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    1. Preparing for a My Little Pony convention

      by , 01-25-2019 at 12:02 AM
      My stupidity! No seriously, I had a dream last night but I woke up in the middle of the night and i was like 'should I wake up to write this down?' then just went back to bed, now when I woke up I don't remember that dream and I barely even remember this dream I had when I went back to sleep. But nonetheless, not all is forgotten so I'll write what I have.


      Last night I dreamed that me and my Discord friends we're all chilling on the couches in my living room, my friend who is named Gavin [he is a dark blonde boy with glasses and a white shirt and khaki pants] mentioned that we should goto this my little pony convention he had found, everyone else got mad at him and told him how stupid that was and he shouted and tried to persuade us to join [i wasn't getting mad i was just watching] and then he finally did

      and everyone nonchalantly went to the shower to get washed and ready, me and Gavin talked for awhile while I was laying down on the couch, and I looked at my very hairy legs. I just said to him ''I think I should go shower now.'' then a thought popped into my head, ''Wait, did literally everyone go into the shower together??'' I looked in there, guessing that when people went into the shower they'd be teleported to a different one but nope, they were all taking a shower together then I left.

      Me and Gavin ventured to my parents room, I then realized I couldn't cosplay as I didn't have anything to cosplay with, so instead I got some arm bands, three minecraft arm bands and two discord arm bands since that's all I had. I put them on then I woke up.


      I guess my dreams aren't that interesting what so ever, whenever I remember a dream they're usually really weird but I guess its since i don't like remembering my boring dreams

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
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    2. Angelica's Reign: Part I

      by , 10-26-2017 at 05:43 AM
      24 October 2017

      We began at Patty's Pub. I was observing what appeared to be a budding relationship between an adult Angelica Pickles and an older gentleman whom I will name "Jenkins." Angelica seemed to be happy in the relationship and everyone agreed that they were a good fit. Jenkins' extended family was there with them and they could not be happier. Though I would soon learn that Angelica did not share this sentiment. I witnessed her in the back room, freaking out over the prospect of being in a relationship with this man. In truth, she was disgusted by him and wanted out. There was a problem, though. Angelica felt that she could not just break it off, for some reason, she felt that she had to make him out to be a monster, assuring that she would be completely justified in her decision to break up with Jenkins. I watched as Angelica went out and accused Jenkins of sexually assaulting her.

      Later we were at some sort bookstore in a mall. At that point, everyone had heard the stories that Angelica was spreading about Jenkins. Thankfully, no one within the family believed her. The entire family was supportive of Jenkins. Unfortunately, Angelica knew that this family would discredit her so she decided that she would discredit the entire family. I suddenly found myself observing the events through Jenkins' eyes. I could even hear his thoughts as he walked throughout the video store, seeing the damage that Angelica was doing. Angelica had sparked fights among the family members and now rifts were starting to form. Not only that but Angelica's accusation had had a negative impact on his personal life. I could hear him thinking, "I thought I had found a nice girl but she turned out to be a psychopath!" I began to feel angry for Jenkins as he continued to walk through the store. He could only watch helplessly as family members turned on one another. Over and over again, Jenkins just kept thinking to himself, "That girl is a psychopath! That girl is a psychopath!"

      Sometime later, I was myself again. I was no longer experiencing the world through Jenkins' eyes. Word had spread of what had happened and people had come together to help Jenkins expose Angelica as the narcissist she is. I remember that Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were both there. I don't remember what the plan was exactly but I do remember what was involved. We were in a small blue theatre within the bookstore. The room was dark except for the bright blue light that was emanating from the screen. I was helping the team tape what appeared to be a line of security cameras connected by a single cord onto the wall. Once everything was set up we all hid in the back and waited for Angelica to show up. I may not remember what we had prepared for her but I do remember the sense of anticipation that filled the room. I couldn't wait to see the look on Angelica's face when we finally got her. Just a few more moments....

      Sadly, I would never see our plan come to fruition. I was awoken by mom as she entered the living room. I lay on the couch and groan, upset that I would not get to see how this story ended. Little did I know that this was only the beginning. My mom left the room and I drifted back to sleep. I reentered the dream realm and found myself standing outside the mall where Jenkins and Angelica were.

      And so the story continues...

      So this dream was a long one, I don't have time to get it all down now. I decided to split it into two parts. I'll post part two later.
    3. The Equestrian Census Bureau

      by , 03-27-2017 at 11:52 PM
      Somewhere within the dream realm. High up above the clouds. There exists a floating island. One where rainbows flow down from high peaks like waterfalls into iridescent pools of color and magic. One where clouds can be walked on and embraced like puffs of cotton. The structures on this island were grand and beautiful. Sadly further details of this magnificent sight were lost in detail. All I can relay is a sense of awe and amazement at the sight. One would be surprised to know that this place was a place of business. Or perhaps, public service would be a better term. This was the Equestrian Census Bureau. A place where all of the citizens of Equestria are counted and logged. Information on every pony in the nation was contained within these walls and I had somehow found work there.

      I do not remember much else other than a party the took place in some kind of great hall. The princesses of Equestria were all there as well as several other government officials. This was clearly some sort of royal gathering and as a public servant, I was invited to attend. At some point during the party, I was notified that the Census Bureau had caught on fire. This was a problem, as the information was all written down on scrolls and could not be recovered if it were lost. Though they tried to maintain their composure, the princesses were frantic. Celestia, in particular, was very concerned.

      I cannot recall what happened thereafter, however, I do remember visions of the floating island on fire. The whole thing was engulfed in flames and the employees who were inside were working desperately to save as many scrolls as they possibly could. I began to worry about them and wonder what would happen if all that information were lost.
    4. Tales from the Dream Realm: Part 2

      by , 08-14-2014 at 06:03 AM
      Chapter 1: Brain Grubs
      The events that transpire I can’t well explain
      I stuck some white grubs into my brain
      Carnivorous grubs these creatures were
      And when I did this nobody stirred
      One after one I placed into my ear
      They crawled through my eardrums but I could still hear
      I did not scream nor did I care
      You must understand I wasn’t all there
      What happened next? Well they ate my brain!
      Why I did this? I can’t well explain.

      Chapter 2: Trashcan Girl
      So my friends and I were strolling through a camp. I don’t know what friends I was with, nor do I know what kind of camp it was but it was not the kind of camp a person wants to be at. I am guessing it was something like a refugee camp but I cannot be sure. I do know that this camp was inhabited by Chinese prostitutes and their pimps. It was the hour of twilight and my friends were wandering through the streets of this camp and came down a dark ally. There was a trashcan in the middle of the ally. We didn’t think anything of it until a prostituste popped right out of it. She climbed out without saying a word and just stood there. Confused, we were about to say something when another prostitute came in with their pimp. She peeked in the trashcan for her fellow night girl and was shocked when she could not find her. Of course Trashcan Girl was standing right fucking there but, you know, whatever.
      “Excuse me,” she said to us, “But have you seen our friend. She was just in here but now I can’t seem to find her.”
      “Here I am!” Trashcan Girl suddenly exclaimed. Happy to have found their friend the three of them leave the ally and continue on with their business leaving us to try and make sense of what had just happened.

      Chapter 3: Ponies in Dead Space
      I was not in my own body but rather I was a passive observer as I observed through the eyes of another denizen. And who was this denizen? Non other than Applejack! Applejack was walking through a giant medical spaceship. It was like a moving hospital where injured travelers could go. A necromorph outbreak had taken place on the ship but the workers were doing all they could to make sure that this did not interfere with their work. After all, they had important work to do. People were counting on them. Applejack was on her way to see my grandfather who had come in contact with the infection some how. He had not come in direct contact with a necro so he could be saved but he had to go through some sort of industrial grade decontamination machine.

      Applejack was following the way-point that was programmed into her rig armor to find my grandfather. She came across Pinkie Pie and Rarity who were playing cards at a table in front of a giant window that gave view to a big brown nebula in the background. They were having a personal conversation each one discussing some problem that was going on in their lives. Applejack attempted to chime in with her problems but they were still talking to each other.

      “Darn it!” she said, “Why are y’all ignorin’ me? I got problems too.”

      The princess Twilight Sparkle walked in and she said to Applejack, “You barged in to vent your problems but you completely disregarded theirs. I don’t excuse their ignoring you but what your doing is worse.” So Applejack left them to keep talking and her waypoint took her down a narrow corridor. I was able to feel what she felt as I saw what she saw. So when she became nervous about what may be waiting ahead, I could feel as though I were there myself. Before continuing Applejack made a point to check her Strife Specibus to see what kind of weapon she used. I don’t remember the weapon she had. She also checked the fetch modus in her sylladax and saw that she had some kind of modus that turned objects into apples. With all of this noted she continued on. She turned the corridor to find herself in between two steel shelves much like the shelves we have in the Walmart backrooms. There were three pallets of mulch that were blocking her way. She proceded to climb over them. She was half way over when the dream ended.
    5. Lots of Things, Mostly Stressful

      by , 07-24-2014 at 12:54 AM
      My friend and I are in the middle of this class tour of an old castle, and I have an app on my phone that tells me if a ghost is around. My friend and I sneak off from the group and go up to this small, dark, cobwebby room near the top of the castle. I pull out my phone and check the app, and it says that there is definitely a ghost nearby. I'm not really sure if I believe the app, so I call out. Nothing happens. My friend and I decide to go to sleep there, and maybe some activity will wake us up. The next morning, there is a framed painting lying on the floor. It shows my friend, asleep with her blanket covering her face and with a very large man sleeping on top of her, and it shows me, my back turned to the "camera", standing and facing a female figure with a very large head standing in a doorway bursting with warm light.

      I show this to my friend and tell her that it obviously means that I met the ghost that night, but she didn't because her face is covered in the painting, even though I can't remember meeting any ghost during the night. I expect her to be frustrated with me and say that I was being very liberal with my interpretation, but to my surprise, she seemed to accept my explanation.

      Later, I'm in a car, and I check my app to see if it acts differently in a setting which obviously doesn't have a ghost. It does, telling me there are no ghosts around.

      Later, I'm climbing a long, long ladder up a cave tunnel. There are two ghost/cave experts with me, one behind me on the latter and one on the floor of the cave looking up. They're both giving me instructions on how to climb the ladder as I struggle to do so. The cave floor is a long way down. Frustrated, I tell them that I've made this trip plenty of times before with no trouble at all, but now that I'm being watched by them, I'm suddenly finding it difficult. I know that we're going back to the room where my friend and I had detected the ghost before, and I don't notice that the previous castle setting as morphed into a cave setting.

      I remember a small fragment where at some point, the 10th Doctor and I are talking to a woman who seems to know quite a bit about the future, but won't let us in on anything. When she says she has to leave, we follow her and find that she's a human who's traveling with a time lord of her own. I wake up then.

      That was last night. I just took a nap and so...

      I dream that Red Vs. Blue, the machinima, is a sort of visual novel-type video game (different from the halo game lol). I'm at the counter of a store and I'm trying to talk to Tucker about something I want to buy, but he's too busy talking to Caboose, who is actually just Charlie Day wrapped in a dark blue blanket. Caboose is intently mimicking everything Tucker says and does, because here, he thinks Tucker is his best friend instead of Church.

      At some point, I'm in a maze made out of that type of wire fence that has the diamonds in it? And I see an animated puppy who looks upset and in pain, and then I go a little further and see the same thing but as a full grown dog. It's a dead-end though, so I turn back. When I do, I find myself being gassed by some sort of sleeping gas. Rarity from My Little Pony comes into view and says she's sorry, but she has to do this. I can see the other ponies in the background. I struggle to move around until I fall to the ground, looking up at them as I fall asleep..

      Later, Russia and Ukraine are launching a joint attack on the US. Left and right, I hear of people dying. I move to go downstairs, but I get a text from my mom saying, "don't worry, it's just a B2" (which is a type of bomber airplaine). Just a B2? I think, then i hear a loud plane noise from overhead. For some reason, because of these things, I abandon the basement and instead search for higher ground.

      Eventually, I do find higher ground. There's a skyscraper near the place where I was talking to Tucker earlier. In one of the top-most floors, there's an arcade. I play a 16-bit arcade game about an anthropomorphic rabbit and his friend, whose species I can't remember. At some point I get a powerup that turns my character into a frog. I meet a lot of species along my adventure, and I'm having fun, when suddenly the game shuts down, and someone hauls the game away, as they tell me that it's being relocated to be shot at in a paintball game. I'm fairly mad about this. My friend, C, arrives and asks about the game, and I tell her the news. "Aw," she says. We turn to see that the wall facing the outside is gone, and instead we can walk right out of the building and jump into this small pool that is filled to the brim, so you can go right to the edge and look over it to the ground, far below. My mom is in the pool, relaxing on a floatie.

      I try to tell my friend about the Russia/Ukraine attack, but she acts very somber and says something like, "Please, I really don't want to hear about that." I understand.

      There is a pool on the ground that is right beside ours, and my friend, to my objections, jumps from our pool all the way down into the pool on the ground. I thought she would then go into the building and take an elevator back up, but instead she climbs up the side of our pool, which now has thick cloth in a woven pattern down the sides. I scold her for being dangerous and doing such a thing. She shrugs lightheartedly. After that, things get stressful. I can only swim around the middle of the small pool, because if I go to the edges, I have a danger of falling off. I have to be very careful because I also have to prevent my mom's floatie from going over the edge. For some reason, getting out isn't an option until later.

      Later, a little girl climbs up the side. I am surprised/stressed/panicked that Chelsea had caused this little girl to follow in her footsteps and do something so dangerous. I yell at the girl and she takes no head of me, and my mom does and my friend does, but to no avail. I tell them that we should all shout the same thing at the same time. It works, and the girl looks at us with a sad face and says a quiet "sorry". I then soften and tell her that we're sorry for being harsh, and to please be very careful when going back down. She gives a soft smile back and thanks us for our concern.

      Lastly, I'm standing in a room with my mom and her friend. They're telling me to do something that I strongly don't want to do, and I think I might have found it a bit morally wrong as well. Thinking that this can't possibly be real, or at least hoping that it's not, I do a reality check, and find myself to be dreaming. I think back to a post from here about how to maintain the dream/lucidity, and I remember that one of the things someone said to do was to NOT be afraid of waking up. Of course, thinking about waking up did not help things. I tried to focus on the dream and to stay in it, but I woke up fairly soon.
    6. Web shooter,Applejack's dirty hair and weird shit at the store.

      by , 07-11-2014 at 08:24 PM
      I am participating in an airsoft battle at an abandoned military outpost.I am running around,trying not to get hit by enemy fire.While running through the abandoned buildings i run into a bunch of military cadets from the academy, that i could see behind the group, doing some jogging.One of the people in the group is a friend of mine so i decide to sneakily make my way to him so the commanding officer doesnt notice(i distinctly remember that the officer had moustaches).I somehow manage to sneak in without anyone,accept for my friend,noticing.We talk for a while until we cut a corner.There in front of us i see a steep hill rising 2 meters off of the ground and assume that that is where we should go.I sprint ahead and try to climb the hill.I dont think i climbed it the normal way.It is kind of like i am trying to run up while staying vertical,but i am not sure.Anyway,i fail and fall back on the path.While turning around my friend sprints past me and up the hill.He succeeds and makes it but quickly falls back down.I turn around and see him lying on the floor in full MK-5 armor(from Halo),he is having trouble breathing.He is having an astma attack.I start wondering why he does not have an inhaler.I think i was yelling for help but i am not sure.While standing there,i decide to try to calm him down so he can breathe easier.I put my hand under his head and instruct him to try to calm down and controll his breathing.It worked a little bit but he is still having trouble.His older brother runs up to us and he tries to assist me in saving him.We turn around to ask people for help and when we look back,he has died and has turned into a shriveled up piece of skin that i picked off the ground.We are both very sad.The building next to us has a ladder and we climb it to the top and turn into anime characters.His girlfriend also appears.They try to convince me that there was nothing i could have done but i do not agree and leave pissed off.I enter a abandoned factory with the machinery still intact,still angry.I look at the floor and see some kind of fancy sci-fi device,and i feel like i am being watched.I hear an ethereal voice that tells me to pick it up and i do so.I try to figure out how to use but i dont know how,so the voice instructs me to press this not-very-obvious button on the top and it shoots out spider webs.I use the device a couple of times to try it out.
      Now i am home,exiting my room and going down the stairs into the living room.I decide to test out the device to swing around the room,but the web is too weak to properly carry my momentum.I see a shadow moving above the stairs and swing myself onto them.I see a bluish-gray kitten on the top of the stairs covered in spider webs.I come closer and notice that it is having slight trouble breathing.I assume that it has gotten some into its mouth.I help it and clean the webs off of it and go into my room to find out why that happened.When i enter,i see some shadows behind the window curtain and after moving it,i see three more kittens there hiding in fear of something.They look at the top of my closet and i do the same when suddenly,something starts shooting webs at me.
      I am exiting a hotel,POV is in 3rd. person.I am chasing down a guy who has stolen something.I try to swing with my web but run out of juice so i run after him at a speed that surprised me.

      3rd. person view.Rarity and Applejack are fighting about something on some hill.I am playing Applejack here.After some time,the argument escalates and AJ throws dirt into R's face.R in turn throws motor oil on AJ's head but she doesnt mind since she is a coutry girl.She throws motor oil at R and she gives up.1st. person POV.AJ is looking at R while she is leaving.Environment suddenly transforms into my room and AJ realises she needs to wash her hair so she doesnt have motor oil on her head.She exits the room and finds herself at a crossroads between a bunch of stone corridors that resemble something out of an Egyptian pyramid.No success.

      I am that chubby blonde actor guy that died recently(too lazy to look up his name).I am in a store,trying to find things to buy.I scan the shelves and find a bunch of gourme food packed into a fancy bag.I remember there was some kind of big orange thing in there that migh have had little balls on it but not sure.I look for a price but i cant see anything.I want to buy it,so i look to my right.There is a cash register in the corner there with two women.I ask one of them if she could tell me the price but she disregards the question and starts talking about what stuff this bag contains.After a while i get the impression that she is telling me that i cant afford it and leave before she got a chance to finish.I was quite annoyed.Now i am me.I look at the shelve where i found this and i still cannot see a price tag.I leave the bag and pick something else instead.I look to my left,where i left my school bag and go there to put the food in it,but on my way there Fillip H. and some other guys i used to go to school with appear out of nowhere and form a circle around me while arguing about where to go next.They do not appear to notice me so i make my way to my bag on the floor so i can put my food in.I manage to get it and they finaly disperse but they leave behind (don't remember his name) J.,who got very upset that they left him there.I turn around to look at his face and he yells at them with an angry expression on his face.
    7. The Way of Villainy

      by , 06-07-2014 at 09:13 AM
      The Way of Villainy
      22 July 2013
      Morning Nap

      Princess Luna is a character from My Little Pony

      Note: A lot of the dialogue in this dream was influenced by the Steve Wilkos Show that was airing on the TV IRL.

      I was quite irritated that I should be so tired in the middle of the day. Especially considering that I hadn’t really done much of anything that day-at least not that I could remember. I was reprimanding myself for not getting enough sleep, again. I was walking in a walkway that was built into a large crack in the side of a cliff (it was reminiscent to a similar walkway in Zora’s Domain in Twilight Princess). So I was walking down the walkway and I was virtually unimpressed by the beautiful scenery that I was looking at. Then again, it’s not as though I was looking at much. I look across the huge crevasse in which this walkway is built and I only see a wall on the other side and a thick cloud of fog down below.

      I admit I was not fully cognizant of myself and I was mostly preoccupied with the question of how to deal with my fatigue. I thought that maybe I could take a swig of Pepsi; I remembered having three in the fridge back at home which I found odd because I didn’t remember buying any to begin with. My ever so important train of thought was interrupted by a text message. It was from this guy I barely knew from High School. He was accosting me for not pulling my weight on a project that he and I were supposed to be working on together. I must have been more tired than I thought. I mean, what was he talking about? What fucking project?

      Such a bother, I was not at all happy to be having to work on this project (whatever it even was) nor was I happy to be working with this guy of all people. I would spend the majority of that day questioning when I was ever drafted into such a partnership. What school was I even attending at that time? Not JCCC, that hadn’t started yet. After I got the text I crossed a huge stone bridge that led to a huge aperture on the other side of the crevasse. The aperture led to some city park in the mountains; the ingress was opened in the parking lot. There I ran into Princess Luna of Equestria. I told her about my dilemma with this project and that I couldn’t even remember what the project was. She proceeded to tell me of an iphone app that would be able to deter people from contacting me about projects that I did not want to work on. I strongly considered the app and I liked the idea of keeping that annoying ass from contacting me but I also question how this would help me long term. I thanked The Princess for her suggestion and bid her good day. Maybe I should have bowed? Whatever, I don’t think she cared.

      As I looked around the city park I immediately noticed that the park was full of hostiles and heavy hitters all of whom were disguised as normal denizens. Any idiot could have seen through them…or so I thought. I was amazed to see batman standing there in the middle of the park just not doing any thing. All these villains were walking right by him and he didn’t even notice. I suppose that I should have said something but I suppose that I simply did not give a damn. Either that or I was so distant that the thought never occurred to me. Later on I noticed Steve Wilkos speaking to a man about his wife. The man was lamenting about the fact that his wife had chosen a life of crime. It started with prostitution but then the crimes she committed became much more sever, even to the point where she ended up working for The Joker. He drew the line when his wife started to work for a space pirate. As they were talking about this two more hostiles were walking in between them; jumping over the small crevice before them.

      Steve’s guest led him to the flying pirate ship on which his wife now worked. The pirate ship was on the other side of this crevice. As I was following them I ended up walking behind a Dersite imp who was poorly disguised as a business man. On the deck of the ship the crew was nowhere to be found and the man described into further detail what it was that his wife did and how she got to where she was. I stood indifferently by them and observed them converse about the subject and I found it amazing that they were not the least bit creeped out by my blatant eaves dropping. Steve gradually began escalate in anger and found it amazing that this man did nothing while his wife went out and prostituted herself every night. Steve firmly let this man know that he was partly to blame for his wife’s progression to the dark side. Just over the stern of the ship I could see the man’s wife prostituting on the side of an active street in broad daylight (a flashback projection of the story this man was telling).

      I can’t well remember how we got into the backstage hallways of the Steve Wilkos studio but I was there standing idly and watching the conversation unfold. At this point Steve made it very clear that this man was very much at fault for not just his indifference but his subtle promotion of his wife’s behavior. The last thing I heard Steve say before waking up was, “You’re a sick bastard.” Now at this point I was gradually growing more cognizant of myself and my emotions and was starting to internally react to the conversation. I began to feel for the man but I also began to understand what Mr. Wilkos was saying. This man saw that his wife was journeying down a dangerous path and now she is working for a band of marauding space pirates. How could he not see that he had a hand in her descent?
    8. 15/April/2014: Escape the Universe? and Kurt Cobain in a Sonic The Hedgehog costume.

      by , 04-15-2014 at 04:02 PM
      There are more dreams which were had this day but here are those that are shared here:

      Prior to dreaming I was thinking of turning into Rainbow Dash.

      I was seeing stuff in a river and was fishing for something, Something I was fishing for went by and then I went down the river where it went and swam back. Meanwhile I saw lava as if it was in Minecraft by the water, Making its hissing noise not turning into Obsidian but into something else.

      I came back to the fishing area and there was green stuff on the river on top of the water and so the fishing area was not as big. Then (If looking at the river) I went to the right and looked up, Saw a room above me and used a grappling hook like in Zelda: OoT to get up there.

      I went into a room (Minus walls and ceiling) and there were two gates on each side, That were doorways with iron bars that would come down to close them. They both closed with me inside and things or creatures came either inside through these closed doors or they came up to the doors and the room reset.

      Bing! I was now Twilight Sparkle.

      In the same room with the gates again (And there were computers in it) Princess Luna and Princess Celestia came up, One at each gate; Princess Luna came from the gate I came from which is now on my left and Princess Celestia from my right. Princess Luna said something like "Follow me and I'll give you fame/money/etc" and I (As if I were playing Team Fortress 2 on PC) hit a few buttons on the keyboard to say "No." I then faced Princess Celestia and she said "Find a way to escape the universe." And I said "Yes." The feeling is enlightening.

      How does one escape the universe?


      Later on I also dreamed of Kurt Cobain in a Sonic The Hedgehog costume in a building, Then he died and his body fell on its face and someone picked it up and tried to make it seem as if he wasn't dead but it just fell over again.
    9. My Little Ponies; Hobbits

      by , 11-21-2013 at 09:15 AM
      Original journal entry dated July 11, 2002:

      I had a dream last night about My Little Ponies and stuff. There was this alternate dimension you could go to by climbing this one cliff, but only if you climbed it along the correct path, and there was an evil wizard queen who was keeping all of them in cages, and I had to crawl through a sewer. And it was all animated.

      Then I had another dream, and in it I was with a group of people, and we were all spellcasters or something, and I was a hobbit, and I was with a bunch of other hobbits in an army and we had to drive a big Evil out of our land. Only it killed my best friend. . But somehow, before I was going to die, I got teleported somewhere safe, so I only wound up in a coma, and another hobbit who had been in the battle and survived it befriended me. So we decided that we had to seize the fortress of the big bad guy, and it was set up a lot like a dungeon in a way. Lots of stone and metal grates. But still technological. And it was actually a space ship. So we fought our way through it, only the entire time we were moving forward the badguys were closing in behind us, until we had gotten in too deeply to turn back, and a REALLY BIG evil dude who was like a vampiric slug thing attacked me and started gnawing on my guts, but my party members killed it. We kept going, except we could hear a really big SOMETHING behind us and quickly getting closer. I shut it off from the room with a heavy grate, and we somehow managed to get to the docking bay and blast off in a smaller ship right as it busted through the door. It was like Jabba the Hutt with octopus tentacle things, and it had a whole horde of smaller badguys with it. Then the ship we were in accelerated and we left them behind. And then there were more My Little Ponies, for some reason. The end.
    10. Princess Twilight Sparkle

      by , 11-17-2013 at 08:19 PM
      I went to sleep while consenting so that I would be lucid from when I first entered the dream. After a while I was in the dream. I was a princess riding a bike through the forest. I got really excited and I almost lost the dream. I got off the bike and began spinning around with my eyes shut and concentrating to stay inside the dream. When I stopped spinning I found myself in a castle. After a few moments I realized that I was Twilight Sparkle! I exploded the castle and it was not very big. It only had 1 other room and a staircase. Then I realized that because I had wings I could fly and because I had a horn I could do magic! I then gotten excited again and had to spin. I had gone to the forest that I was in before. I was still Twilight Sparkle. I saw some rocks on the ground so I used my magic to make them all fly around. After that I was walking around and suddenly Flutter Shy appeared. I said hi to her and asked her if she wanted to fly with me. She said yes and then I flew up into the sky using my wings. Flutter Shy was behind me. I suddenly saw Rainbow Dash and she started flying with me. We flew up into the clouds. I was really excited and because I was flying I could not spin around to stay in the dream. I woke up. It was a really cool dream and I was lucid throughout all of it which I have never ever done before! It was wired for me to dream of my little pony because I have not been watching it recently since I have seen all of series 3 now. I have also never dreamed of my little pony before. I am still not complaining it was an awesome dream and I really enjoyed it! Could not believe it when I had woken up!
    11. Robot Ponies

      by , 11-14-2013 at 11:41 PM
      Original entry dated April 13th, 2002:

      My friends and I were battling giant robotic ponies in the mall. It was a sort of laser-tag type setup, only less fun and more deadly. Our foes looked like giant My Little Ponies with googly-eyes that shot lasers, so they were REEEEALLY creepy.

      *THUD THUD THUD* "AAAH! GIANT ROBOTIC PONY! ...aww... it has a butterfly on its butt!"

      In the battle all of us had skills, MUD-style, that we had to use and train to develop proficiency in. There was a kickass hoverbike with cannons on it that I couldn't ride because my Cycling skill was only at 20%. So instead I had a sorry-assed excuse for a pistol that did about as much damage as, say, a squirt-gun.

      I don't remember the rest, I think the dream just sort of fizzled out, and then I had a really sad dream but I don't remember what it was abou
    12. Horse Racing And Giant Piles Of Crap

      by , 08-02-2013 at 11:20 PM (theSHHAS' Sweet Dreams)
      Horse Racing And Giant Piles Of Crap

      This is a really old dream that I wrote down on my phone and now here.

      Dreaming - Lucid

      I am in a forest. I am Spike the dragon from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and I'm holding a bottle of orange soda. I am trying to get the orange soda from one bottle to another but it isn't working. Suddenly Applebloom (a pony) comes out from a bush and tells me that it's her soda I'm trying to steal! I run into the forest trying to shake her off, but she's extremely fast. Luckily, so am I! I come out from the forest and appear to have lost her. I am myself again (real human me). I am standing on a slightly tilted green hill. It's very long and I see a couple of horses and horse racers a little further away from me. I approach them and they tell me that I'm supposed to race with them. I get on a horse and we race down the hill. There is a faster path in the middle of the hill but there's a giant pile of crap in the middle of it so I ride on the slow safe path instead. When we get down to the bottom of the hill I come in 3rd Place. We are at a little house with lockers and showers in it. But we realise that we can't go shower yet because some of the racers are missing. We get on a truck and ride all the way up the hill with our horses and find the missing racers at the start line. We figure we might as well do Another race while we are at the top of the hill. This time I want to win so I steer my horse into the giant pile of crap and take the fast path. It was a good decision because I came in 1st! Me and another racer go inte the locker rooms in the house at the finnish line and prepare to wash ourself or something. I open a locker and try to take of my gloves. I seem to have 1000s of layers. I can never get my gloves of because there's another pair underneath every pair. The other racer in the room is a girl and she starts to freak out at her locker for some reason. She slams the locker shut and goes over to me and tell me that she wants to give me a blowjob! I happily accept but she tells me that she can't do it in here, that she want's to go out. On the way out we meet Spike (the dragon that I was earlier in the Dream) and he tells us that we can climb onto the roof and sit on the McDonalds "M". We go out the backdoor and some dude is standing there refusing to let us onto the roof (what a cockblocker! Leave my Dreams alone!). Then I wake up.
    13. *sigh* Fragments, AGAIN... >.>

      by , 09-17-2012 at 03:10 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I had one dream last night that I took a shower and my hair dye washed out (I currently have semi-permanent dye in my hair IWL; it's supposed to last a couple weeks). I had another dream that there was a whiteboard with some Latin words/phrases and their English translations on it; some of the words seemed Latin-ish with weird definitions, and other words were just weird. Then, someone erased all that and started drawing the Mane Six (from MLP:FiM). They just drew the ponies' heads, but then they drew a full-body pic of Applejack. For some reason, I thought Molly (my cat, who died a couple years ago) would be jealous because only Applejack got a full-body pic.
    14. Old Sturbridge Village, Library, Family Reunion, and Hunger Games

      by , 08-21-2012 at 04:25 PM
      I recall four dreams from last night:

      DREAM #1

      I go to some village with my family... I guess it's kind of like Old Sturbridge Village or something. We don't have long to be there because it's about to close. They make everyone take out their phones and iPods and leave them at the front entrance on top of a blanket. I felt self-conscious because my iPod looks really small compared to everyone else's.

      In the village place, we go to a bookstore. I dance around in the bookstore singing a song about Pinkie Pie. ... Yup.

      DREAM #2

      I'm at a library, and I'm helping a woman return her materials. But then I'm not sure where to return the CDs because I can't find the slot for audio/visual returns. Suddenly there are like a hundred different return slots at the library desk and I can't figure out what any of them mean. So I just leave the CDs lying around and hope one of the librarians will find them. The woman I helped sends her son to find me, and he gives me a card with money in it. Then I go outside and my dad is there to pick me up. I'm still worrying about the CDs.

      DREAM #3

      Brief dream about some kind of family reunion, I think at my grandma's house. My mom is complaining about how she doesn't like one of her cousins, which I find shocking since I thought they were friends.

      DREAM #4

      I'm being forced into a Hunger Games type of competition, where a bunch of kids have to fight with each other and one kid has to kill everyone else. Except, we all have to wear ridiculous outfits while we're fighting. We each have some kind of personal assistant who shows us what we're going to wear. My assistant is this kind of chubby bald guy, and my outfit is this ridiculous Victorian-looking yellow dress with a lot of buttons up the front and a tiered skirt. Then I have to wear a yellow leather jacket over it.

      We all get changed in the same room. I change next to Fiona (my sister), because she is also in the competition. She has to wear a purple dress. The bald guy is in the room with all of us, but he politely turns and looks at the wall so he doesn't see everyone naked.

      I'm already starting to plan how I'm going to kill anyone who tries to attack me. Apparently I will have a sword for my weapon, and I plan to throw it at anyone who comes near me, and I think this is a totally foolproof plan.

      Later on, I'm doing my hair next to some girl with pale, short blond hair. For some reason I know her name is Juliet, and I'm convinced that she used to go to Hampshire (where I go to school) but then dropped out, even though she doesn't exist in real life. Anyway, she says something to me like, "Everyone who dies will be a ghost. And the person who wins will be a monster." And in my dream I think that's the deepest thing ever.

      Afterward, we all get a last dinner with our families. So I'm sitting at a table with my family, but I'm still thinking about what Juliet said. Fiona is like, "I have so much energy right now!" And I'm like, "But Fiona, we have to kill people!" And that's about where the dream ends.
    15. Mojang Makes Weird Zelda Games

      by , 08-09-2012 at 12:14 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      Last night, I had a surprisingly vivid dream.

      I was playing the "new" Zelda game on the Wii (I have no idea what it was called, but it's not a real game IWL). I was playing it on my TV in my room, though, so it should have logically been an N64 game (only console in my room; the Wii is in the living room), but it was a Wii game. It started out in the Shadow Temple, which reminded me a lot of the Shadow Temple in Wind Waker (wait... Wind Waker doesn't even have a Shadow Temple). I soon found out that Link could transform into a wolf, like in Twilight Princess. After hearing him scream upon returning to Hylian form, I decided I wouldn't transform unless absolutely necessary (there was no way to skip the transformation like in Majora's Mask).

      I kept playing and soon found Zelda. She was unconscious. I brought her out of the temple, and she woke up. She had a bag of something that looked like pot (I think). She said it was actually cocaine and suggested putting it in coffee to make the coffee taste better. The only option for replying to her was to refuse. Then, a message popped up that said something about the Swedish not supporting the use of cocaine (as the game was apparently made by Mojang).

      I somehow ended up back at the title screen. I turned off the game and decided to watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (even though I don't have Netflix on the TV in my room).
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