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    1. Bully for the Teacher

      by , 01-10-2013 at 08:41 AM
      01-10-2013 -- Heading for a course that seems to be a cross between a junior high class and a college class. Junior high in that the campus layout most resembles Brookhurst Junior High, and college because the class only meets for perhaps an hour and a half, two days a week. It is near the beginning of the semester, so I haven't been to the class much yet, and I can't remember exactly where it is, but I know the general area, and when I come across the teacher playing an odd sort of baseball with some of the students next to a classroom with the door open, I think I've found the right place.

      I walk into the classroom, and want to take my usual seat in the last seat of the first row by the door, but something is blocking that seat, and I have to walk around the entire first row to get to it. Whatever was blocking the way is now gone, and a punk who has been giving me problems in every class we've had together is also approaching it. I'm sure he is going to take me seat, but he takes the seat in front of me, and sneers at me.

      The teacher calls me up to the front of the room, and wants to talk to me about homework. It seems I haven't been turning enough of it in, and he wonders if I am committed enough to the class, and suggests I ought to be working on it now. Problem is, though I have my loaded backpack, I am missing the books for this class. He sends me back to my seat with a frown.

      The class seems to be a cross between a literature class and a film class, because we're supposed to be commenting on the poems of Lewis Carroll, and exactly where Disney fit them in to the Alice in Wonderland animated feature. As I approach my seat, I am humming one of the songs from the movie, very very lightly under my breath. The bully immediately starts humming a different song, quite loudly, to drown me out. I call him the a-word, and ask him if he plans to do that any time I hum under my breath, and he says he does. I call him a jerk, and say he'll be heard a lot more than I will.

      I bend to grab my drink (one of those big, refillable thermal mugs that help to keep the drinks cold, like you'd find at 7-Eleven) and take a sip, and the teacher starts yelling at me about my rudeness and such. I guess drinks aren't allowed in his class room, but I didn't know that. He comes running to the back of the room, and starts to tear apart my entire mug, which was already leaking slightly, anyway. What should be a simple two-piece design (three if you include the straw) turns out to have dozens and dozens of parts, and the teacher insists on tearing the entire thing apart, insulting me the whole while.

      This goes on for something like 30 minutes, and I know I am never going to be able to fit all those pieces back together. I say he could have just taken it away, told me to collect it after class, and to never bring it back again, and he says "As if!" while the punk from earlier just laughs. I give him a very hard Gibbs-slap for his laughter. Some of the other students try to walk out of class, and complain that he is wasting over half the class on this, and the teacher tells them all it is my fault, and they start to bully me, steal lots of my stuff, and even steal my pants off me.

      Somehow I eventually find myself outside of the classroom, walking back to the door to get in, while students in the hall are pointing and laughing at my nudity. When I finally get into the classroom, there is somebody else standing there with the teacher, and he announces himself as the head of the department, tells me the teacher can do whatever he wants, and it is all my fault, and for me to just shut up and get over it. Then he stalks on out of the classroom.

      I make a loud comment about how I now have a recording of both the teacher and the department head bullying a student, as I gather up most of my stuff (my pants are still missing) but it doesn't seem to worry the teacher any. As I exit the classroom and head back to my car, I am thinking it is still early enough in the semester that I can drop that class without any harm except the loss of the money I paid for it (must have been a CA community college course, because it was only $5 a unit), because I sure don't plan to remain in that course.

      [The teacher looked like that Simmons guy I interviewed for the Hornet, the math teacher who was a member of that CSICOP group.]
    2. 11/26/12 - non lucid - teeth, doctors, and Little Shop of Horrors

      , 11-28-2012 at 06:55 AM
      My former doctor was now my dentist and gave me vaneers. The were crooked or didn't feel right. Looked kind of like before I had braces. Gap in front 2 teeth. Kept thinking why didn't I have my real dentist do it - Sparkles is awesome!

      I keep walking around the neighborhood and find a theatre doing Little Shop of Horrors. So there I am, singing the whole show in gym shorts and flip flops. Couldn't tell if it was an audition or an actual show. Then thought about the teeth and how odd that was, that this couldn't be real . . . on the verge of lucidity . . . but no.
    3. Homestuck! The Musical

      by , 02-17-2012 at 04:40 PM
      I had a group of friends, and we were making up a musical about the Homestuck troll ancestors. We chose our roles by grabbing plushies from a pile, and because I got a Jigglypuff, I had to be the Signless.

      And then because dreams tend to do these things, I *was* the Signless, but I had a bunch of non-canon followers (even the E%ecutioner). So then things went wrong and I was on the run from the Condesce, and I kept trying to find places to hide like bathrooms and closets, but people kept ratting me out.

      Then we were back to the musical group, and we were taking a snack break, but suddenly my maternal grandparents (the control-freak set) showed up and hijacked the room to hold a dinner party.
    4. Fiction and fragments

      by , 02-01-2012 at 07:26 PM
      1. I was watching/participating in a really weird part-Broadway-part-Bollywood crossover film between Harry Potter and Repo! The Genetic Opera that, for some reason, took place on a soccer field. Also something about cake.

      2. I was reading a massive comic book that had a bunch of unrelated stories, though the only one I remember was about Batman preventing the Riddler from committing suicide.

      (Incidentally, don't you hate when you think a book or film you saw in a dream is real because you looked it up, but then it turns out you had only Googled it in your dream?)

      3. Making ramen in a bathtub.

      4. Telling someone that I refuse to read DC's New 52 because it's "like what would happen if you took Homestuck, cut it in half, removed a bunch of characters, and gave Rose and Jade huge breasts."
    5. Fragments for July 14 2011

      by , 07-15-2011 at 08:33 PM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      1. I'm on a road trip in the family car. We're on a bumpy path through a forest when I realize I really need to piss. I get out of the car, find a clearing with plenty of rocks and relieve myself. As I do so, the scene seamlessly transitions into a house. When I finish up, I realize that the house is full of sorority girls who are studying hard, and mortified I run out of the building onto the porch. I'm ready to find the car and leave when suddenly they all run out of the house, dressed only in towels. Some say as they pass, "He's cute!," others, "He's weird!" They gather some distance away, and soon a group of frat guys gather and start to do comedy routines.

      2. I'm in a drive-though market, where one can pull up to stalls selling expensive deli sandwiches.

      3. President Obama thinks it is his last to live and goes about accordingly, kissing random girls and enlisting passerby into a spontaneous, show-stopping musical number.

      4. While at an orchestra practice, I notice a beautiful but disdainful blonde violinist across the room. I know that I will never see her again, so after practice I go to exchange a word or two. I am not at all put off or scared by her as we talk.
    6. A Night of Musicals

      by , 11-29-2010 at 03:24 PM
      This one I can't really remember, but I do remember that there was a small building. I went in. There was a room with a small stage that I peered into from a doorway. A show was going on. I can't remember what, but there was a caroony man on an empty stage in a moth-eaten suit and top hat. The spotlight was on him. The audience was full, and hardly visible. I went upstairs and saw some theater students from school. I asked what shows they were putting on. They showed me flyers for about 4, but I only remember there being Sweeney Todd. I asked if I could try out. One of the girls said that they had already held auditions months earlier at her house.
      Tags: musicals
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