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    1. 2 Cool Looking Rabbits/Girl Of My Dreams (22.8.15)

      by , 08-22-2015 at 12:03 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      2 Cool Looking Rabbits/Girl Of My Dreams
      I'm across the road of my old house, sitting down. A rabbit which is red comes up to me. It looks beautiful. It's red that is blended in with the original color. I see another rabbit, which is purple, and just as beautiful. The rabbits are inseparable. They follow one another by the looks of it. They go onto the middle of the road. I begin to worry, as I can hear a car coming from around the corner. The car goes over them, and I'm uncertain if any have been ran over. The man stops his car to check something, maybe he knew he almost ran over rabbits. He drives off and both rabbits are ok. Close call, I'm relieved.

      I'm sitting on the grass out front of my house, and the rabbits jump over the fence. I feel like it may not come back and feel sad. I look over the fence where the palm tree is, and I see REX, but he doesn't see me. I move out of sight before he sees me, as I didn't want him to get excited from seeing me. Moments later the red rabbit comes running over to me from out of a bushes. Im happy to see it and pat it. The purple rabbit comes over also. Soon after, they both leave back over the fence.

      I'm in a house and one of the rabbits comes to the backdoor. It wants to come inside, so I allow it in. Moments later, the other rabbit wants to come in also. I open the door, but it seems to not be open wide enough for it. It stands up like a human and turns itself sideways, and squeezes easily through the gap. There's people I know here as well, and I'm happy they got a chance to see the rabbits.

      I'm with a girl that's my partner. She's beautiful. I feel extremely lucky to have this girl, and feel I'm punching above my weight for sure. I'm in the backyard, under the veranda in my home. I come up behind her as she's sitting on a chair and hug her. She feels around and notices my penis is half effect. I'm pretty aroused right now. I look at old photos of her and appreciate on how lucky I am to have her. There's something about the way she looks, that I really like.

      We're in the bathroom, and my girlfriend and Brooke Ky are dressed to impress in their sexy get up. My girlfriend looks to have a bit of weight on, more then I expected. Brooke's ass looks more impressive, as I see them both pose. They begin interlocking there bodies and get a bit of pussy on pussy action happening.

      I'm standing outside and there is a cooking competition going on with some people I know. A judge is about to try the first recipe, which is a multi colored drink. They called it the crazy drink or something similar to that. As the judge poured it into a bowl, the mixture was quite thick and had a awesome color to it. The different colors looked like a multi layered gob stopper, if I was to cut it in half. I see some motorbikes go passed in the distance. It was the contestants. I see Jon Rick preparing his meal in front of me. The judge is combining everything together for the crazy drink, and I bit falls onto the ground. I pick it up and try it. It's pretty good. I wasn't sure if it was Jon's or the Crazy drink.

      I'm in a room which has been decked out for the contestants. It's like a big brother finale moment, where they have to sit In front of a screen and talk to the host etc.
    2. Flying in the woods

      by , 07-02-2010 at 02:18 PM
      2/10 2010
      Awarness and logical thinking: high/medium

      I had a long weird dream before I woke up (or had a false awakening). After that my eyes were still closed and I hadn't moved so I figured I'd try DEILD. I kept lying still. Had to swallow once but it didnt interrupt my DEILD and I started vibrating more and more. I think I saw a blurry cube but other than that it was all black. After a while when I felt the transition was complete I decided to open my eyes, it was blurry and I fell down the bed. But by doing so and not feeling any pain when falling down I took the conclusion that my DEILD was successful.

      It was night and I was alone in my old room like in many of my lucid dreams. There wasnt a single light on in my house, all that could be seen were the street lights outside, I didnt like that and the light switches didn't work as usual so I walked outside. Leaped a few times and then started flying. I looked at my hands and it was all so real. To gain speed I did some swimming strokes and later on I just flew like superman over a large forest. The sky was now brighter, more like a cloudy day. Some houses started appearing and I flew over a what looked like a cool car from above that gave me the idea to drive. I landed right after the cool car and looked back at it and it was shit ugly.

      Still wanting to drive something I walked around in the area with houses looking for a nice car, preferably something from the late sixties/early seventies. But none to be found, then I decided a motorcycle would be even more awesome to drive in a dream but all I found were junk. I saw something interresting just at the border of the forrest but it when I walked over there I heard growling from the bushes. I took a step back but then decided to confront it and two wolves appeared. I killed both with my hands, got a little shooked up from the experience and decided to leave the place to go flying again. I took a few leaps as normal and took off.

      I saw some cars moving on the road. One of them was a boat with wheels, just like in the movie Waking life. I saw this as a sign and I flew down to land in the boat. There were two guys inside it, they both looked strange and had big heads. I sat down in the seats behind them and started talking. Dont remember much about the conversation, my awareness were decreasing at this point.
      We got to an old town and now I had completely lost my lucidity and the stuff after was a blur.
    3. Nighthog's Journal: 16th June 2010 Entry 2

      by , 06-16-2010 at 09:38 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      Lets continue.

      Mall Fragments
      I remember to come and walk about and through some malls ans shops for short while. Then I was in school.

      School life: Me and the girl sharing the same name.

      I don't precisely recall on how it all began but we had a girl transfer and move to the University I was at. She didn't know our language and we didn't know hers so it was strange language failure thing going on and it went to such as people not befriending her. But the both of us had the same first name.
      I had the day before just done this one class and she had been going to this another one, I hadn't really known about her until the day after and only heard she was a transfer student from some Asian country. No one had special classes they went to but there were several ongoing classes you could freely to attend for that day to go with it. Another day you had to pick another one. The class you choose was for the whole day.

      On the second day is where it all began and I had been in a store and got back into another store. I'm with some people I know we are to get some snacks and such. It's a cafeteria/bakery kinda place. People go to the free for all pick whatever you want bakeries. There were some shelves filled with doughnuts and other pastries and cookies. people were literally storming them as it was fast gone. It was a students favourite place. They were cheap and you could basically eat some and not pay. I heard one of the students who works part-time in the store complain about how about half of the pastries get stolen and not paid for. I saw several student just take some and eat them at the spot.
      I thought new the truth about these pastries. They are double price to compensate for all the stealing. I just watched and then we headed away.
      Next I'm back in the University and it's lunch time as we get back. We headed directly for the school cafeteria grounds and such. There were some few wending machines and many tables and stools for people to sit and eat at their own bringing. The dinner is elsewhere but you have to pay 50kr for lunch there.
      I walked over to the few machines to try and fetch a drink. Seems there is a large cue and the machine is having problems. It's almost impossible to get anything out without spilling it all out again trying to remove your glass. I decide I will not bother and walked away and found another machine for soda drinks. It was giving out stuff without problems. A girl went in front of me and took some orange soda. I also spotted another machine that gave out French fries the same way as the drink machines. it poured out French fries into a glass. I saw one student having trouble with it as it started to pour out to much and there were French fries everywhere.
      I soon went back to sit with some friends watching them eat their sugar & fat filled things. I thought this is no real food.
      We discussed about the new transfer student. We gathered it was kinda a forced move by her. She had no choice. They told how they couldn't speak to each other and how she had the same name as I. People had started to ignore her as she tried to ask for help and such, my friends told me this with disgust. They hadn't really seen her herself but had heard the talk the others have said and done.
      I was getting interested and wanted to meet her.

      It took not long and I spotted her as some people ignored her as she was asking for a ride to school from the apartments. I had gone back to my supposed place and heading was now heading back to University for the afternoon things.
      She was troubled and had no way to make it there in time.
      I went up to her and showed her I would give her that ride with my motorbike. I had her sit behind and we headed away. I travelled some motorways and other large roads and drove back and forth the lines and was speeding away, I think I recall being chased but getting away. maybe some police where involved. It was something related to the girl.
      At school again we shortly separated and I was looking where she had gone.
      A girl student told me where the Girl E--- had gone and I went after. Seemed she was in trouble again.
      I spotted her later and we went out and catch and speed away in a car.
      We are in a huge car chase being followed by various dudes in various vehicles. Something like the Mafia is after her and I'm trying to help her escape. Soon we are rammed and such. There was a helicopter it crashed. Bullets flew. lastly after making our way through some black cars thinking we are safe a Tanker truck came and hit us and then we are in the front skidding away on the side heading away from the highway over to the lake next to it. I'm preparing with her to jump out as soon as possible before we get trapped and drown in the waters.
      We soon fly off into the waters in great speed. The waters are freezing. I manage to grab the girl in the air and land her on this floating thing on the waters and manage to not get her completely drenched. We swim to the shore and it's right next to a walkway and a clothing store.

      We escape inside and I tell the store manager to get her some clothes and throw my valet to the girl with same name as me and say to her to boy some dry and clean clothes. She seems to understand with me pointing and having her have the valet inside. The manager hurriedly takes her to walk into the back to check some clothes for her to wear.
      I see this is a woman's clothing store and realize I can't get dry clothes for myself here unless I want to wear woman's clothing.
      I stand about drenched and wait for her to test and pick some clothes.
      I see her first come out in a red short Chinese dress. She soon tests out something similar but longer but in red and blacks. A third time she comes out in all blacks. Looks like a dominatrix? LOL!
      I tell her to change into something more colourful and nicer. The manager walked away with her one last time and she came back in a nice skirt and shirt. Looked all good. Nothing to classy or exquisite as before, more normal.
      Sadly I can't recall what it really was.

      back in University we are walking together, it brings lots of attention to have us both with same name walk together. I'm trying to figure out which class we should pick next. I have an idea about that we shall do these together from now on. We lastly decided for the class to attend and headed there.
      I was greeted by the teacher. He seemed to know me and was glad I had chosen this class and was wishing me good luck with it.

      In a classroom. Movie script?
      There was some fragmented stuff going on between here and the last dream where I was walking about much.

      When I came around to be in the classroom I had been lucid for a while or at least semi-lucid up to this point now.
      I wasn't listening to all the others discussing and trying to talk to me. I was trying to recall all my previous dreams up to this point and was displeased I had forgotten many of the first ones.
      "When will you write the movie script?" someone asked me I heard. They had been talking about topics related to it and giving themes and suggestions.
      Huh? Me write it?
      "How can I write a movie script when I can't recall half of my dreams this night!" I yelled back and it took not long and I heard a loud "OHH! buhi..." foul as you may from all the people there.
      just looked up and around. Everyone was looking at me pouting & angry that didn't pay attention or had not been listening.

      Short recall lapse but I decided I would leave this place and do so by exiting through the windows. I didn't bother trying to phase through the window but gave a slight thought to it as I was already passing through the window breaking apart to many sharp pieces... ow... it hurt and I had many glass pieces in my hair and elsewhere. I tried to shake them of as I was falling down to the ground below. I had been on a high second floor. On the ground I shook them off and saw I was clear of them. Someone decided to follow me but didn't take to much note of it, it was a old school friend.

      On some open grounds
      I walked by and through some large open grounds and such. I saw people about and such. Some were playing ball or basket etc.
      Soon I saw what looked like security guards or such. Wait everyone here had been like that. They had similar uniforms on them. They were all guards having some time of from their daily training.
      I soon walked by some building were people on duty were gathered. They all went to follow and walk in the direction I was heading toward. They seemed to look up to me. They all were youthful people.
      We were heading toward this gate entrance and this huge red brick complex. A prison I thought?
      "Lets go rescue our compatriots!" I heard someone yell in the crowd and they headed inside. They all had some green guard looking clothing on them.

      The Prison rescue
      "Republic of Iran: youth prison complex" Something to the sort read out in big letters at the entrance. It was a large black board with white curvy delicate text. I soon walked inside as they all had run in there trying to break in.

      I was soon inside the prison and we were scouring the passages and rooms and halls and finding keys and such to open it all up and have them all rescued. But as I got further inside the doors got closed behind me and I'm a prisoner like everyone else and the people I had been with are in prison clothing in these miserable dungeons and really dirty. They had no energy and were dreadful looking. I didn't know what had happened and walked around the large prison rooms. I spotted only men and soon saw more naked men after another. I opened some doors and there were more of em. I just turned around to close the door. I thought, wait. I recalled seeing something looking like showers further away but they had been really dirty. I went back and saw the dude again. He had just put on clothing. I turned another corner... another naked man. I walked away. I soon spotted three men in orgy.. .wtf. I want away from here! I looked for a exit but saw none that was open. I somehow looked upwards and spotted a air-shaft in the roof.
      I jumped up and burst through the metal mesh and then was crawling through the air shafts trying to find a way out to freedom. I climbed up and soon saw a large following of prisoners following me to the escape. I went here and there trying to find a path and then found a shaft going up and down. First I went down and spotted another group of escapees. There was a further path going away and then a exit... It was the filthy sewers. It reeked like hell. I quickly turned around and told the men I had found a way to the sewers and they were free to try get out that way but I will try to find another path. I climbed up the shaft to the upward way instead. I found another exit there leading to some other room. It was a open construction built on the roof. This was the escape rout I was looking for and walked over to the large open window sills with no windows. I could see a path to escape there now and jumped down and away.

      I'm spotted and followed by some guards again they are after some friends and they ran inside this church and barricaded themselves inside the large main hall. The guards are after me also but I'm shut outside but I'm floating about so they can't catch me and walk on the roofs.

      The Church
      I go to walk up to the church and walk on some sills and outcrops up there above out of the horde of guards reach. They are looking angrily at me as they cant catch me. Someone orders someone else to find a way to break inside. It's a white coloured stone or brick church. It's covered in this white stuff and has large old style bricks underneath.
      I found this out as I stood on a perch above the entrance and wanted to get inside. I did so by punching and tearing myself a entrance in the wall. I just saw the disbelief in everyone's eyes as I pummelled down the wall above their heads. I soon saw inside where my friends where and they were terrified on what the heck was happening. They thought the guards had found a way to get inside and were tearing down the Church.
      They just looked terrified at me until I jumped down to join them.
      The mood changed now inside and we were really no longer followed. I looked around and walked up to the altar and saw a book or parchment with a death notice written. A girl at the University in town had died. her name was written there and some words to bless her and such as well. A friend of mine came up and wondered what I was looking at. They noticed as they read it.

      I now wanted to continue my adventure. I saw a window and thought I would fly out through it again. I made a fly jump at it and thought about morphing through which I was doing well and then also thought about breaking the windows in a way also. I felt the window make a small hole instead of breaking it completely. As I landed down I looked back at how it had fared and I saw there had been created a little angel in the window. Soon a my friend were jumping out another window they broke and went to point out my creation but as I did so and looked back the angel was no longer. Another of the persons had jumped through it and broken it.
      "Someone must have broken it as they jumped through the window I said"

      We headed out and got to some large clearings again. I tried to do some kicks and gravity control by having my gravity apply in the direction I made my fly kicks and stuff. It worked intermediately. I soon fell down to the normal ground. Hmm. I only commented it didn't work as I thought it would. it was fun non the less to mess around like this.

      Back in a mall
      I entered and came to be in a mall again. I only walked a short distance before I realized I didn't want to be there and thought about doing a little meditation to change scenery. I stood up and closed my eyes and did some focus to change the area to something different. I didn't have anything special in focus and soon opened my eyes as I thought I had gotten elsewhere... it was only a different mall?

      But everything wasn't right. The dream and scenery were in the middle of forming. The place was empty and stuff started to pop out from nowhere here and there and started to populate itself with stuff and furniture and the colours and wall designs morphed and changed. I saw how it was all forming and chaotic. It was quit interesting but I didn't want to be in a mall again any more!

      "No more malls! I'm sick and tired of them!"
      I looked around a little more and everything faded out to blackness.

      A date with three girl friends
      I came back and was sitting on a seat in front this large round table and had 3 other girls there on their own chairs. This was a restaurant and the girls were mingling and talking about recent happenings in their lives to catch up and just to chat. The one girl to my right was talking about one of her friends and that ones boyfriend. Something about how they had gotten married out of the blue without informing anyone. They just came and were married the next day. They were laughing how silly and stupidly they had gone way with it like that. They wanted to have known beforehand and such that they were going to get married and not have it come around as a sudden surprise. I wasn't really reacting and then laughed with them but they only went to look at me as I had laughed strangely or something? They wondered if everything was all right with me.
      It all faded away soon enough before I could answer.
    4. Nighthog's Archive: 8 June 2010

      by , 06-11-2010 at 11:35 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      8 June 2010

      Ok, was a bit of a weird night tonight. I kind of repeated my dreams 3 times.
      Something about getting it right and checking back as I didn't recall every detail for my dream journal as I was writing in it inside my dreams between each repeat in FA.

      USA natural super disaster?

      Walking on a desolate road in a dark atmosphere and lands with grass and brushes somewhat dried. I'm just walking in the middle of no where and I soon hear a large roar or explosion behind me after seeing a sudden brightness coming about.
      I and another guy who was on a motorbike look back. It looks like atomic weapon blasts way far back in the distance.
      No it's something else... Gigantic super volcano eruption?
      Molten rock and lava is flying up, up and more up. It's way far away but it's so damn large anyway. I'm terrified by this sight.
      I shortly walk back toward it to see how far the thing will reach or to try measure distance. But soon I see a rain of lava and molten rock and debris come down. There is a large crowd of people escaping in panic many get hit by the motlen rocks and such. Me and the guy on the motorbike turn around fast. The rain is coming quickly toward us.
      The biker is hit by some small splashes of lava. His clothes catch fire and he really is in pain by them but he speeds up to escape away. I run back but ain't hit luckily.
      I now see the ground start to crack up and then collapse downward. Th ground is disappearing from beneath our feet this far away? It's crazy lava would even have flown this far.
      The bike makes a few turns on the collapsing ground but makes it just in time. We are all running away as far as we can. The ground is collapsing behind us revealing a sea of molten rock and lava beneath in the further distance I noted. Closer to my location I saw the spread of the shock wave coming. The ground was vibrating and pushing up dust a feet up or such. Further back I could now see the lava blast no longer. It was all obfuscated by the immense ash cloud coming toward us.
      We need to get to safety quickly.

      I run through some areas whit houses and fences and such and see stuff collapse and get quickly cowered in the ash cloud that is now only tens of meters behind me. I'm running as fast as I can and it's keeping a steady pace in about same way. Every hindrance or stop I'm made to take makes the cloud get closer. Making me only more panicked to get away as soon as possible. I can't fall inside the ash cloud. I will suffocate.

      I finally spot my house. Or it's a mixture of my house and cottage. I run inside by family trying to yell me to be faster and having the door ready to close as soon as I enter. The cloud is just behind me.
      I run inside and hear the door close and the cloud surrounds the house. I go to check around and make sure windows and air vents etc are closed or have filters.
      I'm unsure that the air vents have sufficient filtering. I see a slight dark mist come inside. But the ash isn't getting inside easily. It's safe enough.
      We need to stay inside and wait out till the ash disperses.

      I go to a view of seeing the whole Northern America.
      There in the middle of it is a huge hole with lava and molten rock. It's a huge rift going through the whole of USA from mouth of the Mississippi delta up into Canada. The lava area is huge. It looks like the earth has been torn open and revealed it's innards. It's way to huge.

      I now see the rift quickly get filled with sea water and the lands around it start to sink down and getting under water. The land getting cowered by water is accelerating and spreading quickly. I'm worried that our house will be under water soon. It's located to the west, east of the mountains. The water just about stops getting further there and my house is now on a island surrounded by a sea of water. There were many islands created around here.
      Western America? It sank in it's whole all beneath the waters.. Northern America was now only the 1/3 of the eastern part where the mountain ranges are. Everything else is now beneath the seas.

      FA, I kind of went to write notes and to recall the dream and then went down to continue dreaming.

      It's a repeat!

      Version 2

      The blast happened again and I'm once again running away and soon hit the area where there are buildings. Though this time I didn't see the biker and things went about slightly altered. The walls and buildings are different. I go a different route this time. I end up going inside some stairs in a building to go upwards. I am soon on higher ground but I enter the building again and walking up this tower now instead... Heading upward I know the ash cloud is already outside. I was wondering why it didn't play out like before.
      fade out.

      FA. again, trying to recall and makes mental notes before sleeping again.

      Version 3

      More similar to the first version but this time I'm already really at the house. It's now though located in it's proper place. In Sweden. Not in USA. So the worry somehow stops there. USA is really practically gone I see on the world map as the rift was opened and water filled it all again sinking everything. I spot the new islands and the one where the supposed house from before just made it barely.
      I kind of see a vision on where they are making a new life and going onward with life. Seems they made a farm on the island. It's big enough like that.

      The dream now finally went onward.
      These also kind of repeated in 3 versions.

      I'll write it down later. It's a bit of a mess which dream had which details of the same things in part.

      The continuation, The other dream?

      I'm in some larger building complex with various functions and rooms etc. I can't be sure what to classify it as. It had classrooms of sorts, and labs? Research institute? Had a kind of white hospital feel to it all but saw no such equipment. I really only walked the empty corridors after seeing the empty reception.
      I was trying to sneak about without being spotted. I have some task of rescuing or doing something in this specific back room where some people were gathered.
      I went inside and was confronted. It had not been the way I had liked it to go... I wanted to redo it.. (which I kind of got to do)
      I had somehow failed with my task. It was supposed to be sneaky and unspotted. (I somehow get the feeling of stealing something)

      I went out to exit the building complex and next went down to some military side building where they had a shooting range and training areas. Some female instructor was bossing about what to do. Though she wasn't a officer or a solder or the sorts. Had more like lab clothing on her. I was supposed to do some running and then later take my rifle and have some shooting practice. I remember walking the range to the longest one and commenting to some instructor that I'm quite good at it if I first get a few rounds to shoot to get into it.(I was decent shooter in the army but thanks to the way we did it we continuously were interrupted and needed to wait and get up and run down the the targets to check hits and whatnot, it didn't work well with me. I needed a few shots and then if I would be allowed then to shoot a long series I gathered a good swarm if I got to go at it uninterrupted. I always did much better with the times we got to do it more freely.)
      The instructor didn't seem to believe my skills.(which they didn't as they never saw the good ones or times I did well, or the times I did, they would not believe my description on what I had done to gather this bad swarm or done this other thing,(especially this one time long range shooting, I saw my hits go to high and then altered my aim for the next round and then did my last correction for the last few which I got in the middle after doing to big a correction at first. the instructor did not believe my explanation on how I ended up whit the three distinct areas of hits. Which kind of looked like a bad shooting, but I new the three swarm for each of the rounds I had done. He called me a liar basically >_>; ))
      I was about to start my practice but got a fade out a and FA whit a new recall session and writing down details.

      New sleep
      Version 2
      I was back and entered the same building once again. This time around though I kept walking about the complex after finding the door to the room in which I had failed previously. I instead this time went and looked around more. I thought I could wait for the people to exit or go elsewhere and then come back. Sadly they never did no such thing and I also had hard time finding my way back to this door afterwards. I wandered far and wide inside the complex.
      I think it ended with me giving up and wandering out the entrance next to the reception.

      Version 3
      A new go at it again.
      This time I wandered around the areas in which I had wandered about in version 2 once again. Never really getting to the door from before. I think I was in some open areas in the place that looked like some mall. I think I thought I found some kind of club or cinema or similar at one point. There was these stairs leading down to a area and then going back up again and there was a entrance to a club there. There was a long row of people waiting to get inside. I walked away afterwards.
      I then later again found myself to enter the room I was supposed to go into. It slightly went different this time. They weren't as confronting as before and it seemed natural that I would be there. I think they had been waiting for me. Can't recall to well. They weren't to pleased with my late arrival.

      Later I went outside again to go down to the military building and the shooting range.
      This time I greeted the guys sitting about there. It was night and I asked if it was all right to be doing shooting practice at this time of night. They said it was all right, no problem. They seemed to know me. I was in my military clothing here now. The guy standing there was on guard as the other one who oversees the ammunitions and such.
      The Sergeant went to point that I had one of my unit badges upside down and that it looked like a Russian unit insignia like that. It was a small badge with some different colour boxes. He took it and turned it right. I noticed and realized this isn't mine, which I point out to him and remove it.
      Then he checks out the other badges and as I look are also incorrect? They aren't mine. I think I mention it must have been there when I went to change clothing and got a new jacket and it had these attached and I had forgotten to check it before putting it on. I say which badges I should have.
      There was this badge on my right arm. two '^' over another and then a single line below them. (I looked in my army book and there really is no such badge. they have two straight lines below as minimum for two '^'. and the 'cadet' symbol was missing so it's strange.)

      Dream was interrupted by the door bell ringing.

      I just had a afternoon nap and had some good dreams.

      Helping a girl out how to breath underwater.

      I had walked up a spiral stair case and almost at the top I encounter two girls coming down.
      As they spot me they figure they will have some fun with me. They seem to know me and I slightly recognized them. Recall fails on who they were but they came unto me and kind of hanged on me. Really close. I was kind of pushed into a corner. There were words exchanged but I can't recall. Soon they are kind of satisfied with their fun and I'm either allowed up or went down again. I meet up with my old friend again. I have the girls with me. They tell me about the LanGhost I think. I can come and join at any time. They have it every day. I think between 6:00pm to 4:00am. They kind of invite me to join them for that. I asked for the details. My old friend answered it all a bit uncertain. He seemed unsure if I really was interested.

      Either way I'm tasked with a task. There is water below the staircase and I go down in it. I might have been pushed over the ledge of the staircase. One of the girl follows me down. I'm taking it easy. I already know how to handle under water environments. You just be calm about it. There is kind of ledge and staircase going down. There are these signs and papers with text to them. You need to read them going down. I take the girl with me and we read them and advance. Sadly I have no recall on what they said. Seems it was relevant to myself.
      At the bottom I ask her for help on the last one. My vision is blurry and I remove my glasses and see better but my eyes get irritated by the water. I tell her about this issue. I get her help to try and read the sign.
      I also noticed she had trouble breathing normally here in the water. She seemed not used to it. She was kind of hyper ventilating having quick breaths. I wanted to help her and gave her some advice on it. She needed to calm down. I tried some distractions on her for her to forget about the breathing and get more comfortable with the surroundings and situation.
      Basically I took hold of her who was behind me and then went a bit touchy close with her. I pressed my ass against her to make her a little distracted as I knew she didn't like it as I had gathered in the few moment with her. She didn't want me to be close on her and had distanced before and said no to me about trying to get close.
      I only did it for a few moments until she no longer was doing the distressed breathing and how she seemed to get familiar with it by calming down. I stopped doing it and noted how she was calm about it now. She had no problems breathing or talking here in the water now.

      She said thanks to me and also mentioned my real name. She really knew me it seems.
      Dream faded out.

      Helping another girl, a ghosts child?
      I soon was in another dream and I had been with this other small girl. She had asked me for help. Or I had offered it after she seeming a bit 'looking for help' but not asking for it.

      She had taken and lead me into this house and then inside this room there in the back. I meet up with another person there. He/she was a bystander but knew the girl and the issue it seemed but I never saw any action by him/her.
      We were there to help the girl find and get this child and take care of her basically. Though there was a problem. The girl was invisible or a ghost I gather so was her mother I think... The girl I was with was the only one who could see them but as I entered them room and asked the girl about the two others where they might be and how to help her I ended up seeing the mother who had come inside the room to greet the girl I was with. She went to go into the next room. I talked with the girl I'm with asking if the 'ghost' was here or going there and such. She seemed to have a worried look as I said these things to her but listened and went and followed to where the mother had gone. In the next room by was her child with her. She had made ready the clothing and other things.
      I went to ask the two girls their names.
      I had a little struggle hearing and getting them right so I had them repeat and help me with it till I seemed to get them right.
      Eleina, Soumila. Something to this sort they were. As quickly a I got them I forgot them >_>;
      They were Finnish names.

      We were about ready and about to go and leave now with the child. The mother went to say to take care of her well and hoped that things would go well between me and the girl I was with. She hoped that things would progress well and that we would continue to be together. It seemed all to not certain somehow that we would but seemed there was hope. It kind of surprised me. I hadn't thought we two were together or the sort at all.
      The mother ends with saying she sleeps well at 'Markos' house if we ever have problems with her like crying constantly or otherwise.
      I turned around to walk out with the child and the girl.
    5. Nighthog's Archive: 6->7 Mars 2010

      by , 06-11-2010 at 05:18 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      6th Mars 2010

      In some city and art university?
      What I recall is that I was walking around much in a city and different areas until I started to enter some buildings and the like. It looked like a mix of a old museum, art school and university. There were weird designs and stuff about and quite frankly many students. But I really didn't find classrooms per see.

      I was just walking about in and out trying to find my way to something but constantly changing my mind of where to go and turning back here and there. Though the path behind wasn't as it was as I came.

      At later point when I walked out I decided I would meditate. I just sat down on some grass and pavement on the side of a road and started some clearing of mind.

      The meditation
      I saw down whit legs crossed and back straight and closed my eyes and then tried to clear my mind and relax. It doesn't take long for me to get quite blank and then I feel a little energy or pain, headache start to build at the top of my head. It quite literally aches and I take a focus of finding dream guide, higher self. To communicate basically. The ache builds quite strong and I try to focus and shift the pain off. Somehow I manage to relax the tension and it eases a bit and shortly feels a bit more pleasant but I loose my concentration bit by bit now instead. My mind wanders slowly whit different thoughts and distractions but I want to have some guidance so I still pertain that focus to a extent.

      Somehow vaguely I got something back in return for a answer. When I opened my eyes I had two small notes/cards in my hand. One was something to the like of art/acting something. The other was a card for a woodcutter.
      I found them a bit odd.

      I would say that the pain and ache I felt was like at the crown chakra.

      7th Mars 2010

      Entering a house after some wood travels

      Me and close family friends. My older sisters oldest son and daughter about same age as me and my brother were travelling about on some forest paths and roads on motorbikes and then we arrived at this house in the woods next to a dusty road. We decided to stop and then went inside to sightseeing. There was no one there but us.

      I looked into the kitchen and a smaller adjoined room that was the old original kitchen. It had a huge fire fuelled stove and all, the new kitchen was 4 times larger. The old kitchen was now converted to the washing room of dishes and the likes.

      We spent a little time in the house but can't recall anything else but the looking into the kitchen as such.

      We somehow decided to return to our bikes outside and set to go back home. We all have a own bike we ride. Mine is like a mixture off a classical old bike but upgraded whit new modern parts. The wheels are quite a eye popper.. they are almost like car tires. wide and really flat.

      When we left did not take long...

      I broke my motorcycle
      As I was last to go get going I was speeding up to catch the others but somehow I can't steer well and slide off to a pile of sharp rocks and fly up in the air from there whit tires trashed as I land. Air was hissing out soon enough as I was worried the tires would brake from the ruggedness and sharpness of those rocks. It had really rumbled and shaken the bike going over them.
      I went for a stop and saying to the others I thought the tires broke in the jump. As I looked they really were really trashed. No help trying to repair.. New tires is needed. Well as that was that I tried to see if I could still ride but it only went a few meters before I had do stop. I diced to leave it and walk instead.

      Continued at foot
      The others went ahead shortly until they reached a hillside and there was a offshoot dirt walk going down a hillside down to the lake down there. They had gotten of their bikes as they could no longer go whit them on the path forward. It was not far from were I broke my bike so I catched them soon and started skidding down the hillside but notice my older sisters oldest daughter was behind me. She is just one year younger than me.
      She was taking it slowly but I said to her to do as I and sit on her ass skid down it instead of trying to stand up which was dangerous.

      She somehow listens but not before she drops down 4 canes as I was halfway. They rolled down. It caught my attention as I was not expecting to see any such things. She then started to get down like I did. I went ahead to the shore. There was a little outcrop of land put into the water to be used like a pier. Though sadly there was no boat or similar there at the moment we could use.

      We had to swim to the other shore and the house that was by the lakeside there. I saw the two others already go into the water. I was just about to do so but I had a halting to wake up...

      When I got back I had already gotten over the water and was by the house now walking by it and then heading on some paths walking further. I was now leading and going ahead the others and soon I noticed I had lost them much behind and didn't see them after again.

      A bicycle

      I was still in the woods but I acquired a bicycle close by after leaving the house by the lake. They were pine trees and such.
      Didn't pay attention to what kind of bike but I was happy I had one and started to speed up and do my crazy bicycle trick riding and going on one wheel at 90degree angles and whatnot on front or back rolling and flying about.
      I was cruising along a dirt path and was heading along a path next to a large clearing to the right side whit threes just around me and continuing to my left. This was a much used and walked area. The ground was full of dirth rather than the normal forest growth.

      I soon noticed why.

      Army field training
      It didn't go long while spinning on the bike going ahead that I noticed people in army clothes and gear walk across and then tanks and APC going by and sitting around behind the tree line facing the clearing.

      There were much personnel here. Many had taken positions and dug small holes for cower and hiding. I saw a commander on a radio and I was just passing through the lines on my bike avoiding hitting people and doing tricks and spins.

      I somehow got the impression this was a field excursion going on.

      I then just continue on my path trying to get through and sooner rather than later I had reached to other side of this line and I hit a dirt road going from left to right and had a large clearing in front of me whit barely nothing but marsh-tundras.
      I headed toward the right on the road going in the drection all soldiers had been facing and went across the clearing but I soon hit a steel fence on the other side and a small building there.

      A metal gate
      I got off from my bicycle to take a look at the gate and fences. Looked like was some security line. I figured a connection to the soldiers from before.

      I saw three character on the roof of the small building next to the fence and jumped up there to take a look at them. Looked like three fluffy characters from some anime. I kind of greeted them to ask what they were doing here on the roof of this building.
      I had not yet thought about going to the other side of the fence.

      I never got a answer from them but just went ahead and headed for the other side or went to the right of the fence and gate. I entered a thicker and darker forest of pines and the like now once again. I was heading just straight inside there but soon I saw what looked like the interior off some building being there inside the woods and as I was heading closer I soon was inside a warehouse and turned back but the forest was gone and I was inside somewhere.

      Entering the warehouse
      Entering the warehouse was a bit strange experience as it came out from the shadows like a mist and then just like that was all around you replacing the previous scenes.

      I was greeted by a person standing there. I asked where did the forest go and where is the exit to get out. I never heard a answer and when I had turned back I don't remember seeing the said person any more.

      Oddly enough as I was walking around I was meet by another person and he was going to show me that which I was looking for. I had asked to find something but I can't remember what it was. He said it was inside this place. It had a thick steel reinforced air lock door behind it was a long corridor going to the right into darkness. I saw some crates there. I somehow doubted what I asked for would be found there and turned back and closed the door behind me locking the poor sucker inside I thought and split for elsewhere in the building.

      The warehouse itself was cold and Gray off concrete. Kinda dimly lit and it had no windows anywhere. Somehow it felt real solid and unbreakable if coming from outside. getting out felt kinda hard unless you knew the entrance.

      Finding many doors to different toilets... many symbols
      As I was walking I had entered a more warehouse and lively place of the underground complex I now thought it had to be. There were shelf after shelf whit food and other stuff stored away and there where some people about here walking about.

      Walking next to the left side wall I soon entered the corner but this wall going off to the right had signs for toilets. I first saw a sign for a male and female toilets. I peeked inside one, can't remember which. Either way the first room was a regular toilet but to the left was a room and shower. And further on the other side was a door leading to another room. It was a style of those ground Japanese toilets in the floor rather than one you sit on.

      I backed out and then heading across this wall and saw door after door and sign after sign for diffrent people they were meant for... It no longer was just woman or man... the first was just a shared one... The next, well it includes something more intimate. And it continues whit one thing after the another. I got scared and avoided this one where I could hear voices of moans I thought. The door was slightly open. It was a double door. The sign next to this door isn't something I'm to fond off to ponder.

      I shortly then turned away to look at the shelves and stuff about stored there. I thought I was in a supermarket somehow. I saw many cartongs and super size cereal boxes and other things. I saw images onto these... what? They are referring back to more of that stuff I saw those signs on the doors just now?

      Just going around the warehouse, avoiding the meddling people
      A guy approaches asking what kind I prefer and I feel uncomfortable and just start to avoid and going around and see even more different stuff about. Much is food but I see hints to some other wares. But the foods have like a article of something else in their boxes as those surprise, cheap collectables you might find whit some stuff.

      Thing is though I don't want to address what they include into them at the moment though.

      I have a short taught I could go and meditate but I push it off and to do something first for the moment but I then forget about the meditation until it's to late and I'm to close to wake up and have no time for it.
    6. Nighthog's Archive: 28 January 2010

      by , 06-11-2010 at 03:01 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      28th January 2010

      In classroom... and the attacker in weird costume and poison dagger?

      How to start this... well I'm in some kind of class. We are all students here. We are supposed to do something but I never get to it because some interference. The classroom is quite packed and we sit in rows of tables that go through the room on both sides opposite to each other. Seems somewhat like a mix of chemistry and mathematics room.
      The problem is... A guy wearing this freaky suit comes about to attack me? I somehow now when he approaches and look to see him and to defend myself. But I'm horrifyingly weak and slow in this dream.
      The guy had first attacked me by surprise and stabbed me whit his dagger which after my view had become blue and wavy. I felt real weird there. The clothing he ahd could be described as KKK clan suit but it's in blacks and red and some designs on it whit gold. He disappears after he hit me and I sit back to return to my class bitching about this ass hole. Weird no one else in class reacted as he did what he did to me.
      I sit there for a while and I feel he is about to attack again. I get up like trying to protect the people in class. But as I try to hit him I have no strength or speed... I'm like wtf... I can barely move.

      We argue and he make condensing remarks of my weakness. I don't care. I think he went ahead and stabbed me once again. I was then back in my seat and I think I saw a hint of who the guy might have been. He and this other student in another part of the room have these weird hats much similar to the stuff the attacker had. I'm thinking they must be the attackers but I can't use that as proof I realize. I dismiss but keep some suspicion on them. Later a last attack comes. I'm still weak. I try to hit and flail at him whit my arms. I see that when he disappears one of the students goes and sits there where they had those weird hats. I realize he was it all along. I confront him an he says something to the likes I can't prove it whit what I have.

      We end up going out from the classroom yelling and arguing whit each other. In the end I have decided he can only be the one who attacked me looking at his behaviour he has had and why would he get so angry whit what I had said about him to my accusations. He would have not gotten close to so defensive or angry if he was innocent. I barely made a remark or hint to accuse him and he was all over me. Someone who would known nothing would barely have reacted I had realized.
      I see a expression in his face to point that he can't hide any more. I dis him away as I've figured it out already and decide to to other stuff now rather. Don't want to bother whit this any more.

      I go outside from the school building.

      Outside School

      Can't remember how I exited either through a window or door. Where I found myself was inside a courtyard whit the school all around. This was not a real place to get outside. I somewhere see that I can climb over the roof to exit. I take a what are they called water disposal pipes and climb up one to the roof? But I find not myself on a roof but another ground floor and school building around much here as well. I see a path that I can walk up higher. There is like a courtyard and garden here But classrooms underground? As I walk up the path it goes to yet another level but it's the last. I see it joins some pavement road on the side up there. I get closer and see that there is a lot of children playing about. Looks like a kindergarten up here. The children and clothes are different though. I'm in Africa? The buildings look shabby and worn. Cheap and much people are darker skinned. I'm wondering where the heck did I end up to for place?

      The long road

      I look forward and see the road I was walking did continue forward and as I didn't know much yet I just kept walking onward on this walking road. It did go to this town kind of setting and market clearing or something. I walked down some concrete stairs and the like and then joined the road going out from this place out somewhere.
      It's a dirt road. I've started to float my way forward now rather than keep walking. I see young people start to go the road on mopeds and motorcycles and the likes. I increase my speed to fly-hover whit them on the road onward. I'm crusing the road looking at the scenery and things as we pass. There are loads of African animals about here. Lions.. and more Lions... There is basically more Lions than humans here.

      We are careful not to agitate them as we pass onward on the road me floating and the others going on their bikes. Soon I see a cheetah starts to hunt us... Damn why did it have to chase us... As it gets closer I see it's running on it's back legs like a person. It's a cheetah running like a human and catching up to us. It goes to attack me. Or rather I decide to confront it before it injures the others.
      We struggle a little I grab it's jaws and flip it really open trying to first dislocate it's jaw but it doesn't work. I let go and do a bit of tumbling untill I grab and hold it's head still. He can't open his jaws to bite now. trying to twist his head around to get out from my grip. I decide to go and bite it in it's jaw underside somewhat hard. It panics from this as I let go the cheetah runs away from us and I go and catch up whit my flying to the others on their bikes. We cruise along a little more. We enter like this farming grounds. There are some rudimentary fences on both sides of the road now. Animals aren't about here any more.

      I soon see that the road joins these train tracks. they go along the same footprint. We cruise along... I see the bridges over the rivers aren't there any more. The first bridge had been slapstick put together again for walking across but the next bridge after wasn't there at all... A train was coming on the other side.
      It hasn't seen that there is no more bridges! I fly over to the other side to warn them but they keep going and flow into the river. No one is hurt at first I see. We start to help and push back the locomotive the rails that are still there going into the water. When it's in safe position there is one guy hurt. I see some little blood. We need a doctor. I talk to some of the guys there to go get one. I think that's settled and did continue onward again following the tracks for a while more. We have now joined a huge group off people that got of the train. We are trying to find a place where to rest whit them all. Every place is not suitable.

      The resting location

      We soon see a suitable location to take a stop at. The guide or leader of the tourists I reckon from the train says this is a good location to stop and rest at. It's better we stay at this place for the night also. It won't be as safe on other places. There seems to be like this small Cafeteria there next to a lake.
      We the people gather in the clearing that this area has. We are packed tight and close to each other.
      We are to make ourselves comfortable however possible on the ground.

      I end up getting squeezed together whit these two girls I somewhat recognized. I don't at first realize who exactly they were.
      Either way we get squeezed together by the crowds and are overly touchy whit each other. We are like glued at each other constantly. We get out legs and hands etc in places we didn't mean to. We are like this for a while. It just gets more and more ridiculous though. Later when we sit down as it's cleared more they still keep clinging unto me even though they have no need to. Still acting like don't touch there or "no" and "Eek". "People are watching" etc sentences I hear. I know soon who they are after. They are two of the girls from a trio of girls I somewhat saw around here and there when I was in high school...

      (The thing was back then I wasn't really thinking about girls yet and then comes these three girls out from the blue together and all ask if I like any one of them... I was flabbergasted and completely unprepared. Just said "I haven't thought about it", they left me alone after that never really approaching me again. They approached me when I was sitting around on a bench like usual thinking stuff, which I did much then, there were people around there also... I just didn't know how to handle such a thing.)

      Well either way the two girls cling to me and press themselves unto me. I just can't figure what's the deal whit them. I just do some things and play along but it just gets more and more ridiculous here though. they end up pressing their asses at my face after pressing me down on the ground and change their clothes suddenly like that...
      I heard some people around "whisper" and gossip... Whole thing was just LOL. But I just didn't mind though playing along whit their "eroge" game... But it was done in such innocence!
      When they had put on their new clothes they finally calmed down and let me free but I was waking up now.

      In my room
      When I fell asleep again I found myself in my house and going to my own room sitting at my computer. I started to do what I usually do. Including browsing images.
      Though as I browse people start to appear. First this guy that was in my same class from middle to high school. Though I never knew him. He seemed really interested in the images. I let him loose at my computer to browse. I see there are more people about here now. The guy is sitting whit my laptop so I start up my main computer to show them all what I was looking at. They seemed overly interested in it.
      I think what the heck... I look to my left and I see a girl there looking close... She notices I'm looking at her. She seemed interested as well. I look at her. She seems overly familiar. I know her but can't place who she is. I'm first thinking about my oldest sisters daughter. She is really same age as I. We used to play a lot as children. But no it's not her as I looked closer. Somehow I want to be closer and take her hand and let her sit in my lap in front the computer. I take out more images and let her look at them. She looks whit interest. I try to think who might she might be. She seems a bit playful as she sits there in my lap in the sofa I use as a computer chair. She moves a little to hint to something but I don't feel like it though so I hint for her to not do that. I look closer at her and ask if she is this or that. I get no response. I persist a bit more. She says she is not them.
      "Who are you?"...
      "Can I ask for your name"
      She now takes a look at my face and I look at her. She pouts a but at my questions and then decides to get off from my knees and stands up and goes over to the door.
      "Can you tell me your name so I might know who you are"...
      "No! I will not tell you" she goes about and turns around.
      "WHY? why is it that no one ever tells me. No one wants to answer me..."
      I go about whit a rant... I'm pissed that I never really get any answers when I really want them.
      She stands there and looks at me rant. I see a bit of change in expression. Somewhat of a surprise look but something else also that I could not place.

      I woke up again.
    7. Nighthog's Archive: 10 January 2010

      by , 06-11-2010 at 01:33 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      10th January 2010

      Today's dream was a long continuation that spanned different scenes whit no obvious scene cuts but just fluid wave to another location by walking to them whit the old disappearing from behind my back.

      Later in toward the the I realized I've had this dream before also. Every instance off the whole actually. Got me to wonder when I had actually had it but I distinctly remember having each and every scene play out the same some dream some time back.. way back I guess. Can't locate the time in a sense though.

      I remember walking in a mall I guess in the "grand walk" whit the shops left and right and stuff unto the walking path. There are a lot of people everywhere. But I don't seem to care and just looking where am I. I walk and I go inside one place I guess is a mix of a hair saloon and a café on the other side in the same room. But I only remember some tables in practically empty room and some stairs going up in a corner. There are some people there standing about.
      As I've looked about and turn around people have changed and I see a old classmate, a girl from then she seems to be dancing a bit in the middle of the room. I take a notice of this and look a bit but decide not to approach her and decide I'm going elsewhere and walk by her and out.

      When I reach the walk again I go for a few steps but soon see all kinda stuff on the path and I recognize I'm inside a shopping mall I guess whit all kinda random stuff everywhere. I decide to walk inside for a bit until I go inside more and hit the clothes parts and I see underwear and such about... Somewhere I want to escape I have in mind and be alone. I'm walking more and more the the right corner of the place where I see some changing rooms I guess. Somehow I decide I want to go inside there (short semi-lucid thought) but as I approach closer I soon forget about that and walk out the gates and door outside instead that are on the the other wall close by.
      When I walk outside the door it's a short glass roofing path you need to walk untill you hit a pavilion but it's a train station I see and a train goes by fast on the tracks.
      I turn around as I exit the glass roofing thing and go back next to the train tracks to the right and the shopping mall to my left. The train had come from this direction. It was a modern kind of train like X2000 or something.

      As I walked a few steps in that direction I'm in some other area instead walking along a road instead among some houses to my left. I see some motor bikes parked about. I turn on a road off from the main road and I hit alot more motor bikes on a parking lot. It's literally stacked whit motor bikes. There seems to be a building in the centre, quite small I guess. I think it's a bar or something like that. I have a short urge to go inside but somehow I decide not to as I don't have a bike of my own. and walk across A playground I guess and then on some small roads to access the houses around. I see two girls walk on this road chatting. I remember seeing trees and their branches crossing over the road and hanging all down so I have to watch them walking. Any car would be hit constantly by the branches and leaves if it would use the road.
      I walk off to a forest path I guess and pick up a bicycle from somewhere as the next moment I'm biking around on one. I do various crazy riding I do when I use a bike in my dreams. Like going in 90degree straight upward whit it somehow and biking along on the back tire. Soon the front wheel and steer loose and drop off and I have no problems.
      (In my childhood I had a iffy bicycle where the steering would fly off when I did various things. But I never hurt myself though.)
      Well soon after the steering and front wheel where gone I threw the bike away and walked instead to go outside the forest path back unto the houses and such.

      This is kind of where my old memory about these dreams fades away to somewhat faded remembrance of a few instances next but I think I woke up a little sooner back then than I did this time.

      Next I remember meeting up whit people I know I guess. First it was outside but as I had come next to them and had meet up whit the girl I had liked in my high school years I get happy and have a urge to get close to her fast. I say hi and such. I'm inside some building now I see. We have this game in front of us. It consists of various pieces. They are made of plastic. Looks like a RPG, there are these various plastic figures to fasten unto these plastic platform whit different scenes/areas that you can fit together whit the other pieces.
      I move in a pin to replace one I guess like to attack and win a battle. It was red but I replace it whit a green pin. But the girl says to wait. She says we don't know how to play this game. We have forgotten how to play it we confirm. We stand up as we were on the floor looking at the game. I had the urge to talk more whit her but she disappears somewhere. There is this other girl whit me also. Can't recognize her sadly. She says for me to follow her outside the room we are in. She goes outside and I follow soon after. I now see we were in like a old classroom and we go outside into a hall way.

      This part I have no earlier recollection off it seems.(but a short deja vu feeling when I added this comment about this though)
      On the other side seems to be a mixed room off kinds. First I think I see kitchen stuff to the right side separated by a intermediate wall and then on the left side there seems to be a shower and such in the opposite corner. The girl told me to wait at some point. I think it was as I went out into the corridor she told me to wait as she went inside the shower part I think, which after I looked into the kitchen side first and there after I looked into the other side to look why it was taking time I noticed there were someone taking baths and cleaning themselves like in a public bath or something. But it was open the other room and some guys from that side had gone a few steps from that opening inside and were standing in a line behind a table I guess looking at the girls washing themselves. I'm looking in through the open door from the corridor just curious what kind of room/place is this.

      The dream destabilized soon after to black and I noted I was about to wake up which I did.