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    1. My Strange Music Video

      by , 08-12-2018 at 08:59 AM
      Night of August 12, 2018. Sunday.

      Reading time: 1 min 29 sec. Readability score: 73.

      I had made a music video of one of my songs. An unknown male happily praises my work, saying how “perfect” it is. I had supposedly not seen it for a long time.

      The video recording is somehow on an audio cassette. (I have not recorded on audio cassettes for years.) I notice that the tape, in a cassette deck about three feet below the monitor and vertically oriented, had been left near the middle and I remember that not having a cassette tape rewound when not in use exposes the surface and might cause wow and flutter and damage the area. I start to play it, but it is about a minute into the song, so I rewind it to the beginning of the video.

      “My” song turns out to be a strange version of “Sloop John B.” It mostly features me standing and singing in front of the sides of old ships. I am singing out of key. My voice is wavering and is annoying. Not all the words are the same as the original song, but I eventually make out, “So hoist up the John B’s sail. See how the mainsail sets.”

      In the last scene, I notice a cannon pointed towards the viewer, on the right of where I am standing in a closeup shot from my chest up. It appears to be protruding from behind a tarpaulin.

      My dream is a typical mix of associations that are unrelated. The main idea comes from sailing, as I had been using the word “oneironaut” (“dream sailor”) in some dream-related essays I had recently been writing. (Boats and water occur regularly in my dreams as it is.) Another word I had been using recently is “canon,” though related to known facts about my dreaming history. (In contrast, there are photographs from when I was about four, where I sat astride a cannon in a park.) Being the video’s last scene, it is the reactive representation of the cessation of the dream state. (Additionally, it may be a phallus association that reflects a need to wake and use the bathroom). In real life, I had recently made a video of a recent track of mine, but there are no vocals.

    2. Making a Scene in the Church

      by , 06-24-2016 at 02:11 PM (Book of Dreams)

      Recall wasn't so good last night, I didn't have my focus. I had a 10 hour work day, so my sleep was very deep. Did recall one solid dream though.

      Dream 1
      I was at a mass in a town near where I grew up, and my whole family was there. Halfway into the mass, this woman started giving a presentation, but there was some kids who were being really loud. I didn't witness exactly what happened, but the woman made these kids leave. I saw the mother gather her children and yell "Don't worry, we won't be coming back!" and she looked really angry. The next thing I know, my aunt goes up to the woman and ruins her presentation. She scribbles all over her whiteboard and says some stuff to her about how you can't just kick children out of the church. Then she realizes how embarrassing her actions were and starts crying. I get up and take her to the sacristy, and she's crying and says she was just really mad at how the woman treated that family. Then the priest comes in to talk to her, and I'm just sort of observing the whole thing. I forget what he was saying to her, but then the woman came in and she seemed really embarrassed and emotional as well. My aunt wouldn't talk to her or even look at her, and then I think we left.

      Dream 2 (fragment):
      This fragment is like a fake memory from high school, there's a bunch of kids from my class in a park behind my house, and we're all doing this music video with choreographed dancing and singing. I remember seeing my best friend from high school, who I haven't spoken to in years IRL, and I just remember avoiding her the whole time, even though we were still in high school and supposedly still friends. Awkward feelings...
    3. Candy obsessed

      by , 08-21-2013 at 07:38 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      7:54 AM

      #1: Two guys inside of a movie, something about Indians. Maybe a Western movie?

      #2: A music video about an anime girl obsessed with this guy. Possibly a yandere. Maybe there was a kiss scene?

      #3: We’re staying at my sister’s house. Apparently we’re given three pieces of candy to eat for our stay. The details changed a bit to include a piece of chicken, and when mom says “that won’t be enough”, a bowl of cereal for breakfast was edited in.

      9:27 AM

      There’s a candy or bakery shop. Mom gets some candy but I accidentally delete it or something. I try to remember how to get it back. I remember leaning over a tub full of some soapy water and pressing my fingers together trying to remember how, and manage to make the water increase.

      I’m in a room and have a clear sealed bag of handy. Apparently I managed to get her pieces of chocolate into the top of it. Either the bag rings or she gets a call in the other room, and I take the bag to her and hand it over. She says something about how they mix cherries into it now, and I realize the red candies on top are cherry.

      While in the other room, I find I small clear bag of stuff, including a big paperclip. It’s bent when I hold it in front of me.

      Inspiration: While typing up some dream goal ideas last night before bed, I accidentally deleted some of the text and used the CTRL+Y keys to get it back. That’s what I was trying to do in the dream, except without a computer. XP


      I woke at about 5:30 as well with no recall.

      It is really confusing when the details change after the fact. I can understand it in my head but how the heck do you type that up to make sense!
    4. Clyde Machine's Dream Journal

      by , 06-17-2010 at 10:33 PM
      94: 5.14.10; 9:15AM Part 5: Touching Music Video. (Non-lucid)


      I am watching a music video that fills me entire field of vision. The music is clear in my head, and the video and song are of a sad subject: a bandmate who died in a car crash. The video features a light blue car in which he was sitting in the backseat, the song saying that one of their most loved memories of him being the first day they went to the studio. The video shows him in a hospital bed, and after several changes to the scene involving the room and the people in it, the camera heads out the door and back to the road, the song ending.

      The song had a very current-Hawthorne Heights sound to the music and vocals. It was VERY touching.