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    1. Earless cat

      by , 06-03-2018 at 06:01 PM
      I had a dream that my old cat was alive, and for some reason, we had to give her to my uncle's ex wife because we couldn't keep her. The ex wife and her daughter cut off the cat's ears because they thought she was too pretty and someone would try to steal her (the cat was a very pretty cat).
      Tags: cat, mutilation
    2. 2/21/14 Borderlands Style Hamster Mutilation While Chillin With African Warlords

      by , 02-23-2014 at 10:35 PM
      "Violence is only disgusting the first few times, then you get used to it."

      Then scene change and I'm at my house and African warlords drove to my neighborhood and they went to my house and started practicing their weapons in my house. They used a couple of different weapons, and changed my bathroom into a room with a brick wall and a target with a bulls eye hung on the wall.

      At this point the rebel Africans training made me think of borderlands so the whole scene changed into a mix of borderlands and steam punk. I was with my friends in the this town were doing hamster mutilation which was different ways of removing the bottom half of 4 hamsters, it was quite strange, first they started chopping off each leg individually, then removing the torso. Next they inflated the hamster and just pinched off the bottom half of the hamster so it was taking all the air and it popped off, don't remember the other methods they used. I thought they might be mutilating the hamsters for a game, but when I looked at the tutorial for the game, there were all kinds of mutilation techniques but I didn't see anything about hamster.
      Yes... the thing that confused me was the fact that the instruction manual didn't say anything about hamster mutilation, not the fact that they were killing hamster.
      I tried to throw a grenade to blow up the people doing the mutilation but the grenade mod instead put up a force field around them.
    3. Smoking Joints and Knee Decapitation

      by , 08-02-2012 at 03:15 AM (...::: The Crazy Dreams of an Australian :::...)
      I found myself with 3 joints laying in bed and i smoked 2 of them, my mum suddenly came home with my geandpa and auntie while i was smoking them saying "You can smell him puffing down on joints, he'll light another one up soon!", I went out and said hi for a bit, this dream went on for alot longer but i can't recall anything else.

      Another dream i had went on for ages but all i can remember was picking on alot of people then having a vision that a face was in my knee so i grabbed 2 knives and started scraping at my leg until my knee ripped out, my knee and upper thigh was completely mutilated lol.

      There was about 4-5 different dreams, they went on for ages, i only remember 2 of them and this much of them unfortunately because i decided to sleep for even longer.
    4. Innocence is a Lie

      by , 12-22-2011 at 12:38 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      Um...I blame this dream on reading Oneironaut's dream journal before bed...

      There were some DV members in this dream, but I am just going to leave it vague.

      It was the next semester at college, and I decided to be proactive this semester and join a club. The club was stationed in our dormitory, and it met nearly everyday in a dark office room.

      Everything was fine at first. The club was just a meeting place for people with similar interests.

      Over time, the club began to centralize its power until it developed, basically, into a cult.

      The cult was headed by a man, who was often influenced by another woman in the club.

      She reminded me of Bellatrix.

      The cult took a dark turn for the worse when the woman announced that it had always been her fantasy to kill a person, and then dissect them.

      Thus, the cult rapidly evolved into a murder-cult.

      Everyday, the ring leader would order the members, who were lower in power, to find a victim. They would lure the victim into our dark, stone room, where the ringleader would then usually slit his or her throat.

      After killing the victim, they would set his or her body on the table and cut apart the innards.

      When they were finished, they ordered their members to dispose of the corpse in the abandoned highschool down the street.

      A few of us realized that this is NOT the club that we had signed up for!

      One of the girls decided to stand up against the members who were abusing their power. She told them off and said that she was not only leaving this group, but calling the cops.

      The next day, when we came to the club/cult meeting, we found her corpse on the table. It had been made known to us that if anyone dare leave this cult or step out of line, this would be the result.

      The situation kept getting darker and darker. The ringleader had suspicions that people were on to us. They would give us strange looks.

      One gloomy evening, when the ring leader and several of his followers were in engaging in the mutilation of their most recent victim, I was finding myself barely able to take this anymore. I knew that there had been a silent resistance forming, but all of us seemed powerless against them.

      I knew that any minute, I was about to stand up and scream at the top of my lungs. There was a fire growing inside me.

      I was merely seconds from telling them off when a student walked in the door, which the ringleaders had forgotten to lock.

      "Oh, wrong classroom," he muttered at first. But when his eyes caught sight of the mutilated corpse on the table he took a few steps back and ran out of the room.

      "Make it look like nothing happened here!" The ringleader ordered, suddenly. But everyone was too paralyzed to do anything about the situation. The members who had little power, but were involved in the group enough to struggle for more power, were the only ones who had decided to actually follow the orders of the ringleader. They disposed of the body and cleaned up the crime scene before the cops arrived.

      I decided, from that day on, that I was done with clubs. Never again.

      I went back to my dorm, realizing that I would probably need therapy for the rest of my life to get over that. Rumors were already spreading all over the school about a cult that would kill and mutilate people.

      My room mate caught wind that I had been involved in this cult and pushed me down the stairs while yelling about how wrong it is to kill twenty-two people. I wanted to tell her that I had nothing to do with the slaying of these people, but I knew that that statement was false. If I could have worked up the courage to alert the authorities even after the first slaying, twenty-one people could still be alive.

      I was already hearing about the arrests of the ringleader and his closest followers, and I knew that they were coming for me too.

      I looked out my dorm window, and wished that a blue-purple feather would fall down from the sky, and I wished that I could sprout beautiful blue-purple wings and just fly away...
    5. Youtube is EVIL!

      by , 07-31-2010 at 05:33 AM
      I'm sitting on my bed, watching Youtube on my computer. It is pitch black outside, and perfectly silent. Judging by the darkness and the quiet atmosphere, it must be like three in the morning. I am the only one awake. The video I am watching is very disturbing. A man is chopping off his own fingers with a steak knife, one by one. He screams so loud it makes my stomach sick. Strangely, there is an English narrator describing the whole event in detail. “And now,” he says, “the man proceeds to chop of his middle finger. Watch closely as the steak knife severs the finger, revealing the inner layers of muscle, and the bone.” Eventually I can’t take it anymore, and I try to turn my computer off. But for some reason, instead of turning off, the volume just gets louder and louder, until my ears hurt. I turn away from the video and cover my ears, but the man’s screaming still manages to get through. I attempt to drown him out by screaming myself, as loud as I can. Everything goes black.

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    6. What People Really Do on Their Yachts

      by , 07-31-2010 at 05:32 AM
      In this next clip, I am not included. However, I can see everything clearly through the lens of a video camera. I can tell I am watching a home video taken by a wife of her husband and son. They are on a yacht, sailing around in a little lake on a sunny day. The husband is sitting in a plastic lawn chair by the edge of the boat, but I can’t see his head. The camera is focused on his leg.
      In his hand he holds a large knife. He stretches his leg out on the long chair, and makes a long, deep cut in his leg. Almost instantly his innards spill out of his leg like a bucket of chum being poured out, and it falls into the ocean, leaving a flappy skin-baggy leg behind. The man doesn’t stop there, he continues to mutilate himself. This time, he makes a wide gash across his stomach. Again, his guts and muscles and everything else pour out of him, leaving a skin bag stomach. The little son is crying and screaming in the background. “Daddy, please stop!” he shouts, but the father continues. “Whee, isn’t this fun?” says the mother.

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