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    1. #252 - Airport / Plane

      by , 06-30-2016 at 08:49 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I remember it was night and me, my friend Lajja and some other guy were hanging out. I had flown to Wellington in order to hang out with her, we were all going to fly back to Auckland tomorrow.
      I woke up in the morning and there was some issue with the flight, like Lajja had forgotten to book her tickets or we missed the plane. We have to go and get new tickets, I'm not really stressed about any of this though. We're in the waiting room which is split in two by a set of folding shutter doors. I sit in the second room while everyone else sits in the first room. I think I did it because it was quieter? The air hostess comes to tell the next few people to proceed, this happens a couple times but not once does she alert the 2nd room. I'm aware she's not doing this, the first time it happens I opened up the shutter doors a bit so she wouldn't ignore it. The 2nd time she still ignores it, so I pull the doors open all the way... The 3rd time she does it again, fucks sake. I just get up and head out instead of waiting, telling myself to just go ahead since Lajja and the other guy went with the hostess the 3rd time. I see them down on the floor below, connected to my floor by a set of escalators. Lajja and the guy are holding hands for some reason, I find this weird since they're not dating and Lajja has a boyfriend already. I head down to meet them and ask if they got the tickets, the guy says "Oh yeh, but uhh whoops I forgot yours, sorry mate". I instantly pick up that he did it on purpose, he's trying to sit alone with Lajja on the plane. I have to go buy my own ticket now.

      I'm on board of a plane, it's a sort of continuation from the last dream (though I definitely recall waking up between them). The plane is quite small with 1 or 2 seats on either side of the walkway. My dad is on the plane next to me or in front of me, we're talking and I briefly look away from him mid-conversation. When I look back at him it's my mum instead. What the...? I'm a bit confused, wasn't I just talking to my dad? Or maybe it was my mum.. Everything feels real, I decide that 'maybe' it's a dream (although I don't even feel like it is). I do a reality check and it succeeds much to my surprise. I stand up and try to stabilise, recalling some advice about making the most of lucids by maximising lucidity and awareness. My mind is a bit chaotic though... I try to force the lucidity to the max and it sort of works but the dream isn't very stable. I can tell because it was bright at first and the world was gradually getting darker and darker. I'm in my flat room now, kind of feels like everything is spinning. I try to escape the room, thinking that maybe moving and engaging the dream will help extend it. I fly out through the window but end up awake. Crap. I do a reality check and succeed, I guess I just had a false awakening. I'm in my bed, I clamber out of it and I'm wearing heaps of clothes which are a bit restricting, it's quite dark and getting darker... I wake up for real.
    2. #249 - Free the ghost and burn the bridge

      by , 06-20-2016 at 09:39 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      The dream begins with me and someone else running towards a house at night. We're trying to free the ghost of a girl who was murdered, she haunts the house we're heading to. We go inside and walk around for a while, I can't remember how but we avenge her spirit. I'm in the lounge with the ghost while my friend heads off somewhere. She looks about 17-18 with medium length Egyptian style black hair, she's quite attractive but I'm nearly 5 years her senior so I have an 'eh no thanks' thought going through my head. I sit down on the couch, it's a pretty simple square room which has either a beige or light yellow wallpaper to colour. She wants to thank me for helping her, so she flicks the lights off... It's pitch black and I can feel her getting closer to me, she kisses me but I have a feeling she's up to something. I turn the light back on and tell her I'm not interested, I say something like "I'll go check to see if my parents are ready to leave yet". I still felt some kind of evil about her, I didn't want to fall for her seductive ruse.

      I head into the next room, it's a lounge that resembles the one in my parents' house. My mum is sitting on the leather couch with my dad sitting on the arm of the chair, between them is a damply lit lamp that sets a heavy tone. It feels like they were talking about some adult problems before I walked in and interrupted. "Are we leaving soon?" I ask, "yes we're just about to head out" my mum replies. I get changed into my pj's, they have dinosaurs on them I think.. I feel like I'm a little kid and we're heading home after being out camping for a week. We're in the car now, I'm sitting in the back seat, my parents are in front with my dad driving. It's still dark outside, though not completely. There's a torrential downpour too... The road we're on is coastal, to the left is a rocky cliff rising up high while to the right is a rocky seawall with big waves lapping up against it. We drive around a bend on the road and an epic scene awaits, a huge shape bursts from the water. At first I'm unsure about what it is, but I recognize that it's something from Avatar the Last Airbender (it isn't...). I think to myself that it must be a multi-legged bug monster or the evil mecha episode, except it's happening live (it strikes me as odd that it's only just happening yet I've supposedly seen the episode). I get a closer look and realize it's the evil mecha episode, oh fuck. I remember how in the episode it gets chased by a good mecha and they collide near the bridge crossing, breaking the bridge. Fuuuuu... It would take forever to get home if the bridge broke :/. "DAD! Speed up! We have to get across the bridge!" I yell, hoping that I've convinced him despite knowing that I'm a kid and that no one believes kids.. He speeds up though, we're flooring it and the evil mecha is accelerating with a huge gush of water jetting into the sky from the speed its going at. We come to the turn at the bridge, my dad does a turn and break to skid the car to a stop (no easy feat with slick of water), we bump into a side wall slightly before accelerating again. The evil mecha has arrived at the bridge and turns around to face the approaching good mecha. Our car crossing the bridge, the torrential rain pelting the roof, the huge mechas shrouded by a thin mist as they charge towards each other. Everything happens in that moment, the mechas collide as the car touches the otherside of the bridge, a huge force explodes outwards and obliterates the bridge behind us. I'm thrown out of the car as it skids to a halt by the edge of road. I fly through the air and land in the ocean, there's something else that flew out with me though and I try to swim and get it. Fuck, it's too far... There's a dinghy nearby, I'm anxious about the water depth so I swim over to it. It's almost completely submerged, but atleast I put it under me to ward any sharks away. There's a rope attached and my parents start pulling me back to shore.

      There's a minor scene change, instead of heading back to the shore I'm in the water again. My parents are in the dinghy and I swim over, my dad wants to show me what to do in this sort of situation and is being all like "Oh so just in case this ever happens to you and you're on your own I'll show you what to do". He was just inferring it was good time to practice. The dreams ends here .
    3. #245 - 'insert dream title'

      by , 05-25-2016 at 10:31 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I'm travelling outside with a friend, there's sabretooth tiger cubs in the distance, 1 big snow white one. They're up a bit on the hill. It's turning into winter, a snow storm is coming from the mountains. They're getting closer now, they were playing together but they fought a bit with snow white sabre. We try moving in the opposite direction and come near a line of trees. There's a huge bear here, damn. I can sense a sabretooth tiger coming up behind me so I sprint at the bear, barrel roll as the tiger pounces and cause the bear and tiger to fight. Badass?? Absolutely.
      I arrive in place where my daughter is staying(?) or a shelter by a mountain. There's a room, I remember my friend Mat staying here and I had seen him on a video recording where he was splayed out on the couch super tired. I think I let him stay at the place since he was travelling. I can't remember when it happened but I'm a little gingerbread sized plastic man who has lost his memory as well, like some kind of evil curse. It's a really deep and sad story (in the dream plot) which I'm also watching. There's a loading bar that shows it's a movie which is halfway through, about 25 minutes. My daughter doesn't know where her uncle is (which is me, since we apparently lied and said I was her uncle and not her dad) and now she believes she doesn't have a dad.. It's because I'm away working and can't be with her to watch her grow up, so she doesn't really know what a is. I can't remember that I'm her dad though (because of the curse) and everything is sad. I remember thinking that I really wanted to watch until the end of the movie, because it's just such a beautiful story. I know how it ends, the father (me) manages to break the curse and turn back to normal, my daughter is super happy to finally have her uncle back, but I decide to tell her the truth that I'm her dad. It makes her so happy to have a dad, and we're both so happy to be together finally.
      I don't get to see the story unfold though, because I start becoming more aware. I'm lucid in a way, the dream visuals fade but I don't wake up. Then I'm back in the room with my mom, not really remembering the previous plot as I'm doing other stuff. At some point she leaves and I see my friend in these tight jeans, nice . I'm horny so I hook up with her. I try taking off her pants but there's dream lag, and my imagination is 'broken', like it can't remember how to materialize certain features and is in a state of buffering. I understood something at this point about dream lag too, that stability is linked to the rate at which we expand the dream world around us. In an unstable dream we can't load too much or it will crash, but the more stable the dream the greater the load it can handle. This sounds pretty obvious, but it wasn't something I'd ever truly practiced. I'm always moving in my lucids, never just stopping. Usually this is because if I stop then I lose lucidity >_<...

      Also, I've had a lot of intensely vivid dreams lately, probably because I've just started working.
    4. Be like water my friend, water is my friend :)

      by , 04-22-2016 at 07:35 PM
      D1 - With my daughter on holiday she is little in the dream (always lol) my sister is here also. Me and Poppy decide to go and enjoy the last days of our holiday at the beach, away from all the hussel and bussel. I see it in my minds eye as fairly deserted and sandy.
      We are walking through a town when we are stopped by newspaper stall guy, with a thick moustache and greasy black hair. He and his colleage try and sell us some smokes.
      They are selling slithers of chocolate in a silver wrapping, apparently you can smoke it
      I realise I really need to pee and so does Poppy, so we go look for somewhere.
      There is a cubicle and I go in after Poppy, but when I go in the door falls open. Outside the door are a load of school girls, I recognise one of them as someone I know, but she is a teenage girl (How sweet, such big eyes, hahahaaa) she says really loudly looking first at me then her friends, "Oh there is the super cute boy!!!". I feel super happy.
      The cubicle is then completely falling apart at other side now, I have a pee quickly and get out lol.

      D2 - At my mum's apartment (she doesn't have one in real life, that I know of lol)
      She is not there. I am looking for something while i'm staying away from home. I need to be really stealthy as there are secuirty red laser thingys.
      There is a large wooden coffee table and things are everywhere on the table and floor, like someone has already been searching for something. But I think nothing of it.
      I search through everything, and decide to find her tarot cards as I feel I need them.
      There are two sets, one is really vivid and multicoloured. I find one card it is a picture of a giant wave, it is abstract so a bit hard to tell but i really like it. It has a lovely bright acrylic blue but also white and red.
      It is beautful and evocative filling me with vibrant emotions

      Elainey keeps saying I have a lot of water in my dreams, so I named it water as both dreams have some in,
      Sync This morning Siren sent me this link:

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      Tags: holiday, love, mum, poppy, water
    5. #214 - Ankh-Morpork / Kitchen anger / Lucid in the village

      by , 03-22-2016 at 05:47 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Ankh-morpork
      I was in Ankh-Morpork (from Terry Pratchetts Discworld novels) and I was joining the Thieves Guild. I remember wandering the streets not far from the Mended Drum.

      Dream 2- Kitchen Anger
      I'm my parents house, in the kitchen. I'm really annoyed at my dad, he did something or said something frustrating as hell. Me and my mum are making breakfast as we talk and she's talking to me about not getting worked up over it, I go to the fridge and, with a spoon, get a gob-full of cream and eat it. It's the same kind of cream they have at the top of non-homogenized milk, but it's just sitting on the fridge shelf without even being on a plate.. And there's a lot of it, like tower of cream.
      My dad comes into the kitchen to make his breakfast, me and my mum finished whatever it was he was going to eat. He starts making bacon and eggs, geeze.. for breakfast, really? I think at some point he was done and I turned on the stove and he puts his hand down without looking and burns himself. FUUU damn it dad! I try turn the stove off quickly, what an idiot. At this point the flattee from downstairs is in the kitchen for some reason, and he has two friends with him. My mum is insinuating to me not to get annoyed at my dad in front of them because it would be embarrassing or something, though I feel the same way.

      Dream 3 - Lucid in the village
      I'm in the town area of where I live (it's part of the city, but there's so many trees out here that you wouldn't know it) and I'm walking by the bird cafe. There's people milling about and I start to tune into the fact that I'm dreaming... It comes slowly, the awareness building in me until I attain lucidity. Everything around me is crisp and detailed, really vivid. I can feel my arms clearly, I decide to walk forward and as I do so I notice a decreases in stability. Hm, I focus on the sensations in my arms which are intense.. Like all tingly and fuzzy. I start trying to think of what the TotM is but just can't seem to get access to my memories. I think I've stabilized enough now, I continue onwards and think about the TotM more. Eventually the feeling in my arms fades and I lose stability again, I then wake up.

      So close Emnition! Was a pain to be lucid and not be able to remember anything. It was really good for a lucid though, lots of detail like there was an old granny sitting on a chair by a table outside the cafe. Also there were people passing by in front of me to cross the road. Anyways, next tim
    6. #208 - Through windows, Masks lucid, Cricket and chickens, Tiger cat

      by , 03-12-2016 at 07:03 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Through windows
      I'm out running with a dog (I don't have a dog irl) and I'm at the corner of the bottom of the road towards the intermediate school I used to go to. I spot a red car passing by and glance my friends sister, I don't get time to wave though. It's such a pain when that happens... >_<.
      I'm home now and I'm in the bathroom looking in the mirror. I mumble something about how I always seem to see her through windows.. "Hello!" she says, *jump scared and turns around*. I can see her through the crack of the open window, she's next to the front door. She says something about how we always see each other through windows, I then say something about it which makes her laugh and I head to the front door.
      Stepping outside I greet her with a hug, but it kind of lingers with my hands on her thighs and her hands on my arms. My hearts beating fast for some reason, what the hell? We talk a bit and she steps back so we're not awkwardly touching anymore. I was pretty relieved by this, it seemed a little weird.

      Dream 2 - Masks lucid
      I didn't bother remembering much about this one but it was lucid. I remember just realizing I was dreaming and reached out to a person and patted him on his shoulder, as some kind of lucidity confirming action. I was in a dull grey building made of stone, like a cheap place to rent for a large party. I turned and walked out, stopped, stabilized the dream and continued. I don't remember much that I did other than walk for like 20 + seconds, but every single person I saw had these creepy masks on. I remember two people that passed by wearing a mask the resembled a messed up dobby and the other with a mask like gollum... I didn't remember to do any dream goals or tasks.

      Dream 3 - Cricket and chickens
      I remember being in a room where my ex gf and her family (+ and apparently some chickens) were staying. I think we just got the kid(s) to sleep and my ex was off in the kitchen doing something. I went in and saw that she had been watching cricket on TV, it bugged me quite a bit because I never even knew she liked cricket (she doesn't like cricket and doesn't even really watch TV lol).
      "When did you start watching cricket?" I ask, feeling like there was so much she never told me. She responded about something else, not really noticing that I was a bit annoyed and seamlessly skirting the question so that it would 'become a big deal' if I asked again. A chicken scuttled past me, shit, they're not supposed to get in the kitchen. There was a black feathered one and a much larger ginger one that was the biggest in the coop. I remember the big one being difficult as heck to catch.

      Dream 4 - Tiger cat
      I remember being in the family room sitting down and writing stuff at a small square table. I remember having a jumper on and thinking that it was cold, so I put another jumper over it... Previously in the dream we had acquired or saved a couple kittens, one of which was actually a tiger. I remember the tiger was getting older now so we had to do something about it, otherwise it would probably kill us. I talked to my mum about it, it was kind of hard because we were attached to the new addition to the family, but we knew we had to send it somewhere else.
      lucid , non-lucid
    7. #200 + #201

      by , 02-14-2016 at 11:53 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      What an awesome dream to have on my 200th DJ, it was really stable and quite long. I entered that old 'cave-man mode' once I couldn't think of anything to really do.

      #200 - Telekinesis is a wonderful power
      I was in a hallway during day time, I followed the hallway until it led me to the back entrance of the building I was in. Ahead of me was a kid, I don't think we were supposed to be there since there was a wedding event going on or something and only the staff were allowed back here. A waiter comes out the back in the standard dark trousers, dress shirt and lower waist apron. I wrap an invisibility cloak around me and the kid, the waiter is suspicious though and gets some dust to blow into the air. He's trying to detect us, we hold our breath until he gives up and leaves. Phew!
      I talk to the kid a bit about how invisible people can be really difficult to fight, "I'll teach you a spell just incase you need to use it on invisible people" I say. I raise my wand (where did I get this?) "Ignitus!" I say with force, a bright blue flash radiates out in a delicate fashion, I show him twice I think. I talk about how invisibility is easily countered otherwise it'd be a real pain to deal with, many mages have come up with ways of dealing with people who use it, the spell I taught him is just one of many. I think I walk outside a bit and sit on the grass, there's a gravel driveway for cars to come up to the building nearby. I turn around and head up to the entrance to the building, as I go inside I notice that it's night time.
      I'm aware enough to become lucid and I turn around and head back outside. I'm in a botanical garden with the sky dark above me, there's some white-lighting from a lamp in the garden. I decide to give telekinesis a go for the dream challenge me and Emnition have going. I look to the side and see four chairs lined up (I assume they were for the aforementioned wedding gig), raising my hand I will them to lift up... Obediently they all fly up a metre of the ground, I'm a little amazed at how natural it feels and how stable the dream is. I swiftly swing my arm left, hurling the chairs with an intense force directly into the brick walls of the building I came from. Next I look at 2 nearby large green rubbish bins, raising both hands they rise before me.. I scrunch my hands into fists and the bins crumple and compact. I release them and they fall to the ground as a plastic heap .
      Next I look at a wooden park bench + table nearby, once again I telekinetically lift the object. This time I want to rip it in half. Using both my hands I make a ripping motion, but instead of getting torn in two the bench has this strange glitch effect. The two halves I intended to split kind of rolled outwardly without separating or tearing in any fashion. Bah, whatever. I decide to move on from telekinesis and find something else to do in the dream, it's been going for at least a minute already and is quite stable, though not the most exceptionally vivid (still really good though). I decide to try summon my first ex girlfriend, intending to complete that old dream goal which I no longer care about (though at this point in time I thought I did). I call her name and walk around the edge of the botanical garden, I round a corner expecting her to be there but no luck. I try again, calling her name twice more before rounding the other corner. I see a figure up ahead, success! I run on up to her, her back is facing me. I swivel her around and start flirting + kissing, she's really receptive and things progress instantly Things got sexual pretty quick as cave-man mode consumed me, it was a little more vivid at this point which is great for obvious reasons unfortunately like in most sex-dreams I woke up before getting properly satisfied.

      Dream 1 - Candy store lucid
      It's night time and I'm in a small well-lit candy store. I turn to my right to see my friend Daniel and his gf Josie bouncing around in an action that looks like they were having sex. They weren't, thankfully, otherwise I would have felt pretty awkward. Apparently it was some new dance craze O_O I head over and start talking with them, there's so much candy around us. I think Josie and Daniel both work here since they're behind the counter. I seem to realize that I'm dreaming, upon this realization the dreamscape changes dramatically but I don't even notice. The light in the room goes out and beside me is a cute chick but she isn't very busty. I'm pretty much in cave-man mode as I instantly decide that I want her, since it's a dream I decide to enhance her bust with my omnipotent dream potential, I place my right hand on her left breast and will it grow . Unfortunately the dream wasn't particularly vivid or stable, I had intended for both breasts to become really nice but instead only one grew... And pretty weirdly. It kind of just shot out, it was longer and harder than it should have been. I became aware of how dark the room actually was and looked up at the the girls face, she really is quite skinny. There's a certain evil feeling coming out of the dream that I tuned into."Ugh, well if I get her other boob to grow then take her shirt off I can just rely on the dream to correct the weirdness" is what I thought. But before I could give it a go I ended up 'waking up'. In real life I was lying on the couch and when I woke up I was the wrong way round, I had this feeling that I was drooling intensely and was slobbering everywhere. I then checked my phone and saw a message from my ex saying "Hey! Hows it going? I really love you and your fossilized wood stuff ..." there was more to the text but I can't remember it. I had told her about all the fossil wood and stuff I had found on my recent trip, which is actually true in real life. But I stopped as I read it and was like "Uhhh what?! O_O", I was confused about why she would say 'I love you' in that sentence and found it a little inappropriate. I had a feeling that she meant it as a friend but it still felt weird, I didn't manage to click to the fact that it was a dream.

      Dream 2 - Baby crazy
      I remember looking after my daughter, she was just wandering around in my parents house and it was when she was quite a bit younger than she is now. We entered the kitchen and I was practically hover handing to make sure she didn't fall over, she wandered into the kitchen cupboard and my mum came in and distracted me somehow. I was really annoyed because it was somehow inconsiderate and I wasn't able to talk with her because I had to look after my daughter. I turned back to look at my daughter but she was gone. I instantly freaked out and we started looking for her, at this point I looked around at my surroundings and saw my cat Peaches lounging around, as I looked around I kept seeing lots of her. I rounded the corner and looked down the stairs fearing that my daughter had fallen... I was really scared. I look down and saw at the bottom of the stairs... My cat peaches O_O. Lying on top of another Peaches, there were so versions of my cat.

      I woke up and next to me was my cat sitting there sleeping...

      Dream 3 - Old friend
      I must have had a dream much earlier on in the night where I had discovered my friend Aaron, it was insinuated somehow that he was dead and I made a burial for him (thought there was no body I think).

      I'm in an institute in what I think is post-apocalyptic (non-zombie, possibly nuclear). It was a concrete facility at the bottom of a deep crater. I have a feeling there was a water on one side. I can't recall what I did while I was inside this facility but I remember that there was a doctor who decided to break the rules and tell my I had to GTFO. He punched a button and sprinted, dragging me and throwing me through an opening outside, then jumped to follow. A door slammed down behind us and we high tailed the hell out of there, it was really intense. I think they were planning on capturing me unawares and using me as a guinea pig (I have a feeling they experimented on lots of animals too). We made it to the top of the crater and sat side by side... It was a calm moment, the person next to me was no longer that doctor, but instead it was Aaron. We talked, I hadn't seen him in so long. Then it dawned on me... And I punch him really hard. "I thought you were dead!!" Tears instantly start flowing and I'm consumed by this extreme sadness, I'm holding him with one hand while the other is on the ground keeping me stable during my emotional fit.
      I wake up, a little stunned by the intensity of the dream.
    8. #190 - Treehouse / Han Solo / School mischief / Geology math

      by , 01-18-2016 at 03:31 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Treehouse
      I remember it was night time and I was in this tree village place where people liked to build houses in trees. There was a gondola that led up into the trees and I think my brother was with me, he was making a house I think. Later on we ended up on a bus that was going through the city during day time.

      Dream 2 - Han Solo
      nREM type dream where I was imagining some star wars related stuff. There was a conversation with Han Solo and I remember seeing the Millenium Falcon flying around in space

      Dream 3 - School Mischief
      I remember that I wasn't wearing correct uniform or something, I was standing next to my friend Sorabh (who I haven't seen in like 5 years) and we were at the base of a cliff. There was some activity involved where you had to rock climb I think as I remember him holding onto a rope. My mum looks over the edge down at us and we both get in trouble. We walk up to meet her and she rants off at me. I get all angry and just explode a series of words about how I'm dealing with shit and she lets me off. I walk off and I get a slight smile tweaking at the edge of my face, I felt like I knew I would be let off if I said that stuff. I see Sorabh again and he's grinning a 'Whoa dude' face at me

      Dream 4 - Geology math
      In a classroom with desks, we have to do a sheet of homework but I haven't bothered doing it. Hmm maybe we can just do it in class to help with study? It's not due for a week I think. I talk to the guy next to me about this and we sort of team up. There's a bunch of really buff dudes walking past, I remember them from earlier as the gym junkies, they're carrying sacks of potatoes. I remember from earlier on that they were eating some nice looking potatoes too, they must be restocking for dinner later.
    9. #183 - True SC1 / Boar hunt / Bomb shelter / Balding / Restaurant / Disgusting Toes

      by , 12-18-2015 at 06:43 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      SC1) 12:51
      True SC1
      I woke up and had some small memories of dreamlets but nothing solid enough to put on paper. I did a WBTB to let the cat out of my room and also to eat some apple crumble (because why not? )

      I don't usually wake up at this time so this is the first I've woken up for the 1st sleep cycle of the night.

      SC2) 02:32
      Dream - Boar hunt
      I was in my house, yet it didn't exactly resemble it at first. It seemed that we were on a camp (university camp?) and I found out there was a huge pig/boar running around in the house. I decide to deal with it, it's in a small room that has a refrigerator and other food stuff in it. I knock the boar unconscious somehow and wonder if I should put it into the freezer and let it die that way? Hmm oh well I'll leave it for now. I decide to go ask for help, I head outside and on my way out of the small room I see a stack of bagged pig meat and blood and guts. When I get outside I see 3 guys and maybe 4 girls all sunbathing. The guys have their shirts off and the girls are bikinis, they're all lying on beach towels on the back deck of my house (though it's clear it's not my 'house' if that makes sense). I also remember one of the guys who was called Alex Sigley. I speak up and ask if someone wants to go half with me on the boar I just killed, 3 of the guys say yes but none of the girls want any. One girl then gets up with a sigh as she knows how to deal with the boar (butchering it or something) which is what I wanted, I have no clue how to deal with this thing.

      My current WBTB alarm is set to 02:00 and I need to set it to 02:30 I think, as that seems to be the right time to wake up.

      SC3) 04:18
      Dream - Bomb shelter
      I'm on a road near where I live there the road forks off. There was quite a few people here on the road with me and we were chatting (though I don't remember who they were). We must have been doing some sort of roadworks. Things were pretty happy during most of the dream but towards the end a train arrived. It turned the corner out of one of the roads that forked off and headed onto our road (this is impossible, and also there's no train there in RL). We alert each other to the train and head over to the pavement, I have to pull along a retard who was clapping his hands. There's a person doing the announcements, he berates us and I notice we're missing some people. The missing people had been 'dealt with'. "Keep away from the manhole cover!" the announcer announced angrily. I can tell he's evil. The manhole cover he spoke of was a sort of 'time capsule' for the rich, so they could be protected in the case of nuclear fallout (Fallout 4 reference I guess). There's a bunch of rich folk (who look like they're from the 1950s) streaming out of the train I think, but they had also supposedly just exited the manhole, but they were walking towards the manhole (rather than away from it), and also seemed to be walking past it. (Poor dream logic but I didn't catch on so no lucid ).

      SC4) 05:58
      Dream - Balding
      I'm in the bathroom looking into the mirror, WHAT THE HELL. My hair has bald patches all through it! Ugh, oh no... This can't be real? I have a FA and I'm in the bathroom again, but this time my hair is normal. Phew, it was just a dream . I keep looking at the mirror just to make sure, my reflection is quite accurate. But as I look at my eyes... My iris' don't seem right, they look like solid green disks with a black pupil that isn't quite in the center. Hmm??? It changes a couple times, why is it doing that? Oh wait, I must be dreaming. It all seems so obvious now. I take a step back and my vision is that of a severely drunk person, why can't I see well? I decide on going straight to doing telekinesis on the toilet. I raise my hand and will the toilet to float but to no avail. Meanwhile I'm still seeing the world in a sort of drunken state. Geeze maybe that's why I can't do telekinesis? Oh! It must be because I went cross-eyed looking at my reflection earlier? ( best dream logic) I 'uncross' my eyes and the dream becomes less shaky. That's better. I walk out of the bathroom and to my room, I try to do telekinesis again but my vision kind of becomes a bit drunk once more and I'm unsuccessful at telekinesis.

      SC5) 07:00
      Dream - Restaurant
      I remember being in a restaurant and I think I'm an employee. The restaurant has a dark wooden texture and has an appropriate dim mood-light setting for dining out. I'm at the checkout talking to an Indian girl who is a fellow employee, I think we're talking about something and she might be teaching me how to work here. Her face is next to mine, side by side with a bit of a gap between us. She says something and it's a bit flirtatious and she moves in to kiss me. Our lips touch and I'm like 'Oh shit, have I just cheated on my gf? Well... I'm in the middle of the kiss, I'll wait until it's over' (for some reason I thought this was the only option ). The kiss was very vivid, I remember closing my eyes to it and feeling the texture of her lips, they soft and have a smooth feeling which made me think it wasn't quite right for how kissing should feel. She gets into the kiss, I wake up before it finishes.

      I tried writing this down but all I wrote was 'Kiss in restaurant, I'm an employee'. I must have really struggled to stay awake O_O

      Dream fragment - Disgusting Toes
      I'm in the living room at home and see that my mum has just gotten home from work. She's taking her shoes off as I go and talk to her about my toes. They have these absolutely revolting, putrid, disgusting bubbly veruca wart growths on them, mostly on my big left toe, the bottom of the toe next to it and a couple other toes. My mum doesn't take it seriously enough, can she see how disgusting it looks? I'm a little stressed and anxious about the whole thing. I remember that I may have gotten them from an earlier dream in the night where I was running at night time with a couple people. Something happened and there was broken glass on the ground which had the blood of someone else I was with on it. I got a few shards in my toes and that's how my foot got infected it seems.
    10. #174 - The Mall / Animal Alarms

      by , 12-06-2015 at 08:28 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - The Mall (02:00)
      I remember sitting at the mall thinking that I had a chance to be chosen for something. There seemed to be limited spaces (about 4) and they were selected by a god-like figure. I think the area I was sitting in was the outside courtyard in the new segment at the mall. There were some emotions of anxiety I think about whether or not I'd be selected, I knew I had a chance, but I was still nervous because I wanted to be chosen.

      Dream 2 - Animal Alarms (07:00)
      In the same courtyard as the previous dream I'm at a meat restaurant that me and my parents went to yesterday. My mum was to my left and my dad was in front of me (the same as the seating was in RL). We had asked someone about these animal shaped alarm clocks and they went to get someone to explain it to us. Hmm? A little girl comes up and explains everything to us, she starts listing down the different colours and shapes of animals available. I think she had to do it as like a learning thing for her school or something, but I was impressed by how she memorized so much. I only recall 2 of the different animals, the beetle and the giraffe, but there were many others. I don't think I was listening properly and zoned out when she was talking and then zoned back in when she was finished.

      I think the animal alarms dream happened a bit earlier in the night but I managed to remember it when I was getting out of bed. Also my dreams seemed to be restricted to the mall, probably because I spent almost my entire day having to meet people there. I had a few beers which affected my recall too ^_^. The intensity of waking up and writing a full dream out on paper is a bit strenuous on the sleep cycle, but it seems to be working really well.

      I didn't manage to get 3 dreams (it was the last night needed to complete my dream goal) so it's reset again.
    11. #169 - Driving about

      by , 12-02-2015 at 08:42 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream - Driving about (woke up at 3:00am)
      I'm in my parents house, I think I somehow made the alarm go off and it's wailing loudly... I punch in the code to turn it off but nothing happens. Argh, I must have put the wrong code in. Everyone is waiting outside. Why is the alarm going off anyways?
      I remember there being a Tuatara at some point...
      Later on I'm in the car with my mom, she's driving and we turn into a house to pick some people up. The house looks simultaneously like my neighbours and our house combined. We're waiting for my dad and some other person to hurry up, they should already be ready by now. They must have forgotten we were heading out, there's no lights on in the house at all. It's already 9pm.. Geeze :/. We beep the horn loudly and my mum is impatient now, she's driving in circles in the driveway of the property. I look up at the window of my dads room (it's not his room anymore) and see that the light suddenly turns on. Finally, I think to myself that they now know we're here at least. I tell my mum that they've noticed us. We start talking and discuss her going back to university. She wants to study some ecology papers as she's found that she's interested in that field of study. I tell her that I can help her review her essays if she needs me to.

      Dream experience: 5 (pretty vivid and the dream felt long. I remembered it pretty clearly and I didn't wake up feeling foggy, which usually leads to me forgetting my dreams).
      Dream awareness: 1 (not enough to be aware that I was dreaming, but there was some definite conscious thinking involved)

      I think my cat woke me up from this dream... She jumped on top of my face.
      After I woke up I decided to get up for a while, so I spent 40 minutes researching random stuff and then reading a comic before heading back to sleep.

      I also remember a really strange WILD last night where I seemed to naturally just slip into a dream consciously. But the whole thing felt delirious and uncontrollable, I had visuals at first but they disappeared. The interesting thing was that I was more involved with other sensations like touch and sound (the sound was more like a humming noise).
      lucid , non-lucid , side notes
    12. #163 - Conch shell / Gift / Home

      by , 11-23-2015 at 11:29 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I completely forgot to write up these dreams today... And I actually had pretty alright dream recall for once :/ damn.

      Dream 1 - Conch shell
      From what I remember I was in a cave with some people, it was a pretty massive cave that was easy to see in because it had a large opening and in was day time (though the sun wasn't shining directly into the cave). I recall seeing a big conch shell, it was mounted on a pedestal like it was some sort of treasure. I picked it up and brought to my face inspecting it, seeing some holes I placed my thumb over them and blew into an opening..
      *Bang*! Whoa that was unexpected, I didn't think it would be loud. I put it back hurriedly thinking that I shouldn't mess around with it... Then I pick it up again, just one more try won't hurt
      Knowing what to do this time I prepare to blow into it really hard, sucking in a big breath and then unleashing a full throttle exhale into it. *BOOOM*!! A huge sound wave emanates from the shell and causes the whole cave to shake extremely violently . Everyone else that was around starts running for the exit, I start running too. Debris rains down from the ceiling and splashes into the water (most of the cave is in deep water) and sticks out which I use to jump across towards the exit. Suddenly a big piece of debris falls in front of me and I die... It was 'game over', and actually felt like a game. I was in third person watching my characters body go limp like a game character would in something like Skyrim. My character began sinking into the depths and I was left wondering how he actually died.. It didn't make sense (the debris didn't even touch my character).

      Dream fragment
      - I remember at some point talking to someone (it was a girl) and she threatened me and stuck two fingers into my mouth and grabbed my tongue I'm not sure if this even happened last night..

      Dream 2 - Gift
      I can't properly remember this dream so I'll just try string together the notes I put in my phone about it...
      Apparently I was talking to my dad outside the house and then my mum must have came out and given me a gift, I remember it seemed to resemble the star that you would place on top of a Christmas tree. There's trash to clean up and I think I clean it up, maybe from a bin that spilled. The parents of my ex gf are there at some point and I think they may be doing something illegal.

      Dream 3 - Home
      I'm at my parents house with some friends, for some reason we ended up all being naked because something had happened to our clothes and we had to get new ones, maybe they got too wet? O_O.. There's sand on my feet and we're heading through the hallway in my house towards the bathroom to wash the sand off I think. As we walk through the hallway we walk past these 3 girls who I think are really ugly, they're covered in acne all over and their faces just don't look right for some reason. They're naked too for some reason. We reach the bathroom and the others start rinsing themselves, there's no real awareness to the fact that we're naked in the company of each other. Suddenly me and this blonde girl start interacting, I decide to start 'teasing' her, though I have no idea how it's considered teasing... Since I pretty much put her in a full-blown sex position, this dream took a really hot and heavy turn . She said "what are you doing?" coquettishly, and wanted things to progress but I said "haha I'm just teasing" (since I knew I had a gf). This moment in particular during the dream was extremely intense... None of the others had noticed but it's pretty much like they don't really exist temporarily. I put a jacket around me and cover up my crotch for obvious 'reasons' after that event. I then head back to my room just across the hallway. Everything in this house was where it was supposed to be, but I didn't realize that all the rooms were about twice the size they should have been. I pick up a towel and some clothes, hmm I probably don't have enough clothes for everyone.. Oh well. My friend Matt comes up to me and I tell him I'm going to have a shower and he smiles and nods then strides back over to the others.
    13. #132 - Landslide / Horrible Scream

      by , 10-17-2015 at 10:45 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream Fragment - an ex
      Seem to remember being in a tent or something, a girl I knew in high school that I hooked up with once was there. Her bf was around and I remember thinking that I would have to reject her or something?

      Dream 1 - Landslide
      I'm at my parents house (I think this scene is coming up more because I'll be heading home in a month), and I get the feeling the house is unstable. I was looking at the house and the wooden support beams seemed so weak, I thought of how we would need to add more support to counter the chances of it sliding downhill. Then something crazy happens, it's like the dream doesn't even know what it wants to do. The house apparently undergoes a landslide, but it's more like the lawn has been ripped up in a strip parallel to the house. The apple trees are on this strip of lawn too. Me and my dad immediately jump into action, we absolutely have to push this strip of land back uphill. He's on the far left and I'm on the far right. We lift it up and push as hard as we can, this thing realistically must weigh more than a couple elephants. So strong O_O. It's weird because when I look over to my dads side we've reached the top of the slope around the middle of the lawn, but the apple tree is still where it originally was on the lawn. We have to push the apple tree on the lawn strip over the apple tree on the lawn itself... We have two apple trees in RL but this still doesn't make sense. My dad shouts to roll the lawn over the top of the tree. It's an epic struggle but we succeed. My mum is apparently stressed out and having a glass of wine inside the house to calm down . We have such rotten luck apparently (in RL my parents got charge some several thousand for some screw up with a company that wasn't their fault) and my dad says that we must be cursed. When he says this I think of Japanese customs and how in our western culture we don't pay respect to house gods. The dream scene changes, now there is a little house god (I seem to be thinking of it as a little childs ghost) next to me who I interact with, I seem to be inside too. The place doesn't look like my parents house and has a nice wooden floor. There is another child ghost that intrudes into the house gods territory which it isn't supposed to do. This ghost has black hair.

      Dream 2 - Horrible Scream
      Argh... This dream I woke up from with this horrible scream echoing in my head. I was at the mall in Auckland and my daughter and dad were with me. I was looking after my daughter for the day but anytime that she got upset she would let out the most annoying cry, it was more like the most frustrating alarm clock sound. It was a shrill pulse-cry that wasn't even slightly like how a child should cry. Anyways... We were around the entrance to the mall after having been driven there by my dad. My daughter was upset because she wanted to be with her mum. I remember feeling the sudden gaze of the people around being drawn to the public display of my crying child, I've mostly grown to ignore this kind of judgement in RL. I comfort my daughter and let her know she's okay, she still cries a little bit though. I see a baby walking past behind her, it stops, looks in our direction and its face starts contorting into a crying face. My god, what the hell? I absolutely can't let my daughter see this as I think it will make things worse. My mum (my daughters grandmother) shows up and my daughter calls her "Kora" which is supposed to be her mums name with a weird accent. I don't click to the fact that she called her by the wrong name. My mum seems to be able to calm her down a bit. This dream was somehow nice but stressful ^_^
    14. Irish TV Coverage On Conor McGregor, Surprising Brothel Visit (24.7.15)

      by , 07-24-2015 at 01:48 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Irish TV coverage on Conor McGregor
      Im watching TV in lounge room at my old house. I see my mum who's with me also. I walk over to dad, where he's sitting at a computer. He's watching the news, and it's of an Irish news program. They're talking about Conor McGregor. I sit down and notice a picture of the news reporters smoking with those old school pop eye pipes. I comment on them asking where I could get one from. They respond quickly. I figure they had the intonation hot keyed.
      Dad goes to respond also. I'm not sure if he saw what I did. We have an argument over him doing a weird thing with the keyboard. He does an alt ctrl del type of move. I try telling him it's not needed. He tells me it gets a quicker response time. A scene flashes by of a car accident.
      Something has smashed through the car window and Impaled the driver.

      Surprising Brothel Visit
      We're driving a guy to brothel as a surprise. We reach the sign which looks to be still winched. We ask the guy if he knows where he is. He does. He's looking around having a laugh. We ask if he is keen to go in. He says Fuck no. He pulls out his phone and begins taking photos and video footage of the entrance and building. We hear someone near by and tell everyone to remain quite and not run. It ends up being the wrong decision as an employer sees us. He looks to be dressed up as a women. He chances back into a man once he begins talking to me. He tells me that we have to leave, and not to tell anyone about the place.mI respect his decision and take it. One of the guys with me says that we should have questioned him asking if we're legally in wrong, and that maybe he would invite us in.

      Dream Fragment
      My Grandmother feels forced to have sex with her partner. Her back is sore in the process. I see waves.
    15. #99 - lots of familiar people

      by , 07-14-2015 at 01:10 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: non-dream
      Blue: non-lucid
      Red: lucid

      I had a lot of dreams last night... At one point I was helping some friends who got their kayak stuck in a river, I jumped around acrobatically and reached it, then pushed it down towards them. There was a wooden deck with a roof next to this river which we sat down on, my daughter sat on my lap and began singing to me while we were all just hanging out.

      Another one is where I was with my close friends Sam and Daniel, I can't recall much but I think we were in a mall and were walking around into shops, I saw my mum there too while she was looking at jewelery..

      A lot of familiar faces last night
      Tags: arya, daniel, kayak, mall, mum, river, sam
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