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    1. 12/22 thru 12/26/2016 - "Snake Among Dragons;" "Diva Scorned;" "The Thin Lucid Line"

      by , 01-04-2017 at 08:13 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Fragment One
      "Snake Among Dragons"

      I was with a fairly close-knit group of martial artists, meeting with each other about something or other. There was a cop within the group, sitting there in street clothes and trying to blend in with us, but it was becoming more and more apparent that he was there to dig up dirt on our group.

      Fragment Two
      I just remember a cat diving into a pool and being able to sort of freedive and hold its breath for an impressive amount of time.

      "Diva Scorned"

      I was being chased by some psychotic, pistol-packing diva - with her expansive group of henchmen - through a big, fancy hotel setting. I have no idea why they were chasing me, or who my companion was, but I know the orders were to shoot on sight. During the chase, someone was able to take us into their apartment and hide us in a small space at the side of a bed, just as the woman showed up. They ended up torturing the person that was hiding us, and who had absolutely refused to give us up. I can't remember what all they did to him, but at one point, I do remember them taking high-pressure heat to his face - like a modified blowtorch with no flame - and literally burning and blistering all over his face and head.

      Next thing I knew, they were gone and we were back on the run, through the hotel hallways and out onto the scaffolding outside, goons firing a few pot shots at us along the way. Making it down to the parking lot, we looked for crowded areas and tried to stay hidden.


      There was a bright green viper loose in Shaun's house - pretty much just slithering around, wherever it pleased. I did a fairly good job of avoiding it, in the beginning but eventually it struck out at locked onto my calf. The last thing I remember was wondering if I was going to make it to the hospital in time to not die.

      Fragment One

      This one was something about the Tree of the Dead, from the movie Sleepy Hollow. I don't remember much from the dream, except chopping away at the center of the tree, as if more trying to destroy it than investigate it. Just like in the movie, though, I was getting sprayed and saturated with the human blood and gore that made up the tree's insides. I don't remember any encounter with the Headless Horseman, or anything like that - just the tree, itself - though I do know that I had someone with me.

      Dream Two
      "The Thin Lucid Line"

      I was out for some good times with friends, and there was an attractive woman that just kind of fell into our group, after a while, along with some of her male and female friends. The woman and I had been getting along really well, and one of her friends was continuously trying to hook her up, but we all knew that there was going to be nothing going on between us. Throughout the day, I had been driving, and I vaguely remember stopping into a grocery store, before we all went to an apartment complex.

      The sun had just gone down, when a group of maybe 8 of us were walking through the parking lot, and two of the guys - one white, one black - decided to play, what they referred to as "a prank". They, then disappeared behind one of the buildings. A few seconds later, a woman comes running out from one of the hallways, screaming for the police, just as a patrol car 'happened' to be pulling into the complex.

      Naturally, we all scattered and attempted to evade the police. While running through the parking lot, I'd begun to suspect that I was dreaming. Taking one huge leap, I launched myself into the air, and nearly touched the roof of one of the tall apartment buildings, slowly descending back toward the ground. Trying to keep myself calm and get my bearings within the dream state, I took another jump, just a bit more focused, and touched-down to the rooftop. I, then, flew across the parking lot, to the rooftop across from the building I was once on. (I had originally wanted to do the 'Lucid Task of the Month' but I had completely forgotten, by this point.) Now, assured that I was dreaming, I went back down to find my group.

      The cops had everyone rounded up. There were two black cops and one white one - the two black cops acting nonchalant and, ridiculously enough, carrying basketballs as if they were trying to appeal to us level (while being racial stereotypes, obviously). They started putting us in their cruiser and the white cop turned to me and started making bigoted remarks. Still lucid, I just laughed at him and said something smart, in return. Becoming instantly defensive, the cop pulled out his gun and shot me in one leg. It felt like a light punch, and ultimately didn't faze me at all, in terms of pain. The act was, though, irritating, and it caused me to laugh directly in his face, at his futility.

      I said something like "you fool! This is a dream. This is My dream! You think you can hurt me, here??" I then held up one hand and challenged him to shoot me in the hand, just to prove to him (read as: myself) that I could override the pain. He looked at my hand, and back at me...and then he shot me multiple times in the Legs, again. It caught me a little off-guard, but I focused on ignoring the pain and what little discomfort came about had immediately disappeared.

      Again, his defiance irritated me, but caused me to laugh at him through grit teeth. I was just just about to go completely OP'd on him, when I felt the dream beginning to fade away. I didn't even try to fight waking up, though, even though I would have enjoyed tormenting this DC, and I just let the dream slip away while I awoke.

      I've noticed some recurring themes of racism and fascism in my dreams, lately. Makes sense, really. I've been taking in a lot of politics, and playing games like Tomb Raider and The Last of Us, which contain a lot of such situations. No question as to whether waking world media is seeping into my dreams. Lol.
    2. Last Month's Dreams

      by , 03-08-2015 at 05:08 AM
      (That I bothered writing down. I've been super lazy about the stuff recently with starting a new job and whatnot.)

      February 13:

      Catching cats in a specialized car that has a giant bin in the back for cats to fall into. Driving around on roads and cats are falling from highway overpasses/out of the sky/etc for me to collect. Totally made sense at the time.

      February 14:

      At a shady Kia dealership where I bought a car before. Came with my mother, brought my work MacBook with me for some reason and was trying to get on their Wi-Fi. Sleazy car salesman shows up, I want to test drive some of the newer Kia Rios. Leave the dealership on a bus. Start asking people where this bus is going, and nobody will tell me. The scenery changes from desert to snow and starts going up the road to the ice castle from Frozen. I have an 'aha' moment and wake up.
    3. 12/15/2014 - "Once the Sun Goes Down"

      by , 12-30-2014 at 04:14 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Once the Sun Goes Down..."

      I was in a supernatural town, where everything apparently goes ape-shit, after dark. (Think 'Silent Hill''.) People turn into zombies; monsters come out to prowl - the whole nine.

      My first experience with this town was absolute horror. Everyone around was sporadically transforming into Nightmare Creatures, and it seemed as if they were fixated on me. I was constantly on the run, with a new 'breed' of monster popping up around every other corner. I came to be sprinting through the high, balcony walkways of a massive castle when I was confronted by some sort of 'spinning wheel of death'. It radiated red and orange sparks and whizzed through the air like a large Frisbee, ricocheting off of the walls and stone surfaces as I ducked and dodged out of its way. Shortly after escaping this disc, I began to hear thunderous footsteps approaching me from behind. Something big was coming. I ran faster through the hall, trying to put as much distance between myself and those giant footsteps as I could.

      Then, the dream reset.

      I don't know if I was eventually killed by something, or what, but the dream suddenly zapped me back to sundown, and to the very start of this town's hellish transformation. This time, though, I was aware fact that my experience had just started over, and that it wasn't simply Deja Vu. I realized that this was a dream! Again nightfall came, and again, the populace of this city turned to hideous, blood-thirsty monsters.

      This time, though, I was able to tear through the beasts with little resistance, acting as a warrior god among these now-harmless hordes. Utilizing mostly telekinesis and simple energy blasts from my hands, and following pretty much the same path as I had previously taken through this world, I was soon back up in the castle, confidently (and whimsically) fighting my way through the hallways and back onto the balcony. Just as before, I saw the 'spinning wheel of death', however, this time, it was inactive. It looked to be just a rickety, old sewing wheel with blades set around it, propped up against the balcony, but it lacked the glowing, rotating element of 'surefire death' that it had, the last time I saw it.

      Then, those booming footsteps returned, just as before. Instead of running, though, I turned back to face their origin, surprised to see Thanos, of all people, stomping his way toward me. Even while lucid, I hesitated to rush at my mental projection of an advancing Thanos, so I took a flying leap off of the balcony and dove all the way down to the ground level. The titan followed suit and landed directly behind me. We then began a sort of cat-and-mouse down the side of the mountain upon which the castle rested. Even though I was lucid, I was admittedly on the defensive, but I was doing a good job of blocking and dodging his rushing attacks as he pursued me down the mountainside.

      The chase was the last thing I remember.
    4. 10/05/2014 - "Z-Day Diversion"

      by , 10-06-2014 at 02:47 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Z-Day Diversion"

      Deep in the zombie apocalypse, my allies and I were holed up inside of a prison (The Walking Dead style), and trying our best to survive. Directly next to this prison (comically-close) was a hospital. The hospital was 100% zombie-infested, but we found ourselves having to venture over there for food and supplies (much like the 'self-infection' sequence in World War Z). I remember seeing sweeping shots of many of the hospital hallways, and how there were scores of the undead just roaming about. It was always harrowing, but it was the only place we could get the supplies we needed, so we had to brave it.

      We found that there was a missile-launcher on the roof of the prison, set upon a turret. I can't remember why, but I had to make my way up to the tower where the missile was. I think it had malfunctioned, and we were planning on using it to (somehow) make an escape from the prison, or end the apocalypse with a strategically-placed attack (or something), so I went up to try to get it working again. While I was fiddling with the launcher, it suddenly armed itself and the turret began moving. It didn't take long for me to realize that it was attempting to aim itself at me. I scrambled around on the tower, trying to keep myself out of the line of sight of this missile - not that I was sure it was going to fire at me at such a close range, inevitably blowing up part of the prison with me. Eventually, I got to where I was partially hanging off of the tower by my hands, but I was in the weapon's blind spot.

      This incident led me to find out that there was a secret faction of 'elites', who were watching us and 'controlling' our situation, from afar. They were the ones whom had taken remote control of the missile launcher and threatened to take me out, had I attempted to use it. Our apocalyptic survival was a part of some larger experiment, and we were being manipulated and studied, even while we suffered through one gruesome zombie-encounter after another. Those of us who survived banded together to try and figure out the mystery of who was putting us through this, and why, but I don't remember much more.

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    5. 09/08/2014 and 09/08/2014 - Fragment; "Totem Experiment #2"

      by , 09-09-2014 at 04:23 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Bladed Djinn"

      Running through an array of back yards and hopping random fences, I was trying to get away from a creature that reminded me of the djinn from the movie Wishmaster. It could also shapeshift, and merge itself with the surroundings. It would frequently disappear into the earth and move within it, then it would morph sections of itself into blades, stabbing upward at my feet and legs as I scurried up and over the residential properties. It was like fighting an ugly version of the T-1000 from Terminator 2.

      "Totem Experiment #2"

      (Another small success, this morning, though my quality of sleep has been less than great, and my recall is still suffering. I had been checking my totem, all throughout the day, yesterday. One of the last times checking it was when I was driving home from work at midnight, rolling it around in my hand and getting a feel for it while asserting that I was dreaming. I tried to levitate it in my hand, while willing it to point me toward my (as yet confidential) objective/destination. After going home and hanging out for a while, I went to bed, clutching my totem and setting my focus upon it.)

      I was driving down the road at night, seemingly on the same highway by which I make my way to and from work. Holding onto my totem, I began to check my state and gradually came to suspect I was dreaming. To confirm this, I looked down at my totem and attempted to move it with my mind. It suddenly stood straight up in my palm, like a football standing on one end. I believe that I focused on either my hand or the object, to bring the dream into more clarity, but I'm not 100% sure.

      As was the plan, I then willed the totem to lead me to my intended destination. The magnet/totem then flew forward, off of my hand, and went through the windshield (without impacting it). I then started to drive after it, following it down the highway toward wherever it was trying to lead me.

      The next thing I remember, it was daytime, and I was standing on a high, grassy cliff with an unknown person. It is assumed that lucidity had already left me, but I can't really recall. The only thing I could see, beyond the green grass beneath our feet, was a bright, almost overwhelming, blue and white sky (I was actually looking at both of us from behind, in third-person). I can at least tell that this person was a friend, and we were having a conversation about something being "wrong" or "not working", although I don't remember what that particular thing was.

      (In hindsight, I have to wonder if we were talking about the lucid dream experiment? I really don't know. I don't think I was lucid for this part, though, so it's hard to tell exactly what we were referring to.
    6. 01/13/2012 thru 01/22/2012 - 1) "Tatano", 2) "Indecent Proposal" [+ Fragments]

      by , 01-29-2012 at 10:04 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream Fragment One

      I had gone to a club with T, in Orlando, and we had taken some 'skates'. During the course of the night, I'd seen him about to get into a fight with some random, really tall, dude. They were in each others' faces, and apparently only seconds away from throwing hands. Attempting to intervene, I stepped between them, somewhat sliding them apart with my hands. Obviously upset with this, the tall guy reaches over and shoves me backward, forcefully, as if trying to knock me to the floor. I instinctively rebounded back at him with a lunging fist to his jaw, completely laying him out. In no time at all, I was being ushered outside by the police, and questioned about what happened. I don't remember much of the interrogation, but they ended up letting me go.

      Dream Two

      I was exploring a mine, or some other sort of underground cave, which was flooded with waist-deep water. A small ledge rimmed the outer edges of the chamber that I was in, along with a few friends of mine. The water was very murky and someone soon exclaimed there was something moving in the water. Shortly afterward, a surge of current came through this waterway, and some of us began to get swept away and toward a dark tunnel ahead. We were able to hang onto the wall, where the current was much weaker then in the center, and pull ourselves out of the water and onto the ledge.

      While we were sitting there on this leg - pretty much stuck, until the current subsided enough for us to make our way back out the way we came - we encountered another group of people coming (somehow) out of the cave that we were almost just swept into. They were of either Native or Latin American descent, and all carrying guns. Apparently, it was some kind of illegal faction or cartel. I also had a small pistol on my hip, but there were more of them than there were of us, and I figured drawing on them would probably be the worst mistake I could make. The leader of the group made some rambling threat to us about how "the Tatano Comes" for the people of our region, however, they didn't really go into detail about just what 'The Tatano' was. After holding us for a brief period, they let us go home. We were all terrified, though, because they had issued the threat not necessarily to us as individuals, but to all of the people in our community. They were extremely vague, though, so even though we knew that they were planning something, we didn't exactly know what. Once back in our community (apparently, we shared a neighborhood), we started theorizing what they meant by 'The Tatano Comes'. I couldn't figure out if they meant some kind of abominable monster or if 'The Tatano' was the name of their outfit, and they were going to raid our community with guns and whatnot.

      It turned out to be the latter. A short while after our encounter, the men had begun to invade our neighborhood. It was now the dead of winter (and was snowing heavily, even though I live in Florida), and I was now watching the dream from a disembodied perspective. I was watching a tiny Latina friend, from my earlier group (whom I believe is someone I know IRL, but am not sure), and she was dressed in a ninja dogi. My perspective followed her as she sneaked around through the night time snow flurries, using stealth to sneak up on the individual, occupying members of 'The Tatano', silently executing them, one by one.

      (Sometime during the day after this dream, I came to realize that this dream was directly influenced by a mission that I'd played on Skyrim, before bed. I'd tried to incubate a Skyrim related dream, while playing, and didn't even recognize the similarities, because of how well-hidden they were. In the game, I had to break into a cave belonging to a group of bandits, who wore primitive, Native American-esque outfits. The cave was slightly filled with water. There was a lot of tension building up, while I made my way into and through the cave, stealthily taking down as many opponents, individually, as I could. The apparent 'boss' of these bandits was a female, which might be the reason why I found the tiny female in my group to be such a prominent character.)

      Dream Fragment Three
      (This entire dream was disembodied, though I only remember two very brief scenes.)
      I was watching Marty McFly (Back to the Future) test out a hoverboard in Doc Brown's garage/lab. I got the distinct impression that this was still the 1985 reality, and that the hover-board was either brought back from the future or built from the design of the one he had in the future (and then the past). There was some little kid hanging out in the garage, too, and he said something like "whoa! A hover-board!" and, even though I was just kind of observing this dream, passively, I remember wondering just how this kid from the '80s knew what a hover-board was.

      Later, Marty was at home with his girlfriend from the movie. She'd gotten around to telling him that she was pregnant and they were going to have a baby. They were both overjoyed with the whole thing, and began making love on the couch. Again, even though I was nothing but a spectator, I remember becoming a bit jealous at the amount of raw emotion and passion I was seeing in the scene.

      Dream Fragment

      (Unfortunately, I've pretty much lost all of the details to this dream. I had watched the movie The Immortals before going to bed, so the dream was heavily based upon that.)

      There was some epic, mythological battle going on, and I was entrusted by the Gods to wield Poseidon's trident. Of course, I was reluctant to take on the responsibility, but the deities (whomever they were) were convinced that I had it within me to succeed in destroying Earth's foes. The main thing that I can remember is a part in the battle where I was treading water in a seemingly bottomless ocean or harbor or something. There was an opponent coming up at me from the depths, and I kept firing shot after shot of golden light from Poseidon's trident, down toward my attacker. Every desperate shot pushed him/it further and further deeper into the water beneath me, as I just continued frantically blasting away from the surface. There was so much more that went on in this crazy, action-packed dream, but I really don't recall anything else.

      Dream Fragment

      (I successfully incubated a guitar-related dream, after a night of guitar practice.)
      The only thing I really remember was that I was teaching someone to play guitar, focusing mostly on fingering the fretboard. That's about it.

      Dream One
      "Indecent Proposal"

      I was in my old neighborhood, at the house my baby's mom and I used to share with her dad. It was late at night, and some unknown guy comes by. I happened to see him standing on the porch, through my bedroom window, and was wondering just wtf he was up to. When I went outside to question him, he told me that he was new to the area and thought that someone else lived here. We started talking for a moment and he told me that he'd been going around the neighborhood meeting people and had been set up to meet some girls in a nearby house, for some fun. He said that I seemed pretty cool, and he invited me to tag along. Apparently, my ex and I were still together, and I told him that I wouldn't be able to join him. He then smiled and asked if my girl was a freak, because I could just bring her along. Lol.

      Again, I respectfully declined and sent him on his way. After that, I remember having a brief conversation with my ex's dad, whom I was surprised to find was actually home at the time. Then, sometime later still, I was out on the porch again and saw that the guy I'd met earlier was coming back around in the direction of our house, with a girl on each arm. He noticed me standing around outside and, just as he was restating his offer for me to come hang out with them, I woke up.

      Dream Fragment Two
      I was with some friends and family, at some kind of massive protest downtown - like an OWS function or something. There was an insane crowd in the street. My mom was with us, and I think my friend JS was there. The more the night went on, the more volatile things were becoming, and we were beginning to fear that violence was going to erupt, any moment. Indeed, in one corner of the sea of people, a commotion started. The small scuffle led to a lot of pushing and shoving and angry words, in that region of the crowd. The last thing I remember is my group wading through a crowd of the potential rioters, in order to have some words with the more important figure heads of the event, and try to help them restore order.
    7. 01/09/2012 and 01/10/2012 - 1) "Two Left Feet", 2) "Illusionista" [+ Fragment]

      by , 01-29-2012 at 09:50 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream Fragment One
      I was boarding a train, but I can't remember where I was supposed to be going. What I did come to find out was that I'd gotten onto the wrong, and the one I was on was heading 'non-stopped' to Australia (which made perfect sense. ). I began to panic a bit, thinking that I was going to be stuck on this train for God knows how long. But, not too far from where we'd boarded, we came to another station, where I was able to hop onto a different train and head back the other way. For some reason (probably because I didn't have a ticket for this new train), I had to share an 'undercarriage' beneath the train - which had about as much room as the space beneath an 18-wheeler's trailer. There were a few other people down there, and we were holding on for dear life, to the small planks that separated us from the train tracks which were whizzing by, beneath us. With the way we had to hold onto the planks, I kept getting nervous that my fingers were going to get caught in the wheels and severed.

      Dream Two
      "Two Left Feet"

      I remember being in an apartment complex type of setting. There were a few women there, who were around my age, and a couple of little kids that were running around the area. I was having a lot of fun, playing with the kids, and this one girl - in particular - was really checking me out. She seemed to be watching how I interacted with the kids, and by the huge smile on her face, I could see that she approved. Later, I was at a nightclub and saw her in the crowd. When she noticed me, she grabbed my hand and dragged me to the dancefloor, just as "Ice Ice Baby" came on. We just laughed at how corny the song selection was and danced to it, anyway.

      While we were dancing, I kept having problems because it seemed like random things were just cluttering up the dancefloor, and I kept stepping on them. First it was a broom, that had hap-hazzardly made its way onto the floor. Then, once I was able to navigate clumsily around that, I somehow got my foot stuck into a pillow case. What had once been an attempt to dance now simply turned into me trying to get the damned pillowcase off of my foot, to no avail.


      There was a crazy alien invasion scenario going on. (Unfortunately, I lost most of the details of the dream.) It was all very intense, and dramatic, with lots of emotional moments between myself and my friends and family. I don't remember too much about the nature of the aliens, themselves, aside from their larval form; they were these small, centipede-like bugs that would burrow into our skin, wherein they would multiply and eventually take over the person's mind, which them became the 'host'. There was an extremely horrific scene in which some of us - myself included - were forced to take knives to our own bodies and cut these parasites out of our flesh (much like in the movie The Ruins), to keep from becoming completely controlled.

      Sometime later, I also remember an extremely emotional moment, when I was with my mom, and we were trying to get out of town as the aliens were destroying everything. We were looking back toward the city, and watching an enormous mushroom cloud swell up from where we'd once called home. My mom was sobbing at all we'd lost, and I was trying to console her.

      Later, still, we'd come to find out that the entire scenario was an illusion. It was forced upon us by some crazy powerful witch, or something. I can't remember how we'd done it, but we were able to defeat her, and got her locked up in an asylum for the criminally insane. She was being wheeled away on a gurney, and, once she got passed a certain point - and deeper within the bowels of the asylum, she broke free and tried to launch some sort of counter-attack from the inside. She transformed, showing us her true figure, which was human from the torso up, but had the enormous abdomen of an insect. We'd gotten into a final battle, down in a dungeon-esque corner of the building, and were able to inject her with something from a syringe, which made her inhuman abdomen swell up even bigger than it was. Inevitably, it burst, splattering a thick, translucent liquid all over us and the room. After that, though she was still alive, the witch was apparently unable to continue her fight.
    8. 12/27/2011 thru 01/09/2012 - 1) "Beachside", 2) "ET Eviction" [+Fragments]

      by , 01-29-2012 at 09:44 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Fragment One
      There was a huge war going on between the Autobots and Decepticons. I was Optimus Prime, and just going around and completely destroying all of the Decepticons in my path; ripping them apart with my blades and cannons. At one point, I was having an argument with one of the other Autobots about whether we should drive into battle, in our vehicle forms, or just run in on our robot legs.

      Dream Two:

      A had a white horse, which I was riding up and down Daytona Beach. After a while, I had gone into one of the larger hotels and was riding the horse all through the building, while people tried to dodge out of our path. At one point, I remember dismounting the horse and was petting it, then it dropped down onto its back and 'offered' its stomach to me, like a dog waiting to have his belly rubbed, which I did.

      Later, back out on the beach, I was 'bodysurfing' on some of the waves. I remember catching one that seemed endless, and pushed me back toward the shore, for what seemed like a half mile. I achieved a very low level of lucidity around here, and I began to wonder if being out in the ocean was going to make my subconscious manifest any nightmare creatures. I kept bodysurfing, but was getting increasingly worried about that, so I ended up making my way back to dry land. While walking around the beach, I spotted a gorgeous girl, sitting on a wooden deck about 20 yards from me. Having thought back to the conversation I'd been having the other day about using lucid dreaming as an arena to practice social activity, I began making my way across the sand, to talk to this girl, which isn't usually something I'd just up and do. The walk in her direction seemed to take forever. In fact, it seem that, the more I walked, the more I was just really not getting anywhere. It was like the ground was stretching as I was walking across it.

      I don't actually remember making it over to her, before waking up.

      I was with a group of people that were breaking into someone's house. (I believe I was younger, in this dream.) There was really no reason we were breaking in. It was just an empty house, at the time. Later, the owner of the house - who was supposed to be gone longer than he was - came home. We all tried to bolt, but some of us couldn't get out fo the house in time, and had to hide. One kid was caught, and was getting interrogated by the house owner, so he ended up telling where some of the rest of us were hiding. Just I was about to be discovered I became lucid. Knowing it was just a dream, I decided to save the guy the trouble of coming to look for me, and I just walked out of my hiding spot to give him an explanation of what was going on.

      That's all I remember.

      "ET Eviction"

      I was practically at War with this little, red, alien thing that had found its way into my house. It was a thin little red tube of something - kind of like a parasitic worm or something - that was really thin and about 8 inches long. On top of that, it could stretch to a much greater length and had a tooth-filled mouth on one end. With its malleable, stretchable body, this thing could fit through the smallest cracks and hold onto most surfaces, no matter how hard I pulled on it, because all it would do is stretch like elastic. Sometimes, I would try to shove it out a door, and then it would squeeze itself back in through the cracks in the doorframe. Or, if it was holding onto something and refusing to budge, I would pull and pull - stretching it out to about 5 feet or so, and then it would 'snap' back onto my hands and wrap itself around my wrists, like a child holding onto your leg to keep from being made to leave your side. Sometimes, I would get it way out into the field outside my old house, and throw it at the ground, and then I would haul-ass back to my house and try to close the door, only to have it somehow arrive at the same time and we'd continue our struggle again.

      Finally, after what seemed like dozens of minutes of work, I was able to get the thing out of the house, again. It was latched onto my wrists and just biting the shit out of my hands. I was trying to take it even further than I had before, but I woke up before I was able to get it unlatched from my hands.

      My friend and ex-g/f MJ was telling her present b/f lies about me, to justify our hanging out together. She had been telling them that I was now gay or had HIV or something, in order to convince him that we weren't sleeping together when we were hanging out and he wasn't around (which we haven't been). I'd found out about this, though, and became really upset that she took to lying about it instead of just telling him straight up that I was still her best friend and we will still be hanging out, even though we're both straight (which is the actual situation now). I confronted her about it and she got irrationally crazy about the fact that I was even bringing it up, and she stormed off.

      All I can remember is that this was a short fragment about having an extremely badass bicycle, which was something of a cross between a touring bike and a mountain bike. I was riding toward MJ's house, who apparently lived in Longwood, in this dream, though she doesn't in real life. I really don't remember very much at all, though.

      I was in an apartment complex and getting attacked by a porcupine. It ran out of the bushes and I got its quills stuck in my foot - straight through my shoes. Dropped to the ground, from the pain, I crawled my way away from this advancing porcupine, dragging myself up the nearby stairs, which the porcupine was not able to climb. Once at the top of the stairway, I began pulling all of these twelve (or so) inch quills out of my feet. It was excruciating. (It was a lot like the old Freddy Kruger dream I'd had, years back, where I was pulling the long nails out of my gums, but this was in my feet.) The last thing I can remember is the few agonizing minutes I had, trying to get the barbs from out of my feet and toes.

      Dream Fragment Two
      My best friend was leaving for Australia again (which he is), and we just spent the whole dream hanging out with each other and enjoying each other's company before he ships off again.

      Getting to 3rd base with TW, an ex-co-worker of mine who extremely attractive. There were a bunch of people in my house, who kept interrupting us, every time things would start to heat up between her and I. One of those people happened to be my baby's momma.

      It was the middle of the night, and there were three Hagravens in my house. (Been playing a lot of Skyrim lately.) The only thing I really remember is running into my room and trying to slam the door behind me. The trio got caught in the door frame and I had to keep pushing and slamming my shoulder against the door to beat them back. I was also trying to take care of them as quietly as possible, because my daughter was asleep in the next room and - Hagravens or not - I was really trying not to wake her up. After a short scuffle over the doorway, they were finally able to bust into my room. I woke up as soon as they smashed the dooframe in.
    9. 12/14/2011 thru 12/25/2011 - Fragments

      by , 01-29-2012 at 09:37 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      I don't remember much besides making some kind of life or death deal with someone at a fast food drive-thru, driving an old muscle car with a TV in it (watching Deathproof), and demanding that my kid go to bed while she kept pestering me because she wanted to stay up and play Skyrim all night.

      I had met a girl who had been severely injured near my home, and I brought her in to try and help nurse her a bit. While we were there, I'd come into contact with some other girl who had recently died and was haunting my house (which wasn't my waking world house, btw). At first, I was the only person who could see the ghost, and I didn't know whether to bring it up or not, but then the other girl started to see the female ghost too. She would show up in mirrors and reflections in windows and whatnot. The girl I was helping began to think she was going insane, even though I told her I could see the ghost as well.

      Fragment One
      I was test driving a Dodge Viper on a quarter mile track, and the one thing I really remember is getting down to the end of the track and pulling the e-brake, slinging the back end around in a pretty awesome 180.

      Fragment Two
      My friend and co-worker MJ stayed at work later than she usually does, and we got to hang out for a little while longer than normal. It was nice.

      Fragment One

      Something about using hamsters and weapons. I think it was kind of a Wanted scenario, where we strapped bombs to them or something, in order to use them to infiltrate some sort of facility. I don't really know for certain, though.

      Fragment Two
      I was apparently living at T's place, and had gotten into some kind of argument with his dad, who was implying that I shouldn't be living with them anymore, and looking for a place to live, myself, instead. Fed up with his words, I decided to pack my crap and leave. I ended up moving into some strange aircraft/helicopter thing with 3 women. It kind of looked like the 'Bunny-faced' mobile suit from the movie Sucker Punch, but with props and more room inside. The last thing I remember is being in the cockpit of this aircraft (which looked like an office interior), and having a conversation with them about something.


      I was talking with Auron about the hip hop group Smif 'n Wesson. Of the two group members, he said that Tek sucks, and that he was 'mad at' Steele, for some reason, but I didn't even really know what he meant by that, because he wouldn't explain why. He was also testing out some racing video game, during our conversation, and he was racing a 'ghost car' - which is a phantom car that tracks the best time for the track and saves the data. After some time, though, we'd come to figure out that the 'ghost car' was actually being controlled by the invisible ghost of a young girl, who was sitting in the room with us, manipulating the 2nd player controller.

      I don't remember anything else, though.
    10. 12/06/2011 - "Chocolate"

      by , 12-13-2011 at 08:34 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)

      I was in the woods, but I believe I was only watching this dream; disembodied. It was a backwoods slasher-movie type of scenario, with this huge, hulking mutant of a hillbilly cannibal lumbering around in a filthy shack. I had seen more of this 'creature' - for lack of a better word - earlier on in the dream, but I don't remember very much. I know that he had a double-barrelled shotgun that he carried on him, at all times, and his house was pretty much just carelessly littered with the carcasses of his past victims. And that he was ugly, and that the only word he ever said throughout the dream was "chocolate", in a low, neanderthalic voice.

      Before too long, there was a group of three hikers, who'd come up a trail that took them into this freakshow's area. They soon found themselves confronted by this monstrousity and abducted at gunpoint - thrown into cages and held until their new host decided that he was hungry. The room that they were being held in looked like a lion's den. The rotting remains of his 'left-overs' thrown carelessly all across the room. It was a disgusting sight, and the hikers knew that they had to try to and escape as soon as they could. At first, they could only see the gory, dismembered remains of those who were there before them, but it wasn't until later that they figured out their mutant captor was actually eating his victims. One of the hikers actually ended up being eaten, but I don't remember it. However I did find out that "chocolate" was what he refered to his victims as, while eating them.

      The last thing I remember is that 2 of the hikers had made it out of the ordeal alive. The other was 'turned into chocolate' - meaning he was eaten. (Actually, it wasn't until writing this, that I realized how much the mutant's calling his victims 'chocolate' sounded so much like when Majin Buu was turning people into chocolate on Dragonball Z.) The remaining two had spent the last few minutes running for their lives, through the woods, and had stopped somewhere to breathe, thinking that they had lost their pursuer. I was watching them, sitting on a downed tree trunk, just beginning to relax after the hell they'd been through. Then, I heard the familiar grumble of the word "chocolate," and twin shotgun barrells raised up into my perspective, as if I was the one behind the trigger. There was a loud blast, and I watched one of the men explode, from his head to his ribcage - ripped open as if the shotgun blast had been a grenade that went off in his body. I had just enough time to see the man beside him flinch from the crimson explosion, before everything went black.
    11. 12/04/2011 and 12/05/2011 - 1) "Tactical Entrapment", 2) "Halloween: Reincarnation"

      by , 12-13-2011 at 08:24 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      (Got some catching up to do. I actually just bought myself a 'sleep mask', because I figured a lot of my trouble with recall has to do with the fact that I'm waking up around noon now, usually, and light is always streaming into my room, interrupting my sleep. I've never slept with one of these sleep masks on, before, but I'm beginning to like it. My recall and lucid count has skyrocketted, in the past few days. I'm sure the melatonin and alternating doses of 5-HTP and B6 are probably helping. )


      "Tactical Entrapment"

      I was back in high school (maybe. At least it felt like high school), and some friends and I were talked into bringing out favorite weapons from home, for some kind of show and tell. We'd been told that it was perfectly fine, and we weren't going to get in trouble for it. Of course, as soon as we were about to start our presentations, the police busted into the classroom and apprehended us. We sure that we'd been sold out, and were going to be taken to jail, but they had other plans. They offered us a pardon, if we would be a part of a 'super-soldier' experiement and agree to be given a drug that was supposed to make us stronger and faster, after which, we would be properly trained for combat. Fighting what? I never found out. Even though they were police, they were very straight-forward about this procedure being completely illegal, but times were appearently desperate. There were others there with me, and we all took turns explaining what our skills were, if any. Not really just fighting skills, but what we were good at, in other areas of our lives. After this little 'getting to know you' session, we all eagerly took the experimental pills and began our training.

      Later, we were all out battling in the middle of a desert. I remember 'scrolling up' to see a map of our area (as if pulling up the map on Skyrim), and seeing an icon of an enormous serpent, coming up in front of us. Shortly after, we reached the creature. I'd thought it was dead, because it just sat there, motionless, as we approached. After a certain distance, though, this huge beast sprang to life. It began slithering fluidly about the area, snapping at us with quick, powerful strikes and then burrowing away into the sand to strike from another angle. The last thing I remember is fleeing the scene, while a tangled knot of numerous, identical serpents writhed and tumbled itself around us in pursuit.

      "Halloween: Reincarnation"

      I can't really peg whether this dream happened in an huge mansion, or a giant facility, like a factory or service area of a mall or something. I do remember that the place was crawling with supernatural creatures, from zombies to ghosts, and that the story centered around a mother and child that had something to do with a reincarnation of Michael Myers. I can't remember if they - combined - were supposed to be his reincarnated self, or maybe just one of them. In any case, I had to fight my way through all of these 'low-level' creatures, in order to finally get to them.

      When I'd finally caught up to them, we were on the second floor of large room, like a lobby or a main hall. I had become lucid, somewhere during the chase, and was able to take out the mother without much problem - though I don't really remember doing it. The second floor railing had overlooked the first, and we had a short standoff near the banister, where she ended up falling over the railing to her death. The son, I remember perfectly. I'd picked him up by his collar. He'd been trying to stab me, before then, but really didn't pose all that much of a threat to me. I was still following the story line, though, so I felt obligated to get rid of the kid, somehow.

      Not wanting to be too morbid about it, I simply tossed the kid off of the second floor balcony as well, compelled to follow him with my eyes, all the way to the bottom. I just wasn't quite sure how my dream would dictate the outcome of his fall. It was quite sickeningly realistic, though, with his neck snapping to one side as he landed headfirst on the first floor, next to his mother's body. My curiosity had been satisfied, but it made me a little remorseful. I didn't have time to dwell on it, though, as more of the creatures from before began to swarm around my position. Following the boy I'd just murdered, I jumped down from the second floor railing and landed on the first floor, bolting from the house, now that my mission had been done.

      The last thing I remember while trying to escape is driving backward into a lake, and having to crawl out the window as the car began to fill with water. I don't believe I was lucid anymore, though, by this time.
    12. 11/25/2011 - 1) "Parenting Fail", 2) "Blown Out of the Sky"

      by , 11-26-2011 at 08:23 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream One
      "Parenting Fail"

      I was at a party with a bunch of people. Everyone was smoking out of these massive hookahs, and just kind of lounging around the house. There were like a dozen or so adults, and maybe 2 or 3 kids running around. I kept looking at these kids, a bit agitated that their parents would let them roam the house with all of these activities going on. At one point, one of the kids was just sitting in a big group of smoking adults, just staring at the hookah while someone was taking a hit, with this big look of 'wooooow, what is thaaat?' on his face. I just kind of sat there and watched, shaking my head.

      Later, one of the girls was dancing around the room all provocatively to the music. She moved up to one of the toddlers and started dancing and grinding on him like he was some dude in the club. She even dropped down low and pulled him to her, planting a pretty filthy-looking kiss dead on his lips. She then pulled away and continued on dancing around the room, while the kid just stood there with this dumbfounded-toddler look on his face. I was pretty much just mentally facepalming at the whole ordeal.

      Dream Two
      "Blown out of the Sky"

      I was lying down, naked, in an enclosed area. Another body - petite; also naked - was sleeping on top of my chest. I could already tell it was a female, and she was lying face down with her cheek practically nuzzled into my neck. I don't remember the dialogue, but I heard a male voice, outside of the enclosure, telling me that it was TW (an extremely attractive friend of mine, IRL) and she had some kind of medical condition, where if she laid on her back for too long, she would stop breathing and die. She had apparently just rolled over, on her stomach, on top of me, and so the voice told me that I had to keep her there, asleep, so that she would neither wake up nor roll back over onto her back, where she would be in danger of suffocating. I had no idea what we were even doing, lying in this chamber together, but the feeling of having here there with me was just amazing. I was just loving it. I'd always had a thing for TW, and to have her lying here on top of me was just Heaven. She shuffled softly against me, and I put a hand dow onto her lower back, feeling her soft flesh rise and fall with another breath, confirming that she was breathing well and ok to be in this position. (With the lighting and everything, it felt like the final scene in The Fifth Element, where Corbin and Leeloo are in the rejuvination chamber.)

      The dream skipped ahead, and TW and I were then sitting on an airplane together. We had gotten word (over the intercom, I believe), that we were under attack from rocket fire. No sooner did we get this warning, than a rocket slammed into the far section of the plane, causing a huge explosion. The far side of the plane (which I'm guessing was the front, because we were facing that way) tore right off of the rest of the aircraft, leaving a gaping hole, through which people and chairs began streaming out of the plane, into the night sky. We could only brace against each other and watch scores of people rip away from us - flinging out to God knows where - while we, still buckled into our seats - spiraled sickeningly toward a ground that we could not see. (My notes say something about making a deal with someone, which I don't really remember the details of, but I believe it had something to do with the attack on the plane.)

      Soon, we were pulling ourselves out of the wreckage, having landed on some remote island somewhere. I don't remember the actual impact, though. (It all seemed very Lost-like.) The plane was in ruins, but there were still a few survivors. Someone, who I believe might have been the pilot (even though he should have been torn away from us, with the rest of the plane), came onto the intercom, and apologized for the rough landing, but said that 'at least it was better than the last time'...whatever that meant.

      We were then out in the wilderness, somewhere, and we ran across a group of bandits who held us up (presumably, the ones who shot us down). They seemed pretty primative, but they had weapons, and we didn't, so they began to take hostages. Once one of them got me in a chokehold, and I began to panic a bit, I also began to realize that I was dreaming. I held up one fist in front of me, and tried to make a large blade grow out of my knuckles. It didn't work, though, and I just could not get the weapon to materialize. Instead, I pointed to another one of the bandits, and made a 'flicking' gesture with my hand, as if I was brushing dust off of an old countertop. The man I was looking at promptly exploded and disappeared into thin air. The rest of the bandits stared at me in shock, and began to fall back. The one who'd once had a hold of me quickly let me go. Now content with the upper-hand, I let out a huge 'Shout' (taking a cue from Skyrim) and unleashed a nice shockwave of sound, which blew some of the bandits backward. I could see the shockwave roll across the high grass and a nearby river bed, blasting into a patch of trees in the distance, where a grizzly bear had been standing. The husky bear reeled from the sound wave and turned tail to run away.

      Quite satisfied with this, I went to turn my attention back to the bandits and saw that there was something coming, from off to one side. It was very large and moving over the river, but there was really nothing that we could identify - because of the wanton splashes of water, shrouding the large, dark figure. At first, I thought it was a giant alligator - with a body some 15ft in diameter. But, when it got close enough to cease run/stomping through the water, its true form was revealed. It was a dragon - a pretty badass dragon, actually; all jagged, bony features and dark, nearly-black scales. It stopped in front of us, staring directly into my face, and had a short conversation with me, referring to me as the 'Dragonborn' (which is the nickname given to the lead character in Skyrim, which I have been playing lately, of course). I remember that it had the deep voice of the huge first dragon that I encountered in Skyrim, but I don't remember the conversation that we had.

      Shortly after this, I was walking through a field, along with TW. I took a moment to look at my hands, trying to ground myself into the dream a bit. My left hand looked fine, but I noticed that my right hand was missing two fingers and the thumb, bony stumps left where the fingers should be. Again, my memory skips ahead a little while. We were then in a more urban area, and a group of thugs pulled up in a caravan of jeeps and SUVs. There were a few more people in my group, now, than when it was just TW and I. They held us all at gunpoint, and the leader had this weird-looking gun that looked like it had 100 taser barbs, ready to fire. From the hardcore look of the weapon, though, it looked like the barbs would do a lot more than just send a couple of 1000 volts through someone. Still lucid, though, I kept getting in the leader's face, daring him to shoot me, trying to keep his attention off of the other people in my group.

      There was another transition, and TW and I were back in the wilderness - more of a jungle area, actually. We were in a small pond of murky water. We were about stomach-deep, and it was only about 12 feet wide, so there already wasn't much room for us. It seemed much smaller, though. Much more crowded. That's when I noticed there was something very large, floating in the pond, just inches in front of me. It was actually taking up most of the space in the pond. I looked at it for a moment, and couldn't figure out what. It looked very rough, like it was a patch of hard Earth that was sticking up just a few inches out of the water. Then, I noticed it had a face, and on the near side of that face, I saw one, slit-pupiled eye staring back at me. An alligator. A very, very large alligator. TW seemed to recognize it as a gator, at the same time as I did. I could see a quiet panic building up on her face, and I was feeling quite intimidated, myself. We shuffled quietly, trying to walk our way around it. I could see, though, that with every movement I made to get passed the gator, the gator's head would turn just slightly, in order to keep its eye on me. It was watching me, and I had a feeling it was about to strike at me, at any moment. I knew that this was a dream, but I wasn't really sure of what to do in the situation. I knew had to do something, though.

      On instinct, I suddenly lunged at the enormous gator, landing on it's back and trying to wrap my arms around its mouth, from a mounted position. I landed a little too low on its body, though, and was only able to grab around its neck. The gator reared its head back, toward me, snapping its jaws just beside my head and grabbing ahold of my right ear with its teeth. I felt it bite down, but it didn't hurt all that match. I was, however, seemingly stuck. This thing would not let go of me, and I was not about to let go of it, giving it more room to manuever. This thing could have easily bitten the top portion of my body in half, it was so big.

      The last thing I remember is splashing around in the pond, fighting this massive reptile that had a vice-grip on my ear, while TW tried to escape the water.
    13. 11/22/2011 and 11/23/2011 - 1) "Everybody Out of the Deadpool!", 2) "No R.I.P. for the Weary"

      by , 11-26-2011 at 08:19 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Woo! Been taking some B6, 5-HTP and Melatonin before bed, for the past couple of days, so my dreams have been coming back in full force.

      Dream Fragment
      'Making it Rain'

      Dream One
      "Everybody Out of the Deadpool!"

      I was disembodied, watching Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds version) being led through some industrial facility. It was being run by an evil syndicate and I believe it had an oil refinery to use as a front. The villains had taken Wade captive, and were going to perform all types of experiments on him - whether he liked it or not - to turn him into their mutant weapon: Deadpool. I could see a screen that was showing what mutant abilities they were going to be adding to his own, and I saw that it once referenced something about his 'motor-mouth', as if it was something that they were assessing. Wade was walking with this woman - who obviously didn't want to hear a thing he had to say - and he was just cracking all types of jokes. The woman was getting very visibly annoyed. It was rather hilarious. From the way he was acting, you wouldn't have been able to tell that he was being held there against his will.

      Sooner or later, there was a battle going on inside this facility. I believe Wade's team had come to bust him out, and to take down the syndicate, but I'm not exactly sure. I do know that a plan was devised to destroy the facility by some sort of nuclear device. I remember panic, as people were trying to stop the explosion and/or escape the facility. At the very end, the initial device had been disarmed, but someone else had set a back-up plan into motion, that caused the oil running through the facility to be channeled up into one single tunnel, where it began to well up. I could see someone running through the hallways, trying to escape the facility, and the ground around them was shaking. Telephone poles near the exit were wobbling. These were ominous signs that there was a massive explosion building beneath the facility. Then, the oil burst out of a single [manhole?], spraying an enormous geyser of oil into the air. My view pulled out, showing the full hundreds of feet that the black fluid shot into the air, piercing a large layer of green clouds that hung over the city. Gravity soon began to take hold, once the geyser hit its apex. The green clouds turned out to be a thick layer of methane gas that was hanging over the city (exactly like the scene in The Mask where Stanley and Tina are overlooking the city from the park, and it shows all the green methane emissions in the air).

      In what I believe was slow motion, I witnessed the villains watch this jet of black oil fly up into the air, blooming into an umbrella and falling back down toward the layer of methane that over the city. At that same moment, a fire was ignited in the facility, a trail of fire streaked up the oil geyser and toward the methane gas that the upward jet had broken through, and that the downward arc of falling oil was about to re-enter. I saw the look of impending doom on their faces. They knew what was about to happen. The fire - doing what it does - surged up the geyser, through the hole in the green gas, up to the apex of the oil fountain, and then began to rain back down toward the cloud of flammable methane. After a short moment of dramatic silence, the entire methane cloud combusted, creating an explosion, across the entire city, that would have rivaled any destructive blast that the team might have used to blow up the facility. The enormous mushroom cloud over the city was the last thing I remember of the dream.

      Dream Two
      "No R.I.P. for the Weary"

      I was in my old house in Canterbury. GV was gone, and I was in our room, with her father asleep in his own room, across the house. It was nighttime outside, and I was getting ready for bed. I had some kind of figurine or something that I was moving from one spot to another, and I suddenly began to feel eyes on me. I looked toward the window, still holding the figurine. Through the curtains, inside, and the bushes which sat outside the window, I saw a face and two eyes staring back at me. It was JJ. She gave me a mischievous smile and moved away from the window, as if to try and undo the fact that I had caught her spying on me. A little excited by this, I decided to go to the front door and invite her in. (Even though I was still living with GV, in the dream, I was single, just as we were for the last few months of our living together, IRL.)

      When I went to the living room, I went to open what I thought was the front door, and it turned out to be GV's dad's room door, which had switched sides of the house. I apologized to him and then went to the other side of the house, closer to where the front door should be, given this (new) layout. When I opened this door, it was the door to the carport, instead. I realized how strange this was. When I turned back to the living room, I realized that everything was backward. The house was set-up completely differently than it had been in waking life. It occurred to me that I was dreaming. What I didn't know was how long I'd been dreaming. I remembered that JJ was supposed to be coming in/over, and I'd wondered if I had fallen asleep before she arrived. Unsure about this, and quite anxious see where things were going to go with her, I tried to wake myself up, to make sure she wasn't really coming over.

      I "woke up" on my bed - completely oblivious to the fact that I was still dreaming - and went to the door (still in my old house, not my present one). JJ was there, and I let her in, happy to see that I hadn't missed the opportunity. She hung out in the room for a while, and then we inevitably started to fool around. Just then, there was a knock at the door. I went back out to open it, and my ex MJ was standing there. I knew that MJ and JJ didn't really like each other, so I was trying to stall MJ, so that she wouldn't know exactly what was going on here. It wasn't very long after this awkward moment, that I involuntarily received the most perfect distraction...


      Out of nowhere, a small band of zombies made its way into the house. (I had been talking with KC about The Walking Dead, the tv show, last night at work.). We all scrambled to get out of the house, grabbing whatever make-shift weapons that we could. Passing by the kitchen, I remember turning back to grab the knife set from off of the counter. We made our way through the laundry room and into the carport, and I had to frantically stab at some of the undead that were trying to clamber over the fence to get us. While my arm was extended, one of the zombies reached its head up and opened wide, aiming to take a huge chunk out of my arm. I saw the teeth come down toward my arm, and I thought to myself "NOOOOOOOO!!!!" knowing what was in store for me. All of a sudden, as if because of that moment of panic, the zombie's mouth froze in place with its teeth just resting around my arm, having not bitten into it. It was literally just hanging there. Only taking a short moment to wonder 'what the hell?' I then got myself back in gear, and we began to move away from the house.

      We didn't get very far before a black van (identical to the one GV used to drive IRL, actually) came screeching around the corner, directly toward us. We scrambled to dive out of the way, but the van ended up smashing into MJ and then crashing into the house. I ran back over to the accident and saw that MJ was in really bad shape, but just barely still alive. Her body looked pretty mangled, and her face was all bloodied and bruised. She needed medical attention and fast. I knelt over her, trying to tend to her and make sure she was still alive, and some bratty kid (a crowd had gathered after the accident) was teasing me by saying something like "Awww, look at G taking care of the wittle baby..." or something like that. I told the kid off - but really wanted to kick his ass - and went back to care for MJ. There is a bit of a gap here, where I can't remember exact details, but it turned out that the driver of the van was someone from the syndicate that was holding Wade Wilson captive, in the first dream.

      JS, another neighborhood friend of mine, showed up, and we were able to take this guy down, after getting him out of the wreckage. He'd tipped us off - somehow - that there were more of them coming after me, because I had allegedly helped Wade escape, earlier (though I don't actually remember being in the previous dream. Just watching it). Another set of headlights beamed into the area, notifying us that someone else would be coming around the corner soon. I told JS that they would be coming for me, and to get MJ out of there. I knew that the zombies were still in the area, but I had to draw all attention away from my friends. Just as the next vehicle was coming around the bend, I took off and ran around to the other side of the house. Moving around the far side, to circle around the building and let the car pass by where I had once been, I looked to one side. There, leaning up against the wall, was Robocop. He was just...standing there. It looked like he was in a sleep-stasis mode, with his head down, hiding back behind some bushes as if he had been placed there. I thought to myself 'damn, I could really use his help right now', but had to keep moving, because I was still in the open, and knew that any vehicle passing by my house would see me, once they looked around the corner.

      I rounded the back side of the house, and then came back around on the other side. From there, I could see JS helping MJ down the street, holding her up while walking beside her. I took one more look around the corner, to make sure the coast was clear, and went to meet them, knowing that the car had already passed where we'd once been. Just as I reached them, though, I was attacked from behind. A man who reminded me of Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes) from the movie Demolition Man was all over me. We started fighting in the street, and this dude apparently knew what he was doing. He had counters for almost everything I threw at him, and I was beginning to think that I was going to lose this match. Suddenly, I got a hold of a pair of handcuffs - though I can't remember where I got them from. It took a bit more struggle, but I was able to get them fitted on his wrists. He wasn't done, though. He kept fighting me, tenaciously, and was boasting to me about how he could pick his cuffs. He said that once he got his hands free, he was going to kill me. We struggled some more - both of us now lying on the asphalt - and I had to hold his wrists apart to try to keep one hand from reaching the other cuff. Eventually, though, he overpowered me and snapped one of the cuffs off. Before he could act, I grabbed the fingers of one of his hands. I could see the shock grow in his eyes as I began to push backward on the fingers. He was silently pleading with me not to break them. In my heart, I really didn't want to break them. I knew it was going to be a sickening feeling, as I had never broken someone's bones before, IRL. This was a matter of life and death, though, and this guy had to be immobilized. With one final push, I snapped all four fingers backward, to where they literally folded back on his hand, severed at the knuckles and leaving only bloody stumps attached to the palm.

      The man screamed in pain, but kept on fighting. Even with a broken hand, he ended up overpowering me and kneeling over me, pulling out some kind of weapon and making a gesture which telegraphed that he was about to introduce me to a world of hurt. Just in time, though, gunfire rang out, and the man stopped. He looked from me to JS, nearby, who was holding a machine gun (that I immediately just assumed he had taken from one of the villains). We then looked from the gun barrel to the spot behind my opponent, where the gun was aimed, just in time to see a zombie - which was just about to attack me and the guy I was fighting, fall to pieces, its body practically split in half by the short burst of gunfire. Spouts of blood squirted up from the split torso, which then fell to the ground. My attacker looked just as shocked as I was. He looked back at JS, who had just saved his life, and then down at me. Seemingly having a change of heart, he stood up and reluctantly backed off.

      Then, another set of headlights. Another van came roaring around the turn, and we all scrambled away again, before it could run us over. I jumped to my feet, borrowing the gun from JS and running after the passing van, which rounded another corner and tried to make a U-Turn. Running up on the van, I let bullets spray into the driver's side window, killing the driver and throwing him out of the van. I then jumped inside and brought the van around to pick up the others. We hauled ass toward the front of the neighborhood, just as another van was passing us, presumably driving to where we'd just been. I knew that they would be turning back around shortly, once they realized we were no longer there. Gunning it toward the intersection at the front of the neighborhood, and looking back in the rear-view to see if the other van was behind us, I nearly froze when I looked back in front of us again and saw a fighter jet heading straight toward us, in the night sky. Before I even had a chance to react, a volley of missiles streaked out from the jet, flying directly over the roof of our van and blowing up the van that had been coming up behind us. The jet screamed through the air and flew over top of us, trailing the missile exhaust. I recognized that the help had come from Wade's team that had come to stop the evil syndicate, before (but still wasn't able to piece together that these were dreams).

      I was momentarily relieved, but then I realized that we were driving one of those same vans, and that the jet would probably be coming around to make another pass and take us out, not knowing who was driving. I told everyone that we had to ditch the van as soon as possible, and I sped through the intersection to get as far away from the neighborhood as possible before stopping so we could bail out. I don't remember ever actually leaving the van though, before waking up.
    14. 11/05/2011 and 11/09/2011 - 1) Drop Dead Freddy, 2) Fragment

      by , 11-26-2011 at 07:46 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Drop Dead Freddy"

      I was on some kind of trip with a bunch of people around my age. There was a girl there, who I was getting pretty close to, but I can't remember if it's someone I know in waking life. We were in a stadium-like place, where there was a slasher-type of scenario going on. Scores of people in the crowd were getting killed, and no one was able to find out who was doing the killing.

      Turned out to be my ol' buddy Freddy Krueger, slicing through crowd patrons left and right. There is a whole lot that went on, that I really don't remember. At one point, I was walking along the ramparts of a castle-type of building, and a man (who seemed possessed by something which made him zombie-like) was pushed off of a building by someone else. The undead-ish man hit the ground far below, lay there for a few moments, and then slowly started to stand back up as if he didn't feel a thing. Can't remember if Freddy was actually controlling him or what.

      Later, I was watching some of Freddy's killings from a disembodied perspective. There was one kid who was in a small room - watching TV or something - and suddenly Freddy came out of nowhere and confronted the kid, ramming two of his razor-tipped fingers up the teen's nostrils. My view elevated until I could only see the upper torso of the victim, and Freddy continued to raise his arm, practically lifting the convulsing kid up from his feet while blood gushed down his killer's arm. Freddy just started into the kid's face, as if studying his work, grinning. Then, strangely, I couldn't see the rest of Freddy's body - just the wrist and gloved hand driving itself up the boy's nostrils. Freddy's other hand then ripped its way up and out of the kid's body, from the inside; somewhere up near the collarbone. The first, gloved hand pushed itself into the skull until it seemed like the entire glove was going to disappear into it. Then, simultaneously, the two hands each grabbed their own portion of the kid's face and upperbody, and then Freddy literally pulled the kid's body apart from within - as if he'd teleported his own body into the kid, while the razors were up his nose - stepping out of the mangled, gory mess as if he'd been wearing a break-away human suit.

      Freddy was a real bad-ass in this dream. Just brutal. He wasn't his wise-cracking self, this time. He was all business. It turned out that the girl I'd been hanging out with, earlier, was pregnant (though I can't remember whether she was, in the beginning of the dream, or not). Freddy knew this, and his intention was to abduct the girl and somehow get her to a hospital and induce her labor, so that he could possess the child and be reborn through her. He'd gotten the girl in his grasp and was dragging her out of a stadium exit, when a young version of Nancy - from the old Nightmare on Elm Street movies - showed up. She was amazing, herself, in how strong she was (both in ability and personality), and she was determined to stop Freddy's plan.

      Somehow, she'd developed the strength to fight Freddy, and there was this massive showdown in the woods. I remember watching it, still with no body of my own, but I don't remember many of the details of it. She ended up completely getting the best of him, though. They squared-off against each other, at the end of the fight, and Freddy - frustrated with having been matched by this young girl, lunged at her, nails bared. Without warning, the dream 'skipped' ahead just a couple of seconds, and Freddy was instaneously on the ground, face first, stone dead. Alice stood over him trimumphantly.

      Dream Fragment
      Something about what I think was a giant robot scenario, and driving really fast.
    15. 10/16/2011 - "First Night at Dream World Academy"

      by , 10-18-2011 at 06:29 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "First Night at Dream World Academy"
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      (Ironically, I had almost forgotten this dream, upon waking. I'd gotten sidetracked, and it wasn't until a good 20 minutes after fully waking up, that I remembered the experience. Unfortunately, sooo many of the details feel lost (), but what I retained still left me with a feeling of total accomplishment.)

      I don't really remember anything that happened in the beginning of this dream, and my timeline is a little disjointed, but I will put it together the best I can remember. The earliest memory I have is of having just realized I was dreaming, and trying to fly, somewhere out in the woods at night. I was having a lot of trouble flying, and I seemed to just be sinking back to the ground with normal gravity, whenever I tired to take off. I don't remember the point at which I actually was able to take control of my flight, but I was soon zooming out toward the coastline, having remembered my intention to try to find the Academy. The last few times that I had been searching for it, it was always on the water, so I figured the best way to find it was to just fly out over the ocean and will it to be there.

      I overshot the shoreline, without pause, and continued out toward the dark horizon. The sky was this eerily-beautiful canvas of black, dark blue and purple, with the lightest colors having been pushed back beyond the coastline I was leaving; the last rays of setting sunlight behind me as I continued flying into the void, a few dozen feet above the water. The further out to sea I flew, though, the more uncomfortable I got. I could see that this deep, featurless, dark purple backdrop was beginning to project some detail in the sky. I could now see, thick, individual whisps of soft, purple/gray storm clouds, where there had once seemed to be none. (With my speed and low altitude, it felt a lot like the scene in Superman Returns, when he's flying out toward the kryptonite reef.) By this time, the sky was looking even more and more ominous, and I couldn't shake the foreboding notion that I was flying into something sinister. The puffy purple clouds - still barely visible against the dark backdrop - were beginning to swirl, and I half expected to see funnel clouds spike downward from them. Just on the horizon, I could see sporadic flashes of lightning on the water. I didn't like this at all. It's not secret that I'm pretty apprehensive about being way out in open water, in my dreams - because of my constant run-ins with sea monsters - and I realized that I was now out in the middle of nowhere, with no Academy in sight. More than a little intimidated by my new surroundings, I decided to turn around and fly back to the shore. (I have to go over the St. John's River Bridge, every night on my way home, and we've been having some pretty amazing-looking thunderstorms and cloud cover out here, lately. I'm thinking it might have been where the intense storm imagery over the water came from.)

      Soon back on land, I began to think of other ways to find the Academy, and I remembered about the portals. At first, I looked around for any of the puddle / water-hole type puddles I had been using in previous dreams. When I didn't find any, immediately, I thought about doors. I began wandering around, going through various doorways and trying to 'will' myself into the Academy. Behind one door, in particular, I walked into the setting of a previous dream from over a year ago. It was a theme park that some friends and I had gone to for a Halloween Horror Nights type of occassion. The room that I had walked into was the lobby of one of their haunted houses. I remembered previous dream and that it had been pretty creepy, so I really didn't have any desire to stay here. When I turned around, though, the door that I had come through was gone, and I was standing in the middle of the haunted house lobby, with no sign of the wall that had just been behind me. A little uneasy about this - trying not to get distracted from my mission - I searched around for another door, spotting a little service door in the corner of the lobby. I walked over to the door and opened it...only to find another door, behind it. Behind that one, was another. I was beginning to get a little fed up with this.

      I closed the door and focused on changing what was behind it. When I opened it again, the other door had vanished, and there was a dark, stone hallway, leading off into the distance. There was a soft light inside the corridor, but I don't recall what from. Stepping further into the hallway, I saw an opening on the other side, leading out into the night. When I stepped through the archway, I found myself outside, on the water, as if I had stepped out onto a concrete dock. I walked out away from the archway a bit and turned around, to get a good look at the structure from which I'd just emerged. It was a monstrous, stone building. It seemed a series a buildings, really, comprised of high towers and ramparts, various points in the seemingly-mideval architecture connected by high walkways and bridges. It looked like a great, dark castle, from down here. Immediately, I knew where I was; I had finally made it to the Dream World Academy! I walked along the narrow dock for a moment, looking for a main entrance. It was still nighttime, and it didn't look like there was much more than the moon lighting the outside of this place. Eventually, I came to a turn-off, and rounded it to see a gigantic stairway, comprised of what looked to be hundreds of steps, ascending toward a large set of double doors at the front of the Academy.

      I started climbing the stairs, taking in the spectacle, and just now beginning to notice that there were other people milling about the outside of the building. Everyone seemed to just be doing their own thing, and not paying any particular attention to me, which was fine, because I really didn't want to disturb too much, my first time here. I just continued to watch everyone, while I walked up toward the doorway. About halfway up, I passed a small group of people on the stairway. It looked as if they were practicing magic or something, but I don't quite recall. When I got to the large doors, I stepped inside and into a main lobby. Inside the Academy was nearly as dark as the outside; the soft glow of a few, scattered torches fighting against the cool blue of the moonlight coming in through the windows and portals around us, for possession of the black shadows which still dominated the majority of the what could have been adequetely called a 'Great Hall' of sorts. The whole place had a very Harry Potter / Hogwarts kind of feel, outside of being quite dark and having a very 'pre-electricity' atmosphere.

      Unfortunately, there is a lot beyond this point that I don't remember. Nothing too noteworthy, that I can recall. I vaguely remember just wandering the halls, talking to a couple of various DC's about the school, most of which were just practicing a few general abilities, here and there. I remember a portly old bald man being one of the instructors there, but I don't recall very much about him. The last memory I have of the dream is being out near the water again and trying to run back over the events in the dream, as a normally do, to try to help remember them upon waking.

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