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    1. Book Titles and a Headstone (WILD)

      by , 01-20-2016 at 08:58 PM
      Ritual: Last night's moment of lucidity made me crave good dreaming again, but I woke up after six hours with nothing but a few shreds of bland and wan memory. Determined to do better, I dug out the silent vibrating alarm I was using last year for my DEILD experiments and strapped it to my wrist. I set the timer for 33 minutes at first, so I would likely be asleep by the time it went off, but after lying awake for about half that time reset it for 17 minutes. I reminded myself that it would be fine if I was still awake when it went off, a good opportunity to re-familiarize myself with the sensation I was anticipating and to RC. I did feel the pulse once before I fell asleep; afterwards, given that another 45 minutes went by before I woke up, it must have gone off a couple times that I didn't notice. However, I did get lucid, even though the timing suggests that the onset was not triggered by the vibration, because when I finally woke up the alarm was 30 seconds from going off again, and I don't think the dream lasted that long (though I could be wrong about that). This would be consistent with my other experiments with this technique: it works, but not in the way one might expect. Rather than directly inducing an awareness of the dream state with its signal, it seems to be rather that the anticipation of the alarm serves as an anchor for the attention that makes it easier to transition directly into dream. Consequently, rather than a DILD I had a WILD.

      I knew I must have transitioned when I realized I was holding a piece of paper in my hands. I used the paper to better integrate by running it between my fingers and being attentive to the lifelike sensations. They were vivid enough that I figured I should just get up out of bed, even though my vision hadn't kicked in fully yet and everything was dim and blurry. Since there are bookcases right next to my bed in WL and my intention was to do this month's Basic Task i, the moment I was on my feet I started examining the books. My vision was no better overall, but I could see well enough in the area of my primary focus. Reading was surprisingly easy as well, although the words themselves did not always remain stable, sometimes changing into new ones right before my eyes.

      I read a half dozen book titles right away, some better than others, but none so striking that I felt like putting special effort into memorizing them. I hoped a few might stick with me naturally, but unfortunately I didn't remember any of them on waking. After browsing the books in the bedroom for a while, I moved out to the kitchen, where I have more bookshelves (there are books almost everywhere in my house). I continued reading titles, trying to find a really good one for the task. Finally after moving on to a second shelf in the kitchen I found what I was looking for. The book was a slim hardcover, about 9"x11" and 3/4 inch thick. The cover had a glossy sheen and was white in the upper half and a darker color, grey perhaps, in the lower half. In the very center, where the colors met, was the word: "REVOLIOTUN" in red and black stylized capital letters. I took note of how it appeared to be the word "revolution" with some of the letters transposed. I wasn't sure if this was part of the title or designated something else, like the series, publisher, or maybe just a cover design, since the actual title seemed to be printed below this in the lower half of the cover. The title was David Bowie's Dreams: Naked in Flight. This tickled me, especially given his recent passing, and I knew it was the one I wanted to bring back for the task.

      I set my mind on remembering that book, but glanced at a few more for good measure. There was one small paperback titled Blue Skulls Book that struck me, but that's the only other title I can remember.

      Now that I had completed the task, I wondered if I should wake and write immediately, but it seemed a waste of good dream state. Was it really that good, though? My vision was still terrible. "Then maybe I should work on that," I told myself reprovingly. So I looked out the kitchen window and tried to clean up my vision. "Just open your eyes," I instructed myself. "But be careful not to open your real eyes!" I actually did have a sensation like my eyes were opening, and suddenly my vision cleared up beautifully! I looked out the window and was startled by the amazing color and clarity of the landscape, a wide grassy expanse bordered by distant hills, so unlike my actual concrete pool patio. The vision from my left eye was perfect, but my right eye faded in and out: it kept feeling like something was covering it, which I tried to brush away with my fingers as though it were an errant lock of hair. I realized that it was probably the bleedthrough sensation from the way my face was pressed into my pillow (I was able to confirm this on waking) and decided I'd better do my best to ignore it.

      The beauty of the outdoors lured me, so I stepped through the sliding screen door into this marvelous dreamscape, and immediately felt my heart fill with joy. I wondered if I should plan to do anything in particular, but decided no, it was enough just to look around and drink in the sights, now that I could see so clearly. As I moved over the ground, I was more dancing than walking for the sheer pleasure of it. Momentarily I wondered if I should be careful not to accidently blunder into any WL obstacles I couldn't see, but then had to remind myself, this isn't like google cardboard: I'm not just surrounded by an illusory overlay on the real world, this is a whole world in its own right.

      "This is my favorite world!" I murmured in fervent appreciation, then caught myself. That seemed like a radical statement. Was it really true? I reflected for a moment and had to admit that it was. I felt a bit sorry for the real world—how could it compare to this? As I looked around, marveling at the beauty of my surroundings, my eye was caught by a brighter spot in the dream sky, a white disk surrounded by intensified illumination, like the sun filtering through a haze. For some reason this struck me as remarkable, and I thought back and couldn't remember ever seeing a sun in my dream sky before. Unlike the unpleasant brightness of the real sun, this one I could gaze at directly.

      I wandered across the lawn until I discovered a large headstone. It had the traditional rounded shape but was very wide, maybe three or four feet tall and five or six in width. I was pleased to discover that I could read the chiseled inscription very clearly: "THE EARLY DEATHS OF BLAKE GRACE." The name meant nothing to me, but what particularly caught my attention was the plural, "deaths." How could he or she have died more than once? Oh well, in the dream world, I suppose anything is possible.

      Encountering the tombstone hadn't diminished my joy in the slightest. I still felt radiantly happy, even when I glanced down and noticed that I was standing on a carved piece of stone that covered the grave itself, like the lid of a sarcophagus. "I hope I'm not disturbing the inhabitant!" I thought amiably, and stepped off the stone, watching closely to see if it would move, on the off-chance that the corpse might decide to rise from the grave in indignation. Even this possibility did not dampen my mood; I felt fully capable of dealing with such an eventuality, should it occur. But the dead slept. I felt compassion for the person buried here and thought I should make up for my accidental insult by doing something to honor the grave. In the hollow of one of the carvings toward the foot of the stone was an accumulation of gravel on which an uprooted mushroom was lying. I picked up the mushroom and tried to set it upright, pushing the stem into the gravel to help it stand up. The surface of the mushroom was starting to rot, but the sight filled me with a sense of tender compassion, much like the grave itself.

      After this I decided that it was probably time to wake up, since I didn't want to risk wandering off and forgetting the book title and the engraving on the headstone. Since I was waking myself up deliberately, I was able to get ready and do it in a very controlled way. As the dream began to fade into void, I grabbed a pen and got ready to start writing in the notebook next to my bed the moment I transitioned, until I realized how ridiculous this was. There was no point in picking up a dream pen—it wouldn't save me any time—I would still have to move my physical arm and grab the physical pen once I actually woke up! What a hassle!

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    2. The morphing toilet by the dark mirror takes me to call Sensei instead of finding the blue world aft

      by , 09-21-2014 at 11:38 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      The morphing toilet by the dark mirror takes me to call Sensei instead of finding the blue world after failing to Astral project. (WILD)


      After a brief visit to bathroom at 2am I decided to Astral Project. I relaxed my entire physical body in bed. My mind was already relaxed enough that I could focus well on this task. Within what felt a couple minutes, I started hearing a buzzing within my eyes. I focused on the buzzing in order to make it grow and become more intense. It got to a point that it was decently loud and I experienced vibrations around my entire body. I recalled that a couple of nights ago I was using the same technique (it is a new technique I am working on) and it kind of blew me off due an overcharge of energy (you may want to read here as a reference)

      Overcharging my body for Astral Projection and failing - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

      So I decided not to be -energy greedy- as just start the separation process out.

      As I focused in my Astral body lifting from my physical body, I could feel the vibrations very intense, but for some reason, I was not completely able to come out. I decided to ask for assistance (you may do this if you struggle to leave your body) and I felt there was an entity around me (I asked who this one and it was one of my Spirit Guides.) I asked her to pull my Astral Body out. I felt here working on my feet and literally like she was pulling my feet, even that it felt physical at some degree, I know it was my Astral Body being pulled. I was able to separate and I found myself floating over my physical body. I had with my dad a conversation about my previous event and he told me that the same would happen to him and that once he projected out, he would charge his physical body with energy for it to feed further the Astral body) As I attempted this, I focused way too much on my physical body and I did return to my physical body.

      I was back in my body, but still in the WILD stage, so I figured I would once again, pull myself down after charging a bit more extra energy. During the process, my mind lost focus and I found myself thinking about a couple Dares I wanted to complete.

      I found myself floating above what appeared to be downtown. It was day so I realized that I was not Astral Traveling anymore but I did fall asleep during the process, which I was still happy since I was lucid. Not what I was looking for, but no complains neither!

      I decided to land as the dream was very stable. I recalled I wanted to work on some dares, since the thread is almost dead. So I entered a building and I wanted to look for a bathroom in order to do
      "Find a mirror and talk with your reflection." Once I got inside of the building, it appeared like a hardware store and there was almost right by the entrance a toilet and next to it, a sync with a mirror. So I got myself in front of the mirror and said, "Hi, whats up?" It looked like me, but like if on the other side of the mirror there was no light, or like if light did not reflect at all, because it was the same looking as me but it was really dark (in colors, not that it was evil, just like a person looks like in the darkness.) I did not hear any reply, so I attempted again and visualized being answered. This time, I could hear a faint voice coming from the mirror that it said "Mario Party" (what the heck???) and I did not feel like staring more into the mirror and wake up, since it replied to me, I figured it was valid.

      I also recalled the Advanced task of the Month. Even though I already completed it within the first week
      (my super-lousy lame patronus

      Expecto Patronum at Downtown - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

      I wanted to complete also the toilet one as I told to Ophelia, and well... I had a (not so beautiful and dirty toilet) right next to me. An awesome gift from my subconscious. It was not extremely gross, just dirty and old looking:

      I just step over it after opening the lid and I hoped it would not break, as I recalled someone trying to do this and getting the toilet broken in the process, thus failing the task. Luckily it did not break. I visualized getting pulled inside the toilet. I could feel my feet shrinking and getting wet and I started to be pulled in, until most of my body was inside the toilet, only my upper chest and head were out. I knew I needed to enter it entirely to pass, so I pulled myself further in, but I was stuck. I tried hard to get in, but I was not successful, I realized the toilet turned into a Urinal:

      It was sparking clean but I was completely stuck. I tried to flush a few times but the water would come out from it around me. I was thinking what was going on with all the dream toilets for everybody. I jumped out of it and it morphed back into the same old dirty toilet. Since I was in a hardware store I looked for something to help me. I realized that if I could find one of those shrinking mushrooms from Mario it would help a ton:

      I was able to find some, but they looked like real mushrooms with leaves. I grabbed a bunch of them and step over the toilet right now (and I believe it got bigger) I ate the mushrooms and I shrunk immediately, falling inside the toilet. It flushed itself and I travelled through the pipes at a very hight speed. There were some religious figurines that they were cut in half
      (I bet I know where this comes from, Ophelia lol) and some other stuff, but the water was not gross at all.

      I then appeared at some place else, right back in down town. I was happy I did the toilet thing, even though I already had the Advanced ToTM wings.

      I then focused on Dreamers lucid dare and started to look for the blue dreamworld. I entered another building, pretending it would take me there, but I had no success. It took me to an almost empty office, with just a desk and a pc:

      But it was much bigger than this. I started to open different doors and going through different rooms. Apparently, I was not inspired enough and did not think to open a portal as I gave up on it and told me I would do it other night.

      I instead tried to recall more dares to do, as I want to complete all of them. I recalled an easy one, Call Sensei on the phone. I pulled out my cell phone and pushed the call button (dialing is so overrated and unnecessary, lol.) I could hear a voice that said, "Sensei is here..." I said, hello, what's up and I Sensei said something like, "Habla espanol? Alo alo? Mexico?" and suddenly my phone turned off. Well, I did call Sensei, so I guess it is valid, despite the weird call, lol. I then tried something interesting, and I tried to connect with my subconscious through my phone in order to come here and check out more dares as I could not recall any. I was able to get to the dreamviews page, but it looked like an app and I could only see our logo.

      A little afte that, I managed to get to the thread "Task of the month for September. And I saw some of Box77's posts. I tried hard to look for more dares
      (never realized that I was in a different thread, my lucidty was falling fast) but I was unsuccessful. I realized I was staring way too much at my phone until I entirely lost lucidity and something related to apples was going on, but I woke up almost immediately right after that.
    3. Getting Shroomy at the Swimming Pool

      by , 09-09-2013 at 12:25 AM

      BAHHH. So, I cocked up my recall already!!
      After a fairly good recall on my dream of being drunk in church, I had a very vivid dream.
      I was supposed to wake up at 9 so that I could give myself some time to recall it properly, but no - I had to savour those extra moments in bed.
      This meant almost the entire dream has gone from my memory!

      All i can remember was being in a very dark basement. I think it was supposed to be that of the swimming pool that I work in, as the night before my colleague had been talking about it. Me and my friends, only memorably Ashley, were taking shrooms in the dark, gloomy room

      I've also been having a few moments where I've remember a moment in my life, but couldn't work out whether it was in a recent dream or not.
      Getting back into a more regular sleep schedule, so hopefully tomorrow morning I'll have something good to write.

      Sweet dreams! x
    4. Far Daring Drive, Even more Colette, and can't swallow a pill for shit

      by , 02-05-2013 at 11:31 AM
      I was in a neighborhood that resembled the one in Winter Park that my Aunt owns a house in, Semi-Ghetto, yet near a bustling town center. I took my motorbike out for a ride, a very far, risky ride, away from the house, and saw no police, and half way through the ride it morphed into a scooter. I passed the Orange Fungus Hill, climbed it, and left. Its always so mushy.

      Colette invited me to her 'Summer House' and it was BIG, AWESOME, and WHITE, with touches of wood for that classic traditional feel. I opened her fridge, and noticed a jar of Smucker's Peanut Butter & Jelly. Then I went to another room, and there was a room with 4 walls of 3D Holographic Screens, that when you stood in the middle, it would look amazing. It was still being installed, but what has been made, still was breathe-taking. There was also a lot of talking in between, and it seemed like we were planning to leave somewhere.

      Ashley Quickle was at my house really early in the morning, and she asked for coffee, and I offered to make a brew, so while I filled up the water, and while I waited for it to fill up, I grabbed a B-100 Vitamin, and tried swallowing it, but screwed up like 3 times... Weird
    5. [Super Mario Arcade Warehouse]

      by , 09-21-2012 at 06:53 AM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Monday, September 17th, 2012]
      (Alex stayed with me last night. We both had some lengthy discussions and came close to a fight, but we settled it rather civilly and got
      somewhere. We talked about chakras, spiritualism, Budhism, techniques, and philosophy. Alex got too loopy to stay awake towards the end and
      but we had a rather heated... physical debate before sleeping. Then we passed out talking about silly things like turtles and fireflies and my
      computer's lights. xD The last thing I remember is focusing on my root chakra to try and feel it. I had some interesting dreams when we finally
      slept, two of them. But only the last bit is coming to me right now...
      The first dream involved chakras- but isn't complete enough to worry about for now.)

      OH- WAIT NO- I was in a barren grassy landscape, and in a walled off area. There were me, and quite a few orphaned kids. In the center of the walled off plaza was grass and trees, but it was dry. Around the wall on the inside were buildings and rooms for us to live in. In one the bathroom area, there were showers and toilets and urinals and lockers. In the locker room, I remember a bully picking on all the weak kids, as if he were the only government here. He always picked on kids, but this time he was picking on real-life old friend, John, awkward, with red hair and heavy freckles. John was tired of being picked on, so he kicked the bully as hard as he possibly could in the go-nads. It looked like the most painful thing. I was like "HELL YEAH, serves you RIGHT!" though. That's as far as I remember from that dream.

      The second dream-
      Me and Alex are in a Super Arcade Warehouse. In the very center is a fantastic, extremely-sophisticated Mario-themed adventure roller-coaster
      tower ride. The building's lights are dimmed for a mysterious effect, but are offset by red and blue and green neon lights for excitement. The ride
      itself is a red steel spiral, all the way to the top. There are different levels where we have to complete a puzzle or a challenge to continue on to the
      next. Me and Alex sit in the center and it starts to rise to the top, going around the spiral on a track. Once we rise to a certain point, a piston
      pushes a red steel disc-floor to our level and machines re-arrange the challenge. The first one is a game of balance. The disc-floor will tip and turn
      depending on where you stand, but it takes awhile to go 'really' off-balance. On the otherside of the floor is a (!) button. We both get out and
      instantly, the floor is tilting towards us. We run to the otherside and slam the button down, only to have it tilt quickly to the far side. We jump
      quickly back to the car and it automatically starts back up again. We high-five and wait to the next level. The next one is different, we have to
      climb some stone spiral stairs to get to a "hall-way" like section. In the straight-section are floating blocks, hung from rope and at the end is a pole
      with a round platform at the bottom. We both punch the shit out of a block, she grabs a coin and I find a mushroom. I'm curious to see how they
      actually taste and pop it in my mouth. It tastes like cardboard, and I feel no different. Alex slides the coin into her pocket and we both grab the
      pole and stand on the round platform. It takes off upwards and we arrive at the next level along with the auto-piloted car. But for some reason, my
      completion-ism isn't as strong as usual and we decide to leave. It's getting kind of late anyways, we leap off the spiral back down to the
      tilt-platform and it tilts far enough and drops us down onto a bounce-pad at the bottom. We head out and I eye the games and other attractions. I
      notice that no one but a single man occupies the arcade. He's wearing a bartender/Gambler outfit. We reach the door and I wake up
    6. There's no way to escape, if you try you will die

      by , 02-03-2012 at 07:54 AM (The first foothold of Arch.)
      Well... let my mind run me on this LD, attempted a WILD before the LD, pretty sure it was a DILD.

      I'm in a sunny medow, there is moped next to me, small, red and really slow.
      I jump on the moped and begin to ride up the hill, there is a series of train tracks ahead of me, although I do not realise I'm dreaming yet my usual narative is going on.
      "Train coming down the ..... track"
      I quickly go past that one, approaching the next one I begin to realise the narative,
      "Something's not right here, I'm dreaming aren't I..."
      I attempt the finger through palm RC but it wont work, I really tried hard on that one.
      I see a mushroom on the floor, I want to give myself superpowers so I begin to eat it. It's disgusting.
      Everything goes purple, my vision fades in very slowly, but it's still very blury.
      I'm in my bedroom, I know somethings wrong, I hear a voice in my head when I look towards the door.
      "There's no way to escape, if you try you will die"
      Me logically thinking, I go to the door and attempt to escape...
      Turning right to go into my parents bedroom a force pulls me back, I struggle at first but I give up after a short time.
      I allow myself to float down the stairs into an area in my house that I don't realise, there are strange objects there but I wake up before being able to observe further.
    7. The Ice Moon Cometh...

      by , 01-17-2012 at 02:19 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid

      17th of January, 2012

      Had some failed lucidness early in the night.
      I was sleeping and Nooks woke me up saying "it's 9pm, time to wake up!" I was all "Why the shit would you be waking me up at 9pm?" at which point she proceeded to start putting fish on my feet. By that stage I was all "nup, this is stupid, this is obviously a false awakening" and when I did my hand-check I mustn't have been deep enough into the dream and the movement actually woke me up for real. Almost immediately after that I went back to sleep and back into a dream. Not quite a WILD, but I was almost instantly aware. Quasi DEILD, perhaps. Again I was lying asleep except I was a bit deeper in and was this time at a beach. I was in the sand when I woke up again. Did a RC and wasn't dreaming. God damn it!
      Back asleep again and THIS time I was still at the beach but could really feel the sand and water. I focussed on sinking into the sand so as to stimulate my senses a bit and really tried focusing on Nooks' face to become hyper-aware. It all sort of worked but then the dream began to fade and I couldn't get it back.
      Ah well. Close.


      I was at some dodgy apartment block and was meeting all the neighbours.


      I was at a birthday party and drinking champagne. Some hippie type girls offered me LSD which I accepted. The acid was on these plastic strips that had different phrases printed on them. The one I took said “Spiders in your mouth”. I half dissolved the strip and suddenly realised I didn’t want to be tripping on acid and remember that it said anything about spiders being in my mouth so I spat it out and asked for another one, which they didn’t let me have. I wanted the one that said "Ice cream".

      We went outside where people were drinking and partying in the back yard and I hung around drinking my champagne and having a good time. Presently, I looked up into the sky and was struck with awe. The moon was enormous but different. It was covered in gigantic ice crystals- all perfectly formed like giant snowflakes. The arms of the crystals spread out far into the sky, about twice the diameter of the moon itself. I was totally blown away and ran screaming to the other people to come and have a look. When they came over the crystals had begun dropping off and falling through space towards us. While they fell, they broke into smaller pieces and snowed down on us as snowflakes the size of dinner plates. It was a beautiful experience and I remember turning to Nooks and asking if it was the acid or if it was really happening and she just smiled and nodded before catching one. It was nice.

      Later on there was something to do with hot air ballooning in a cave and finding magic mushrooms. That lead into my family having issues with a neighbour shooting arrows into our yard. The neighbour became one of my younger brothers who stabbed one of my other brothers with an arrow and when we told him we would call the police on him he suddenly became really cute and baby-faced. I asked him to apologise and when he did he became a manchild with a seedy ass beard and looked totally creeper. He started apologising in this weird rhyming slang and I decided I hated him.


      Aliens invaded in cool space/aquatic ships. They were all spiky and black. As they landed in the water, huge waves flooded large parts of the city and the street we were on was suddenly awash with buses coming towards us. We narrowly avoided being crushed by the sliding buses and ran up a hill into a park. There, some people offered me cheese and I said, in a very posh voice “no... quite alright thank you” which they scoffed at. I asked if they’d prefer a more bogan approach and said “aw, fuckin’ aliens and shit invading, hey!” then left. We went into a house that had a smaller house inside it and I climbed onto the smaller house’s roof. All of a sudden I realised my teeth were loose and they began to fall out and break apart.

      Didn’t do a dream check because apparently I’m an idiot and don’t recognise my own dream signs.

      Anyway, I woke up shortly afterwards.
    8. The Mario Plumbing Mishap...

      by , 01-12-2012 at 09:53 AM (My brain and I)
      21st of January, 2011

      We're in Mario64- both playing and observing as often is the case in my dream games. I decide that as she hasn't played it before, I want to show Nooks the coolest level I can. We run into the castle and look in the basement but don't find anything particularly memorable, so we go back outside to this big mushroom that's floating over a void where the moat normally is. When we get closer, we notice that it's not a mushroom with a pipe on it at all, it's a trampoline with a toilet on it. We stood in the toilet and tried to flush ourselves into the level.

      It didn't work.

      It was just a toilet.

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    9. The Beginning...

      by , 01-12-2012 at 08:31 AM (My brain and I)

      Okay, so as I haven't kept an online dream journal and I'm new here, I figure I may as well archive my most memorable dreams, as a way of settling in and letting you guys get to know me a bit. Here I'll post some of the more standout dreams from my book over the past few years until now; I have a terrible habit of writing them down for a couple of weeks and then stopping for months.

      I've vowed this year to write down as many as I can, so with any luck this will be an almost daily updated little space.

      I hope you enjoy this insight into the weird workings of my mind and possibly even gain a little bit of understanding of your own! I'd love to hear from you.

      Without further ado;

      6th April, 2010

      We were playing the weirdest 'game' ever - it basically involved standing on this abusive, glowing red square and sliding around on it while it made you feel uncomfortable. After we succeeded we asked an elderly woman if it was, in fact, possible to get to Hong Kong. She said yes.

      Attempting to get there (I imagine, as I have no sense as to how we ended up where we did) we found ourselves on a small island. It was extremely polluted and you couldn't see anything beyond the waves. About eight others were there and we were all looking at the stars and searching for magic mushrooms.*
      We went up and down hills picking shrooms, but only ate these little orange squishy things.

      After that we tried to sleep on the beach and wait for the sunrise. Which never came.

      Once the tide rose, hundreds of people were suddenly there also mushroom hunting. The Dude, from The Big Lebowski, led us around for a while under these awesome old piers and caves and through water and stuff.

      *I don't do, nor have I ever done magic mushrooms but they often feature in my dreams and are always extremely "magical" in their appearance (flourescing, swirly etc.)
      I love dreaming about them!

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    10. Ghost in a blanket, a bus ride with a show

      by , 08-06-2011 at 12:52 AM
      08/04/2011 Thursday morning

      ***I remember dreaming in a dream, maybe lucid dreaming in a dream…

      Dream 1 – (early in the night I think) I was in “my grandmother’s room” (IWL never seen before). A bed was to my right. Something about having a blanket that I was holding all four corners of, and the “ghost” (was like an unseen force) had filled the blanket and was pulling me up, over the bed. I was fighting it to bring it back down and not get pulled away. I managed to do that, and was back on the bed…something about a small stack of books on the bed.

      I moved around maybe, and discovered that D was under the covers trying to sleep. I apologized or felt bad, that I had all that going on over him while he was in bed. There was more, that’s all I remember.

      Dream 2 – I was sitting on what I thought was a bus, seemed like Seattle, with rows of people in front, behind and to my right. A couple of guys were on my right, and I watched one of them pull a didgeridoo out of a cover, while inserting a cardboard tube (like a wrapping paper tube) into the center of it. I was wondering why he was doing that, and he cut and spread the bottom of the tube in the bottom of the didj. I thought that he was doing that so someone else could play and not get their spit all in his didj.

      One of them began playing, and a window like a puppet theater opened in front of us. “They” were putting on an “art” show for us on the bus. I wondered if we were moving, and if everyone was okay with just waiting on the bus and if anyone was concerned about being on time.

      I noticed at some point that the seats were now more like chairs, like the sort of egg-shaped melamine chairs with metal legs.

      The show was a couple of guys showing various things. At first I saw them show a couple of big mushrooms, that looked like paper mache. Then some crazy visuals, I remember in particular a big copier spinning around behind the guy, as some kind of filler until the rest of the show was ready.

      Someone said something like, “You don’t have your line ready yet?” and a woman scrambled to get her part of the show ready. Then I was behind the scenes, and whatever got plugged in, and there was something like a doctor’s examine table in front of me, and three women who were maybe not real, made of plastic-like stuff, somersaulted from and over the examine table and skipped off to my right. I think one was hot pink, one was cyan, and one was yellow.