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    1. Dragon to Dragon and Bette Davis Eyes

      by , 08-19-2018 at 07:12 PM
      Morning of January 1, 2018. Monday.

      Reading time: 1 min 28 sec. Readability score: 61.

      I find myself in an unfamiliar, unknown movie theater where most of the audience is wearing 3-D glasses, though I am not wearing any. I see no one I recognize. In the movie, two serpentine dragons face each other, each of them unwilling to either move aside or to strike at the other. Eventually, I do not discern any movement on the movie screen. I think about leaving, as I consider this still scene will last about 2 hours, which will be an unreasonable waste of time. From the middle of the row in about the fourth row back, I get up and walk to the left to another area, ending up behind the movie screen in what looks like the inside of a warehouse. I perceive it as “my” bedroom. The mattress is worn and has no sheet. The headboard has horizontal wooden planks that are in a slightly irregular arrangement. Bette Davis comes in and asks me if I know where her husband is and rolls her eyes at me, also quickly glancing left and right, and walks away before I say anything. Puzzled, I slowly wake.

      This dream occurred because:

      My infra-self, having been satiated in previous dream sequences of apex lucidity, chooses to remain passive and non-lucid for a time, and so my dream space becomes a movie theater where I only watch. By not wearing 3-D glasses as most of the other patrons are, I am subliminally declining the potential for realism as well. (The movie is part of “Dragon Wars” from 2007.) However, RAS activity eventually pauses by way of emerging infra-control from subliminal intent. From here, subliminal awareness of being asleep in bed increases to passive liminality and I enter the warehouse area, which represents the temporary storage of transitory ideas that occur in REM sleep. I subliminally summon Bette Davis as the dream’s preconscious avatar as an influence from the song “Bette Davis Eyes” as an association with REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. She is not “looking for her husband” but seeks to initiate my waking-life identity (which is what RAS mediation is). Aware that the bed “behind” me is the bed I am already in, in sleep, I wake.

    2. It’s a Wonderful Lie

      by , 07-18-2018 at 09:02 PM
      Morning of December 20, 2017. Wednesday.

      This dream seems to indirectly stem from another (“Lounge Room Enterprise”), though the setting is now like a movie theater, though with the essence of our lounge room. I still view it as a public place. The time has changed to be more near the evening.

      The movie playing is “It’s a Wonderful Life” (from 1946). I am sitting in the second row from the front. As I am watching the movie, I look to my right and see who may be an elderly lady. She reminds me vaguely of my mother (though is not her). Other unknown people are present.

      At one point, James Stewart, in the black-and-white scene, partly emerges from the screen, seemingly pointing a gun at someone in the first row, which makes me slightly wary of where I am sitting. I am wondering how real the movie will be.

      I decide to move to a different seat and walk to the left to the aisle. I look back, noticing that what I had thought was the female patron is now a big pillow, which was upright in the seat. There seem to be more of them in other areas.

      I feel a bit puzzled and begin to wonder if there was supposed to be a gun in that scene. I go back to see that the screen is mostly flat, but again walk back to the left. I find a door that goes into an area behind the screen. I become very puzzled, because I do not realize that a movie is only two-dimensional. There are a couple empty boxes in what seems like a storage area.

      There was no preconscious modulation here when the avatar (Jimmy Stewart) initiated. The precursory event did not seem directed at me. I must have subliminally projected my conscious self identity into another avatar during RAS mediation as is sometimes the case. However, no drama ensued, and I ended up in liminal space (the storage area being autosymbolic of this state as a precursor to waking). The movie theater is autosymbolic of mediating the dream state. The presence of pillows was also a typical dream state indicator.

      Readability score: 73.

    3. Movie Killer DILD

      by , 02-22-2018 at 12:28 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I am at the movie theater and it appears empty. The way it was structured was interesting as it was possible to drive inside the theater. So I am driving around and being a new driver I am almost crash in to this woman. I then drove around in till I found a movie I like. I enter inside and everything went quiet and inside was empty. I decided to relax at the top of the theater.

      I could hear someone coming up to where I am seated. I was then approach by a man who seemed to be disturbed and likely suffering from some sort of mental illness. He threatens me with a wooden popsicle and demands I leave. I tell him I don't want to be bothered and told him I would go somewhere else. He doesn't like the way I walk from him so he starts to make signs of an attack.

      I manage to dodge one of his hits and push him away. He then becomes angry with me and pulls something out of his shirt while further making threats. I assume this to be a gun and began running down the stairs to an exit. It was at this point my awareness had rise enough to become lucid. I open the movie door's as I could hear him take a shot at me. As I am outside I decided to wake up as I have a busy day in waking life to attend to.
      non-lucid , lucid
    4. Conversation in a run-down movie theater

      by , 05-08-2016 at 05:03 PM
      May 6, 2016: I lace up a pair of foul weather hiking boots. I need to use the bathroom inside the movie theater. It is disgusting and run down to the point where I don't even want to touch the entrance door. I use my booted left foot to push open the door and then approach a bare concrete cinder block wall where there is a trough. I start to pee against the wall and my urine runs down the wall into the trough.

      A man enters the bathroom, and is standing to my left while I pee. He has a thin catalog open to a page which has an illustration of a creepy looking doll which resembles a Tim Burton characterization of a popular or famous actress. The female doll is Frankenstein-like with surgical sutures on its face and is dressed like a pilgrim in black and white. The man seems concerned that the likeness of the doll's face to a famous actress will prompt a lawsuit. I advised him to simply make a small change to the appearance of the doll and that if he did so I didn't think he would get sued since the doll was not likely to have much sale volume potential. I finished peeing and we exit the bathroom.

      We are now outside the bathroom in the lobby area of the movie theater and the conversation switches to kites. I start pontificating on the Revolution kite, and give him the pros and cons of purchasing a less expensive model of Revolution kite first as a “beater" while he learns to fly. Afterwards, he can purchase a more expensive model. I tell him that if he flies the kite in his yard at a party, his guests will be very impressed. Apparently, I had previously promised to upload information on my Revolution kite online for his benefit, but hadn't done so as of this conversation. I find a black straw on the floor of the movie theater. It is very stiff and covered in part by a cellophane wrapper. I removed the remnant of the wrapper and show it to the man as an example of the carbon fiber frame inside the Revolution kite. I wake.

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    5. Food, Movie Theater, and Planning a Trip

      by , 12-13-2015 at 07:28 PM
      I remember only fragments. There were some images of random women eating junk food. Then there were three identical model-looking women at a table, sitting side by side, eating small bowls of junk food.

      Next I remember finding a bag of soybeans in the refrigerator. I thought they were supposed to be in the freezer but I think maybe they have thawed out and I can eat them now. I start eating the soybeans but they are not good cold and are not thawed all the way.

      Then I went to the movie theater with my boyfriend. It must be a movie theater in a mall because on the way to the theater we pass by a cute dog shopping with people. It's not big, but it is like a medium sized dog with white and brownish-orange fur. It's fur isn't long but just kinds of sticks out a little bit and is soft and silky. I tell the dog it is cute and then look to see who the dog is with and it is two women who are busy shopping and looking at clothes. One of the women is holding the dog's leash.

      Later me and and my boyfriend pass by the dog again, but it is just with one blonde-haired, tall white woman in her 40's. The dog breaks the leash and runs. The woman is frustrated as she is holding up the piece of the leash. My boyfriend goes to help the woman with the dog as I walk into the theater.

      Before the movie starts there is a pre-show. There are three boy singers. I call them boy singers because they look like they belong to a boy band but they are solo singers and they are not boys but either teenagers or in their early twenties. Anyway, they are not a group but are doing a collaborative singing performance. The theater is kind of crowded. I am wearing a black mask over my eyes and am wondering what people are thinking about me, like if they are thinking that I have eye injuries in both eyes and if they are wondering why I am coming to watch a movie if I can't see it. But I actually can see it because I peek out from under the mask and eventually take it off. (IRL I was wearing a black sleep mask while I was sleeping but in the dream didn't find it odd at all that I was wearing it in the movie theater.)

      The movie starts and it is some kind of Rugrats Christmas movie. It didn't seem like the kind of movie my boyfriend would want to watch. The movie is not all on one big screen but on two smaller screens on two different walls. After some time the screens turn off. A chubby white woman with puffy, curly, blonde hair walks in and says something about how someone is in the wrong theater. It is me. I walked into the wrong movie theater and my boyfriend must have told the movie theater people I was lost. They say my name and I raise my hand but then feel silly for doing that but I think no one notices so it is ok. I wait a little bit and then walk out of the theater. Later I check my email and my boyfriend has sent me a picture that he drew. It is a very pretty picture and the message says that the picture was inspired by the raccoon retreat.

      Then the last dream I remember is having a map out planning a trip but the map is wrong because the states are in the wrong places. I am wanting to go somewhere near the coast. The map has lines and colors and I am wondering what the lines and colors mean. The colors are temperatures and I think the lines are elevation but that doesn't seem right.

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    6. Clown Buttons and Immortal Piece of a Cat

      by , 06-06-2015 at 12:43 PM
      Morning of June 6, 2015. Saturday.

      Sometimes dreams are so surreal and unrelated to life and every facet of a person’s personality and thoughts and interests, it is a task to make any grounded reasonable associations. This is a good example. Nightmares are very rare for me and always seem linked to sleep apnea or my lifelong cardiac arrhythmia (which my father also had) though only problematic for a period in the 1980s, but this one comes close with the strange mood (though I still would not call it a true nightmare, as there was no residual negative emotion carried from it).

      My recent vampire witch dream had a typical carryover (though it was atypically divided by more than one day) - being embarrassed about wearing clothes in public.

      I am seated in a dark movie theater (while the unknown movie is showing) and realize that I am wearing clothes and thus become embarrassed since I “know” that you should not wear clothes in a movie theater, especially this particular one which is also a library. Even more frustrating, I seem to be wearing a clown outfit (with no back story on how this occurred) or at least a white shirt with dark pink pompom (or pompon) clown suit buttons that are about the size of a small fist.

      I stealthily leave the movie theater with one hand each on the top two buttons to hide them. I get the impression that someone is laughing at my clothed body. However, I manage to suddenly find myself (as if by teleportation) in a different scene in a library checkout area - which is also somehow the same theater’s lobby - where my shirt seems to be normal though I still seem to be holding pompoms in my closed fists. However, they are moving. I place them on the counter and they are each a small cuttlefish, which writhe around (as if disoriented) a bit and then decide to mate. This in turn is my payment for an overdue fee regarding books I did not even check out, but I do not question it. (I think cuttlefish are metaphorical for human hands as with spiders, because both instantly make me visually associate human hands - in fact, my “Things From Outer Space” childhood dream seemed to feature more of a giant cuttlefish-like creature than an alien spider - though actually recognized in-dream as a “giant” hand with theatrical enhancements - this being the first time I have clearly made that connection even though other creatures, such as the octopus-man, were also ocean-related).

      In another scene, I become aware of an annoying (stray?) cat, possibly a darker tortoiseshell. I am not sure who it belongs to. I eventually see that it is only a piece of a cat; the head and front part of the body (with two legs), yet almost flattened into a two-dimensional form (though still with perceivable volume). It cannot possibly be alive, but it somehow is. When I pick it up to check on its status, it makes strange meowing sounds and I consider that it may be just a residual muscle reflex and that the animal is not aware of anything. However, there is slight movement as it meows, but I decide it will probably not live very long so I put it in a cardboard box and into a commercial dumpster in an alley in a business district. I do not have the will or interest to “put it out of its misery”.

      After this, I have a very uneasy awareness that the cat will exist like this forever (long after I am gone) and I feel a bit guilty over its immortality as such, as it goes (without any of its own intent) to places unknown (perhaps trapped beneath layers of debris and not able to do anything or to be a “proper” cat and enjoy its cathood). It is a haunted feeling, although the creature cannot move much or walk (and thus cannot threaten me). It is almost like being aware of a human mind being “trapped” in a particular time period or culture (or religion) for endless years.
    7. Getting back into the dream journal habit

      by , 08-23-2014 at 03:55 PM
      Just started to record my dream journals again, lets hope I keep this up.

      I just had one large dream last night, it started at a place I have dreamt before. It was kind of a big castle where you could get innertubes and go into big groups with a giant lake below it. You could descend unto this gateway ramp that would lead you straight into the river. Most of my family was there and also some of my friends. Apparentlly we had just finished something and my friend and I wanted to go innertubing but I told my friend maybe next time because we were heading to go do something else. I do remember from the last dream that the place was a ton of fun, maybe I will have to try it out in my next lucid.

      Anyways the next place we went to was a huge banquet room and we were eating a meal. Towards the end of the meal there was some game we were playing with a red button that flashed at each persons table and when you pressed it someone else had to answer a question. My uncle pressed the button and someone else far away had to answer a question, then somehow I guess the game was rigged and my uncle had to answer the next question. He said something sarcastic about Barack Obama (even though in real life he is pretty liberal) and everyone in the banquet laughed and I felt kind of bad for him. Then after the meal was over we went outside and someone in my family told me two guys wanted to talk to me about a prosecution or something. They said "and we will be investigating" and so I said investigating what? they would not respond and talked about something else then left.

      At this point I went back to the room at the table where to help the man clean up from the meal, but I saw that he had it under control. I then realized I was naked and looked for a towel to wrap around myself but there was none. So I just decided there was nothing I could do so I just did not conceal myself whatsoever and walked proudly (lol) through the hall, the rest of the area looked like a movie theatre and not that many people actually saw me until I walked to the nearest bathroom, where as I was walking into the bathroom a cleaning lady (who was rather attractive for a cleaning lady) told me I should be dressed lol, and I went into the bathroom and found a towel. I don't think I remember much after that.
    8. "Love's lucidity lost!"; "Movie Night!"; "Dropping the DILD ball"

      by , 08-03-2014 at 08:20 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      I feel like most of the lucidity pegs were in the holes last night . . . not sure what I was missing, really. Maybe my awareness was low. I have been trying to up that a bit today . . . .

      (??): I awake with the distinct impression that I had just been lucid! Unfortunately, not a single memory. Not sure what awoke me either--maybe just the autosuggestion I give myself to wake up and remember stuff! I take it as a good omen, though, and go back to sleep . . .

      5:44 AM: I am in a movie theater with my wife and mom. Mom asks my wife why I keep pinching my nose (!). My wife explains to her that I'm "testing reality" and then my mom begins to pester me about RCing. I yell at her while walking down the hallways toward the movie. I ask her if she would rather spend the evening alone, and threaten to sit in the car for the rest of the night if she doesn't put a sock in it. She somehow transforms into one of my professors from college. He wanders down the hallway lamenting, "Literature!" as though I had turned my back on it forever.

      My wife and I stop in front of a movie poster. It has black and green detail -- similar to night-vision goggles -- and is about lucid dreaming. She asks if I want to see it and I realize I have wanted to see it for some time. I check the run time (134 minutes!) and then check my watch (!). I realize we will not be out until very late. I am suddenly not so keen. Wife wants to stay now, however. She shows me where our theater screen will be. We will not be sitting in the main theater, but out in the hallway. Our screens are in front of us, to the left, and above us, to the left. She indicates them with a laser pointer, and a little smiley face appears where she points it. She tells me "This is a good thing," indicating the seats. Our view is obstructed by other movie goers. I tell her this is not a good thing and that we have terrible seats. We end up staying. Before the movie starts, we are asked to stand and clap our hands and sing to some music. My wife joins in with everyone. I just stand there because I don't want to sing.

      (??): I am walking down a sidewalk and I realize I am dreaming. I also can distinctly feel the vagueness of the dream world. This is not a visual-quality issue, but more of a "this is a very unstable experience." Probably due to being fairly awake while trying to LD. I observe the dreamscape and allow the action to move of its own accord. I continue to mosey along, and then enter a shop to my left through a glass door. The shopkeeper or cashier is positioned behind a counter to my right. She sees me and my NL body attempts to walk past her; I choose to smile at her as I pass. As I make it to the back of the shop, I decide to test stability at this point. I feel that if I can just manage some concrete physical action, then the dream will be good to go. I nose pinch. I of course can breathe but this destabilizes the dream and I wake up, breathing deeply. Really a great time to DEILD, but I wasn't able to pull it off. Think REM needs to be a little more strongly asserted to get there!

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    9. 7/20/14 Flight to an Alien Planet

      by , 07-21-2014 at 05:32 PM
      On a trip. At mall. Sears. Make my way past miscellaneous stores; overall path is a D shape with the curve being the mall and the straight line is the parking lot and my way back to point A from point B. Big movie theater with areas to sit and a huge ramp-like area to watch from with people laying and/or sleeping on it. Sealed door exit from the theater. But a guy comes in through sealed door. I can go out then and I do. This looks like way back to my car. Somewhere in here I'm thinking that I haven't gotten a hotel yet. I can use my phone to search for hotel deals. Walking in parking lot I see my wife's cousin N with his nice convertible. This has to be a dream to run into you here out of town! Yup! I do some of my I know I'm a lucid challenges basically bragging but it's great for confidence...I say to him, hey can I have sex with ( his wife's name). "It would be like" and I make the motions as if his wife is laid out on the hood of his convertible. I say you could have sex with (insert my wife's name). This was somehow much more fun than it sounds and just acting it out around the hood of his car felt a lot like doing it. I think: Down to goals! I think I want to do the planet one next. I considered doing it with the elevator one but no
      elevator around right now so just decide to fly up into space - way up and it gets dark I can't see anything but I stay calm fly up some more and then decide that I will just freefall until I hit a planet. (Note: It is my dream, I can make that work no matter how improbable IWL, LOL! In the dream I only thought that I can make this work. I didn't even go there with thinking about it being improbable IWL.) I simulate to myself a soft landing and I get it...I basically just find myself on solid ground as if I floated there like a feather. I can see through kind of a window or space into this other room or void (this is probably the dream reforming the environment after the void and free fall) and there are green rocks that have a lot of straight lines kind of like blocks thrown together creating odd shaped rocks, not unlike crystal formations. I cross through and there is big huge rocky formation that looks like it has teeth. I studied for a moment so that I can remember it later. The teeth are jagged kind of like sharks teeth. But the rest of it is not really shaped like creature really more like a big rock. I look around the room or space and there is another set of different shaped items that I come back to later but two of the items are shaped kind of like elongated travel chests. I could
      see something move off in the corner of the room the distance but when I look over there there's nothing. I walked over that way and I say "I come in peace" while holding up my right hand while kind of laughing to myself . I am creating my own cheesy 50's Alien movie here I think to myself. He comes back out. It is very difficult to describe what he looks like but he is a short creature maybe 2 feet tall . As for something you would find on the earth, he is most like an octopus perhaps but the base that he walks around on is a little more rectangular shaped than circular like an octopus. He has a bit of a goofy friendly face and is kind of a grayish bluish color. I try a line from one of my previous lucid dreams and I say "bring me one of your hottest alien women." A doll looking thing comes down from above on a rope. It becomes more and more lifelike, and more human woman like as this plays out. The rope is around her and slipping up and down her body pulling up her white nightgown and revealing her naked body. It is strangely erotic. I will
      leave out the rest of the sexual stuff with her but I may share by PM if requested. This space looks a lot like a big house. I decide to go back to look and kind of draw out all of the items on a sketch pad that I summon to help me remember this dreamscape, to really lock it into my memory. I go back over by the elongated chests but the chests are no longer there but I study the rest of the items but I drop the idea of drawing them. There are two clear glass bowls with a clear liquid in them. One has round multicolor items in it that look like fruits. The other one has some loaf shaped items sticking up out of it. It looks like it was set out for a party. I go off to my left and sure enough it's kind of liked a little party with my son there and some other people. Either I am back on earth now or they came up to visit! I then see my son's friend C and I think about how everyone talks about how promiscuous she has become. Not sure if she is still in college IWL. I think of another test / brag to my lucidity. I told my son I'm going to get it on with his friend C. I start to mount her and I see her luscious lips and switch gears and stick it in her mouth. She does a very nice job. Wow!!
      After a bit of that
      the dreams fades back to bed but I remember that I to always have to check to see if it's a real awakening...but alas it is this time. I was reminded yesterday to put more of myself in the self awareness work. I also switched up my SSILD somatic cycle a little and did some self awareness work during WBTB which I shortened. I also woke up closer to 5.5 hours after bed for WBTB whereas the last few nights were around 4.5 and I seemed too tired to make it work right. Woke from dream around 7 something. 175

      Late Late dream 10 a.m. Young guy is broadcasting himself in his bedroom on justin.tv for a long time. At this point it is on the news...his girlfriend got shot through the bedroom window while he was broadcasting and I said what are the chances of that...that can't be...that's impossible. Then a playback of all the stuff that happened before the shooting. His run in with some other teenagers at school, they call him something weak and they have some kind flipping competition to see who could do standing flips. The scene where his girlfriend was shot had him holding her in bed rolling around and it just did not look natural like he was acting, but it did not make me lucid either...none of this thinking that all this was impossible. The dream explained it away. Oh well, had my awesome LD already.

      7/21/14 FA: hearing the alarm turn off warning stop without key punch sounds made me realize I am dreaming. I never really understood people feeling sleepy in a lucid dream until this time. I felt like dozing off within my lucid, so I did. 176

      071814 a guy is telling me about all these cool artifacts he found...I'm seeing them visually like I'm in video game. Golden breastplate, etc. Thai government is looking for him (movie at bedtime=character is in Thailand before heading to Cambodia).

      7/17 crater in ocean. Where I was when 17, recurring dream. Go back for son. Hydrofoil boat. Coach M has game at 6pm. L on sons grades, report card. "Lucid" is written out on grades in one place but instead of a clue that I am dreaming, I worry that wife will see. Coach M talks about how he lost his father. I relay this to my son. Looking for school office helps with college apps. It is after 5pm but she's still there (5am? Wake 545am). Lady sits funny almost showing up skirt. A skills test is done: measure the area of two adjacent tables....easy. Life lessons you need I guess.
    10. 2 LD's Both Late, last one 10 hours In

      by , 04-13-2014 at 02:00 AM
      4/12/13** My awareness is still not up to pre dry streak levels but 3 LDs in 2 days...I'll take it! Lots of fun as well! To bed around 12:10am - tried to simulate son waking me like on 3/30/14 which launched a nice early LD, this time using a gentle alarm ~70 minutes after bed for DEILD attempt but may have had some REM rebound the previous time...will try 80 minutes next time. Completely missed the 3 snoozes 1 hour apart and turned it off at wbtb...my alarm app has a max snooze of 60 minutes so...may be better for late DEILD attempts.

      Interesting non lucid tie-in to another non-lucid in same night. Father Fitzpatrick (name not known to me but I bet there are a few somewhere in the world) is coming by and a Patrick comes by...could it be Patrick Fitzpatrick I wonder...no just a Patrick. In a later dream I tell Father Fitzpatrick "You will not believe this! I had a dream about you last night and this is the first time I am meeting you!"

      DILD 1 - wake from it ~8:40am. I am in a kitchen unlike any from my memory, old style. There is a bag of candies but only 5 left and they look picked over and broken. I am peeking out my curtains and apparently there is a house in the back yard, like an in-law unit but it is a good size white single story home that looked most like an old farm house. I could see someone in the window and then the curtains close. I go back into the kitchen and there is a stranger standing in front of the sink and I realize this is a dream. I decide to knock around the stranger and go on a bit of a rampage around the house messing with different DC's and eventually fly up out of the house and then realize I should fly back down and think about what goals I should do before losing awareness or most likely waking up since I don't recall anything after and my recall was fairly strong tonight.

      * sexual content warning *
      DILD 2 - wake from it ~10:50am - 2 different components from this WILD attempt turned DILD showed up in my dream - an HI that I played with via visualization and then a completely manual visualization. My father and I are on a bus or RV and guiding the driver. I have been here before (false memory) and it goes from 3 lanes to 1. "You can get over one lane...actually you can get all the way over now." We jump out to help in some way and plan to get back on at the red light but the driver runs the red light and leaves us behind. We cross two crosswalks at intersection to get on same street he turned down to see if he pulled over. Nope. We go into a nice hotel lobby and my father says he has the driver's number. I should get it also I think. My father jumps on a University transport bus to borrow a phone but the doors close=2nd separation (1st from others on RV/bus). I know if I stay at the hotel he will find his way back to me and he does later and it has shopping like the hotel is connected to a mall or just a really large hotel with some shops including an ice cream shop. My father makes some corny joke to the lady in the shop and repeats it in case she missed it the first time. I see a woman standing provocatively and realize I am dreaming but start off with lower awareness. She is standing on a ramp elevated purposely giving a view up her skirt and I take a look (this was also the theme of an HI before the dream). I go around like a bit of a dog and enjoyed in particular this large breasted blonde woman (more blonds than normal I think as a result of Scarlett) with a white pull over shirt and jean shorts. I pull up her shirt and she pulls it back down. I tell her "you know you like this" and she goes along. I pull it up again and am expecting a bra clasp in the front and lower the shirt and raise it again willing it to be in the front. Nope, so I reach around and undo the clasp. Nice! I remove her shorts and underwear and my own and she remarks "I think your **** is too big, you might hurt me" but as I stick it in she enjoys it. We go at it a good while to the point of me thinking that this dream just keeps going and going. I carry her around the mall with her legs straddled around me and continue to have sex. We make our way into a movie theater and my father has followed...oh well. They are playing a racy movie on the screen and we continue to have sex in the theater seating. Someone grasps my shoulders from behind and I know that it is my wife. She says "you have saliva all over your ****" I say "saliva...uh, yeah right..." I use my mind to change the movie to a cartoon. There are kids around but I am dreaming, it doesn't really matter. A's friend M (another visualization before dream) comes over and the blond is gone now and she sticks her hand on my **** she just has to get a feel on it. My underwear is back on but I yank it out and let her feel it some more. I wake up physically affected...enough said.
    11. 1/22/14 - movie theater

      by , 01-22-2014 at 07:56 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me and my sister go into this movie theater, there is no one here except two workers. One at the food stand, and one and the beverage area. We are handed a ticket by the girl at the beverages, and then the two workers silently run out of the theater. We think nothing of it, until we realize we are here alone, and we grab all the hotdogs and popcorn and boxes of candy and then I run to the beverages and fill a cup with root beer so I can go back to the snack section and put ice cream so I have a root beer float, and essentially we were like no face.
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    12. Perseids Dream 8/12/13

      by , 08-18-2013 at 12:34 AM
      The dream started with me and my friends going to see a scary movie. All of them got their tickets and I somehow lost track of them, so they disappeared. So I went to get my ticket and they were sold out. A strange fellow came to me and said hey come see this concert, its got girls that spit on you it's crazy.

      The second I got to the theater hosting the concert it was no longer me, it was me watching a boy and a girl who were there. I don't think it was a date. They seemed like friends. The girl looked like a young Rooney Mara. They both had light blue face paint that resembled eye shadow. I can remember looking up at the ceiling and it wasn't there, it was replaced by the sky and I could see the meteors that I had watched earlier IRL, except there was much more than I had seen. The boy lost track of the girl and lost her much like I had my friends earlier. The lead singer knelt down and comforted the boy saying he understood.
    13. 30th May 2013 Worlds, School from the past, Friends, Cartoon, Collapsing worlds, The new start

      by , 05-30-2013 at 10:35 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Long and fairly detailed recall today, somewhat epic even by the end.

      Dream 1(fragment):

      I was playing some kind of videogame, there was some cliffy landscape.

      Dream 2:

      There was something going on about multiple worlds and levels. I was going through some places and eventually had to make a choice. I decided to go into one of the worlds.
      It resembled waking world and i was near the school that looked like one from my past. I didn't cared much about the school, but i went into it, then to the 4th floor and then after some search i visited one of the classrooms. There were some people, i was sure that we contacted alot before and we were friends over internet. They were talking about a movie theater they were going to visit, some of them weren't going though. We had some talk and i asked if i can join, they responded "Sure!". I decided to try and convince the ones who didn't wanted to join, but they were responding that they do not like cartoons and especially Tom and Jerry. I was disappointed, but surely there are always people who won't like something. Then after some events in the class i exited it. On my way to the exit of the school, i didn't wanted to be noticed by teachers, because for some reason they were sure that i was still learner, except i was not. When going down the stairs i noticed that gravity was low, so i decided to slightly slide to get to the first floor quicker, i did almost fell down between stairs at one point though, but i quickly low gravity jumped back to stairs. People didn't really liked it though and somebody was shouting that 'i am the princess' or something like that. At the end of the stairs one of teachers seen me, but i pretended to be someone else and just said greetings and walked away, it worked.
      Soon i was outside, it was sunny day. But i noticed that people are getting barked upon and sometimes attacked by someone's small dogs near the both pathways through the fence, and that someone was talking right near them and was not caring. I was not sure if i can go through without getting attacked, but whatever, i went through the right way, but not by pathway itself, but by the grass slightly to the right. Dogs were shortly here, and they did nothing other than giving me weird looks, then they ran to bark on someone else. After that i had to go through a couple of places that worked like video game of sorts, i had to do some platforming through various obstacles and i had 'houses' for the amount of lives. At one point i was running on the top of the fence and there was a tower with the life on top, i couldn't decide whether i want to get it or continue with the level because getting it meant using some kind of different path through the level, which was a shortcut with no way to return and i didn't liked using those, but i still wanted to get it. Eventually i decided to just continue the level.
      I reached the movie theater, i was the first one to get there though, so i just sit on one of the seats and waited. The movie theater itself was just the room though, with a bunch of seats lined up and some projectors. Soon people started entering and friends arrived as well, i was apparently sitting on someone's place, i didn't cared enough about that, also they don't really expected anyone to join and they couldn't buy any additional seats. I had to use free place, but that meant i had to stay instead of sitting, whatever. Soon the cartoon started, it was about wilderness and various animals that could talk(like usual in cartoons), there were some fights and they had to escape and team up, they had to reach floating island in the middle of the sea. While watching i noticed that there were three projectors working at the same time for some reason, one was near me. Then something went horribly wrong with that projector, it malfunctioned and then it flashed through the room. Somehow, that infected me with something that had potential to turn me into some insectoid thing, according to someone from the room. Indeed i did read about it earlier, at least i remembered it(false memory?). I started thinking about it, while continuing watching, some people were getting worried but that's it. Soon the cartoon was almost over, it was final scene. At this point projectors malfunction again, but this time it goes even more seriously wrong. After the flash, the place started collapsing and the whole world started destroying itself somehow. The screen turned into a portal though, so i quickly jumped in.
      I was now one of the characters, i was a dinosaur of some kind, i was on the floating island with animals from earlier. This world got affected by the other one collapsing as well, there was a storm, also there was a portal that projector was projecting through the other portal. The lion was asking me if i really want to go, i recalled the memories, which were memories of the character i inherited when i got into this world, i was part of it now. He was saying that i don't need to go if i don't want to, considering i liked the fights that we went though, so i don't need to escape that much and i could just swim back. I recalled the fights with dinosaurs, it was fun, but i was not sure about state of the world due to the whole portal thing. So i decided to go with them. Everyone enters the portal. Everything fades.
      For a few seconds, i was reading the book of what just happened. Then everything fades out completely.
      I wake up.
    14. movie theatre

      by , 02-22-2013 at 03:59 AM

      I only remember the second part of the dream, my entire family was at a movie theatre and my brother and sister were drinking from a water fountain outside. Inside the theatre a few relatives of mine kept talking on the phone but nobody in the theatre really yelled at them or anything besides occasionally glancing at them. My grandpa was leaving my sister a voicemail message in the theatre about how he was sorry he couldn't make it to her birthday and then I realized it was Christmas day in the dream. Then It showed on the screen how many people were sitting in the theatre. And the camera went to us, at the top of the theatre down these giant tunnels of seats that sat about 100 people each to the screen at the bottom. At that point I woke up.
    15. Make Everything in Color!

      by , 12-07-2012 at 04:14 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I really need to start updating my dream journal more often again... and stop being lazy about it because I'm only bothering to write down the LD I had last night and not all the other dreams from last night. >.>

      Okay, so I was in this small movie theater with my family. I recognized one scene as being in a familiar location from an earlier dream that night (unfortunately, I can't remember that dream now, but I do remember it was from another dream I actually did have) and exclaimed that I recognized it from the dream I had last night. This seemed like a bit much of a coincidence, considering it was a place I'd never seen before, so I did a quick RC and counted six fingers.

      "I'm dreaming!" I exclaimed. "Now, what was the task of the month... I have to-" I was about to say I had to make it snow, but I noticed that my vision was turning black-and-white. "Make everything in color!" I shouted out to the dream instead. Suddenly, everything was back in color again.

      Someone (can't remember who) asked what I meant by that (or something along the lines of that), so I began to explain. Unfortunately, I was already waking up by that point. "You see, when you're lucid-" I was about to say that it's harder to keep a dream stable when you're lucid, but I realized the dream had already ended.
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