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    1. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-13-2010 at 08:23 PM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Restless Night Was Restless (Non-lucid)


      Fragment: It's The Throat, I Swear
      I'm apologizing to those around me for my terrible singing. Coughing, I blame it on my sore throat.

      Fragment: Warriors For Hire
      Warriors are needed for some kind of job or task. I can't help but thinking of Raven, MoSh, Nomad, and the rest of the gang.

      Fragment: The End of the Beginning of the End that Started it All
      On a certain day, at a specific time, in a definite place, good would be pit against evil in a battle for the world's soul, or something like that. It turned out to be much more small scale than that, though.

      Dream: Horsing Around
      Enjoying a fun game of HvZ, I soon discover three prized horses have been stolen! We put the game on pause and begin tracking them down. I end up finding them in, and I quote, "One of my favorite HvZ hiding places," which turned out to be a broken down silo. Sending out a mass text, I joined the horde as we converged upon the silo, surrounding the thieves and blocking all escape routes.

      Confronting them, I use my TK to pull them and their saddles off the horses and into the water. One is a friend of my girlfriend and thinks my girlfriend is responsible for the TK antics, so I just keep letting them believe that as I screw with them some more.

      Eventually we return the horses and strap permanent saddles on them covered in nails to prevent future theft.

      Dream: New Music
      A bunch of "famous" musicians have invited me to join an experimental band they were forming. Accepting their invitation, I got to emulate playing Bass and Drums at the same time using a very odd instrument. The music we ended up producing drew elements from Indie, Metal, and Classic Rock, and actually sounded really good.

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    2. Do NOT Press The Pause Button

      by , 06-09-2010 at 05:04 AM
      I was in Six Flags with Autumn, we had gotten on this wierdly awesome roller coaster. It was playing music (probably "replay" by Sean Kingston). Once we were all on they started the ride. We were going uphill. Up and up we went until we were literally "on top of the world" I could actually see space. We had been going very slow. Finally we were on the top of the hill and then it went down, very fast. Then it just stopped. We had stopped in front of a stadium full of people. As soon as we got there the music stopped, I stared at the people at the stadium with hate. I was pissed and so were the others on the ride. We all got off the ride and started beating up the stadium people. So we were all just one big mob. (hmm...all this over music? lol) That was all I remember.

      Maybe I Didn't Want Homework

      The last period of our day ends with this wierd teacher (Ms. Nathe) NO ONE AT OUR SCHOOL LIKES HER!! SHE IS CRAZY! Anyway I had a dream that she gave us a HUGE amount of homework (not unusual). I got really pissed and got up and threw my paper in the trash (which-of course- pissed her off). She told me to get my paper out the trash and do my work. I simply replied "No". She got even more pissed and told me to leave the room (also not unusual) At this point a couple of other kids from my class (Sean and Jimmy) got angry and started to eat their paper (ok? wierd) and when they were finished eating that they both got up and left. Suprisingly my teacher didn't seem to care. Anyway somehow a magical crowbar was in my hand (who knows where that came from? This dream was quite wierd lol) and repeatedly hit my teacher with the crowbar (wow I am very violent in these dreams). I was quite satisfied with myself and walked happily out of the room. What a great class!

      Hmm... I probably shouldn't listen to "Drop the World" by Lil Wayne anymore before I go to bed. Maybe my dreams wont be so violent.[/QUOTE]
    3. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 03:00 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      All from one LD.

      Outburst (DILD)

      I struggled fervently against the sheets that trapped me to my bed. Every slight movement was a struggle, and the possibility of being snapped back down to my mattress was all too real. A boost of strength would be necessary if I were going to push through this. A song I've only ever heard on Rockband starts playing, "Highway Star" by Deep Purple. With no time to be puzzled by the choice my subconscious made, I drew from the energetic guitar riffs and pushed my way out into the common room. My sheets broke away as I passed through the door. Without hesitation, I dashed toward the blind covered window and burst through it, shattering the glass and tearing through the blinds that bended like elastic around me. I flew off, following the asphalt hill behind my dorm.

      For some reason, I felt tremendously powerful, and I had the urge to use that power in destructive ways. I picked up a nearby parked car with my bare hands and slammed it into a wooden fence. Not entirely satisfied, I chucked the car across the street, embedding it in an SUV. These acts of violence were only making me more antsy. MORE! I NEED MORE! A frenzied look on my face, I began to dart off, looking for new ways to exert this power. But before I can, rationality shines through and I stop myself and the still playing song. Regaining control of my emotions I play the song "Created" by Portugal. The Man to help center myself.


      Release (DILD)

      "Bankai!" Energy burst out around me as I shouted the word. It had been awhile, and boy did it feel good. But there was something new I had been meaning to try out. I reach my hand up to my face, fingers bent like a claw, and start to slowly tear away at the air. Sure enough, a Vizard mask begins to form about my face. Finishing the motion, the mask forms itself to my head, obscuring some of my vision.


      My heart throbs once, violently, for a brief moment. I convulse; my back doubles over. The dark powers the mask drew forth were enormous. Looking down, I saw black rings of energy coursing up my leg. It felt fucking awesome. I revelled in the moment as everything began to normalize and I became used to the state.


      New Tech (DILD)

      Making up my mind, I decide to try my hand out at portal creation. I focus on my fingertips, bringing as much attention to them as I can muster. My digits begin pulsating as if they were storing a large amount of energy. Not surprisingly, the dream destabilizes. By quickly utilizing a combination of my own personal focus technique and the tactile sensation on my fingertips, I'm able to ground myself enough to keep the dream going.

      Reaching my hands out, I pick the first target to come to mind: Raven Knight. I pull at the air in front me with surprising results. A tall, orange, door sized, holographic interface appears. I touch it, and a 3-Dimensional globe pops up along with some controls on either side. Erm, how do I work this thing? Magically, I'm forced into third person wherein I get to see my body (Vizard mask still on) go through a tutorial on how to work the transporter.

      Pick a destination.

      Code it in.

      Step through the gate.

      Wait for the destination to load.


      The world fluctuates around me before shifting into a new environment. I'm in a tropical, forested, slightly urban area, and everything is on fire. An orange hued glow fills the hot night air while once green trees and brush lie before me, charred and blackened by the flames. I take off to see what was going on, blade at the ready.
    4. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 02:39 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      I'm not writing out the whole LD. It was way too long and I'm on vacation. I might write up one of the other ones I had last night, though. Meh, who am I kidding.

      January Adv. ToTM Completion (DILD)

      The following is an excerpt from an hour+ long LD.

      Frustrated by my failure to locate her, I decide to go about the ToTM as scheduled, without her. There are plenty of DCs around. A couple walking up and down the street, a few off to the side of the road, sitting on benches. I start up my plan, queuing up Guns and Dogs by Portugal. The Man. Once the distinctive sounds and lyrics hit my ears I start my transformation.

      I shrink to a quarter my height, slowly falling down onto all fours, my limbs constricting, my joints changing, and my hands and feet becoming paws. My clothes melt into me, becoming a silky black fur coat. I feel my ears elongate and flop down about face as my nose and mouth stretch forward. All of this is happening at once. I'm surprised it feels so easy and natural.

      I am now a dog. Not quite sure what breed, but I'm definitely on the smaller side. As soon as the transformation completes, I trot over to an older woman on a nearby bench who is reading a newspaper. I curl up on her feet, brushing my soft fur against her leg. She looks down, smiles, and makes the effort to bend over and pet me. Boy does it feel good. She would make a good owner.
    5. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 01:18 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Brains: The Tommy Incident (DILD)

      So many dreams last night. Like, a ridiculous number. I remember a lot of the details as well, but there's no way I'm writing that much, despite the fact they were all so awesome. There was only one lucid among the bunch, and it was less exciting than pretty much every single non-lucid. Regardless, I think the experiment is working. We'll see in the days to come.

      I had woken up. I needed to remove a few illegal files from my fileshare and some sorta web server, because I had just recently been approached by a lawyer on the matter. As I head downstairs I notice something is definitely off. For one, I recall those things being part of a dream I had earlier that night. Two, my body felt heavier than usual. I RCed.

      Oh, awesome. Looks like I'm dreaming. Now what? I guess I'll try to summon PTD and eat his brains. I knew he'd be mad if there wasn't a decent fight beforehand, so I layed down and formed a mech-suit around myself. It turned out to be a pretty lame mech-suit. Its only weapon was a wrist blade. When I got up, there PTD was, in a similar mech-suit, just as I was expecting. At least, I think it was him. Hard to tell.

      And so, the battle began, in my living room. He came at me with his own wrist blade. I dodged and blocked his arm from coming back around. His other hand came in for a punch, but I grabbed his fist, and went for a sweep, trying to pull him off balance and onto the floor. At that point both his feet were off the ground, but he was still standing. I was like "WTF? You have exceeded given parameters, shut down immediately." Surprisingly enough, it did. The mask came off and it turns out it wasn't PTD. The face was some creepy doll like face, and the most unsettling music started playing.

      The doll, spoke, but its mouth didn't move. It said, "I am Tommy, I have committed suicide as per your request, but I will return to have my vengeance." The music was still playing, and I was getting freaked out. I realized the dream was getting out of my control, so in order to save myself from what was bound to be a disturbing experience, I woke myself up.
    6. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 01:00 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      They Speak Japanese in Portugal (Non-lucid)


      Dream: P.TM Live
      After a live showing of Portugal. The Man, I get to hang out with the band. They turn out to be really cool guys. They have a jam session, playing songs from their new album, and the music is truly amazing.

      Dream: That's Not Right
      I'm taking a Japanese course, and the guy who's teaching it is pretty cool, but I don't think anything he taught us was even remotely right.
    7. Lucid Dream #3 and an Australian Skellefteå

      , 06-07-2010 at 10:45 AM
      Lucid Part
      Yes, I most definitely lucid dreamt last night. It was so hazy though :/
      Kinda funny because I could only stay lucid whilst near my bed. Like, if I went to walk off it would stop being lucid. Because if I went to walk off, I wouldn't be able to see myself in the mirror and realise that I was lucid (yay dream logic!). But this sucked because I couldn't leave to try and go to Sweden, which I seem to always try to do xD
      It wasn't too exciting, I just did floating around things and backflips and stuff.

      I kept on slipping in and out of sleep paralysis (being awake). It was really hard to control.
      I took IE's advice and tried to feel how real breathing and stuff felt. It felt like the real thing.

      Non-lucid Part
      I was buying cake donuts (wtf are "cake donuts"? xD) in Skellefteå lol on my way to see TW (!). There were lots of Australians at that shop and they were quite annoying :/ That cake looked so delicious though.
      Music by Karnivool (a damn awesome Perth band) was playing in the background of the shop.
      I was paying in Australian money, too. Wtf. I wanted four cakes and that would bring my total to $20.25. I gave the chick (who was also Australian) a $50 note (I gave this to her at the start, she wanted it first, and THEN i would buy the cakes) so then i gave her 10c so that she wouldn't have to get heaps of change. But for some reason she only gave me $10 change, as if $20 + $10 = $50.

      Oh yeah, there was this weird cat trick thing. And it looked after your household if some criminal was going to rob it. It could detect loud music. The cat had to jump onto the windowsill but do a twist on the way (like gymnastics). Then it would grab the ledge and look through the window. Its eyes started glowing and it was scary. It detected loud music or something.
      The cat was really cute and very well trained. It kept trying and trying to reach the windowsill, and I caught it when it missed. Eventually it grabbed it. Good cat :3 This part of the dream I associate with giants and other worldy houses for some reason. I also associate it with some map that helped detect the criminals.

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    8. Coldplay in a fishtank

      by , 02-13-2009 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This bit of dream from yesterday morning has the lead singer from Coldplay standing in a giant, empty, square, algae-covered fish tank, with his hands tied over is head, singing "It's hopeless, we're hopeless..." or something like that. Though it sounded like a generic Coldplay song, it isn't from any one that I can immediately identify.
    9. Findind money at parent's house

      by , 04-28-2008 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I dreamed I was sleeping in my parent's bedroom in the middle of the day and was awoken by the sound of someone sipping from a soda can somewhere in the hall. I roll over and see it is my dad and I quickly get up because I am supposed to be cleaning the house, not sleeping. As I get out of the bed piles of clothing and empty boxes appear on it and it looks like someone is in the middle of packing or something. I walk around the bed to the large brown dresser on the other side of the room and open the sock drawer. On the inside is an old radio that is playing electronic music and I turn it off. My dad gets angry that I am going into his dresser and I walk out of the room without responding.

      I go into the backyard and look over the green chainlink fence that overlooks the forest behind the house. Just out of my reach and laying in a pile of sticks and leaves, is an envelope filled with american currency. I do not know how much is there but I figure it is a lot because the wad of cash is quite thick. Suddenly two of my neighbours appear, one to my left and one approaching from the other side of the fence and coming straight towards me. I try to not draw attention to the money (hoping I can pick it up once the unwelcome guests leave) but the person on the other side of the fence beelines for the envelope, picks it up, and throws it into a deep hole that has appeared nearby. I am upset that the money is gone and stare after it into the hole, but it is so deep I cannot see the bottom. I angrily ignore the neighbours, even when they try to talk to me.

      The dream ends there.

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    10. Liquidation Sale

      by , 01-17-2008 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I dreamed I was at Westmount Mall in the Music World store. They have been having a liquidation sale because the store is closing. I am browsing the few shelves that have anything on them, but most of the stuff is crap. There were three cds that were sold individually, but were made by the same band and consisted of the themes body, mind and soul. All of the cd's had white backgrounds, neon pink writing and flowing spiral designs on the cover. The first cd was called "Physical" and was made up about songs dealing with the body. The second cd was called "Mental" and dealt with songs about the mind and perception. The last cd was called "Spirit" and were songs about the soul or something. I cannot remember the name of the band, but since the cds were on sale, and all three were still available, I picked them up with the intention of buying them.

      In the dvd section there were many blue boxs with pink and white writing on them. I cannot remember what movie or television series it was, but I figured that it must suck since no one was buting them, even at 80% off. I saw a dvd for a few episodes of Neo (Genesis?) Evangelion and though I have never seen the series and know nothing about it, I decided I wanted to buy it because it was less than ten dollars. When I picked up the dvd someone across the store yelled that the store was closing and we had to get out. I cannot remember the very end of the dream, but I think I ended up leaving without paying for anything and it was cool because no one cared.
    11. The Tallest Palm

      by , 07-24-2006 at 05:57 AM
      Morning of July 23, 2006. Sunday.

      In my dream, I am seemingly back in America in the southern area of the backyard of my sister Marilyn’s house on Loomis Street in Wisconsin, as it is at least of my main location recognition at one level. However, even though the area mostly looks like this part of La Crosse, I also seem to be in the West Indies at the same time (though it does not feel quite like a typical bilocated setting even though it technically is). To the southeast and across the street is a very tall palm tree and I am aware that it is the “tallest palm”. There also seems to be some sort of government building opposite the street from my sister’s house, though a bit south. I eventually notice other features that make the area seem more like it would naturally be near the ocean. The focus on the one tall palm tree seems important as if “The Tallest Palm” was some sort of expression related to civics. Nothing happens other than being in the fictional composite setting and reflecting on peaceful associations. There is a very clear awareness of the blue sky and it is perhaps in early afternoon.

      This dream eventually seemed to form music, which I got at least the main motif from, which was called “The Tallest Palm” and the instrumental reggae track was eventually released on a compilation CD with other artists as a benefit for wounded soldiers; released on July 30, 2007 by DMusic.

      For some reason, this “same” dream (though not with the original blissful feelings throughout as it had less emotion) came back to me on the morning of July 23, 2015. Thus, this is a good example of an “anniversary” type of dream (as stated before, more evident with holidays and important dates, I think).
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    12. Old Dream: Crane Game

      by , 05-28-2004 at 03:20 AM
      May 27, 2004:
      I had a dream that I had to go back to middle-school, and my class schedule was sort of the same, only they had changed certain classes. I had to take art class again. So anyway, my friend A___ sent some MP3s of music that he had composed, and W___ was waiting tables somewhere in Australia... and then I got in trouble in class because I was supposed to have this book of stuff I had written and some files and stuff, but I had forgotten it at home, so I asked the teacher if she would let me call my mother. I had to talk to the teacher through an intercom because she was actually inside one of those crane machines where you put in a quarter and try to get a stuffed animal.

      Anyway, the teacher said yes, and was even nice enough to say that she'd give me full credit. So I went to call my mom.

      Instead, we wound up going to R. Museum, where I enrolled in art classes. We walked through the gallery and there were some really weird ceramics there (like half a pot that would hang on the wall and stuff). Then all of the sudden I was in this simulator thing, even though I was still in the gallery it turned into a simulation of a gallery. And I wasn't myself, I was actually playing as Torg from Sluggy Freelance. This statue of this one alien thing kept coming to life and zapping me... it was actually Riff with dreadlocks and a face like one of those aliens from Aliens... and it had magical powers... and then this gigantic life-sized blue whale that had been in a case in the gallery came to life and grew legs and started chasing me. It shot lasers out of its eyes. Then this other golem-thing came to life and tried to kill me. I fought them all by beating them flat with a pillar of stone that I grabbed from the gallery. But they kept killing me, which was not very nice.

      Then I dreamed that we were driving through south florida... to go to college... and it was a really dry autumn, and I was glad that there were no wild fires... but then all of the people in the back seat got all Rocky Horror Picture Show in a large cardboard box that they had back there, which was just creepy.
    13. Seeking to Recognize and Know the Dream

      by , 01-01-2002 at 07:01 AM
      Morning of January 1, 2002. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 12,797-05. Reading time: 48 sec.

      I am in the northeast corner of the Cubitis living room listening to records on a gramophone of surreal appearance. The scene does not trigger any sense of wrongness. I see it as “mine.”

      I am later looking at a map of the Aleutian Islands, though I am unsure of what I am doing. I know what I am looking at has significance. The region is incorrectly above the northwest area of Australia, though I do not see it as incorrect. The world does not have much land. Most of the eastern hemisphere seems mainly small islands. (The scenario has occurred in other dreams.)

      While outside, I see an unusual light in the sky. It is eventually clearer. It is a piece of the moon, shaped like a jigsaw puzzle piece. It is returning to the moon like a “spaceship.” I see cracks on the moon’s surface that define the shapes of standard jigsaw puzzle pieces. There is a sense of both peace and puzzlement.

      The main dream state indicator was “The Aleutian Islands,” “Aleutian” sounding somewhat like “illusion” (as a dream state reference). Jigsaw puzzle patterns occur when a dream causes puzzlement in ambiguous liminal space between dreaming and waking.

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    14. Singing Accordion

      by , 10-24-1981 at 04:24 PM
      Morning of October 24, 1981. Saturday.

      I am in a music store that is similar to one in real life (in La Crosse). At one point earlier on it seems I am having two dreams at the same time (not all that uncommon for me when considering the different types of parallel dreaming and ambiguous “junk” composites). My alternate dream solely involves Toby T urinating outside against the outer wall of an old brick apartment building (of about four storeys) seemingly in the early afternoon in an area where people see him from the windows of the second storey. No drama unfolds, though this causes me to see him as eerily disrespectful and possibly even perverse for some reason.

      Meanwhile, my main dream involves trying out new electronic keyboards in the store, including electric pianos. I do most testing while standing and trying the ones near the counter. The ones I try are not really suitable. Mostly, I continue to test with Beethoven’s “Für Elise”, but in every case, there are not enough keys to play the full range of the song (though I seemingly try to adapt in some cases). Some of the keyboards are not even made correctly. For example, the black keys go all the way across (or with too many in a row) instead of having the C# and D# two-black-keys sections as apart from the F# to A# three-black-keys set, thus making it impossible to tell what notes you are playing - note the wrong keyboard design with this entry that apparently actually exists (I did not change the image). With a couple of the keyboards, the keys are just too small, rendering it unplayable (as with some portable ones in real life - unless played by a child). One keyboard does not actually seem electric, just like an odd miniature piano with only about a two octave range. A couple products seem fake, or at least not feasible as a usable instrument.

      I say to no one in particular (though likely more directed at the cashier or perhaps the manager if he is nearby at the time), “How do you expect me to play Beethoven on a piano like this?”

      At one point, I pick up an accordion and my dream starts to become more and more vivid. When I attempt to play some keys on the accordion, it actually starts “singing” in layered human voices, somewhat like a barbershop quartet. All it sings is the musical phrase “strawberry fields forever” and I am filled with awe and enhanced perception. However, even though I am becoming lucid at this point, I soon wake.

      This dream was precognitive (though solely from my personal perspective) as it was some time before I ever actually saw or learned more about digital sampling keyboards.

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    15. Beh-beh-beh Bumblebee (Fence Autosymbolism part 2)

      by , 09-29-1981 at 03:29 PM
      Morning of September 29, 1981. Tuesday.

      A seemingly shorter dream (after a series of unrelated dreams), deemed shorter in conscious afterthought (which consequently probably seemed much longer than it was, almost “timeless” at the time) involved a boy’s spirit (a young boy, Scott R, who my sister was watching in real life at the time, as his mother had abandoned him) somehow becoming part of a bumblebee, yet also moving about in an invisible “cloud” of some kind at the same time. He is singing a melancholy song about being a bumblebee. One line is “Beh-beh-beh-bumblebee” (which is not a stutter but a slow musical intonation). It almost seems like a sort of prayer as well as a “cheerful” yet somehow mournful inference.

      At the waking stage, he lands on the top of the south fence of the backyard of my sister’s house on Loomis Street, which divides her backyard and the neighbor’s backyard.

      This is part 2 of a random but extensive set of dreams pertaining primarily to fence autosymbolism (which means it is inherent to the dream state, not waking life). A fence is rendered as a metaphorical barrier between the dream state and the waking world, though can also serve as induction and dream state revivification in some cases (though not as often as doors do in my case).

      In addition to liminal space autosymbolism, the very common dynamic of vestibular system correlation is present, with a bee as representing synaptic gating (due to the association with a bee “buzzing” and loosely associated with electricity as such). Thus, the bee is the preconscious factor of this dream. (The preconscious is often personified, and because the bee seems to have Scott’s essence on one level, it is partial personification here.)

      An additional but inexplicable factor is that the boy (Scott) also had the same dream during the same time period (though from his viewpoint as actually seeming to be a singing bee). Most people do not accept shared dreaming (or in fact anything they cannot explain) even though I have experienced it continuously since earliest memory, especially with Zsuzsanna. However, this series is for explaining fence autosymbolism and to help rise above the deception of “interpretation”. People will believe whatever they want regardless of someone else’s knowledge and experience. After all, each life is unique.

      In part 1, I wrote a little about the relevance of the rabbit. In that dream, it was a factor of returning to deeper sleep (even though it occurred during what would otherwise be the waking process), while this dream is a factor of closeness to waking (and was the last dream of my sleep cycle). (The rabbit goes under the fence but is stuck for a time within the fence itself. The bee in this dream lands on the fence with the assumption it will keep flying. Neither dream relates to waking life, but the dreaming process itself.)

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