We look through shirts that are shiny, colourful material, with badges or flowers on the breast. They give me an Indian Sari feel to them, but we know my dad would never wear anything like that. Mum finds some clothes (a shirt and jacket - plain black and white) for herself, she tries them on and they look great, so she decides to buy them. She doesn't find anything for my dad. I find some cool Pokemon badges that are only 99p. I choose a Pikachu and Raichu, my mum starts telling me I'm too old to be interested in them, but then gives up. When we go to pay, there is no cashier, so we just walk out. We get in the car to go to the next set of shops, and my mum says she will return to pay later. I tell her don't bother, it's their fault they had no-one to take the money, but she insists we will go back. In the end, we return to the shop to pay.

      Dream 4 - non lucid

      I am in a bathroom, or very small room with an extremely attractive young man. He is fair haired, and has piercing blue eyes. We are making out, and he asks me if I want to have sex, I say yes. We start touching each other up, while kissing and undress each other while still stood up. Suddenly my mum walks in and disturbs us, I am really pissed, but I am nice to my mum who is just asking me a stupid question. She leaves, and we start making out again, this time a little more desperately and I'm gagging for it. I wake up.

      Dream 5 - non lucid - moments of lucidity.

      I am at a festival, but I am alone. I decide to try and get backstage, and do this by jumping fences when no-one is looking, some guards (in suits with sunglasses on) spot me, but don't seem to do anything, I think they're on a break. I keep going, feeling mischievous and daring, and suddenly I think 'I am dreaming, so I can do whatever I want.' however I lose this lucidity as an older man stops me. He is maybe late 50s, mardy looking and a little out of shape. He might be tan coloured, or maybe indian? I can't remember. He tells me to follow him into a trailer for an exam. I don't really want to, but for some reason I feel I have no choice and follow him into the red, metal, old trailer. Inside there is nothing, and I know this is not authentic. He lays me down, saying he has to start the exam, but then starts touching my penis. I get annoyed, and try to stop him, but he insists, after a few more minutes of him trying and me resisting, I wake up.

      Dream 6 - non lucid

      My phone had run out of battery so I couldn't record the time, however the sun was shining through my curtains so it was pretty late, maybe 10.30, 11?

      For some reason, someone I don't know, has decided that certain people (myself included) have to be put on a motorbike, given a gun and sent away. None of my friends are sent, just me so I wave goodbye sadly to them. On our bikes, the ones of us that have been chosen drive in a line through a door, and into a big hall. In here, we have to ride around, pull wheelies and shoot each other, until the time is up. Those who survive go on to the next round (a bit like battle royal) and those who die....die. I survive with ease, and the next round is we have to get rid of all the food in our little plastic cups that we each have. The food is like party food, or buffet food. For me it is salt and vinegar chip-sticks. I have loads of them and worry I will not get rid of them. As the clock starts, my friends turn up to help me, I have the idea of eating them all to get rid of them, and my friends say this is crazy, but as I start eating they disappear (obviously) so they all start doing this. The time is ticking down and I still have a few left, so I sneakily pour some into the other contestant's cups. This works, and I win. Because I did so well, I am entered for free into a horse race, I find out my horse won, and get 20 reward. I first I think it is 20,000, but no, it's 20. A guy I fancy tells me he is hungry, I'm annoyed because we just ate all those chipsticks and he's still hungry? But as I fancy him I agree to spend my 20 on getting him some food. We go to a stall, (suddenly we're in a festival field, with food stalls lined up, but we don't seem to notice or think it's weird) he browses the menu then gets 'Steak chips' This is like chips, all connected together, dipped in steak juice, with melted cheese on top. It looks amazing and I want some, but he doesn't share. This annoys me too! But because I fancy him... I let it slide. He wants to heat it up, he's starting to become a real pain, but I take him to a microwave to heat it up, he starts complaining that he can't figure it out, and I get angry and decide to do it for him. He wants to put 30 minutes on the microwave, but can't do it, I type 30 in, and it puts on an hour. He starts shouting that it is wrong, but I tell him harshly that he should just stop it after 30 minutes, and that will do. Some polish girl behind me in the queue for the microwave starts complaining that we are taking too long, and tries to reach over to cook her own food. Already pissed off, I shout at her and slap her hand away. She goes quiet but mumbles something under her breath. A man does the same further down the queue and I think of confronting him, but I'm not sure exactly what he said. Me and they guy I'm with decide to leave this place as I'm getting angry. So we get a taxi and go to a shopping centre. We pass my old college on the way, and I point it out but the guy is not interested. I start to think he's a dick and no longer fancy him. We get to the shopping centre and most, if not all the shops are shut. Now the guy complains again, saying there's no point in being here if the shops are shut. I can see lots of people sat around drinking outside the shops on tables, and suggest we go join them and just have fun, but he is having none of it. The driver asks us if we are ok, and neither of us reply as we are both in a mood. The guy I'm with tells the driver, that clearly we are not ok, and the driver says he will take us someplace else. The guy then complains that he can't afford the fayre after already being brought out here, and the taxi driver says he can just pay it when he has the money, like an IOU. This seems to work, and we drive away. I remember the taxi driver had a geordie accent, and so I concluded we must be on holiday in Newcastle.

      Dream 7 - non lucid dream fragment

      I am t with a bunch of friends, we are deciding what to watch on tv. One guy suggests this certain channel, because it has The Big Bang theory on 3 times, with another program on in between each BBT. I agree with him, as I like BBT. Everyone else is indifferent.

      My friend R has 2 cats, but his house doesn't smell of catfood
      I like Pokemon, and probably would have bought those badges in RL
      I had a conversation about ferrets making good pets during the day
      I recently bet on a horse, I also drive a motorbike, I've never shot a gun though!
      I love chipsticks.
    15. 27.06.2012 - 3 x non lucid dreams

      by , 06-28-2012 at 11:31 AM
      Date: 27/06/2012
      Place: My own bed
      Time of getting into bed: 12.48am

      Dream 1 - non lucid - 2.24am
      Me and my partner, 'N,' are getting motorbike lessons. N falls off the bike and hurts his foot quite badly. The teacher is nice to me, but very strict and uncaring with N. There is a small child nearby, and suddenly he / she clings to my arms, and will not let go. I try gently to remove the child, but the child won't budge.

      Dream 2 - non lucid - 8.52am
      My notes here are terrible, I can barely read them!
      We are at a music concert / festival in the middle of a field. The field is empty apart from us and a small group of people, we are 'waiting' for something. I do remember waiting for an awfully long time. The feeling is that we don't know what we are waiting for, but it is supposed to be big. Like a famous person or something. Suddenly a few people are running towards a makeshift hut, which has queues leading in. There are star wars posters around and people start saying it is an actor from star wars appearing. My friend S is running towards the hut, as she is huge star wars fan (and in the dream she is wearing a star wars Tshirt) I stay where I am. Then, a giant inflatable slide appears in the shape of a tongue, at the top of the tongue where the mouth should be, a big inflatable gorilla head pops out, and from it's mouth lots of people start emerging, and sliding down the slide. The people are all good looking, wearing very little amounts of clothing, and what they are wearing is neon pink. They all slide down to join us, who are cheering, but then nothing happens. They just sort of hang around and wait with us. I notice I am wearing a neon pink babygro, and start to take it off. However I am naked underneath so put it back on.

      Dream 2 - non lucid - 10.08am
      I considered WILDing, but my partner kept snoring so I got angry and just went to sleep.
      I am in a low budget hotel room. I am laying in the single bed, alone. A dog comes in, which I seem to recognise. It is a HUGE dog, maybe a rottweiler? It jumps on the bed on top of me, and licks my face. Although it is scarily massive, it is very friendly and I stroke it for some time. I vaguely remember someone disturbing me by coming into the room??

      I consider this all one dream, although it could have been several;

      Next I am back in one of my old childhood bedrooms. My little sister is with me, as is my partner N. I am taking some tablets to get high. As I am taking them, I find some other tablets which are a different colour. I decide to try one of these too to see what it does. I take 1 of each. I try to put the remaining tablets into a pill box, but it hard to get them to fit, so I have to squeeze them in. (I'm sure Freud would have something to say about this ) For some reason, I decide to put some in my mouth, but not eat them, just store them there. One of the tablets splits in my mouth, and the insides pour into my mouth. I know worry that I've had too much and will OD. I try to scrape out the stuff that has spilt into my mouth, but I am not doing so well. I decide to flush it out with water, so I find a 2 litre bottle that has water in it, and I pour it into my mouth, rinse, and then spit it out the window. I panic that my mum, who is in the living room below, will see the water going past the window and come up to check on me. However I have no choice, so I keep spitting. I also wash my hands clean with the last of the water.
      Eventually we decide to leave, and go to our hotel room. Due to the fact I have been messing around with water and tablets I haven't had chance to get a shower or get changed, so I set off in my PJ's, and decide I will get a shower when I get there. N tells me we are going to a different hotel room this time, as we have been upgraded to the posh bit. We walk there, me with a heavy backpack on. We notice the change between the 'budget' side of the hotel and the 'posh' side. Suddenly everything is blue, clean and very nicely decorated. There is a bar along the left, with ashtrays on it. I tell my sister to put out her cigarette because we are in the posh bit now, she argues at first but after seeing how posh the place is, she agrees and puts it out in one of the ashtrays. We walk past a lounge area, with footstools and sofas, and lights in the floor. We turn right, past a blue pool table and through a door to the hotel rooms.

      I have riden a scooter type bike for a few years now
      When N tried riding my bike in waking life a year or so ago, he did actually fall off, but wasn't hurt
      Dream sign appears again
      Don't know is S really likes Starwars or not
      Im not a huge starwars fan, but it's ok
      I occasionally take a pill at parties with friends
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