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    1. Chatting in Class and Mutated Fish Infection

      by , 05-22-2016 at 03:25 AM
      I was in a college class with a dream character who reminded me of a guy who borrowed my skimboard at the beach several years ago IWL. We were chatting like we were friends and then partnered up for an assignment where we had to draw pictures of our life. He drew a bunch of cats and it reminded me of the artwork from the chapter Dream of a Thousand Cats in the comic book I am reading. And then I had this idea like he should draw a picture of an Oscar statue-like cat holding a miniature human Oscar statue human in its paws. I tried to draw a kayak on my paper.

      Then there was a dream where there were humans being infected by an infection that was spreading from some mutated fish. The fish were light and dark brown, striped, and had spikes on their backs. Some had also grown legs and long tails and were beginning to walk out of the water, through which the infection was spreading to humans. My family had taken refuge in a bunker but the fish were trying to crawl in. Some dream character was chopping at the thing with a machete, saying it won't hurt them but will just hinder them from crossing the line into the human living quarters. And the thing turned into white rows of separate blocks but kept on crawling before it turned into a white bird and flew away.
    2. Fish tank and weird german guy

      by , 08-31-2012 at 11:33 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      I am with Martin S in some little, almost one room house. It is a night time and I am not sure why we there. There are some two other guys. One of them is very drunk. Marin is doing something on the side. I look at the other guy, he is blond and has blue eyes. He reminds me SS soldiers from WW2 movies. He also looks at me and I am ask him if he is german. He asks me the same thing right at the same time. I tell him, I am not. Then I realise that he is gay and is trying to hit on me. I tell him right away I am straight and to back off.
      He then starts touching the other drunk guy. Next thing I see is that the guys is lying on his front with his ass exposed and the other guy is rubbing him. I dont need to see this I think to myself. Then out of nowhere, or as if from under the blanket, some other person appears and starts vomiting! It goes everywhere! I get really angry as bits land on my trousers!! SHIT! Lets get out of here I tell Martin. We walk outside, it looks like its some kind of celebration. New years or such! There are many drunk people outside.

      I am in my room in Czech. I have quite a big aquarium with golden fish. Suddenly my mum comes into my room chasing a little dog. There is Vet also coming in and my mum says they have to kill the dog. I am surprised as it is still a puppy.
      But I mind my business with my fish. I need to feed them. I have a handful of dead fish and I stick it on the aquarium wall at the water level. They disappear in seconds, all eaten. I am very surprised. I look properly into my aquarium and see some of the fish are huge koi carps!! I think they will eat my other fish and I should get them out of there!!! There is one big gold one and one big white one. The white one is particularly cool because it has only one eye in the centre! I think it must be some rare mutation. It reminds me of start track for some reason!!!
    3. 5/3

      by , 05-09-2012 at 12:40 AM
      So, this one is pretty blurry, I just have some fragment about telling my christian friend that I don't believe in god.

      Then, later something about caddying, which I'm going to be doing as a summer job in waking life.

      This one is 5/4 but I might as well put it here

      I had a dream about a virus that slowly mutates people in machines. There were three woman clothed in very futuristic clothing, and with shower caps on. (think battlestar galactica)

      So there were three women that looked kind of like this, except without the surprised expression. So they were being trapped in some machine that would mutate them. These mutations happened in intervals. There were flashes(like camera flashes). The first flash, the face gets a little messed up. Dots and little pieces of metal appear. Then another flash, and a futuristic armour-like look starts to appear. The face is partially covered now, and everything looks very painful. Two more flashes in, the person is no longer human. I know what is going to happen, but these women don't. So I have some kind of radio contact with one of them. I tell them that after the first flash they won't feel anything. Turns out I was wrong, and after the first flash they start screaming, and are under immense pain. After a while, I start crying (I can see them somehow, probably my mind scene changing) I can't watch anymore, and I can't remember anything after that.
    4. The mutant plush bear and the talking turtle dove

      by , 10-26-2011 at 09:17 AM (Have a look...into my subconscious mess)
      DREAM 1: I was staying in bed at home. Suddenly I heard some noises from the bathroom. I was afraid that a thief came in my house. I tried to call my mom, but she didn't answered. Right after that, a music started. While I was going to the bathroom to see what's going on, I saw my sis' plush bear in the closet. It had 2 heads. I was like "What the heck is wrong with this bear? ). The bear was very inconsistent in color and shape. I totally ignored that thing and went into the bathroom. The window of my bathroom was larger than usual. I could see from there a turtle dove nest in my tree...(the weirdness just begins) along with stadium reflectors all around the tree. I saw one of the turtle doves walking on the window sill. I let him in. He was actually a talking turtle dove. After he came in he said "It's pretty cold out there, isn't it?". I invited him to talk with me in the kitchen.
      DREAM 2: I was at the high school. One of my peers wanted to play with me Monopoly in the break time. He lost the round and started crying. I started drawing a game of Monopoly by myself. Suddenly some peers from other classrooms came at me and said "Wow..that's certainly a nice drawing!"".

      There are some lessons to learn from those dreams:
      1. Never let your sister put her plush bear in your closet, or else it's going to suffer a mutation.
      2. Always talk to turtle doves.
      3. Never beat the crap out of your peer in a game of Monopoly.

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    5. One Weird Dream

      by , 08-03-2010 at 10:43 AM (Purple Trees and Zombies: Trippy Dreams of an Artist/Writer)
      I was in my house, but there was a robot in the kitchen, one of those probe-types that would go into uncharted territory. Something is wrong with it, acting funny. A bunch of DC's are there trying to figure out what is the problem. There seems something sinister about it. My cat keeps wanting to go in the garage and lick this weird substance in there. I keep taking her away from it, but she keeps finding ways to go back.

      Either the robot goes into the garage, or my cat, not sure. But it licks the green goo on the floor and starts mutating. I lock the door and hurry outside. There is a kiddie pool there with people (same people?) swimming in it. I shout the robot is mutating (cat?). They look back and start screaming. There are tentacles coming from the garage window, sliding down the side of the house, but they are striped like a candy cane (wtf?) I hop the fence and start running through the neighbors yards, and a blond girl is with me. We seek refuge in some guy's house, who's home, and turns out to be a weirdo who makes ritual sacrifices. I remember the interior of his home was in all red carpet and gold accents. He catches the blond girl, but not me. I run and hitch a ride on the roof of a moving RV . The guy inside is talking to a bill collector saying he doesn't have the money for his vehicle. He hangs up and it breaks down. I'm standing there, and one of the people from earlier come over and say it's okay, the robot/cat isn't hurting anyone. The transformation is over.

      I go back inside my house, living room, and there is a odd dog there, a cross between a dog and a platypus. It's very playful. Apparently - one person explains - the tentacles were from a cocoon, and it was only defending itself. I keep petting the dog thing and it licks me.

      I wake up.